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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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birth to twin girls. she and her husband who is 80 years old said they always wanted kids and threat weren't able to conceive until now. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump cancels a secret meeting with the taliban and calls off peace negotiations. ♪ >> we're talking to the taliban, we're talking to the government, we'll see if we can do something. chris: those talks now in question after the president calls off a secret summit days after an agreement in principle with the taliban that would pull thousands of u.s. troops out of afghanistan. and iran taking new steps to break out of the nuclear deal while president trump raises the possibility of a meeting with iran's president. >> we're going the see what happens. they want to talk, they want to make a deal. chris: we'll discuss all this with secretary of state mike
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pompeo, live, only on "fox news sunday." ♪ chris: then -- former south carolina governor mark sanford considers running against president trump for the 2020 republican nomination. will he join the race? it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, lawmakers return to congress after the long summer recess. we'll ask our sunday panel what to expect on gun control, impeachment and keeping the government running. and our power player of the week, the woman leading the charge to protect the legends who built pro football. >> how to you stand by and watch it if there's something you can at least try to do? chris: all right now on "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪ chris: and hello again from fox
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news in washingtonment of we begin with stunning news from president trump, that he planned to hold a secret meeting at camp david today with taliban leaders and the afghan president. late last night he announced on twitter e has canceled the meeting and all peace talks with the taliban after that group claimed tfs behind a how many attack this week in kabul that killed a u.s. soldier. in a moment we'll talk with secretary of state mike pompeo live here in washington. but first, david spunt has the latest from the white house. david? >> reporter: chris, good morning. the president's announcement comes just days before the u.s. marks 18 year since the september 11th, 2001, terror attacks and calls into questions withdrawing troops from america's long war. the suicide car bombing near the u.s. embassy in kabul left an american soldier dead, killing others nearby. it happened just two days before leaders were set to discuss removing 5,000 u.s. troops from
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the country. president trump tweeting saturday night: i immediately canceled the meeting and called off peace negotiations. what kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? secretary of state mike pompeo paid his respects saturday night during the dignified transfer of 34-year-old army sergeant first class ortiz. the president also weighing negotiations with iran. >> they would like to be able to solve their problem -- they've got a big problem. they're getting killed financially. >> reporter: there is speculation he might meet with iran's president rouhani at the united nations later thi iranias announced they will continue to advance the use of centrifuges. the u.s. backed out of the agreement last year. the head of the international atomic energy agency e will meet with iranian leaders on sunday to discuss the recent developments. now, chris, back to afghanistan, the taliban releasing a statement this morning, i want
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to realize to you and this is a quote: the americans will suffer more than anyone else for canceling the talks. that is a statement from a taliban spokesman this morning. back to you. chris: david spunt, thank you. joining us now to discuss all this and more, secretary of state mike pompeo. mr. secretary, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> it's great to be back on, thanks for having me this morning. chris: the president's tweet late last night that he has called off the meeting, canceled the meeting with the taliban that was to be held at camp david today, a secret meeting, and that he has called off all peace talks, negotiations with the taliban. where does that leave the plan to begin to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan? >> chris, remember the principles. president trump has made clear he wants to reduce risks to americans. you showed the pictures last night from the dignified transfer of the remains, i was out there with his family. it's a reminder to all of us of the enormous cost and sacrifice these heroes make for us each
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and every day. president trump's trying to reduce that risk. at the same time, he's committed to makerring sure we -- making sure we reduce the risk terrorists strike from afghanistan again. we've been working with the afghan government, other afghan leader, the taliban to try and reduce the level of violence, to commence -- and you would know this, chris, well -- we're trying to get the afghans to talk to each other. this basic idea for almost two decades now. we had the taliban's commitment to do that. we had their commitment to break from al-qaeda publicly, and they would obviously have to deliver on that commitment. so we've made real progress. but in the end, the taliban overreached. they forgot that america's always going to protect itself interests. the commander commands resolute support in the nato forces, killed over a thousand taliban just in the last ten days, and while this isn't a war of attrition, the american people need to know we will continue to apply the appropriate pressure -- chris: so are the talks now
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dead, and what will it take to restart them? >> for the time being, they are. chris: okay. >> we've recalled the ambassador to come back to washington so that we can begin to think about how we would chart the path forward. i think -- and although the president hasn't made a final decision, what they did here was they tried to use terror to improve their negotiating position, and i think anyone who's observed president trump knows whether it was in hanoi with north korea or whether it's been in how we responded when the chinese reneged on their commitment in the trade deal, if in the course of a conversation when we're trying to improve both teams' outcomes through a negotiated solution if the other team commits an act that's inconsistent with that, president trump's not going to take that deal. he's not going to take a bad deal. we're looking for more than words on paper, we're looking for delivered commitment, and the taliban couldn't live up to commitment. chris: so the talks are off indefinitely? >> it will ultimately be up to
