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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 7, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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smithsonian. thank you for watching the ingram angle. the fox news at 19 takes it from here. we will share this with them. shannon: welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert? is the democratic establishment souring on joe biden? one of president obama's top advisers facing searing criticism of the former vice president. rescue and recovery efforts underway in the bahamas, thousands still missing it officials expect the death toll to continue to rise while the us mobilizes the coast guard and ransom efforts by the royal navy. officials are keeping an eye on china using the tragedy as a back door. we will explain. through breeze facing criticism from the lbj tea crew community,
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critics call hatred, drew breathe and the religious organization firing back tonight. we start with kristin fisher, searing criticism for joe biden from one of president obama's top advisers. >> we are seeing key democrats saying this goes beyond gaffes. this is more deliberately misleading. david axelrod was a top adviser in the obama administration tweeting it is one thing for harmless gaffes and another if you serially distort your own record. joe biden is in danger of creating a more damaging meme. axelrod was referring to an article which in an interview on npr said he was against the war in iraq from day one even though he voted to authorize military force in iraq. >> i came out against war at that moment.
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>> reporter: it is not true. biden is on the record supporting the invasion of iraq right after the war began in 2003 but later changed his mind and said his vote was a mistake. another mistake last week the washington post accused him of getting almost everything wrong in a story he likes to tell on the trail and don't forget about these. >> i love this place, what's not to like? kids are just as bright as white kids. we choose science of perfection, we choose truth over facts. >> reporter: some democrats say the media is blowing this out of proportion. >> we can talk about this all day long but voters simply don't care. >> voters can forgive donald trump being corrupt they can certainly forgive joe biden a few lapses of memory. >> so are the lapses of memory, mistakes, serial distortions,
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whatever you want to call them have not heard biden in the polls. biden is ahead by 8 points in wisconsin followed by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. all eyes are on the front runner but that will be especially true at the next debate in houston as voters try to figure out if this is more of biden's signature gaffes or something were serious. shannon: interesting to have him, the smaller group on stage together to see how he fares facing his toughest critics over the course of 3 hours and not too. impeachment talk storming back on monday because congress is returning from recess and they are demanding democratic leadership take on the president. senior capitol hill producer chad program takes us deep inside capitol hill to the room the progressive caucus may challenge nancy pelosi on
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immigration. >> there will be talk about gun legislation, efforts to avoid a government shutdown but the big issue will be impeachment. the number of house democrats who favor impeaching donald trump or launching a formal impeachment inquiry continues to grow. all house democrats want some action on impeachment. >> this is deep in the bowels of the us capital warehouse democrats usually meet and where they will strategize about impeachment. the room where it happens. house speaker nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi is mindful that members of the squad like alexandria ocasio cortez and rashida tlaib are pushing for impeachment but nancy pelosi must protect moderate democrats must present battleground districts. that navigated treacherous internal democrat what is many
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times in this room on several occasions earlier this year, kept rank-and-file democrats impact. and mostly huddled at hc 5 in late july following the all the hearing with robert mueller. jared never wanted to forge -- pelosi rebuffed nadler in this very room. the two pronged approach may satisfy liberals but simultaneously infuriate them if nothing gets done and opens the doors republicans to portray all democrats is dabbling in impeachment. nancy pelosi will get a near full when democrats meet again in coming weeks. there are 540 rooms in the us capital when it comes to impeachment, none more important than hc 5. as they say in the broadway musical hamilton. >> thank you.
