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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 2, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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all have in varying degrees, told her people to get out if they can, when they can. but they are saying, "do not let your guard down." more coverage here on fox. >> we are now moments away from a brand-new update on hurricane dorian. the headline is just out. it's no longer moving at all. just 1 mile per our earlier today. now, it's just hovering. i mean stalled. hovering off the florida coast. where it heads next is anybody's guess. speak a good evening. this is the update on hurricane dorian. dorian continues to pound the northwestern bahamas, moving only slightly. it's been nearly stationary now for the last 6-12 hours.
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the eye wall is hitting both the bahamas. that's the view on satellite pictures. we'll switch over to the radar image, which shows that the center is still over to the bahamas. it extends well to the west and is coming into the east coast of florida and crossing the peninsula. over the last 12 hours or so, they have brought winds to . the forecast is for the hurricane to just inch along tonight. it will begin the southwestern motion either late tonight or early tomorrow. the forecast has the center, moving roughly parallel to the
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coast for the next 2-3 days. perhaps 50 miles offshore. that's important, because hurricane force winds extend outward. what that means is that we are certain to have tropical storm force winds over the eastern portion of florida, and we very well may have hurricane force winds offshore, as forecast. there is a warning for much of the east coast of florida, and a watch has been extended as well father to the north. hurricane warnings and hurricane watches are in effect for roughly the same locations, which include the florida east coast, georgia, and into south carolina. this will be increasing later in the week. this will go up to north carolina. for the next 24 hours, not a lot of motion. continued rain bands on the east coast of florida, and then
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it takes the center along the florida coast, just off the shore. that's the national hurricane >> trace: folks in florida, already feeling the effects of center. i'm mad. hurricane dorian. >> and, if you've missed it, ed, we have been watching this guy get a bit starker, and the waves who's been there forever and ever, he knows these hurricanes, gets a bit higher throughout the and what he just sighed is really stunning, because this day. what's it like where you are? hurricane, for the past, it >> trace, about 20 miles per wasn't moving at all. hour winds where i am. we are not feeling the rain yet. i mean, he said slightly, but this thing is not moving at all, they have been kicking people and that's a vague headline, which means the bahamas are out from the early hours this going to get pummeled again for morning. the next several hours until may once this wind speed gets over 30 miles per hour, the bridge is be late into the evening, going to come to a close. overnight hours, when this thing you really get that sense across starts to kind of make that slow the state of florida. things are shutting down in a trek north. mandatory evacuation is in hurry, especially airports. just a few minutes time, daytona effect for areas along the east coast of florida. airport will close. preparing for the monster storm. at 2:00 a.m., orlando international airport will the mayor of that coastal city close. west palm beach airport, as has is here now. i know that you are a very fort lauderdale.
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just a nightmare for anyone trying to travel by air. unique situation, because once some challenges on the ground the wind's at a certain point, too. it's a long way and a long hunt for gasoline in many places as 30 well. even hospitals shutting down, 39 miles per hour, you can't leave. evacuating people. you're stuck. >> right. their nursing homes shutting that's for everyone on the down as well. barrier island. 5 million people now, under a once we have sustained winds, you cannot leave. mandatory evacuation in five different states. we are expecting at the earliest trace. 9:00 p.m. tonight. it could be through the evening. >> trace: we can still see everyone, last week, it was a people walking on the beach. beehive around here. my question to you is, what are everyone was putting up their shutters and loading up on gas, the preparations going on around you? getting their food. do you see people kind of it just stalled out there. boarding up? do you see different things like my only concern is that we could that underway? >> it's been a tough decision have, people might just let down for a lot of families, many who their guard at the last minute have come down on vacation, here. we have to stick with it. trying to squeeze the last of it we have about 24 more hours out. i think the uncertainty over the where we are going to be in direction of the storm has made potential tropical storm winds. some people complacent about it. just stick in there, stick with but the preparations have been that, and stick with the plan. intense from officials point of the mandatory evacuations were view. they have national guard members started this morning. i think just about everyone
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either left voluntarily before mobilized. they have light workers ready to that or left today. go when the power goes out. if you are panicking at the end here, and you decide that you want to change your plan, you there's a real concern that we want to go to a shelter, you could see, not only still can go, but after about tropical storm force winds, but 9:00 tonight, you may not be allowed to leave. even hurricane force winds, depending on how close it comes so, i think people are very to shoreline. prepared. we've been through these we could see 7 inches of rain. hurricanes before. multiple hurricanes. just take it seriously. officials are really mobilizing tremendous resources to battle against this storm, . i think our community really does take it seriously. very prepared. >> trace: yeah, best of luck >> trace: moving out to to you there. south carolina. people should heed the warning people are facing mandatory down there, because as the evacuation orders. national hurricane center was sane, you are definitely going the mayor of the town's , no mi. to get tropical storm winds, potentially hurricane winds. the best to you. thank you again, mira. denise lewis joins us now. she is writing out the storm. he is breathing a sigh of relief. you are on the other side of the spectrum. i know that you are low on are you ready? >> we are ready. we are working closely and also cell phone battery.