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the talibanful they have got to demonstrate that they're prepared to do to do the things we asked them to do. chris: as david spunt just reported -- >> a lot of people bluster, chris. those words, cooler heads, i hope, will prevail. i didn't see the full statement, i don't know presigh lis who -- precisely who issued this. the taliban is not monolithic -- chris: they said americans will suffer more than anyone else and that this will result in the death of more american troops. >> i hope that's not the case. we don't want any loss of american life. know this, know that our department of defense, general miller has the full authority to do what they need to do to protect american soldiers, sailors, air force folks working in the area and do everything they need to do to prevent a terror attack from ever coming back to the united states as it did now almost 18 years ago. cre chris i want to get to the bigger question, who thought it was a good idea for the president of the united states -- you had an agreement
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in principle already. your envoy meeting with taliban leaders in qatar, fine. who thought it was a good idea for the president of the united states to meet with taliban leaders who have the blood of thousands of americans on their hands just three days before 9/11? >> you know, we know the history of camp david. we reflected on that as we were thinking about how to deliver for the american people. and so as we considered the right path forward, your point about an agreement in principle, i think that's true. we weren't complete, still lots of implementation issues, lots of technical issues even though we'd been doing this for months. president trump ultimately made the decision. he said i want to talk to president ghani, i want to talk to the negotiators, i want to look them in the eye, see if we can get to the final outcome so that we could sign off on the deal. so we found that arrangement acceptable, that the verification was adequate, and we concluded this was a perfectly acceptable place. you know the history of camp david. there's been lots of peace negotiations. it's almost always the case,
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chris, that you don't get to negotiate with good guys. the reason you're in negotiations to end wars, to end conflict, to end violence, to reduce risk to the american people is almost always because the people across the table from you isn't exactly the finest. cary e chris well, i understand that. i don't want to press the point too much but, you know, yasser arafat was there and, obviously, he was responsible for the death of many people -- >> many americans. chris: but the taliban had the death of thousands of americans, and it's just three day before 9/11. no concerns about that? and i guess my question is, you know, i can understand the envoy talking to them. why does the president have to confer that status on them? >> yeah. president trump was very clear, he wanted to make sure we got to the right place. he's always been someone -- i've observed this for my entire time working for him -- he's willing to take risks if he believes he can deliver a good outcome for the american people. he was hopeful that this
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conversation would lead -- i mean, we've been at this now almost two decades, chris. $30 billion a year, and we've got terror risks all across the world, not just in afghanistan. we've got to make sure we have the force's posture right all across the world. we sometimes singularly focus on afghanistan because of its deep history and deep connection and what they did on 9/11 that still angers me to this very moment. we've got to make sure we get it right, and our efforts over the last months have been to do that. president trump has been very clear about our mission set, and i hope we'll get the opportunity to continue to head down that path so we can get the reduction in violence and we can get the taliban to make a commitment and then live up to it to break with al-qaeda and that we can get them back at the negotiating table with their afghan brothers and sisters to reduce the level of violence there. chris: iran just announced that it is going to use advanced centrifuges that will allow it to enrich uranium faster. this is at least the third -- i don't have to tell you -- the third violation of the nuclear deal that they have made in recent months. all of these are shortening the
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time that iran would need to build an atomic weapon, a nuclear weapon to less than a year. is the threat of a nuclear iran increasing, and given the fact u.s. sanctions have hammered the economy but they're not stopping iran in this area, what's the u.s. going to do about it? >> chris, we hope the whole world will join us. president trump's been very clear, iran won't have auclear weapon on our watch. we'll stop it. we're prepared to do whatever it takes to insure that's the case. the challenges, of course, we came in after the previous administration had given the islamic republican of iran, eye toll rah -- ayatollah, given him billions of dollars with which to build these very programs. and as you can see, chris, they can turn them back on like that. one of the central failures of the jcpoa is whatever limits there were, can be turned back on in a minute. this was a crazy, failed deal. our approach has been very
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different, build out alliances with the gulf states, with israel, with all the partners around the world who understand the threat of nuclear weapons inside of the middle east, inside of the islamic republic of iran and to reduce the capacity to execute that. and we've done it. we can see it with hezbollah. they have fewer resources. we can see it with the shia militias in iraq. we think the gdp will shrink by as much as 12 or 14% this year. this will reduce their capacity e to purchase the things they need, the equipment they need, the materials they need to inflict terror around the world. that's president trump's approach, i think we've been very successful so far. chris: president trump talks about the possibility of meeting with iranian president rouhani possibly at the u.n. general assembly later this month. here he is. >> their inflation is at a number that few people have ever seen inflation at, and it's a very sad situation. they could solve it very quickly. we can solve it in 24 hours.
