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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of groupthink. get ready for a breaking news night here on fox news. we have a little surprise for you tonight. following the hpm hour is the 9:00 p.m. hour. the man at the helm, ladies and gentlemen, mr. sean hannity. >> sean: who would ever think that i'm here? i want to get rid of you. good to see the president on the campaign trail. welcome to hannity. we are following tonight breaking news stories. a lot to get to during the course of this hour. we were begin with the preside. tonight, he was in a campaign mode. republican congressional candidate bischoff, who was facing an upcoming election. in this particular case, he the u.s. house representatives is important. the majority, not interested in passing any legislation to protect our country, secure our borders, bolster our economy,
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create jobs. no, they are singularly focused, back from their long vacation, on one thing and one thing only. that's destroying president trump and anybody who supports them. then we've got jerry nadler, you know, the guy from new york who's suffering from impeachment derangement psychosis. he just directed his judiciary committee to take the first step towards impeaching the president. of course, there are no high crimes, no misdemeanors. there is no justification at all. we all know that it was a complete utter failure, doug. robert mueller's testimony was pointless. let me help nadler out. it would be totally dismissed. by the way, democrats in those districts that voted for trump, yet they are not going to like that either. just a production. basically, democrats are wasting
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your money, wasting your time, and do nothing to help the american people. nothing. it's beyond pathetic, it's an anti-climatic, culmination of dirty politics. it all started at the very top. that would be president obama, joe biden. breaking tonight, just now, judicial lodge uncovered a new trove of documents showing how obama's state department officials were desperately trying to undermined president-elect trump in 2016. take a look at these new documents. according to these materials, these officials allegedly disseminated raw intelligence as illegal. another classified material. that's illegal. three anti-trump senators, all in an attempt to prove collusion throughout the highest levels of government. sound familiar customer it should. after hillary clinton's dossier
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was passed around. remember, it was weaponized both before and after the 2016 election. the real question must be answered. we've got to get to this point peered what did obama, what did rice, what did they know. and also, when did they know it? remember, we've been telling you, no counterintelligence operation happens without the direct knowledge or involvement of the present of the united states. yeah, that would be president obama. joining us now is tom. tom, tell us about what you've got. brand-new information tonight. >> tom: we know the state department was desperate to show classified information. after the president was elected. before he was inaugurated. these documents show that they were concerned about the rules about disseminating classified
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information getting in the way. they sought the help of the office director of national intelligence, james' organization. they talked about urgency. they talked about deadlines. and if it were a regular process, inauguration would make no difference to sharing information with the hill. but obviously, they were desperate to undermine president trump. and you see these obama appointees, many of whom were clinton donors, because we've looked up their donation history. shoveling this information out in the days before the inauguration. they were literally talking about it the day before the inauguration, pushing the material out. previous documents received talk about, they get excited and say, we made the deadline. what was the deadline? the inauguration. how could you interpret this activity as anything other than a design to undermine president trump by putting information that otherwise may
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not be available under the law to democratic senators on the hill. >> sean: susan rice, oval office, basically, at the same time, the memo. he said, do everything by the book. tom, great work. it is clear that the washington bureaucrat machine, they were out to destroy president trump from the get-go, from the very beginning. one of the very worst was comey's right-hand man. he was fired after the d o.j. inspector determined that he was a leaker and he was a liar. mccabe is now under criminal investigation. according to a new report from "the daily beast" ," james clapr once begged him to shield mccabe from getting fired. by the way, where are you?
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clean up the premier law enforcement agency in the world. you need to step up and help fix this. now, klapper was constantly stepping up for his partner in crime. now, naturally, they are both colleagues at cnn. they had a very cozy relationship with the press. he even works with journalists. that included his wife. tell mike and the commonwealth of virginia. also breaking tonight. another new story. sara carter is now reporting the department of justice is seeking tax messages from andrew mccabe, allegedly the clinton probe.
