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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 6, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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of a pickle. his message to his fellow countrymen resonates at home, resign your fate to the globalists or choose your own destiny. that is all-time we have, check the latest podcast, shannon bream. >> fox news whether other, hurricane dorian weakening as it grazes the carolina coast. it has been downgraded to a category one hurricane as it aims for the outer banks area. the storm blame for four deaths in the southeast, flash flooding also occurring and the national weather center is warning of continued life-threatening flooding across the eastern carolinas in southeast virginia through tonight and this morning. on thursday hurricane dorian's bond tornadoes which rift roofs
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off of buildings and flipped mobile homes, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses along the carolina coast left without power. the death toll in the bahamas has risen to 30, officials say they expect more deaths. we now turn to doug mcelway in north carolina who has been dealing with dorian and the rain and wind all night. what can you tell us? >> reporter: wilmington, north carolina left two fundamental bodies of water on the east coast of the atlantic ocean, the biggest body of water in this storm system, the other is the cape fear river on whose banks we are standing right now. this is key to whether we have seen major flooding in this region and let me show you why. we should little light on the river itself and made out some whitecaps but this river moves north to south, the south end opens up into the atlantic ocean
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and the wind is coming directly out of the north, we are on the western side of the eye wall so these whitecaps are moving in a southerly direction towards open water and even though the tide is rising and is expected to reach full tied at 4:502 am a little while from now the water level is not rising as high as people expected because this water is being pushed into the atlantic ocean. that would change of the wind direction changes into the cape fear river but that appears not to be happening. it was a factor in a lot of the flooding in hurricane florence a year ago when hurricane florence moved from the east, stopped over this portion of north carolina and dumped feet of rain. that's not to say we will not see a lot of flash flooding. that will happen in low-lying areas, we are seeing the
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predictions come true of 8 to 12 inches of rain. we are talking about a foot of rain when all is said and done and there will be flooding but not from the cape fear river as it now stands. >> let's hope that wind continues to cooperate and push that water back into the ocean. let's turn to adam klotz in the fox weather center. what can you tell us as far as where dorian is? >> we are within minutes of officially making landfall in the united states. this is the center of circulation off the coast of the carolinas, these little lines are barrier islands off the coast. this is cape lookout and in the next 10 or 15 minutes we will have a landfall. i was hoping we would see that before we got this update in but it is just around the corner as we see, right there is the barrier island. we are very nearly on top of that as the system continues to run over the outer banks.
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the winds down to 51 miles an hour. as the system continues to we can you will see these winds get to tropical force wind and that is what we are seeing now. i do think we will run over several of the barrier islands from now into friday morning until you finally run back off the coast and then we are heading back out over open water. into portions from dc to new york, stay mostly dry and then clipping a little bit of areas in new england, southern new england from boston to portions of coastal maine will be getting some of this rain but the center of circulation stillwell offshore and then we head out to see on the backside of this system. we continue to see the storm surge in front of this but otherwise i think we are very
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close to catching a landfall in several hours before we head back out to see but we are watching it. it is a dicey situation for folks in the carolinas throughout the morning hours. >> thank you, meteorologist adam klotz in the weather center. breaking overnight, robert mugabe of zimbabwe was forced to resign in 2017 has died. he died in singapore where he often received medical treatment in recent years. according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter mugabe came to power in 1980 after a guerrilla war ended white minority in what was then rhodesia. he was heralded as a model leader but that image eroded over time as his leadership became more authoritarian. he was the world's oldest ruler
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when he resigned as symbolic way's president in november 2017 following a military coup. the former president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe, 95 years old. stay with fox news for more on hurricane dorian, the death of robert mugabe, former president of zimbabwe, now back to fox news live at night already in progress. shannon: critics say the party is a bunch of science denies was republican from indiana joins the senate environment committee on clean-air and nuclear safety. let's start with that criticism and give you a chance to respond, senator cory booker rolling out his proposals last night. >> the reality is people being vilified, republicans in congress, the only political party whose leadership on the planet earth denies the science of climate change. shannon: he says you are not recognizing science. >> everything democrats are