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but we'll see what happens. chris: but rouhani says no meeting until all u.s. sanctions are lifted first, and president trump says there's no way that's gonna happen. what do you put the odds of trump/rouhani summit this month at the u.n.? >> i'll leave that to the folks in vegas. here how i know we'll thinking about it, president trump will think about whether it's appropriate to meet based on whether we can get an outcome for the american people. i know tos and fros inside the iranian government, there are those who think it's wise to meet, those who want to continue to kill people around the world. we need to make sure we're doing all we can to make those and understand that the revolutionary nature of the iranian regime is unis acceptable, that they've got to change their behavior and that america will never permit them to have a nuclear weapon. those inside iran that understand that, and i think that's the majority of the iranian people, those are the
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people we want to talk to so we ultimately get the right outcome. we want a successful iran, we want them to be part of the community of nations. you can't to that when you're building missiles that threaten europe, threaten israel and building out systems that could ultimately create a nuclear weapon. chris: finally, you spoke at kansas state university on friday which did not dampen speculation you might run for the senate next year which has been, obviously, talked about. in fact, jerry moran, the other senator -- not the seat that you would be going for potentially -- talked about the prospects of you running the other day. here he is. >> wouldn't be surprised that he would enter that race, and i think he would be a good, solid candidate that would be, have a lot of support in kansas. chris: so you have his endorsement. someone said you have gone recently from no to no comment. you certainly are not shutting the door.
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>> very kind of senator moran, i appreciate the vote of confidence. i know he was trying to be very helpful, as is senator mcconnell -- chris: who say you're his number one choice. >> the only folks who ask me about this are folks like you, chris, and that's just fine. so long as president trump wants me to be secretary of state, that's what i'm focused on. chris: one last question and i'll let it go, because i know that's what you always say, i want to do what president trump wants me to do. what if he comes to you early next spring and says, you know what? the most important thing you could do for me is to run for the u.s. senate, then what would you do? >> oh, goodness knows, chris. [laughter] these are impossible to answer because, as you can see, i spend every waking moment trying to deliver american diplomacy around the world. i'm going to keep doing that, and we'll see what life brings
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when the next line approaches. chris: and we want to thank you for honoring the service of sergeant baretto. we all hold him in our hearts and hold the hearts of his family -- you tell me his dad was in the military, other relatives -- terrible loss. >> thank you for honoring him. he's a true patriot, and his family have sacrifice sacrificed so much. chris: secretary pompeo, thank you. always good to talk with you, sir. up next, we'll bring in our sunday group to discuss a potential peace deal with the taliban. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about what happens if u.s. troops leave afghanistan? just go to or twitter @foxnewssunday, and we may use your question on the air. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted.
