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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 10, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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a lot of breaking news. thanks to brian for joining us on the couch. let's send it over now to harris faulkner. >> harris: and we continue breaking news at this hour. president trump has asked for the national security advisor, john bolton, to leave the administration. the first live interview with the white house coming out now on "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. a west wing change amid reports john bolton disagreed with the president's plans to hold talks with the taliban at camp david. president trump announced the big move with bolton on twitter. here is that tweet. "i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house. i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the administration, and they an end therefore, i asked for his resignation, which was given this morning. i thank him for services. i will name a new national security advisor next week." first direction, straight from
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the white house. deputy press secretary hogan gidley joins me now outside the white house. hogan, what happened specifically to get to the point where john bolton is out to? >> look, it's very clear that john bolton's policies and priorities did not align with president trump's. the president of the united states has the right to put people in positions that agree with executing the policies that he sees fit to protect his country. also, last night the president of the united states states ask john bolton to tender his resignation. it was delivered to the president today. >> harris: and why does john bolton, then, come public with a different story? i'm certain you are probably hearing about the tweet where he says, no, he and the president had talked and if anything happened he resigned on his own. >> listen, i won't get into the back and forth here, but the fact remains that the
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resignation was delivered today and we are in the process of looking for a new director. >> harris: hogan, what can you tell me about kind of the way that the president does business? in terms of telegraphing to the world, "i will sit down with an buddy to get a deal," he wants to end our presence, as much as it is, with thousands of troops in afghanistan. was willing to sit down with taliban leadership. bolton and others disagreed with that. some republicans been very vocal in the last hours about the cancellation, that it's a good thing the meeting isn't happening, but they didn't like the fact that it was happening at all. what do you say about the president's mode of how he does business in that sense, and those people advising him? >> listen -- whether it's building a wall, a bilateral trade deal with japan, record-setting, whether it's getting out of the jcpoa, the horrible iran deal, whatever he wants to do. building a wall, for example. only in washington, d.c., would it be an anomaly that someone
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runs on issues, gets elected on those issues, and then works to carry out those issues. only in d.c. would it surprise people. this president is moving fast and furious to protect the people of this country, at our southern border. he also wants to create trade deals around the globe that protect american workers, american farmers and ranchers, american businesses, and american industries paid only here in washington is that shocking. >> harris: was it not helpful to have someone whose reputation would tell you that he was very hawkish on things? the president joked at one point that john bolton just wants to go to war. >> listen, the president wants people to disagree with him and i have debated in front of him, but the president of the united states, he is the one who sets the policies. once he makes the decisions, we come out until the american people what that decision is. i can guarantee you this -- whatever donald trump does, it's in the best interest of the american people. you've seen that time and time again. no further than the economy, for example. seeing record highs we never
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thought possible under barack obama. but the president set the agenda and we just work out best here at the white house from the communication shop to deliver that message the american people. >> harris: mcmaster, flynn, john bolton, all out. so number four is coming from the national security advisor. what is the president looking for in that position? >> again, he wants someone who can carry out his agenda. he ran out of getting out of some of these wars we been in for decades. we've lost countless lives, all kinds of money, that can't even be tracked in some instances. it's truly disgusting how we've gotten this far. but the president also wants to protect our interests across the globe and protect united states citizens abroad. he will do that at all costs. that's what we are looking for but i don't have the announcement at this time. this just occurred. >> harris: sure. you understand the timing would be about next week, from the president's tweet. what is happening inside the white house right now, getting ready for some of the things
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coming down the pike? on september 17th through the 30th of this month, the u.n. general assembly, a huge gathering of world leaders coming to new york city, the president, i would assume command getting set to make his address and working on that right now. you need someone up to speed. just today, the ambassador to the u.n., the new ambassador, welcomed in her position. >> right. we have a lot of people who want this position, i can guarantee you that. but the president is prepared for all inevitabilities. today for example we have some information, some breaking news for you here on your broadcast. the fact that secretary mnuchin at the treasury and secretary of state mike pompeo are going to take the podium at 1:30 and discuss some of the actions we are going to take, rather abroad, to influence some of the behavior against the united states. we have to change that behavior. the president wants to have
