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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 9, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> harris: we've got breaking news. it appears the president's plan to halt illegal border crossings is getting the results that he wanted, and you're watching it. this is this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. we are now awaiting the start of a briefing from the acting ad of customs border patrol. a new report that border arrests as a metric of border crossing. that number has plummeted to 51,000 in the month of august. that is down 60%, according to multiple reports. chief white house correspondent john roberts is inside the white house briefing room to talk more about this. actually, you are not there yet, but that's where you're headed. >> i didn't want to risk the chance that they would come out in the middle of all this, because we want to talk about the immigration, and the peace talks with the taliban. first, to the immigration numbers. the peak of this year was back in may, 144,000 people crossing the southern border illegally. that is declined, as he
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mentioned. a 60% reduction. it is typical, historically speaking, for there to be a reduction in the number of illegal i don't like migrants over the heat of the summer months. it starts to crawl back up again in september. but the president has been citing unprecedented cooperation from mexico and keeping people from traversing through mexico and coming toward the u.s. border. we will probably hear from mark morgan about that. also, an important court ruling just moments ago, reinstating the president's plan to deny asylum claims to people who transit to third countries before coming to the united states. likely more on that, as well. now, to where we go with the television of the peace talks. the president canceled peace talks scheduled for camp david over the weekend because the taliban took credit for responsibility for that suicide bombing in kabul near the u.s. embassy, that took a life of an american soldier and 11 other
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people. the president saying in a tweed to, "what kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? they didn't. they only made it worse. if they can't agree to a cease-fire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, they probably don't have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement, anyway. how many decades with a fight?" after he cast the mean, they indicated they would be willing to fight for a hundred years, if necessary. this will harm america more than anyone else, it will damage his reputation, unmask its inner peace policy, and even more, increases loss of life and treasure and presented political as erratic. the idea of potentially handing afghanistan back to the taliban without involving the afghan governments in the talks have come to criticism paired listen
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to what chuck schumer said about it yesterday. >> for the u.s. to meet with the taliban do not have the leader of afghanistan to meet with the taliban is something that is doomed to failure. but we know what happens. trump wants to do something, no one tells him not, and inevitably, it gets messed up. >> bringing them together with the taliban for the first time, for these peace talks, even some members of the president's own party, liz cheney, the republican congressman from wyoming, thought that bringing the taliban to camp david was a bridge too far. cheney tweeted, "camp david is wearing america's leaders met to plan a response after al qaeda, supported by the taliban, killed 3,000 americans on 9/11. no member of the taliban should set foot there, ever." the taliban still harbors al qaeda. the president's right to end the talks." there's also talk about division
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in the administration over the plan. a senior official told fox news a short time ago that mike pompeo, and secretary of state, and vice president mike pence, were fully aligned on the president's decisions regarding afghanistan. fox news has been told in the past that they are being driven by pompeo and the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. and that pence, bolden, and other members of the team are skeptical of this idea of signing the peace deal with the taliban for the very reason, harris, that it could potentially take us back to every word pre9/11. with the taliban fully in control of afghanistan. we all know what happened after that. harris? >> harris: john roberts, you have set us up for those two big stories breaking the seller. more on the situation with afghanistan in the moment. i want to get inside the white house now where that briefing has begun, with the acting director, the acting secretary of the customs and border patrol right now. mark morgan. we do know the apprehension
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numbers, the metric that they measure border crossings by, has now plummeted by 60%. some are doing today on the president's behalf that his plan to shrink the number of people has worked in part by a deal cut with mexico to keep people seeking asylum and others that they could and control that ported better from the mexico point of view. let's go inside that briefing get the very latest. >> in 2019, 83,000. that is a substantial increase of apprehension that the government of mexico has executed. in addition, since june, mexico has deployed thousands of troops. they created a new national guard within their country. 10,000 troops of the southern border rated 15,000 troops to the northern border with the united states. unprecedented support and cooperation with the government of mexico.
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what i'm going to tell you -- and i will go into a little bit more with the government of mexico and what they've done, but they need to go more. i will talk about that in a second. the international outreach to the governments of central american countries is also beginning to yield effective and positive results. particularly the efforts to stem the surge of illegal migrants crossing the southwest border, and to disrupt alien smuggling organizations. the northern tribal country specifically, along with the country of mexico, had joined as partners for the first time. they are seeing this as a true regional crisis that needs continuing coordination, cooperation, and effort. that this is not just the united states problem. that this is a regional crisis that needs regional support and regional solutions.