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give me an idea of what you're going through right now. our county and city government >> right now, here, on the island of the bahamas, we are communication, working together experiencing hurricane conditions like we have never on this emergency situation as experienced before. we prepare for hurricane dorian. the island of grande bahamas. the city offices will be open tomorrow, normal business right now, it's underwater. offices. people have to evacuate their also, we are preparing right homes. now, as far as the preparation, there are rescue teams, risking we have sandbagging stations, their lives to rescue people. looking at our city hall site. my family had to be rescued moments ago. water began to come into their this city sandbags will be open home. this is something like no other. until all is exhausted. >> trace: now, you say, your family. are you guys not altogether? are you kind of separated around the island? we will also resume trash and is that what's happening, denise debris pickup tomorrow. this will start in the morning. customer >> yes. we are separated. what we are concerned about is that we are in a coastal area. my mother lives about 15 minutes from me. we are concerned about flooding, the area that she lives in, they but what's beneath, making sure began taking on water there. that we clean our catch basins, she had to be rescued. but there all now in my house. and also are storm water
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drainage. we are working very hard with that. the other thing our water >> trace: we greatly utilities department are setting appreciate this, because cell phone time and battery time is precious to you. up barriers to prevent people denise, give us an idea of what it's like. when we hear the national hurricane center say that this storm is kind of stalled and you from going there. please do not remove the barriers. one thing we want you to do if have hundred 50 mile-per-hour you see barriers. winds, what does it feel like for the past several hours customer >> the past several we want you to turn around and hours, it feels like you're don't drown. turn around and don't drown. stuck in a nightmare, you know? you are inside your home. the winds are there. your personal safety is our primary concern. the winds are coming like a our police department will be train that's going off the monitoring traffic and evacuation. >> trace: is interesting to me, mr. mayor, because when you track. overnight, it was so dark. you couldn't see what's outside. you don't know what's going on. say city offices are going to be open tomorrow, people don't realize, the weight sometimes is as hard as the events, because we've had hurricanes people are just on edge. this thing might not hit your back-to-back. area until thursday. this one we are experiencing so that's a lot of time between right now seems like a nightmare now and then for people to be anxious about what might be that's never going to end.
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coming. >> trace: all my goodness gracious. that's nothing to toy with. >> brendon: and that's why we're so, so grateful that you have us on our show today so can you tell me how the that we can get that information structures of the island seem to be holding up so far? out. i know you've talked about water, but can you give us an idea of the structural damage? once people are informed, it tends to ease that tension and do you look at out your windowd they can follow the procedures that are in place. say, oh, my goodness. >> trace: mr. mayor, the best how do we recover from this? or are things holding up fairly of luck to you and your people. decently? thank you for your time. >> a lot of people who are in a i know you're busy, but fingers are crossed for you. good luck. >> brendon: thank you so much position that have had their homes renovated. and god bless you. from what i can see, i can see a bit of roof damage. for the most part, it seems like >> trace: yet. same to you. a lot of flood damage. look at this. you want to talk about the most of the homes are flooded dichotomy of the storm. out. if you chose on labor day to go >> trace: i'm curious if you to the other side of the state, know this, denise. maybe you don't, but when you the west side, that's clearwater say that people are going out, trying to save other lives, who beach. spectacular. the other side, not so much. are these people? are the just volunteers that are continuing coverage of hurricane going out to look after their dorian installed over the neighbors and bring their neighbors to higher ground? bahamas still a category 4.
