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tv   Hurricane Dorian Coverage  FOX News  September 2, 2019 10:00pm-1:00am PDT

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>> we prepare every die take on a storm like, this and we shutter up, keep all our belongings as we can and say a prayer and hope for the best. >> hoping for the best, bracing found one of the most catastrophic storms in recorded history. hurricane dorian slowly, almost inching along, towards the florida coast. after pummeling the bahamas, you can see the after mast there. massive floods have shredded the bahamas islands, at least five people are dead and people in florida are wondering if they will be next.
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1:00 a.m. on the east coast, that means 1:00 a.m. in florida as they're hunkering down. >> thanks for being with us. >> we have extended live coverage of hurricane dorian right now. the category 4 storm is slowly losing moving along. >> it may be losing strength a little bit but we're still talking about winds at 125 miles per hour. we will track dorian as it approaches today. you can see the track there, 125 miles per hour. its exact destination is unknown but we know thousands of miles' long the coastline are in danger that puts 25 million people in the projected path. >> the question now, will they have time to evacuate or will they stand firm face the fury of dorian. at this hour, it is a race against time. >> i evacuated in '17 for irma,
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it was supposed to hit the coast and went through central florida, as well. so it is really a crap shoot and you never know. the thing about hurricanes is at least you have the chance to get away. >> hurricane dorian, once a category 5 storm now down grated to a category 4 but still a force of nature to be reckoned with. it leaves in its wake, death and destruction. five people now are confirmed to be dead in the bahamas, reports of bodies floating in the water. now it heads to the main last, threatening millions of americans in its path. we're standing bying in the fox extreme weather center, we're on the ground in daytona beach, but first, let's go to cocoa beach. jeff texas doesn't look too windy, sort of the calm before the storm, right? >> yeah, certainly the balm
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before the storm. we are just starting to get the very, very outer bands of hurricane dorian moving through here. earlier today, we had some strong wind gusts, rain. now it is mostly strong wind gusts. if you talk to anybody around town, the big question they have is whether is this storm going to move through here. evacuation orders be are pushed back as the storm doesn't seem want to to move anywhere in that direction. people went to the store early, boarded up their homes and now they'ring sightseeing almost, going to the beach, taking it in. we've seen people out boogie boarding, surfing, kite surfing, anything they can as they pass the time. that is a concern that emergency responders have is people will almost think they're in the clear and they say right now, they certainly are not.
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>> this storm is nothing to play with and while we all have our hopes and prayers it is going to stay off the coast, it is still too far away for us to absolutely say that. so, again, we're asking everybody to please take this opportunity to finalize preparations for your home and then go to one of the shelters. >> now, the airport here in orlando, just off to the seed of us is closed -- the side of us is closed tomorrow. disney world, a big attraction, especially during the summer months, they're closing early tomorrow. the campus of ucf is chosed until thursday. the concern now as the outer bands start moving through, the storm surge, they're expecting 4 to 7 feet tomorrow. that can go worse and worse and worse. for the low-lying areas in the barrier bar barshefsky
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the barrier islands, they're worried about their homes and businesses flooding. >> this storm has been downgraded to a category 3. >> you can see behind mtv, we have some heavy vehicles here prepared to deal with some downed trees, if that is necessary. all up and down the florida coast, there is heavy machinery being staged to deal with what could be the aftermath of a very deadly and dangerous storm. near daytona, there is a real sense of quiet, 500 people have been put under evacuation, plane emptied out, stores shut down, gasoline in short three or nonexistence. all the airports are closed. some could reopen tomorrow depending on the track of the storm, but it has been a nightmare for travelers on the road or in the air with hundreds
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of canceled flights. one of the key things has been for officials to make sure people in florida are not complacent, they get out of the storm, especially in low-lying areas or mobile home parks. we followed the mayor of daytona around trying to convince people to seek higher ground. here is what that scene looked like. >> i don't know if you received correspondence, did the police come by? you know you're in a mobile home, this is mandatory evacuation zone. >> tomorrow morning, we're out of here. >> good. where are you going? >> we're going to panama city? >> great. you have family up there or just a good place to get away. safe, okay. i'm grad to hear that, safe travels and -- >> yeah, tomorrow morning we're going. >> you can see a consistent effort beofficials, actually going door-to-door with real kern for their constituents
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making sure people are safe, some real concern there, and also we could see the worse of things here wednesdayed in the daytona area, about 8:00 a.m., it is expected we could see hurricane force winds gust over 70 miles per hour and real concerns, too, about a storm surge which could approach 7 feet. back to you guys. >> steve, you've covered so many of these things. give us a sense, are people heeding these evacuation warnings more or less than we typically see. >> i think the word has gotten out and i think the pictures we've seen from the bahamas really scared a lot of people. i think the destruction and catastrophe we've seen on those island has got people worried so we've seen a lot of people heat our -- head out this afternoon. >> thank you, steve. we will be back to you in a little while. >> thank you. >> okay, for the very latest on
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dorian's track, we turn to meteorologist adam, some good news, it has been downgraded to a category 3 now what does that mean for the track? >> doesn't mean figure anything for the track, and if you're in the adams, it doesn't mean anything for you, either. the water is cooling underneath it, that is weakening the storm and it is spinning over the same land mass over and over and over. that freaks causes weakening, also. if you're there, it has been going on so long that doesn't matter. currently, the center of the storm is about 85 meals 85 mile coast of florida. this is expected to go up, i'm
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not expecting hurricane force winds on the coast it takes a while. we're getting into tuesday afternoon before we start to sea this track and lift towards the north. it as does so, perhaps some of these wind speeds get up to 35 to 40 miles per hour. again, that is going on 18-hours or more, so even 40 miles per hour over that duration can start to cause some damage but it is nothing like we saw across portions of the bahamas. sorry, this is like a dropped data frame but we will get that into motion. you see it move parallel to the coast, here we are tuesday afternoon. category 3 storm still. i think it actually starts to get closer to the coast now as you start to get into the carolinas, we see this push up to south carolina, north carolina. even toe the storm is weakening a little bit as it moves that direction, it as gets closer to the coast, that is going to make a really big difference. you will see it here with the storm surge forecast. anything with the build portions of southern florida, 2 to 3
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feet, that's what the forecast is suggesting. to the north, areas of vero beach, 3 to 4 feet of storm surge, you start to see the colors with the red tones, you have to 5 to 6 feet, maybe 7 to 8 feet in the carolinas. you see the gist, as this system gets closer to the coast, perhaps a higher storm surge. that may be the lasting thing we will pay attention to. all this moisture and rain mading in this direction, will cause high seas in these areas as we're paying attention to. i'm going to leave with you this. this is a storm that is very similar. dorian now in 2019, matthew in 2016, folks alonged florida coast remember this one. it ended up running along the coast, similar to this. it was forecast to make land fall by jacksonville in that
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entire area fooded it made land fall as category 1 in south carolina. a lot of storm surge in those areas flooded. this could be similar. this is a category 3 but you see how the tracks line up with each other. this is a system that is reminiscent and something we will pay attention to it that wasn't long ago so i know folks remember it. >> i remember riding matthew out in daytona beach, just 20 to 30-mile's of the eye's center made a difference. give us a point how far out to sea this curves north and east. saturday you were talking about a high-pressure system up over the carolinas and farther north that is sort of steering and pushing this thing farther out to sea. the longer it takes to move north, does then push farther east? >> no, not necessarily.
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at this point it is looking like the longer it sits, the benefit of that is it is going to weaken because it is using that energy over the bahamas, eating all that up. we have a where it tracks it as heads up the coast but three or four-days out that could be more dividend. we will have to wait -- more difficult. we will have to wait and see. >> even 24-hour it is keeps changing over and over. five-days ago, it was a direct hit on palm beach. adam, we will check back with you for the next hurricane update. >> may day, may day, may day! >> i can't breathe. >> a mayday call and a voice of
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distress alerting the coast guard to a horrific scene off the west shore. early monday morning, a fire tore through this dive ship in southern california. 39 people were on board the conception and at this hour it is evident, sadly, most of them did not survive. 25 bodies have been found so far. >> over 12-years i've been diving on that boat, it's top-notch outfit, i can't believe this happened to them. everybody on that boat is comfortable and familiar with the water. wetsuits or not, it must have happened awfully fast to catch that many people off guard. >> the only known survivors are the five crewmembers who were aweak, they jumped off ship, the passengers trapped below deck as they slept. it is not clear what happened, if doors were locked or blocked
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by something. no word on what happened with the deadly flames. it is just awful. >> the f.b.i. releasing new details about the shooting leading up to the mass shooting in odessa, texas. the shooter was fired from his job hours before the shooting began. a trooper trying to pull him over for failing to signal a lane chance. he pulled out a gun and shotted a the deputy and led to a chase. he tried to hijack the mail truck and then 25 people in all were injured. the f.b.i. said the gunman was already feeling troubled before the shooting. >> i want to be clear, he showed up to work in very distressed mental state, so it is not because he got fired. most of the calls are just
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ramblings, incoherent ramblings, frankly, the dispatchers, the call takers couldn't even figure out what he was talking about. >> those are calls to 911 between the time he was fired and the shooting. the gunman was killed in a shooting with police. it was the second mass shooting to occur in texas in the month of august. we heard greg abbott talk about that. >> it is 1 1:15, hour hour dorn is downgraded to a catastrophe 3 storm. we will show you the destruction left behind and where it is headed, next.