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>> we're like policemen in afghani. but we're talking to the taliban, we're talking to the government. we'll see if we can do something. chris: president trump this week setting the stage for the u.s. to begin pulling troops from afghanistan, but that's now in question after the president canceled a secret meeting at camp david to be held today with the taliban. and it's time now for our sunday group, gop strategist carl oval; fox news political analyst juan williams; former congresswoman jane harman, director of the wilson center; and anchor of the daily briefing, deign that perino. karl, you were there when president bush launched the war in afghanistan back in 2001. what are your thoughts? and, of course, we're coming up this week, on wednesday, on the anniversary, 18th anniversary of
4:21 pm
9/11. what are your thoughts about the president wanting to meet with the taliban face to face, people with the blood of thousands of americans on their hands, at camp david and now calling off the meeting? >> well, look, if it could bring about the end of the taliban's efforts to bring down the afghan government and to reestablish a sanctuary for terrorists, it'd be worth it, but i think the president wisely -- look, the taliban has been throughout the entire negotiations with the u.s. escalating their attacks on both the afghans and us. last year we lost 15 u.s. military personnel in afghanistan. we've lost 16 thus far this year with a third of the year yet to go. and for the president, the president found it intolerable, and he was right to find it intolerable, that while we supposedly arrived at the outline of an agreement to end military hostilities between the taliban and the u.s. military and our nato allies, that they launched this attack. so somehow the united states got
4:22 pm
maneuveredded into a meeting, i think the president was absolutely right to can el it. the optics of it would be bad, and they'd be enormously good for the taliban. if we don't think that back home in the region they would take advantage of the fact that they were at camp david on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, we're kidding ourselves. enormous psychological -- chris: that was going to be true whether or not they killed this one u.s. soldier or not. that's why i questioned the whole idea of holding a meeting -- >> well, it'd be nice to know the back story of how we got to this. but the fact of the matter is now the president's canceled it and, again, he was wise to do so. congress congress congresswoman harmon, all due respect to karl, he talks about this deal was going to bring peace, but it wasn't. there was no national ceasefire, there was no assurance there was going to be a deal between the afghan government and the taliban, there was no guarantee that they were going to protect
4:23 pm
women. i mean, the deal as we saw it, the tentative deal in principle, did that make sense? >> not to me. i was in congress on 9/11. i was the senior democrat on the house intelligence committee. i was there when the buildings closed, we got them reopened on 9/11. i was at the site in new york a few days later, smelled the stench. i'm never going to forget that, and i've been there most 9/11s when the names of the victims are read. and i, you know, no. i think this whole thing was crazy. having the taliban come to the u.s., and adam kinzinger's words, was just nuts. it's sacreligious especially on nerve. i had no problem with -- on 9/11. i have no problem negotiating to see if you can get somewhere, but the idea of negotiating with the taliban only outside the afghan government never made any sense. it's a weak government with a weak military. if we leave, the day after is isis, al-qaeda and the taliban resurgence and a new caliphate.
4:24 pm
so it's a nice press release, but it's a terrible outcome, and it dishonors the people who died, the trillions of dollars we've spent. and i'm really happy this blew up. chris: we asked you for questions for the panel, and on what was until last night an agreement in principle with the taliban that would have included pulling out 5,000 troops in five months and closing five u.s. bases, we got this on facebook from jill: will this withdrawal allow the taliban to take over the government again? what about the women that were brutalized under such a regime? dana, how do you answer jill? and just generally, your thoughts about the whole enterprise up to this point. >> well, the fact that the taliban was found to actually have been responsible for the killing of an american should not have come as a surprise. this is a pattern. it's like a tiger with its stripes, it doesn't end. therefore, i agree, not good. not good to have the meeting at camp david either. i understand the objective, but i think that that could have
4:25 pm
been accomplished anywhere without the similar sr. symbolism of camp david. chris: or without the president. >> the president doesn't have to be there, right? let's just hypothetically say they get this agreement in principle, and then let's see what the taliban does, and let's see if the investment that the american taxpayers have made and all the blood and treasure that we have dedicated to help reform to make sure they can't attack us from there and to help protect women and girls in that area, let's see what they do before you invite them to camp david to the white house. i understand the objective, but i think it could have been achieved another way. chris: i want to get to iran in a is second, but your thought about the whole negotiation with the taliban. and what i continue to harp on, this astonishing idea before it was canceled -- and i agree with you, the idea that they were going to kill american soldiers, dana, was not a surprise. the idea that the president was going to meet with the taliban at camp david three days before 9/11. >> well, i think this president saw it as an opportunity for him
