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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 6, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. astroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. everybody. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special, inside the issues edition of "tucker carlson tonight." as george orwell once noted, the worst advertisement for socialism it's adherence. as george orwell once noted, the worst advertisement for socialism it's adherence. the typical socialist is, quote, "either a youthful snob or a prim little man with a white collar job, usually a secret teetotaler and, often with vegetarian leanings." orwell wrote those words in 1937. but they're weirdly recognizable today, especially the line about vegetarianism. there is something about the
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left, you may have noticed, that makes them highly neurotic about food. it's been that way for generations. but there is ample evidence the impulse is getting worse. here is a clip from the other night on cnn. democratic candidates lining up to denounce meat as immoral. >> but would you support changing the dietary guidelines? >> yes. >> you know, the food pyramid. >> yes. >> to reduce red meat specifically. >> yes, i would. >> it's good for the environment, it's good for your health if you eat less meat. certainly, meat is an extraordinarily expensive thing to produce. >> look, there are a lot of ways that we try to change our energy consumption. some of it is with light bulbs. some of it is on straws, some of it is, dang, on cheeseburgers, right? >> tucker: elizabeth warren says you eat too many cheeseburgers, as if it's any of her business. but that's the thing. she actually thinks it is her business. they all think that. the activist left seeks to control everything you do, including what you put in your mouth. for the last few years, they
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have been pushing to you eat bugs. bugs. remember the headline from "the washington post," "eating bugs can help the environment" or how about this one from the "new york times," "why aren't we eating more insects?" it's bizarre. why would they want you to eat insects? because eating insects is repulsive and unamerican. and, of course, therefore in the eyes of the left, it must be awesome. the more perverse and unnatural the better. that has always been their standard. they are not leading a political movement by the way. they are leading a revolt against their fathers. given that, we shouldn't be surprised about what happened on television this week when a researcher unveiled his plan to fight climate change. eating insects is not enough, according to him. cutting greenhouse gas emissions may require to us develop a taste for human flesh. yes, it is time to practice ecocannibalism. watch. >> census taker once tried to test me.
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i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice ceante. >> tucker: sorry, wrong clip. but you get the point. the professor went on to say unfortunately many people might balk at cannibalism. they are too uptight start by eating their own pets. start by eating their own pets. have a cocker spaniel burger for the planet. now, the swedes, we should tell you, are several years ahead of us in the u.s. in their climate consciousness. but we will get there soon. and when we do get there, it will be due to the tireless evangelizing of prophets like saint pete buttigieg of south bend. as buttigieg acknowledged the other night, god himself agrees with every word saint pete utters. >> if you believe that god is watching, as poison is being belched into the air of creation, and people are being harmed by it,
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countries are at risk of vanishing in low-lying areas what do you suppose god thinks of that? i bet he thinks it's messed up. at least one way of talking about this is that it's a kind of sin. >> tucker: hear that? disagreeing with saint pete is a sin, or as episcopalians like saint peter put it, a kind of sin. whatever, it's bad. what apparently is not a sin is flying on private jets, which st. peter does more than any other democratic candidate in the race. of course, if you did it, if you end up within 50 feet of a private jet, the left would denounce you as murdering the planet. when they fly private, it's very different. very different. it's necessary. it's not frivolous. they have to. it's virtuous, actually. two standards: one for them, one for everyone else. they are like that with everything, by the way. watch, for example, as saint pete needles the west of us
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prols about our naughty plastic straw habit. >> i think we are thinking about it mostly through the perspective of guilt, you know, from using a straw to eating burger. am i part of the problem? in a certain way, yes. the most exciting thing is that we can all be part of the solution. >> tucker: you just heard it. when you use a drinking straw, says saint pete of south bend, you are part of the problem. unless you happen to be pete buttigieg himself, and you find yourself at the iowa state fair. in which case, you can eat all the meat you want, and, yes, you can drink from a plastic straw. watch. >> and there is no long-term plan. >> the usmca helps farmers? >> one-on-one. >> do they want to know about policy, or do they want -- and how do you pitch something like a plan for -- how do you demonstrate to people here that you could be the guy? >> tucker: are you starting to figure this out? straws for me, but not for
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thee. don't like it, tough. stop your whining and eat your insects, or your pets, or your neighbors. we're heading out for a cheeseburger. melissa francis cohost, among other things, "outnumbered." one of our favorites. she joins us tonight. melissa, as i'm reading this script, i'm thinking to myself, is this story real? i hope we haven't been punked. i always count on you for due diligence. this is a real out of sweden about the cannibalism. >> very hard to believe it's a real story. it seems like it. i read it, i followed it, and it seems to be serious. i feel like they can't be. and immediately i thought of jonathan swift and "the modest proposal" and that was, of course, the satire from 1729 when they were saying the irish should fatten up their children and feed them to the rich. and that that would solve both the problem of starvation and overpopulation. so i was like, okay, maybe this isn't real.
