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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 2, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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down there, this one just seemed men and women who are protecting so many of our different. ainsley: think about the states are doing this week. businesses losing money. think about the weddings that carley: what jillian was saying some people can't were planned, the trips that douglas! leave. we thank all of those were planned, barbecues on labor people. everybody stay safe and for we're running dangerously low on beans. day, to senator rick scott's now we say "fox & friends" starts right now. people love your beans, doug. point, you can rebuild, but you todd: bye-bye. they love 'em. can't ever bring back a life. if you're in the area, just stay doooooooooug! safe and evacuate if you feel >> i'm begging. like that is best for your family. you want to go sell some tacos? brian: janice, every time we toss to you it's a little please. pray for us. progressive knows small business makes big demands. steve: it is 6:00 a.m. right doug, where do we get a replacement chili pepper bulb? different although moving now in the grand ambassador. slowly. so we'll design the insurance solution janice: still one mile-per-hour. right now hurricane dorian that fits your business. it's a very niche bulb. it's a specialty bulb. latest advisory from the national hurricane center has it bearing down on the bahamas it. moving west as one is a still a category 5 storm causing catastrophic mile-per-hour. this storm has been battering damage. ainsley: according to the baum press a 7-year-old the grand isle bahamas for a little intoi dead. day, a day. it is like an ef-3 tornado that his sister still missing. the monster storm packing sits there, causes widespread 200 mile-per-hour wind damage. it will look like a bomb went gusts. off in parts of the northwestern dorian's path is still unpredictable. >> i think it's important bahamas. they never experienced something that we prepare for this to like this. i put a measurement. potentially make landfall
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90 miles from west palm beach to the center of the storm. here. brian: for more than one tropical storm forms extend 140 million people under mandatory evacuation orders in florida right now. intelligence georgia and away from the storm. south carolina. we have team coverage this morning. we have jillian mele out and hurricane force winds, 70 miles about and griff jenkins. from the storm. they are both live in ♪ ♪ the wind field is expanding. florida. we begin with meteorologist because the storm weakens a janice dean who is tracking little bit, it allows to get this beast of a storm. janice, man, this is moving expand and get bigger. steve: look at that it's a slow. janice: 1 mile-per-hour per hour. fox news alert. the worst of the storm already getting wind gusts of surge. the worst of the heavy rain. hurricane dorian bearing down on the bahamas at this the worst of the 165 36 miles per hour for cocoa hour. brian: you are taking a live beach, florida. mile-per-hour sustained look there as you saw we'll see the potential for over winds is going on right now a foot of rainfall. illustrated seconds ago. this is the most intense in the northwestern bahamas. freeport in the bahamas atlantic hurricane list. they have never experienced where a direct hit is the storm like this. alan was number one at imminent. you can see palm trees andrew in '92 came close but whipping around in the wind and it will only get worse, 190 miles per hour. behind that dorian makes number this one is on top of them they say. ainsley: the category 5 and causing catastrophic storm has already killed a two, with will ma, gilbert, damage. 7-year-old little boy labor day hurricane at and because it is slow according to the bahama press. his sister is still missing. moving, it's going to 185 miles per hour sustained continue to bring that they were trying to evacuate winds. at one point we had wind gusts onshore flow of over 220 miles per hour. counterclockwise winds for not only minutes but hours abacos. ainsley you were asking me what deploying thousands of first is happening, what is steering for the next 12 hours. responders to the east the storm? we had a ridge of high pressure, and then we'll start to see coast. >> reality is whether we get that move northward. the tropical storm or the a bermuda high was very strong but because we are dealing
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with a slow-moving storm and big one, we are ready for last couple days. a very erratic storm, a whatever comes this way. that is why we had the westward steve: now law enforcement difference of a shift to the has to go to work which means they are separated strack because of the ridge of west of 30 miles is going to from their families as they prepare for possible rescues high pressure. mean the difference between we another ridge of high tropical storm force winds near the coast. and hurricane force winds pressure across the central meanwhile, this photo shows u.s., also this storm to a and possible life threatening storm surge for a boynton beach police florida, for georgia and the officer hugs his daughter. weakness from the trough to the coast of the carolinas. the caption reads be safe, north, is giving us a doorway so here is the latest daddy. i love you. for the storm to move northward. traffic and the graph as we brian: 23 minutes now before go further out in time. the top of the hour. it natural wants to move the track as of 5:00 a.m. northward because of high and we are starting to get griff jenkins is. updates now every single pressure across bermuda, bermuda hour. hurricane hunters are in the storm and they are making what are the conditions now? high. we saw the westward track. measurements and just last >> we have a lull in outer it will feel the northward turn, hour we learned that it had slowed down to 1 bands we are just sighing the door opening. the beginning of it. why the track eventually moves mile-per-hour. here in palm beach steve was and when is it going to make to the north. you know what, a few days out we mentioning worth avenue. that northward turn? we want to give you a look. have a lot of uncertainty. that is going to, again, it's essentially a geese town already. we had a lot of uncertainty with mean the difference between because of the mandatory is this going to come closer evacuation. the storm. we do think it makes the there is one guy in his car. to florida? not sure if he is down there is this possibly going to northward tour later today into make a landfall across the just having a look. if you look just down this tomorrow. but still very slow. carolinas? as we go two days out, there still talking about a major is a margin of error of road here along the coast. hurricane off the space coast, you can see a few people are coming to have a look. wednesday and thursday, up 70 miles. a 70-mile difference means a we want you to see we have tropical storm or a this along the outer band of towards georgia.
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hurricane on your doorstep. the conditions out here. the west chance for landfall is so the coast is not clear by look over here, you can see possible across portions of any stretch of the north and south carolina later the waves picking up the imagination for parts of this week as perhaps a major florida, georgia and the distance of the water coming up in a normal tide. carolinas. hurricane. not saying going a few days out >> there are our reliable this storm is still exactly we can't have arricane force wi. forecast models. we go out to thursday. that's right now the closest we come to a landfall for 100, 510 miles due east of parts of south carolina. where we are. this is a graphic to show you very similar to matthew as it picks up it will get worse. the wind gusts as we go further it's the catastrophic wind, right now that path. the devastating storm surge, out in time. and matthew did incredible the flooding and what's certainly, 40, 50 miles per hour going to be beach erosion with one of the tracks, one of damage to parts of the carolinas two years ago. depending on wherever she the reliable tracks. decides to park. there is a few people down so, looking at the tropical storm surge five to seven feet. here. i wanted to just bring in models we saw the gfs and david lewis who is here we heard a senator say that. having a look. david, you came out just to that will to into your homes. murrow. some of these models are moving now towards the west see what's going on. and that's dangerous. you are from here. are you going to leave. steve: janice, without getting >> i plan on staying. and because we are dealing too technical the folks in with a storm that's not just we are waiting to see what's going to last for 24, 48 going to happen with this florida they're having king turn. i'm hoping it goes north. if it doesn't go north i'm tide, unusually high tide. hours, but well into friday going to fort meyers to stay janice: right. steve: talking about figure out that's why we have that cone with friends of mine. which side of the storm you're i hope and pray it goes of uncertainty that goes on because the northeast side is out, you know, quite a north. griff: your mother did decide to evacuate, why? worse than the southwest side. >> she lives on flagler difference between 24 hours janice: depending where the which is on the other side of the intercoastal and we storm is coming onshore, the and several days out. and the steering is what is are worried about king tide right front quadrant is gets going to eventually pull she didn't want to be in a this storm northward. flood zone. worst of the rain you have to we need a breakdown of the she made up her mind two
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know where you are. bermuda high, which has days ago to get out of town close to sea level. happened because the storm what is the continental shelf has slowed down. while shy could. she was worried about the when is that trough going to flooding. she went to chattanooga, does your house flood easily? tennessee to my sister's all these things you have to pick this storm up and move take personal responsibility. house. griff: david, you are born it northward. the bahamas are seeing the and raised here. i know where the storm is worst damage they have ever if you ever stood here with seen and the next 24 to 48 a monster like dorian right coming. what does my house look like hours we will have a better up this coast? >> i'm pretty nervous. handle on where this storm with five-foot storm surge or a i'm born and raised here. foot of rainfall? is going to go and how close i have seen a lot of it comes to florida. but i can tell you tropical hurricanes this one because brian: check this out, janice. it's a category 5 one of the this is the bahamas. storm force winds are strongest hurricanes we have we're just getting this in. had in a long time. 140 miles away from the just because it's headed center of this storm. straight for us and we the storm right now, the really aren't sure whether janice: this is free port? center of it is 120 miles or not it's going to go this storm hasn't moved. north. it makes me really nervous. offshore from the east coast of florida. it is anticipated to move you are already seeing the i spent the whole day towards the free port area. yesterday boarding up my tropical storm force winds. house and doing the best i but the satellite image i showed we will see the threat for tornadoes as well. you six hours ago, it stayed and along the coast, there could. i'm just hoping for the are some predictions that stationary. ainsley: they couldn't evacuate. best. griff: let me ask you, when you look at the possible winds, the possible storm at least in florida, say 6 to 10-foot storm surge surge, even if dorian parks south carolina, georgia, you can with the storm remaining just off the coast and doesn't have a direct hit, offshore for florida. steve: it's unbelievable. do you foresee trouble? evacuate. when you're in the bahamas, so, janice, the 5 right now, stuck on an island or don't have >> yeah. the center of the storm is i think the biggest trouble we could have is really time or money to get out. 125 miles east of west palm flooding. and my biggest concern is that mom's life changed forever. beach or palm beach where the flooding. she lost her son. griff jenkins is right now. can't find your little girl. people are looking in and that's the number one thing they are thinking when is it
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here. we are in a low area and janice: i don't know how you going to turn because, you really concerned about the survive a category 5 hurricane know, that's going to make intercoastal flooding and all the difference as you things backing up. had said. but the forces we can't so, i'm basically concerned parked there for 12, 24 hours. about that. that's my biggest concern, i don't know how you survive. really see because they have to deal with high pressure yes. out in the gulf and out in ainsley: newspaper says, bodies the atlantic. are floating. griff: all right. david, hope you are safe. when the water subsides, they glad your mother got out. janice: it's not moving right now. talking about flooding being the concern where we are will be washed out to sea. steve: does that mean it will be quicker to turn? here in palm beach all the janice: it will all depend way up 300 to 500 miles janice: pray for them. on the timing of that we can contribute to the trough, how big the storm where we were in rebuilding afterwards. gets. jacksonville. steve: there will be plenty of steve: yeah. saint john's river running that. there is no flight in because janice: we are expecting the storm to weaken a little bit. through the doubt there, the grand bahama airport is five when that happens, the winds runs ought flood levels feet under water. expand. so the larger the storm gets before they had a cat janice: it is devastating. 5-inching their way up there this week. the flood troubles we are steve: thank you very much. going to see this week governor ron desantis will come the harder it's going to for unfortunately may be from up in 10, 15 minutes to tell us all of these upper level south all the way to north to georgia to south winds to steer it. carolina, guys. the very latest on evacuation that's why we rely so much plans for much of the east coast steve: it's going to impact everybody along the of florida. on the national hurricane atlantic. griff, thank you very much there at the end of worth ainsley: upstairs to carley, she center. ainsley: you are showing -- avenue where it meets the ocean. what day could it hit. brings in former governor of florida and current u.s. has headlines for us. steve: this is a comparison. senator rick scott who joining us from the west carley: actor kevin hart is matthew and dorian. coast near naples. seriously hurt after his car janice: this storm is veers off the road into a ditch. governor e i know there has mimicking the path of photos obtained by "tmz." matthew. been evacuation orders for sometimes if we study storms that go the same way, that 183,000 people. shows his 1970 plymouth gives us a better indication martin county close to