4:26 pm
to make history. much like what he did with kim jong un of -- chris: yeah, but he doesn't have the blood of thousands of americans on his hands. >> what i'm saying is in the president's mind, this was an opportunity for him to say i made history. he called off a meeting with kim jong un before he then had a meeting with im. i think for him it was an opportunity to say i'm doing something three other presidents were unable to do, get us out of afghanistan. which is, by the way, politically popular in this country as an idea. i think there are two ways we can go forward here. one is we can win militarily. obviously, we haven't done that -- chris: 18 years -- >> 18 years, i think we have more than 2300 americans dead so, obviously, it would be very difficult, but that would be the idea, certainly. and mike pompeo has said al-qaeda's on the run, they're diminished. the second thought i have on
4:27 pm
this is the way to solve this problem, i think, goes back to something jane harman was just saying which is instead of having the u.s. at the table with the taliban and talking about withdrawal, let's get the government of afghanistan, the people in kabul, at the table with the taliban and insist that they make some kind of deal before the united states begins -- chris: but part of these negotiations, there was no -- this point, there have been no talks between the taliban and the government. >> i agree with juan, this thing is going to be solved in either one of two ways, we hold the line and defeat the taliban's ability to take over the central government, or the central government of afghanistan itself gets that ability. but we're not going to solve the problem by, in my opinion, by ultimately having us and the taliban directly negotiating without the afghan people being represented -- >> real quick. >> and there is the day after
4:28 pm
problem which is it's a weak government. ghani tries, but he's weak, their military is feckless. the only reason they're where they are is that we're there both in terms of our military and paramilitary assets in the country. we leave, the place is over. the democracy experiment ends. chris: we'll have to leave iran for next week. it'll still be there. panel, we have to take a break, see you later in the program. up next, he's made stops in iowa and new hampshire to explore, explore a long shot republican primary challenge to president trump. will he actually get into the race? former south carolina governor mark sanford joins us live next. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
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serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. if you'd rather be home ask your doctor about neulasta® onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. chris: former south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford admits primary challenge to president trump would be a, quote, david versus goliath
4:32 pm
moment but he's thinking about it. governor sanford joins us exclusively. >> my pleasure. chris: you announced in july that you're considering running for president in the republican primary against donald trump, you visited early-voting states like -- like new hampshire and iowa, have you made a decision, are you going to enter the race against donald trump? >> i have and, you know, i plan to announce that back home this week, we had hurricane come visit us on the coast of south carolina, so that disrupted plans on that front but i'm here to tell you now that i'm going to get in. chris: you're going to run for president against donald trump in the republican race? >> i am. chris: why? >> because i think we need to have a conversation on what it means to be a republican, i think the republican party we have lost our way and i'd say so in a couple of different fronts. first in epicenter that i'm
4:33 pm
coming from, we have lost our way on debt and deficit spending, one of the hallmarks of the republican park and conservative movement he or -- w much do we spend, i think as party we lost our way, the president has called himself the king of debt, has familiarity and comfort level with debt that's ultimately leading in wrong direction. the numbers are astounding, just take, for instance, as data point this last debt deal that adds $2 trillion to additional debt to our country, adds third of a trillion dollars and no conversation on that. the epicenter where i'm coming from we have to have actual conversation and republican conversation and where we go on debt and deficit. chris: here is the question when i say why -- >> i will come in with some others. chris: you have to know, you basically have no chance of winning the republican nomination, so why run for
4:34 pm
president? >> i think you probably would have said that same thing to donald trump just matter months of ago if he faced the likes of jeb bush and others. chris: you honestly think you have a serious chance of beating -- >> i'm saying you never know. i'm listing my goals, primary goals to say, let's go out and force, try and create a conversation on that which is not being talked about in this presidential cycle. once every four years we have a chance at national debate on where we are going next, republicans and democrats and as americans and the thing that has been lacking in this debate has been earnest and real conversation and i find it astounding democratic debates and no mention, no conversation on where we are going in regard to debt and implications for all of us. chris: you talked about donald trump was long shot, first of all, he wasn't running against incumbent president of his own party, secondly, let's look at
4:35 pm