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but then again, it is kind of the natural progression of where we would go if we are trying to control the human population for the sake of the environment. eat your neighbor to save the planet. i mean, there is a certain logical sense there, and they are saying, you know, you don't eat them when they're alive. they're like, once they die, eat dead dead people. that will help in so many ways. it helps the atmosphere because they are not decomposing. you have fewer cows. it makes -- no it doesn't make any sense. i can't tell if they're serious or not. i feel like we are getting punked. and if you look back at swift, there was a reason behind the satire. part of it was to, you know, talk about the plight of the irish and how people had dehumanized them at that point. but part of it was to make fun of a lot of the solutions that were out there at the time as being stupid. so this could be like this solution is no more stupid eating your neighbor, than some of the other stuff we have heard, like getting rid of cows. >> tucker: that's just a mitigating factor.
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this is magness soterland of sweden. my name is carlson, so i'm allowed to say this. the swedes have no sense of humor. there is not one person in the country with a sense of humor, so that suggests this couldn't be satire, because that word doesn't translate into swedish. >> yeah, that's possible. i don't know, i'm with you. i know -- i feel like we have got to be getting punked here. we have to be. so, i can't really take this at face value. um, i would say that it fits into the current climate hysteria. when you were showing those clips of you how the democrats are one-upping each other, it's amazing that thing on cnn didn't rate. because it seems like, as they were all trying to outdo each other at how much you could give up in order to be, you know, morally righteous, that everybody wouldn't be jumping on board with that. it's shocking. but if you look at the craze right now, so everybody is selling these meatless burgers.
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if you look, wendys is jumping on board, everybody is trying get on board. they're not actually healthy. that's the irony of the meatless thing, filled with sodium, has tons of calories made of starch and potatoes. those meatless burgers, you are no better off eating those. you are just not eating meat. >> tucker: wouldn't it be easier to go to church, pick your local methodist or episcopalian church and just go? wouldn't it be simpler? >> another thing they could be doing, i also think the folks behind this could be extreme vegans, and so they're saying like, if it's so gross to eat humans, why is it not gross to eat animals? that's another possibility. or, or, tucker, they are saying, why don't you go find your nearest deplorable, throw him on the barbecue? you would be doing, like, a double service. you would be ridding the world of a trump supporter and at the same time saving the planet, like, ding, ding. both things are fantastic. that could be it, as well. i don't know. >> tucker: i have the
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feeling we are going to see that proposal not satirical proposed. melissa, great to see you tonight. >> you, as well. i'm going to go have a hamburger. ♪ >> tucker: so, if eating meat is a one-way ticket to the pete buttigieg version of hell, how can we save ourselves? what meat alternatives should we be eating? cathy areu the founder of magazine. she joins you tonight. nice of you for coming on. >> thanks. >> tucker: where are you on cannibalism? >> on cannibalism? well, in 1974, some people in uruguay soccer team had to eat their teammates after a plane crash. it was a book. they had to do it. they were very religious. and they knew that their religion would forgive them because they had to stay alive and their teammates. >> tucker: sounds like you are pro-choice on cannibalism, then? >> i'm just saying, it happened in 1974, and people
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judged, but when they heard the facts, it was understandable. >> tucker: right. so for those of you who are not ready to embrace cannibalism, or even pet-eating. >> i'm not right now, no. >> tucker: good. but we -- you know, we want an alternative to the meat that we buy in supermarkets. what would you suggest? >> well, there are healthy alternatives. it's not like these meatless burgers are not healthy. the things that i have researched are healthy. and they have been around for hundreds of years. and it's all around us. so, we actually would be environmentally conscious to take advantage of the nutrients around us. like tree bark. >> tucker: okay. >> tree bark. >> tucker: tree bark? >> yes. you can survive. many have for hundreds of years, they have vitamins and sugar. so carbs. sap. so, tree bark. not the outside, but right inside, the soft part of the tree bark, yes. >> tucker: does it matter
