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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: that is the story of tuesday, september 3rd, 2019. as the always, "the story" goes on. we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. look forward to it. have a good night, everybody. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." hurricane dorian has left a trail of devastation in the bahamas. pictures on the screen right now. at least five people have died. that number may go up dramatically as we get details. now that same storm is heading up the east coast of the united states. we are monitoring its progress and keep you updated throughout the hour, of course. first tonight, tragedies have a way of revealing who people really are. the decent ones rise to the moment, hard as it is. they bring clarity and comfort and solutions. the low ones, by contrast, see sadness as a business opportunity. they are happy to leverage the suffering of others in order to increase their own
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power. gools thrive in the aftermath lake the ones we have seen in el paso, dayton and now odessa, texas. beto o'rourke wasted not a single moment before rushing on to a television set and sneering at his or her people's prayers. >> the thoughts and prayers you just referred to it has done nothing to stop the epidemic of gun violence. we are averaging about 300 mass shootings a year. no other country comes close so, yes this is [bleep] up. >> tucker: wow. catch that beto used the f word on live television. how unbelievably cool is that? he is like a jazz musician from the 50's giving the finger to the man. if you are someone who finds that hip and appealing, well, you are in luck tonight. for just 30 bucks can you buy this is so fed up t-shirt from beto's spells out the word so buddies brooklyn know where your wayfairs not to wear it.
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don't forget not to shave. beto ♪ stopping there with t-shirts and profanity. mass shootings. they begin and end with beganning guns. will it work? well, we don't have to guess we know the answer because we have tried it before under bill clinton. remember the assault weapons ban in place for 10 years it. had precisely zero effect on rates of violence in this country. it's not a an opinion a defense of the second amendment. it's a fact. been studied extensively including the clinton administration. he has not read toes studies. is he going to confiscate firearms from tens of millions of law abecausing americans and he doesn't care what you think about it? >> how do you fear of the government going to take away assault rifle -- you are talking about buy backs. >> yeah. so i want to be really clear that that's exactly what we're going to do. americans will, who own ar-15s, ak 47s will have to
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sell them to the government. >> tucker: they will have to sell them to the government you will see propagandist describe that as a gun by back. americans didn't buy their guns from the government in the first place. they are not buying them back. it's gun confiscation. nothing but that. an attempt to take away constitutional right it doesn't find convenient. sending authorities gun to gore seize people lawfully owned weapons is sure fire recipe for causing violence. if you cared about america and the people who live here, you would not suggest that. but they don't hesitate. bill de blasio has endorsed forcible gun seizures so has elizabeth warren. over the weekend in iowa joe biden proposed banning not simply so-called assault weapons but apparently every firearm capable of firing more than one round the idea
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that we don't have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless. >> tucker: mindless, that's the perfect word for what you just heard. serious people don't talk like that. mass shootings ought to be an alarm that awaken the rest of us to the emergency, the real emergency unfolding at the center of our culture. why is this happening? how did nihilism and violence and rage and loneliness become regular features of american life? something is fundamentally wrong. what is it? critically is materialism enough to fix it? those are the metaphysical questions we ought to be thinking about deeply, seriously and debating every time some lunatic shoots up a public place but that's not what we get. instead we getteted me mediocris baited toe and elizabeth warren screaming at rural america how they are the problem and need to give up
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ancient rights or else. we deserve much better than that we need much more than that ryan is a former army ranger and joins us tonight. ryan, thanks for coming on. this is something we have been talking about for quite some time. assess the specifics before we get to the general. joe biden has said in the clip we just played that any magazine that holds more than a single round audited to be banned and it's crazy not to. >> i'm hoping this is just another joe biden gaffe that he just has no idea what he is talking about because i don't know of a single magazine, tucker, that doesn't hold more than one round of ammunition. if he means what he says and he actually knows what he is talking about, then you are right, is he talking about banning every single gun out there that accepts a magazine. >> tucker: so the scale of this i think we should put this some perspective. the scale of this is enormous. there are tens of millions
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of firearms and potentially up to a billion magazines that fall under the banned categories as described by these candidates. what would it look like for the government to take them away. >> take them away i'm glad you said take them away. because beto o'rourke is saying going to buy them back like the government owned them in the first place they have some right to buy them back. when i hear when he says that i'm going to come door to door and take your guns from you and i'm going to bring my guns because if you don't want to give them up i'm going to bring my guns to force them from you. we are talking mass scale police door to door. we are talking insane amounts of money and you already said it. the assault weapon ban we had under the clinton era not only did nothing to curb gun violence we peaked our first violence we had during the middle of the clinton assault weapons ban. it's going to do nothing to stop crime and violence overall. look at chicago, tucker. we have more people shot in chicago than we did in the horrible tragedy of odessa.