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of what the steering current 40,000. ands can to the north along barracuda wrecked on the side of are going a california highway. the coast we just heard heart was a passenger in the car griff talking to a guy who when the driver lost control. so, right now the closest we is of the opinion you know, i'm going to wait and see. rescuers had to saw off the roof have to a landfall will be if you have been ordered to to get everyone out. evacuate, how important is heart and the driver have it that you listen to your serious back injuries. thursday around north-south local law enforcement? carolina border like >> well, it's real simple he bought the car in july for his 40th birthday. matthew. you can rebuild your house. ainsley: governor henry you cannot rebuild a life. a west point cadet is dead closed schools. my teacher called yesterday. she is a teacher in we don't want anymore after falling from a popular stories of a 7-year-old charleston. they have to evacuate by cliff diving on to a noon today. they had a problem years ago dying because somebody with one of the hurricanes and people were trying to didn't evacuate. i don't know exactly what happened in the bahamas. escape charleston and get when this water comes in and out and traffic was so bad talking about even if it because they didn't close doesn't hit land, 4 to all the lanes. rockledge, when it broke now all the lanes of all the 7-foot of storm surge, think plummeting him to the ground. highways leading out going inland are all going to be about that, 7 feet coming one way. into your house. the candidate hat a incredible you cannot survive that. janice: government officials have a nightmare on their i have watched this. smile. hand because of the slow i have watched this in these he was everyone's friend. movement, the fact that this hurricanes. is not -- you know, a lot of you should listen to the evacuation orders. times these troughs pick up i'm concerned that people bochtler was previously deployed the storms and they move are looking at little strip there afghanistan. very quickly to the north saying it's going to go and east. serena williams fights right down that path. through a painful injury to this one is not moving. this code of uncertainty, advance through the two thirds of the time quarterfinals of the u.s. open. steve: 1 according to the national hurricane center it's either further east or further
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west. do not take a risk. if it doesn't turn, how much >> oh. unbelievable. brian: griff jenkins is in palm beach and evacuation time do you have to get out carley: tennis champion rolling underway. and have all the gas you need? her ankle. right, griff? are there going to be lines. the coach calling it acceptable griff: that's right. good morning, brian, ainsley if you think there is any and steve. chance you are going to have pain. we are on palm beach right to get out, leave now. a shoulder injury forcing here, mar-a-lago is a mile ainsley: senator, we have a lot of viewers that live and a half to my south. down in florida. defending champion, djokovic to you know some of the most what can you tell them as expensive real estate to is far as evacuation orders are quit his fourth round match. to my north. concerned? are you doing one way as steve was pointing out the crowd booed him off the highways where everyone is going in one direction? court. they didn't like that. 120 miles due east of me is what about amps? where do they catch flights steve: carley, thank you very a cat five monster. if they want to get out? people wake up here, we have much. ainsley: this labor day >> first off, if you are in been down here looking at an evacuation zone, you get democrats fight for the working the water. class, do the policies help the you have some of the out now. u.s. worker. don't wait until they say it the labor day betrayal next. strongest relationships. -- rip. starts. get out now. steve: we catch category 5 you don't know what the traffic is going to be like. you don't know if you will hurricane dorian as it pummels we wanted to quickly show have enough gas. you have all these issues. you. look up here to the sea the bahamas. stuck over, you see the wall. steve, you are well familiar with this having been here a i just tell people don't pictures, storm hitting the lot. it's only 50 to 75 yards to take a chance listen to what island before taking aim for the get there and this is in a the local officials are telling you. united states. i have talked to people that looks like florida could be typically normal surge. next. this is going to grow. stayed and watched this and and as janice was talking ♪ were shocked they even about, whether it is a tropical storm or gets even survived. closer, it is a hurricane let's all member the pictures of mexico beach.
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that beach erosion is going only one house that survived leading them to discover: to be massive impact let and i talked to family members that lost their we're woven together alone from the storm surge 6 to 10 feet. family members that were by the moments we share. that's going over that wall found 3 and 4 blocks away everything you need, because they stayed there and they didn't survive that all in one place. in intercoastal is going to expedia. take serious damage. storm surge. and of course the wind brian: senator, i know you impact. we talked to rick bradshaw, are not governor anymore. long time serving sheriff let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. down here in palm beach but, in the big picture you and last longer with fewer pills. county. know counties that respond here's what he had to say well and ones that don't so why am i still thinking about this? yesterday. >> i have been through some what kind of experience can i'll take aleve. storms but not something you relay to governor like this. aleve. proven better on pain. if this is coming in at 185. desantis about being that you have been through some it's going to be a big boy and there is going to be hurricanes yourself over some damage. your 8 years in office? we are not talking about we're family. we'd do anytbut this time...her. well, i have been talking to those bonds were definitely tested. repairing stuff. we are talking about rebuilding it. governor desantis. frog leg, for my baby brother >> now, when residents wake he has a great team around don't frogs have like, two legs? him. they have been through a lot up here, those that haven't so they should have two of these? of hurricanes we have got evacuated may get to see really good people at the since i'm active duty and she's family, some of the devastating, local level, also ink at i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership fema. from navy federal. punishing images coming out i was there with the president yesterday. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. i was at camp david with the of the islands and grand president on saturday getting briefing why have eat your food baum and think twice about it. one hardened lifelong great people. my big sis likes to make tiny food. it starts with you. and i'm okay with that. resident here bret holmes if you decide that you are says he is sticking put. going to sit through this, navy federal credit union. no one can come and save listen. our members, are the mission. >> we are here, florida you. they can't save you when natives. seven generations been here 7-foot of water comes in our whole lives born and think cannot save you. raised. been around this our whole when those bridges close,
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the bridges are closed. lives. we prepared every day to so, everybody -- we have take on a storm like this. great people all around. and we shutter up, keep all i know governor desantis is of our belongings as safe as focused on this. but you have got to take care of yourself right now. we can. say a prayer and hope for the best. steve: all right. senator, thank you very much griff: i asked by the way joining us on this very busy sheriff bradshaw what he wants people to do most. day. we thank you very much for he said please, please, pay your point of view. meanwhile, janice dean is attention to local joining us. officials. as we look now, you can see janice, i was just reading from the bahamas, apparently the tide come up. but it's going to get a lot they did clock a wind gust worse before this is over. even in the best case at 220 miles per hour. scenario and worse case janice: right. yesterday it was at its scenario, people will have peek. to find some place to go 125 mile-per-hour sustained other than this island, winds. which would make it the second strongest hurricane guys? steve: no kidding. in terms of wind that the just to show what you a atlantic basin has ever small world it is. bret holmes as you know is experienced. the guy who put the shutter on also with the labor day up on our house down there. hurricane so i want to show griff: that's exactly right. you you this satellite you know, i was able to talk to him a little bit. imagery. the next one -- it's going he said, you know, we're going to do what we have to go on a loop for six always done. i think we are going to be hours. it doesn't move the storm okay and she is going to turn. if she doesn't, it is going has not moved for six hours. to bring serious concern for those of us that know best what it may bring. ainsley: those poor people. janice: devastating.
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ainsley: thank you, griff. it's going to look like a bomb went off. where are these people the fema head peter gaynor supposed to evacuate. ainsley: i know? is going to be on our show a janice: it's going to be catastrophic. little bit later. ainsley: a lot of people is he not talking with the were evacuating from smaller president's staff. islands and going to the is he talking with the president. here is the president on larger areas like nassau. ahoy! gotcha! this hurricane that could janice: that storm has not nooooo... possibly hit our coast. moved. all of the worst of the >> americans are strong, storm surge, and we are determined and resilient and talking about 23-foot storm noooooo... we will support each other quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. and we will work very hard surge. and 30 inches of rain. it's unimaginable what's to minimize whatever the bounty, the quicker picker upper. effect of what's coming at happening in the bahamas they have never experienced us. we don't even know what's coming at us. something like this. now, for us, obviously we all we noe it is possibly have to remain vigilant. the biggest. i am not sure that i have ever even heard of a we heard the senator talk about that especially along category 5. i knew it existed and i have the east coast of florida. i get worried as we go into seen some category 4s. wednesday and thursday and we are still watching this you don't even see them that much. a category 5 is something that i don't know that i major hurricane offshore up have ever even heard the term other than i know it's northern california. here we have the advisories there. that's the ultimate. it this is to the best of our knowledge where we think and that's what we have the hurricane force winds unfortunately. are going to come on shore steve: the president's own for central florida. mar-a-lago property is part hurricane warnings in of the palm beach county effect. and, yes, 5 to 7-foot storm surge on some of those low barrier islands that has been ordered evacuated. lying areas. ♪ go where my baby lives b[ growl ]olle♪s this is a wind field map to brian: rick scott, governor show you what happens over good boy.
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of florida, knows everything the next couple of days. about it. also knows how to handle the yellow is tropical storm hurricanes has been at camp force winds the orange is david with the president. hey. hey. he said this about what he hurricane force winds. that's coming on shore for a worries about. that is this report early duration of 6 to 12, 18 to you must be steven's phone. that it might miss florida. 24 hours. so what are you going to do it might relax people. with hurricane force winds and storm surge and the know who's on your network walch. >watch.>> everybody is going to and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. potential for over a fight of rain along the coast of simple. easy. awesome. florida? look at that track in the then we get into wednesday, middle instead of this cone thursday and friday, and we are going to be dealing with of uncertainty. it can still move right into coast of georgia and the carolinas and the closest florida. it's wobbled a little bit further to the west so it's brush from the center of the going to come closer. storm, we think, is going to everybody is going to follow. this that's my biggest come on thursday as it concern oh, we're off the approaches south carolina. hook. we are going to see we are not off the hook. evacuations along the ainsley: the prime minister coastal areas of the of the bahamas, hubert carolinas over the next menace was cries yesterday couple of days. as he was talking to the further out from there, people he said this is friday, off the coast of the probably the saddest and worst day to address the northeast. we are talking about this storm for a week. >> we have the money. a week as a hurricane at the problem is too few people have too much money. too many people have too little bahamian people. i hope it's not the last least thursday as a major money. time they hear my voice. >> i don't want a government hurricane just offshore. that works for giant may god be with them. and then, you know, margin corporations. steve: the storm category 5 of error as we go two days i want one that works for our of historic proportions the strongest to ever slam the as 70 miles. families. >> we, about time we start to if hurricane force winds bahamas right now the reward work as much as wealth. maximum sustained winds are extend 40 miles from the center of the storm and the
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storm jags 30 miles to the steve: you have got some 2020 165 miles per hour. the wind gusts are 200 miles west. you are dealing with a per hour. hurricane for a long democrats who want to be and as janice dean told us, duration of time and that's president, would youing to why it's so important if you champion the working class. that storm is just will their policies help or hurt live in a low lying area. essentially parked above the you listen to those american workers. bahamas. joining us with his analysis is it's traveling to the west evacuations and have you to the author of a new op-ed at be accountable for yourself at 1 mile-per-hour. and your family. >> when you look at that, entitled, labor day cone. the storm is out in the brian: right now dorian will atlantic ocean. be the fourth consecutive when you look at the cone it goes into the middle of betrayal. year in which florida has south carolina. into the middle of north alexandria ocasio-cortez leads been hit by a hurricane. this one the biggest in democratics candidates to quite some time. carolina. steve: it can go anywhere. embrace anti-labor policies. "fox & friends" co-host jillian mele can't be with us. janice: don't focus on the executive director of power to she is still with us on the center of the cone because the future, daniel turner joins show but she is? it can go anywhere. the computer models we have seen have shifted towards us on this labor day. vero beach, florida. >> thanks for having me. hey, jillian. the west. steve: you're talking about jillian: good morning, guys. more towards the shore. helping the working man, the we want to set the landscape for you. steve: look how many times we are on a strip right now it has shifted in the last blue-collar employee. that on any given day, especially on a holiday 48 hours. are the policies helpful to thank you so much. we will be talking very them? >> if you work in the weekend would be bustling. that behind me is supposed shortly with more, including blue-collar industry, the people to be a diner. it's all boarded up. the governor ron desantis in joe biden claims to represent, a minute. this right here would be a as a new round of tariffs what do you think of this cabal gift shop. of people running for the 2020 boarded up. take effect just two days nomination and the policies they sandbags out front. ago, yesterday, a chinese this would be a children's are presenting if you are a clothing store. same situation. dissident says president blue-collar worker? and the list continues to go trump has the right strategy i work for an organization that on beijing. on. our next guest grew up in all of these stores here are china and experienced the advocates for the fossil fuel boarded up. hardships of communism. industry, if you're in coal, hotels are completely empty. she joins us next.