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the tree, or just generic tree bark is good enough? >> it does. there are tutorials, how to find the right tree, right now, on youtube, on the internet. and you can find a tree expert who could tell you but pine trees strongly recommended, yes. since they have the branches. you don't want to kill a tree. that would be wrong. you don't want to kill a tree. you have to do it the right way. >> tucker: what else do you recommend? >> dandelions. >> tucker: dandelions, yes. >> they are lovely, but did you know they are a super food? you can have -- there is calcium. there is iron. there is vitamin a, c, and k. and they are completely edible, from flower to root. so, it's a super food. >> tucker: impressive. >> completely healthy. yeah, and people have been eating these -- they call them weeds, but they are flowers. these flowers, for a long time maybe technically a weed, but they are everywhere. we should take advantage of them and they have been around for hundreds, thousands of years.
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>> tucker: okay, tree bark and dandelions. you are making me feel more ecofriendly than i have felt in a long time, cathy. thank you. >> yeah. yeah. you should take advantage of what's around you, yeah. i have another one, yeah, okay. >> tucker: i'm going to leave it there, i'm full. cathy, thank you. >> okay, okay. sorry. okay. >> tucker: left-wing writer at "the atlantic" has proposed a radical idea: bring back racial segregation, at least for college sports. huh. the left endorsing segregation? something else we never thought we would see as our special continues. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our inside the issues special. some of the great heroes in recent american history are the people who risk their lives to integrate our colleges and universities, to end segregation. and we revere them. so it's a little surprising, decades later, to see, on the fringes of the left, segregation coming back into vogue. in a recent piece, to name one example in "the atlantic," jamele hill argues that quote, "it's time for black athletes to leave white colleges." in the piece, hill argues that making their schools rich while going unpaid themselves. for that reason, hill says, they should attend historically black colleges to ensure those schools reap the financial benefits. professor of academic studies at
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the university of maryland, and joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: part of this argument, the schools are getting rich at the expense of the athletes, seems absolutely right to me. >> absolutely. >> tucker: worth a debate. i'm not sure it has to do anything with anybody's race. i don't think it does. i think that's a real thing. >> i think it does have to do with race, but that's okay. >> tucker: okay, but, i'm just shocked, as someone who grew up in a country where the triumph over segregation was held up as, you know, comparable to storming the beaches at normandy. like one of our great achievements. but people on the left would say let's resegregate. >> i don't think she is arguing for segregation. if you read the piece, she says, what if 10 or 20 or a couple dozen blue chip athletes decided to go to an hbcu, and make them competitive and therefore they would reap the benefits, as you stated. that alabama has where they make $174 million off of their football athletes. why not have historically black colleges reap those
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benefits, and we know that historically black colleges graduate a lot of black professionals. and our country is becoming more diverse. we need black professionals to succeed because where black professionals go and other brown and red and yellow professionals go, so goes the rest of the country. that's for the betterment of our society. >> tucker: wait, wait, wait a second, even right there, you are making an argument in favor of racial segregation in education. >> absolutely not. >> tucker: you're saying people who go to schools that are racially segregated, you had which hbcu are racially segregated. >> no they are not. you can be white and go to hbcu. >> tucker: you can but people don't. i mean they are -- they tend to be mono chromatic. >> that's not true either if you go to many hbcu in the south are no longer majority black. that's absolute fact. again, if you are talking about some of the bigger ones, like howard university. >> tucker: i am talking about the biggest. that's exactly what i'm talking about. >> but there are many other
