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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> this show is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. which turns you into a so avoided, good night from new york city and guess who else is in new york city? we won't keep you guessing, it is sean hannity any he takes over right now. >> sean: i like the free speech issue and you if you don't like somebody, we hope they stay here. good show tonight, think you will come to "hannity" a fox news alert, hurricane dorian slowly making its way up the east coast of the united states at this hour. the north carolina, south carolina bracing for an a direct impact around charleston area in particular. tonight, the storm is pummeling coastal areas of georgia with heavy wind and rain. joining us with the latest on the ground in savannah, georgia, beautiful town in our very own mike tobin, mike, savannah, one of the nicest cities in america. >> it certainly is right now. it is a wet and windy city in america as we get close to the
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eye of the hurricane. what you see these bands coming through and the wind will increase. the rain will increase. and we are seeing these bands kind of increase with frequency closer and closer we get to the eye of the storm. it hasn't been really that bad. we haven't seen anything that catastrophic wins 50 miles an hour on tybee island and water up and over the top of tybee island. we seen the roads have been submerged and you have power outages but power outages by georgia power around the number of 2,000 right now so nothing really catastrophic. but with that said the worst is yet to come. look for the magic hour 1:30 on the money. that is high tide. that is about the time you will have a lot of the storm surge pushing up in this area. so then the roads that connect the mainland with the barrier islands and the coastal areas, those are very low, very near the water level. those should in all likelihood be submerged at that time hear what that means people right out the storm and the beach houses,
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those people will be disconnected. they will be on the run. the emergency first responders a direct hit once the win past 40 miles per hour, lead the people and you can't go after the victims, sean. >> sean: mike, thank you joining us in atlanta, florida still dramatically impacted by doran. born shard, what is the latest? >> sean, we are getting light rain -- light rain and wind and significantly calmer than a few hours ago when strong sustained winds and pelting rain. it seems the worst of the storm has passed us by. people here made their way down to the oceanfront and check out the massive wave we felt earlier, but that was against the advice of local authorities who say the beaches are dangerous as the wind and rain continued to move through. earlier today, south of where we are right now from a woman who went out to look at the water was suddenly swept into the ocean by the current but thankfully she was rescued by a lifeguard.
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now the evacuation orders have been lifted as of just about two hours ago, and still the police are warning people that water debris on the road so they need to remain caution as they go back home. sean. >> sean: lauren blanchard in florida joining us with hurricane dorian. chief meteorologist whether, job's authority is with us. as we have seen and we watch the storm get so close to florida, but now as we head up especially south carolina, it looks like it's headed towards charlston, your thoughts. >> first of all it is intensifying again and yo you ai talked about this on the radio this afternoon and the storm would start to intensify. and it is moving again and fresh warm water underneath it. and also when the storms approach the coast, especially that coastline at that angle, they tend to tighten up before they reach the coast. the most dramatic example of that is hurricane hugo in 1989 a
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category 2 to category 4 the last four hours before land coal -- landfall but this could be a category 3 but that same phenomenal from convergence right out of the water also could keep you off land and why because the hurricane doesn't want to go on land absent a strong flow. so what you are going to see may be, 15, 30 miles south of charleston and bouncing off to the northeast and probably loop around, cape fear, cape lookout and you will see it loops up the coast. that can be a very, very dangerous situation on the beaches. in fact, it's gone -- it's going to be wind gust 100 miles an hour and may be up to 120 miles an hour on the outer banks. this is a big hurricane. in fact, the area from south carolina, south westward to about charleston in the area morehead city northeastern, this would be florence as far as when
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the dust goes. >> sean: job is dirty, whether we will check the storm all week as it's moving up the east coast. we turn to some big breaking news just now from the ranking member of the house intel committee congressman devin nunes, devin nunes followed a lawsuit fusion gps over racketeering claims. that is happening a short time ago and i remember during his congressional testimony, robert mueller of the special counsel said he wasn't familiar with fusion sheet he has so we didn't know that jeannie ray was once hillary clinton's attorney and yet she was on his special counsel staff. just to remind you. >> when you talk about the firm that produced the steel reporting, the name of the firm that produced that was fusion gps, is that correct? >> i'm not familiar with that. >> it's not a trick question.