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despite the lower report finding no evidence of collusion between the president of russians democrats are still pushing for impeachment on various other grounds including tonight just minutes ago. freshman democrat congresswoman ilhan omar tweeting this is insanely corrupt. there is so much of it since he has taken office we don't need the mueller report for impeachment. she supporting to her for the house oversight committee is investigating another line, official use of trump property around the world. democratic strategists, and editorial director of daily color, thank you for being with us. this comes back to life on monday when everybody comes back from this very long recess and they are ready to go. they say there's no time to waste and it is not just democrats. here is a republican saying this about impeachment for this president. >> don't know if we can wait for 2020 to put him in his place but
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hopefully nancy pelosi can. >> what do you think? from across the aisle? >> the question of impeachment for what you talking high crimes and misdemeanors, democrats often use the word impeachment without explanation. even jerry nadler who is the person to push this, he is pursuing an impeachment inquiry and he's attempting the same dance as nancy pelosi, they know how politically damaging the impeachment push is an democrats won the house in 2018 not on the strength of their radical base that on centris the party a lasting they want to do is lose power in this way. >> the speaker has spoken publicly and privately about this, has really accused trump of violating his oath of office, she want colleagues against formal impeachment proceedings if public opinion isn't behind such an effort but it seems house judiciary chairman jerry
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nadler is ready to get this going. i they still an agreement q >> i don't think so. right now there are three things they are considering, political, practical and philosophical, and oversight responsibility of congress, it is reasonable they do that but on the political side some of these district support it but most of the district don't. from a practical standpoint even if the house voted this way you have to recognize we have an election coming up, we will have a decision whether the american people care about this in a couple months. shannon: joe biden getting criticism from david axelrod, a key piece of the obama biden administration saying it is one thing to have gaps and another to change your record. here is a mashup of media outlets talking about the statement of the former vice president.
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>> we can talk about this all day long but voters simply don't care and not only do they not care about joe biden's gaffes, their anger is directed at the media for covering them. >> getting the details wrong, shows the character of the man. biden's heart is in the right place. >> that's generous. this guy is so funny because earlier this week joe biden said details don't matter for public policymaking when they do entirely, joe biden is at a point in his career when he is showing decline in his ability to cognitively be in a policy position but the view he does when it gets to the general election, supports taxpayer funding for abortion, plans across the country have to close down. hillary clinton said that was her biggest regret from the last
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campaign, that she said call miners lose jobs under her administration, joe biden is doing it now. >> a spokesman for the 2016 campaign so she doesn't have to worry about correcting statements from biden because it is harder to take the arguments from donald trump. >> that is the point, unforced errors don't do us any good. speakers said this hasn't made a difference. respectfully disagree with vince now polling has shown an impact on vice president biden especially in key states. people know him and assume this is who he is and are not judging him in the negative way. >> wait until the campaign will be events. >> this is baked in, people who love biden will love him anyway. have a great weekend.
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officials fear that the full of 30 is just the beginning and the bahamas, hundreds or thousands still missing. hurricane dorian flooding homes in north carolina's outer banks today, hundreds here to be trapped in their attics. dorian is sweeping the eastern seaboard but fearing further offshore. in addition to rescue and recovery efforts in the devastated islands of the bahamas the trump administration is already focusing on rebuilding, at least in part out of worries about the president of china looking to leverage this tragedy to get a chokehold miles from our shore. >> 50 miles from our shore is presidential campaign john kennedy often said in the chinese language the word crisis is composed of two characters, one representing danger, the other representing opportunity. tonight, what opportunities the
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chinese see in the bahamas from former director of the national security council speaking to npr saying there are certainly concerns about the chinese having access to the region. imagine a situation a develop capability for intelligence gathering and they could potentially one day have a naval base or chinese military base. they are spending tens of billions of dollars on road projects with infrastructure, rail terminals, pipelines and the rest around the globe. they have invested heavily in latin america, moves that worry the united states. here's the vice president in iceland earlier this week. >> the united states is grateful for the stand iceland took of rejecting financial investment in iceland. >> reporter: with some in the bahamas wiped clean by hurricane dorian many of its islands will
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be rebuilt from the ground up. things like telecommunication, china long suspected of using huawei to put in back doors for spying. courts in the water harbors will have to be built as well. don't forget all the money even in 2012, the chinese showed an interest in spending money in the caribbean, lots of money, $30 billion in the islands, $30 billion in the cayman islands, $136 million in cuba, $76 million in jamaica. aqueous reporting already the trump administration is trying to figure out a way to block and tackle on this to keep the chinese out of the bahamas and help the bahamas rebuild their infrastructure with help from the united states and the influence that comes with that. shannon: it appears a notorious iranian taker offloaded its crude oil supplies in syria. the state department offered
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millions of dollars to the captain of that ship not to give up its cargo. john bolton tweeting satellite pictures of the tanker near syria saying anyone who said it wasn't headed to syria is in denial and tehran thinks is more important to fund the murderous aside regime, but not getting any sanctions relief until it stops spreading terror. attacks on police officers ramping up across the country but are they getting support from elected leaders. our law enforcement panel next.
