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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 6, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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behind isis in new york city. >> you're funny and extremely bright. the sad part but you meant to make light of it, wearing a hat sends a trigger for some people. it's scary. we have to run. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. new details on the leader board boat fire that killed 33 people off the coast of california. crew members telling the ntsb they tried to save trapped passengers. hello everyone. i'm dana perino live from washington. this is "the daily briefing." authorities given an update moments ago and many families are still waiting to receive the remains of their loved ones. >> the sheriff's office will not be releasing the passenger manifest in whole out of respect for the families and in order to
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allow our investigators to make proper next of kin notifications. however, we do intend and will release the names of victims after we have positively identified them and have notified their next of kin. >> dana: william la jeunesse reports on this all week. william, what's the latest today? >> reporter: the major takeaway is number one the passengers had no chance to survive. one, because of the flames. two, because of the design and layout of the boat made it impossible nearly for them to get out number three, it was pitch black, they say. four, there was no working smoke alarm according to the crew. that's according to the ntsb and also no warning from the crew. contrary to regulations there was no night watch. >> i cannot quote the regulations verbatim. i can tell you the certificate of inspection articulated there
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was a roving watch required for that vessel. >> reporter: the crew reports seeing no passengers on the second deck. meaning they never got out of the bunk house. the sheriff said the burns were so severe requiring dna testing and recovered 33 of 34 bodies. only 18 have been i.d.'d. >> due to the intense fire all the recovered remains suffered varying degrees of fire damage requiring dna analysis to confirm the identities of the victims. >> reporter: now, they're still trying to recover the boat and have a salvage plan in place. they're expecting 30 knot winds this weekend and could be postponed until monday but brought in a barge to pick it up and bring it to a secure place for investigation. dana. >> dana: as we're trying to piece it together, what do we know about the time line and what the crew did or didn't do?
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>> reporter: well, i can show you a few things, dana. this vision is a near replica of the boat that sank. the crew went to bet around 2:00 in the morning -- bed around 2:00 in the morning weekend the wheelhouse but one hour later someone heard a noise and noticed the flame but could not get down to the gallie area and couldn't enter from the back door and couldn't get in from the front windows. again, the passengers were below basically the black line. they could not get out because of the flames. i want to show you some ntsb video from a tour they took. number one, the area you see now that piece of ood h -- wood is the escape hatch. you can see from another angle. an average guy trying to squeeze out of that hole can't do it and you see the main staircase. they're so steep they're backing down. now, how did it start?
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they're looking into areas where passengers charge phones and cameras and bad wiring, overloaded circuits, overheated chargers? they don't yet know. >> they had went to the double doors of the gallie to try to get in but it was engulfed in flames and couldn't get in through the windows. at that point due to heat, flames and smoke the crew had to jump from the boat. >> reporter: they have brought in a national response team to determine cause and origin of fire and the owner filed a claim in court and the families will now have to prove there was negligence on their part to recover. back to you. >> dana: william la jeunesse you covered this all week. thank you. right now dorian is churning over the southern virginia
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coastline as a category 1 storm. it made landfall on cape hatteras this morning. it's causing flooding and power outages up and down and largely sparing the communities the catastrophic damage in the bahamas and the governor, roy cooper, saying the state not out of the woods yet. >> there was significant damage. since the risk remains make sure you have weather alerts in the event of a tornado warning. we have shelters open for those needing a place to stay. >> dana: the death toll in the bahamas is 30 and search crews continue after the storm that hit as a category 5 hit earlier this week. >> keep us strong.