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is that the house committee tried and failed to obtain. fox news investigative reporter, sara carter. sarah, i think this is really important on a lot of fronts. why don't we let you give the details. >> sarah: it's important on any front, sean, because it's going to reveal. not only was he fired for basically lying to michael hoar wreck, but his communications with comey. his communications with other members of the team. also, his communications with other fbi members who were involved in the investigation. some of others we haven't publicly named yet. this is another reason why the department of justice is seeking this information. the highest levels of the fbi into this investigation. just as you said, you know, congressman devin nunes, when he was chair of the house of
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intelligence committee, had requested all of this information from the fbi. he was stonewalled and not allowed to see any of the text messages that mccabe had between the various fbi agents, including lisa page, the attorney that was working, that is no longer with the fbi, and peter strzok, who was also fired and directly involved in the russian investigation. a lawsuit was also filed for these text messages. >> sean: mueller realized their obvious bias and political agenda. that was beyond mistake. that's 101. of course, we had hillary's phones beaten with hammers. maybe this phone just sits at the bottom of the atlantic ocean somewhere. see when i don't think it is, sean.
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i have been told by sources that all of mccabe's texts and emails are still being held within the fbi. the interesting thing here is that the new fbi director, christopher wray, is fighting hard not to let these out. that's what i'm learning from sources. it is very interesting that christopher wray is operating very much like chris call come. >> sean: all right, sarah sara. thank you for that. mccabe may also play a role in the ongoing legal saga surrounded michael flynn. his legal team is now led by sidney powell. joining us now with a full report, our own catherine harri
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harris. >> that's right, sean. we'll see more of that tomorrow. then, fbi director andrew mccabe informed the white house that the bureau was not considering, and this is significant, violations in the michael flynn case over his calls to the russian ambassador. recently imposed sanctions on russia. the government records also indicate that add at least two occasions, the bureau was closing the case. later removed from the mueller probe over anti-trump texts. he will be in a d.c. court tomorrow. they will be under the direction of andrew white.
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evidence that destroyed the credibility of their primary witness, while at the same time, putting excruciating pressure on him, flynn. prosecutors countered that they gave. he pled guilty for making a false statement in 2017. >> sean: a couple of things. sidney powell how many people wd over the, watts, 200 plus years? and what about john carey and his contact with the iranians that we were talking about? >> he said, hey, wait a minute. isn't that the act that no one has been prosecuted over? he was addressing the government in this case. the thing i'm going to p dell might be keeping eye on is there are records under seal. they contain some very good
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evidence that would have helped flynn. but that evidence was held back by the government. sean. >> sean: we turn now to the government's latest anti-trump. he did over the weekend. this would be with the taliban after the group carried out a terrorist attack in kabul. after the death of an american soldier. the president has been criticized by the media mob, predictably so. he believes in open dialogue and will always look for peaceful solutions to long-standing conflicts, but only from a position of strength. the president can it be any more clearly. he's been clear, it is clear, followed it all up. everything he said. >> president trump: i like the
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idea of meeting. i've met with a lot of bad people and a lot of good people during the course of the last, almost three years. i think meeting is a great thing. we had a meeting scheduled. it was my idea. it was my idea to terminated. i did and it's discuss with anybody else. when i heard, very simply, that they killed one of our soldiers and 12 other innocent people, i said, there's no way i meeting on that basis. there's no way i meeting. >> sean: the president has said it again and again peered he's willing to meet, talk, but unlike his predecessors, he's not willing to bribe his way to an unenforceable deal. bribery never works. he said it himself. remember when president clinton promised billions of dollars in aid and free energy to kim jong un. remember his father? he told us, bill clinton did. it is a good deal for the
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american people. by the way, it was not. take a look. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be protected. the entire world will be safer. the united states and international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea to make sure it keeps its. only as it does so will north korea fully join the community of nations. >> sean: well, that was a dumb deal and a failure. guess what, north korea did successfully develop those weapons. because of that deal, they also received a $4 billion funding. millions and tons of free oil. remember, he met with korean dictator kim jong un.
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chairman kim, his time. nothing more. not one thing. nothing. no bribery. american hostages, they were returned home. that's a win for trump. they were returned home. the nuclear testing stopped and we went well over, what, a year plus. no rockets fired over japan. that was happening pretty much every other day. the most powerful military in the world. well, this has never been seen. we have significant leverage over north korea and the negotiator in chief is using all of that. it's called peace and peace through strength. trust and verify. that's why president trump, he ripped up this fraud, iranian nuclear deal, as he promised. remember in 2014, the obama administration, they shipped out
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cash. they gave it right to the arms of iran. death to america. death to israel. they burned the american flag and burned the is really flag. also lifted key sanctions on iran. the iranians temporarily paused their nuclear weapons programs. guess what. they never did. it was a 10-year deal. it's going to expire. no american inspectors at all. a useless deal. the dumbest deal possibly ever negotiated in the history of man. as president trump highlighted earlier tonight in his speech in north carolina. here's what he said. >> president trump: when i came into office, iran was a real terror. 18 sites of confliction. they were behind every one of them in the middle east.