3:13 am
everything is dark. brian: and we are watching oil, gas, fracking, everyone of we want to show you video of hurricane dorian, the record the candidates not only are we the devastation in the storm pounding the bahamas bahamas. as you guys have been making your job impossible, a talking about, it is just a lot will become illegal under before powering towards the catastrophic, dire situation united states. we are tracking its every there. you are starting to see this video to come in. move. it will be here within 24 group new deal. steve: joe biden, former it's unreal to look at this hours. ♪ damage. and this is what a lot of ♪ vice president, suggests ban oil woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. people here in florida are and gas drilling offshore. paying close attention to to how will that help the little be honest with you. we talked to a number of guy? >> these are hundreds of people yesterday who said, you know, we weren't sure if man 1: mine... thousands of people. man 1: ...caused liver damage. if we were going to stay. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. steve: people will lose their we were waiting to see what jobs. >> their jobs will become the hurricane was going to vo: whatever your type, do what its path was going ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. illegal. bernie sanders says by 2030 to be. we met a couple paying very we'll not have fossil fuels. close attention to the bahamas. woman 2: i had the common type. listen to. this we saw a snippet of it 10 million people will work in man 2: mine was rare. the fossil fuel industry. actually on the way over, what do you think of senator and it looked devastating. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. sanders saying that your job just heart breaking. jillian: that make you more man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. becomes illegal. inclined to think maybe we we promise green jobs in the should consider leaving. >> if the eye doesn't pass woman 3: i knew for years. future, president obama promised vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with green jobs, they never is now ey near us, we are going to stay. if the eye were to come near or without food for 12 weeks. where would actually live, we would probably leave. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test independent thanks to in large if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, part fracking? jillian: that was a husband and wife. guess who wants to get rid of the wife said we will make our decision today, this and could cause serious liver problems during that? elizabeth warren. morning the husband said and after treatment. >> day one, she said she will later this afternoon. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, make it illegal on federal look at this incredible video. you were just seeing that other liver or kidney problems, lands. inside the eye of the hiv, or other medical conditions... bernie wants out and out ban
3:14 am
completely. steve: why do they say frack hurricane. vo: ...and all medicines you take, something bad. you see these storm chasers including herbal supplements. >> fracking is the bogeyman of out there. you look at that wall. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa you see this video. may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. you see that video that we home who do not understand how just showed in the bahamas vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. the energy industry works. and you z. the destruction that the storm is causing. >> turn on the faust sit, light vo: ask your doctor today, the devastating and the in fire? catastrophes that are if epclusa is your kind of cure. >> those were hollywood stunts happening so a lot of people are still making their done for movies. decision here. i will tell you it's pretty my teeth have been feeling really sensitive lately. in a america we have a million much like a ghost town in well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, seven fracked wells everywhere vero beach right now, especially on the barrier so treat sensitivity at the source. in country. island. new crest gum and sensitivity a million seven tracked wells. because as of 8:00 this morning, that's when the starts treating sensitivity immediately, a a lot people depending on emergency evacuations, the at the gum line, mandatory evacuations go for relief within days into effect. so people have to be out. and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. industry, they live side by side in harmony with the industry and police, we talked to crest. them earlier, they said if because it is safe and reliable. you are still on this island we have terrible hurricane when this storm hits, it's thand find inspiration who win new places.ct... going to be hard for people bearing down on america. to come get you because the iran seizing tankers in the leading them to discover: bridges will close coming straits of hormuz. into vero beach. we're woven together look at price of oil right now, they will close probably by the moments we share. look at price of gasoline in they said around 40 to 45 everything you need, mile-per-hour sustained all in one place. america. winds. they were still having expedia. steve: it hasn't been this cheap conversations in the police in a long time. department to determine that. >> because we're energy so, still more to come independent. throughout the day. these blue-collar people people are still making democrats claim to represent are their escape out of here. working in blue-collar jobs for those who are staying, every day. they deserve respect. your time is running out to get your supplies. steve: fracking helping keep the because, as you can see behind me, everything is price down. get rid of fracking price of
3:15 am
closed up. gasoline goes up? >> exactly. ainsley: jillian, what about the airports? the promise to invent the green i was reading orlando said technology will be the panacea, they were going to cease flights this morning. it has been proven not to then they said no we will sustain our life the way we stay open to help people currently live it. evacuate. are there any other airports steve: daniel, famously bernie open in that area? sanders was cosponsoring aoc's jillian: i don't know. i know about the orlando international airport. "green new deal." actually we reported he has since come out with his yesterday morning that they own with a price tag of close to were going to stay open today. and that they were going to be monitoring the storm to $16 trillion. see what they were going to who is that going to impact? do. >> exactly. that seems to be the case this is just absolute cash for a number of the airports here. giveaway to really green but we are certain that the orlando airport is staying cronies. if you remember barack obama open throughout the day today. brian: they say about 600 passed this huge green stimulus. he gave solyndra half a million flights already scheduled for today have already been dollars. cancelled. all right, jillian, we will steve: how did that work out? check back in with you. >> didn't create a job. steve: overnight 4 hours and din produce anything. 15 minutes ago they closed if bernie does this on scale of palm beach international 16 trillion, we'll quit our airport. fort lauderdale airport is going to close at noon. jobs, form a fake solyndra. steve: something to think about bright line amtrak and tri on this labor day. rail suspended as of today daniel turner. and as we heard earlier thank you very much. tolls are suspended on state >> my pleasure. highways so people can get steve: as we're learning on the the heck out of the barrier islands.
3:16 am
ainsley: what are most of your friends doing in the texas rampage, some democrats jupiter island or palm beach are politicizing the tragedy. area. >> i was talking to law enforcement last night. dana loesch from texas. just like jillian was saying, a lot of people are category 5 hurricane doorians saying i'm going to see how careens towards the united it looks on monday morning. states. haven't decided whether or currently it is stalled over the not to leave. the problem is, as we have bahamas. where does it go next? seen in janice's track, is we'll tell you what we know if they say okay, we have coming up. got to leave, what are they going to do? going to drive north? that's in to the eye of the ♪ track of the storm. are they going to drive south? going to be storm surge there. people needed to leave yesterday. ainsley: yeah. my sister-in-law is from i love you! florida. her parents are visiting in south carolina. they cancelled their flight only pay for what you need. to go back home because they ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ are going to stay put for a while. steve: we have somebody who goes to school at palm beach university in palm beach, they were going to go to charleston to hunker down on the storm. now they have gone to tennessee waiting inland. brian: we have fema acting administrator pete gaynor is going to be here live. sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on a ainsley: we have florida you can adjust your comfort on both sides - senator rick scott is going your sleep number setting. to be here live. steve: and the governor ron can it help us fall asleep faster?
3:17 am
desantis coming up. yes, by gently warming your feet. a busy three hours. but can it help keep us asleep? woulyou are watching "fox & absolutely, it intelligently senses your friends" for a labor day. movements and automatically adjusts carley: back with headlines. seven people killed in the to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. texas shooting rampage. so you can really promise better sleep. reports the gunman was fired not promise. prove. from his trucking job just it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a hours before he started and now, all beds are on sale! it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep shooting. and a neighbor tells cnn she number 360 limited edition smart bed. reported him to police last plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. month after he threatened her with a rifle for leaving trash near his home. the gunman killed 7 people and injured 22 others. he died in a shootout with police. a manhunt is intensifying after a suspect ramped his truck on to an airport tarmac and then jumped into a bay. police say the man crashed through a gate to gain sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? access to the oakland airport in california. yes, it senses your movements and he jumped in to the frigid automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. san francisco bay to get it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep away from police and may number 360 limited edition smart bed. have drowned. a motive is still unknown plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. but investigators found with moderate to severe several air soft replica ulcerative colitis or crohn's, your plans can change in minutes. weapons and a mask inside his truck. brian, what's you got? brian: all right. your head wants to do one thing,
3:18 am
we're talking trade and a fox news alert. today a new wave of tariffs but your gut says, "not today." now in effect. if your current treatment isn't working, $112 billion worth of ask your doctor about entyvio. chinese imports of the move entyvio acts specifically met with criticism by some in the u.s.s. business in the gi tract groups but a recent op-ed by to prevent an excess of white blood cells from entering to find out, olay faced the world.better than olay? and causing damaging inflammation. a chinese disdent claims the entyvio has helped many patients we tested our vitamin b3 formula president has the rig threats achieve long-term relief and remission. and beat japan's top moisturizers. infusion and serious allergic reactions south korea's most innovative. may be blunt tools but the can happen during or after treatment. and even the $400 french cream. kind of tactics necessary to entyvio may increase risk of infection, get the attention of the ccp which can be serious. olay regenerist faced 131 premium products regime. they are communist. pml, a rare, serious, helen raleigh grew up in potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus in 12 countries, communist china before over 10 years. coming to the u.s. as a olay's hydration student. she is here to discuss it. may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection, was unbeaten every time. helen, thanks for joining us, and we are going to experience frequent infections olay. face anything. expand what you wrote about. a lot of people think we are or have flu-like symptoms or sores. in -- okay. liver problems can occur with entyvio. about the column, a lot of people think we are ask your doctor about the only gi-focused biologic spiraling out of control but you think it's a spiral we have to go through? just for ulcerative colitis and crohn's. >> thank you for having me, entyvio. relief and remission brian. one quick correction. within reach. did i not write that op-ed. it was written by a chinese blind lawyer. i kind of agree with him. that tariffs and the trade
3:19 am
wars are bold move by the president. but it's unfortunately necessary. because the previous administrations from president clinton to president obama's have failed to address the trade deficit her and address fair trade practice from china which led to today that one out of five u.s. companies claim they intellectual properties to china which resulted in 500 billion-dollar loss and trade deficit. brian: at love those companies were plat out greedy, whatever it takes to make that kind of money can you have my intellectual property and that was brian: back with a fox news alert. irresponsible. they thought they could seven people are dead, at least 22 are hurt in the texas figure out this president. shooting rampage over the if they lavish him with praise and big ceremonies he weekend. ainsley: this morning we're learning about the victims and could just acquiesce. moments led up to the shootings. they were wrong and maybe don't know how to handle it steve: mike tobin live from odessa texas. the police finally released a name. they figured out what this guy's that's a disaster from the
3:20 am
chirnsdz government that they thought they could motive was if any? flatter president trump into reporter: we still don't have a capitulation and do business reason why this gunman set off as usual like they did with previous administrations on a deadly rampage killing innocent people including a this presidency head showed 17-month-old girl. them not somebody easily we did get a report that the gun manipulate. he knows exactly he wants man lost his job with a trucking to. and he knows the art of the deal and definitely puts the company hours before we set off chinese into corner and puts on the deadly rampage. them on notice that they have to change their trade the rampage included killing a practice this time. mail carrier. brian: helen, do you think stealing her van. by any chance, this might be a stretch, some chinese people are looking at hong midland, odessa police officers kong, how they are fighting for freedom. they see the american flags there and hong kong technically in every way is part of china. rammed the rampage after he was but they are all enclave and near theater. they are saying i feel the same way, or are they just >> the reason that man was brought up differently than stopped because of a midland those chinese in. police officer and odessa police >> yes. and hong kong is a perfect officer, rammed him, stopped example. hong kong is the protest in him. when he got out they shot him hong kong is so inspiring. dead. they gave the testimony that reporter: mary grandos is the the chinese government used postal worker killed. steve: an illegal immigrant under arrest for raping his to say oh, democracy is anderson davis was the toddler.