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>> leland: the coast guard is already on the scene in the bahamas, hurricane dorian slammed the islands as category 5 and so far, five people are dead. it has been downgraded now to a category 3 storm but still lashing the islands with heavy winds and rain. it is slow to a stand still over the islands, flooding is a real issue and people are urging people to find flotation devices and find hammers to break out of their attics, if necessary.
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we remember that from katrina. local officials are receiving a, quote, tremendous calms from people trapped in their homes. a radio station received more than 2,000 distress messages in the adams. sara is riding out the storm in nasa. we understand the storms are stalled over you guys, how long has it been bad there. >> hi, thanks, leland, for having us on. we're here ins in in nassau ane approximately 125-miles from the storm's eye. so first and mother most, there is relatively small damage and our issues pale in comparison to what they're experiencing in the eye, so prayers for them and we're all very grateful to be here. as of last night, probably around 10:00 p.m. or so, really the wind started to pick up, the storm surge probably sense yesterday morning has been very intense. i've been to this island many
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times, i've never seen waves like this, storm surge like this, wind and driving rain. we're getting hit by the bands so it is alternatively calm, relatively little wind and overcast to crazy storms. >> where are you now, a hotel or a shelter? >> we are at our hotel, we are at the atlantis property on par december island -- paradise island in nassau. it is relatively safe, we're fortified. there is a lot of storm impact in terms of wind and rain. a lot of the staff couldn't get in so most of the shops are closed, the restaurants are closed, but everyone is safe. we're grateful to be here somewhere that is secure and forthified against the winds and rains. we're experiencing tropical
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storm force, nothing like near the eye, which is very scary. >> if there is anywhere to be in nassau right four is there, like it fart, a fort, right? rethey trying to share resources with the other parts of the bahamas? >> the staff that i have' spoken to all live on primarily the main island of nassau, over the bridge, but there is flooding in the low-lying areas. a lot of the staff live there, or have friend or family there in the primary areas of the eye of the hurricane. they haven't heard from their friends and family, and they are very worried. >> i know people are wondering why on earth did you guys decide to stay? >> we stayed because we've been
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monitoring this eye very closely, we knew it was going to pass well north of us but we would experience tropical storm, which we are experiencing. it is inconvenient but it is not,er sea, dangerous. if it looked like the eye would bee lean for us, we would have for sure gotten out. i would caution against judging people that remained in the eye's path because not everyone has the opportunity or ability to get out of the way. >> specially in marsh harbor the eye came in and people didn't have the option to get out and people stayed to look at their families. sara, stay safe and keep sending pictures as you're able to venture out a little bit. >> thank you, we hope to get out tomorrow. appreciate it. >> safe travels home. >> there were worried what
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happenedded in the adams would happen in florida, but that is not going to happen. they dodged the bullet. the mayor of miami is is on the phone. thank you so much, we know you're very busy in miami right now. thanks for being with us. first of all, how are you feeling? you have to feel a huge sense of relief after talking about this for days now. >> we definitely feel like we dodged a ed a missile. and we have a lot of experience with hurricanes here, my city is a barrier island at sea level. it is king tide weekend, that means we have a little bit ever flooding without anything so we were very worried about it and we haven't received anything substantial than the outer bands of a little bit of storm and a little bit of rain, but i think we're going to try return to normalcy pretty soon while we unfortunately watch the trauma that happened elsewhere and may happen elsewhere. >> talk about this unique special relationship between miami and the bahamas, you've
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got so many families this miami, a huge population, a what you doing now to spore those folks that have families in the bahamas or perhaps can't get ahold of them. i hear you're collecting donations? >> not just miami beach but all of dade county, i'm already getting the notices the fire stations are opened up for collecting things, we're having events dollar raze money. we literally, while the storm is just outside our door, have begun the process of trying to reach out because we have so many peoples, we know the island well and we will help them. >> how do you get people to take this seriously next time? there is so much hurricane
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fatigue, we've been talking about this, it feels like forever, so how do you get people take it seriously when it is the real deal and make lawful. >> there is no up -- make land fall. >> there is no upside to rielleing the dice. the evacuations, supreme to listen and do it. for the worse thing, prepared for something that didn't happen, fine. but, if you go in the other direction and didn't prepare, it is deadly and people have to listen. >> thank you so much, mayor, we thank you for your leadership. stay safe down there. >> thank you, thank you. >> leland: new information on the track of hurricane dorian and why flooding up in the carolinas could be a major concern, when we come back.
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>> leland: we continue to track hurricane dorian through the night. now 1:30 eastern time, down in
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the bahamas and also' long the east coast of florida, they say hurricane dorian is moving along the coast of florida. they say it is moving slowly. we mean crawl speed. let's' bring this adam klotz in the hurricane weather center. >> adam: we say slow, but in reality, maybe it is not move mg at all. interest there is a bad frame io it continues to flash. the reason for that, because it is moving so slowly, typically you need that warm water under there to fuel it and it is using all this fuel, that is weakening that system and that is good for florida. currently sitting at 85 miles off the coast. we're getting outer bands of
10:32 pm
rain offshore. winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour off the peak. it grabs the upper level wind to the north, it can't sit there forever but will sit there a while longer. expect this to start moving, getting into perhaps tuesday afternoon before this really gets moving. staying at category 3, it gets reorganized so we're moving back over fresh water but winds at 125 miles per hour there you are tuesday evening, beginning to see this move it will move more quickly wednesday and thursday. by thursday, dropping down to a category 2 storm, you get this uncertainty to bump up along the coast so georgia, south carolina, north carolina, all the sudden, all of these areas come into play. perhaps they see the worst of this, models you put into motion, fairly good agreement, perpendicular to the coast about
10:33 pm
50 miles off the coast, see yourself getting closer and closer into the carolinas. that could mean flooding and land fall for some of those areas as we're going to be tracking this. that is several days away and this is notoriously hard to track a couple days out. here is the steering we've been waiting for. we've been stuck with this ridge, because that agains to move brett, some of the winds circulating there are going to grab this and move it. the thing that is stopping it from going completely out to sea is the bermuda high, the high-pressure system that typically sits out over the atlantic this time of year. if we can catch these upper level winds, it can drag it out to new england, that is something we will have to wait and see. as of right now, we will look at this running perpendicular to the coast of florida. possibility of land fall but a better chance of seeing severe weather in parts of the
10:34 pm
carolinas, the middle and the end of this week. >> leland: real quick, adam, how did this, for lack of a better term go from a storm that was going to be a category 5 hitting palm beach directly to now it is not even going to make land fall in florida? was it bad information, bad information? what changed. >> with the speed of this system, none of the models could get how much it slowed down. once it slowed down there was trough kind of in the way, we thought it would maybe run right through florida, get into the gulf of mexico that just hasn't happened because of that speed change. all of the sudden we didn't know where it was going to go. this atmosphere, even though it is a massive form it is just a
10:35 pm
cork kind of floating in the street and it can be hard to predict sometimes, obviously you mentioned the car lean in caros possible land fall. how positivable is that. >> the models, the more agreement you see, the better you feel about it especially run after run after run. these are in pretty good agreement for a while, staying over the coast. then all the sudden, they're all running close to the north carolina. the more team in between it, the more things can change. you will want to pay attention across the southeast. >> aishah: thank you, adam, we will check in with you in a little bit. lauren, what are you seeing out t there? if doesn't look like anything is happening.