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and who knows, could have been elsewhere. and i said, we're not going to do it. hundred $50 billion, president obama paid. and $1.8 billion in cash. $1.8 billion in cash, and we got taken to the cleaners, so i terminated the deal. >> sean: good thing the president shredded that agreement. we imposed sanctions on iran. for the first time in 75 years, the geopolitical concerns for us. they've never been lower. it's not perfectly clear if they want to elevate their economic suffering. the people keep protesting. it would be on the president's terms. they won't see a penny and any cash. i promise you. we are now seeing a similar strategy play out in afghanista afghanistan. he is willing to talk to anybody, but he is not willing to appease murderous regimes.
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no deal is always better than a bad deal. some of you in the media mob, you might discover that trump says, always be willing to walk away from a deal, even after the last second. we saw europe learned this the hard way. remember, chamberlin came back after meeting with hitler in munich. told the people in great britain, they will have peace in their time. but in the end, appeasement never works. winston churchill had the moral clarity. he understood the nature of this enemy and he knew there was only one way to negotiate with a tyrant and a killer and a mass murderer like hitler. blood, toil, tears, and sweat. >> i have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. if it's to wage war by sea,
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land, and air with all our might and with all the strength that god can give us, to wage war against the monstrous tyranny. you ask, what is our aim? one word. victory. victory at all costs. victory in spite of all terror. victory, however long and hard the road may be. without victory, there is no survival. >> sean: without victory, there is no survival. evil existed then. the president has dramatically increased our defense budget. we now need the next generation of technological advances and the next generation of weaponry to defeat a fighting force that strikes fear into every enemy on
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the face of the earth. a developing story out of capitol hill. republican members of congress are now demanding answers surrounding the mysterious trip house democrats trip to mexico. here's more with jim jordan, the author of the soon to be released sequel of "witch hunt." what you expect? >> jim: well, news reports indicate that democrats were across the border, and you few can believe, news reports, actually helping migrants. i don't think that we should have the democrats on the house oversight committee. frankly, i don't think we should be focused on what we can do to actually deal with the crisis on the border. democrats don't want to help. they just want to continue to go after the president. one thing we know as well, never
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did they complement the border control dumb but patrol agents, who are busting their butts every day. >> sean: congressman, i know you commented on the impeachmen impeachment. they didn't get what they wanted. here's my question. is that all they have? are they going to get some of those democrats that are in trump districts must mark are they going along with this nonsense? speaker no. no. i mean, the cohen hearing didn't work out for them. what happened with the special counsel. that hearing didn't work out with them. so now they're coming out with this because i impeachment inquiry thing. it's just what the democrats do. they are so focused on the president, they can't do what we should be doing, which is dealing with the crisis on the border. dealing with -- how about this, sean. michael corbin issued a scathing
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report on james comey. they haven't mentioned anything about that. but we are going to move forward with this sort of impeachment inquiry? of the problem. >> sean: let me bring in gregg jarrett. our own catherine harris. your reaction to all this breaking news tonight. >> gregg: well, this is damning evidence. without a doubt, midline maligs to frame donald trump for a nonexisted collusion conspiracy with russia. they are leaking classified documents, and you know, the dni, james clapper is helping all along the way to gullible members of the united states senate democrats, as well as to the media.
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they were so aggrieved that hillary clinton had lost the presidential election but they became furious about it and worked such a loosely in the closing days and hours of the obama administration to try to push pursue the collusion narrative even though they knew it was a fallacy. but they were counting on the gullibility of members in the senate and the complicit media to carry it on. going all the way to the oval office, president obama, he had to have not only known -- >> sean: real quick, will the inspector general determined that they were obtained illegally? your prediction. >> i think they will. real quick, sean, what he just talked about, think of the timing of all this. >> sean: don't have time. this is part of what he talked
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about. >> absolute. >> sean: that's next. another day. another joe biden blunder. plus, kamala harris will apologize. we will bring you up to speed on the 2020 democrats. next. ♪
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>> sean: extreme 2020 candidates, unhinged lunacy, psychotic hatred of the president. their so-called moderate sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe. by the way, go to which nickname do you prefer? sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe or joe 30330. you can vote. you can vote for one or maybe vote for less. anyways, one mistake after another. one blunder after another. one gap under another. it's stirring up downright panic among democrats. ed rendell said it well this weekend. they sure as heck keep going. they continue this weekend in new hampshire. or maybe it was vermont. i don't know. take a look. >> i believe that will tell mike
6:29 pm
you will look back on this presidency as an average moment in time. when donald trump is reelected. freudian slip. when donald trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. donald trump does pose a threat. it's not hypothetical. his threat to this nation. >> sean: . he lost his fastball. i'm going to be honest. i'm one of those who doesn't believe he ever had a fastball. more like an underhanded pitch. he's having to reassure voters that he's all there. his wife giving him an incredible endorsement. telling a local new hampshire newspaper that he said sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe that his issue was due to a contact lens issue.