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hbcus around the country no longer majority black people think they can get affordable education there. >> tucker: that's great. that's kind of what the whole point of this 70-year exercise was, right? to integrate. and, again, i just think it's strange. >> well, to desegregate. >> tucker: to integrate, to desegregate, i'm not sure i know the difference between those two, but you shouldn't have colleges segregated by race. okay? that was the argument anyway. and now you appear to be seeing people at harvard. there is a separate black graduation ceremony. >> yes. >> tucker: that's by definition a segregated ceremony. i mean, again, i don't know. i'm just surprised. you are not at all? >> i think there is, again, there is certainly a difference, i think, between segregation and separation. you know, of course, segregation being forced, separation where you are actually trying to disadvantage one group over another. and others, for example, we
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have a latino graduation at the university of maryland and part of the reason we have that is so that your -- abuela, who doesn't speak english, can have a bilingual ceremony. there are some reasons for in some cases, having that. >> tucker: can i go to that as a non-hispanic? and could you, as an african-american? >> i'm there every year. every may. actually. >> tucker: i think you know what i'm saying. people have kind of given up on the integration that we were promised as kids. >> but, again -- >> tucker: maybe no one wants to quite admit that, but that seems to be what the left is pushing. >> see, i disagree, tucker, again. i don't think that jemele hill made the argument that all black athletes should abandon predominantly white institutions. she is saying, hey, let's give, you know, african-american, historically black institutions an opportunity to compete. now, where i'm going to agree with you really quickly before we go is that i think that the responsibility of funding
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for hbcus should come from the governments and the states that those places -- that those institutions reside in. and she talks about how they have been defunded over the years. we shouldn't put that responsibility on 18-year-old kids. >> tucker: let's be real. alumni giving at those schools is the lowest in the country, i think. >> wealth gap. that's reflective of the racial wealth gap. >> tucker: you said there are successful people graduating from those schools. >> sure, but there is still a racial wealth gap. >> tucker: giving is low 12%. that's not the government's fault, i would say. but we are out of time. professor, great to see you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. thank you. >> tucker: back in 2015, david deliden and the center for medical progress, released under cover footage they found of planned parenthood discussing selling body parts. the job of investigating
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planned parenthood fell to then-attorney general kamala harris. she had a very different target in mind. the journalist who found the footage. harris sent police to his home and seized his film footage. we spoke to david earlier. and this is what he said about it. is any of that mischaracterizing what happened? you bring to light, clearly illegal and appalling and immoral behavior by planned parenthood, and then you become the target of a criminal investigation? >> that's correct. when kamala harris was attorney general of the state of california, she worked hand-in-glove with her political backers at planned parenthood. no less than six top level executives at planned parenthood of california met with her in person in los angeles in march of 2016. we have the documents from discovery in the case that her office ultimately launched against me and one of cnp's investigators. top planned parenthood executives met with kamala harris in march of 2016 specifically requesting that she use the law enforcement
9:25 pm
powers of her office to seize dozens of hours of unreleased, undercover footage that we had gathered at the center for medical progress. they got a highly-political search warrant to conduct a political raid on my home to seize the unreleased undercover footage. by the way, it's black letter california law that you are not supposed to get a search warrant to seize the unpublished materials of a journalist, whether citizen journalist, professional journalist. but that's what kamala harris went ahead and did at the behest of planned parenthood in order to cover up for them and cover up increased further scrutiny for the crimes of selling aborted baby body parts, sometimes from criminal, partial birth abortions. that's stuff that we are -- >> tucker: it's horrifying. >> it's absolutely horrifying. >> tucker: so, in other words, a journalist brings to light criminal behavior committed by the political backers of a politician. that politician then uses armed cops to seize the evidence, to protect her political backers. i wonder if there could be a more corrupt scenario than that?