obstacles that you face because they are sizable, 85% of republicans approve of the job the president is doing in a recent poll, he has strong support in his own party. a number of states including your home state of south carolina just yesterday have decided not to hold presidential primaries at all and the rnc has done away with committee to set up debates, so how do you get your message out, how do you get on the playing field with the president to have this debate? >> we are talking right now, we are talking on national television and i've been talking on a variety of different outlets here over the last month as i've entertained the idea, it would be my plan to build on that going forward, go and spend serious time in new hampshire and in iowa and a whole host of other states, again, this is the beginning of a long walk but begins with the first step and that's what i'm announcing here today. i would also say this, it's not just debt and spending which is, again, my primary focus given the fact that we are walking our way toward the most significant financial storm i believe in our
4:36 pm
country since great depression, that's what we are walking toward and i think we need again to have a real conversation about what that means for the american dream and what that means in our ability to achieve job, wealth and all those things that go with the american dream. what i'd also say that we need to have conversation on where we are going on trade, protectionism, turning inward versus outward, hallmarks of republican party has always been a focus on -- on the world at large and the recognition of the fact that though we were not ultimately as a population the big player in the world, economically we were because we engage with the rest of the world. you look at the trump tariffs you are looking a thousand dollars per household, wall street journal had an article just yesterday talking about you're looking at 1 point deterioration in the rate of growth going forward. we need to have a conversation there. i think we need to have a conversation on the degree to which institutions and political culture are being damaged by this president and -- and, you
4:37 pm
know, those institutions and that split call culture is really the grew that holds together balance of power and finally we need to have a conversation on -- on humility and one's approach to politics. at the end of the day a tweet is interesting, maybe news worthy, but it's not leadership and we are not going to solve some of the profound problems that we have as americans by tweet. chris: all right, you're getting -- you're in the race now, you will get asked tough questions, let me ask you the most obvious one, i think it's fair to say, sir that you are best known around the country as the governor who disappeared for a week in 2009, you were hiking trail, in fact, you were married governor in argentina with your then girlfriend, question, isn't that going to be a deal-breaker for a lot of voters? >> well, again, i actually went on an apology tour if you want to call it that back home in the wake of that in last year and a half of my governorship and what
4:38 pm
i learn today -- learned to that what general mattis is talking about, the mistakes in life, the mistakes we make are great tuition in life, they cost us but you can learn from them. i learned level of humility and empathy and level of judgment, something of great regret. it's something that i've apologized extensively for and in contrast where the president that he sort of regrets or apologizes for, i profoundly apologized for that and i i believe in repentance and the folks that knew me back home, we don't approve but we will give you a second chance and send you to congress to represent us which i did for the following 6 years. >> you and the president have history just in 2018 you were running for reelection against a woman katie harrington, on the
4:39 pm
last minute the president endorsed her over you and you guys hadn't gotten along and after you lost in primary he laughed about it on the campaign trail, here he is. >> she beat a man that likes flamingo dancers from argentina, you know about -- [laughter] >> he was supposed to be vacationing on the tallahassee trail but he was in argentina. [laughter] >> i don't know. jim, do they have a tallahassee trail in argentina? no? no, right? >> how much of this is personal? >> none. again, if you look at my 25 years in politics which you'd fine is an absolute focus and all -- cato institute rated me the most conservative governor in the united states of america, all agencies have seen how
4:40 pm
consistently i've talked about this, we are nearing point which will have implications for my four sons and grandkids that are out there, it's not personal, but it is indicative of the way that the president makes too many things personal, think about this, my voting record was more than 90% with the president, 90%, now, i love my brothers and sisters but i don't agree with him 90% and yet we get along just fine, but that's not the world of trump, the world of trump is personal loyalty. i believe as a conservative our loyalty is to be to ideals and to ideas and -- and we agreed on 90%, handful of things and therefore it's not good enough, something wrong with that. chris: i have less than a minute left and i want to paining up on that, you point out that the gop, the president has moved gop away from traditional values, free trade, america's role in the world, how in a minute, how do you explain the republican
4:41 pm
party's allegiance to president trump despite all this? >> again, it's the exact thing that got him elected, people looked at hillary clinton versus donald trump and said, okay, i may not like some of what he does or handles things, but i will pick him or her, they haven't had a choice and that's why i'm running, i think that americans deserve and need a chase -- choice which has had legislative experience and had over 12 years in u.s. congress, the capitol right behind us, if you look at all those polls, about half of them say we would like to see the president primary, we would like to see a conversation within the republican party. >> and now you will provide it? >> i will try. chris: governor sanford, thank you, safe travels on the campaign trail. >> yes, sir. chris: when we come back sunday group will discuss impact of