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>> the house is a mess. >> dana: alison barber is reporting live from the capital of nassau. >> reporter: this airport is one of the place where's the people rescued are being brought whether rescued by a private airplane by friends and family or a company that's volunteered to get people or coming after being rescued by the united states coast guard. the area over here you can see people walking into it now and some people in there sitting seeming to get treatment. this is one of the areas where we've seen the u.s. coast guard helicopter land on the back side of the building and unload people into the area there. they receive some treatment and ambulances pull into the area to take people to the hospital who need additional treatment. we met one women this morning who survived the hurricane with
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her 5-year-old son and 5-week-old baby and used her body as a shield to protect the infant child and grabbing blankets and sheets to shield them from flying debris. here's more of what she had to say. >> crazy. it's like all the houses are destroyed everywhere. the shops and everything. we had to survive. some people had to swim. our roof came off where we were staying and we had to run in the storm and try to find the nearest shelter. >> reporter: where will you go next? >> we don't know as yet. that's the next plan. as soon as we register we'll figure out what we're going to do and where we're going stay and everything. right now we're all homeless. >> reporter: as more people make their way out of places like abic island and grand bahamas we're hearing more of their stories and getting more of their video get clearer picture
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of every minute and still hard for rescuers to get in and out. officials say right now the death toll is at least 30 dead but everyone we speak to feel that number is on the low end and the death toll will rise. dana. >> dana: thank you so much. we have new jobs numbers out this morning showing the economy is continuing to grow. the u.s. adding 130,000 jobs in august. a number that was lower than projections but the unemployment rate is holding setty -- steady at 3.7% and 120 million worldwide workers will need job retake in the next three years due to the rise of artificial intelligence and employers are looking for soft skills like communication, creativity and team work over more specific technical skills. joe biden taking heat over
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meanwhile, president trump tweeting great job by senator rick scott and marco rubio and all from florida brilliantly involved including fema, coast guard and first responders. i'm joined by bret baier.
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so we're to be sitting in this seat asking you questions. thank you for letting me sit here. a quick question about the united states' role in cleaning the cleanup. people are getting anxious and alison barber had an amazing report a woman shielding her 5-week-old baby. doesn't think where she's going next. you think the united states will have to play a bill role here. >> huge. that's what the united states does best when we help other countries in distress. if you think of the tsunami and major earthquakes. the rescue and response, most u.s. military and coast guard and border patrol has help out and i think there's going to be a real significant effort that will make a big difference in the bahamas. we have such a close tie. people go to the bahamas and they're in a desperate situation. >> surely the death toll is going to go way up. it's at 30 right now. let me ask you about politics.
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we have the front-runner joe biden talking about votes from his past, positions from his past. talking to npr about how he remembers the iraq war and the leadup up to it. >> i got a commitment from president bush he was not going to go to war in iraq and looked me in the eye in the oval office and said he needed the vote to get inspectors in to iraq to determine if saddam hussein was engaged in dealing with a nuclear program. he got them in and before you know we had shock and awe. the moment it started i came out against the war at that moment. >> dana: david axelrod the former political adviser to president obama and the white house treated this, it's -- tweeted this, it's good to have a rep for harmless gaffs, it's one thing if you serially distort your own record. joe biden is in danger of create
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more damaging meme. >> he has an article charging it's not just small gaffs but senility and that's what the article said he was retweeting, david axelrod. that what you played has been refuted definitively by what he said on the floor of the senate and what he said to reporters months after that moment of meeting with president bush. i wasn't in that room and neither were you and there were not a lot of people making their stand at that moment. >> dana: what's interesting about it too is if you think back to the '04 campaign and george w. bush wants to be re-elect and john kerry's out there and at a town hall and said i was for the war before i was against it and that became the definition. i think it's possible next week when you see the democrats
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debate they won't complain about him being too old or his gaffs i think they'll go after him for his record. >> what you're seeing bernie sanders do on the stomp is details matter not only in your details and in what you supported as a senator and all throughout your life. i think it's going to be a big moment on the debate stage. the democratic primary is still in the search for safety because they look, i think, at elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and say i'm not sure. one drops out all that vote goes to one place because it's progressive. >> dana: there'll be a reckoning and we'll be there for it. the next thing i want to ask about is the possibility of the united states signing a peace deal with the taliban and you have secretary pompeo being reluctant to go forward all the way. >> there's a lot of angst about it. there's obviously a mandate from the president to get troops down and get troops home but there's a lot of anxiety about what
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exactly will be the fine print of that deal. and if they don't live up to their commitments, what happens to our side. 8600 is not a ton of troops. it is basically protection. >> dana: there's intelligence protection that needs to be done in the area. do you think secretary pompeo will run for senate in kansas? he said i'm thinking about my future and i spend my day thinking about politics around the world around the day and i never vary. it feels the chatter's getting louder. >> i was playing candidate casino with $100 in chips i'd say 70/30 pompeo runs for senate. >> dana: i'd put 90/10. since it's house money. and it's here in your house in the studio. thank you, bret baier, we'll watch you tonight on "special report." next, medicare for all gaining momentum can speaker pelosi hold back the tide or
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will vulnerable democrats be forced to vote.