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>> here in daytona beach, the temperature has dropped. this has moved all day, category 3, maximum sustained winds the 125 miles per hour. here in daytona beach, we are under a hurricane warning. they're telling people the eye of the storm may not make land fall but it could come 30 to 40 miles to the coast so this area is going to feel some of those effects news wednesday. authorities have warned people, if they are in an evacuation zone, they need to get out or prepared to be stuck in their homes or on the long haul because of how slow this storm is moving. right now, the national hurricane center says it is not
10:37 pm
budging from the bahamas. up to virginia, people are told to plan for the worst, and gas was running out as people were stocking up. here in teach daytona beach, we weren't seeing many of these gas lines. now, for people who waited to stock up, it isn't the lack the water, everything is chosed. it is a -- closed. it is a ghost town. we drove around and couldn't find a single business, gas station, fast food, nothing was open. here in florida, looking ahead, we've seen hundreds of utility trucks and their crews staging. the companies are getting ready to restore power after whatever dorian ends up bringing. in this area, they have staged a number of utility trucks and companies at the daytona international speedway, and also about an hour away from here, disney world, or disneyland,
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they are telling us they are actually going to be cutting down their hours tomorrow at the parks because they want to make sure they keep everyone safe and they don't plan to reopen until the storm passes and they know it will be safe to do so. >> aishah: lauren, thank you so much. we're still tracking hurricane dorian as it reduces strength, now a cat3 storm, but it could still make land fall. more from our crew, still ahead.
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>> it is 1:42. the surf is intensifying in jupiter, florida. jackie is standing by. the winds picking up there. >> yeah, we have just reported just six miles down the road from here sustained 47-mile per hour winds with gusts up to 58
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miles per hour so we're definitely feeling tropical storm force winds here in jupiter now. up until now, the greatest threat to this area has been the storm surge. i want to show you the suffer behind me, it is just violent out there. this is a scene deteriorating over the course of the evening and early morning. we've lost a lot of beach, now seeing some of the waves coming right up to the very top of the shore, crossing into the tree area and it is actually kicking up a few things on to the beach now. we've seen pieces of driftwood and we lost a couple of the stairs leading down to this beach. nevertheless, folks have been really preparing for a. this we expected the storm to bring these kinds of conditions. crews are in place, really to jump in action. crews have highly-trained teams in the path of the storm,
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preparing for marine operations. blackhawk crews are staging it in miami, hear water is up on the coast, including jupiter and west palm beach,s 4500 soldiersd airmen, ready with boats and generators. and eight airplanes ready to do search and rescue. and they have she will terse and they rounded up the homeless population to bring them to safety. hospitalling and nursing homes are evac evacuateed. some long-term residents are riding out the storm come what may. what is it going to take for you to leave?
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>> we just watch the passing hurricane, the turn, the speed, the pressure, the wind, you knoll know, we watch and we leave when we leave. >> because the bands of the storm are intermittent and it hasn't hit too hard today, some people were coming down to the coast at sundown to enjoy the surge. one person was skim boarding, you wouldn't want to do that now. they have had a lot of time to prepare for the storm, homes are boarded up, shops are board up and they're watching and waiting to see if conditions change and they will move to higher ground. >> leland: to you get the sense that people have decided to head back inside with the 40 to 50-me you still getting the rett
10:46 pm
maining stragglers. >> it is shocking,ive' been up here for a while and every once in a while son will appear out of the dark to take pictures. i wouldn't be if i didn't have to. it is shocking to see waves it big, specially people in this area, they say they've never seen conditions like this, it is unprecedented in this area. keep in mind, dorian is 105 miles east of here, this is the outer most bands of this storm. if and when it comes closer, we can expect people are probably not going to want to come see it they will be more concerned with getting themselves to safety. >> leland: they come out in the night sometimes. jacqui there in jupiter, florida. we will check with you throughout the night. thanks. as we track hurricane dorian it will stay off the coast of florida but what about south carolina?
10:47 pm
they're getting ready there. when it could hit when we come back.
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>> leland: the slower hurricane dorian moves, the more rain it
10:51 pm
are drop. we take a look at the latest from the national hurricane center. winds 125 miles per hour. specifically, let's talk about jacksonville, florida. the second number 3. wednesday a.m. off the coast of jacksonville with that, we bring in greg, the nassau county office of emergency management. thanks for staying us up with . are you ready for this? >> we have a been preparing several days, we are as prepared as we can be. >> it is unusual to have this much time to prepare. it used to measure flash to bang when you would get the hurricane forming to the track and to shore it was 48-hours. now we've got three or four-days. >> yes, its been erratic but it
10:52 pm
has given as you chance to warn our citizens and hopefully get them out of the way of the effects of the storm. >> we were talking to adam klotz about the track of the storm and how it mimics hurricane matthew. it didn't make land fall but that didn't make it any less dangerous or damaging. >> absolutely, we had quite a bit of franc matthew and we're preparing for the assault effects from this storm. >> leland: what type of damage are you worried about? >> the coast, the unique coast with a lot of inland water and the island. >> it is a tough like jacksonville, thety is inland
10:53 pm
and the river, it is harder for it to come out. tell us about the vehicles and assets you have staged to help folks. >> we've issued out 50,000 sand bags to the residents of nassau county. we're prepared with high water vehicles. weft we have the state and regil assets available to us depending on the storm. >> we've been talking about this storm for days now, and i asked another mayor, as well, how do you deal with hurricane fatigue when you've been talking and talking and talking about this and some people stop listening. how do you deal with that? >> we just continuously put out the information through social media and press releases, telling people pay attention to the fact that the storm is still
10:54 pm
churning in the bahamas, and just to remind them that this is going to have an effect on our area, whatever that effect is, but it is going to effect our area. >> when you were seeing those images coming out of the bahamas, some of the stuff on the internet folks that still somehow had their cell phonesworking, when you see the horrifying videos, what are you thinking? this could happen in your community. >> we've got a vulnerable coastline and a large population towards the coast, and seeing the images obviously puts a concern in our minds of the safety of our people. >> yeah, and what are the next steps now? >> we're going to continue to monitor, we're going to continue to prepare, to respond to the needs of our citizens leading up to and then post impact from the storm.
10:55 pm
>> okay. greg foster, thank you so much for being with us um stay safe out there. >> thank you for having me. >> leland: there are literally hundreds of dogs in shelters that will get pullled up the coast. here is one that will warm even your heart, not a dog lover, but they're puppies. they're brought up to open shelter space. after the storm, there are hundreds of abandoned dogs that come into the shelter, so they need space and this is how it works. if you would like to foster or adopt or donate, you can see the link on your screen. these are the same groups that came and got the dogs we rescued in hurricane floorrance last year and they do a-- floorrance
10:56 pm
last year, and they could amazing. >> aishah: we were talking about this, not to shame people, obviously it is different when it is a fire or something that breaks out all the sudden, but people have known about this, and the fact that thereby people leaving their dogs behind and not taking them with them or not having a plan b just boggles my mind. how can you do that? >> leland: i thought i was going to be the one who went on a rent. important to note, as you're making the hurricane preparation plans there are so many shelters that take dogs. luckydoganimal we have more on the other side of the break.
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>> we are asking everyone to please heed those warnings and evacuate, if at all possible, given the risk of strong winds and potential flooding in these areas, if coastal residents decide not to evacuate, and i want to be very clear, they will be on their own. >> aishah: a stern warning from officials along the eastern seaboard as they await the arrival of hurricane dorian, the storm inching their way to the coast as a category 3 hurricane, downgraded with 125-mile per hour winds and torrential rain that could further threaten life and property for days to come.