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third, again -- and this goes to the support the government of mexico is providing -- the migrant protection protocols, that i'm sure most of you have heard as mpp, have helped. tens of thousands of individuals arrive at our southwest border every month. many of them attempting to enter illegally. historically, we've talked about this. these individuals, because of our broken asylum laws, have been released into the united states as they wait for their asylum hearings. these proceedings can take years. for a host of reasons. a shortage of immigration judges, a backlog, the list goes on. additionally, many never stick to the process, and never continue to go through the final stages. even when they receive a final order of removal, they still remain in the united states illegally. those are facts. under the mpp, aliens who are entering or seeking asylum and admission to the united states from mexico illegally, or without proper documentation, now may be returned to mexico and required to wait outside the
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united states for the duration of their immigration proceedings, which take place in the united states. the government of mexico has agreed to provide them while they are meeting in mexico with appropriate humanitarian protections for the duration of their stay. here's a couple of key points at mpp. it discourages the abuse and exploitation of u.s. laws and nonmeritorious or false asylum claims. mpp also helps promote a safer and more orderly process along the southwest border. it eliminated resources and helps free up time to those migrants who may legitimately have a merit-based claim. as of september 1st of this year, cbp has returned more than 42,000 individuals to mexico under the mpp. let me emphasize a point that i made a minute ago -- even though
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mexico has stepped up unprecedented, they have joined the united states as well as over northern triangle partners, and really stepped up as true partners, really are seeing this as a regional crisis. and they have stepped up the unprecedented ways. we need them to do more. we need mexico to do more. we need to make sure that they are sustaining the efforts right now, that the national guard, 25,000 troops they have deployed, stay on target. stay on task. we need them to continue to join and expand the mpp, which is a game changer right now. with respect to stemming the flow. mexico needs to continue to work with our intelligence folks, to use information, share intelligence, and develop target enforcement actions and strategic locations in the country. they are stepping up in unprecedented ways, but we need them to continue to sustain that and we need them to continue to do more. lastly, deterrence. president trump is making it
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clear, if you come to the united states of america illegally, you will be removed. if you come here as an illegal alien into the united states, you commit crimes or illegally take american jobs, you will face consequences. let me talk a minute about the border wall, just a little topic that's been in the news. president trump has made it very clear that we will build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. and that, as the cbp commissioner, i can tell you that's exactly what we are doing every single day. together with united states army corps of engineers, the cdp has constructed more than 65 miles of new border wall. it's more than a born a while, if border wall system. now that we have the secretary of defense authority to use the additional $3.6 billion, we have hoped to build more than 450 new
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miles of border by the end of 2. i want to make sure i emphasize something. as the cbp commissioner, the border patrol field leadership, they want this wall. this is not a vanity project, one of them false narratives has been, and i've heard it numerous times. this president has delivered to the experts. to the border patrol, to the leadership. ask what they needed, one of the key things they said they needed was the wall. and this is not a wall being built right now, it's a wall system. access road, lighting to common technology. the leadership universally has said the wall works. history shows the numbers go down. facts and history shows that. we've been saying for a long time, the experts have been saying, when they were asked by the president, this wall is absolutely needed to help safeguard and secure our
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southern border. as part is what we've always been saying, a multilayered approach of infrastructure, technology, and personnel. where that is implemented in a strategic location, it works. the experts say it works. the experts have -- >> harris: we are watching live in a briefing inside the white house briefing room. acting commissioner of customs and border protection, mark morgan come alive right now. giving details about a big dip in apprehensions along the southern border with mexico. a measure by which they measure illegal crossings. down 56%. we are told the number was 51,000 for the month of may. that is quite a dip. we are close, 56%. i want to bring in now florida congressman michael waltz who sits on the armed services committee and is an afghanistan war fat. we will talk afghanistan and the president's decision to
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quash that meaning of the taliban in the mid. i want to do with you for some breaking news. in armed services hearing, we are here and talk that maybe money from the military was being allocated to build the president's wall. is there more of an argument out that these numbers, this huge dip in border patrol apprehensions of illegals, is there an argument to be made that what the president has in mind is working? >> i think the results show it's working. it's hard to argue with the numbers. it is great to hear our partners in mexico stepping up and deploying their own troops and border patrol officers, down to its southern border. but also, intercepting buses as they transit through, new asylum laws were they have to wait on the mexican side. it's also working. there's a lot of concern about pulling from defense dollars to reinforce the border. i have those concerns, as well. i don't like it, but at the end