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co-sponsor joining ben rayluhan. joining me is colin reed former campaign manager for scott brown and a commentary editor at the washington examiner. tim, when i saw this i thought back to the midterms when the democrats lost the house and now they're for medicare for all which is bigger. >> it's taking away the health care plans people have. that's why obama had to spend time promising it wouldn't happen and did to a lot of people. medicare for all would do it to many and bernie sanders and many admitted you can't do medicare for all and drive down costs unless you take away the competition from private health insurance. democrats seem to be dedicated their cause. >> dana: do you think they'll switch back if they realize it's
11:24 am
political danger. >> this year it's the opposite for all where medicare for all has now infect the house democrats because the majority of the presidential campaign support it too and the one i think is going to really regret supporting medicare for all is elizabeth warren because early on she jumped on bernie sanders bill. >> dana: and kamala harris has tried to walk back. do you think the democrats would pass a medicare for all bill this year? >> it's significant hakim jefferys would support it but it's part of the establishment's way of telling the left wing insurgency they're with them because taking private insurance way is a political loser. she doesn't have a bill and
11:25 am
trying to do a two step but she stepped in it and it's not going to work in general election. it's a way for nancy pelosi to continue to say just like impeachment, build your coalition, we're for you but doesn't want to vote on the house floor. >> dana: she'll never call it up. public opinion, democrats saying it's a good idea but i'm skeptical. this is the mrp poll 64% say it's a good i'd but when you ask about this and that the numbers drop drastically. let me move on. there's a story in politico saying here's where the trump campaign is now feeling good and gabby orr saying the president is transitioning to his happy place in front of thousands of adorge fans on the campaign trail and who do you think about
11:26 am
his incumbent. >> they have a lot of money with which to spread around the key critical electoral battlegrounds and will hold rally to do data collection and that's important for getting out the vote. i think the president miscalculates his base is big enough when he had to catch lightning in a bottle in 2016 to win him an electoral college victory. this time when every poll has him behind joe biden at least in every critical state. they should be feeling good about their plan to hold rallies and collect data. they should not feel good about where they are and should be fighting harder to expand his oce coalition. >> dana: back in 2016 wasn't hillary clinton in the state match-ups looked like she had the edge like biden does now. >> the thing of getting outside of d.c. it allows donald trump to be in his most comfortable
11:27 am
element, one. and two escape the d.c. noise and consume the debate. >> dana: what about in terms of data collection. the other piece is the republicans are finally catching up to democrats on the small donor donations and trying to match the democrats. >> they have a group called win red the equivalent to act blue and now the right is trying to come along and even the gap. >> dana: there was a wonderful book and as you travel the areas that vote ford trump what do you think of their positioning now in terms of feeling semi confident. >> people said i don't talk about politics and then i heard it's all a bunch of b.s. that's why i'm voting for trump.
11:28 am
he has activated people who weren't activated before and he love reaching back out to that base. it's not enough to win pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan again but really there's a sense there's finally somebody in the white house who stands for them. >> dana: i think it points to campaign promises made and kept. >> and more importantly, he's been fighting. he's throwing punches at the right people and that matters a lot. >> dana: that's true. he's a counter-puncher. thank you for being here. have a great weekend. when dorian heads out to see the government will have to turn its attention to relief efforts but how does the president respond when his own home is lost to the storm and i'll ask about the time george w. bush's main home was washgd to the ocean.