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really? to go? book at and get the >> she's mobile, but you know, hilton price match guarantee. she is in her 80s. >> trace: i just want to know. i know you are having a tough time. you've got power problems. just so you know, this is still a category 4 hurricane. it's a hundred 40-mile-an-hour winds. you and your family, you need to stay inside. i know it's tough to get information out there, because power is really in short supply, but you need to stay safe. is it your assessment, your sense that you and your family, and others in your area are safe and out of harm's way? >> denise: for the time being, we appear to be safe, but like i said, where my mother lives is about a 15 minute drive from here, and the water is coming, and it's coming in slowly. the area that's going towards the east of me, there are flooding conditions there.
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we are just praying and being hopeful that it's only a matter of time before the water moves more and more in length. our airport is underwater. the police station has experienced flooding. it is really crazy. >> trace: yeah, what about food and water and the necessities? your family is fine on that? the people around the bahamas are fine on that? >> denise: so far, yeah. but you know, if this continues the way that it does, your food stores are closed. most canned goods and my hands are everything to me. necessities, stores were were but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took really low on those. for granted got tougher to do. with this storm being the way it is, after that, it's like, i turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, don't know. >> trace: we could not wish it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do.
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you any more luck. learn more at today. stay safe. the best to you. we will check in with you later. but all the best luck to you and your family. >> denise: thank you so much. >> trace: we've been watching >> is working door and slowly inches towards the u.s., folks the pictures here, as you kind on florida's east coast getting of see these from the bahamas. ready for the long haul. this is riviera beach, florida. jeff paul reporting live from cocoa beach. jeff. >> yeah, this hurricane might be it's not going to get any worse, stalled right now over the bahamas, but we are still feeling a big change in weather at least for the time being. here in cocoa beach, just from those outer bands of this the storm isn't moving. the storm is now centered over massive storm. the bahamas. one minute it will be hot and we were told at one sunny, perfect conditions for a day out here on the beach, the mile-per-hour. well, apparently, that was kind next they will a huge gust of of a bold assessment, because the national hurricane center wind and all this rain will start coming down. but one thing is constant, people are coming out here to says, it's not moving. see exactly what the storm is when it does move, it's going to doing to their coastal community jog north. of cocoa beach. but it's going to be about we are seeing a lot of people 50 miles off the coast of taking pictures, a guy who's florida. tropical storm winds extend that been out there probably for a while kite surfing, taking far. storm surge extends that far. advantage of the wind and we even saw one surfer out here a it's going to be a problem up little early or right into these and down the coast. waves, was able to swim out
2:14 pm
more there and catch a few of the waves. hurricane dorian category 4. we asked him what he's doing it and he said it's not normally like this, the waves are normally this powerful. it's better. but he says he knows his limits this is seven days to put your carvana car and he knows when to call it to the test and see if it fits your life. quits. load it up with a week's worth of groceries. >> surfers always look forward take the kiddos out for ice cream. to hurricanes but we would like them to stay off the coast. check that it has enough wiggle room in your garage. so i'm happy to get some weights, but i'm also hoping you get the time to make sure you love it. and on the 6th day, we'll reach out that our home is safe. and make sure everything's amazing. if so... excellent. >> this area is under a if not, swap it out for another or return it for a refund. hurricane warning and there are some mandatory evacuations in it's that simple. because at carvana, your car happiness place, especially for the is what makes us happy. low-lying coastal communities where the concern is of course right now the storm surge. there's also some closures going on in the area. one of the nearby hospitals have already evacuated most of their patients. we are hearing the university of central florida, they're going to be closed until thursday. disney world tomorrow will be closing early in the nearby orlando airport, they will be closing tomorrow as well. trace. >> trace: and in your area, some businesses have already closed up ahead of the storm.