11:01 pm
hello, i'm aishah. >> leland: you have to be careful, you hear the storms are downgraded, what kills people is not the wind, it's the rain, the water. >> aishah: the flooding. >> leland: and the flooding. so we're not out of the woods the storm has already killed at least five people in the bahamas, and we believe that number will only go up. >> aishah: from there, dorian is forecasted to begin an unpredictable trek towards the u.s. that's been the story for the last week. a state of emergency stretch as far north as virginia, while rescue crews and fema standing by to provide assistance to anyone in need. >> meteorologist adam klotz is
11:02 pm
tracking the tom from the fox news weather system. tracking implies it is moving and it is not really doing that right now. >> adam: it is not. we just got an update from the national hurricane center and the weather headline is dorian won't budge. you see the ewall beginning to slink a little bit. it takes that warm water to ful this. we think once it starts to move, this will form back and look stronger. it is sitting about 85 miles away from the florida coastline, which is close enough you're beginning to see outer band rain getting up to 35 to 40 miles per hour this should intensify as we see the system finally move, but that movement isn't about to happen, at least real, real soon. this is the forecast model, you can kind of pay attention to the time stamp humid me, early on
11:03 pm
this tuesday morning, probably not until tuesday afternoon we see this lift to the north. it as does so, we will consistently see the winds 40 miles per hour along the coast. you threat batter long enough that can do damage, especially wall the waves continuing to beat up along the coastline. the forecasted motion for, this again by tomorrow evening, beginning to finally see some of that northward motion but still well off the coast there. so what are we concerned? the storm surge moving that tex. you notice as we get closer to the southeast so across a portions of georgia, south carolina and north carolina, this cone of uncertainty starts to bump up along the coast which means that the track is trending that direction. we could see a land fall or at least closer to land fall in some of those area which is would mean more storm surge, more potential flooding and rain for those folks. we have a large area, most of the florida coast under a
11:04 pm
hurricane warning. to the north now, it is just a watch but the reason for that is because it is still a little bit on the early side. i fully expect this is going to become a hurricane warning within the next couple days once we again to see this northerly path. i'm going to leave you with a storm we've seen several times this evening. in the bahamas, where we're currently sitting right now. this was projected to run into florida, never did but ran along the coast and caused flooding in north florida. flooding in wilmington. a lot of flooding. it is a storm we're watching because it seems so similar at this point. we have to be careful with this. >> leland: you pointed out 20 to 30-miles from where that eye is makes such a difference. all right, adam, back to y updae
11:05 pm
>> aishah: and steve harrigan is in daytona beach. >> steve: they're deploying up and down the coast, seeing emergency rescue workers and electrical powerworkers from around parts of the country and those who clear debris and downed trees. tens of thousands of people have left the area. hotels asking their guests to leave, stores, grocery stores like publix shutting town downd major airports shutting down, orlando, daytona beach, west palm beach, fort lauderdale. making it a mate nightmare fore trying to fly out of here.
11:06 pm
particularly in danger, those in mobile homes, we saw the mayor going door to do making sure constituents are safe. here is what that scene looks like in i don't know if you received correspondence, dids police come by? you're in a mobile home so this is a mandatory evacuation. >> tomorrow morning we're out of here. >> good. where are you going? >> actually, going to panama city. >> great, great. family up there, oar just a good place to get away. safe, okay. i'm glad to hear that. safe travels. >> we've seen the cone shift somewhat to the east that has given some relief on the ground but there are concerns we could see hurricane force winds, perhaps the worst at 8:00 in the morning on wednesday and storm
11:07 pm
surge up to 7 feet so still not out of the woods in florida. >> aishah: steve, thank you so much. >> leland: with that, we move 90 miles south of steve to cocoa beach florida where we find our own jeff paul. a little more wind than last team. >> jeff: yeah, the winds have picked ups, the anamometer, or wind game, some people call it, 20 to 25 miles per hour. every once in a while, you will see the wind gust pick up and throw you off balance as you're standing there. not too much rain, but people in the low-leeing areas, it is giving them great perspective about what could be heading their way. the video, incredible rescues under way right now from the coast guard, out with choppers,
11:08 pm
trying to get people who are at risks or injured to safety. as they watch these emimagines and look at the radar, cat 5 or cat 3, it is massive and it is making them think twice about writing these storms off. >> we were fortunate enough to leave, but they can't, stuck on an island. we just wish them the best and pray for them. >> that is one of the things, the people here have an escape route. they won't close the causeways, they will only check them after for structural integrity. many have the hurricane shelters up, supplies in place, but they won't leave until they slight have to. they've been -- absolutely have to, they've been through a lot of storms in the past and think they can ride this out for now. >> we often learn that people that waited that long can't leave, and that's when we get
11:09 pm
into problems. jeff paul, we can check with you as the next band comes through. thank you, sir. >> aishah: not everyone is heeding the warnings to evacuate in florida. one is scott major, a national insurance experth and resident of laud, florida. you're staying for good reason, to help people out. there is going to be a lot of people calling and asking for help. describe what happened after a storm like this hits. >> sure. thank you for having me, appreciate it. the biggest thing is for people to document the damage they have to ensure they can get full recovery for insurance proceeds. so for those people who are listening and have not, you know, faced any storm damage yet, you want to take pictures of your prompt and document that so you have a snapshot of what the condition is of your prompt before the storm so that after
11:10 pm
the storm, you will be able to document the specific damages that are obvious and apparent to you. >> aishah: that's a good point. i don't think people have time to do that now but for the next storm. talk about maybe the worse worst for folks to be in obviously not having insurance but hopefully folks in florida do. what is the worse-case scenario, what is the worse situation you've ever seen? >> sure there are many people who either don't have insurance or don't know what their insurance policy says or may not be aware that the insurance policy is not even in force because they either failed to pay or failed to renew their insurance. it is so important for people understand or make sure you have a copy of your insurance and to look at it and say what do we have coverage for. there are two kinds of coverage, one is flood coverage, separate
11:11 pm
from the typical homeowners or business coverage, we cover us for the property damage that occurs as a result of, say, a wind storm or a hurricane. when floods come in that is the flood policy, when it is damage from wind or rain, that is the typical homeowners or condominium policy. >> aishah: i'm from the midwest and we have tornadoes and one of the biggest problems after are scams, people come, show up knocking on the door offering to fix this or that and buffer know, homeowners are handing over that insurance money. what do you want to tell people. >> having seen thousands of claims, it is very important for you to make sure that you have reputable providers, that is people that have licenses that have credibility, that you know
11:12 pm
are going to serve your interest. so if you have anybody come to you and offer you services, you get recommendations, you look them up, you see if there is any complaints out there against them, you see what the people who they've recommended actually say about that and you ask these recommendations, what did you like about this vendor? what didn't you like about this venn dor? and it is amazing how many information you will find out when you do that diligence. if you're not sure, pick up the phone and called scots of the world and say what vendors do you like that you've seen over the decades of team. >> aishah: how you could decide whether to stay or go? >> i personally have weathered many of these storms so, for a me, i stay because i care so much about the communitying and people around i always want to be a resource to help people.
11:13 pm
>> aishah: we appreciate you and we know floridaians door so thank you for being with us tonight. >> have a great day and thanks for all you're doing. >> aishah: absolutely. >> leland: where will the worst flooding be, possibly to the carolinas. we will check in there next.
11:14 pm
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11:17 pm
>> aishah: welcome back. it is 2:17. you're watching fox news extended coverage on the path of hurricane dorian. the storm has been down graded to a category 3 but host to in the path are not out of the woods yesterday. let's go to lauren blanchard. what does it look like? >> lauren: because door january moving so slowly, there is not much change. here in daytona beach, we are and you hurricane warning. officials in volusia county have warned the eye will come 30 to 40-mile office shore, bringing
11:18 pm
-- miles offshore will bring with it that wind and storm surge. they're warning people, if they're in an evacuation zone, they need to get out now or potentially be prepared to be stuck in their homes and on their own for a few days because of how slow dorian is moving. down town here, it is nearly a ghost town all day. businesses boarded up, sand bags out. hardly any restaurants open and many warning they will won't reopen until the storm is passed. we've seen gas shortages. the problem for people going out trying to get last-minute fuel, everything is closed until after the storm at this point. my crew and i went around looking for anything, we went for miles and couldn't find a single gas station, a single fast food restaurant, the 24-hour doughnut shops, nothing so hopefully people are prepared
11:19 pm
and stocked up for whatever dorian brinks. >> thank you, lauren. stay safe. >> we know that waffle house will open first. phil, the first pictures we are getting out of the bahamas now are of the coast guard flying in and bringing folks back from the bahamas. talk to us about what is happening on that seed of the story. >> okay. well, first of all, the coast guard is, its motto is semper fi, always ready. i was heartened to see the coast guard showing up immediately after they could fly in, and providing that assistance. it's a primary role of the coast guard as a first responder is to do that search and rescue-type work after a storm passes.