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but, yet, we are not hearing anyone talk about that. is it because people expect it there. because people know that chicago oh, that's just chicago? why shouldn't we care about people who live there, too? why shouldn't we realize that none of those shootings had anything to do a with a so-called quote unquote assault weapon. it's sad. >> tucker: it's sad but shootings like this really are something that we ought to pay attention to. >> absolutely. >> tucker: both in chicago and odessa, they tell us something is really wrong, really wrong, murdering strangers? why would you do something like that? when was the last time you heard a politician on the left begin that conversation? ask the obvious question why is this happening? >> well, i haven't and i hope the reason why is they are just going for attention. i hope they really aren't asthmalicious as they might be. i hope they are realizing this is polling well and this is an emotional way for them to tug at people's heart strings and think can get talked about and here you and i are talking about them. i really hope that their ignorance is only going this far that they think it's
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popular if they think their emotions trump the rest of the country that scares me. >> tucker: thanks for joining me: thanks very much for coming on tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: a billion magazines that fit under the definition, tens of millions of semiautomatic weapons that fit under this definition. what would it look like if the government tried to take those by force from law abiding americans. >> i have good news i don't think you have to worry about beto o'rourke becoming president. that's unlikely to happen. >> tucker: right. >> what's fascinating nothing seems to unite americans more today than support for universal background checks. nine in 10 support background checks. 9 in 10 republicans support background checks. the president spatters background checks. the problem is he is too weaker afraid to call the family and medical leave act to get that done. >> tucker: before i let you allied over the questions
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and get off the talking points congratulations you did. i have to press you a little bit. beto o'rourke is obviously a footnote in a completely mediocre and irrelevant character. it's not simply beto. elizabeth warren much more likely to be the nominee rather than joe biden in my opinion has also called for gun con i confiscation. what you are calling for is civil war. what you are calling for is an invitement to violence. something i wouldn't want to live mere when that happened, would you? >> to be clear i'm not calling for that i would support confiscation only in the context of red flag laws. >> tucker: that's not what they are saying. that's not what you are saying. what you are saying and we can debate this a real debate if someone seems dangerous do we have to convict him before taking his guns away i think that's a legitimate debate i don't think what you are say something insane. what elizabeth warren is saying is these kinds of firearms are now illegal. anyone who possesses one is now a felon and we are taking them away. what would happen to our nation if you tried to do that? seriously? >> again, i don't know the answer to that.