2:15 pm
>> yeah. right now on a labor day like this with the weather normally pretty good, this place would be packed with people. this is a restaurant. there will be people out there drinking, eating, it's boarded up and out and that's been a big impact, especially for the holiday weekend like this were a lot of these people, they count on bringing this money and we spoke with one business owner who says they don't want to have to close safety is their first priority and he says it's been a little frustrating for his employees because they closed a little earlier in the week when i thought the storm what already be here, but the storm is just moving so slow. with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt >> people understand this is where we live, this is going to into one monthly payment. happen, but at the same time, we and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. want to get ourselves and our get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. employees back to work as fast as we possibly can. there's a lot of people who they missed three or four days of pay, it's hard for them to pay their rent. >> again, this area is currently under a hurricane warning and at the moment the biggest concern just starting tonight will be the storm surge.
2:16 pm
they are expecting the ocean waters to come up an extra few feet in any of that, any of that in this direction where you have a line of homes could spell a lot of trouble for all of these hope the to who call cocoa beach home. >> trace: indeed it could. jeff paul life for us in cocoa beach. thanks very much. the big take away from this is people, keep your fingers cross take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. for the people for tacoma so you don't have to stash antacids here... georgia, the carolinas because there is something coming here... towards them. say a prayer for the people in or, here. the bahamas because these are kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. pictures from the bahamas and one pill a day, the prime minister, bahamian 24 hours, zero heartburn. prime minister now has confirmed that five people now have lost their lives as a result of hurricane dorian. i do have to remember that for the 6-12 hours, that storm has just been kind of lingering, sitting over, pummeling the bahamas and they've got another 6-12 hours to look forward to throughout the night. it is going to be a very long and frightening night for those people and they have not even been out to assess the damage. nobody knows how bad it really is out there. if communications are hard,
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everything right now in the bahamas is hard. the storm, a what do all these people have in common, limu? stalled, it's not moving and when it does move is expected to start going a little bit west, [ guttural grunt ] but mostly north and skimming exactly. nothing! the southeastern united states. they're completely different people. that's why they make customized stay with fox news throughout car insurance from liberty mutual. the night and the coming days as they'll only pay for what they need. we track hurricane dorian. i'm trace gallagher. yes, and they could save a ton. when news breaks out, we will break and buried you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] "special report" starts right only pay for what you need. now. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ musical magical >> good evening, welcome to washington, i mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight, where following two big stories going on right now. a horrible tragedy off the coast of california as a fire on a dive boat leaves several dead and many more missing. and on the other side of the country, what could be the most powerful storm to threaten the u.s. east coast in recorded history. the big question tonight is where will hurricane dorian go? we will get the latest information on its possible destination in a few minutes. a short time ago the prime minister of the bahamas
2:18 pm
said at least five people have died in the abaco islands. right now final preparations are underway in florida, georgia, and the carolinas tonight. 's 25 hurricane dorian remains a we begin our coverage with senior correspondent category 4 hurricane. 145 miles. the hurricane itself is not moving. it is now stalled over the bahamas. let's get back to florida. jackie reporting from jupiter, florida, with conditions there. >> jackie: we were stating stang here, waiting for our shot. one of those storms came through. it's helped us. the pelting rain. 26-mile-an-hour gusts. things took a real turn in a matter of moments. take a look at the water. it's when the earth and the moon are closest together.
2:19 pm
it's it creates this gravitatiol pull. we are about 10 minutes out from low tide. you can see just how high this is. even without this storm, today was actually set to be the highest tide of the year. about 100 miles east of here. you've got some really bad flooding. as the high tide comes in, you can expect some real damage to low lying areas. this area is a mandatory evacuation. areas that are in construction, mobile parks, anything that is in a low-lying area, those people have been asked to leave. police actually came down to the area, asked people to stop taking pictures, go back to your houses. they are just waiting for it to hit at this point. that is a dangerous thing to do.