6:30 pm
at the same time, the same round, he said "and now, am i fit enough? i'll completely disclose everything about my health. i'm in good shape. >> it looks like he's aged 20 years to me, but what do i know? he's embracing every extreme radical new democratic party position, including the new green deal. that's right, joe likes the new green deal, the band that will abolish fossil fuels. no more combustion engines. cows are in jeopardy, planes are in jeopardy. everything's free free free, even to illegal immigrants. by the way, open borders, they all support that. listen to robert francis. beto o'rourke claims climate change means we have to get amnesty. take a look. >> the violence, the persecution, caused not by god nor by mother nature, but by you
6:31 pm
and me in face of the climate change that we are producing. we're going to legalize the presence of more than 10 million in the united states, beginning with dreamers who will never again fear deportation back to a country they do not know. because we will make them u.s. citizens in this their true home country. >> sean: by the way, the campaign failures are racking up, including camara kamala ha. she claimed she didn't hear it. a yourself. >> so i don't buy that argument that impeachment does not make sense. there needs to be accountability. what are you going to do in the next year to diminish the mentally action of this country? >> while side.
6:32 pm
well said. >> sean: while side, but it didn't hear it. he actually suggested that when donald trump has killed more than stalin and hitler combined. remind me, everybody at fox, remind me if i do something wrong, just use one of those. the downward spiral, losing ground on elizabeth warren. according to a new report, she may actually be seeking the advice of hillary clinton. what exactly is hillary going to offer? what did she have to teacher? tonight, the most egregious campaign offense, well, that goes to comrade bernie sanders. the angry socialist, who was actually trotting out anti-semite ally linda sarsour. you can't make this up. take a look. >> at a time of startling rise
6:33 pm
in white nationalism and anti-semitism, i would be so proud to win, but also to make history and elect the first jewish american president this country -- the first jewish american country dumb i president this country has ever seen and for his name to be bernard sanders. remember, she attacked the state of israel repeatedly. even caught in numerous anti-semitism scandals. even attacked a survival of female genital mutilation for criticizing islam. that would be nation of islam
6:34 pm
leader. joining us now for a reaction is former white house press secretary, sarah sanders. welcome aboard, sarah. >> sara: while dell might great to be here. thank you for having me on. >> sean: you know his thinking. you know his mind-set. i look at this cast of extremists, and i'm like, wow. i guess the only one who can beat donald trump is the donald trump, which i don't think he's going to allow to happen. >> not for a minute. i think donald trump, the reason you saw him so happy, so joyful tonight, not only because the country is doing well, but because if this is the best that the democrats have two offer, the president has to be elated. i'm not sure why any of these candidates are running. the seem to have such a dislike for this country, dislike for american citizens. i don't know why they'd want to try to lead. the policies and the positions that these individuals are pushing is hard to identify.
6:35 pm
he seems to be so confused all the time. i hope that this is the best that we have coming out of the democrat party, because if it is, we're going to have another great four years of president trump for 2020. >> sean: i tend to agree. not only that, the president, more than any other politician that i can think of, has actually doubled up, kept his word. everyone, i've got a lot of criticism from conservatives, one when he was running. i vouch for his conservative views. i think he means it, even though he lived in the liberal city like new york. and secondly, people said, well, the president has given up on securing the border. as such, no he hasn't. he's switched gears. he came up with a better strategy, and he knows he has the legal justification, the constitutional justification with the reallocation of funds from the defense department. that is officially his. the border wall is being built. nancy pelosi's complaining.