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of the day we have to secure our border. for those worried about the military, i think the best way to free up the military and the best way to free up the national guard over the long term is to go ahead and get this border wall system in place, which i think was rightly described in the briefing as roads, technology, surveillance, lighting. as all of those things. so eventually we will have fewer troops on the border, and they can do things like attack terrorism keep our foot on the neck of al qaeda over in afghanistan and the middle east. >> harris: i want to stay with the portable for a a second. the commissioner was giving us some really interesting details, and echoing with the president told us last week. 450 to 500 miles of new border wall by the end of 2020. talk to me if you will about where else the money can come from. you said you have concerns about pulling it from the military, but you also have to look at these national security type numbers, since that is where the
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conversation about the border wall has been. and may continue to be. >> border security is a national security issue. we have seen time and again that a path that will move migrants and drugs, a smuggling route, can also move arms, terrorists, and can move people who wish to do the united states harm. >> harris: can you get the money? >> for people who want to bifurcate that issue, i disagree. it is a national security, and has below has, backed by iran, shown a willingness to work with gangs, to infiltrate people in the united states. as it security issue, i'm fine h it. the frustration is that congress after congress has punted on this issue. we tried to pull up the border supplemental, dozens of times, to not only handled the security aspect but you handle the humanitarian crisis aspect. i think the president at the end of the day had no choice but to use his authority, to shift some
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counter as a short-term fix. in the long term, as we -- can we move on to legal immigration reform? we can shift those national security dollars back abroad where they could should be. >> harris: my question was where else you can get the money, and you are giving me a little bit of idea of that at the end. i want to scoot. forgive me if i excellently call you colonel in this next part of our conversation, because at the military side, i want to lean on that with you. i heard you say on another network, as we head into the anniversary of 9/11, i do not ever want to see the terroristsn united states soil, period. the president making a decision we didn't know about, this meeting that was planned at camp david, with taliban leadership. he made the decision to call it off. as i understand you saying it never should have been planned in the first place. why? >> i have real issue with the underlying aspects of the deal. i am thrilled that the president
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walked away from what i think was a bad deal. the taliban were promising that they could prevent al qaeda from using afghanistan as a base to attack the united states. i think that they were making promises that they don't have the military capability to uphold, number one. number two, the afghan government let down. number three, they show no willingness to move towards peace. the final point in that, after a string of many attacks that have killed dozens of afghan civilians all over the country, just in the last few weeks, they kill another american soldier this past week on top of the three green berets that we lost in the week prior. so i think the taliban have done nothing to show that they are moving towards peace. they won't agree to a cease-fire, they don't have the capability to stop terrorism from attacking the united states again. i think this was shaping up to be a bad deal. i understand the president's
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desire to stop this war as we headed to the 18th anniversary of al qaeda and 9/11. i want to stop it, too. but i think at the end of the day, i praise them for walking away from what was turning out to be a bad deal. >> harris: i've heard other republicans, such as adam kinzinger, who is military like yourself, say that this was a wrong week to try and do that anyway. we are 48 hours out from the anniversary of 9/11. so the timing of it was -- >> i think the timing was bad for our own right. the timing was bad in afghanistan, which was heading into its own national elections. which was very contentious, and many of the minorities there -- >> harris: i know you have to scoot, i've delete go. >> they saw this as a move toward the takeover, which is what we don't want. >> harris: last question, congressman walt, florida. i appreciate her time in military acumen and service, as well. where do we go next with this? the president has tried to sit down -- we've seen him do this with north korea's leadership, with kim jong un.
10:19 am
he has promised to sit down with anybody in terms of making a deal that makes america great again. is this a deal that you think you should sit at a table with the taliban leadership for? should that ever happen? >> i think there needs to be important preconditions. i have no problem with us coming to an agreement. that's fine. but we need to see a cease-fire. a cessation of violence, release of an american hostage they are still holding. as the recognition of the afghan government and their constitution, which protect women and minorities. we need those basics. before he can set down and try to craft a broader deal. >> harris: great to have your own program. congressman michael waltz, thank you. good to see you. fox news alert from georgia now, where the coast guard says they have made contact with four crew members trapped inside that cargo ship that overturned and caught fire just last night. david lee miller is on the stor story. he has the very latest on the rescue effort now. they could now actually reach people. david?