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>> no food is getting to them. the storm and stuff like that.
11:33 am
they have to live. >> dana: survivors on the ground in the bahamas sharing horrifying stories of their ordeal as they cope with the aftermath of hurricane dorian. many are still missing and 30 confirmed dead and that number is unfortunately expected to rise significantly. as emergency crews reach the hardest hit areas, volunteer groups are making their way there to help in the recovery effort. with the destruction in dorian's wake the question is how will president trump and respond to the devastation. i'm joined with marlin fitz water. he's the author of a new water, calm before the storm, desert storm diarieses and -- diaries and other stories.
11:34 am
when i with us thinking about the segment i remembered something from your first book called the briefing. if you're in washington it's the best washington book ever written. go to amazon and get it as soon as you can or your local store. what do you remember about being with president regan and george w. bush like the woman in the bahamas that is getting desperate. >> you can't understand the anguish of a person who went through a tornado and how scared they are or the loss of not having a home, food, water or anything. president bush would order the military and others to go down and to do the basics. put up tents, get people showers and any help you can. >> dana: in 1991 you were there. i remember this. you hat a front row seat to when
11:35 am
41 saw his house had been washed away. >> it was the so-called perfect storm and took the house in maine down to the foundation. we walked up afterwards and walked up to the foundation with nothing to see but the open ocean. he looked around and could find one small picture of his father was the only thing he could find. i thought he was going in to shock. andy card and i were with him and we said, let's keep an eye on this and the president said, marlin, come help us beat up this carpet. i'm going get the water out of it and found a piece of carpet and andy and i got shovels and help beat up this carpet. finally, we just said, we need to go, mr. president. >> dana: you witnessed this. >> there was a sense of loss. i think that helped form his
11:36 am
approach. >> dana: calm before the storm is your new book. i'm glad you kept a diary. in modern white houses after the clinton scandal, we were basically advised don't keep a diary at home because it's a government document. have this diary and have been able to write the book and write movingly about the presidents. one thing i wanted people to know about was the practical jokester that was ronald reagan. >> he loved to do practical jokes. on the airplane for example, on air force one we flew around the world and my habit was go to sleep immediately. and the president would always come back and get the photographer and lean over me and say marlin, quick, your president needs you and i must have six different pictures of me asleep on air force one. >> dana: you don't want to be sleeping other things could happen. another thing you talk with the time when margaret thatcher said
11:37 am
to the president, don't go wobbly. as the u.k. deals with brexit now you can almost imagine president trump saying almost the same thing to boris johnson today. >> the president enjoyed that phrase and kept repeating over and over until people said why are you letting margaret thatcher tell you not to go wobbly and steering straight with saddam hussein wiz a big -- was a big part of it. >> dana: did you enjoy your time as press secretary? >> the time was great. i remember lyndon johnson's press secretary said he never had a joyful day in the white house. i enjoyed every minute of it. 10 years was great. >> dana: i can't imagine doing it for 10 years. that to me seems like a lot. but so different now with social media and the 24/7 news cycle. >> it would be impossible today.
11:38 am
and it's an impossible job. i feel sorry for all the press secretaries. >> dana: haze a hard job while -- it's a hard job while you are in it but i look back with your time with fondness and wrote a great book, calm before the storm. i hope people get it. what do you hope people take away from the book if one thing. >> desert storm is the heart of the book. i think people should take away from it there was a rationale by the president and thoughtfulness by all involved and don't start wars easily and end them as soon as they can. >> dana: it's always an honor to be in your presence. marlin fitzwater. thank you. >> thank you. a list of retailers asking customers to not openly carry guns in stores. many are joining walmart and
11:39 am
roaring and it makes -- kroger. this after the recent spade of mat shootings like the one in el paso last month. the u.s. of education leveled its largest ever fine with the larry nasser sexual abuse case following the investigation into the university's role allowing nasser to sexually abuse more than 100 young gymnasts. he was sentenced to 175 years in prison and there was another sentence for ignoring nasser. a pilot spots a problem so severe he heads back to the gate. an american mechanic now charged with sabotage. plus, a mayor accused of corruption for demanding bribes from marijuana companies. we'll tell you all about it.