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talking about i don't argue with them on the fact we are putting more carbon in the atmosphere. i've been a conservationist my whole life but what they don't talk about is the fact that our air, our streams are cleaner than they have ever been in that has happened over the last 30 years. any of the ideas they are talking about do you hear them talk about how do you pay for it? i was at purdue university, talked to president of the university mitch daniels. we will solve this through innovation, not the craziness of what they are talking about. when you calculate what it might cost there is no way to pay for it. advanced nuclear technology solves the issues down the line to where you don't have the issues of spent fuel, don't have the issues of transporting it. it is carbon free, we are to be looking at stuff like that, not
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tanking the economy. >> critics will say our environment isn't cleaner than it has ever been. tom stier talked about this, even that is true, we need to do more to leverage global economy countries like china and india -- >> i agree we ought to be leveraging them to do it. what's the point of us pulling the rug out under a industry? it is going to happen anyway, we will transition away from that, china and india are building coal plants, bringing on nuclear plants. why would we do that and take our own economy when we are in a global battle with the chinese on who is going to be running the world economy so it is all stuff that doesn't make sense. shannon: the lightning round and get your reaction. pete buttigieg from indiana says climate change in action is a sin, god is watching. donald trump's enablers in congress are to blame for in
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action. >> that is hyperbolic comments. you think you will convince anybody in the middle when you talk like that? that is just another just because they never look at how you pay for things, say you did this, you shouldn't use language like that. tell us how you would put this into effect without tanking the economy in the process. they have no answers for that. >> birth control, population control to combat climate change, some people raised eyebrows if you are talking about encouraging potentially abortion. >> most americans, most hoosiers in my state will view that as a preposterous conversation. >> senator kamala harris changed
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dietary guidelines, discouraged red meat consumption and ban fracking and offshore drilling. >> when we get to the point we are energy independent and we are doing everything, the approach that you do just one thing will never work. there aren't many senators on either side that understand how to do a budget who will pay these to some extent. we have finally become independent, the hottest economy we've had in 40 years i have been involved with and i am a mainstream entrepreneur. all the things we've got in place that got us out of the obama doldrums where we were overregulated and had some of these ideas we put in place would all be gone and the fact is i am looking at ways you might raise revenue. you cannot find a way to raise
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revenue without tanking the economy and we have $1 trillion deficit. how do you add that to what we are talking about? it is nonsense. when they talk like this idea better and better we are going to win 2020. it is going to scare americans. shannon: thank you for stopping in, good to see you. >> this is a fox news alert. early projections about hurricane dorian, the president is keeping a close eye on foreign-policy challenges popping up around the globe, chief among them this taliban unleashing deadly violence in peace talks. kristin fisher has the latest. >> the second deadly bombing in three days, the taliban and stepping up attacks strengthening negotiating solutions as the trump administration tries to make peace and pull out of afghanistan. >> i would like to a portion of
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them. we are talking to the taliban and see what happens. >> donald trump made those are marks hours after the taliban claimed responsibility for brazen attack. right outside nato headquarters. an american soldier was among those killed. just days earlier the president's special envoy for afghanistan to the u.s. senate element had reached a deal in principle but now the head of the house foreign affairs committee is threatening to subpoena the special envoy. chairman angle wrote a letter that said, quote, we want to make sure we are negotiating a peace and not simply a withdrawal. i do not consider your testimony at this hearing optional. the secretary of defense is donald trump has not decided if he will sign off on the deal which calls for thousands of us troops to withdraw in the next 135 days. >> 19 years almost and that is a long time. >> the president's former secretary of defense is warning don't make the same mistake twice. >> you don't pull all the troops
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out in one fell swoop and repeat we did in iraq. >> in iran work is about to begin an advanced centrifuges that will enhance uranium even faster and last-minute proposal from france to keep iran in the 2015 nuclear deal looks increasingly unlikely. the possibility of donald trump meeting with the iranian president at the un general assembly later this month is still in play. so is the next round of trade talks with china. us officials announced the talks will be held at the beginning of october. one month later than originally planned. the news sent the stock market soaring even though there's little hard evidence the two sides are any closer to a deal. >> any spark of hope, markets are yet to see it. thank you. is joe biden breaking his pledge not to take fossil fuel money by attending a high dollar fundraiser with the cofounder of