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but i do know the answer to this. look at what walmart did today. walmart said they are no longer going to sell ammunition for handguns and no longer sell ammunition for assault rifles and carry guns openly in their stores. business is rising to the occasion and saying you know what? >> tucker: no guard businesses vanguard. and walmart after having destroyed american retail and made this country much uglier and empowered the government of china has a lot of brass lecturing the rest of us at all. they ought to be ashamed of themselves, that company. does it strike you as interesting that the response from the ruling class is not to think through why this is happening but to attack rural america, there is no violent crime in most places where everyone owns a gun? i mean honestly why are they punishing rural america for the sins that weren't committed there. >> with all due respect i don't think anyone is talking and calling out rural america. >> tucker: of course they are. >> mayor pete buttigieg has called for massive
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investment in mental health. clearly the cause much these mass shootings is mental health aided an abetted to easy access to guns and magazines. we need comprehensive approach that looks thousand deal with mental health issues in a better way. how to flag people had shouldn't have guns and thousand limit the number of high capacity magazines. i don't think magazines that have one, two, three four, high capacity magazines. no one is hunting with an ak 47. >> tucker: i guess my question is why should i have to explain myself? i'm a taxpayer, a citizen. i'm an adult man in a free country. i have done nothing wrong. i shouldn't have to answer questions from you or anybody else about what i have in my closet. i pose no threat to anybody. >> but we do have -- as a society, we do have collective restrictions on actions that are deemed unsafe. >> tucker: you are attacking the law abiding for the sins of the few because this is a power grab. it's not a sincere effort to make this a safer country. i would welcome. i think mass shootings are horrifying. nobody is actually serious about trying to fix the problem. if you were, you would be
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every bit as upset about the rest of the shootings that take place which far outnumber of casualties of mass shootings. less than 10% of murders in this country are from a rifle. we are not trying to ban any other kind of guns. >> if we had less access to guns and less access to ammunition the suicides would plummet and gun deaths 33,000 a year would decrease. 93 people are killed every single day by guns. seven kids are killed every day. >> tucker: are you against suicide now? i thought the left supported suicide. last time i checked the state of maine for example the left has made physician assisted suicide illegal. are you for or against suicide? i'm losing track. >> i'm personally against suicide i think physician assisted suicide is something between the doctor and parent. >> tucker: you shouldn't be allowed to do it myself. take my guns away because of suicide but meanwhile you are making suicide legal. >> to be clear tucker. >> tucker: the b. is too -- you. >> i think people mentally unstable should not have
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access to guns and fewer assault weapons on the street. i actually believe that we should put an assault weapons ban back on because these weapons are not used for hunting. cop on, nobody goes and shoots a deer with an ak 47. >> tucker: it didn't affect the crime rate so obviously there is another agenda. thank you for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: hurricane dorian whipping its way up the east coast tonight. rick leventhal is in atlantic beach, florida where he expects to feel the storm's impact within a few hours. he joins us tonight. hey, rick. >> tucker, no request. the state of florida incredibly fortunate that this storm turned to the north and more to the east. weave do expect to feel tropical storm force condition tonight and into all day tomorrow. we are told winds of 35 to 50 miles per hour here in devol county. storm surge 3 to 5 feet. coast line could get hit as hard or harder and states of emergency stretch all the way up to virginia. north carolina mandatory evacuation of all barrier islands along the north
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carolina coast. and in south carolina, they already reversed the flow on i-26 from charleston all the way to column columbia. every lane heading westbound so people can evacuate the coast of south carolina. the storm dorian obviously doing worst damage down in the bahamas where it hirst hit as a category 5 with 180 mile-per-hour plus hour winds and 220 plus mile-per-hour gusts. and we have seen now ariel aerit footage from the bahamas devastating. the destructive force of this storm cannot be underestimated. certainly down there it wiped out entire communities, buried many homes and businesses under water. therthey are still suffering down there. the coast guard made runs today with mh 60 jacques helicopter. jayhawk helicopter. get people out. we still are hearing five
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confirmed dead and hoping that that number doesn't get any higher. tucker, the state of florida, again, there are many mandatory vawxdzs here. they have done a lot of preps and closed a lot of airports. 1800 plus flights cancelled today 650 more tomorrow. there is a lot happening down here. the weather is getting worse. but, again, the worst of it was in the bahamas and the worst may yet to be to come up there on the south carolina, north carolina coast. >> tucker: rick leventhal live for us tonight. thanks a lot, rick. we will be keeping you updated as we progress on dorian's progress throughout the hour. stay tuned to fox news. joe biden appears he is running for president because he feels obligated to. why is he doing that? is it working? brit hume joins us after the break. ♪ ♪ here, it all starts with a simple...
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♪ >> tucker: running for president, whatever you think of the people doing it isn't easy. means some cases spending years on the road. not much time to rest and you don't see your family often. that means the people who do it really sincerely want to be president. they don't have an ambition deficit. joe biden though may be the exception. watch. >> i think at this moment in time i'm the most qualified person to do it. could i die happily not having helped a chief yeah, i could. that's not why i'm running. >> irony is the longer i have been around the less that appeals to me. i have watched up close and personal what 8 years in the white house is like, and i watched it. and it's not something that i can hardly wait to move in the white house.