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>> that's right, harris. the rescuers have drilled holes in the whole of that overturned cargo ship, and that's how they were able to make contact with the four missing crewmembers. the latest pictures from the scene show a coast guard helicopter on that ship, and a rescue team that's repelling down the side of the vessel. the question is how to get them to safety. the newest obstacle is the language barrier. the crew now trapped in the engine room are all south korean nationals. the drama is unfolding just out of georgia's coast, in full view of those on shore. so far, one american, six south koreans, and 13 filipinos been rescued. the ship had been transporting 4,000 cars bound for the middle east. problems began sunday morning when the coast guard says it received an emergency call of a capsize chip. it's not clear what caused the mishap. one possibility, bad weather. hurricane dorian passed through the region last week.
10:21 am
the fate of the missing was uncertain until noises were heard coming from inside the hole. rescuers tapped on the ship and those inside responded by tapping three times. as the rescue operation continues, no ships are permitted within half a mile of the golden ray. and one of the busiest ports for shipping cars is close to traffic. the headline at this hour, according to the coast guard, the crew confirmed alive. no word on their condition. additional holes are being drilled into that ship to provide them with supplies as the experts try and figure out how to get them to safety. harris? >> harris: wow. imagine being trapped inside there and having an idea that someone is trying to get you when there's nothing you can do but wait. david lee miller, thank you very much. house judiciary committee democrats set to move ahead with an impeachment inquiry of president trump. now, a top republican on the panel says their strategy was
10:22 am
actually doomed from the start. frustrating for democrats. the power panel jumps in next. ♪ hat i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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>> harris: congress is back to work after six weeks of fun in the sun. house democrats are gearing up on impeachment. nothing marks the end of summer like that. the house judiciary committee will consider rules and procedures for its impeachment inquiry this first day. but the ranking republican on the committee says it's all just for show. watch. >> they want to make it look like they are doing something they promised their base, because they been promising they would gift this president. they want people to believe something that's not true. they want to put a false narrative out there. my concern, when does it cross the line of being a judiciary committee and just being part of the dnc campaign operations for next year? >> harris: journey me now, jason meister, sits on the advisory board for president trn campaign. great to get you in on this.
10:27 am
david burstein, founder of run for america. thank you for being with me. i want to start with you, david. i want to argue that there is an n-word. it might be ideas praise is impeachment >> is democrats want to go down this road, they should call it an impeachment inquiry. which is what they're about to do. if they don't, if they do all the investigation and they don't call it an impeachment inquiry, they won't get any of the benefits. we want you want them to do it? >> i would prefer they not do it. but if they're going to, they should get the benefit of saying, look at what we are doing. that's the only benefit of this investigation. we know nothing will happen. the benefit is the -- we've seen these work before against politicians. >> harris: jason? >> i think the impeachment push would guarantee terms reelection. i think nancy pelosi knows that very well. that's why you haven't seen this actually come to the fruition of an impeachment proceeding.
10:28 am
but i think the democrats have to be careful here, because they bury themselves in investigations. when you look at the results of the mueller hoax and everything that came out of that, you really look at potentially an impeachment proceeding against the previous president. you look at all the fisa abuses that occurred to get warren to spy on the trump campaign officials, that is the real story of our time. that is what we need to start c come out in the investigation. you saw the ig report from comey. i think we will see more coming out in the coming weeks. >> harris: from horowitz, the inspector general. i want to scoot in this this. tulsi gabbard warned about the dangers of trying to impeach trump, for different reasons. a democrat. watch. >> i think it's important for us to think about what's in the best interest of the country and the american people. continuing to pursue impeachment, that's something i think will only further tear our country apart.