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>> shannon: at last checked, 2020 democratic front under joe biden sticking with the high shannon: 2020 democratic front runner joe biden sticking with the fundraiser tonight hosted by natural gas investor despite pledging not to accept any money from the fossil fuel industry. it seems he's not breaking that pledge. trace gallagher digging in for more. >> reporter: joe biden is one of 18 democratic presidential candidates to sign the no fossil fuel money pledge meaning he won't except comp and contributions from the fossil fuel industry but during cnn's climate change townhall biden was informed that tonight he would be attending a fundraiser coast hosted by andrew goldman
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who cofounded western lng, a houston-based natural gas company. after first saying goldman was not a fossil feeling sick the former vice president then said he might reconsider. >> if that turns out the true that i will not remain way accept his help. >> turned out to be true and biden still attended the fundraiser though his campaign argued andrew golden doesn't meet the definition of a fossil fuel executive and joe biden double down on that because while he was at the fundraiser held by the fossil fuel company cofounder he said, quote, i just want to be very clear to everyone here that i am committed to not raising money from fossil fuel executive and i'm not doing that here and that statement segued nicely into why liberals are so skeptical of his anti-fossil fuel platform. the director of climate talks, political action committee said
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disappointed to see joe biden accepting, despite the technicality of the pledge rather than simply complying with the spirit. oil change usa says, quote, the campaign new this fundraiser is sketchy at best, not good and liberal activist michael moore said, quote, joe, for god sake tenure limousine around immediately and apologize to the american people and in case you're wondering biden attended a second fundraiser at the home of real estate executive with ties to a russian. shannon: thank you very much. are progressives satisfied with biden's explanation about the fundraiser? let's turn to the press secretary rochelle ritchie and congressman from virginia dave brad, welcome to you both. the vice president's team explaining this gentleman is a cofounder but not actively engaged in the day-to-day
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management of the company, is not an executive of the company. will that hold water for the progressives who don't want him to go? >> climate talks need to do better job making sure the language they are asking people to pledge to is extremely clear. politicians do not have these loopholes they can claim with this money. is the bottom line. people need to look at joe biden's history when it comes to climate change, is it perfect? no, it is not but it is very strong. joe biden 1986, the global climate protection act, 2008, the paris agreement which cut emissions, 2009 the stimulus package included big investment in climate friendly research and infrastructure. he has a sound record and i'm not sure why his team and why he is not tapping into that record to show he has been in support of climate action in the past and will be in the future.
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>> he is doing a late-night tv show circuit and addressing questions, he has admitted, here's what he had to say about that. >> are you going nuts? >> the reason i came on the jamaican will show is any gas i have made, and i have made gaps like every politician has have been not about a substantive issue. >> fair? >> now i don't think it is fair. i watched that interview and he went on to talk about fascism. if you want to talk about substance, you go back to turn the limousine around, joe. the democrat party is a money machine and the progressives are horrified at all this. if you look at the substance,
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democrats have been outspending the republicans in 18 cycle, $2.9 billion in comparison to republicans $2.4 billion community outspent trump the double, currently democrat presidential candidates silicon valley gives 90% of its money to the democrats, wall street, the chief labor crowd giving the money so why does it matter? the question is who is beholden to the rich? traditionally the message is republicans are the rich party. all the numbers i just read your it is very clear bernie and biden are beholden to the rich so it is a total turn around, trump is winning out a progressive message to the middle class, the wage rates are going for those without a high school degree, the most rapidly for the lower income folks, it is a complete turnaround for the democrats and they are caught holding the cash barrel and they don't like it especially the progressives. >> some poll numbers, this is the latest average, all the polls out there, where the
12:24 am
democratic field stands biden is well ahead of his next challenger warren who made a significant move to second place. do the numbers hold? >> i'm not surprised he still in the lead because climate action, climate change is a very important issue but it is not the most important issue right now, the support digital democrats is beating donald trump. tried to run on this policy, that's not what is going to move the needle for any of the candidates who are going up against joe biden. he's the moderate candidate and is attracting moderate voters. >> does he hold on his lead? >> i think he holds on but different reasoning. he's verging on the left and he said nothing substantive about the trillion dollar deficits for your, slowing economic growth,