3:21 am
13-year-old stepdaughter in hit by shrapnel strapped in a maryland. it's now the seventh time incompatible with the chinese people and chinese illegal immigrant arrested culture. what's happening in. car seat. for sex crimes in the same her mower says she is trying to congregation: basically play again. sanctuary county in the last showed the world that chinese people are perfect a state trooper, chuck pryor, he five weeks. our next guest says willly compatible with democracy and freedom. was the first person shot in the montgomery county policies are putting his neighboring rampage. he also has been through community and county in brian: yeah. absolutely. danger. it's going to be interesting to see because the tariffs surgery. here with more, is frederick $28,000 was raised on a gofundme are going up. county maryland sheriff we are supposed to speak to page to cover his expenses. chinese officials again and what we know about the gunman so grifjenkins joins us. restart trade talks in far, minimal prior history with september. the law. we will see how that goes. helen raleigh, thanks so he had a misdemeanor charge for >> good morning, steve. much. steve: this is a troubling >> thank you for having me. criminal trespass. story. what is happening in brian: you are welcome. nothing would prevent him from montgomery county. meanwhile, straight ahead. owning a gun. >> it's outrageous. hurricane dorian deference steve, ainsley, brian. it didn't start with the states the bahamas before ainsley: do you know about the taking aim at the u.s. background check? we have new video to show some of articles, are reported you and we have florida that he failed a background governor ron desantis monitoring everything hour by hour, minute by minute. check? steve: state lawmaker said that. he will be joining us live. reporter: we're hearing just executive. it started with the ♪ ♪ they don't have the previous. you can come into the county investigation complete as to how commit crimes as illegal alien and you won't feel the he got this weapon. consequences. you will be prosecuted for we heard yesterday it was a the state crime, once you ar-type weapon. don't know how complete the are adjudicated and released back onto the streets to background checks were or if there was a background check, potentially commit more crimes against the citizens. how he acquired the weapon, what he's done effectively whether it went through a legal is jeopardize public safety process. throughout the entire . . brian: when they come back to
3:22 am
central part of maryland. congress, they will be talking about these shootings. mike tobin, thanks so much. montgomery borders d.c., it ainsley: thanks, mike. borders frederick county it's a gateway to central steve: bring in dana loesch maryland. steve: here's the soundbite nationally syndicated radio show from the county executive who essentially made it a hosts of "the dana show." sanctuary county. listen to this. she joins us live from texas. >> people think we are just releasing people. good morning to you. that's the thing that >> good morning to you all. offends me most of all. the county has released steve: unfortunately we talked to you about shootings like this people. i haven't released anybody. a number of times. when you look what happened in somebody in the court system said, you know, you served owe dessachs what is your observation? your time. we dropped the charges or >> that is horrific. i have friends and family that you met bail and, therefore, live in west texas. you are free to government it is just awful when you think about this tragedy. and i don't have the power we have to figure out ways, have to say no you are not free real bipartisan discussions to to go. steve: do you agree with figure out what, what's going on what he just said? >> i absolutely do not agree. to my point is once that here? we look at treating symptoms. individual has either been what is the root of the problem. the second thing, midland and oy released or put on bond or desis a police, god bless them has served his time a for responding as quickly, as detainer can be prepared and efficiently as they did. that individual can be turned over to ice for i'm so glad and grateful for removal. steve: let's talk a little them. but to your point, there is so bit about this person the many things about this tragedy about this individual, this
3:23 am
seventh confirmed murderer we do not yet know. undocumented migrant sex we listened as you discussed we're not quite sure how he crimes. hernandez charged with a 3rd acquired his firearm. degree sex offense according all of this is very important to know, when we discuss solutions to channel 7 down there. let's say and we doubt that or when we discuss what were the he -- we don't understand points of failure in a tragedy that he has the means, but like this, so they can be if he were able to make bail addressed. brian: the best thing to do, get politics out of this, get experts together, that study and were to be released by these crimes, the last 25 the county, would they call ice to tell them that we shootings we have a lot to study, see about the commonalties. have this guy who is how do you stop this? rather than making this deported from the country, who is wanted on a sex crime political, orville filing somebody who is in office or out and we are going to release of office. him. would they call the ice department? >> absolutely not. it is be it's a waste of time. by he will rich's own words, he has defied law enforcement or corrections steve: no. and also, brian, whenever you to call ice. he would be released to walk have seen individuals like the streets of montgomery county again to potentially myself or anyone else that is commit more crimes. ernest, engaging in discussion steve: you are a neighboring frederick county which is about this, finding solution, just to the north of montgomery county. we're usually met with a wall of what's your fear about what's happening in resistance, because people don't montgomery there in really want those conversations. frederick? >> my fear is that the
3:24 am
criminal element knows no this individual had minimal jurisdictional boundaries. bookers can book literally hundreds of daily deals... criminal history. there was also a report of a this is going to impact [so, any plans for this weekend?] neighbor who notified police a montgomery county because you bet bookers have plans this weekend. month ago because he was they say we are a magnet threatening her with his firearm county for crime. come here that crime is with daily deals of 30 to 50% off, going to bleed into you can be a booker at why not? frederick county and my citizens are going to be simply disposing trash in a victimized. dumpster. that is wrong. the county executive has that doesn't sound like a totally stable individual. become complicit in every there is a lot more to learn crime against every citizen here. in his county. steve: rest of that story, she steve: let's see what called police to complain about happens. a troubling case. the guy, firing off the gun off the roof at animals. sheriff chuck jenkins. thank you very much. police went out to look for him, >> thank you. but they could not find his steve: we are learning more about the gunman in a texas house, apparently could not locate it with the gps. rampage. what happened just hours before the shooting and what >> yeah. his neighbors are saying play it cool and escape heartburn fast i mean, again, there are some this morning. things we need to understand with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. live in odessa texas coming about this individual. there is, as brian was just up next. ♪ tum tum tum tums we continue to track the saying, there is commonalty with devastating cat 5 hurricane this. i hope when our lawmakers, when dorian as it bears down on the bahamas. they go back to d.c., when they next stop looks like come back from recess, i hope as florida. my mom washes the dishes... brian said, let's drop the politics for a moment. if people are really interested in solutions to this, let's have
3:25 am
the discussion without shouting [inaudible]. >> please. people down. pray for us. let's look at the common factors steve: pray us she says as the with all of these individuals. world does. you know, making sure that all a hurricane like the bahamas has of these cases ineligibility are never seen before, bearing down on the bahamas with category 5 reported to the ncic. that is one. making sure that people are storm with 200-mile per hour following through these laws. wind gusts. charleston was really a think about that, paperwork error. that statement from the fbi is 200 miles per hour. it is crawling to the west at still available online. that was a human error that only one mile-an-hour. it is stuck over the bahamas. allowed for that prohibited possessor to purchase a firearm. ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. ainsley: live look at free port we have the laws there. so what does the dishwasher do? in the bahamas where a direct we have to properly enforce them. we have to follow through. cascade platinum does the work for you, hit is imminent. palm trees are whipping around brian: we had the commission to prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, in the wind and rain. get the deficit down. brian: we learned this. can we have a commission with the first time. wow, that's clean! not good news. a 7-year-old boy is the first experts, criminal noll exists as cascade platinum. death linked to dorian. well as leaders to address this they were -- he was killed tries issue in level-headed way? i would like to see that happen. ainsley: you don't want the bad to escape with his sister. guys to get guns but you don't steve: a hurricane hunter plane want to keep guns away from good guys to protect themselves. flying through the storm. >> exactly. ainsley: one million people you don't want to keep people under mandatory evacuation orders in florida, georgia, disarmed. thank you. ainsley: i'm sorry.
3:26 am
south carolina. to interrupt. brian: we have team coverage. you can finish that sentence. >> i was going to say one of the jillian mele moved to the beach. other things about is the mental griff jenkins, they are both health discussion. live in florida. we can have discussion with let's go to jillian first. val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... you moved to the water. lawmakers to about mental it looks angry. health. assuming everyone with mental i'm worried about my parents' retirement. the to port this definitely health problems is dangerous. that is conversation we need to oh, don't worry. have. voya helps them to and through retirement... angry. educating people what the it is churning. options are currently, with ...dealing with today's expenses... we're live along vero beach. civil commitments, adjudicating college... people mentally unfit, temporary ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. there is a whole slew of people so they'll be okay... without me? watching this, taking it in restraining orders. those tools at our disposal, um... before they side to stay or get without the red flag laws, and and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? out of town. one thing i want to point out. yes! oh hey, son. other items they are proposing. take a look over my shoulder steve: dana loesch, joining us here. on labor day. you see the american flag all ainsley: thanks, dana. yeah, i think they'll be fine. >> thank you. the way out there in the >> one million people under voya. helping you to and through retirement. distance. that is on a shipwreck. the american flag is on a mandatory evacuation in florida, shipwreck. georgia, south carolina, as the story behind that, we are told by the mayor, that is put hurricane dorian is creeping out there every year on memorial towards the united states. brian: florida governor ron day, it is one of those desantis joining us live with traditions. typically on labor day they go breaking updates you will not get anywhere else. out and take it down. they can't do that today. ♪ is just a button. that american flag will be out there for the duration of the storm. let's bring in the mayor
3:27 am
himself. thanks for joining us this morning. people out here are watching this. you see the water out there churning. what is your message right now? that a speaker is just a speaker. >> i think people out here, they are prepared. or - that the journey can't be the destination. they have done all their stuff. they are curious to see what happens. today is the last day to most people haven't driven a lincoln. evacuate, if you're going to evacuate. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation even. the mandatory evacuation started this morning. right now, get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles once winds up to plus no payments for up to 90 days. 39 miles per hour later tonight. you will not be able to leave only at your lincoln dealer. the island. you will stay put. activate the plans. stay calm. people might be letting down their guard. i don't want that to happen. at this point no longer about protecting property. (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? jillian: your life. you can see, people up here your job isn't doing hard work... right now, what do you say's making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. i think they're going to be (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. going home in time. quickbooks. backing you. curiosity. you want to see what is going on. this does look powerful. i saw the stuff from the bahamas
3:28 am
steve: back now with a fox this morning, all our prayers in news alert. seven people now dead in that texas shooting rampage. vero beach go out to the people brian: this morning we are learning about the gunman's vics in the bahamas. that is devastating. jillian: you see the video, it and the gunman's possible could be coming this way. >> we have to prepare for that. motives. ainsley: mike with what hopefully it won't happen. happened before the shots were fired. we'll be prepared. >> good morning steve, our citizens listen. ainsley and brian. a lot of people have been we still don't know what through the hurricanes in '04, motivated this last latest round of incomprehensible 05. they know what can happen, how plus no payments for up to 90 days. sudden round of blood shed. devastating it can be. there are reports that he we had 8-foot storm surge in they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. lost his job with a trucking company hours before this 2004 with francis. our 18 year old was in an accident. shooting was triggered. a couple of state troopers we had pretty intense winds from usaa took care of her car rental, attempted to pull over his vehicle when according to and getting her car towed. police the gunman put an ar jean three weeks later. oh, yeah. all i had to take care of was making sure type rifle out the window jillian: why you don't want to that my daughter was ok. and shot one of those state be in the water. if i met another veteran, troopers and the rampage was this is a good warning to and they were with another insurance company, on. law enforcement says this particular shooting was i would tell them, unique because it stretched people. even though you see people. you need to join usaa out over 10 miles. because they have better rates, i didn't mean to interrupt you. 15 different crime scenes in you see people attempting to go and better service. we're the gomez family... out in the water in these we're the rivera family... this innocent were shot. we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. the gunman shot a mail situations. steve: beaches have been closes get your auto insurance quote today. carrier and killed her. since friday going into the took the mail carrier's van.