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>> tucker: so maybe he doesn't really want to be president. the question is anybody excited about joe biden becoming president? recent polls show his lead over bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are getting smaller. own down playing the state of iowa saying it's not a must win state for them. it's possible that biden is not even the frontrunner now. so if he is not winning, and he doesn't even want to be president, why is he doing this? brit hume is our senior political analyst here at fox news and he joins us tonight. hey, brit. >> tucker. >> tucker: joe biden, i think a lot of people on the right me included think biden is the most reasonable person in the field not saying much. >> a nice man to boot. >> tucker: i absolutely think that i never thought that his heart seemed in it and i never thought this was his year. what's your assessment. >> i think he has always wanted to be president. he has tried it before, right? hasn't worked out. i think he thinks perhaps now is his turn and i think
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he wants to be president because i think it would represent sort of the culmination of his career i think his problem is he makes thee gaffes which he has always done. blurts these things out totally inpolitic. poor people are as smart as white kids. that's a gaffe. however, tucker, the stuff you see with him more recently, for example not remembering when he met with the students at parlgd high school he wasn't still in office. he had been out of office more than a year when that happened. the fact that he misremembered that is not a gaffe. that's the kind of memory problems that people his age and indeed my age have all the time. i think the thing that may catch one bien over time even among democrats who would otherwise be for them is the feeling that single digisinfacility in is --
5:23 pm
seen facility isin-senility is g him. >> do you think leaders in washington still exist and have power share the concern. >> sure they are bound. to say they see this stuff and look at the history of his presidential campaigns. it's been -- he has undone himself repeatedly. >> tucker: yes. >> the plagiarism of the speech and other stumbles that he has had. he tells these tall tales. this most recent story that he told trying to pin the medal on the guy and had the facts all jumbled up and that strikes me of another case of his memory failing him. i think as democratic voters look at this over time and thinking about somebody going in to confront donald trump, who says all kinds of crazy stuff all the time, that's kind of baked in the cake with trump. people know that about him. if you are going to beat him you don't want to be a
5:24 pm
candidate suffering from the same kind of problem although expressed in different ways. you can't be somebody who tells all kinds of tall tales all the time who you think is because he tells tales all the time. >> tucker: look at the polls say biden is in front and going to be the nominee. do you share that view? >> i think tucker at this stage we have no idea hot real frontrunner is we are so early in this process, we are months and months and months away from anybody voting, right? we are half a year away from just about from the early caucus and primary states. biden's lead in those places is much smaller than his national lead. he is just a few points ahead, single digits in both iowa and new hampshire. i think that sentiment is very soft and we see these reactions in debates, for example, kamala harris had a big up moment after the first debate when she took biden on and by the time the second or third debate rolled around she was back where she started from and
5:25 pm
he had gone back again. everything is soft. everything is name recognition and so on. the democrats around the country have not even really begun to think seriously about this because they are normal people. they are not as absorbed in this stuff as we in the capital city are. until people start voting i don't think we will have any sense hot real frontrunner is. >> tucker: thank you for that wise perspective. >> thank you, tucker. good to see you. >> tucker: in a field crowded with hypocrites and phoneys, kirsten gillibrand stood out, her key positions were transparently false. her accomplishments hard to find. and then she thought she could present herself as a champion of all 160 million american women. >> do you believe in women? duval women? that is the question. when we beat president trump and mitch mcconnell walk into the oval office, god forbid, to do negotiations who do you want when that door closes to be sitting behind that desk to fight for women's rights? >> make no mistake, if president trump wants a war on america's women, it's a
5:26 pm
war he is going to have and it's a war he is going to lose. [cheers] >> tucker: nobody was fooled by that. knob apparently except for the "new york times." in a piece published over the holiday weekend the paper suggested that, you guessed it, sexism was to blame for gillibrand's campaign failures. the "times" thought that even though gillibrand had as much support among women as she had among men 0%. tammy bruce president of independent's women's voice and host get tammy bruce on fox nation which is fantastic and worth paying the subscription for to see it she joins us tonight. tammy, almost rhetorical question do you believe sexism killed the gillibrand campaign. >> no i don't believe that the "new york times" accusing of that other democrats. they are accusing the democratic base of this. because those are the people who have not been responding to her candidacy.