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>> it's hard to imagine it. i mean, it's like a banana republic. really, what it is, it's an assault on first amendment civil rights. it's using the power of law enforcement. it's using the law enforcement powers of kamala harris' office to punish dissenting thought and to punish people who have a policy disagreement. and, in a free society, an open society, you know, we solve our disagreements and actually we welcome our disagreements, and we discuss those openly in a free market place of ideas. we don't shut that down and try to use the police power of the state to control people think or enforce a very narrow orthodoxy of what the good of all persons should be in 2019. but that's what kamala harris did on behalf of planned parenthood as attorney general of california. >> tucker: yeah. and there is nothing liberal about that. that's fascist behavior. okay? that's third world fascist behavior. >> it is. >> tucker: david, i'm glad you are here, and i'm glad you are able to recount that for
9:27 pm
us. it matters more than ever. thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: despite doing his best to replace the united states as the preeminent nation on the world stage, we will investigate one way the chinese government plans to do that. also, pretty remarkable final exam for you tonight. jesse watters vs. judge jeanine pirro. miss that if you dare. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to tonight's live special. former zimbabwe dictator robert mugabe died today. he was 95 years old and hiding in singapore when he died. here is how the u.s. embassy chose to commemorate the death of a dictator, and we are quoting. "the united states extends its condolences to the mugabe family and the people of zimbabwe as they mourn the passing of former president robert mugabe. we join the world in reflecting on his legacy in securing zimbabwe's
9:32 pm
independence." it's hard to believe that's real, but it is real. apparently, the u.s. ambassador to zimbabwe signed off on it. he should be recalled for that. meanwhile, back in washington, the state department released a statement praising mugabe for, we're quoting, "liberating zimbabwe." this is when you know the executive branch of government is completely out of control. that it's being run by bureaucrats who don't care at all who was elected, who are acting out of their left wing agendas without any restraint whatsoever. because robert mugabe was such a bad leader that no normal person could look at him and say we need to mourn his passing. not one person. the only words in response to his death would be good riddance. he wrecked that country. he took control of one of the richest countries in
9:33 pm
southern africa and reduced it to starvation. he made its currency as valuable as wallpaper. he literally committed genocide against an ethic group as soon as he was elect in 1980. roberts mugabe didn't liberate his nation, he destroyed it. and the u.s. state department doesn't understand that somebody ought to get to the bought hough sent those tweets out and who sent that statement out. ♪ >> tucker: this past summer a promising major league baseball career came to an abrupt end when los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs was found dead in a hotel room. at the time, skaggs' death was a complete mystery, but now an autopsy has revealed what happened. skaggs is one of the latest and most high profile victims of america's opioid epidemic. skaggs choked to death on own vomit after overdosing on a combination of alcohol, oxycodone, and fentanyl. fentanyl. you have heard the word. over the last decade, fentanyl has become a drug super weapon that is devastating communities across the country.
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just a few grains are enough to kill a man. according to the cdc, from 2000 to 2012, fentanyl was involved in about 2% of overdose deaths in this country. by 2017, it was involved in 57% of overdose deaths. that year alone, 40,000 americans died with fentanyl in their systems. so where does this drug come from? who is sending it here? well, cocaine, as you know, grows in latin america. meth is often mixed in garage labs. but an overwhelming amount of fentanyl and the chemicals that make it come from china. according to i.c.e. agent who testified in congress in may of 2018, fentanyl and its precursors are mostly produced in china and sent to america nut mail service. china banned fentanyl earlier this year and says the flow of fentanyl out of the country has stopped, but that's a lie.