3:29 am
it only stopped when water. i didn't see any surfers this officers from midland and morning. they were out yesterday. odessa rammed that air carrier van. forcing the gunman to get hopefully that is done with. people will take this serious i. out of the vehicle. enabling other officers to jillian: you need to take this shoot him dead. the fbi assisting this seriously. investigation says in heed the warnings. today's reality, agents need evacuations are underway this morning f you're going to be on to prepare for the next mass shooting. the barrier eye lan for the >> you will be here for the duration of the storm, chances duration of the time that are you will not be able to get the chief needs our services. off. and unfortunately we will be steve: thank you, jillian. ready to go next active they have evacuated barrier islands, flood zones, mobile shooter which is an home parks throughout the state unfortunate statement to make. of florida. it seems like that's what we do. we respond to one after senator rick scott says, if you another of these horrible have been ordered out, get out events. >> and the chief of the now. >> you can rebuild your house. you cannot rebuild a life. odessa police force is commending the work of those we don't want anymore stories midland and odessa officers who rammed that van. after 7-year-old dying because stopped it when they did. the gunman was closing in on somebody didn't evacuate this water comes in, they're talking a crowded movie theater. about even if it doesn't hit guys, back to you in new york. land, four to seven foot of steve: mike tobin live in odessa, next. storm surge. brian: they didn't want to mention his name at all think about that. sieve feet coming into your during the press conference. we want to know about him. house. you cannot survive that. we have to get a profile on i'm concerned people are looking these shooters to see if at little strips, going right there is any commonalities down that path.
3:30 am
here. dan bongino is a nypd this cone of uncertainty, 2/3 of the time according to national president officer. hurricane center or further east attempted b spy gate of donald or further west. if you think there is any chance you have to get out leave now. j. trump. ainsley: that is good advice. what we know about the shooter is he was angry. griff jenkins in worth avenue, never slowed down. shooting it. he had killing on his mind. near the breakers, mar-a-lago. he is down there on the beach. any take away from this that any law would have stopped? >> brian, when you look at hey, griff. studies of targeted griff: talking about the storm surge, we want to give you a violence, which is contrast look. dorian is more than 100 miles with random -- let's say due east of us now, we're random violence would be someone who happens to be at already getting outer bands, the wrong place at the wrong time and mugged by someone. seeing tied come in. target you had violence is it is part of several somewhat thought out in structures. if you look down the beach here advance. we don't know the level of any kind of pree planing steve: 8:37 right now in in palm beach, this has been florida. hurricane dorian is bearing down on the baja mass at this hour. this guy had about this evacuated for this very reason. attack. apparently a traffic stop. the water is coming up. we don't know if that's what -- bahamas at this hour. set him off. to protect the beach, even brian: we're looking at freeport clearly some type of intent in the bahamas. going into. before -- happened half the this he is shot randomly distance where i am we don't it is 30 miles from the eye of after he is pulled over. the storm. in those cases of targeted know where she is going to go. violence, there are always it could be devastating in terms the wind and rain is so strong red flags in advance. of storm surge. the sun should be up. the majority of these cases
3:31 am
a lot of these people gave we talked to a bret holmes a they have roofed ripped up with off warning signs. some of them very simple. life-long -- he talked to me the palm trees. some of the school shootings ainsley: a 7-year-old boy was which have similar type of about the fear of storm surge. profile. here is what he had to say. they actually told people what they were going to do killed according to bahama press. >> the storm surge, for sure, his sister is still missing. they were trying to evacuate in advance and it goes to show you, you know, really high water, the, i mean every from their house in abacos. you need a heightened sense ounce of the storm is concerning of awareness sometimes and you need to be willing to to a boater and fellow boaters make that call to either the >> 23 years in the military. loved ones or law as myself. a storm like this is not a lot of good people need to be enforcement if you hear something like that. something to take lightly. steve: that's right. reportedly, there is one story out there that the guy protected. we learn to deal with it. may have failed a background it is catastrophic storm. for us we don't have too much check. at the same time, there is another story out there, dan people should take this very, time to think about what will very seriously. bongino, about how this guy, happen with the threat because we have a job to do. steve: we apologize unable to the shooter, apparently was get back to the griff because of on the roof of his house steve: they have a job to do. shooting at things around a static problem. the neighborhood. a lot of local law enforcement bret holmes who i know for a separated from the families as number of years in -- ainsley: animals. they prepare for possible steve: neighbor lady called the police look you have got ainsley: guy they were just to go. rescues. the police could not find interviewing? steve: exactly. this photo shows a boynton him because he didn't show up on their g.p.s. he is very cle police officer hugging his daughter before he goes to work. >> yeah, unfortunately live the caption reads, be safe, steve, we hear these stories all too often whether it was daddy. i love that. ainsley: "fox & friends" co-host parkland other others the warning signs we just jillian mele is live in discussed seconds ago were either missed or were just vero beach, florida. what is the latest there? not followed up on. we hear stories also about, jillian: the winds are
3:32 am
definitely picking up. you know, computer errors. we had a pretty strong band of things like the nhtsa rain go through. system. ten minutes ago a lot of people you are supposed to be a ran for cover at that point. prohibited professor. and it isn't put. it is getting progressively in saw that in south carolina and the sournld work. let's talk with dan. springs incident as well. dan came down with his dog to our job to protect the see what the situation was like. second amendment and keep this storm is a little criminals from firing them. you have to follow through. different. there has to be follow >> this storm is different. through on that. in some cases, sadly, some it is unpredictable. they don't know what it will do. of these signs are missed. not knowing if it will make brian: we heard there was a misdemeanor in his landfall, they say it will ride background. i don't know if that would be enough to fail a the coast now but who knows, you background check. >> yeah. i'm not sure -- i saw that as well. i'm not sure if he was a know. jillian: you've been a resident prohibited possessor on that. it appears based on the here 30 years. criminal record that may the water is churning. have been the case. you see the american flag out ainsley: that gunman, i was reading a lot of stories there on the shipwreck. about this. was apparently heading into you remember the flag being there for all 30 years you've this crowded popular movie theater and police were able lived here. >> it has been there quite a to apprehend him and kill while. hope it remains there. him before he did that. i hope the storm doesn't take it so, possibly saving a lot of out. it has been a landmark the thing lives there. in the ground. so those are our heros this morning. jillian: telling me it is scary dan, when we booked you. we weren't sure where this when you're on the barrier hurricane was going it. looks like it's heading
3:33 am
towards your house where you islands, you can't get off, when live. steve: you have been evacuated, right? they close the bridges. >> yeah. it's kind of been a rough >> you're basically stuck here. night, guys. it is one of those situations, i have to come honest with whether you leave or stay. you. hence the low key attire. i would leave. i'm sorry. you know. my wife didn't sleep well last night. jillian: that is definitely the it's been a rough week. message to residents out here. i have only been a floridian police told us they might go for four years. we have been through now door-to-door today, tell people, this is now our third one. look, we can't make you leave and when i first came down even though there is an here and went through evacuation order in place right hurricane matthew, now but it is in your best thankfully it just missed interest to do so. us. we'll try to catch up with the we got substantial wind and police a little later, to see if some damage to my house, we catch a little bit of that. but, matthew was different, there are a lot of residents, steve. i know you have a place down you guys know, choose to stay to here as well. a place we frequent both of ride these out. us this weekend it was steve: they do indeed. empty. the businesses have been jillian from the vero beach, devastated. i was in one of the more area. let's bring in florida governor popular restaurants down ron desantis from the. here. steve: evo in -- >> it's a wonderful place i took my wife out for there are a lot of people in places where mandatory evacuations had been issue, and anniversary. you should have told your they're waiting to see what the wife you booked the whole day brings. place she probably wouldn't have known the difference. what is your message to the people in that situation? with matthew, steve, it was different. everybody thought matthew was going to hit martin
3:34 am
county where i live and they evacuate and it was scary >> well, steve, i think they and frightening. should heed the calls. when it misted there was a those decisions are not issued sigh relief. there is eerie feeling that lightly by local folks. nobody knows what's going to it is based on the fact there is happen. wake up one morning and it's a significant risk to people, going to buck north. particularly in those coastal areas. wake up next morning and this storm, when it hit the potential wobble. it may hit us. bahamas was like a category 5 with a category 5. if it wobbles you are looking at 140, 150 plus, 185 mile-an-hour winds mile-per-hour plus winds. so i'm hunkered down here, sustained. we've only had one storm hit it's pretty quiet here because i have my shutters florida in hour history that had up now. of my place is a fo fortress. that severe winds. 1935, labor day. so this is a major storm and i was getting food after church and a lot of people a what we're watching now, is the lady in front of knee in the track on this thing, it has restaurant talking with her husband and i could see her slowed down which they had face. people are just kind of frightened. can i just say that. anticipated. it is kind of turning over in steve: quickly. >> a quick pat on the back the bahamas. to the first responders and everybody down here. they do anticipate it making a the government state officials have done an move north. well, it is moving close enough absolutely amazing job. well done. to our coast, steve, if it steve: stay safe dan bongino and everybody else down wobbles just a little bit further west, you know, you're there in martin county. going to have potential landfall ainsley: we are praying for you all. be safe. >> thank you. in florida. steve: we just don't know but even if it hugs the coast, where it's going to go. it is powerful enough, that you
3:35 am
will see major storm surge, wind ainsley: dorian devastating the bahamas and monster damage and flooding. hurricane is heading here you know, people should heed the next. call. take steps necessary to protect steve: pete gaynor joins us themselves and their family. with an update next. i hope it wobbles further north, you are going to want to hear it. he is next. going on east side of the cone. that is not something you can assume. you need to prepare for a major ♪ impact. ainsley: what happening behind the scenes to make sure folks can get out safely as far as airports are concerned, making sure traffic flows, gas stations have enough gas to fill up these cars? >> sure, i have suspended all tolls on evacuation routes, things like i-75 west, 95, saw guess expressway, beachline, which goes from brevard county into orlando. we also have the ability to open the shoulder lanes if necessary. we haven't needed to do that yet, simply because this storm had been impending.