4:42 pm
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>> i think it is the case that uncertainty is causing companies to hold back foreign investment, our obligation is to use our tools to support the economy and that's what we will continue to do. chris: federal reserve jay powell openly hitting he's prepared to cut interest rates again as the tariff battle between u.s. and china slows business investment and dampens consumer confidence and we are back now with the panel. well, the august job report was disappointing, only 130,000 jobs, new jobs created and take a look at this to put it in
4:46 pm
context, over the last 3 months average growth has averaged 156,000, that compares to average of 190,000 new jobs a month for the 8 years since the end of the recession, dana, between the global slowdown and the continuing and perhaps intensifying trade war between the u.s. and china, how big a threat to our economy and how big a threat to president trump's fortunes in 2020? >> i think that the president actually has right on this one, that's across the board in every sector but people seem to be getting nervous, you have a lot of planes on the air, mr. president, you have to land one of these and the trade deals both the china trade deal and also the one with méxico and canada, if you could get those done this year would be good. i did think that neil erwin said i don't think they'll be a recession but slowdown but as long as there's positive growth,
4:47 pm
i think that jaram powell, he will do what he needs to do to help the economy but doesn't want to be bullied into it by the president. chris: pretty hard when the president keeps bullying. >> i think jarome powell has shown he's independent. i don't think negative interest rates aren't necessarily sign of economic strength as a country you don't necessarily want that. >> we are ways from negative interest rates, let me pick up on jay powell part, juan, despite signs of slowdown, jay powell there in that session this week reassuring that they're going to do what they need to do to keep the economy going and broadly hinting there will be at least another interest rate cut, talk of 25 basis points, quarter percent, not a full 1% or -- i love this. [laughter] >> i like talking -- i never understood why it has to be 100 basis points rather than 1%,
4:48 pm
makes me sound like i know what i'm talking about. >> i go to you for financial -- chris: there you go. >> i think jarome powell has been clear, the fed's job is stability, but what he's saying that even with this quarter point cut -- >> 25 basis points. >> thank you, sir, that's supposed to come on september, he does not see that strong enough to counter the uncertainty that comes from trade war, high tariffs and impulsive tweets, he doesn't see it. so what he's saying is, mr. president, you have to deal with this, the president on the other hand is saying to jay powell, no, yours worst than the chinese, creates more uncertainty and hurts his cause and jay powell doesn't look as innocent and will play along with the president. chris: congress after a long recess is coming back this week and there is going to be a lot on their plate, what do you expect on congress on gun control after terrible mass
4:49 pm
shootings in the summer on impeachment and on keeping the government running because they still don't have a deal at least on this point on september 30th, the end of the month to fund the government. >> well, on the last one i think that they are going to muddle their way through a solution, may not happened before the end of the month, both parties recognize that it's to their detriment if they don't get a deal and it's to their advantage . then i think they'll get x don't, absent that, do i ent see any action on guns, you know what, my sense is all of the next 3 months is going to be basically drowned out by an action that's going to start this week with a vote by the house judiciary committee to formally move towards impeachment, not formally move toward impeachment -- chris:
4:50 pm
what does that mean to move towards? >> i'm trying to figure out -- when we begin impeachment, house vote to authorize the impeachment proceeding and judiciary commitment to proceed. we had the judiciary committee proceeding for the year and a half, they will keep proceeding forward and finding pr gestures, you know, scapegoat hearings and outrageous statements and as a result it's going to drown out everything else nancy pelosi has been trying to do, who can name the four or five major pieces of legislation that the house of representatives has passed and sent to senate, nobody on the street corners of america can tell you what that is because it's drowned out by impeachment. >> let me go to congressman harmen, you now have a majority of house democrats who have called not for impeachment but formally beginning impeachment proceedings, will nancy pelosi be forced to put some kind of official marker on that
4:51 pm
proceeding? >> i think she's right to be doing what she's doing, fore stall this and the idea, he won't be convicted in the senate under mitch mcconnell's leadership there, as we saw in 1998 that the president will look stronger and the party behind will look weaker, that's the movie we have seen and she's right to resist that, inquiry business -- >> less more attention. >> let me say something on keeping the government open, i served with mark sanford, he's right to raise debt and deficit issue, no one else is raising it in either party and if we get a budget it will balloon the deficit even more, karl will agree with me on that, tragedy that we are not paying attention and vulnerability in terms of our economic health, just we wanted to put that out there.