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conversations with people who are bad actors across the globe. but he's not going to sacrifice any of the american principles to do that. he wants her behavior to change. we have put record-setting sanctions on all type of maligned actors up to and including iran, russia, and others. you will see more that today. the president wants to change behavior. there is so much burgeoning economies across the globe, whether it's north korea, iran, but they have to change their behavior. the president has good relationships, for example, with chairman kim. but we have to have them come to the table and stop what they're doing in order to get the benefits of what they can potentially be. >> harris: i'm going to slow you down for us the computer and want to get the news is that is breaking at 1:30 p.m. give it to me one more time. >> i don't want to get ahead of the specifics of the press conference, but they are going to make an announcement in just a little bit. from the white house briefing room. >> harris: okay. i'm taking notes on that. i want to get to this -- we are hearing now from some of the
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members on the hill, in response. the latest of that is rand paul. let me get to that. dr. rand paul is now holding immediate availability to talk about this. he is applauding the removal of john bolton. what kind of reaction are you getting at the white house from capitol hill? this just coming in from senator paul. >> i've not seen any, quite frankly. this news just broke and i came out to talk to you. i'm not sure. they will be people on both sides of this. the opinions will be made well-known. the fact is the president make the decisions, we also bet his pleasure, and we are moving forward. >> harris: all right. some of what's being reported today, as you know, hogan, has to do with that taliban leadership meeting that would have happened at camp david on the very week of 9/11's commemoration. on the frustration among some republicans. adam kinzinger, congressman michael del michael waltz of florida , some being vocal about the fact that shouldn't have happened. and i was not going to. what is the president saying about that meeting?
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the very latest from him? >> listen, he has made his thoughts known on this. he wants to meet with people to try and change their behavior. the fact is, we haven't negotiated with their hands tied behind our backs, here. we had 1,000 deaths over there because of the engagement that this president authorized. and we are fighting the maligned behavior and the bad actors across the globe. in this instance, it's no different. the fact is, of some of these folks can change their behavior and actually fix going on in thr nations. that's what we are trying to help them do. the president also saw that there was no need to have a conversation, and other negotiations are dead. like i said before, we are moving forward in other areas other areas. >> harris: all right. i want to move on, if we can. because there has been some rare pushback from the cia over a cnn report claiming that the agency told the u.s. by out of russia,
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because president trump risk exposing that person's identity. there they are describing it as "misguided and civilly false." when abstraction is what? >> you hit it right on that. they are an intelligence agency that really goes on the record. but this report from cnn was so wrong, it felt compelled to come out and call it misguided false. from the media, the hypocrisy they have a so egregious to try and come out and say this president is putting lives in danger with the way he handles information. classified or not. the this person, where their lives, the identity of them and their family pair this is so dangerous. time and time again come the media faces a choice. they can use it on the sources that may or may not exist to write stories full of innuendo and rumor, or they can take the advice, the on the record statements, from an intelligence
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agency or the white house. this happens time and time agai again. i find it ironic that the media maligned the president then says he should listen to his intelligence agencies. and then when that very intelligence agency goes on the record, they ignore it completely to push their own radical agenda of taking down this administration and attacking this president. it's dangerous and putting lives at risk. >> harris: is there a divide between this white house and its intelligence agencies? >> no. the president listens to all relevant players any time a decision has to be made. but he ultimately makes the decision. let's not forget, he is beholden to one group in this country, that is the american voter who put him in office. he has come through and succeeded and won on issue after issue, time and time again. this is no different. when he runs on an issue, gets elected on that issue, he's going to do everything in his power to implement that issue,
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to protect the american people, grow our economy, to become a global power economically, and he has done that to this point. and will continue doing so as you close out the first part of this term. >> harris: use at 1:30 p.m., less than 20 minutes, the news conference there in the white house press briefing. in fact, we are told that ambassador john bolton was supposed to be at that meeting. he has lost his job, he's going to be replacing secretaries mike pompeo and steve mnuchin are going to be speaking in humans. what have we heard as he gets rid of his national security visor today? >> you heard from a direct than twitter. that's as far as i prepared he is to say he's going to talk today. there maybe more there may be more press engagement. we will move forward that way. >> harris: hogan gidley, generous with your time and in answering all of my questions, as the news is breaking for both of us today. i appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you so much.