11:20 pm
>> leland: give us a sense in terms of how much in the way of assets the coast guard has right now between key west, miami, and then a little bit further north. >> well, the really important thing is, you know, while everyone else is doing the preparations on their houses, which is really important, the coast guard is prepositioning assets in places where it is safe and they can respond as quickly as possible. once the storm passes. so, those aircraft you saw that were in the bahamas came from florida, and from places where they are just waiting to do the proper response. and that is important not just for serve and rescue but it is important for storm damage assessment afterwards, for providing the political
11:21 pm
leadership to see what is out there and what additional funds need to be brought in. >> the video on your screen right now, you may not have return, is from freeport, nassauing in the southern bahamas, we haven't gotten any video further north of the bahamas, so it may be because the hurricane is still there and it may be difficult to get a signal out. tell us right now, in hurricane force winds can coast guard start making that trek over there? >> it is going to pebbled on a few -- depend on a few factors in terms of how that happens, but usually, when it is owe r safe to fly, and that could be in tropical force winds,
11:22 pm
depending on the scenario, whether it is an emergency see observation or out to make evacuations, they are the best. we go to alaska and once you have an alaskan tour, you know how to fly on a really fast, you know, winds. >> leland: it's remarkable, the coast guard rescue teams when they all converge and the images that stick in everybody's mind were hurricane katrina, crews from all over the country but all trained in the same way and could interchange out in the rescues. as you have experienced so many hurricanes and commanded the coast guard through them, you're watching what is happening in the bahamas. fair to say the worst damage is yet to come in terms of what pictures we've seen? >> i think it is fair to say that. this is a devastating storm and it just sat there on top of them
11:23 pm
and it is still there. so, and we won't really know -- >> as you're watching this from the eye of a rescuer, what worries you the most? >> the thing that worry ies me e most is the storm surge. and that because it is just a matter of math. you know, if you have a storm surge and you're only talking about a very low elevation of the land, in the island, it is, you know, it is a real problem. when i i was in key west, key ws only 8 feet above sea level, and that, so if you have a 10-foot tidal surge. >> you've got two feet of water. interare there are parts of the bahamas where the second floor of houses were already under water there so as you point out,
11:24 pm
fell, the storm surge, this is always the water that kills. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> aishah: hurricane dorian is a category 3 and could still make landfall in florida. more coming up.
11:25 pm
11:26 pm
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
>> aishah: it is just about 2:30 on the east coast. hurricane dorian is stalling over the bahamas, literally just not moving. but the storm surge intensifying in jupiter, florida, where jacqui heinrich is standing by. hold continue to your hat.
11:29 pm
>> jacqui: it has tried to fly off. the crests are 3, 4, sometimes 5 feet high, the swells cresting over that retaining wall. we are in a mandatory evacuation zone because this is one of the low-lying flood prone areas. that means people who live in this area have been asked to move to higher ground. the other areas under hander to evacuation orders include d.c.king -- under mandatory evacuation orde orders, this is what we're experiencing. over the last hour or so, it has cooled down and the winds have picked up. we just saw, recorded in juneau, six miles down the road, gusts
11:30 pm
up to 58 miles per hour and that is tropical storm force winds. it has been kicking up a lot of surf, just stumbled on a coconut that washed up on shore. if you look here into the dunes, this is a sad sight, a sea turtle nesting area, it is protected and these are all eggs that are just ruined. that's little balls that look like golf balls, these would have been protected there were wooden stakes in the area to prevent beach goers from interfering with those but this whole area has been lapped with waves and you can see the rain, one of those lands coming through right now and it is driving rain, hitting it sideways and i'm feeling a lot of the sand spray up from the beach. this is how it is. they just come by and it is very intense for a few moments and then it passes and it goes back to being mostly just lighter wind. this is the story out here in
11:31 pm
june terri. >> aishah: you're saying it comes and goes. how long do you think will last? like minutes. >> jacqui: it will be three, four-minutes at a time, it will come in waves. this heavy rain will last maybe a minute or so and then it will go back to a liter mist. the winds have been sustained with gusts coming through, but the rain has been more intermittent. it has been increasing, though, over the kohrs of the night. we had periods of team it was hours long we didn't have a drop, and before sundown you see people coming out to the beach and even surfing for a little chile in those sunny periods, but now we're seeing the bands push in closer to shore, we're getting these more often. we're seeing the trees, i don't know if you can see the palm tree in the distance there, right in front of the building. you can see its branches are
11:32 pm
just sideways right now. that's the scene out here and we do expect some of these year ao see some flooding. king tide, a natural phenomenon that causes higher than normal tides. even without the storm we were expecting today to be the highest tide of the year. combine that with the storm surge, combine that with the outer bands moving in and you've got really dangerous conditions and life-threatening flood risk. haven't seen too much damage but we're seeing beach erosion and the bands up on shore. on now that band you saw is gone. >> aishah: you're right, jupiter florida, one of the only maces they're seeing the rain and wind from the outer edges of that storm. thank you, jacqui.
11:33 pm
>> leland: we go to adam klotz, meteorologist, give us an idea about the storm there where jacqui is and we are it is headed. >> there is your center of circulation, that is grand backa isle. the the update is no movement at all. these are the bands of rain hitting jacqui. you're getting the feeder bands, they are quick moving and can produce heavy rainfall and within them is a decent wind. this is a very large storm, throwing off band rain and this wind. it will take for it to drift closer before that is a sustained rain, a sustained deep
11:34 pm
of wind. we expect it to pick up winds and take it to the north. this is the set up for the fight forecast. if you're in that area, this probably didn't going to take off moving until earl retomorrow morning, and we are already into early tomorrow morning, but by tomorrow evening, 8:00 p.m., you're beginning to watch us and beginning thursday, this cone of uncertainty drifts closer to the coast. we stay off the coast entirely off florida, you get to south carolina, north carolina, you get closer to the coast and that could mean more damage. the forecast models, the win we used most, the euro and gfs, the measure model. we wait for -- the american model, we wait and then get
11:35 pm
going. we run up the coast into wednesday, really hugging the coast and only getting close to the coast in north florida in south carolina, north carolina. landfall is not out of the question, not a guarantee but not out of the question in the carolinaing shall you definitely get closer with that closer movement, you will notice a couple of things. you see where we are now, we're expecting this to pick up and run north, areas to the west, maybe one to two-inches of rain. it stays that way up the coast. to the north we have better odds, heavy rain spots once you get up into the carolinas, 8 to 10-inches, that's what this particular model is showing. the other model, the gfs okay the american model we were talking about, goes up to 12
11:36 pm
inspects in charleston. we talked about a little wobble in the track, , this is 12-inchs of rain. this is something we have to pay attention to even though it seems we're trending off the coast. >> that 10-mile switch has been happening on and off the past couple days. adam, thank you so much. >> mayday, mayday, mayday! i can't breathe. >> aishah: look at this, a devastating story out of california. a mayday call and a voice of distress alerting the coast guard to a horrific scene off
11:37 pm
the west shore. early monday morning, a fire tore through this dive ship inal islands in southern california. 39 people were on board the conception and at this hour it is evident, sadly, most of them did not survive. 25 bodies have been found so far. >> over 12-years i've been diving on that boat, it's top-notch outfit, i can't believe this happened to them. everybody on that boat is comfortable and familiar with the water. wetsuits or not, it must have happened awfully fast to catch that many people off guard. >> aishah: think about all the families that are just devastated tonight. the only survivors the five crewmembers who were awake, they jumped off ship, the passengers trapped below deck as they slept. it is not clear what happened, if doors were locked or blocked
11:38 pm
by something. no word on what ignited the deadly flames. >> the f.b.i. releasing new details about the shooting leading up to the mass shooting in odessa, texas. the shooter was fired from his oil services job saturday morning, hours before the shooting began. a trooper trying to pull him over for failing to signal a that's when he pulled out a gun and shot at a the deputy and led to a of the dead is ad girl. he tried to hijack the mail truck and then 25 people in all were injured.includes three pol. the f.b.i. said the gunman was already feeling troubled before the shooting. >> i want to be clear, he showed up to work in very distressed mental state, so it is not because he got fired. most of the calls are just
11:39 pm
ramblings, really just incoherent ramblings, frankly, the dispatchers, the call takers couldn't even figure out what he was talking about. >> the gunman was killed in a shooting with police. it was the second mass shooting to occur in texas in the month of august.we will talk about alt rain, when we come back.
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
>> aishah: 2:43 here on the east coast. the u.s. coast guard going to the rescue in the bahamas now bringing many injured to safety. hurricane dorian slamming the islands as very powerful category 5 storm and is blamed for killing at least five people, at least so far.
11:44 pm
it has been downgraded now to a cat 3 storm, but it is still lashing the islands there with heavy winds and rain since it slowed to a near stand still over the islands. it is not going anywhere. the flooding is so bad, authorities are urging people to find flotation devices, grab their hammers to break out of their attics, if necessary. local officials saying they've received a tremendous number of calls from people in their flooded homes, trapped there. a radio station reported it received more than 2,000 distress messages. chaos in the bahamas right now. this is what we're trade of seeing in florida, but now we're getting good news from meteorologist adam klotz perhaps it is not going to make landfall like we were fearing on the florida coast.