4:52 pm
finally on guns, last thing, it depends on the president only, i think the red flag idea of lindsey graham is good, we should get that and build on it but we need far more if we are going to have gun safety for kids in the country. chris: dana, what do you expect out of congress in remaining months of this year? >> when i used to do press relations you would look ahead and you would think there's the things you have to do, things you want to do and the things that happen to you, what they want to do, they have to fund the government, they want to do drug pricing and trade deal especially usmca, the things that happen to you impeachment that will take out all the oxygen, agree with karl, hard to focus on anything than theism -- the impeachment. the president will give them a run for their money. chris: not impeachment but impeachment proceedings? >> that doesn't make much
4:53 pm
difference and plays to the democratic base that would like to see president trump impeached. that's all it is, window-dressing, the real business will be on funding the government and i think the critical issue is guns, i think lots of people think we should -- as americans, republican and democrat, come together on this, the nra has been stopping it, mitch mcconnell seems indifferent unless the president tells him what to do, how weak. chris: all right. so he's not only mosco mitch -- >> i didn't say that. >> he's got to have the president's signal on what he's willing to sign. chris: see you next sunday, up next power player of the wining, wife of nfl hall of famer carrying the ball to help older retired so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle.
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chris: nfl is kicking off 100th season this weekend but players from seasons past haven't shared from the league they helped. now one woman is trying to change that. here is our power player of the week. ♪ >> proud families and proud men who aren't going to bed, i've tried to create a way to be a voice without exposing them in an uncomfortable way.
4:57 pm
chris: lisa marie riggins is talk about fair, nonprofit she helped set up last year to advocate for former profootball players, she has the support of hall of famers like vic, frank oharris and her husband john riggins. >> i'm getting by all right for now. >> another green bay touchdown. >> the problem players who retired before 1993 have a whole different set of benefits than players who retire now, pre93 player in the league 7 years gets pension of $25,000 a year and nothing else. the current player gets more than double the pension, health care, 401(k) and other benefits. >> we are asking for parity. >> pensions.
4:58 pm
>> pensions. >> not asking for health care, not 401(k). what's the reaction been from the league of the players association? >> i haven't gotten any direct reaction. chris: lisa marie says some older players, even household names to football fans are suffering from physical and cag -- cognitive effects of the game and don't have money to take care of themselves or their families. >> i just saw this sad despair that was growing amongst friends and people i care about and how do you standby and watch it if there's something that you can at least try to do. chris: lisa marie and john met when she was a college student and he was still a player. >> i thought he was one to have more exciting charismatic dynamic people i'd ever seen. chris: so you were smitten.
4:59 pm
>> i was smitten. lisa marie has been a lawyer more than a decade. >> does she know john riggins the bad boy or did you mellow? >> she know who is the guy is. [laughter] chris: lisa marie wants to make sure john's generation of players get what they deserve for helping build the game. >> i will get tremendous satisfaction knowing that there are these 4,500 players and their families that will have a check that they earned that is commensurate with their contributions that something will improve their quality of life and it will be a thanks for everything that they did. they were not forgotten, they are not ignored, they are honored. chris: lisa marie's work with fair isn't her only cause, she recently signed onto run day-to-day operations for
5:00 pm
washington area uso, that's it for today, have a great week, we will see you next fox news sunday. >> a fox news exclusive. inside the high court with the man atop trump's list. stories you haven't heard. and a warning for the country. >> there is a reason why democracies haven't always succeeded in history. from washington, shannon bream. shannon: the supreme court. for many voters it was the deciding issue of the 2016 election. this hour the first tio


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