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know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. >> harris: brand-new reaction to president trump asking for the resignation of his national security advisor, john bolton, citing strong disagreements on the number of issues. let's bring in now senior house armed services committee member, congressman john garamendi of california. good to see you today, congressman. first reaction? >> wow. one more day of chaos, one more day of, "what in the world's going on at the white house?" there were concerns from the get-go about john bolton.
10:17 am
his views have always been extremely hard-line, and i don't think fit with america's policy or, obviously, with the president's policy. >> harris: if the president wanted to cancel that meeting with the taliban leadership, that has been widely criticized -- and he in fact did it -- you call it "one more day of chaos." could just be one more day forward to what he's trying to accomplish? he has already said he was a down with anybody to end our presence in afghanistan. how is that not forward movement at this point? you never liked john bolton, he was hawkish. >> certainly, i had problems with john bolton. as history as a very, very aggressive, bombastic, and come in my view, dangerous person, never should have been in that position to begin with as a national security advisor. but he was there. with regard to the meeting with the television at camp david, three days before 9/11, a very, very bad idea. a very good idea to negotiate,
10:18 am
no doubt about the need for negotiations. but on the negotiation side, to leave the afghan government out of the negotiations as did happen, what's going on here? this doesn't seem to management since the date this doesn't seem to make month since may. we do have to move forward, but i'm not sure what's happening. there are negotiations over the taliban. spewing out this week and not at camp david. we will see what happens. i'm wanting to make sure i understand it right. he maybe nuance for approach from the left side of the aisle. we've heard from her republicans, we had one yesterday. colonel waltz, former military, who said he didn't like the fact that you are meeting with terrorists on u.s. soil. he was never going to be a fan of that. never, period. that's what he said. but the negotiation point is something that you agree with her republicans on, and the president. >> long before this man became
10:19 am
president, i supported negotiation. i said there is no way to come to peace, or at least to end the american involvement, in afghanistan without negotiating. >> harris: what are we negotiating for, by the way? the russians couldn't get it done. i'm serious. what are we negotiated for? the president is willing to do what at least most americans want, and that is to end the war presence after all these years in afghanistan. peace deal or not. that's what he said. >> that's what he said a moment ago. i've been for negotiations among the warring parties in afghanistan for a long, long time. our goal there has always been, as i understand it, to make certain that afghanistan is not a haven for terrorists that threaten the united states or united states interests. >> harris: you don't think it is? >> it certainly is today as a result of the continuing war. >> harris: so how did the previous negotiations work out?
10:20 am
>> unfortunately, i was not involved in negotiations. but i did encourage negotiations by the previous administration. >> harris: why didn't they work? >> well, for the same reason they are not working right now. you are dealing with a very difficult situation in which there are multiple factions. and of which there is considerable unrest, and the involvement of countries all around, from russia and pakistan, india, the united states, iran, and others. all meddling in one day or another. in afghanistan. on the complexities in the country have been known for more than 2,000 years. it has been a very, very difficult place. not only did russia have to leave there after their war, but so did the british empire, eventually. i hope sooner than later, the united states will also leave. in a situation in which that place will not be a safe haven for terrorists. >> harris: i got to have you back. my pressing question will always
10:21 am
be -- and you and i can't figure it out right now -- should we ever have gone in the first place, considering where we have mission creeped out a way to? let's talk again. congressman garamendi of california, giving us the democrat perspective on a breaking news story today. thank you very much. secretaries pompeo and mnuchin such an speak eight or 9 minutes from now. john bolton was supposed to be there. he won't be now. we will be watching and covering this. stay close.