11:45 pm
>> you can see it is setting over the eel isles. marsh half borrow, bakers bay, there is no video coming out of there because it is still under a hurricane for lack of a better term, so the couple of pictures you have seen sees every tree stripped bare, entire parts of that eel eel leveled -- that island leveled to the ground. >> you would think a tornado came through. >> you were talking roughly about 200-mile per hour gusts, sustained winds at 185 miles per hour. that san and f-3, f-4 tornado with straight lean winds. their helicopters are literally on the pads waiting to go in
11:46 pm
there when daybreak comes. others staged for response is the american red cross. we bring a in anthony torez, tell us what you'ring to with prepositioning. >> good morning. there is a volume tier base we have with 1500 red cross volunteers based across the state of florida, through georgia, into the carolinas. so we have prepositioned our teams, we have safe places for people go to evacuate. over over 100 tractor trailers full of relief supplies. >> the evacuation centers, are they filling up?
11:47 pm
any idea how many people are in them right now? >> over the last 24-hours, a little more than 2,000 people in the evacuation centers and some have spent the night. we will expect that number to grow as the storm continues to einvolve, it is a very slow-moving storm so we want people to know they have a safe place to stay to get out of harm's way. >> leland: typically, you think about a hurricane, coming ashore and causing damage. this is different because it is tracking up the coast. you have 800 or 900 meals of coast lean in the united states that sunday possible hurricane conditions here. how thin is that stretching your resources? >> the reality is that, as we talk about the 1500 volunteers that come in to help, the reality is there are red cross teams there every day, 24-hours
11:48 pm
a day, 7 days a week, and they're already there and prepared. we're prepared year long so we will be ready to support as needed. >> thank you for staying us with us. we will let you get a little s. we put the website there, redcross dark, if you want to help. you pointed out so many times there are so many scams that happen, and one place you say does good work is the red cross. >> aishah: yes. we track this hurricane, now reduced to a for category 3. five people dead in the bahamas could it make landfall in the carolinas? more on that when we come back.
11:49 pm
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>> it is 2:52 on the east coast, we're still tracking dorian for you. for days now, fema has been getting ready to assist americans who may need help following dorian. so many will. joining us now, former fema official, tom as, you've been in the trenches with category gors before.
11:53 pm
-- with a category 5. >> fema is used to doing this. we've had three or four cat 5s. we're great as staging. even though we don't know where it is going to go, florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina, fema is positioning assets and personnel. fema believes in a local response, a state-coordinated and federally-supported model. in that model, most of your assets that are pushed forward is done on a local level, will means the emergency personnel, the coast guard, the national guard and then federally-spored. so fema, i thinks has done a great job. they are either getting better and better at this every day, and it is important to note that the potentially affected areas and potentially affected states
11:54 pm
are also the states that practice this every single dale, whether it is the off season and during hurricane season, they practice it, and they will be successful i'm sure over the next 7 to 10-days. >> aishah: tell us what folks in fema are doing now to prepare, on the ground in florida, georgia, the carr lean in as, what -- car lean in carolinas,y see fema doing right now. >> they are coordinating in washington and they have people on the ground to help local officials. they will coordinate assets in this order. first of all, it is search and rescue. the second is debris clearing and the third is getting the critical infrastructure back up and running. those are your energy trucks, power grid, gas, water.
11:55 pm
that is going to be the focus. so the first assets deployed are search and rescue and they are generally with fire feeters and rescue -- firefighters and rescue agencies throughout the country. the second wave is going to be heavy construction equipment, moving into the area, clearing debris ands of course, third, getting the energy grid up. the search and rescue will also be the fire and the emergency personnel getting in there and making sure everybody is okay. >> aishah: just about 30 seconds left hare, i mean, obviously, this storm has been so hard to predict, how much harder does this make it for fema to be in the right place at the right time. it is crazy it is not moving at all, stuck over the bahamas. >> i've never seen cat 5 go from
11:56 pm
155 miles per hour to now it is not moving, but it is good because now fema can reposition assets longer, a longer team to get people evacuated so it is almost a blessing in surprise to have that slow down, free port can't say that, but it allows for better coordination and i'm sure there is a significant amount of people affected in this area. that's what is going to happen in the next seven-days. >> aishah: thank you very much, thomas. appreciate it. >> any time, happy to be here. >> aishah: we're tell you where it is going to hit, coming up next.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
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12:00 am
>> we prepare every day to take on a storm like this. we shut her up as much as we can. hope for the best, prepare for the worst and the worst has hit the bahamas. check video of this, as hurricane dorian has stalled out over the bahamas, florida's coast next, powerful winds and massive floods have shredded the bahamas and we do not yet know the worst of it.
12:01 am
3:00 :00 am on the east coast. >> live coverage of hurricane dorian. it is a category 3 storm, has been downgraded, slowly losing some strength. authorities warning it remains an unpredictable system and we have live team coverage. in the fox extreme weather ctr. steve harrigan is on the ground in daytona beach, florida. jeff paul joining us live. the winds are blowing behind you. what are you seeing as folks prepare? >> reporter: strong wind gusts, our anemometer reading 45 miles an hour. we haven't had the rain like we have seen from my colleague jackie heinrich moving farther
12:02 am
south from here. we are getting the very outer bands and the storm has a long way to go before it hits me. we are 100 yards away from the ocean and you can tell the waves are stronger, you can hear crashing against the beach and almost taste the salt water because it is so strong, you can tell the current is stronger. people are very relaxed around this community, a lot of hurricane shutters, boarded up windows, we bred a grocery store earlier today, publix and winn-dixie's all close at noon today, people running in at the last minute, saying we are getting a few things we forgot. we are not worried about this. we have been through this a lot. then they go into the build up. do you know anything new? nobody knows what the storm is
12:03 am
going to do so there is that complacency, when is the storm going to his, for a lot of people who have been through this they just want to get this over with. >> we learned how to prepare better. the hardest part is it is not moving, just taking forever to get an idea what to do. if we have to bug out we are going. >> just want to get dorian over with. a lot of praying. tropical storm, hurricane, we have our shutters up. >> reporter: some of the folks we spoke with appreciate the extra time to get things in place but they want to get back to their regular lives, watching images out of the bahamas and it is going to get worse. we will get some cell phone video but they are seeing that and they realize how much more fortunate they are they are not on an island. we are on a barrier island with multiple conclaves to get out.
12:04 am
disney world a big attraction in nearby orlando, the airport is closed, university of central florida will be closed until thursday, hospitals in the area have evacuated. holding its breath trying to see what happens next. >> in miami they were trying to pick up anything, projectile's or anything. everyone is safe so far, thank you. >> 90 miles up the coast, steve harrigan, they freeze staged a lot of power in daytona beach. >> reporter: these trucks behind be used to remove debris from roads as a result of the storm. all up and down the coast of florida first responders, emergency workers are staging in
12:05 am
preparation for what could come ahead but there is a real silence here. a lot of hotels along the beach as their guests leave when the winds got over 39 miles an hour. the bridges will be shutdown. we have seen shutdown grocery stores and most importantly airports shutdown, not only orlando but daytona, west palm beach international in fort lauderdale. more than 1000 flights canceled today. another 1000 flights will be canceled tomorrow. a difficult, for people to get out of here, off the path of the storm. one of the key factors has been trying to evacuate people in dangerous territory, low-lying territory or mobile homes. the mayor of daytona working door-to-door to make sure his constituents are safe. >> i don't know if you received correspondence, you're in a
12:06 am
mobile home, this is a mandatory evacuation. where are you going? >> panama city. >> great, you got family up there? a good place to get away. if you -- glad to hear that. safe travels. >> reporter: the worst of the storm will be near daytona on wednesday morning at 8:00 in the morning. we could see hurricane force gusts of 70 miles an hour and rain concern about possible storm surge, water coming up 7 to 8 feet high. >> waiting to see how close the eye of the storm gets to you. steve harrigan, daytona beach, thanks. >> the storm might not make landfall in florida but what about the carolinas?
12:07 am
more on where it is headed. where is this hurricane going? >> reporter: it will head north but when did you we got the 3:00 am update and the headline remains dorian remains at a standstill. the center of circulation off grand bahama islands, 85 miles to the west we are seeing those outer bands, briefly heavy rain hitting the coast, this is bringing heavy rain and wind, 35, 45 mph but it is a ways off from getting pounded across the bahamas. you are the wind totals, 30-35, we have seen numbers up to 45 miles an hour. this will eventually lift its way to the north, likely not until lunchtime later today or tomorrow but on tuesday at noon
12:08 am
we expect that to happen. this is where it is moving, winds consistently 35-40 mph, you're finally getting some motion tuesday afternoon. that is how long we are talking about. spinning in place where it is, wents at 130 miles an hour, it will probably stay a category 3 as it moves over warm water, a little chance to pick up some heat, reorganize, get a little stronger, wents at 125 miles an hour by tomorrow evening into central florida, closer to north florida and south georgia when you get into thursday then we drift closer to the coast. that will be the big story. how close do we get to the coast. once we get to south carolina and north carolina some of these models run into the coast line. it is not out of the question this makes landfall. not a guarantee but not out of the question.