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fusion gps. >> no, that would not be a trick question but you needed to know that and everybody else in the free world that is following this case knew the facts. everyone knows fusion gps was the political strategist firm paid for by the clinton campaign to dig up dirt on donald trump. gps with spike christopher steele and that money from the clinton campaign was funneled through the campaign, through a law firm as a legal expense which it was not and still produce the never verified. now we know unverifiable lying, dirty russian dossier. and as we tell you the rest is history. according to congressman nunez, fusion gps tried to impede and derail his investigation into the dirty dossier and coming up tonight exclusively right here congressman nunez, he will be here with more of the exclusive details in this breaking story. we turn to another bombshell
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development first as a lawsuit has just been filed by the aclj about issues surrounding mr. super patriot himself jim comey. the aclj lawsuit seeking documents around comey efforts to literally plant spies starting after the inauguration inside the trump white house to monitor the trump administration for comey and report back to him. that would be the same jim comey who infamously said we don't spy, but yet he signed three of the four or five applications to spy on carter page and of course, that being a backdoor into all things candidate trump, president-elect trump and then president trump. we now know james comey is an absolute liar and lied to a fisa court from a premeditated and warned in advance. it was an unfair apply it -- unverifiable dossier with the bulk of application used on the application. all three that he signed. we note -- we know he liked to
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president-elect trump and after he spent the first fisa court, the dossier was salacious but unverified. but he signed off on the application three separate times both before and after telling the president that it's not verified and when he signed those applications, he was wearing they were verified. remember, mccabe said no dossier, no fisa warrant. this new information tonight takes the actions of jame -- jim comey to a new level of duplicitous lying and the big question is why director ray of the fbi not working hard to clean up his fbi, our fbi come i have an fbi pin right here director ray if you are watching. this has premier law enforcement agency in the world. why is the fbi under director rate refusing to cooperate with a simple freedom of information act request? tonight the aclj are demanding rightfully answers and this comes as two separate department of justice
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investigations into deep states buying and thighs's before ongoing and james comey, yes mr. super patriot the one that teaches us about morality is a key focus of each probe. tick tock, jimbo, you should have taken my advice a time ago. president trump's attorney jay sekulow the chief counsel for the american center for law and justice and involved in all of this. also counsel to the president and unfortunately he's had horrible clients in the past like me for a full disclosure. this is a bombshell, jay. i want you to explain that. >> well, it is because it takes the spring that took place before the campaign was going on, before the president was elected and brings it into the white house once the president is sworn into office. so james comey dispatches to cope fbi employees to be detailed over to the white house. and what is his part? the counterintelligence investigation that jim comey kept denying the president was going on. it was in an investigation of the president.
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that is what comey said on three separate occasions but now we know based on information coming out, we know more now that a lawsuit is filed. that, in fact, to individuals fbi employees dispatched over to the white house to work in nse, national security. and what were they doing there? well, the indications are those individuals were reporting directly back to james comey. so what you did was he took counterintelligence investigation that was taking place during the presidential campaign, brought it into the white house when the president was sworn in as no longer president-elect but in fact, president. so who do we ask documentation from? but two agents involved anthony parente and jordan kelly by indications jordan kelly working for the fbi. go figure that one out. but that's like -- here are the names of the people we want information from here the general counsel and fbi james comey and general counsel james baker. the deputy director acting director at one point
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andrew mccabe. that threat -- the counterintelligence, peter strzok and the deputy counsel, lisa page, the chief of staff for james comey, james rybicki and a let these people will have information ofs going back and forth, showing w? that there were individuals passed over to the white house to spy on not only what the president was doing but also the staff. i will tell you something, sean, in reality, it was a continuation of cross fire hurricane which was of course reported counterintelligence investigation. james comey told the president three times he was not under investigation. he called the dossier unverified installations. he utilized it to a fisa court. if i was a fisa court judge i would be asking a lot of questions of james comey. >> sean: it was premeditated fraud obviously because they were warned repeatedly. we understand what the insurance policy was all about, don't we, jay, and we understand the text message between page and peter strzok, the obama
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white house -- >> everybody knows this, sean, go ahead. >> sean: but the counterintelligence investigation, that is president obama's and the day before james comey went up to trump tower to say it was salacious, unverified, the opposite of what he said three times when he signed the fisa warrants. when counterintelligence investigation has to be involving the president and the meeting before comey and president-elect trump, weren't they eating in the white house with barack obama and joe biden? >> yeah and andrew mccarthy way that out well on the broadcast. of course that is the case. let me take it a step further. this is a piece that gets overlooked, lisa page and peter strzok, involved with the spies in the white house. but how is it that bob mueller has gotten away with peter strzok under his watch obstruction of evidence? that moment of peter strzok and lisa page, wiped clean of evidence?