12:25 am
in his interview last night talked about continuing education the democrats own k-12 so what is his message for the american people in the middle? >> for now it is resonating with potential primary voters, great to have you both. hurricane dorian winds and waves battling the east coast, the president double down next. address my fellow veterans, o because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> the fox news weather alert. hurricane dorian downgraded to a category one, still packing a punch with 90 mile an hour winds that can cause substantial damage. dorian is leaving damaged homes and businesses in its wake as well as downed trees and power lines. at least a quarter of 1 million customers in the dark as well. dorian picking up speed as it moves to the northeast now
12:30 am
moving at 15 miles an hour. direct hit on north carolina's outer banks is still possible. the national hurricane center says dorian should still have hurricane strength wind when it gets to canada saturday evening. let's go to meteorologist adam klotz with more. we are hearing the storm is making close to landfall. >> it is right on top of kate lookout, north carolina, one of those outer islands along the coast. this is the center of circulation and all these lines are the islands, it almost appears the eyeball is entering onto it which mean this is landfall. that's not official yet but we are at that point, happening any minute. this has been a long time coming. the entire path all the way back on august 24th this became a
12:31 am
tropical depression to the east of the lesser antilles before running across the caribbean, getting all the way to a category 5 hurricane as it moved over the bahamas and up the east coast of florida until finally perhaps getting to the point we will be making landfall over the outer banks in the next couple minutes or couple hours. here's what we are looking for wind feeds -- wind speed, morehead city where the center of circulation is, 50 miles an hour, winds at 50 miles an hour, heavy rain. here is future radar, the center of circulation past cape lookout, still run over areas of the outer banks lasting the next couple hours before running back out overwater. the mid-atlantic, a couple rounds of showers but we don't expect this to bring heavy rain until you get to portions of new england. at that point the center of circulation as well offshore so we are not expecting any major wind but something to pay attention to before eventually running back into canada so i do think we are close to landfall
12:32 am
in the outer banks of north carolina and then we will pay attention to that for the rest of the morning. >> once the storm does make landfall people still need to be aware of things like flooding. >> this is going to make 0 difference. we are talking very close to landfall. it is not going to slow the storm in anyway. it is just a note to say it finally made landfall. all these concerns will still be present. >> meteorologist adam klotz, thank you for that debate. for more on hurricane dorian "fox and friends first" is live at the top of the hour but first back to fox news live at night. >> he is defending himself while people are dying. >> an attempt by the trump white house to rewrite weather history.
12:33 am
>> somebody doctored this map and the white house is not denying it. >> reporter: some blame media hostility toward trump. everything he says and does is cross checked and scrutinized, reveal him to be stupid or uninformed or a liar. >> reporter: others say he keeps relitigating every dispute. >> he's rating to anyone who will listen about media coverage and yet none of us would be talking about his scrub about alabama if somebody hadn't drawn that line with a sharpie on the map. >> trump is still at it tweeting 5 and 6 they'll forecast maps, alabama was originally projected to be his, the fake news denies it. it was a perfect storm, a press corps always on high alert and a president seemingly can't let go of even minor mistakes. that made sharpiegate a distraction to a major hurricane. >> thank you. did christine ford's attorney admit her testimony against brett kavanaugh was a political
12:34 am
hit job? the first televised interview, my one on one chat with chassis -- justice gore such up next. . stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. cigna. together, all the way. that's better.
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♪ >> shannon: the top republican on the house intelligence >> top republican on the house intelligence committee filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against fusion gps, research from behind the anti-trump steel dossier. david fund has more now. >> devon nunez says this is about one word in this lawsuit, accountability, fusion gps investigating potential ties between russia and the president. he just shy of $10 million in restitution. nunez is not just suing fusion but also the founder, glenn simpson in the campaign for accountability, a government watchdog group. fusion gps alleging collusion between account trump campaign
12:39 am
and russian government, the mueller reports proved the argument of that dossier in his complaint nunez alleges the defendant's ongoing and continuous racketeering activities are part of a joint and systematic effort to intimidate, harass, influence, impede and ultimately derail plaintiffs congressional investigation into meddling in the election. nunez was on this channel discussing the lawsuit. >> this has to stop and the only way it can stop is republicans who are in a position to bring cases against these groups, we have to be able to do it. >> the executive director of the campaign for accountability called the allegations, quote, ridiculous. the ethics complaints detail how devon nunez leaked confidential information and failed to disclose his personal finances as required by law. and explain away these ethical lapses.