3:36 am
so we have less labor day traffic than we otherwise would here in the state of florida. we're willing to take whatever actions we need to. i would also say that we, as we watch the track, both the state and some of the private partners like the utilities, you know, they're prepositioning assets so that we can go into and have an effective response. we know some of the power that went out after hurricane matthew. we're looking at some of those same areas, to say, okay, go in there, try to get the power back on very quickly. so we're working, making sure that the assets put where they need to best help folks. brian: governor, when do you think florida residents will did you know you can save money begin to feel the effects and by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? what counties concern you the try dawn ultra. most? dawn is for more than just dishes. >> i think anywhere where you're with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, under these hurricane warnings, it tackles tough grease really from palm beach all the on a variety of surfaces. way up the coast. try dawn ultra. as the track develops, as the storm moves, you will get a
3:37 am
little bit more certainty with that. but we're really looking at this thing, you know, very, very slow, hovering over the bahamas for most of today. so the question is, when is it going to move north and once we if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis get that track we're in a situation i think we'll be able and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself to have a the before sense but are my bones strong? here, i think, obviously we're life is full of make or break moments. concerned about an impact. we're concerned about the winds. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture this will bring a lot of water with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen too. we have areas that flooded in and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. hurricane matthew and hurricane irma up on florida's east coast. you're probably going to see do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, that again, even if it does are pregnant, are allergic to it or take xgeva® remain off the coast. so there is the potential wide serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure range of impacts and you're trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip, talking about 20, 30 miles here or tongue swelling rash; itching; or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems or there on the track could main a huge difference in which as severe jaw bone problems may happen communities end up getting or new or unusual pain in your hip groin, or thigh, affected or not. as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. steve: indeed. governor ron desantis joining us speak to your doctor before stopping prolia® from emergency headquarters as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. there in tallahassee. governor, thanks.
3:38 am
prolia® can cause serious side effects, >> griff jenkins is in florida. like low blood calcium; serious infections he is in palm beach. griff, what is the latest there? which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. griff: the latest we're in are you ready? between the outer bands. ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. the governor can't answer really brian's question because you don't know where it is going to hit. take a walk on this beach. you can see they will clearly get from west palm beach all the way up towards jacksonville, large surf by this storm, particularly if it begins to move more west towards our direction. you can see, as jillian was talking about, people here in palm beach, taking a look. they want to come down, take pictures. the police here in the town of palm beach which is under a mandatory evacuation right now, the officer told me he is a little worried as conditions get worse, they are going to at a very minimum be a tropical storm by late afternoon today they worry people will come. they may close the bridge permanently. they're under mandatory evacuation. they're not removing people. as we walk along the surf, the
3:39 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. surf will come up, we're a few hurricane dorian bearing down on the bahamas this morning. hours from high tide. crawling at just 1 beach erosion, storm surge, mile-per-hour. brian: category 5 storm killing a 7-year-old boy, whipping winds, if it comes in that according to the baum press. this direction, law enforcement his family was trying to has additional duty to remove evacuate. his sister is still missing. these people like these folks the government d reality of it s that took a look, will compound the problems particularly if she moves a little faster than she whether we get a tropical is moving. storm or we get the big one, they are hoping it doesn't come we are ready for whatever comes this way. this direction. law enforcement are paying attention where people are steve: local police separated from their coming particularly the barrier families as they prepare for islands. guys? possible rescues. steve: give, thank you very this photo shows boynton much. janice dean, joins us with the beach florida officer hugging his daughter. the caption reads be safe, latest on the track. to the governor's point a couple daddy. i love you. miles can make a big difference. let's bring in pete gaynor acting administrator of janice: absolutely. fema. 10 mice wells will make a he joins us from fema headquarters. we know your hands are full. difference between tropical we appreciate you coming. storm force winds and as we look at this storm, hurricane-force winds. look at eye. which has really stalled this is a six-hour loop. over the bahamas. where it's just traveling to conditions are calm in the eye. the west at 1 mile-per-hour. the national hurricane center is all the people across
3:40 am
florida are looking at that saying don't go outside. storm won did h wondering when t it may look deceiving that the storm is over. they have the back side of the storm. we have freeport. going to turn and what are i've been looking at social you telling people. >> i'm telling people be media. we're looking at images from prepared for any scenario. when it stalls, the freeport, cars completely floating, homes submerged. predictability the forecast becomes much harder. this is the worst-case scenario it can do anything until it for folks in the western starts moving again. when you look at what happened to the bahamas and bahamas. we're 90 miles offshore. overnight you have to 90 miles from the shoreline of embrace that. it doesn't have to make landfall in the u.s. to have the east coast of florida. those devastating impacts. here is the latest track. right now there are watches not moving very much. and warnings pretty much the this time tomorrow, still not entire coast of -- the east coast of florida. you are running out of time. you are going to start budged. feeling winds in south we hope it makes the northwest florida already. so, make sure that you are turn. by wednesday, off the coast of prepared for any scenario. orlando. intowards the carolinas, we're ainsley: mr. gaynor, you said you are not talking to still dealing with a major the president's staff. you are talking to him. hurricane. further out we go, more tell us a little bit about those conversations. uncertainty we have. we have to watch every single >> i have talked to the forecast. president every day, everyone along the coast needs sometimes twice a day to to listen to the local officials. include his staff and vice steve: look at that. president. he is involved in everything myrtle beach could have a cat-3 that we are doing and very on friday. supportive. him and the cabinet.
3:41 am
this is whole of government janice: sandy here in the northeast was a cat-1, a cat-1. effort and it's, you know, a cat-1 can do a incredible we are moving through it. it can be frustrating amount of damage. sometimes because this is ainsley: thank you, janice. just a slow grinding storm steve: as the political left but the team is together. ramps up the crusade against the and that starts with our local governments, our state governments and the federal electoral college this take is raising a few eyebrow. partners and our prior partners and ngos we are >> if it wasn't specifically in the constitution for the presidency, it would be all working together pretty well. brian: is it true your fema unconstitutional. overall is 2,000 employees steve: what does that mean, down? exactly? >> we have some shorges when former congressman jason chaffetz is here in the studio. brian: talking about studio, sandra smith is in a different studio. talking about with all the huge it comes to recovery. when it comes to response we news going on. have all we need. >> we're working with you all to it's not just about fema. bring everybody the big news. it's all our partners. whole of government to hurricane dorian slamming the include dod. all the resources and bahamas, making its way to the staffing equipment we need florida coast. mandatory evacuations underway to respond to dorian. in florida, georgia, brian: do you not have the budget to hire these people south carolina. or people to fill these we'll talk to local officials on the ground. positions? >> no. i think it's really a details on the deadly rampage in bandwidth for us when it odessa texas. what we're learning about the comes to recovery after these two devastating gunman. seasons. big show, south carolina senator and we are working our way
3:42 am
through it. lindsey graham joins us live. we are doing things to improve hiring and fox team coverage of hurricane retention. when it comes to response dorian. side of what we are doing, it is labor day, 2019, we are they have plenty of live for you resources and ultimate faith "america's newsroom," top of the that we will meet any challenge, any need when it comes to dorian or any other hour. hurricane this season. ainsley: any plans to help the bahamian people? we hear the stories please pray for us and children crying and being swept away. >> i had a conversation with the deputy of usad last night. we are working together and put together a task force to see what we can do and we will work that through the day today and tomorrow. steve: we know you have a busy day. pete gaynor acting offers free so bookers can book now... administrator, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. thank you. and ask their boss later. steve: 17 minutes now before [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? 7:00. ray bogan is in cocoa beach, be a booker at florida mandatory evacuations begin in just a couple of hours. ray, what's the latest. >> steve, brian and ainsley. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? good morning to you. you are exactly right.
3:43 am
the evacuations here in memory support brand. bradford county start after the 8:00 a.m. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. as you drive up and down a 1 a you can really see the prevagen. healthier brain. better life. homes and the businesses, the hotels are getting boarded up and shut down. now, here in florida along with georgia and the carolinas, strong winds and dangerous storm surge are more than likely there are mandatory and voluntary evacuations allob the east coast. that may be easier said than done as the storms that closed more than 600 flights. heed the warning from emergency officials. >> this is a very serious hurricane. 185 miles per hour gusts up to 220 miles per hour. that's the strongest, the largest in modern history, certainly the strongest any of us around today have seen. but we believe that we can keep everyone alive. >> residents in north carolina are also buying and
3:44 am
stocking up on supplies. governor roy cooper declared a state of emergency and lifted transportation restrictions so supplies can be brought in much faster. it's really unimaginable listening in southeastern, north carolina and been hit hard with two severe hurricanes in less than three years. it's devastating to think about another hurricane coming on top of that i spoke with one resident. she is going to stay here in breeferred county. she wal evacuated for a previous storm it. cost her a lot of money to evacuate. when she came back, nothing had happened. for this storm she is going to stay and ride it out. steve, brian and ainsley, back to you. steve: joining us from cocoa beach. thank you very much. janice dean taking a look at
3:45 am
dorian one mile-per-hour to the west. that's all it's going. as we heard from the acting fema director that makes it unpredictable. janice: what we know now ♪ go where my baby lives b[ growl ]olle♪s grand baum island getting good boy. hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. beto-mania island. the airport is under water. know who's on your network steve: 5 feet. janice: wobble to the north. and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. is that a wobble or influenced by some of the simple. easy. awesome. you were leveupperlevel winds. we will start to see that northward curve tomorrow. for now we will be dealing with a very slow moving system bringing the worst of the conditions to high rock right now is in the eye of the storm. so very calm but as this storm continues to lumber a little bit towards the west, the back side of this storm is going to come. so a lot of these people think it's safe to go outside because they are in the eye of the storm. ♪
3:46 am
and they have the worst of >> deeper philosophical thing the back side of this storm to anticipate. so, right now not moving it happening the question what exactly american democracy is for. the weirdest thing about the electoral college, the fact if it wasn't specifically in the will start to move more to constitution for the presidency, it would be unconstitutional. the north. a 30-mile difference to the west is going to mean the brian: all right. difference between a tropical storm force wind and hurricane force wind. msnbc host leaving people that's why everyone, you you scratching their heads after know, you are urged if you that claim something in the live in a low lying area to constitution would be unconstitution but was in the perhaps evacuate or move to constitution. higher ground. >> joining us somebody who was in terms of intense atlantic hurricanes. former member of the house ainsley was asking about this, category 5 it's the representatives, oversight highest on the scale. this one is number two in chairman, author of a new book terms of the strongest by called power grab,. wind. yesterday we went up to >> good morning. 185 miles per hour. very rare to get that strong steve: can you explain what he is saying? >> hard to argue wig, the of a wind in a hurricane a electoral college is in the cat 5. past six hours. constitution. it has been there for couple so we are about 120 miles hundred years. it is not going away. offshore from florida and steve: all comes down to a lot the tropical storm force of people feel it should be one winds are 140 miles away person one vote but, in certain from the center of this storm. you can tell we are so states it doesn't seem that way. close. and that's why we have to >> there are small states like
3:47 am
wash every single cochlear kansas or utah or delaware or that comes out. we have hurricane warnings rhode island. that was the deal that our up for merritt island down founders came together to say, towards port st. lucie and hey, this is how we find the proper balance. jupiter where the storm this is how we make sure that surge, we have storm surge big states just don't overrun warnings 4 to 7 feet. how close to land does this us. and, it is part of our rich storm come because the worst heritage. but its also part of a pattern. of the storm surge, the worst of the heavy rain, the that is what i talk about in worst of the winds are going "power grab." to come in the right front the democrats fundamentally want quadrant of this storm. so you need to know your to negate the last election, geography around you. they want to delegitimatize and know what you need to do donald trump but change the way to protect yourself and your we do things in 2020 in the family. future because their ideas are there's the latest track. not winning. we get new information every they have to change the rules of hour. the road. and the new track comes out this is one of the -- at 8:00 a.m. we are still dealing with a steve: get the popular vote. major hurricane and perhaps brian: they got it against trump a landfalling hurricane as we get into thursday and >> yes. but that is, when you take a few friday. counties out of los angeles and ainsley: is that why senator rick scott was saying you are not off the hook, new york, you will see -- florida? janice: you are not off the hook. that margin of error two donald trump won 60% of the days out is 7 70 miles. states. he won 30 out of the 50 states. he dominated. steve: janice, one of the images when we saw the kicked their butt quite frankly. satellite is the identify the storm is so well ainsley: talk about power grab.