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that, in fact, u.s. attorney from probably needs an investigation. maybe they recovered it but we don't know that. but i will ask you this how did he get away with that? the same with devin nunes lawsuit not knowing fusion gps is. bob mueller was absent without leave during this entire investigation and it's about time we start calling it exactly as it was. this was a fraud on the american people. it continues to be and the fact of the matter, sean, this is what bothers me the most about this. the left want more hearings, more hearings in congress. stormy. that is the next one. >> sean: president trump harassment. but when you file lawsuits like these, you know with the start getting? answers and those answers won't be pretty for those involved with the fbi. not the individual fbi, a lot of great people there, but this will not bode well for leadership. i think that leadership, by the way, is john brennan, not
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hearing a lot from them right now. and how james comey had the nerve to ask for an apology? there was a 79 page report on 79 pages why james comey should have been prior to. >> sean: and why he was dangerous, last point, the investigation durham and attorney general bar, spent a lot of time across the pond with allied countries. do you believe as i do that intelligence gathering against the president and the american citizens was outsourced, circumvent american law? where we learned that? >> i think we are going to learn that. when bill barr, when he said i take seriously spying on the presidential campaign, he wasn't just saying that for saying that. he really is concerned about that and so are the american people. so is durham and we will get to the bottom line on this pretty soon. >> sean: aclj, counsel, jay sekulow thank you for being with us. we will have more coming up and devin nunes exclusively, but first we turn to america's
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biggest dumpster fire also known as the democratic presidential extremists radical primary. sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe better known as joe 30330, and the campaign failing to generate any enthusiasm in new hampshire if he knows he's in new hampshire, vermont or iowa. the senior biden officials trying to downplay all the expectations saying, the iowa caucus is not a most win for joe 30330 in new hampshire the first primary, that is not important either at elizabeth warren and of course bernie sanders have a home-field advantage. this is now a runny -- running theme in biden's weary run for the white house, small crowds, and inspired voters, constant embarrassment and of course bids constant gas, those who support biden are almost always on defense every second of every day. the latest scandals around heroic war story used by biden on the campaign trail. according to "the washington post," paul
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places "almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect." and they are piling on and even through mr. truth over facts, joe, they throw him overboard with a brutal takedown of the declining canada. but don't worry, joe 30330 won't have to roll out former doctor to attest to your functioning brain and joe biden -- joe biden will not have to say swallow and -- a woke for you and the ladies on the view have your back. amazing details here. >> i think sometimes if you've been telling this story a long time, it grows. i've done it. i don't know if you've done it but you tell a story, you know what and remember that happen and then suddenly, you are marching up the hill and brought all the kids and had her own baby and delivered yourself. >> what is unfortunate that people are making it an issue of mental clarity as opposed to just someone who is trying to be
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a good storyteller. >> people know him and they note the guest and that he screwed up with anita hill. and touchy-feely and didn't mean it. everything has been out there already and we are still voting for him in big numbers. >> sean: all right, course, job a heart, one of biden's tiny little sleepy rallies in iowa and then rethink what she just said. biden's campaign events are the political equivalent of melatonin or ambien, bernie sanders really full of screaming and yelling. no one is safe from bernie's rage when that happens, not even a baby or a kid, take a look. >> so i hear you correctly say that you have to cut your pills in half for your son? okay. if we could keep that a little bit, okay, thanks. >> shut that kid up and make that kid be shush. of course the baby is reacting appropriately, think about it too bernie's nightmare socialist
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plan and every child in america should be crying if that is their future. he wants to remake america to the socialist utopia where the government pretty much runs everything. you know, think of the dmv or obamacare on steroids, keep your dr. plan and save money but in all aspects of your life, and for the privilege of living in your socialist, you will be forced to pay double, triple, may be even more in taxes. so people won't just be leaving california, new york, new jersey and illinois, they will leave america next. bernie sanders is not the only democrat running who wants to massively increase government control over your life. on fake news cnn kamala harris just said she would ban all plastic straws as president. now, there is a great campaign, will come a list for her. eliminate all private health insurance and take away america's straws. take the straws away from americans again. take a look. >> leaders have to lead.