12:40 am
he resorted to poorly written lawsuits to deflect attention. congressman nunez is no stranger to lawsuits, he filed a $250 million complaint earlier this year against twitter, $150 million against the mcclatchy company. he reported the congressman also sued his constituents who called in the fake farmer and filed a complaint with the election board, tried to stop from calling himself that it nunez has dropped the lawsuit against his constituents. shannon: this sunday in his first televised interview as a supreme court justice, neil gorsuch sits down with me one on one. we start fishing in his home state and touring his personal chambers and how he came to embrace the legal philosophy known as original is in. and in-depth behind-the-scenes look. >> in law school i never heard
12:41 am
the word original is him and i remember justice scalia coming to speak when i was a student at law school and he talked about original is in the constitution and it had a profound effect on me. >> the concept sounds simple as interpreting the law according to the original intent of those who wrote them. >> the right in the constitution that were given in 1789 are the rights until today and can never be taken away. we the people add them. >> what do you say to critics of ritualism who say things change over time in the constitution couldn't have foreseen everything we are dealing with now? >> the constitution is one of the greatest documents in all of human history and it deserves our respect.
12:42 am
if you want to change it to ask 5 people in washington to change it. there's a process called the amendment process. its bear in the constitution where you can do it and it has been done, it has been done 27 times. >> tune in september 8th, this sunday at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm eastern on fox news for unprecedented access to neil gorsuch chaps life on and off the bench. did justice brett kavanaugh's accuser have a hidden motivation? christine ford's attorney said her client came forward with accusations of sexual assault partly because she wanted to tarnish his legal decisions. >> he will always, when he takes a scalpel to roe v wade we will know who he is, we one of his character and what motivates him. it is important that we know what motivated him. >> joining me to discuss, from the republican national lawyers association, hameed dylan. judge andrew napolitano a key player on fox news says this.
12:43 am
is this just a lawyer saying we lost and we don't like him? >> that's not what you thing. she's making an admission on behalf of her client that there was significant bias that motivated her outrageous allegations that were found to be unsubstantiated. they couldn't find a shred of evidence or support for these accusations and so it is clear that there was political bias. and contrary to the prior segment you had with neil gorsuch talking about you don't have 5 people change the constitution, that's exactly what liberals want and what they got in roe versus wade and today they will do anything and stop at nothing to prevent any such changes so despite the fact that this man's reputation was dragged through the mud they don't care. 's for troubling, just that her testimony was shaped by her lawyer or this motivation and
12:44 am
not the truth and merits further investigation. >> senator tom tillis suggested it will be the subject of an investigation. in the meantime, during the flagrant and ruthless character assassination attempt against kavanaugh a favorite talking point was what possible motivation could she have? the obvious answer then is confirmed now. it was a political hit. >> it is certainly wrong and an abuse of the process. seem so crazy you wonder if it is a slip of the tongue, but that would be abuse of the process of the american people but i can't agree with this poll where the broadside brush attack against liberals and roe v wade and doctor ford herself who seem very credible to me. we should keep this a little bit segmented. if that was a part of the motivation we should all be troubled by it, the notion that
12:45 am
is somehow proof of a 30 year liberal conspiracy is extremely overdone. shannon: i want to ask about this clip, we talk about a lot of things, this issue of original is in which you touched on as well and there are plenty of critics out there i asked about that but in the meantime what do you say to those who say at least his bad decisions will allow judges to find the decisions they want to find which he says adamantly is not what they do. >> any of the different trends of thought regarding the constitution and sipping court jurisprudence could lead to that result if you have a judge motivated by politics, even conservative judges i believe have issued results-oriented opinions at odds with president
12:46 am
and i don't like that type of judicial activism by any siding we have an amazing constitution, the way to fix it if you don't like it is to amend it, people have amended 27 times, that is the appropriate method, not by unelected lifetime judges. >> he comes to decisions maybe doesn't personally agree with because he feels his job is to interpret the law as written in their time to take on the case he knows people will be furious about the outcome but it's not up to him to rewrite the law from the bench. >> alayna kagan says we are all originalists now. there are segments in the academy you don't agree with original is him but his view that you have to interpret the constitution as it was written is sound and broadly accepted, more so than 30 years ago. it is part of the legacy of his judicial hero, justice scalia.