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>> the feds issuing an extreme warning after another person with a history of e-cigarettes use has now died. details on that and the compound that some health officials say could be causing the mysterious illness. that and the rest of the day's headlines as the news rolls on fox news next hour. >> dana: federal charges after a police say he extorted several would-be marijuana vendors and required a letter from the town to get a license. >> based on today's indictment he's essentially run that town as a paid to play institution. he did this to at least four
11:45 am
separate would-be marijuana venders in fallriver. total agreed river payments topped $600,000. >> dana: he is also accused of demanding his chief of staff turn over half her salary in order to get and retain her job. a mechanic for american airlines is accused of sabotage and charged with intentionally damaging a navigation system of a plane with 150 passengers on board. the pilot returning to the gate after an error message. video shows the suspect approaching the plane shortly before departure, quote, the driver depicted in the footage appears to be male with a light complexion and has a noticeable hitch or limp to his walk and charged with willfully disabling an aircraft. we have an aviation attorney and chief litigator for the faa and pilot and mechanic. here's the american airline statement. we have an unwavering commitment
11:46 am
to the safety of our team members and passengers and are taking this seriously. >> it's a system of trust and for somebody to breach a trust like that. what he does was very dangerous. >> dana: what did he do? >> they call it a data module and it takes sensing from the air speed as it takes off and takes static pressure in and so forth and mixing those and giving information to the pilot. it's also giving information to the automated systems of the airplane that control the airplane. there is a redundancy. the co-pilot has one and the pilot has another and the disparity between the two is what caused them to abort the takeoff. how dangerous it would be? the plane probably would have flown and probably have been able to handle that but
11:47 am
accidents happen from a variety of things and then have you this other thing to contend with on the takeoff which is a busy time for pilots. it's a very potentially dangerous thing. >> dana: the individual's name is abdul majeed akbul melani and he said there was a contract dispute and was looking for overtime and wanted work when it comes back to the gate. how do prosecutors deal with that? >> you tamper with an airplane with 150 people on board and saying you didn't mean to cause harm. it's ridiculous. >> dana: as if he's thinking it won't cause real harm as other mechanics think about this is it a background check needed? >> there's so much of the system where they do background checks.
11:48 am
there's so much of the systems that depend on trust of people. you can't make everything hard and fast and 100% safe. it depends on the integrity of the people that are hired. those two pilots were well trained and knew what to do. they practiced things like this in the simulator. >> dana: thank goodness for that. >> and the people who work in the airline industry are very good people. you know, now you have a rogue. how do you prevent that? >> dana: the other thing is basically american airlines they had to take -- there's a prosecution but obviously this guy's not going to work for american airlines again. >> i would hope not. >> dana: are there other consequences? >> i believe this is criminal. >> dana: i do too. >> i don't want to sit here and accuse people and say what he violated and so forth but it's a criminal act. anytime you tamper with controls
11:49 am
of an airplane purposely to try to disrupt the operation of that airplane, it's criminal. not just a violation of aviation regulations it's very serious. >> dana: thank you for coming in to the stoudy. we're glad -- studio. we're glad you were here. and "f" bombs and thoughts and a dog hitting a runway in a fashion show you don't want to miss. >> this is a pet too. 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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(baby crying)
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♪ (blender whirring) ♪ (baby laughing) ♪ pampers is here to help every parent love the changes a baby brings. ♪ >> dana: presidential candidate beto o'rourke turning heads. he's on his way to a sold-out
11:54 am
town hall. >> you know, leave the driving to somebody else, take and make phone calls, meet folks on the bus i never would have met otherwise. >> dana: here to talk about it, tyrus. i can't go a week without seeing you. beto o'rourke gave a statement to our folks about why he curses. listen to this. >> i just try to speak as honestly as i can. the language that my fellow americans use when they talk about the issues most important to them. until we're shocked out of our complacency. unless our conscious is engaged, we'll never act to speak honestly and act decisively. >> dana: he's also fund-raising off of his f bombs. he has a t-shirt for sale. politco said that o'rourke is hoping that vulgarity will be an