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and straws are a big thing right now. do you ban plastic straws? i think we should, yeah. look, i'm going to be honest, it is difficult to drink out of a paper straw. if you don't gulp it down immediately, it starts to bend. the little thing catches it and you know, so we have to kind of perfect that one a little bit. [laughter] >> are you banning it and relying on innovation? >> innovation is a process, right? >> sean: process, no straws can locate an important issue. are you surprised? this might as well be on the official democratic party platform. then you have new york city mayor bill de blasio from purchasing plastic straws, and sadly for de blasio, his campaign circling. "the new york times" he may end his presidential campaign next month. if he does not qualify for the next debate. he does have a cushion job as mayor. imagine this from a perfect job for him, seven hours a month,
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round-the-clock armed protection, great taxpayer-funded pension with free health care. but you can't protect yourself in new york city like he protects himself. and of course, we have marianne williamson still going strong and suggesting the power of the mind to turn away hurricane dorian. hey, at least he's not criminalizing straws come here with reaction fox 12 contributor and first action senior advisor sean spicer, all right, laughing harder which means we go to him. this is the campaign. this is what this has symbol -- evolved into. >> big news with campaigns. we are in the campaign and not every week will have the most excitement policy announcements. i do think the democrats are causing tremendous damage themselves with the idea espousing not just little things like straws and big things like banning private health insurance, allowing people to come over the border illegally this morning to get government
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sponsor my health insurance this afternoon. these are the things the democrats are hurting themselves with and will come back to bite them in general. i just don't fault the picket things. i've been campaigns a lot and a lot of little things that are inconsequential. >> sean: sean spicer, these are consequential times and what they are talking about here, getting rid of oil and gas and everything is free and eventually planes and cows, that is the life of our economy. if we want to raise the standard of living in america, energy dependent the first time in seven years and i double, triple, quadruple down on energy jobs exporting energy to the free world. so let's see, our european allies no longer dependent onto howell's regime of russia and hostile act of putin. m panic countries and the middle east do before oil when we know they hate our guts. >> look, this whole campaign is based on how much stuff you
6:22 pm
can't give away, free health care, free education but never looking at the root causes of what causes some of these industries to spiral out of control and owes to pay more. they are not looking at efficiencies. they are not looking at best practices. how do we get the best education system and health care system but worried about giving it away for free. the biden thing one think that trent set about this, the contrast how the press covers biden versus trump. trump is a liar. everybody knows he's a liar. everybody has these intentions of doing evil. when it comes to biden, they are aghast, cute, storytelling and biden's head himself the details don't matter. the idea that we call this funny, when in fact on one side it is a lie and misleading. the other side, funny, hysterical to watch. it is wrong. the way that these guys get away with things. the idea we have a discussion about marianne williamson and talk about moving the storm with your mind power is like congressman johnson in guam.
6:23 pm
>> sean: facts are irrelevant. we will take fax over truth. ari, does biden survive this? i'm thinking more and more everyday when "the washington post," "new york times" turns on you the way they did in one week, i'm beginning to think it's a message being sent. >> biden, he looks to me like a balloon where if you watch the air come out of it, the balloon just goes -- through the sky on its way to the ground. and the only thing to keep biden's balloon up is the desire to beat donald trump. there is this pressure coming string inside the democratic party attention and those to get as far to the socialist left as possible and those who want to beat trump. we saw that in 2018 and the republican should not ignore it. almost 50% of the majority of america just want to beat trump. and that is a powerful force. it is recommended that the president -- >> sean: he's got more than
6:24 pm
anybody else. the idea that this guy is already undermining himself and expectations about new hampshire and iowa. unbelievable. >> sean: thank you both, breaking news congressman nunez with a multimillion dollar lawsuit and he joins us next with sara carter do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sean: fox news alert, devin nunes has filed just earlier tonight multimillion dollar federal racketeering lawsuit against fusion gps. the congressman along with fox news contributor sara carter joining me now with more. congressman let's talk about this. we now know that or you are accusing them of literally working with a campaign for
6:29 pm
accountability to derail your investigation. secondly, are there issues? tell us about it. >> well, thanks, sean. you've done a great job covering this the last two and a half years. as many people know, i was often smeared. and now what we know is there is a link those doing the smearing and fusion gps. fusion gps has a long career in this. they have a long record in this. they work for the russian government all a guard for the russian government to smear bill broward. most people know about the steele dossier working to smear the trump campaign. when we were investigating fusion gps, they were actively involved in working to smear me to obstruct justice. to derail our investigation. and so, i'm going to hold these guys of animal and this is one of many steps to take because we have to go to the courts just like jay sekulow was saying, the third ranch of government we have to rely on them to fix a lot of this mess.