5:27 pm
i mean, this is the generation that was supposed to understand all of this. the fact of the matter is that gillibrand was the problem. these candidates are the problem. not the average democratic voter. not the average american. these elitist, these hypocrites, they are the issues journalists i use that word lightly at the "new york times" they think they know it all. she lost for the same reason she withdrew for the same reasons men withdraw it's because they are bad candidates. they have a bad message and especially in today's era, tucker, that we are able with so much coverage to be able to assess people very quickly and we know who is being genuine and we know who isn't. speaking of your conversation with rick. one of the greatest strengths with donald trump is that he is himself. is he not trying to be somebody else. he was himself from the start of the campaigning and the primary season to the very end to this day.
5:28 pm
is one person of all of these campaigners who didn't shift when it went from primaries to a general to being the president. he is just imhimself. >> tucker: that's true. >> when you see someone like gillibrand that's a little shocking. she was supposed to be the likeable hillary clinton. and i think what we have learned here is that no iteration of hillary clinton is acceptable and it comes down also to the story kind of annulment that if we want -- think we can be president and i believe a woman can be and will be a fabulous president, that we need to be taken seriously we will only be taken seriously when we hold ourselves seriously and ourselves accountable. hillary and many of these liberal women have been raised in environment no repercussions in their behavior. don't take anything seriously everything is a politics of victimhood and
5:29 pm
shame you into elevating them. they are learning that the american people are far ahead of them when it comes to what's the right move tore the country and at this point they are not it. >> tucker: a child who made this many excuses i would spank the child for his own sake. i mean, of course. >> you would ground them and not let them out and run for any office either. no, you couldn't. >> tucker: tammy bruce good to see you tonight. a federal judge just tossed out the conviction of kate steinle's killer. meanwhile in the state of maryland every week brings more horrific crimes by people who shouldn't be in this country in the first place. details on that ahead. hurricane dorian already caused massive flooding in the bahamas and death coming up the east coast. we are tracking it. stay tuned. (melissa) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right
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past them because she didn't know they were talking to her. (deborah) i just could not hear. i was hesitant to get the hearing aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them.
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(avo) our nearly invisible hearing aids are just one reason we've been the brand leader for over 70 years. (deborah) when i finally could hear for the first time, i started crying. i could hear everything. (avo) get special anniversary savings and your chance to win a seven day hawaiian cruise. call 1-800-miracle today. >> tucker: a sad update for you tonight on a very sad story the story of kate steinle. steinle's family already lost its chance at justice last year you will remember when the jury failed to
5:34 pm
convict the illegal immigrant jose garcia zarate of murder or even shooting her to death on a pier in san francisco. now a federal judge doing their part to inflict more pain on steinle's family and make a mockery of our laws just on friday a california appeals court threw out zarate's only conviction being a felon in possession illegally of a firearm. now is he a felon and he was carrying a firearm. nobody disputes that instead the court found a legal technicality to throw out the conviction. so now for garcia zarate is still in federal custody on federal charges but that charge has been thrown out. we have learned a lot about the priorities of the ruling class in this case. jose garcia zarate was deported from this country five separate times. he was a convicted felon. he had been arrested multiple times on drug charges, including just months before he murdered kate steinle. and when those charges were dropped, he was simply released instead of being kicked out of the country.
5:35 pm
deported five times. so, kate steinle's death never should have happened. we knew that but it did happen because powerful people in this country won't tolerate even dangerous criminals being kept out of this country. they are so extreme and they have become this way. they weren't always this way. they have become so extreme on the left that not only are they unwilling to stop a murderer. they are willing to punish him after he has been caught. that can't continue. meanwhile, in a related story back near the nation's capital, authorities in montgomery county, maryland right outside the d.c. line have arrested yet another illegal immigrant for another violent sex crime against another child. emileio hernandez is an illegal arrival from the country of honduras. according to police he sexually assaulted his stepdaughter. the 7th illegal immigrant arrested for a sex crime in montgomery county just since july 25th. following these stories closer than anyone else in the region a d.c. radio host with wmal radio. thanks for coming on.