9:35 pm
just last week, busted a fentanyl smuggling ring seized enough to kill 14 million people. according to him, the vast majority of the drug came from china. china is a police state. they are able to use facial recognition technology to find members of certain ethnic groups and put them in prison, and they do. able to censor the internet for more than a billion people. they have control of what happens within their borders. if china wanted to stop the mass exportation of fentanyl, china could do that. china doesn't want to do that. that's why it is still coming here. a lot of it through mexico, by the way. 15 years ago, america invaded iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction. it turns out those weapons didn't exist. but unlike iraq, china really is manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction. and they are using it to kill thousands and thousands of americans, right here in the homeland. and yet, for some reason this time around, our leaders don't -- care. ♪
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not hard to guess why china has no sympathy for america's population and why they don't care that they are poisoning our young people. china is a rising super power. it plans to displace the united states as the world's strongest country. bill gertz is a senior editor at "the washington free beacon," author of the new book "deceiving the sky inside china's drive for global supremacy." he joins us now for his first tv interview about that book. good to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. good to be on the show. >> tucker: we have done a bunch of segments on china but you dive so deeply into this. give us the overview. where would you say china is right now in its effort to overtake the united states? >> just the other night, you had a segment quoting the democratic presidential candidates of saying climate change is an existential threat. that's not true. >> tucker: yes. >> the real existential threat is communist china. and it's going to take all
9:37 pm
of america's will, policy focus, and effort to mitigate that threat. we are in real trouble. china is on the march. xi jinping has shifted the old policy of bide our time, build our capabilities. they are now out front. he has something called the china dream, which is really a chinese communist nightmare. and they are on the move. they are doing this belt and road initiative, which is a cover for military and economic expansionism around the world. >> tucker: can i ask you? the assumption has been, i think, among american politicians and business leaders, that we can just coexist, and sure, they are getting more powerful, but we are fine, and we can both kind of run the world together. do you think that's true? >> absolutely false. yeah, you know, the whole policy of engagement has been a -- basically a 40-year gamble, that if we trade and engage china, that this will
9:38 pm
turn it into a benign, free market, open system. well, it's utterly failed. going back to the clinton administration, for example, they had this idea that we should engage on nuclear cooperation and space cooperation. what happened? they ended up stealing nuclear secrets on every deployed u.s. warhead. that technology was then spread to pakistan, iran, north korea, and other places. we helped their missiles and now their missiles are aimed at our cities. long range and intermediate range missiles. this is a real problem. >> tucker: bill, i wish we had more time for this. and i hope you will come back. >> sure. >> tucker: if you're china, you look at trump, the first american president ever to call your bluff and challenge you, aren't you going to do everything you can to tank the u.s. economy before the election so that he won't be reelected? >> absolutely. they are definitely going to try that they are already working in the farm states.
9:39 pm
they are working against the whiskey industry in the united states to undermine trump. they want a different president. that's what vice president pence said last fall. >> tucker: yeah. you just noted you that's true. bill gertz, congratulations on the book. i hope it's read my by trillions. >> thank you. >> tucker: it's friday time for our favorite secret service agent who joins us in a moment. this week's top stories include an by bill de blasio. final exam, jesse watters vs. judge jeanine pirro. amazing matchup. we'll be right back ♪ by the strolle♪s
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♪ >> tucker: it is time now for "final exam," the highlight of our thursday, with the smartest people at fox news compete. see who has been paying the closest attention to the week's news and win a coveted wemple mug.
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this week's matchup is a very special showdown. defending champion jesse watters, of course hosts "watters' world," every saturday at 8:00. one of the stars of "the five." right after him, at 9 p.m., challenger judge jeanine. author of the new book dominating the "new york times" best seller's list. we are grateful both have competing against each other. this is going to be epic. i am not going to make any predictions. we have been talking off camera. i know, judge, you had some concerns that the game was on the level. i can tell you the auditors have been through the books and technological aspects of the game and everything is completely fair. >> i don't believe it. i think when i hit this buzzer, it takes a long time to go to the light. so i want his buzzer. >> you can't have my buzzer. >> tucker: in general, i prefer paper ballots for that reason. >> hit it.