10:29 am
make no bones about it, we need to defeat donald trump. but i think it's important for our country's sake and our future that the voters in this country are the ones who do that. >> harris: who will listen to or among the democrats? >> the people on the stage on wednesday debating, they don't want to talk about this. it's the people in the house who feel the pressure to do something about this. people want to talk about health care, medicare for all, all these other issues. >> harris: why do they support it? >> we want to support it to play to the base, but not actually talk about it. that's the line the committee has been trying to walk so far. can't keep walking that line from. >> harris: so they're not authentic. >> you need to be all in and vociferous about it we need to be out. i think that's where the democratic judiciary committee leaders need to actually take this with this week and say, "every good to be loud and proud, or are we out?" >> harris: i look at jason looking at you like this is a gift that came with the discount
10:30 am
card. pressure to take action on gun control. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer want to hold a new 3:00 p.m. news conference today, urging the president to back house approved legislation on guns. this is presidential candidate kamala harris and cory booker are joining forces with beto o'rourke and backing mandatory buybacks for assault weapons. jason? >> i think the president has been clear that this is a problem you need to solve. he is a pragmatist. he's a problem-solving. that's why we elected him. putting this through the ideologues lens, left versus right, democrat versus republican, is a mistake when it comes to this president. he has bypassed a bipartisan reform. i think he has a huge opportunity here on the gun laws and the gun violence to do something magnificent. >> harris: can senator mcconnell get it through, whatever it is connect by the way, i talked with representative doug collins, who will be part of that market this wednesday in the house. you will see what the senate dos
10:31 am
with it. >> i think they will be successful. there's a real opportunity here, the president has been very clear he's a second amendment advocate. but there are very common-sense things you can do in this country to help mitigate these kinds of problems. >> harris: david? >> my thinking is the president could actually win back suburban voters if he does something on this. i think it's not just the democrats interest, but his interest to do this. people give him credit for doing something very small. >> harris: great to see you both, thank you. actress felicity huffman speaking out about how she got caught up in that nationwide college admission scandal days before she was set with days before she said to be sentenced, we are hearing from her. what this could mean for fairly actress, lori loughlin. ♪ so i can buy from
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>> harris: there is news from the bahamas with the death toll now has risen to 45 there, and that, we are told, will surely
10:36 am
rise as rescue teams are searching devastated areas. that powerful storm, dorian, also left 70,000 people on the grand bahama and abaco island's homeless. steve harrigan is in freeport with the latest. steve? >> harris, there are lines all over freeport. people trying to get out of here anyway they can. on boats, planes, for those too a week to leave, help is on the way but it's writing slowly. here's what that looks like. the only way to reach a critical patients in some parts of the bahamas is by plane. one at a time. >> we are working on restoration. >> in places where emergency rooms and supplies were destroyed by the storm, evacuation is the only option. >> the local hospitals, especially in the marsh harbor area, can't handle any patients right now. we are evacuating them out.
10:37 am
not a lot i can do for them here. we are getting them out. an old chevy serves as an ambulance. the driver paid in barter. three gas cans and a generator for his services. so far, the volunteers have flown out 45 people. that is all volunteer work. acute air ambulance, funded by donations. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve harrigan in the bahamas. thank you very much. actress felicity huffman will be sentence this week in the college admission scandal, and in letters to the judge, she was shedding light on how she got involved in the whole scheme. molly line is live for us in boston with more on this case. wondering how what she has to say will affect your prevails >> i'm sure there's quite a few watching on friday.
10:38 am
that's when she is slated to go back to court. she will be the first parents sentence in the scandal. got a chance to look at these most recent documents filed. while they show she remains very contrite, felicity huffman's lawyer paint a broader picture. one of a bother, desperate mother, trying to do her best for her struggling daughter, slowly drawn into the mastermind's overall scheme. at first, just taking advantages of william "rick" singer's legitimate efforts to help her daughter. ultimately, his suggestion to pay talented test-taker to correct the s.a.t. exam. and huffman makes the decision to take advantage. $15,000 was ultimately paid to the foundation, and court papers reveal that huffman's ongoing expressions of shame and regret, and here in the letter to the court, she writes, "in my desperation to be a good mother, i talked myself into believing that all i was doing was getting
10:39 am
my daughter a fair shot. i see the irony in that statement now, because what i've done is the opposite of fear." prosecutors paint a different picture, noting that she's a sophisticated business person and in documents they argue that her decision to cheat was deliberate and knowing. that said, "her efforts were not driven by need or desperation, but by a sense of entitlement, or at least moral cluelessness, facilitated by wealth and insularity." they argue, "neither probation nor home confinement, in the home in the hollywood hills within and infinity pool, we deter others from committing crimes." the government is recommending that she spent one month in prison followed by predation and her lawyers are respectfully requesting the years. letters to support huffman were presented, to the judge. including one from eva longoria.