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that could allow hackers into your home. and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> shannon: the senior administration official tells >> senior administration official tells fox news the
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white house is considering a significant cut in the number of refugees allowed in the us for fiscal year 2020. officials are focusing on asylum-seekers because a massive backlog is limiting how many refugees can be vetted. the official crisis on the southern border taking precedence over processing refugee claims. the debate over sanctuary laws reigniting after a california sheriff says those policies allowed an illegal immigrant to go free and led cops on a high-speed chase and allegedly shot at the beauty. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: federal immigration agents have complained for years about california's sanctuary laws was a local sheriff is set up, got one of the deputies killed. 51-year-old says he is an illegal immigrant with a violent record. and killing his wife's family,
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wanting to arrest him but the suspect was hiding in the bushes and opens fire hitting the beauty in the leg and his bulletproof vest leading to a shootout but lopez rivera got away. hours later he was spotted a stolen truck. adjacent student when police stopped the truck he opened fire until he was stopped by a canine. >> botm line is our immigration policies need to be revamped because we will have more of this situation. we knew ahead of time this had potential for violence. >> reporter: lopez guerrera should have been deported but local law enforcement can't report him to ice as a violent felon. in california governor gavin newsom signed a bill repealing 150-year-old law that requires citizens to help police officers in need. of an officer in california is in trouble or needs help
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detaining someone you can legally ignore them. opponents of the repeal say the law was outdated, california continuing to drive a wedge between the public and police. hundreds of people including far left antifa members showed up to protest the straight pride parade. many vowed to use violence and they did. injuring four police officers but the police department says it will view the officers use of force, democratic congress members alexandria ocasio cortez and iona presley tried to help the protesters raise money to pay their bail if they got arrested and 34 of them did. after another video emerged of an nypd officer getting doused with liquid, james o'neill says there should be consequences for people who disrespect police.
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shannon: our elected leaders turning their backs on law enforcement? the second vice president of the fraternal order of police and former nypd lieutenant doctor aaron porcher, thank you for being with us. the situation in boston, the straight pride parade brought a lot of protesters, didn't have that police presence and someone got hurt or killed, he is fearful there would be enormous criticism. one of the city counselors tweeted why did we need to have so many law enforcement officers in general and particularly with riot gear. my biggest take away is this reinforces why militarization of police is harmful with protests and large crowd situations. >> let the professionals in law enforcement deal with law enforcement issues. this is a symptom of systemic failure and government. we need to focus not just on
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protecting the police but our citizens. what they are doing is acting on social contract. when you look at these epic failures among government it goes back to you need the right people in play and law enforcement is the first line of defense protecting citizens in this great country. >> police officers willing to speak out especially in portland where there has been violent demonstration and suggestions police have been limited in responding to those various situations. some of these officers say their hands are tied by policies. >> the police in big cities run by the democratic party, there is intense anti-police movement
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sentiments, all kinds of policies, laws and media attacks, consent decrees from the obama administration that are handcuffing the police. when they take action that is reasonable and legitimate and appropriate they are still being vilified. it is a dire situation, and it is going to get worse. i fear for civil unrest. >> talking about violence in boston, i don't want to ignore the frustration police officers must feel when forced to play referee when people enriching to get physical, de-escalation is part of the job. they need to get out of the mindset that if they bump a few more heads these problems will all go away. is that a fair assessment?