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10:26 am
so that sits in a separate lane. the second will be the media, without a breaking news this hour, and first response from the white house right here on "overtime." what happened and what happens next after the resignation of the national security advisor, john bolton? the third man to hold that job is out today. he was supposed to be at this announcement on designating terrorists. he will not be there, because the president asked him late last night to hand in his resignation. and the president treated about an hour ago. we relied on the "outnumbered," and the story has advanced since then, about the fact that john bolton is out and by next week they will be naming a replacement. we don't know the list or short-list, if there is one, of who that will be. we know from the deputy press secretary, who joined me just moments ago, a top this hour -- hogan gidley -- that they are working on making that announcement. will be here directly from the president today, i asked hogan? he said, "the tweet, for now, is
10:27 am
where it will sit. next we will hear from the trump administration via its secretaries pompeo and mnuchin." and you better bet that you kind of can't see it up to the side. every now and then he might see a foot or something. but people are filing into the seats now inside the press briefing. having been in that place, it's just outside the oval office. so, a gathering, getting ready with reporters. we've got our eyes on edge, as soon as it breaks and someone steps up to that lectern. with news, no doubt, of this departure from the white house, the west wing, the national security visor will bring it to you as it happens. let's move to this. the national rifle association is suing san francisco for labeling the nra a domestic terrorist organization. the nation's largest gun rights organization claimed the city's declaration violates its free-speech rights for political reasons, and says that
10:28 am
san francisco is seeking to blacklist anybody associated with the nra. a city official calls the suit "a desperate move." let's bring in fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. i specifically asked for you on this, because free-speech is your lane. >> looked, the city of san francisco, just like the state of california or the federal government, cannot punish a person or a group because of their speech. with the city is attempting to do is punish the nra, the national rifle association, because of its robust advocacy of the second amendment rights. by labeling it a terrorist organization. first of all, only the fbi can label an entity as a terrorist organization, and one of the linchpins of that labeling is that the entity itself has committed crimes of violence, intended to affect the policy of the government. that's not the nra at all. think about it -- individuals have freedom of speech. the government doesn't have freedom of speech, because if
10:29 am
the government exercises free-speech rights, it monopolizes the marketplace. it makes people think twice before they want to contradict the government for fear of reprisal. in this case, the reprisals are serious. if the nra uses a bank in san francisco to cash checks, according to that resolution they enacted the other day, city agencies cannot do business with that bank. that's absurd. >> harris: oh, wow. >> they can make those absurd decisions in running the government, but they cannot punish speech. >> harris: i will ego one more. as members of the nra, american citizens walking out the second movement right, as members, are the exposed? if their membership is within organization that is deemed a terrorist organization? >> of course they are. in the city of san francisco, insofar as it -- >> harris: so all members should just stay away from san francisco? >> yes, and they shouldn't have to. because this is an expression of speech. not only speech, protected speech. it's not only speech, it is
10:30 am
speech the supreme court has said protective fund mental right. the right to keep and bear arms. >> harris: does the nra when the lawsuit? >> yes. perhaps. because the nra really hasn't been armed until one of these other things happens. a bank won't do business with it, the city suppresses it. right now, there is no harm other than negative publicity. but look at it this way -- whenever government punishes somebody or something because of speech, there is harm. there is a violation of the constitution. >> harris: wow. glad you were here. we're watching it. >> always nice to be with you. >> harris: whew. secretary pompeo and secretary mnuchin said to be in the white house press briefing room moments from now, 1:30 p.m. we are waiting, just a few seconds passed that. we will take a quick commercial break and bring it back to the breaking news. sickle musical y to only 10 frames. a new low. at visionworks, our sales are good on all of our frames. why are you so weird?
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>> harris: we are inside the white house briefing room. secretary pompeo, and you're looking at right now secretary mnuchin talking about that existing executive order designating terrorists, and the president signing a new one to lengthen that. we are also listening, when he's
10:33 am
done with the announcement we will ask about the departure of john bolton as national security advisor. let's watch. >> thank you, stephen. today's executive order marks the most significant update to counterterrorism sanction authority since september of 2001. it is significantly expanding authorities to target terrorists and those who finance their activities. specifically, today's action amends executive order one, two, three 34 by allowing the apartments of state and treasury to first target the directors of terrorist groups and their associated entities without having to type terrorist leaders to specific acts. second, it more effectively and efficiently targets individuals and entities who participate in terrorist training, and provides new authorities to impose sanctions on foreign financial institutions that knowingly do business with terrorists.