5:36 pm
>> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: why are we just learning about this now? is there some reach that some of these stories have come to light in such a short time? >> this is the question and an important one. the hernandez all the way already deported from the united states in 2017. he made his way back into the country thanks to our porous border policies. he does this and now he has raped a 15-year-old girl and we talk about seven is the number you wrut up since july 25th. the number of people who have been arrested on rape or sexual abuse charges the majority of these cases sexual rape or abuse of a minor. these are children who are being hurt in almost all of these case us. the reason why we're all of a sudden finding out about this concentration of stories is not that this is a new phenomenon. it's that rank and file police officers and prosecutors in montgomery county are furious at their own leadership for allowing this problem to continue to fester as long as it has. these stories haven't been public before because they have been trying to deal with them. but now they are done dealing with them. montgomery county leadership led by mark he wil elle rich hae
5:37 pm
it so that montgomery county, maryland specifically is a place where illegal immigration is protected at all cost even at the expense of the community and now cops and prosecutors are furious and they are taking matters into their own hands. they want these stories out there. >> tucker: god bless them for doing that because by publicizing these crimes really that's the only recourse that i think people have. mark elrich the county executive has sat for an interview with you. what was his explanation for. this he doesn't have explanations. he blames a lot. he points fingers at the federal government for allowing illegal immigrants to be in the area. he says that illegal immigration shouldn't even be considered a problem. and when posed -- when i pose questions to him about all of this, he responded to me what do you think we should do? deport all illegal immigrants and my response to him was really simple if you don't like the law us of this country, work to change them. but in the meantime enforce
5:38 pm
them and that's not what they are doing in montgomery county. and, in fact, in late july, he passed an executive order codifying what was already heading in this direction in that county. saying if you are a county official, you are not allowed to inquire about immigration status. you are not allowed to allow federal agents into jails in montgomery county. the feds have to stand outside and coming out of the jail makes more unsafe environment inject into the public and caught by the feds rather than a peaceful prisoner transfer. the feds have probable cause that make these arrests. they are issuing detainers because they have don't research in establishing this is somebody we believe to be illegally in the country. montgomery county saying we are not going to work with you. one story i was stunned by one source said inside of these jails gotten calls from feds said that guy is ms-13 do not release him and then they release him. they don't have an address on file and he looks at these jailers in the face he will smile and he will walk
5:39 pm
right out the door. >> tucker: meanwhile children are raped. even a left wing county like montgomery county you have to think there are people, democrats who think this is too much. >> yeah. and they do. >> tucker: i'm glad. thanks being being here tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: young woman in the trump administration just lost her job in the most humiliating possible way. why? because a reporter from "the washington post decided to expose off the record comments she made in violation of everything journalists say they believe. interesting story. we have got details on it. plus, we continue tonight to track the progress of hurricane dorian as it makes landfall in the united states. the death toll in the bahamas has risen since the show began tonight. stay tuned for details. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: purdue pharma is the company that makes oxycontin the powerful pain killer basically just oxycontin. when the company released that drug they claimed it would be less addictive than other opioid medications that was a lie. at some point purdue pharma knew it was a lie but they kept telling it and multitudes died as a result. oxycontin turns out to be terrifying addictive. it has helped drive a drug epidemic in this country killed more americans than any conflict since the second world war. we now know that purdue pharma understood exactly what they were doing. recent legal filings exposed internal communications in the company. pressured so sell as many pills as they could without regard to the risk. physicians were urged to prescribe the highest doses of the drugs to maximize profits. >> when people learned people were becoming junkies as a result. purdue pharma began shaming
5:45 pm