6:30 pm
>> sean: what did you think when special counsel mueller didn't know who fusion gps was nor did he note jeannie ray that worked for clinton? sarah is laughing in one way but it's not funny in a big way. >> rest. bigelow, the reason why he didn't know, he wasn't engaged in this investigation the whole time. and this is the reason why we have to go to the courts. we know we spent $40 million roughly investigating the trump campaign but at the end of the day, we don't have anything to show for it. we don't know many of the players involved in russian investigation and fusion gps is, give me a break. this is why the courts have to come in and clean this up and this is why people like me who have the ability to do this have to take these cases to court so that we can pull out more information. because ultimately, people have to be held accountable. i don't think we can rely just on the department of justice, individuals who are out there or groups who are out there need to
6:31 pm
take these cases individually to court. >> sean: sara i saw your piece to date the investigative hearing, top obama officials need to be held accountable and when you couple that with what jay sekulow is saying along with comey who lied, there is no ambiguity here. he verified the dossier was true, the bulk of information to apply for those fisa warrants. he signed off on them three times in the interim between two of them, he told donald trump it was not barrett verified and trump was actually being investigated when he knew better because he was leading the investigation and he also lied when he said he was a spy because that warrant allow spying. >> right, we need the senate to conduct an investigation alongside john durham is doing right now, the u.s. attorney and william barr, sean. it is the way the only the american public will get to the truth. the only place to have a hearing right now is in the senate. i mean senator lindsey graham
6:32 pm
can hold a hearing with the judiciary, the senate judiciary committee. it is powerful and he can do this now. we can also look at chuck grassley, senator grassley. as far as fusion gps is concerned, sean, they are the epicenter, the epicenter of what i call a soft coup on the president of the united states. absolutely what devin nunes is doing right now what the congressman is doing the right thing by suing them. because they have to give us information. this appears to be the only way is by suing people like this in court and companies, this private entity which was working with the russians. we know they were connected and we know they were connected to the russian attorney, remember that went to go meet with don jr. so we know that all of this was happening. and of course, christopher steele. and we also know that comey isn't telling the truth, like you said, as well as john brennan, james clapper,
6:33 pm
samantha powers, -- >> sean: susan rice. >> susan rice. >> sean: and barack obama, barack obama. >> they need to be held accountable. >> sean: this would be his counterintelligence investigation. congressman, we are expecting a pfizer report from the inspector general. to me come anything short of these warrants were illegally obtained, free medical fraud, warrant, chronicled it and unverifiable. and to stand behind at the fbi determined themselves it was not true. that was long after they signed the warrant. should have been ahead of time. between that pfizer report, premeditated and the durham report, do you believe that we will see justice under the law and equal -- implication of the law? do these figures that we talk about face indictment and possible convictions? >> well, you know we sent over criminal referrals. i would focus on a conspiracy
6:34 pm
because i think that is the law. >> sean: the conspiracy and the criminal sense and the legal sense. >> conspiracy and the criminal sense and expected -- they defrauded the u.s. and lied to the fisa court. they have used carter page and his rights. there is lots of laws that were broken that can sit under conspiracy. it's about putting all that together in a package. >> sean: allied and intelligence agencies, were allied and intelligence agencies fight in america on a president-elect or presidential candidate? >> of course, we know that. that was the whole point of us putting out the information when they were spying on carter page. that was used to go after the trump campaign. but i will tell you, it is going to take everyone working together in this come all the american people that want to get to the truth. this is why it is so important that lawsuits are brought to the
6:35 pm
courts, okay? so you see that with judicial watch. it is what we are doing. it is what jay sekulow was doing. all of this had to happen in order to pull this information out because as you know, the deep state is very good at hiding things. and so in order to get at it you have to work every day to pull back. pieces of this onion. >> sean: last question sara carter commit the warrants illegally obtained and they outsource spying on americans presidential candidates transition to president, then the question is, who's going to be held accountable here? and you know, here it will be devastating. if those warrants were illegally obtained and they were warned, premeditated, lying to a fisa court to obtain those warrants and then we outsource something that would circumvent american law to spy on american citizens, you know, what would happen, as hannity goes to jail or any american citizen goes to jail. >> that is right. anybody would go to jail, sean. what we see and i like the word
6:36 pm