10:34 am
the trump administration has already used existing sanctions and authorities more aggressively than any administration before us. now we are immediately putting those new authorities to good use as secretary mnuchin said. today the department of state announces the decimation of 12 terrorist leaders. they include former mayor of the senior member of as bullous council, and leaders from hamas, palestinian islamic jihad, isis philippines, isis west africa, and ttp in pakistan. further, we are announcing the dissolution of an al qaeda affiliate jihadist group in syria, as a specially-designated global terrorist entity. as these actions show, it adds further muscle to u.s. counterterrorism efforts. it will help to ensure that the deadly attacks of september 11th that occurred 18 years ago this week are never repeated on american soil.
10:35 am
never. i'm happy to take a on this topic. >> reporter: did john bolton get fired or did he quit? and did he leave the white house because he disagreed with you in particular over the talks with the telegram? >> last night the president asked for ambassador bolton's resignation, as i understand it it was received this morning. >> reporter: was it because of his disagreement? >> i will leave it to the president to talk about the reasons he made the decision. but i would say this -- the president is entitled to the staff he wants at any moment. this is a staff person who works directly for the president of the united states and he should have people he trusts and values and his efforts and judgments benefit him and delivering american foreign policy. as cabinet member, secretary at mnuchin and i try to do that each and every day. when the president makes a decision like this, he is well
10:36 am
within his rights to do so. >> reporter: can you describe your working relationship with john bolton as it was? also, does his departure make it easier for you to do your job and for the administration to accomplish the president's foreign policy agenda? >> i don't talk about the inner workings of how this all goes. we all give our candidates -- many times he and i disagree, that's to be sure. that is true for lots of people with whom i interact. my mission is always to make sure i run the primitive state to deliver america's diplomacy preacher to work with the team, whether it's the treasury or the president's staff, to make sure we get good outcomes. i know everyone has talked about this for an awfully long time. there are definitely places we have different views about how we should proceed. >> reporter: is it now possible to see some left hawkish iran policy, and does
10:37 am
this open the path for the president to meet with rouhani? >> secretary pompeo and myself in the present are completely aligned on our maximum pressure campaign. you know we've done more sanctions on iran than anybody. it's absolutely working. now the president has made clear, he is happy to take a meeting with no preconditions, but we are maintaining the maximum pressure campaign. go ahead. report to for clarity on this, can you foresee a meeting between president trump and the iranian leader later this month surrounding the united nations? >> sure. >> reporter: with the president support that come and do you? >> the president made it clear he is to meet with no preconditions. >> reporter: on the original guidance for this briefing, bolton was on the guidance to be here. were you blindsided by what occurred today? that he is no longer with the administration? wasn't news to you today? last night you were told he wouldn't be here today.