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>> i'm a strong opponent -- proponents of de-escalation. the mind is the most powerful weapon on the street. that should be the first recourse but there are times force may need to be employed as a result of the but the average police officer does not want to use force. they want to bring people into custody using minimum force necessary and bigger than that we don't want to arrest our way out of the situation. we prefer to use verbal dialogue. when looking at this it is troublesome to me because the average officer maintaining that presence. >> de-escalation is the buzzword. every cop uses de-escalation but just like they paint the anti-police movement in false rhetoric of social justice they second-guess and attack the police actions which are generally appropriate, you could have de-escalated. another way to attack officers.
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shannon: thank you for your service on the streets. new details on the devastating boat fire that killed 34 people in california. what we are learning about the final moments next. you bet books this weekend. with daily deals of 30 to 50% off, you can be a booker at why not? m...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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♪ >> shannon: tonight, we are shannon: we are learning more about the deadly boat fire in southern california. surviving crewmembers say they did everything they could to rescue the 34 people trapped below decks by the flames. all of them died. the latest from the investigation into what caused the fire. >> reporter: they are trying to salvage what is left of the boat, lifting it out of the water for investigators. they brought in a barge to do it. high winds through the weekend, the cause and origin of the fire
12:31 am
unknown but an area of concern is where passengers charged their cell phones and cameras in the galley. and overloaded circuits, bad wiring, overheated battery exploded? they don't know. >> there's a lot of wiring and electrical systems. there may have been, we don't know this yet, there may have been geared charging. >> all of the remains suffered varying degrees of fire damage which requires dna analysis to confirm the identities of the victims. >> the owner of the dive boat is defending the crew, a limited liability claim denying any responsibility for the incidents, any damages to the families. the owner knew or should have known the boat was dangerous. >> captain jerry remained on the boat as long as he possibly could trying to get those radio calls in. within minutes he would have been consumed. they do their best. >> the passengers had no chance to survive because the layout of the boat, no one heard a working
12:32 am
smoke alarm and the boat did not have a night watchman so this boat is nearly identical to the one, a crewmember telling investigators he went to bed at 2:00 at 2:00 am in the top area behind the wheel house. they can't get in through the top, the back or the front. they also said passengers were trapped in the bunkhouse beneath. >> they went to the double doors of the galley to try to get in but it was enveloped in flames. at that point, due to heat, flames and smoke the crew had to jump from the boat. >> reporter: this video a small piece of wood at the emergency hatch, this shows a full-size person struggling to get out of that hole. officials are trying to get outside the stairway, so steve the first guy moved backwards. the ntsb said it could issue
12:33 am
interim findings that all the lifeboats no matter when they were billed have adequate, save entry and exit from the bunkhouse. a memorial is planned to remember those who died. >> tables turned on california where the trump administration is going after the state on poor gas mileage standards. the federal government wants to implement nationwide standard but california does not plan to get that program. >> reporter: donald trump set his sights on rolling back fuel emission standards set by president obama tweet 7 years ago. behind-the-scenes the white house has been working with government regulators for weeks on new rules for automakers they plan any day now. >> we want to make it good for the consumer, where cars have to be more expensive than won't be as good.
12:34 am
>> reporter: unhappy about the federal backs the state of california struck a deal with several major automakers, the state says it is better for the environment and its customers. honda, bmw and forward pledged to double the fuel economy of new cars and trucks by 2025. today the epa and transportation department but california and the automakers on notice. in a letter they write this framework agreement appears inconsistent with federal law. donald trump's acting budget director agrees saying california is trying to impose its failed policies on the rest of the country by making new cars more expensive and less safe. according to automakers the justice department has opened an antitrust, experts warned could become a lawsuit. >> the trump administration is trying to restore the will of law and take away the ability of
12:35 am
california to set fuel economy standards for the entire country. >> reporter: california lawmakers say the proposal gets pollution standards set by president obama in 2012, the biggest single us policy to reduce planet warming carbon dioxide emissions. senator feinstein saying i expect the administration's efforts like so many other bad ideas will be taken to court and overturns. forward and on the say they will cooperate with the justice department probe. they have been lobbying donald trump since the first week in office, some of them are changing their tune. shannon: they are calling him a bigoted grant after drew brise made a video encouraging kids to take their bibles to school. should he apologize? we ask an nfl legend next. hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out
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shannon: legal
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♪ >> above all, love all, and
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respect all. that is exactly >> accept all. that is how i live my life, what i try to do. with people in my community, with my friends, all people. the fact these rumors have been spread about me are completely untrue. >> drew brise defending himself against claims he is a big it, the quarterback and super bowl champion sparking outrage for appearing in a video encouraging students to bring their bibles to school. let's turn to burgess owen's to talk about faith in the sports world. so it seems the objection from folks on the left is it is about the group sponsoring this bible event. one of the headlines is drew brise is the biggest hypocrite in sports, they say plenty of professional football players are open about their religious beliefs.