3:48 am
defined. i know one of the hurricane hunters went out and took it comes out tomorrow. >> i took a year to put this some video yesterday where together. it shows and you look out it talks about how the democrats the window and they are in are trying to do things behind the eye of the hurricane and the scenes. as chairman of the oversight they are looking straight committee i got a lot of things up. apparently you in the that most people didn't get to weather business call that see. things democrats are doing that the stadium effect? janice: it's such a well are down right seedy. defined eye. the stacking of the clouds. steve: like what. >> hr 1 to change the rules of i will tell you this hurricane looks like the road, the way they do ballot something that you see like harvesting they want to make a typhoon in the eastern that legal all around the pacific. that's how well defined this country, they can go in, you storm is. don't actually have to go to the poll. they can gather ballots for you. steve: super powerful. janice: yesterday it was incredible on the satellite. they can turn them in for you. steve: sounds convenient. steve: keeping an eye. >> they want to make legal. they did it in california. brian: most powerful since andrew in 1992 cat 5. it is the reason we're having another special election next janice: we have had cat 5s for four years in a row but week in north carolina. andrew made landfall. and michael made landfall in but other thing they have done, they have learned to weaponize florida. charities. ainsley: and matthew. at start of the book, i think this will be the most newsworthy janice: matthew was a 5 but part of the book how they have been able to weaponize these did not make landfall. charities. it is salacious. steve: grab a copy. steve: 1935 labor day
3:49 am
hurricane. unbelievable. comes out tomorrow, "power brian: all right, janice, we will check back. 12 minutes before the top of grab." liberal scream to undermine our the hour. another big story this trump and our republic. morning actor kevin hart ainsley: congratulations on the luck i can't to be alive. book. his classic car flipping into a ditch. >> another quick update on the latest on his condition hurricane dorian. next. is just a button. th around. ♪ on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. or - that the journey can't be the destination.
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>> fox news alert right here, just looking at a view, images in the from freeport in the bahamas and look at that flood surge. >> is unbelievable, and the images that are coming in on social media from freeport and places in the bahamas are just catastrophic on the storm hasn't even gotten over this area. >> there is no high ground. >> they need our prayers and they will need us to help rebuild at some point. >> will be back on tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. >> had to fox nation, more with
3:53 am
janice after the show. too >> sandra: authorities tellg carley: we back with headlines. actor kevin hart seriously hurt after his car veers off fox news that 34 people are the road and into a ditch. confirmed dead after a boat 1970 plymouth barracuda caught fire near santa cruz wrecked on the side of a island. five other people were rescued. california highway. so far, authorities do not know hart was a passenger in the car when the driver lost the cause of the fire. control. rescuers had to saw off the we will be bringing you updates roof to get everyone out. on this breaking news as soon as we get them. hart and the driver have serious back injuries. meanwhile, awaiting an update hart bought the car in july from the national hurricane for his 40th birthday. center as hurricane dorian hovers over the bahamas. >> right here in our operations a west point cadet is dead after falling from a popular area, the official clock says cliff diving spot. it's 9:00, time for an update on benjamin k. botch ler was hanging on to a rock ledge hurricane dorian. let's start with the radar just when part of it broke stationary, it is not moving at sending him plunging to the ground. in a statement a west point all. cam can't writes candidate botch ler had incredible style, infectious positive attitude. he was everyone's friend. botch ler enlisted in the army in 2016 and previously
3:54 am
deployed to afghanistan. all right. ainsley, i will send it down to you. ainsley: thanks, carley. this labor day wrap up our made in america series. brian: today showcasing a company called water rower featured at the white house this summer. ainsley: here with more is the ceo peter king on the end and account manager jamie borges. peter, what gave you the idea, i know you are from australia. it was very important for you to have this company in america and keep it here. why? >> most of the market is in america. biggest rowing machine market in the world. why not manufacture it in your own market? brian: right. you are a rower by trade. >> yep. brian: you are saying to yourself. you have something new. you have oars in the water why are we using a fan with old fashioned so you put water. >> all about fluid resistance and water resistance. not about air resistance. brian: talk about the materials made. what is this surrounded by? >> the wood type? >> yeah. >> different wood types. source it used suppliers out
3:55 am
of boston who are echo friendly. and we bring the wood. in we plain it. we hand craft it and put the rowers together. ainsley: jamie, you are on the retail end of this. tell us about that and why you decided to work for this company. >> i started of working for peter 8 and a half years ago and chose the company because it was american made. and peter gave mee the opportunity to run our retail location. we have 200 locations across america. brian: one of the smartest thing is to go for the orange theory. if you take those classes you know how much the rowers mean to that school of thought when it comes to fitness. they came to you three years ago? >> three years ago. brian: now you are their contractor. >> 1200 gimenez they have open now. show me how this goes. you are a rower. you want to simulate the exact motion? >> yes. brian: you want rowers to use this to train? >> yeah. or anyone to train. not just rows. one of the best cardio workouts. ainsley: what's the biggest mistake you see trainers
3:56 am
come over there and say you need to sit up better. you need to do this differently. what mistakes are we making? >> absolutely. well mostly you want to have strong posture. a lot of people try to reach from the lower back. all this it is just legs and arms, the core is just bracing that work. brian: nice. and you are getting paid for this. what was it like at the white house when you went there? >> it was amazing. everybody that was there. all the manufacturers who are all like just in awe. everybody was so polite to us. thanking us for coming down. and we all just were -- just amazed and it was great to be an american that day. brian: how many workers do you have? >> i would say 200 globally. domestically we are about 150. brian: is it nice to have an american product made in america and hiring all these people. >> fantastic. givegives you a great deal of pride. largest manufacturer in the area. and we are very important and humbled by that.
3:57 am
ainsley: honoring all of those hard miner workers. thank you for hiring them and putting then in orange theory and keeping us healthy. brian: good job. ainsley: it's our top story. hurricane dorian closing in on the east close. you are looking at jupiter, florida right now has subscripta music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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4:00 am
yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> please pray for us. ainsley: pray for us, she says. the hurricane, is hitting the bahamas like they have never seen before. dorian bearing down category 5 storm crawling at 1 mile-per-hour. steve: we have learned a 7-year-old boy is the first official death linked to dorian. the bahama press revealed he was killed trying to escape. his sister is missing at this time. brian: live look at the conditions now in freeport. dorian packing 200 mile-per-hour winds at this
4:01 am
hour and dangerous storm surge will follow the path. it's still unpredictable right now. ainsley: take a look at this slidio. a hurricane hunter. a plane flying through the storm. steve: can you imagine that job. brian: check this out. we have team coverage this morning. we have jillian mele and griff jenkins. they are spread out through florida. we begin with our own meteorologist janice dean tracking this monster storm. janice, it keeps changing, right. janice: well, since the very beginning tracking this storm there have been so many challenges. we thought it was going to go over puerto rico and the center of the storm actually moved north of puerto rico. and because we have these changing atmospheric conditions. that's why that cone of uncertainty gets wider as we go further out in time. the other problem with this forecast is it's not just a matter of hours. it's going to be days we are going to be tracking this
4:02 am
storm system. weak steering current. we are not typically going to see this storm accelerate north and eastward friday. when you are dealing with winds go out 40 miles from this storm and say the track moves like 20 miles to the west. that's going to mean the difference in your community from a tropical storm force wind to a prolonged hurricane force wind event. along with the storm surge, along with the heavy rainfall. so i would say 48 hours out we still don't have a really good grasp of where this storm is going to go. so, if you live along florida as well as georgia, and the carolinas. you need to watch this track very carefully over the next couple of days. certainly listen to your local officials and they are in touch with the national hurricane center: what i can tell you is this storm has overperformed. category 5 yesterday. one of the strongest hurricanes in the atlantic basin. that is completely destroying parts of the
4:03 am
northwestern bahamas. we are still at cat 5. we get a new advisory out at 8:00 a.m. and the tropical storm is about 110 miles offshore from florida. and here is the latest track. as you can see, not moving very quickly. that's tuesday. that's wednesday still off the central coast of florida. thursday we are looking at georgia and the carolinas. friday, we finally see it out to sea. off the northeast coast line. but don't look at the center of the cone. we want you to look at the whole cone because if you put your eyes on the center, you think it's not going to make landfall. again, a shift in the path can mean that hurricane just being offshore or on your doorstep. and that's why we want people to be vigilant. steve: while people are fixating on the wind speed, you know, and there are gusts with this storm up to 200 miles per hour there in the bahama us. it's the storm surge and as you were talking earlier, grand baum airport right now, the runway is 5 feet underwater and the storm
4:04 am
surge so far in the bahamas has been between 18 and 23 feet that's overtop of everything. in florida talking about a 7 to 10-foot storm surge with the storm offshore. steve: right. at the same time, there is a king tide going on down there which just compounds. janice: you have to know what your high tides are. tough know what your environment is like. steve: it all depends on when it does impact as to how much storm surge you get. ainsley: timing of this is unfortunately up for grabs. ainsley: mandatory evacuations my sister is a school teacher they said school is closed for the entire week. janice: hats off to government officials who have unbelievable work ahead of them. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile on one of janice's maps, we could see some of the outer bands of the storm are actually being impacted on palm beach which is where griff jenkins is standing by live right now. griff: good morning, steve,
4:05 am
ainsley and brian. that's right. the first outer band of that cat 5 monster just over 100 miles d due east of where we are standing now. not the normal wind they have here. we had a few squalls going through in the last hour. you talk about that storm surge, this sea already with the king tide as you mentioned, steve, is starting to pick up as it comes in, but it is 7:00 a.m. still five hours from high tide a little bit afternoon. it's going to come up. if you look up the beach, you can see the distance of where the sea wall is and the clock tower here, which is worth avenue. that is the street there that runs right along palm beach. this area evacuated. residents told to be prepared and to leave. we saw that a lot of them may not have they are waiting to watch the track
4:06 am
of it. the sheriff says he is prepared for the worst and he has got the resources he needs. listen. >> the state has been real good. they have a lot of resources already staged. fp and l power company have a tremendous amount of assets all right. 130 national guard troops close to where my office is over there they are already being staged. high water rescue vehicles. swift water rescue teams. we have the assets if it's going to be bad. griff: people came off of a nice labor day weekend. it's going to start changing when they wake up today. and if you just look out at the ocean starting to get angry, this is 100 miles out. depending on the track that this storm takes, they are definitely going to be impacted. it's a bings of what' combinati, the storm surge and what likely will be flooding and of course the beach erosion here in this part of south florida that could be catastrophic, depending on dorian's path.
4:07 am
we will find out once people start waking up here exactly what they are going to do, guys. steve: hey, griff, you know now that you have shown us that you are at the clock tower there near billionaire's row in palm beach, that's at the end of worth avenue which has some of the most exclusive shops in the united states. did you take a look, how many of those stores have been boarded up and people have moved out? , if you just point back up here. worth avenue. straight down there. and most of the shops, all of them are closed. most of the shops are boarded up. the apartment building you see beyond the clock tower, they are hammering, putting up the last shutters in there and then about a mile and a half south down this road is mar-a-lago. obviously that would be in the path of it in dorian comes in way. and as you mentioned for a few miles to my north and really all the way up.
4:08 am
because. so most expensive real estate in the country in the beach erosion problem you can see obviously it doesn't have but about 50, 57 yards. if you are talking about a storm parking over that it is that slow moving is that repetitive. if they have days of just a tropical storm where it is now whipping on this beach, you are going to have catastrophic property damage. three years ago when michael went through here it wasn't nearly this size and it wasn't moving nearly as slow, but yet the beach erosion from here all the way to jacksonville where we were yesterday was very, very devastating. it was over two and a half billion dollars worth of damage. people lost their lives and more than a million people in florida lost their power. people are going to wake up here watching and waiting but as sheriff bradshaw has uttered to me numerous times and has texted me in the last hour, people need to be vigilant and have you got to keep eyes on this. we are giving you a look at just the beginning. today is going to be the beginning of a rough storm.