the president hooked degenerate criminals essentially or refusing to take any responsibility at all for the human carnage they caused. it's hard to imagine an uglier story. throughout all of it, we should note, purdue pharma's owners, the sackler family grew spectacularly rich. looking back repulsively rich. earliy they're year the sacklers were estimated to have more than $12 billion in the bank thanks to the opioid epidemic the sackler family is now one of the 20 richest families in this country. in the last three years purdue pharma has faced a wave of lawsuits from the people and places devastated by its pills. apparently the company has made a settlement offer to resolve all of these outstanding lawsuits purdue pharma is willing to pay $12 billion. 3 billion of that would come from the sackler family which would then give up control of purdue pharma. that sounds like a lot of money. let's put it into some perspective. the massive tobacco settlement of 1998 totaled about $206 billion. now, no one would defend
5:46 pm
cigarette smoking. over time it will kill you. but marlboros don't cut down young people in their prime. smoking doesn't turn teenagers into zombies. it hasn't destroyed entire towns throughout the midwest and new england. the sacklers are hoping to get off with just 6% of what the tobacco companies paid more than 20 years ago. that feels wrong but it's easy to see why the sacklers are for it. according to bloomberg the sacklers would retain at least $1.5 billion after the settlement. is that justice? no. it's not. but, unfortunately it's now a familiar pattern in american life. a ruling class gets incredibly rich by wrecking our country in this case by killing many thousands of young people. they get caught doing it. details emerge. everyone in washington, new york and los angeles spends a week pretending to be horrified and concerned. and then nothing happens. not a single one of the perpetrators ever goes to jail. nobody is ever really punished. we have seen it again and again. including in the financial
5:47 pm
crisis of 2008. in the end, and in this case, they take their blood money and they head to saint bart's for thanksgiving and they laugh. they get away with it every single time. but once it would be nice if people like the sacklers got what they deserved. it might make the rest of us a little less cynical. well, you may not have heard her name before but until a few days ago madeline wester how the was the personal assistant to president trump. by all accounts she worked hard and did they're job. hard to find anyone in washington who doesn't like her. now she is unemployed and humiliated. how did that happen? she made the mistake of eating dinner with a "the washington post" reporter called phil rut rutger. he made caddie remarks about the president's daughters. unwise but hardly without precedent. that can happen at dinners where wine is served. >> what's stunning, what is really unusual is what happened next. the meal was explicitly off the record and for journalists that is a bright line. that's the brightest of all
5:48 pm
line. information journalists learn in off-the-record conversations absolutely cannot be shared. it's one of the few unbreakable rules of the business. everybody in the business knows that. but because madeline westerhowt worked for donald trump phil rutger of "the washington post" decided to break that rule, casually break it. according to multiple sources phil rutger decided to burn her and share her remarks with others. she was immediately fired and as we said humiliated her life completely derailed. rutger, meanwhile, returned to washington as a hero. in fact, he was happily yacking away on msnbc this afternoon. his bosses at "the washington post" issued a statement telling the rest of us what a great guy he is. joe concha writes about media for the hill, he joins us tonight. so, joe, has something changed in the past couple of weeks? is off the record no longer a category that journalists have to observe? >> as you mentioned, tucker
5:49 pm
that is a commandment that should never be broken. it's like vegas, what happens in vegas stays in vegas. when you have an off-the-record conversation with a reporter, it is understood as long as the parties establish beforehand that this is an off-the-record conversation that is not going to be mentioned, it's not going to be published, it's not going to be talked about in any capacity. it's like seeing your psychiatrist or a priest during confession. it's not supposed to get out. and in this case, there was also some other reporters there as well. reporters from bloomberg and reuters and the "wall street journal" and then phil rutger who you mentioned from "the washington post. it can't be confirmed, however, that rutger actually burned this source here in madeline westerhaut that's what a lot of sources are reporting now. i can't confirm that and i'm not going to do that here. >> tucker: hold on, i think i can confirm that and we have spoken i personally have spoken to people who have confirmed it -- i'm satisfied with their knowledge of it.