conspiracy and the legal sense because what we have seen is the network. not over spying overseas but in the white house which aclj is looking into an devin nunes is looking into which as fusion gps and being at the epicenter of all of this. i would like to know what john brennan knew. i would like to know what he knew about that dossier and if he leaked that dossier to the gang of eight. in particular. and how far that went. because once we know those answers, we won't know who to indict and who to charge. i'm sure that's exactly what john durham is doing. >> sean: thank you both i would like to send an invitation, and i will give you the full hour on this show to explain unverified, salacious and verified on top of a fisa warrant both before and after the president. coming up, one of the will and grace doors to backtrack on support of the blacklisting of all trump supporter's. i will tell you who, we will get reaction commit tammy bruce on
6:37 pm
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>> sean: all right, holly would hate towards president trump's more deranged if you can believe it. the latest example comes from actors eric mccormack and debra messing who called on the media to publicly out anyone in hollywood to donate for the trump campaign. eric mccormack well, he denied he supports the black list and still wants to know the name of those trump supporter's and of course rhetoric about trump and supporters nothing new in hollywood, and also tonight take a look at the report, it is now blowing up all over social media, a picture of joe biden fake news cnn may town hall, and appears to have
6:42 pm
been filled with blood. we will let you know if there is anything to it or if you need to find out go to the website. the hollywood haight, political columnist jeffrey lord, and tammy, i look at that and it's like, oh, lets give out the name of every actor we agree with and blacklist them. there is no other way to interpret what they were doing. why are they doing it and why is it acceptable? this is not the first time we seen anything and we saw joaquin castro do this in texas by releasing the president's major donors in the san antonio area in texas. and that is meant to be of course intimidation tactic. it is a message to everyone else, if you dare to help the president and dare to support him, we are going to put you on a list. we are going t to to expose youo shining, and other hatred. and of course, this bizarre
6:43 pm
denial, this kind of coy attitude that in this backtracking, saying, i don't support blacklist. well, there is no other reason to put this out publicly and to make the call publicly. but they also know, even if that doesn't happen, the attempt to intimidate has already occurred. by the way, this backtracking after whoopi goldberg of all people on the view, took them to task and really ripped them apart saying this is not what we do, people have a right to vote for who they want to vote for, give money to whom they want to give money to and this really smacks bill carthy era. of course senator joe mccarthy going after people whether they were communist or thought to be or there was no proof, pee got blacklisted, lost their livelihoods and their job. we see the same tactic being applied against trump supporter's. this is one more iteration of it. >> sean: you know, i used to come if i picked my music based on the politics of the band, the group, this anger come a lot of music that i like that i
6:44 pm
wouldn't be listening to or movies that i would like to watch that i wouldn't be watching. everyone has the freedom to have their own choices. i thought whoopi goldberg articulate on this and right on the money. >> yes. >> sean: but this is in reverse. on the awful lot about blowing up the white house, commit started there and this is what it has evolved into. are you or have you ever been a donald trump supporter and smelly walmart boater, that clings to their god, guns, bible and religion? that is angry. i would say guilty of all accounts, jeff. >> sean, this is the latest battle in the intellectual war on diversity. this is what it's all about. i myself a prominent hollywood actor who said to me this is a real problem. this gentleman was a conservative, and he said it's a real problem. over there fox nation this minute there is an interview with isaiah washington, the star of one of the medical dramas,
6:45 pm
grays anatomy from a few years back. he says and he left the democratic party but he said people are terrified in hollywood. his words, not mine, terrified of coming out in the open as conservatives. >> sean: it is happening and they are being rejected. i mean, there are so many choices here available that the neck -- the network should be gone. and they are never coming back. these fake news networks, they lost their audiences, and at some point, does this not become oh, maybe if someone is screaming cnn socks, cnn says maybe they are sending a message for example. >> yeah, that's right. >> if i could just have these individuals remember who said nothing about harvey weinstein, have produced films that have encouraged violence, and yet, they are pointing at
6:46 pm