9:45 pm
>> tucker: read the rules. hands on buzzer. first one to buzz in gets to answer the question. you've got to wait until i finish asking the question before you answer. that is critical. >> how do we know if you are finished? >> tucker: because i will say your name, and i will say you got it. every correct answer is worth one point. you get it wrong, you lose a point. best of five wins. make sense? >> yeah. >> good luck, jesse. >> yeah, you need it. >> tucker: question one. you have to be quick on my buzzer. here it is: at a new hampshire campaign event this week, which 2020 democrat stopped his own speech to scold a crying baby? not multiple choice. jeanine? >> i thought it was multiple choice. you said it was multiple choice. >> tucker: the script said it was multiple choice, that was a mistake. >> give it to her. i will let her have it. >> tucker: we just fired the
9:46 pm
person responsible for that. we are going to go to jeanine. you don't know -- give it to me. she doesn't even know. >> no, no, no. wait, no. >> she was buzzing before she even knew. >> i said, what is the choice? is there a choice? >> there is no choice. >> you want the answer? >> tucker: here is the question. >> i know the question, you want the answer? >> tucker: what's the answer? >> bernie sanders, he is a curmudgeon. >> tucker: bernie sanders? was it bernie sanders? >> that's what i just told you. >> correctly say you have to cut your pills in half yourself. okay. if we could keep that down a little bit. okay, thanks. [laughter] >> tucker: you got it. that was, in fact, bernie sanders. >> thank you. >> tucker: go to question two, and we will pray this goes a little better. now, this is a multiple choice, i'm assuming. >> okay. >> tucker: here it is: at cnn's
9:47 pm
climate change town hall, which 2020 democrat admitted is he a huge "star trek" fan and even referred to himself as a trekkie? was it a, saint pete buttigieg? was it b, cory booker of new new jersey? was it c, andrew yang? jeanine? >> na, na, na, na. cory booker. >> tucker: you think it was cory booker? >> i don't know, i think. >> tucker: extra credit question is do you believe anything he says. we will start with cory booker. did cory booker describe himself as a trekkie? >> i will read more geo-engineering besides what i saw on "star trek." because i am a bit of a trekkie and have watched them go to planets and helped them with this situation. >> this guy is running for headline. >> that might be the headline coming out. booker confesses he is a trekkie. >> spartacus. >> tucker: impressive.
9:48 pm
question three, this is a tough one. it'll be another multiple choice. we reported on this show some people are now flying on airplanes with their miniature horses. this week, social media exploded with a mini horse on an american airlines flight to omaha. what was the horse's name? was it a, flirty? was it b, daisy? or was it c, peewee? jesse watters? >> it was a, flirty. >> tucker: flirty, the provocative name for a mini horse. i will say that. was it flirty? >> yes. >> a passenger brought her miniature service horse with her. this is 7-year-old flirty. >> i love the name. >> flirty helps her owner with medical alerts and mobility assassination. assistance. >> tucker: whoa, flirty. the name is almost as weird as the story itself. congratulations. that one goes to jesse. so it's 2-1, the judge in the lead. into question four. here it is.
9:49 pm
another multiple choice, by the way. whole foods, that's the grocery store owned by jeff bezos and amazon, is testing a new, not-at-all creepy payment system that scans a part of your bed. what body part will it scan? is it a, your eyes? is it b, your hands? is it c, your feet? jesse? >> i'm going to guess a, eyes. >> tucker: eyes? jeff bezos is going to look into your eyes when you go to whole foods. is it eyes? >> talk to the hand. >> oh, i know. like a fingerprint. >> use it as a payment method in its stores. pretty cool. >> tucker: holly smokes. [buzzer] >> i thought it was like the clear in the airport. >> tucker: yeah, i mean, you can be forgiven. but it's jeff bezos, got to be stranger than just reading your eyes. final question: this could
9:50 pm
bring us back to parity, two-pointer, and last multiple choice, and it's this. a maid of honor showed up at sister's wedding wearing unusual costume after the bride told her she could wear whatever she wanted. what did the maid of honor wear: a, space suit, b, a taco shell, or c, a t-rex costume? >> t-rex. >> tucker: t-rex? was it a t-rex costume? >> is it? >> a bride to be in nebraska told her brides maid, you know what? wear whatever you want for the big day. she thought she was nice and flexible. her sister christina decided to take her up on her offer and showed up in this. the maid of honor writing look, if i'm spending more than $50, i want it to be a dinosaur costume because they are fantastic. i have always wanted one and my sister did say we can wear anything. >> all right. >> tucker: holy smokes, it looks like the reign of jesse watters has come to an end, at least temporarily, you can't keep that man down. >> thank you.