11:55 am
engine of his revival. in doing so, he's part of a lot of factors serving to mainstream. what was once a forbidden of four-letter words. what are you thinking? erasing historical norms. >> my problem with mr. o'rourke, i don't know who he is. if you cuss, you're always going to cuss, i'm a cusser. i use several words as adjectives to describe feelings, persons, places and things. i feel like with him it's forced. it's always weird and uncomfortable when he does it. when you're in a situation that he's in that he's at just the cusp of what? 2% in the polling? he pulling out all the stops. he's been successful in el paso with the house of representatives and the bus
11:56 am
tour. but his ship is sinking. whatever epitaph you use, your ship is sinking. >> dana: we'll see what he does. he'll be in the debate. we'll see -- i bet he doesn't say it on network television. you can mark my words. >> that's my point. >> dana: because he's -- >> that's my point. he would. that's not who he is. >> dana: that's right. so you're a patriots fan. >> yes. >> dana: also tom brady, your favorite quarterbacking. he was on the radio talking about carlie lloyd. she played soccer but could play in the nfl. he was asked about it. this is what he said. i'm sorry. he said i think if you're good enough to do it and teams want to explore that, then everyone should have an opportunity. it's a highly competitive game and hard to find good players. it's certainly hard to find good
11:57 am
kickers. let me ask you, if she wants to do this, great. what happens after the kick? >> that would be -- like i said, i'm all for opportunity. if she has the leg to do it, by all means go out and try. understand, once -- when you kickoff, if you're on kickoff, you're responsible for making touchdowns, you can be hit by a blocker. same thing kicking a field going, there's a guy coming at you 100 miles an hour try to block it. you're fair game. that's my only concern in terms of whether she could handle the wear and tear of being hit. if there's an athletic position a woman could play is kicker would be it. football is not the type of sport you walk on and do it. >> dana: it's not just the kick.
11:58 am
even i know that. >> okay. >> dana: check this out. 8-year-old jay is a model. he has cerebral palsy. he walking the runway for people with disabilities show adaptive clothing. his independence dog, banks, was by his side. you'll love it. watch. >> he's with me on this journey. he will walk the runway with me. i'm looking forward so is he. >> we have 40 models with all different types of disabilities about to go down this runway. >> i started runway dreams to work with the fashion industry to make modifications to mainstream clothing, to make clothing wearable for everyone. think about what your life would be like if you couldn't button your shirt, you didn't have the appropriate clothing to wear to an interview, a first date, prom. then you'll get a sense of how
11:59 am
critically important having adaptive mainstream clothing is to everybody's life. >> looks like buttons, but it's not buttons. it's actually a magnet. >> does that make it easier for you to do yourself? >> yes. definitely. it's super great. even for a person without disabilities, it's just easier. >> dana: that little guy could steal your heart. what a great idea, right? this adaptive clothing. also again, he has a service dog. he just helps him and also a pet. >> this is great. he's the total package. he has the charisma, the presence. his dog was with him. it's phenomenal. it's great that we can spotlight and more people will see the positive things going out there. you know, while they're at it, they need to help me find some casual clothes to go to work.
12:00 pm
everywhere i go it's too tight.maybe he can help me out. >> dana: how about that time on the way to the studio and you had to stop by the big and tall shop. >> yeah. my only friends. >> dana: i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in north carolina. hundreds of people are right now stranded on an island after the state's outer banks took a direct hit from the much diminished hurricane dorian. it's nothing compared to the devastation and desperation in the bahamas. the health minister there is now predicting the final number of people that died will be in his word staggering. we'll get a live report from abaco island. steve harrigan is on the ground where one woman says the monster storm was like a tsunami. >> i've never seen nothing like that. >> shepard: also, a former ea


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