12:47 am
shannon: we talk about justice scalia sunday night as well. great to have you with us. free speech or dissemination? first amendment showdown involving university professor who says he's being disciplined for using the wrong pronouns. he joins us live with his attorney next. for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. m...before she puts them in the dishwasher. ú:]÷ug< so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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>> shannon: a year's worth long trial coming to a surprising e >> a years long trial coming to a surprising end, families are stunned. a massive fire at a warehouse in san francisco that was illegally converted into a mazelike workspace for artist in live events was a jury acquitted max harris, the manager of the building, involuntary manslaughter but could not reach a verdict for the master tenant who remains in custody and may face another trial. the warehouse caught fire killing 36 people. prosecutors argue the building was a death trap packed with flammable materials, no smoke detectors and only two exits. a professor at shawnee state university is suing the school claiming violation of first amendment rights after being punished for refusing to use a student's preferred gender pronoun. a magistrate judge recommended the suit be dismissed but the
12:52 am
professor is far from giving up. nicholas meriwether and tyson layinghoffer, the student who was in your class biologically born male, transitioning to female asked you use female pronouns. there were different compromises, you talked about using the first name, last name, eventually cannot come to an agreement and use it using these pronouns is a violation of my religious -- also? >> it is important to remember the university is a marketplace of ideas and not merely an assembly line for one type of thought and in this particular case i was being required to endorse of ideology i do not hold. i don't think public universities should be in the business of requiring people to
12:53 am
endorse or express ideologies they don't hold. shannon: this is what part of the magistrate's decision had to say about allegations you were forced to endorse the idea of transgender is more specific ideology, the plaintiff is not alleged defendants forced into a spousal express a viewpoint of disagree with found objectionable, plaintiff acknowledges the defendant gave him the option to start using gender-based titles during class that plaintiffs rejected that option. is that an accurate assessment of the claim? >> not exactly. what happened was professor meriwether indicated he would be willing to revert to the student with his last name or his first name and avoid the use of pronouns but what the university was requiring was professor meriwether change the way he addressed the entire class and he could not use any pronouns for any other students at all, had to not only change the way he addressed this student the way he addressed all students and that is what the first
12:54 am
amendment for bids. the university cannot force a professor to speak messages he disagrees with. >> i want to read something from think progress, the headline is this professor wants to disrespect to train students so much is going to court. they talk about a the african they help meriwether's case will be a vehicle for them to impose a double standard that justifies discrimination against transgender people that wouldn't otherwise be tolerated against other groups. tyson layinghoffer said this isn't just about a pronoun but endorsing an ideology that is false but respecting people for who they are. professor? >> tolerance is a 2-way street. i try to treat my students with respect and dignity. i given to express their beliefs. i'm just asking for the same thing. i would like -- >> finish your statement please.
12:55 am
>> i would like to be extended the same respect and dignity i extend to my students. i don't expect my students or require them to express something they don't believe or endorse an ideology they don't hold and i'm being required to do that. shannon: the magistrate recommended the case be dismissed. what is your next step? >> we have an opportunity to respond to the magistrate's reporter we will file with the district judge and we are hoping and hopeful the district judge rejects the recommendation from magistrate and upholds the first amendment rights of doctor meriwether. shannon: keep us updated. when a teacher suddenly collapses, the 6-year-old jumped into action to help, had to be airlifted to the hospital where she was on life support for 12 days until she is recovering. to honor max the school and
12:56 am
local sheriff's office surprised him with a new bike. for your bravery and quick thinking, you are our midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. [deep inhale] breathe happy with febreze plug.
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is god almighty and his son jesus christ and that is what i do. heather: it is friday, september 6th. at 4:00 on the east coast hurricane dorian slams the carolinas. the category one storm claiming four lives leaving widespread damage in its wake as it sideswiped the coast. we have live team coverage in north carolina where dorian is minutes from possible land fall. a new twist in the case of a missing connecticut mother of 5. the stunning admission and two new charges that could be the break investigators need.


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