9:51 pm
>> tucker: judge jeanine pirro. >> good job. >> tucker: you are the winner of tonight's show, of a new eric wemple mug. >> who is eric wemple? judge. >> tucker: you are about to find out. we are going to send you our coveted erik wemple mug. >> they handed it to me. >> tucker: go to and get a third. >> your face is on there. >> and jesse, you get a new copy of judge jeanine's book. >> i just finished "liars, leakers, and liberals." are you buying it, tucker? >> tucker: we bought a couple thousand, and we are sending them to our closest friends. >> nice. >> thank you. >> tucker: we will see you, judge, next week. >> next week? >> tucker: you, at home, we hope to see you next thursday. tune in every thursday to see if you are worthy of an eric wemple mug. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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♪ >> tucker: it's friday, that means we'll close the only way we know how, with a dan bongino news explosion. good to see you, dan. >> i'm excited. i'm really excited for this one today. i have three doozies. let's start with explosive story number three. i watched your de blasio interview. well done, give the guy credit, he came on the show. >> tucker: for sure. >> but the guy is hovering about 2% above the grim reaper in approval polls. and i gotta tell you, man, tucker, can this dude duck a question or what? i mean, it was like, he was like tyson coming in. he can't -- i think we have some video of this guy ducking just about every question. check this out. >> tucker: the city is dirty and getting dirtier. one of my producers told me
9:57 pm
just yesterday that he was in a crowded subway car, and a man dropped his trousers and defecated in the car, and nobody did anything about it. you endorsed decriminalizing public urination. >> that's false. >> tucker: it's not false, i was living there when you did it. >> listen, any offense like that gets a summons, there is a penalty. there is definitely a sanction. we don't believe in that. >> tucker: you weakened the sanction against public urination, and the city smells like urine. >> that's not true. i go all over new york city all the time. i'm sorry. i've been here for decades and decades. this city is more orderly, and cleaner, and safer than it's been for many, many years. >> and the worst part, tucker, about this whole thing, is when he did answer the question, he made it up. you were absolutely right, they changed the public urination from a criminal summons to a civil summons. he couldn't even tell the difference. >> tucker: it's a civil rights issue, public urination.
9:58 pm
no, i'm aware. what a b.s. artist. >> does guy live in new york any more? i mean, my gosh. okay, i have two more. explosive story number two, the biden chronicles continue. the biden chronicles, the stories are great. i mean, they really are. biden tells stories on the campaign trail, they're touching, heartbreaking. the problem, tucker, none of them actually happened. they're not real stories. i mean, listen, i get it, i heard you say, there's a part of me that really feels bad. i think barack obama gave him good advice. joe, you don't need. the chronicles are wonderful stories. the problem, joe, they didn't happen. nice work and all, but maybe it's time to think this thing through. not work it out. all right. go ahead. >> tucker: i just -- my heart is broken. i just feel sad about joe biden.
9:59 pm
every time i look at him, i think you could have retired, be in barbados with the grandkids. >> i heard you say that last night. you're right, it is it's tough to watch. my secret service friends who work for the guy -- it's not ending well. poor joe. story number one is my favorite. the hypocritical democrats during that cnn seven-hour commercial for the republican party, you heard the climate change, whatever it was, they want to ban everything. these are the worst kind of hypocrites. i have a list for you, okay? here's what they want to ban. vote democrats in 2020, they want to ban coal, natural gas, air travel, the combustion engine, fracking, offshore drilling, meat, cheese burgers, i'm not going anywhere without my cheeseburger. even worse, they want to ban plastic straws. for those cardboard ones. i got a little kombucha here.
10:00 pm
that is never good, leave my straws alone. >> tucker: dan bongino. >> [mumbling] from my cold dead hands. >> tucker: the great dan bongino exploding the news. have the best weekend, dan. we will be back monday. have a great weekend. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity," trump versus the radical left. we start with pretty amazing news. look at this. i doubt the media mob will be focused on it. but the donald trump economy just broke another huge record. for the first time in recorded history, the african-american unemployment rate in the united states is down to 5.5%. that is an all-time low. and that's not all. the unemployment gap between white americans, black americans, is also at a record low. in other words, our economy is now humming on all cylinders.
10:01 pm
and thankfully working for the entire family, all americans.


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