2:20 pm
trace? >> trace: it is indeed. you've got a very bad scenario there. jackie, back to you as the news breaks. let's head back up to the east coast. rick reporting live from jacksonville. rick. >> and for anyone living near e coast in low-lying areas. our experience so far has been that most people aren't ready to leave yet, don't really want to leave, because they see the weather maps, that this storm is likely to skirt the coast. this beach, officially closed today, but as you can see, we had a lot of surfers in the water. the waters are very, very hazardous right now. but, you know, folks are coming out, and trying to enjoy a labor day, a very strange labor day with a lot of the businesses closed. other things are closing as
2:21 pm
well, including some of the airports. fort lauderdale international closed. all commercial flight operations and other operations will be shut down. a lot of schools, also closing in dozens of florida counties. we've seen other signs of prop, including the national guard being prepped. high water vehicles and helicopters and that sort of thing. some 17,000 line workers. ready to move out and move into areas that could be affected by the storm. but, trace, the big question is, will we see the hurricane along the coast area? we just don't know. >> trace: live in jacksonville. rick, thank you. with got some breaking news coming out of the bahamas. the prime minister is now saying that so far, at least five
2:22 pm
people have lost their lives. we just spoke to a woman live in the bahamas. it is brutal there. the storm has stalled, and it's going to sit there for seven more hours. five deaths been blamed on hurricane dorian in the bahamas, and it's not over yet. continuing coverage of breaking news on fox news channel. ♪ is just a button. that a speaker is just a speaker. or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation even. right now, get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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>> trace: and breaking news coming into fox news channel. this is the first time that we have seen this video. you are seeing it along with us. this is one of the hardest hit places by hurricane dorian. in fact, the prime minister is
2:27 pm
now told us that at least five people have died. again, this storm, hurricane dorian, category 4, isn't moving. it's stalled over the bahamas. that's a problem when you talk about consistent flooding. the winds keep going, and when you have continued wind and water moving around, you can't rescue people who are in dire need. we spoke to denise a moment ago. her grandmother is trapped. we can't get a boat to her. a lot of other people are clearly in the same position. we will get you updated. in the meantime, hurricane dorian, as we said, pounding the bahamas. i want to bring in add rep ed. you have been doing this for a very long time. have you ever seen a hurricane
2:28 pm
just sit there and not move. >> yeah. that's a great concern right now. we look really closely, here's the eye. it's located right about here. this little circle i've got to come or dot here. it's just outside, very close to the southwestern eye wall. some of the strongest winds are just a few of miles to the northeast of the center of the town. as you said, it's been like that now for 6-12 hours. that got at least another 6-12 hours to go. >> trace: oh, my gosh. it's just, it's so hard. in your estimation, 6-12 hours more. you think this thing is going to start making its way north. it could come west first and then go north or do you think it's going to start going north immediately when it actually starts moving again? >> ed: i'm not sure. it probably doesn't make a big difference, because when it starts, it will start at 1 mile per our. by tomorrow, at this time,
2:29 pm
expect that it will turn and be moving up towards the northwest, perhaps 50 miles offshore or so, but beginning to pull away from south florida. >> trace: ed, always the best information. back to you with breaking details. and again, as he was saying, we've got a hurricane right now that is stalled over the bahamas for another 6-12 hours. they've already been beaten for 6-12 hours, and then it's going to make its way, likely toward florida, and that it's going to make its way north. but even though it's going north, those hurricane winds, those tropical storm force winds extend out 50-60 miles, which means the eastern seaboard is going to be soaked. continuing coverage right here on fox news. lms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance.
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>> trace: hurricane dorian, making its way ever so slowly. in fact, if at all, towards 40.