12:41 am
what is unusual is how ham-fisted brise is trying to have it both ways, refusing to disavow focus on the family, the group they don't like the claiming i do not support any group that discriminates, they do support traditional marriage, not same-sex marriage and been labeled a hate group. what do you make of this controversy? >> our country is the greatest country in the history of mankind, allow us to be open to all faith or no faith. in this case a religious belief that they believe in but at the end of the day we have i think anti-god leftist against anything faith is about. it is a mistake on their part going after someone americans now. thousands of his teammates he
12:42 am
played with, tens of thousands of fans. a good man who loves his family, his wife, his country and god and had the audacity to stand strong and say he's a christian and loves jesus christ and that is why he does what he does. the anti-god left continues to attack and leave those of us who stand strong. shannon: part of a statement from jim daly, president of focus on the family talking about this controversy. >> in this pluralistic society and culture we have got to get to the point we can live together even with disagreement. i understand the other perspective. i just wish they understood hours. shannon: do you understand the groups are pro-lgbt queue rights, they worry these groups will send a message to young people that is hateful in some way, you understand their characterization of that
12:43 am
position? >> the tendency to be very intolerant to faith. we can agree to disagree, we can agree we can still work together. i would love to see how many anti-god leftist groups would be with tens of thousands of christians will be volunteering to help the folks across the country going through tornadoes and fires and everything so we should agree we should help each other and be tolerant of each other's feelings and now americans will not be bullied about believe in god so we have to recognize that is who we are and if they want to allow people to be the they are, we can make it work out. shannon: the question is whether there will be tolerant in all questions and people feel they are accepted whether about religious beliefs or any other part of their life they feel is under.
12:44 am
the conversation will continue, great to have you with us. tonight 2020 kicks off with surging presidential candidate elizabeth warren tweeting big plans should she win next november. on day one she will sign an executive order that put a moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public land and ban fracking everywhere. the chamber of commerce sees the issue differently saying fracking has created 1.7 million jobs with a total of 3.5 million jobs projected by 2035. mayor pete buttigieg saying the republican party is on the wrong side of history when it comes to religion and social conservatives are wrong to assert life begins at conception or at the very least the first fetal heartbeat, suggesting late-term abortion may be acceptable under biblical guidelines. >> right now they hold everybody
12:45 am
in line for this one piece of doctrine about abortion. which is obviously a tough issue for a lot of people. there is a lot of parts of the bible that talks about how life begins with breath is something we can interpret differently. shannon: republican parties in 4 key states cancel their caucuses and primaries giving a boost to donald trump's renomination and hampering primary challengers he might face, south carolina, nevada, arizona and kansas are expected to finalize the cancellations in meetings this weekend. night court next, jussie smollett's attorney say they shouldn't have to pay for the police investigation and area on a grandes says thanks to 2021. you decide. manage your policy, even way out here.
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>> shannon: "fox news @ night" delivers the news before everybody else, so a shannon: delivering news before everybody else, the first interview with neil goresuch. showing up as a clerk as opposed to a justice did you feel the same?