6:36 pm
she couldn't stop him. >> sarah: exactly paired not only is the president winning on campaign promise after campaign promise, but he's doing it on his own. without the help of democrats in congress. they spent every minute of the president's term fighting against him. just this week, they finally came back to work, and the only thing they can do is try to figure out how to impeach the president. they are terrified of his success, because they know that the more he. it has nothing to do with helping america. it has nothing to do with helping people across this country. i'm pretty sure they don't even like america. if you listen to what they're saying. everything they have to say is so negative. you saw the exact opposite of that from the president tonight. i hope that people will continue to look at that contrast and see that you have somebody who loves this country, loves all of the citizens of this country versus
6:37 pm
the democrats, who have nothing to do but take the president and try to tear him down. >> sean: sarah, thank you. welcome to the family paired we are glad to have you. you went out on a limb for him also. there's a few of us. not many. and look what he's done. tax cuts. biggest in the nation's history. deregulation. largest in american history. getting the money to build the border wall's. got it. nancy pelosi's pretty ticked off. trade deals with japan, canada, mexico, western european allies. china is now at a 27 year low in terms of their economy. an 11 year low in their currency. i'd say there's a lot of winning in there. >> newt: there's a lot of winning. i think it's important to
6:38 pm
recognize that no matter what the news media does, there's a core based in 44-45% of the country, that frankly ignores all the noise, focuses on what's working, notices, for example, lowest block on employment in history, lowest latino unemployment in history. lowest female unemployment in history. they look at that, and they say, this is a pretty good deal. a combination of wages going up and the tax cuts. again, you got people looking around thinking, this is all working. and then they watch the demo the democrats, missing basically to destroy it. you have a contrast that is this wide between people who want to make america work and people who want to destroy. that's going to be the sort of core underlying theme. >> sean: coming back from a long vacation. they got beaten up pretty bad. the mueller report.
6:39 pm
they put so much faith, hope, and trust. it didn't come back the way they wanted. even if it means some of our members that are in a trump dominated district. even if they lose and knowing the senate will never go along. is there any one thing that they are advocating for to advance the condition of this country, help people get jobs, build the economy, create a safer country for us? i can't think of any. the new green deal doesn't cut it for me. >> newt: [laughs] you know, there are individual democrats who have ideas that are interesting. some of the newer and younger members. but overall, the democratic party has fallen off a cliff. just take the example of elizabeth warren, promising that she will make an executive order to ban all fracking in the united states. fracking is a technology, which has enabled us to become the
6:40 pm
biggest producer of oil in the world. it has re-created the chemical industry in america. this is a very high income industry. it has helped us advance the russians and the saudis and the irradiance. she comes along, and i don't think the democrats realize, there's going to be county after county after county. eastern ohio, western pennsylvania. there are a lot of folks were making a living because of what has happened with fracking. and basically, she's the guaranteed unemployment candidate. what you see is the democrats running into these kind of things as a group. it's the most left-wing group i've ever seen. >> sean: look. the new green deal would be an economic catastrophe. no faith in joe 30330. i don't even want to see his
6:41 pm
medical records. whatever they are, keep them private. i'm looking at a guy who is aged like 20 years since he left office. he has no energy, no, if you want to be president, you run for president. you better have your a game on. you better have your energy level up. coffee's not going to cut it. you got to have the passion to do it. >> newt: i think that biden's almost sad. you watch him, and i find myself flinching, because you're watching a guy who clearly should it be in the arena anymore. i'm not sure he ever should have been, because twice before, he had to drop out as a presidential candidate, because he just couldn't do it. but washington, now, at this point in his career, and washington make mistake after mistake after mistake, you know, "the washington post" reported that in a three minute period, he made seven errors. now, if you are a democrat,
6:42 pm
seven major errors in 3 minutes you have a big problem. >> sean: he lost "the new york times" and "the washington post." he's gonna lose this primary. i don't see how he gets out of it. speaker, great to see you again. welcome back. we miss you when you are away. please come back often. more hollywood hate directed at the president. we'll check in with michelle mulford. also, a big update in the jeffrey epstein case. more mayhem from ms-13. we'll have a full report straight-ahead. ♪ let's take a look at some numbers:
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they were at the venice film festival, but ended up spending most of their time on climate change. they aren't the only two celebrities feuding with the president. they went after john legend due to their failure to give credit for their criminal justice reform. on tinseltown, friday, she slammed hollywood hypocrites who refuse to work with hypocrites. i thought they wanted justice reform. what happens when an illegal immigrant criminal, the 1%, not 99 kills,, or is involved in a violent crime against america? was in jail. here, with a reaction.