donald trump, a man who has listed everybody's lives up in this country is the problem? it is a level of desperation. and this is, you know, a crisis that rips away the curtains as we find out what people are really made of and what their intentions are. mccormick has really shown as the totalitarian instinct of the american left. >> sean: this is how into pop culture i've been. have never seen that show. i barely know who these people are. [laughter] >> you haven't missed dominic missed much. >> sean: thank you both, far left san francisco this is insane. they can't do anything about the homeless crisis but city officials unanimously deciding today to label the nra domestic terrorist group. geraldo and larry elder, i wonder if that means a lifelong member? oh, boy, we are in trouble. straight-ahead. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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♪ >> sean: to focus on the pressing issues facing the city like homelessness, needles on the street, a full-blown public health crisis. people, on the streets. the smell of. the san francisco board of supervisors passed a resolution to actually label the national rifle association "domestic terrorist organization." does that mean law-abiding members who believe in the second amendment or domestic terrorist? does that mean the city officials don't care about the constitution of the united states of america, the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. not hard to understand. and actually syndicated talk show host larry elder, fox news, correspondent at large geraldo rivera. let me understand this the sanctuary city of san francisco in the sanctuary state, geraldo,
6:52 pm
california where lets he come if you are a criminal illegal immigrant and spent time in jail, they will not hand you over to ice. even if it's a violent crime you have committed, you will be deported but in our a lifetime member, proud as i am, i guess that means i'm part of domestic terrorist organization? well i think that is a silly diversion of the distraction from the real issue you accurately cited, sean. in san francisco a few months ago, it is a rathole. there are people, and all those things. i had one crazy guy followed me down the street shouting my name and another guy with a shopping cart. >> sean: that was your brother, greg, don't worry about it. [laughter] >> but i'm sick of the nra also, sean, i'm sick of the nra. there is no doubt the nra is using its clout and its money to stifle even reasonable gun control like background checks that everybody has background
6:53 pm
checks, sold weapons ban. >> sean: everyone checks, geraldo. >> i spoke to the president of the united states after the parkland, florida massacre high school. i was convinced and i had him convinced that at least let's raise the age. if i had military style assault weapon from 21 to 18. >> sean: i think we should surround the perimeter of every school in entire police. but larry come as is there any instance that we can think of, any laws proposed, feel-good legislation, that would not have worked in any case? not one case. >> all i know is that joe biden wants universal background checks. the el paso shooter passed a background check. the daytime shooter passed a background check. and somehow managed to get a firearm. i would like the officials in the bay area city to ask themselves the question "how often do they use firearms to defend themselves?
6:54 pm
"according to the cdc americans use firearms defensively at least as often as criminals use them offensively. let's have a discussion about that. sean, not just -- the first amendment. there is a right and i didn't interrupt you. a right to address the grievances and the first amendment. the officials in the bay area city do not understand the first amendment or the second amendment. >> sean: last word, quick geraldo. >> of the festival -- there is a real problem with firearms. if we don't come to grips with the fact the nra is just a swamp, brutal lobbyist with evil criminals, bigger problems. >> sean: we will debate a more in the future, thank you. disturbing new details and the epstein case, trace gallagher has this twister report straight-ahead. if you build a truck tough enough
6:55 pm
to pull this much forward... you better make sure it's smart enough to back it all up. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: we have more disturbing details emerging in
6:59 pm
the epstein case. trace gallagher joins us live from west coast newsroom with more. where is that rich billionaire from france? >> we don't -- it's a great point, sean. this is the case we talk about former epstein girlfriend ghislaine maxwell sued by virginia who alleges maxwell recruited as a teenager to be part of that sex ring and order to sleep with rotating cast of high-powered men including prince andrew. now an anonymous band clearly -- clearly terrified in court papers begging the judge not to release the identities of those accused. it could tarnish their reputations. john doe's attorney said the previous judge in the case summarized the secret documents as containing "a range of allegations of acts involving plaintiff and nonparties to the litigation, some famous, some not" all the names come up have denied the allegations but prince andrew has now reportedly canceled a number of events
7:00 pm
because of the pressure. the menu talked about, still unknown where he is. >> sean: trace, thank you for that. it is getting stranger by the second. we will never be the destroy, hate range of media mob. thank you for being with us and let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham with "the ingraham angle," hi. >> laura: hannity are we thinking the fusion gps story is going to be exposed for what it means to be exposed as completely? fraud perpetrated on the american public. i'm so glad that lawsuit was filed, good. we should get discovering that. >> sean: we will get discovering that. i like what congressman dennis said we need that third branch of government involved. the other thing that will happen i want to know why spent so much time overseas and i would not want to be jim call me tonight. he should have listened to me. he has the right to remain silent introduce at. >> laura: well, he's trying to hide behind the curtains and