2:34 pm
here's the latest on the massive category 4 storm. rick, i mean, not moving at all. >> no movement at all. this is a look at the last 24 hours of the storm. that's where we are now. it has barely moved since and initially came on shore. it has moved to the north of it, at least the center of this storm has moved to the north. now, we are in the eye, where the strongest of the winds are continuing to pummel the area. the freeport area never had the i go over. it has been sitting in the quadrant of the storm. it's hard to know what they are going through. i will tell you though, trace, i'm feeling a little more confident in some of our
2:35 pm
solutions. we've been having so little confidence. i think things are looking better now. it stays offshore. it doesn't mean that it could and it may be go 5 miles one direction, or another still. but we've got a lot better agreement here. aside from that, i think most of the hurricanes are staying offshore. that real big problem for florida, i'm not as concerned about right now. that said, take a look at what happens here. i want to show you what this all translates, at least into this one model run of rainfall. it's in the 5-inch range. we've got it into the 5-12-inch range. it's going to spread out a little bit by saturday. some spots come up to about
2:36 pm
7 inches of rain or snow. we still have a long ways to go. that keeps it farther away from the coast, probably into georgia, you're still going to get a storm surge there. i don't want to say you are not going to have problems, but the devastating impact is looking less like a solution. a little more confident of a solution for the carolinas. >> trace: i'm curious. can you put the spaghetti models back up? what's the difference in width? you see a bunch of spaghetti models up there from the one furthest to the right to the one farthest to the left. what's the distance that the storm could actually go back and forth to florida from these models perspective. >> one of those things that could happen is the storm's kind wobble. they would kind of wobble as they spin. that's one of the options. one reason why you don't want to
2:37 pm
see exactly where it's going to go. some of it could be that those models are initializing from the wrong point. when that data goes in, they run the model, it has to initializing where the exact location is forgiving and outcome of where it's going to go later on. but we are looking pretty good here, at least for florida. >> trace: rick, thank you. let's bring the mayor of fort lauderdale. dean. mr. merrick, we are not saying that you guys are out of the was at all, because you still need to keep your eye out, but from where we were friday to where we are today, you have to feel fortunate. >> we are fortunate in many way ways. we are fortunate because the storm has sort of edged its way across the coast. it's still kind of wobbly, and i'm afraid that there is no way to predict the true direction of the storm. we have been very fortunate,
2:38 pm
because we've seen how this storm can come together. i've never seen how great the neighbors come together. our elected officials. i even got a call from the white house a couple of days ago, sharing their concern, asking what they can do for us. so it's been wonderful to see where our resources are, and i'm very pleased at the results. >> trace: which is not to say that fort lauderdale, that miami and broward county may not get some of the storm force, because those winds are still out there. there's a chance that you could get some areas beaten up pretty good in that part of the state. >> well, we are very concerned about the storm surge, especially the corrosion. the rains are continuing to impact us, and there's absolutely no reason to let our guard down, because the storm has stopped. we don't really know where it's going to go from here. we see all of the spaghetti paths, but the reality is, we
2:39 pm
don't know where this storm's going to go. we are still fully prepared to take on anything that may occur. >> trace: do you have sense, mirror, do you see people saying, the resources that were in florida need to move up nort? are you willing to give up some of those assets customer >> i think the resources have been spread throughout the state. i think you are probably correct some of the heavy duty trucks for electrical repairs and things like that probably could move more north. but the reality is, we still don't know the direction of the storm. honestly, what it does is it reminds us how fragile our infrastructure is. if this storm came in as a category 5 into our community, it would probably wipe out our water treatment systems, our underground structure. we have 50-60-year-old infrastructure facilities.
2:40 pm
honestly, i'd like to meet with the white house folks and talk about how we can partner together to meet the needs of every community that is in florida, south carolina, north carolina. we need help from our government. i think that's what the storm has taught us. >> trace: yet. we are going to learn a lot from this. great if you to join us, sir. this thing on friday looked like hurricane andrew. it looks like the second coming of hurricane andrew. now, it looks more like hurricane matthew as it starts up the but, thank you for your time. not out of the woods yet, but we're keeping our eyes on it. breaking news just in from the associated press. hurricane dorian unleashed massive winds on monday. authorities urged people to find flotation devices. can you imagine being at home in your neighborhood and they say, "find something that you can
2:41 pm
float on." at least five deaths, blamed on the storm now. the prime minister said, "we are in the midst of a historic tragedy." he called the devastation unprecedented. it forced rescue crews to take shelter until the onslaught passed. officials say they received a tremendous number of calls from people in flooded homes, a radio station received more than 2,000 distrust messages, including reports of a 5-month-old baby, stranded on a roof. a grandmother with six grandchildren, who cut a hole in her roof to escape the rising floodwaters. other reports involved a group of eight children and five adults stranded on a highway and to storm shelters that are flooded. imagine what they're going through in the past 6-12 hours
2:42 pm
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