10:38 am
>> i'm never surprised. [laughter] and i don't mean that on just this issue. i think secretary mnuchin would say the same thing. we work very closely with the president of the united states. i think we have a pretty good understanding of what he's thinking about things. i think he would agree, stephen, at nearly all times. our mission set is not to talk about these inner workings, and i know you are so curious about it. but rather to talk about the things that matter to american foreign policy. i would just say, people who knew should know and don't get into the administrative things. because yesterday -- >> reporter: secretary pompeo! thank you very much. secretary pompeo from a question about syria. we reported on the refugee camps last night. a reporter talked about how the refugee camps, isis fighters are blending in. there's children dancing around the isis flag. are you concerned about these
10:39 am
refugee camps becoming a breeding ground? a training ground for terrorists, isis fighters? >> there's a long history of exactly what you're describing. camps in iraq and other places where prisoners were detained and extremist elements breeding in those places. but we have been working diligently on this. we have conducted enormous operations against isis even after the fall of the caliphate as recently as the last handful of days. we are very focused on this. the success that we had moving down the euphrates river valley, that our department of defense lead with the forces was truly remarkable. we will not take our eye off the ball, ensuring whether it's isis or other radical islamist extremist groups, continue to be under pressure from the united states of america. and just to close it out, that would include in these camps that you are referring to. go ahead. >> reporter: the white house says that the national security advisor bolton's foreign policy was not aligned with the
10:40 am
president's philosophy. how was it out of alignment? >> i will leave that to the white house to talk about. other than to say, i think president trump -- i watched his campaign. i have now worked with him, first as cia director and now a secretary of state. someone asked, with the policy be different absent any individual being here? these have been the president's policies. we give him our best wisdom, we share with him our understanding grade when i was intelligence director we did our best to make sure you have the facts and data available so we can make good decisions. i don't think any leader around the world should make any assumption that because some one of us departs, that it has policy will change. the one thing i would say to follow-up, the president has been clear on this. his view of the iraq war and ambassador bolton's was very different. the president made that clear. go ahead. sure, we in the back. yes, ma'am or putter are we planning to
10:41 am
put tariffs on mexico? >> we are looking forward to our meeting. we are talking about the progress that has been made. which has been substantial and real and material. it has made america more secure. at the same time, we know there still work to do, and we will talk about how best we can jointly deliver that. we are deeply appreciative of what the president of mexico and the foreign minister have done to increase the capacity to deter migration into the united states. you can see the numbers have improved substantially. we also know, a, he needs to be sustained, and b, we still have work to do. >> reporter: we know we are trying to keep up the pressure on venezuela. that they agreed on many things in regard to venezuela. what can we expect now with the departure of investor bolton?
10:42 am
>> the treasury department and state farm to have been incredibly active on sanctions. everything we do is in consultation with the state department. again, we have a massive sanctions program that is working. but i would just add, we are concerned about the people there, and what's going on than the humanitarian crisis. under the secretary has worked with their neighbors extensively. go ahead. >> reporter: is the national security team a mess? >> absolutely not. that's the most ridiculous question i've ever heard of. let me just say, the national security team, which is what you asked, consists of the national security advisor, the secretary of of defense, the secretary of state, myself, the chief of staff, and many others. i'm sorry, we will take one more.
10:43 am
yes, ma'am, in the red? report back their reports this week that the cia had to pull a top russian assets out because of concerns that his entity could be exposed. under which administration -- is there an investigation on how his identity get leaked? >> i've seen that reporting. it is materially inaccurate. you should know, i don't talk about things like this very often. it is only the occasion where there is something i think something puts people at risk or the reporting is so egregious it creates a enormous risk. i won't say anything more about it. end of the cia put on the statements. suffice it to say the reporting there is factually wrong. thank you, everybody. >> harris: you have there the secretary of state. the secretary of treasury, talking about the announcement first of an extension of an executive order on designating
10:44 am
terrorists. then the questions came in storm fashion and quick. but what happened with the departure of the national security advisor, john bolton, today. it's been about an hour and a half almost that the president treated that he asked for the resignation of john bolton. i want to bring in now someone who is very deeply affected by this, because he has had a rule of the state department before. christian whiton served as senior advisor of the state department under president trump and george w. bush. previously worked with john bolton at the state department. i want to get your thoughts now, that we've heard even more detail about the rift between the president's policies and john bolton. >> i think it reflects on a lot of things going on. first of all, the type of national security advisor you want for the strategic environment you are in. the fact that, frankly, he's not that likable to some more good t politics, to some. more importantly come of the
10:45 am