5:50 pm
so i believe that happened. i'm willing to say so explicitly. by the way called over to the "the washington post" as we always do and asked the subject of the segment to for a statement. did this happen? and "the washington post" refused to respond to our question and instead issued this absurd little statement about how much they like phil rutger. but i just want you to confirm for us that this is a really important question. this is not a small thing whether or not have you broken an agreement. >> official offense. have yofire-able thg to work in washington again? this is a very difficult situation for her. granted she bears some responsibility here. clearly you should know that given the acrimony between the press and the administration, and given the fact that there is complete mistrust between the press and the administration and vice versa, the last thing you do is go out to dinner, get overserved, it's like sodium
5:51 pm
pentagon alcohol at that point an -- pentagon thatand st. no one cares that madeline westerhowt was burned. it was embarrassing to the president. >> tucker: human being anymore. everyone has to be political all the time because of creeps like phil rutger and organizations like "the washington post" which are pure political organs designed to affect political outcomes. they don't care about individuals. they don't care about the rules. they just care about power. and really think there should be -- you just said it it's a fireable offense to break this rule. do you think there is any chance phil rutger will be fired from "the washington post? >> no, of course not. because they would have issued a statement right now talking about it. obviously they are backing him. look, why would you burn this source if they are openly talking like this and the only thing i can think of was this was a promise for more access by leaking this out from somebody else
5:52 pm
within the administration by letting people know that you had this information and that the source said that. >> tucker: yeah. i don't know. all i know is that here this young woman has really seen her life derailed and none of the self-described feminists are jumping to the aid of women seem to care at all and all patting phil rutger on his ample back and i think it's wrong. joe, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so bill de blasio is famous as the worst mayor in the history of new york city. could he also be the laziest? new evidence tonight that suggests yes. a new title for bill de blasio, next. ♪ ♪
5:53 pm
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♪ >> tucker: well, back in may when bill de blasio launches campaign, he had a lot to say about working people. in fact, he counted himself among them. >> as president, i will take on the wealthy.
5:57 pm
i will take on the big corporations. i will not rest until this government serves working people. as mayor of the largest city in america, i've done just that. i'm bill de blasio, and i'm running for president, because it's time we put working people first. >> tucker: weirdest posture. it looks like he left his hanger in his suit jacket. i will not rest, he says. that's not particularly true. the one thing he's doing is resting. according to a new report in "the new york post," for the entire month of may, bill de blasio spent a total of seven hours at work. not seven hours per day. seven hours total. he joins us tonight. look, i'm not as hip as i used to be. i'm not sort of current with what is considered hard work, i guess. but seven hours in a month, that's still considered slacking, even in new york
5:58 pm
customer >> it's not a full day's work. tucker, to be honest, everyone i've talked to about this says, oh. that's good. the less he's here, the less damage he does. why did he run in 2016? look, this is a man who considers that a normal thing to go in midmorning and take limousines to brooklyn to go to the gym and sort of stand on the elliptical and paddle. paddle in the middle of the working day. this is a guy who is reported to take naps during the middle of the day. his campaign has been a disaster from the beginning, when he went to trump tower and made an absurd announcement and people were parading behind him with worst mayor ever signs. he went on to miami and he
5:59 pm
quoted him. >> tucker: i remember speaking to a new york city cop, retired, saying that the mansion was full of marijuana smoke. do you think that's maybe part of it? >> seth: look, i've heard this too. it's kind of a common theme around city hall and around the press, and so forth. whether it's true or not, i don't know, but it's it certaiy would explain a lot. stu one it would explain a lot. and here, we thought it was just laziness and a slow metabolism. >> seth: he may not be the worst mayor in new new york history. thanks tucker. it's the one that's it for us tonight. the good news is, we will be
6:00 pm
back tomorrow and every weeknight from now until hopefully a long time from now. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and especially, groupthink. will be back tomorrow, but in the meantime, sean hannity. live from new york city. >> sean: all right, tucker. hope you had a right we can. welcome to hannity. we begin along the florida coast, preparing for potential damage of hurricane dorian. we also have a live report from the bahamas. it was absolutely devastated by this hurricane. sad what is happening. our thoughts and prayers are with all of our friends that have been impacted there. the death toll has now risen to seven. we expect more. we hope and pray not. we'll have more coverage of that devastation. also coming up tonight, the florida governor will be here. and we will speak to the florida


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