12:09 am
still a large area of hurricane warnings across florida but as you run farther north you get hurricane watches. in the coming days, there will be hurricane warnings. this is where you get the best opportunity to see more rainfall as this track gets closer. i believe you with this. dorian versus matthew, the best comparison we have. matthew just three years ago, both were in the northern bahamas. matthew was projected to run into florida also. didn't happen, ran along the coast, cause flooding in north florida, also south carolina and north carolina, made landfall in south carolina with winds at 75 mph. this will be farther north than southern florida and central florida. >> what has to happen? we don't want it to make
12:10 am
landfall in the carolinas but what has to happen for that to occur? what is the perfect recipe? >> to make landfall, these are the forecast models. most keep it off the shore. summer in it into landfall. it is because of the upper-level winds. we have a high-pressure system forcing things off the coast. if it pushes it hard enough it could run into the carolinas but most models bring in a little bit closer but not a landfall. >> thanks so much, appreciate it. >> mayday, mayday, mayday, coast guard. i can't breathe.
12:11 am
>> i can't breathe, that's what he says, another big story we are following in the overnight hours. you heard that made a call, a voice of distress alerting the coast guard just off the west shore. of fire tore through that dive ship anchored near the channel island in southern california. 39 people were on board the conception. at this hour, most of them did not survive. 25 bodies have been found. >> it is a top-notch outfit. i can't believe this happened. everybody on that boat is comfortable. it must have happened to catch that many people. >> a tragedy in california. the only survivors were five crewmembers who were awake when the fire broke out.
12:12 am
passengers trapped below deck as they slept. it is not clear if it was blocked by something. they were not able to get out and we still don't know what ignited those deadly flames. >> the fbi is releasing details of the moments leading to that mass shooting at us a, texas that left 7 people dead over the weekend. he was fired from his oil services job just hours before the shooting began. a little later after the fire he tried to pull the suspect over, failing to signal a lane change. that is when he pulled out a rifle and shot the trooper and led police on a 10 mile gunbattle. the dead included 15-year-old girl and the mail carrier who was shot and killed in her usps truck while the killer used the getaway vehicle. 25 people were injured.
12:13 am
the gunman was troubled before the shooting. >> i want to be clear, he was in a distressed mental state. it was not because he got fired. the calls were just random, incoherent ramblings. they couldn't figure out what he was talking about. >> the gunman was killed in a shootout with police. it was the second mass shooting in texas in the month of august. >> we are still following hurricane dorian, a category 3 storm. we are not out of the woods, more on where it is headed and the devastation it caused coming up. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana
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everything i do is for him. when i moved to this apartment after six months, we need to connect with the world. i use the internet to keep him in the language, because that's the way to connect to my family's traditions. he has to know where he comes from. we need internet essentials. there's no excuse to not get connected. >> dorian tracking north towards daytona beach where they have been preparing for days. joining us from daytona beach in volusia county, nice to talk to you this early in the morning. where are you?
12:18 am
>> reporter: we are ready to go like you said in your introduction. we've been at this since last thursday. we have gained time. it is in god's hands how far close to the i will jog. the closer it jogs in it will cause more damage. >> what scares you the most right now. >> reporter: the unknown. we don't know what to expect. the police chief and the sheriff for almost 14 years, we had a no-name storm in 2009 at 25 inches of rain in the area and crippled the beach. i've been here through irma and matthew. you have to sit back and see. look at those pictures from the bahamas it makes your head sink. they all have families and yet starting this afternoon they will be away from their families
12:19 am
and houses to protect everybody else. >> once we start ramping up, that is the first thing we preach, you don't help your family first, we have been boarding of homes of deputies and dispatchers, make sure sandbags, we were asked which houses were sandbag and boarded up the windows and making sure they had everything they need to ride out the storm. we take care of inside first and when game time comes we take care of the rest of it. >> we keep hearing, the warning you issue yourself that at some point we will not be able to come out and save you so if you haven't either hunkered down or gotten out there is nothing we can do. are we at that point yet? >> we will be at that point at the last with a check i looked
12:20 am
at, 6:00 tonight when we feel the opening affected when wind speeds reach 39 miles an hour the bridges are shutdown your stranded on the peninsula and we can't get there. i purchased two water rescue vehicles and we have several armored vehicles with medics and deputies. we will do our best to get there but there is a huge tidal surge, we will not be able to get to you. >> what is the determination about how close the eye tracks? how much has to do with how it relates to the tide? >> the last reading last night was the tides. we were talking earlier. in matthew all of a sudden the
12:21 am
beach street area became inundated with water. it was in a matter of minutes 911 calls were coming. people were trapped in a surge of water. that was a category one, 30 miles offshore. here we have category 3 coming in and who knows what flooding? it is in a bowl. anytime there's a major rainstorm that bowl floods. some of it has been historic and people know that. now is the time to get out and move in land. >> this was a category 5, it has been downgraded to a category 3. it is not the wind that kills but the water. do you worry that now that it has been downgraded and not
12:22 am
going to make landfall there is a sense of complacency, putting sheriff deputies and others at risk? >> that is a great point. we have been hammering this message since last thursday and people get the hurricane affect. it becomes white noise. nobody is listening anymore. that is one of our biggest concerns. they think this will be nothing but a little wind but it is not. look what happened in the bahamas, the eye of the storm a few miles off the coast, there is the potential for catastrophic damage to be done anywhere on the east coast. >> you have a long few days for you and for your deputies. our thanks and prayers are with you guys, all the best, take care.
12:23 am
we will keep watching dorian as it stalls out by the bahamas. what is going to get dorian moving as we will talk about that track. what does it mean for the florida coast? when and why? weekend. with daily deals of 30 to 50% off, you can be a booker at why not?
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12:27 am
>> welcome back to extended live coverage of hurricane dorian as it continues to turn over the bahamas barely moving. it has been raining and windy. where are we now? the bands don't look so bad. >> reporter: it hasn't rained much in the last hour but we are feeling more wind come through. we are seeing winds increase over the course of the night and along the sidewalk a few downed
12:28 am
branches. this is a mandatory evacuation zone less because of the wind but more the risk of storm surge. we have the risk of 47 foot storm surge pushing in and seeing 4 or 5 foot swells pressing over that retaining wall. the tide is going out so we are getting more of the beach back at this time but that has been changing, seeing the errant waves bringing debris with it. high water vehicles are in place along the coast preparing for any water rescue. the national guard is 4500 soldiers and airmen, they have a helicopter team on standby with eight blackhawks and chinooks ready for search and rescue especially over the barrier islands and the areas under mandatory evacuation for low-lying plug thrown -- flood
12:29 am
prone areas. the priority is getting vulnerable to people to safety. 8000 people are in shelters. city officials transporting disabled people in the homeless to safety. hospitals were another concern. along with 80 nursing homes. the fear is those people might lose power and that can prove deadly. eight people died in hollywood, florida when a nursing home lost power. several dies in the days after that. the state has been taking every precaution to avoid repeating history. the bands are just coming through in the overnight hours. police had to keep people off the beach earlier today when they had nothing to do but wait and watch, homes are really prepared and they are coming to the beach to take it in. some people came out to surf before sunset when the waves started to kick up.
12:30 am
>> i was more nervous when they said was coming this way but now it is just going north, not really nervous now. >> reporter: we know the storm is 100 miles east of here. what we are seeing come through is nothing compared to this catastrophic damage, high winds sustained over grand bahama island, and staying there. this band, getting another one now, nothing compared to what those folks are seeing but we are aware there is potential for life-threatening wind and rain and storm surge as the storm turns this way. folks are prepared for that but we might see some damage. >> that guy who was serving said
12:31 am
he thought the risk is over. have you seen more people throughout the night? when was the last time you saw folks on the beach? >> reporter: haven't seen many folks in the last couple hours but i was surprised how late people are coming out. there is an area not far from here that is more protected, people who live in that area even though they are in a mandatory evacuation zone, they don't see flooding often. one of those folks stayed behind to ride out the storm. some people had a hard time transporting, they are watching the course of the storm to decide if they want to move later on. as far as folks on the beach, it is a good thing because we have seen it get a little bit dicey here and there. we lost a couple steps on the stairs to get down to the beach,
12:32 am
waves just pushed that sand in and buried the bottom two stairs. the tide is going out, this is a lull we have been seeing over the course of the night. >> thank you so much, stay safe. >> the fox news weather center, it just hasn't moved since we last talked. >> since we last talked or since yesterday it has been consistently sitting in the same spot. this is a loop of 24 hours and this is all the movement we have seen. it is such a slow mover, we are waiting for that turn to the north and it eventually will probably not until lunchtime on tuesday. sitting 85 miles off the coast of florida. these outer bands of rain, recently gusting wind, 35-40 mph, mostly dry and clear because of that wind.