6:49 pm
brand-new book, incredible. it's called "open borders." our friend, michelle malkin, fox news contributor, emily. when that was a criminal, or the other criminals that have gone on to kill. they were aided and abetted. >> yeah, well, hollywood has been complicit in open borders anarchy. they have been sanctuary anarchists, sponsoring many of the left wing groups undermining our laws. a fun fact about chrissy teagan and john legend is that while they live in a $13 million community compound with bulletproof windows, they're out there giving at least $1.3 million to the american civil liberties union, which is a illegal alien lawyers lobby to help represent illegal aliens.
6:50 pm
has this couple ever stood up for law-abiding americans or law-abiding immigrants? to any of these people in hollywood even know the name. the hero cop who was shot by a multiple serial deportation fugitive? for all the democrats for that matter. they are never held accountable for it. it's disgusting. what's the simple solution? stop giving the money. defund open borders by stopping watching their movies. >> sean: emily. >> emily: i love that michelle started pointing out all of the hypocrisy. wrinkly, the list is endless. look, these are the same actors. are they the ones that really want people out of business, out of work, out of income question mike these are same actors that
6:51 pm
told the susan to "shut the op." she was pointing out that there have been a surge of people of color and women running for office under this administration. these people are off the charts worth millions. debra messing, $20 million last year. chrissy teagan, third highest-paid model. and yet, los angeles county has the highest rate of homeless in the country. the list of hypocrisy is unending. >> sean: inc. you both, dominic. 400 sources. she has it all and much more. all right. coming up, and another disturbing twist in the epstein case. trace gallagher has live
6:52 pm
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>> sean: another breaking news we are following tonight, baltimore breaking stories as it relates to jeffrey epstein. new and disturbing details of this case as well as the ongoing saga of the brutal crimes by the ms-13 gang members. fox news chief, breaking news correspondent, trace gallagher, joins us live with the very latest from our west coast newsroom. >> e. jericho big stories brady is after jeffrey epstein's was solicited as registering for a sex offender, it was here that the institute of technology and i.t. were still using jeffrey epstein to help arrange large donations, including $2 million from delegates and 5 million from leon black who owns a
6:58 pm
private equity powerhouse. but the new yorker and an article written by ronan farrell publish email showing that mig employees tried to cover up epstein's involvement. for example, then mig fund-raising official peter cullen wrote to another employee quote, jeffrey money needs to be anonymous," we will not be mentioning jeffrey's name as the impetus for this gift. peter cohen who now works at brown university has been placed on leave but the director of mit's media lab joey ito resigned altogether and bill gates denies that jeffrey epstein had anything to do with his two million-dollar gift. epstein also gave millions to harvard in 2003 but that was preconviction and harvard has no plans to turn up the money. meantime, immigration and customs enforcer now confirms that seven suspects, inc. using a 16-year-old accused of the brutal death of the maryland men
6:59 pm
are members of the ms 15 gang and six of the seven are in the u.s. illegally. baltimore police say that back in july, the members surveilled the 21-year-old man, followed him from a laundromat back to his apartment complex, and then multiple gang members stopped him multiple times. they said the man may have been killed because he made a hand gesture affiliated with the rival gang. of the six suspects in the u.s. illegally, five are salvadoran and one is mexican. all of them are in the i.c.e. gang member database. in recent months, ms-13 gang members in maryland of washington and virginia have been behind this series of violent murders including that of a fortino girl killed with a machete and baseball that and a 16-year-old boy stabs more than a hundred times. >> sean: trace gallagher, while not. i'm believable. thank you so much for those reports. all right, big breaking news tonight. unfortunately that is all the time we have left. we will never be the hate
7:00 pm
psychotic destroying medium on. now, let not your heart be troubled. before we get to laura ingraham, let me read. loring ingram drinks steak and light bulbs inch plastic straws to trigger liberals. can i ask your question? listen. it's a friday, more fun show, i like it a lot. that's all i can say. >> you know, it's friday night at 10:58 p.m. we are doing a live show so you had a piece of steak, it's a triggering event for the left. a triggering time. and then a lot of plastic straws so the only thing we should have done is put in a blender and make it really drunk end. >> sean: in my humble opinion, your face, my face, luke's face,


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