10:40 am
of course, that's a costar, from "desperate housewives." also a letter submitted by her husband, actor william macy. the date to watch, this friday. >> harris: thank you very much. i want to get into this a bit. and your statement , attorney and adjunct law professor at northwestern university. i took a little bit, because when they hear her say things like, "in desperation to be a good mother," she was of the trying to provide a fair playing field for her daughter, there are plenty of great mothers across the country don't break the law for their kids. >> that's right. very clearly, she did get caught cheating. it's only $15,000, and i think many people would say that we would do this sort of thing for her kids. but of course she got caught. >> harris: you think it? >> yeah! most parents would do virtually anything for the kids. to get into top school? a lot of people might do it. >> harris: does this make any judge or court house a buffet for these people? you heard that statement.
10:41 am
this is about those who have and have and have. >> harris, you are right. but in the same sense, judges are used to seeing murder cases, sexual assault cases, gun cases. this is not the kidnapping of the lindbergh baby. to me, this is a classic case of prosecutorial overreach. it's a relatively de minimis amount. kathy work on anything better than this? >> harris: it's interesting to say that. that's a flip side of the argument. to be spoken by the fact. prosecutors months in prison and a $20,000 fine. the defense acting for a sentence of one year of probation, 250 hours of community service. and that $20,000 fine. none of this is huge. this isn't like anybody's going to do some major prison time anyway. >> your right! if you remember the stanford sailing coach, back in june, he went for his sentencing. he didn't get any present time.
10:42 am
given the issues we have, given the prosecutorial backlog of cases, i just question whether this is the sort of thing that prosecutors should be working on today with so many other more important issues. >> harris: before you went to that, let's broaden it out. lori loughlin didn't take a plea deal. remember that? there was one weekend where everybody was kind of getting in, jumping into the pool, saying, "i did it, i'm sorry." felicity huffman said she was sorry. lori loughlin didn't. >> that's it. >> harris: do you think she regrets it? >> i don't think so. at this point, i won't say the case is crumbling right now, but when you have the stanford sailing coach not sentenced to prison, you have felicity huffman who probably isn't going to get jail time, i think prosecutors are questioning whether these are the cases they should have brought. right now the judges don't seem too impressed. >> harris: who was looking out
10:43 am
for those kids who didn't get in because these privileged kids did? we will never be able to answer that, i guess. >> i guess you can say it's a victimless crime, but in the same sense, maybe some poor kid didn't get into the school of his or her choice because some spoiled brat rich kid did. i can see both sides of the equation. i just don't think the judge is going to be very impressed by it. >> harris: thank you very much. always breaks it down so candidly. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> harris: new details and the stabbing death of a maryland mother. six of the seven people charged in the murder are identified as ms-13 gang members, who were living here illegally. we will have a live report. plus, a pilot strike, forcing british airways to cancel most of its flights. what the airline's plan to do for hundreds of thousands of travelers. wow. next. ♪ ♪
10:44 am
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go to and never go to the post office again! >> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. we are expecting an announcement at 2:00 p.m. about a multistate investigation into whether large tech companies engaged in anticompetitive behaviors to stifle competition and harm consumers like me and you. also at the top of the hour, the houses back in session and they've got a pretty big to-do list. we will take through the things that have to do and the things
10:48 am
they want to do. not always the same thing. on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: i.c.e. says 6 of 7 people charged in a stabbing death of a maryland man are ms-13 gang members who were living here illegally. mark meredith has more now from washington. >> i.c.e. tells fox news of the six people arrested for recent maryland homicide, as you mentioned, also identify as ms-13 gang members. seven people and all have been charged, and you can see the mug shots on your screen, of the victim. he was found in july. the suspect ages range from 16 to 31, and the 16-year-olds being charged as an adult. all of them are being charged with first-degree murder. investigators say the murder was preplanned, but the motive remains under investigation. investigators told our affiliate, fox 45 in baltimore, they believe the suspects had
10:49 am
been watching the victim as he left the laundromat. ice officials tell fox the six suspected being there was a wrestler, fiver from el salvador and the other suspects from mexico. i.c.e. has launched detainers, meaning they will be released. however, they are being held without bond already. ms-13 is well known to federal law enforcement. the gang is one of the largest street gangs in the united states, and i.c.e. says it knows of operations across maryland in multiple counties. as you know, president trump has repeatedly called out ms-13 for its brutality, and law enforcement across the country has launched efforts to crack down on the gang. harris? >> harris: i don't know if you know this, any idea how long they had actually been here illegally? a lot of times you find a people of the deported and they come back. do you know more about that part of the story? >> i don't know how long the beach in the country, police released their addresses, when they made those arrests. indicating that at least all had ties to the maryland area, that they'd been there for a while to set up residence. >> harris: interesting.