12:33 am
upper-level windss will run it to the north. the cone of uncertainty is off the coast. we do not believe it will make landfall but it will run along the coast and that is something you still pay attention to because it will cause rough seas and bring some rainfall along the coast and tropical force windss. begins to bump up along south carolina and north carolina. these are areas where we could see landfall and even if you don't it looks more likely the track will get closer to land and then the more rain you get, the higher the wind. eventually this shoots on off, even clipping parts of new england. that will not be until the weekend. here is our tropical models in good agreement, staying about 50
12:34 am
miles off the coast of florida. you get those hurricane force windss 40 miles out so it will be right there before making this turn, getting a bit closer to the coast in south carolina and north carolina. whether it makes landfall or not looks like it will impact coastal communities a little more. the storm surge is the worst part. in south florida, the gauge is over me. that is meant to defeat feet range. eventually creeping into portions of north florida around the jacksonville area you see these 4 or 5 or 6 foot storm surges into the carolinas through georgia into south carolina you get 7, 8 and 9 foot storm surges. that will be the biggest issue. as it runs farther north it will
12:35 am
bring with a wall of water, something you have to pay attention to because it is usually not the wind or the rain but the storm surge. >> that water rises so fast. >> some floridians plan on riding out the storm and one of them is jason who is joining us on the phone, the owner of captain j's restaurant in cocoa beach, florida. thanks for joining us. might as well talk while you are at it. >> just writing it out and keeping an eye on the storm and see what is going to happen. >> is captain james closed? >> absolutely. we were open today and we try to stay open as long as we possibly could. until they told us to pack it in.
12:36 am
>> explain your thought process to those who haven't been through a hurricane. how do you make the decision to stay with your family? how do you make the decision not to leave when there are evacuation orders? >> in terms of whether or not we are going to leave or not there are a lot of factors that go into it. the first being that if we need to see the storm is going to be the worst, we do everything we can to pack up and get out of the storm's pass and go somewhere safe. >> you saw the storm is not going to make landfall but scoot up the coast and maybe we can sit this through. >> absolutely.
12:37 am
being such a contentious area, high-traffic area it is difficult to pick up and leave because there are so many things to keep an eye on, your house, your business, unless it absolutely necessary we try to hang around and keep an eye on everything and this could be okay. >> you are worried about moving and things like that. if it does get severe, you will pack up and leave. >> right. when it comes down to it, your life is the most important aspect. your house and all those things
12:38 am
can go, the most important thing is you and your loved ones get out. and they did. >> this is the beginning of hurricane season. how worried are you about the impact your business if you have to keep closing up shop like this? >> it is difficult to deal with because it disrupts all major holidays. people see a storm on the news they turned to you and run. it is something to keep in mind in terms of keeping the business open and how it affects things overall in terms of how successful our business is going to be. >> thank you for joining us, a lot of people can't wait to get back to your restaurant. >> appreciate you having me on.
12:39 am
we are still tracking hurricane dorian, a category 3 that packing a punch, hovering, churning over the bahamas, inching closer to the mainland. we will see how it goes, possibly making landfall in the carolinas, coming up. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's.
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print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! >> hurricane dorian downgraded to a category 3 storm but local leaders on the east coast warning residents this is very much an unpredictable storm. vero beach's mayor joins us. things are not so bad for you. why did you decide mandatory evacuations were needed?
12:44 am
>> that is decided by the county. there are certain criteria they have. basically it's not safe to be in a location where winds are high enough that you can't be on the road or moving around. it is a lovely day in vero beach, not quite but we expect it to get worse before it gets better. we have done everything we can to prepare. everyone is smarter than the mayor so they are hunkered down in their house right now. i think we are prepared and that is an important thing. at this point there is nothing else you can do, just stay in your house, stay safe and not risk anything. >> they will give you a talking to when they see you around town, why you are putting yourself at risk like our correspondence do. we see the outer bands, though it is still quite a ways away.
12:45 am
what are you folks nervous about as it inches closer to crawl towards you? >> because we had all this extra time, people got antsy and the winds are coming in. they are telling us 24 hours of storm force wind and then it goes away. the biggest concern is the storm surge. if it happens during high tide, we are having king tired so we could have 3 feet of that. those big waves on top of that could be pretty devastating. there will be instructions once -- don't drive your car through water. everyone is prepared. we are having intermittent power
12:46 am
outages. fpl has a ton of trucks in vero beach. at&t relatively close by in lakeland, they have portable cells hours. just hang in there, try to avoid the cabin fever of going out to look around, be prepared to be safe. >> people do get pitched to see what is happening. folks in jupiter, florida were surfing last night, probably not a good idea. how do you deal with that? people get hurricane fatigue, they hear about this for days on days, doesn't look like it is going to make landfall. >> people are free to make
12:47 am
stupid decisions. i saw someone body surfing with his friends. we can't control that. government can't control that. people will do that. life is too important, protect your family's life and just wait. don't let down your guard at this point, ride it out, you have 24 hours of tropical storm force winds from here in this area. we will be one of the first past all this, hopefully. hopefully no one will be hurt. >> the tiniest mistake can cost you big. >> i can't believe what happened in the bahamas. those people -- that was just awful. i pray no one else has that happen.
12:48 am
our prayers go out to them. >> thank you for waking up and staying up with us. get dry, don't stay out there. thank you. stay safe. >> that storm continues to pound the bahamas with 150 mile-per-hour winds, spinning on top of the bahama islands, rescue operations underway as we speak. man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with
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>> first video from the bahamas and this is not the worst part of it. 5 people dead and there will be worse video to come out. the other i'm we can't even get to. let's talk about what is in the bahamas right now. the coast guard is heading over there. how long before they arrive? >> great to be with you.
12:53 am
as soon as we can get in we will fly coast guard machines in. this is coordinated through north, and we will have helicopters moving individuals between islands to make sure they are safe. i can't imagine what they have gone through, a 24-hour tornado, ef for tornado. this storm as to move towards the united states to do that. >> parts of the bahamas are getting is 150 mile-per-hour winds. as we put up the path of hurricane dorian it is unusual in that it is moving north up the coastline, 900 miles in the hurricane zone, 25 million people. how much more difficult is that for fema to stage a response
12:54 am
over that large area? >> very difficult. what you have to do is you have to rely on assets being searched into an area that is probably experiencing a tropical storm or hurricane type weather. one of the challenges for fema is they put their assets in north carolina and it hits georgia, that doesn't work. what we have to do is act like it is 5 or 7 different individual storms, 17 attempts, 300,000 assets on the ground and continually move them as the storm moves up the coast. a very fluid situation but the only way to pre-position these assets to get the best response. we have to be in there, 12 to 24 hours. >> in other places, power crews,
12:55 am
a lot of police first responders. danger in the fact that people here the storm has been downgraded and may not make landfall. it has to be sort of bad news for fema in terms of people taking these warnings seriously? >> it is. everybody has different motivations on why they don't want to leave whether it is financial, don't have access to transportation or too lazy in terms of they have this going on or the fatigue going on but the reality is i want each and every american to look at what is happening in the bahamas and imagine themselves not leaving that situation. they would have put their whole
12:56 am
family at risk. that is not worth it. he'd the warnings if you are asked to get out, get out. your life is not worth it. hopefully individuals who decide to stay can get educated on why they shouldn't stay. if they look at what is happening in the bahamas, a 24 hour tornado. they should have left. >> thank you for your service and expertise through the evening. this is just the beginning of the storm and of the water coming in. >> still not sure where it will make landfall, likely the carolinas. more on "fox and friends first" coming up next. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time...
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>> as an to that. it is september 3rd. hurricane dorian a category 3 storm packing winds of 150 miles an hour just sitting off the coast of florida. the historic rain devastating the bahamas including this tarmac that is completely underwater. you are watching "fox and friends first". from florida


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