12:50 am
>> very similar. about the past justice white's chambers and get down to my chambers which are right next door. this is a special piece to me. byron wait is my old boss here and an artist came in and i remember vividly the day he came in with clay and the artist -- justice and mrs. white came in and justice grunted and said something like my nose hasn't been that straight since 1938 and he pressed his nose on soft clay and i hope the artist was having a heart attack. the artist may have made him a little bit better but reminded me of keeping it real. shannon: to and in sunday at 8:00 pm eastern on fox news for unprecedented access to supreme
12:51 am
court justice neil gorsuch's life including the only tv interview his wife is ever given. time for night court. on the docket tonight, two celebrity cases, jussie smollett's attorneys arguing the actor should not have to pay chicago the $130,000 cost of the police investigation because he didn't know how much time and money officers would spend investigating. finger area on a grandes suing for using a model in ads. david bruno and former baltimore prosecutor debbie high, good to have you with us tonight. let's start with exhibit a in the jussie smollett case. his attorney says there is suing $137,000 on the investigation. the filing of a police report does not necessitate a sprawling investigation, usually results
12:52 am
in an investigation is extensive as the one they chose to take in this case. >> i cannot believe jussie smollett is arguing this point. he should pay the money, $130,000 for that and prevent this from coming out again because this case is going to open up all the facts again, surveillance video, gps, everything to support the fact this was staged and i cannot believe it because the city will have this complaint. shannon: they say, jussie smollett's police report along the lines of everything i am about to tell you is made up, i'm trying to get publicity and hope it helps my career. absent such a statement police did what they are supposed to do
12:53 am
with allegations of a hate crime, investigate the allegations. how the response? >> the police did not do what they would normally do in every case. i can tell you as a former prosecutor if someone said they were attacked, they did not know who they were, they had a him aga hat, we are taking a complaint number, call us later if you get further information. he was a celebrity. the fact is you don't get the money back fence on the investigation just because you spent the money. he was not found guilty of filing a false police report. that would be the prerequisite to claiming the money. the charges were dropped against him. the city that has hundreds of unsolved homicides, the police should be embarrassed what happened, not jussie smollett. his attorneys are correct. shannon: let's get quickly to summary case number 2.
12:54 am
these are the images area on a -- arianna grandes is trying to monopolize on my videos to have these ads that look so much like me. the lawsuit says the resemblance is uncanny and the intent was clear. to suggest the viewing public that she endorsed forever 21 product and of affiliate with forever 21. how do you defend that? >> the fact that there is a model that happens to look like arianna grandes does not mean they were trying to say she is endorsing the ads and that is not what they were trying to do and there's no way they can prove the intense, the fact that some people may assume that is the purpose of the ads, is not the intent of forever 21. they were in negotiations, they had licensed photographs and paid a licensing fee. there is no reason to believe they would not have done it in
12:55 am
this case if they felt it was necessary to do it. shannon: forever 21 has a statement, the allegations, we are huge supporters of arianna grandes, they are disputing this and the ads look like her videos. >> there is more to it than just the resemblance. they used 30 unauthorized videos and pictures of her themselves. in instagram posts for commercial reasons they have hashtag forever 21, they had arianna grandes and user videos. that is the problem. i don't know about the resemblance but actually using her is a problem. shannon: thank you very much. we take the cases to our jury, thank you. tune in again 8:00 eastern or 11:00 eastern for my one hour behind the scenes interview neil gorsuch and go inside his
12:56 am
chambers, exclusive access at 8:00, 11:00 on sunday night on fox news. for now, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, have a wonderful weekend, i am shannon bream. at's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind.
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we will be back monday. have a great weekend. ♪ >> welcome to special edition of hannity, trump versus the radical left. we start with pretty amazing news. look at this. i doubt the media mob will be focused on it. but donald trump economy just broke another huge record. for the first time in recorded history the african-american unemployment rate in the united states is sdun to 5.5%. that is an all-time low. nd that's not all. the unemployment gap between white americans, black americans, is also at a record low. in other words our economy is now humming on all cylinders. thankfully working for the entire family, all americans.


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