4:09 am
it's going to get closer, guys? steve: right now, dorian is 115 miles dew east of where you are standing now. brian: have a senator that's governor and governor that's brand new and a state that's experienced four hurricanes in the last four years. you know which counties are weak and who is better at responding. i think everybody can help each other and work on things between hurricanes over the last year. if any state can handle this drill it might be florida. ainsley: senator rick scott who used to be the governor there working with ron desantis now, he said don't look at this cone and think that you are off the hook. steve: right. ainsley: he said make sure if you live in the area, try to get out and be safe and prepare your houses. we have enough time now so that can you evacuate if you live in that area. >> we woke to pete gaynor acting administrator from florida. he is warning all of you that live along the coast about the threat of dorian. listen. >> be prepared for any
4:10 am
scenario, you know. when it stalls, predictability. the forecast becomes much harder. it can really can do anything until it starts moving again. and if you look at what happened to the bahamas yesterday and overnight. you really have to embrace that because it doesn't have to make landfall to have devastating impact. i talk to the president every day, sometimes twice a day to include his staff and vice president, he is involved in everything that we are doing and very supportive. all the resources and staffing equipment that we need to respond to dorian. steve: that is good news. florida is really good at evacuating people. the problem is whether or not the people leave. you know, when they issue a mandatory evacuation, they can say you have got to leave and those are images from jiewrpted inlet, that's the inlet rite there in the center of the screen. we could see the outer bands of the storm starting to impact. you can ask people to leave. in fact, i was talking to somebody who is in law enforcement up on jupiter island this morning. and he said you know we are asking people to get the
4:11 am
heck out but they are saying we will find out how bad it is. ainsley: think about all the money lost, too. all the people's weddings, so many women are weddings down there and i think about labor day. people are barbecues. all of that is changing. steve: there is the famous jiewrpght lighthouse right now. built during of the civil war believe it or not. we were talking earlier with the fema people. 90% of the deaths from a hurricane come from water. and 50% of those are from people in cars. so what happens invariably is people at the last minute either decide to drive through something or they get caught and decide to evacuate late. and it doesn't end well enemy cases. brian: 11 minutes after the hour. "fox & friends" co-host gizelleian meally has been dispatched to vero beach. any change in the environment?
4:12 am
raithis right here would be a diner that would have opened at 7:00 this morning as you can see. that is boarded up. this right here, another store a gift shop completely boarded up with sandbags. children's clothing store. people go to breakfast and do some of their shopping. as you can see everything is pretty much board up here on the barrier island. there are still people who are waiting to make that decision. it is game time right now. because 8:00 a.m. ised when mandatory evacuations go into effect here and once the winds get to a certain pointed, police tell meet bridges are going to be closed. if you are here on the barrier island throughout the duration the storm, you are not going to be able to get off. that's the high like lie hood that will be the scenario. yesterday we talked to people who are flying to make that decision. one was a 20-year-old who had something interesting to
4:13 am
say. first time in my life -- i have been a florida resident my whole life but the first time i completely understand how devastating these storms can be. take a listen to her. >> it' it's a little scary i will say because it's the first time i actually was old enough to really realize what was going on. you never really know the path the storm may take. if you stay here it may hit. did you go somewhere else, it may hit that as well. you just have to go with it. jillian: you know, a lot of people are going to be 3407b torg the conditions of the bahamas. we have seen video in the overnight hours coming out about how devastating and catastrophic this storm has been and still continues to be in the bahamas. some people say look, we are watching that. we are waiting to see where the storm is going to go. you know, police tell you emergency officials tell you is it is better to be safe than sorry. right now you are looking at some of that video from the bahamas. you can just see the shear devastation there. it is tragic when you see
4:14 am
that. a lot of people are paying close attention to the forecast and the track. we are going to head up to the beach and see what that looks like here and keep you updated. we will see you soon. steve: jillian, thank you very much. a number of communities throughout florida are going to lock the bridges down this mornings, which means rather than up -- so boats can go through they are going to be locked down. what they say if we order a mandatory evacuation once the winds get above 45 or 50 miles pe50 miles per hour. if you get in trouble we cannot come and get you. when we say leave, we mean leave. we can't help you until the winds die down to below that threshold it which coroner a day or two. brian: i was watching brock long. people think fema is the 911 for them. you have to understand we are there to support local municipalities. it goes from the personal responsibility of you and your family to the local officials and fema is there on the outskirts trying to push and help wherever you can now everything that goes wrong where's fema?
4:15 am
wait a second, that's not what the original intent was. >> that's why they say mandatory evacuations you need to leave. you are putting other lives at risk trying to rescue you if you get stuck. baum press reported estimated already to cost them $8 million in disaster. they said no business is operable. bodies are floating around the big cat. when the water subsides some bodies will be washed out to sea. 7-year-old little boy that was the first reported fatality and his sister is still missing. the parents were trying to evacuate from their house in the afte abaco. steve: going to talk to rick scott and current governor ron desantis coming up shortly about what is going none florida and the preparations there. meanwhile, the stars of the tv show will and grace going after trump supporters. one calling them mentally ill. ainsley: long time hollywood conservative chuck woolery says this is typical
4:16 am
hollywood mccarthyism and he is coming up. brian: he was the first host of wheel of fortune. we continue to watch the category 5 as it continues to pummel the bahamas. storm taking aim at the united states which could come late tonight or early tomorrow. ♪ ♪ but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium.
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steve: the co-stars of will and grace taking on trump supporters. actress debra messing responding thank you to a tweet suggesting the president's black supporters are mentally ill. she later deleted that this as her co-star asked for list of those attending president trump's fundraiser. tweeting out so the rest of us can be clear about who we don't want to work with. brian: isn't that nice? original host of wheel of fortune. co-host of the blunt force truth tremendously
4:21 am
successful podcast. chuck woolery. >> also known as the cone of uncertainty. brian: thank you. >> in hollywood i'm the can only of uncertainty. brian: i don't know how you get at fridays. are you surprised by blatant anger at the president because is he going out there for a fundraiser. >> no, i'm not. finance the fascist in hollywood who think everyone are fascist acting like fascist. it's so typical of them. it really is it's very funny. i was alive when we went through the mccarthyism in the 1950s when they were trying to root out communists in hollywood and places like that and they suffered greatly for it. i guess this is the flip side of that they will turn around and be the fascist of the day and try to block people from working and it's really how the left works. you can't disagree with them. you have to be wholeheartedly in or there is something mentally wrong with you. you are mentally disturbed
4:22 am
or, i mean, think of saying that black people who want to vote for trump are mentally disturbed? the most intelligent black people i know are going to vote for trump. and i know a lot of them. and i have high regard for them. but, they are so selective. if you just don't agree with what holiday says or don't agree with the left, which they all are, most of them anyway, then you are garbage. they call you nazis and racist and things that you can't possibly defend against and it is irritatin irritating. ainsley: chuck, where do we go from here? >> down. i said -- i tweeted out about six months ago. you think it's bad now, just wait. and then sure enough, it got worse and worse. it's going to continue to get worse. you see, it's really funny. i think it's hysterical. people in holiday, for instancehollywood.if they couldn
4:23 am
audience with donald trump. do you know what an angel is. he is an angel. is he a billionaire who could come in and finance a movie and everything else. they would be all over him. but now that he has become their opposition to their idealogue, then now they hate him. so it's just an excuse that, you know, if you don't agree with what i believe, in then you are an idiot and you are a nazi and you are a racist and all of these other horrible names that they call people. so, i really don't think middle america and quite frankly most of america agrees with this nor do they like it. and everybody wonders why we are divided. we are divided because of this kind of stuff. it divides people. and then they blame did on trump for dividing them. it's just a dog chasing its tail. steve: there you go. chuck woolery joining us today from austin, texas. thank you for getting up early on this labor day. >> my pleasurable. i enjoyed the drive.
4:24 am
brian: thank you, sir. i was surprised president trump said i'm going to have a fund raisener beverly hills. i know he has supporters out there but i never thought it. ainsley: orange county is a conservative county. not true of the rest of the state. 24 minutes after the top of the hour. it's a growing trend on college campuses. progressive views stealing protest. the next guest says the schools are to blame. the yale professor joins us next. steve: we continue to watch that monster category 5 hurricane dorian bearing down on the bahamas with winds of 225 miles per hour. that is an image right now live in jupiter, florida. the latest on the track and live report just ahead. ♪ ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
4:25 am
4:26 am
than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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4:28 am
♪ >> it's a scene that we have become accustomed to on college campuses, students yelling, tearing down centuries old statues. next guest says in large part our academic institutions are to blame for this. saying they let politics cloud their role as places of independent thought where students can seek truth. the dean of the yale law school and author of that book right there the assault on american excellence, anthony kronman and he joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. ainsley: tell us about your book and why you wrote this. >> we live in a great vibrant democracy. it has its - its-difficult moments. it's fundamental principle is the principle of equality. every one of us gets the same single vote when we go into the polling station our
4:29 am
colleges and universities are devoted to a different set of concerns. they have a different mission. they are concerned primarily with the pursuit of truth and the cultivation of excellence. these are not themselves democratic by their nature we don't decide what's true by asking for a show hands. we don't decide what's excellent by looking to see what most people do or most people think. so there is a tension between our democratic values and our academic values and that's a healthy tension i think the problem comes when the two are blurred and politics intrudes into the academy and the democratic principles of equality which makes a lot of sense outside in the public square becomes the dominant principle in academic life itself. outside in politics, we tend to identify with the groups that we associate ourselves with we divide up into groups. we quarrel and fight as
4:30 am
groups. we have our griev grievances, we attack one another. that's perfectly normal. there is nothing wrong or unexpected about that. but when that way of group thinking enters into the spirit of the academy it corrupts, it poisons the focus on the individual and independent thinking for yourself which is the heart and soul of. ainsley: it silences us. i feel like if you are a conservative and you are going to a university you keep your mouth shut nowadays. many people are saying that because they are too scared to open their mouths because of what could happen. have you protests. you have reporters that are being abused how do we get here? >> there is a lot of talk about safe spaces. my very simple view about this is of course in one sense our campuses have to be safe spaces our students need to be protected from physical harm.
4:31 am
but that safety is for the sake of an exposure to dangerous ideas which might challenge or unsettle those most fundamental beliefs. wherever you are coming from as a student politically, however you start, you ought to be prepared to subject your heart felt conviction to scrutiny and to be prepared to stand up to challenges and interrogation from your own classmates and from your professors. so when students yen sore themselves for fear that their beliefs will be regarded as beyond the pale unacceptable. terrible to even think let alone express that defeats the purpose of higher education. ainsley: there has been a study that says colleges have a positive effect on the country. they ask folks do they have a positive effect. in 2015, yes i agree with that statement. now it's only 50%. >> isn't that discouraging. our colleges and universities are one of
4:32 am
america's great, great achievements. the pride of the country. and viewed by the whole world as amongst our greatest institutions. that they should be failing in the eyes of the american people themselves to an increasing degree, that's really deeply disturbing and suggests to me that we're doing something wrong. the teachers, the faculty the administrators main tabling the strength of these institutions. >> thank you for not being silent. if you want to pick up his book it's called the assault on american excellence. professor, thank you. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. ainsley: catastrophic record breaking hurricane bearing down right now on our neighbors down on the bahamas. these are live pictures from freeport. the category 5 storm is threatening to slam florida next. and senator rick scott of florida is going to join us. ♪ ♪
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