10:50 am
mark meredith, thank you very much. let's get to a big problem today for british airways and all of its hundreds of thousands of customers who are about to feel this. they had to cancel nearly all of the flights after pilots went on strike over their pay. their line says it has no way of predicting how many pilots would come or not come to work. greg palkot's life in london with more. this is more than the current situation. what is going to happen in the future? people who bought tickets? >> it's a big problem for hundreds of thousands of people, harris. it's really been called an historic strike. it's the first time pilots have walked out on british airways. by one measure, it's the tenth largest airline in the world. the two half a day strike will impact some 1700 flights, as many as 280,000 passengers, 29 cities in the u.s. alone are served. the two main hubs are most effective, usually packed
10:51 am
terminals at heathrow and gatwick along the main terminals. basically ghost towns today. the airline did skid a pretty good warning about would be expected. still, there was a was a lot of disruption. while many airlines are struggling, last year it's been noted by the union, $3.2 billion. the pilots complained they have made sacrifices in the past. not only do they want pay hikes, they want a share in those profits. just to give some perspective, the highest paid pilots at ba, it is reported, make around $200,000 a year. the average pay, somewhere over $100,000 a year. talks continue, harris, and more job action is threatened for later this month. back to you. spew unfriendly skies. greg palkot, thank you very much. president trump's campaign manager says the trump family is
10:52 am
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refi now at >> harris: hey, sign this kid up! a young marlins fan snack not one but two foul balls from the same header in the same at-bat. if that happened during sunday's kansas city royals and miami marlins game. here's the first rabbit. oh, i feel lucky. then a few minutes later he gets lucky again and grabs another foul ball. check it out, it's like he ran the bases. if he was old enough we could take him to vegas, but he's not. as president trump launched america's next political dynasty? that's what his campaign manager brad pascal thinks. he says donald trump jr.,
10:57 am
ivanka trump and jared kushner of the future of the republican party. i want to bring in josh crush our, political editor of the national journal. does brad have a point? >> he has a point of president trump is able to win reelection and there's a huge difference in president to serve two terms and push a movement that they had even long after their presidencies have lasted. but if you are like george h.w. bush or jimmy carter, it's hard to spur a movement. there's a lot at stake in this reelection not just for president trump but for ivanka and also don jr. >> harris: clinton has tried to do it more than once. i want to ask this. you do see two things when you look at the lineage there in this photograph and obviously there is a familial type but there's also a youth tie. as we edged into 2020, one thing is about to change and that's
10:58 am
the count on millennials in this country. they will overtake protected by you and others as our greatest generation ever including boomers. >> millennials will be a huge constituency. you look at for example of don jr.'s twitter feed, he has a huge following and he is one of the president's strongest surrogates on the campaign trail and he will be present long after president trump leaves office. that's an open question. but outside of the president you don't find many people in the republican -- that social media space that's more effective from someone like don jr. >> you know what i love about the way you take a look at things, you can dig deeper on what it would take to help people on the left, but prison
10:59 am
reform is something that the president shares the credit with come up with his children and that's a issue. are there any other issues out there as part of the nation's leading from so far left, he still might have to pop talk to them even if politics don't align? >> don jr. has mastered the art of twitter. that's a long after he leaves the presidency and is following is not going to go away. the trumps will be a factor in republican party politics. >> very quickly, how do they compare, some are saying they are the new kennedys, are they? >> wait until the president wins a second term. >> harris: he said that twice. it's rare for an income but not win twice, we've only seen it happen one time. >> you have clinton but you also have the carter and bush example. >> harris: thank you very
11:00 am
much. i appreciate your time. odds of breaking news this hour. thanks for watching "outnumbered over time." i'm harris faulkner and let's scoot you to dana with the daily briefing -- "the daily briefing." >> dana: fox news alert, congress gets back to work with only two weeks to avoid another to government shutdown. lawmakers balancing a long list of priorities against a looming deadline and it keeps the government running. kristin fisher is live on capitol hill and we have to figure out what they are going to get done. >> a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it but the house judiciary committee is pushing forward with his impeaching investigation of president trump. this morning chairman nadler announced his committee will vote on thursday to set the rules for future hearings on impeachment. on deck, the president's


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