strategic shift away from counterinsurgency. that's been a big -- if not the top -- story of policy. one of the big features moving away from cowboys and indians in middle eastern backwater scum of the counterinsurgency mission we've been working on since 2001, to something that recognizes where the world is today -- >> harris: i think we have lost our guest. christian white in. we are going to go back to the white house for a moment, because our john roberts was among the reporters to ask questions to the two secretaries. do we have our guest back? christian white? give us moment through to read this happen sometimes in breaking news. you were just answering a question prayed let's move onto the next. knowing what you do about the president's policy, why choose a catholic john bolton the first place? he's hawkish, he speaks his min mind. >> i think at the time the president needed a gunslinger. he still had people like general mattis, who did the job
10:46 am
he was primarily signed at the pentagon, of killing isis. but it wasn't translating the presidents strategic vision interview foreign policy of the primitive defense. in the ever growing pains of a demonstration that you have in any sort of revolutionary-type administration like this. it's helpful in that circumstance to have. moving into the position we are in, going to the reelection, making some of the changes away from counterinsurgency that we've been focused on since 9/11 into a strategic competition with china. i think the president probably wants someone who is more of a sounding board, someone he can trust to is close to his philosophy. you really don't need such a strong, if you will come a gunslinger. again, you sort of have the team you need now at the state department. he went earlier, bret baier joined us on to be 25, the talk show this broke during. one of the things he said, we asked him if he was surprised to hear this. he said he had been hearing whispers for about a week. how does it go? you are talking national
10:47 am
security issues. hopefully there were not a whole lot of whispers, because that is proprietary information. what is happening behind the scenes between the trump administration and getting the policies of the president wants and those people who have to walk it out? what if that like? >> i think the president has demonstrated, there is a saying that graveyards are filled with indispensable people. washington was full of people famous for being famous, have these awesome reputations. when he did for a compliment, they are not there. but president trump has shown us despite all the obstruction, the problems with people getting confirmed by the president, which isn't required for this job it is for many national security jobs, he's going to employ the people he wants and who work at the present time. it's sort of natural that he would talk to a couple of colleagues about that. where it might begin to leak out. i think that was probably in the works for a while. just because the president says he always has somebody in mind. it could be general kellogg, who was in the nsc before and works
10:48 am
for vice president pence now. that's a complete guess. but some like that in whom the president has confidence. the one i had a democrat earlier on from california, john garamendi, and he said administration's previous have been working on a deal with the telegram, blah, blah, blah. which got us to this issue where we are now today with ambassador bolton. a sticking point between him and the president, that planned meeting at camp david with taliban leadership now called off. you're quick last thoughts about that? >> i think the politics and the foreign policy are getting out of afghanistan completely. we've been there for 19 years. we are not going to accomplish anything that we haven't already. john was opposed to that, apparently, and also getting out of syria. the politics every get it done in time for christmas. that's best for security, so we can focus on the bigger threats, like china. we can always go back to afghanistan if al qaeda manifests itself and needs to be killed again there. >> harris: christian whiton, formerly of the state department. we appreciate her time and expertise. we will take a very short commercial break in quebec for the breaking news.
10:49 am
john roberts just asked questions inside the white house about everything unfolding. he joins me next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) (truck honks) (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time.
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>> harris: more breaking news. an opportunity now to talk with a former cia analyst, bob barr, as well as a former u.s. attorney and congressman. he is. good to have you on the program today. >> thank you. >> harris: just moments ago, secretary mnuchin said we are not a national security team messed up or in chaos. what do you say about what's transpired today? >> i think it's important that people keep in mind what the job of the national security adviser is or isn't. it's not the job of the national security adviser to carry out u.s. foreign policy that the president sets. that's the job of the secretary of state. the job of the national security adviser is very very focused. it's simply to gather intelligence and other information and advise the
10:54 am
president. that is, provide advice to the president on what all of this means. so, i think it's important that people keep that in mind that it doesn't -- it's not that surprising that, you know, a national security advisers, that they come and go. i must say that john bolton, i have worked with him before at the justice department. very accomplished. he certainly is very intelligent, well read and so forth. i'm sorry to see him go. this is a decision that the president makes for one of his post advisers. >> harris: the deputy press secretary joined me earlier on "overtime." let's watch and then i want to get your reaction. >> the president wants people to disagree with him and have debate in front of him, but the president of the united states, he's the one who sets the policies. once he makes the decision, we come out and tell the american people what that decision is. i can guarantee you this.
10:55 am
what donald trump does is in the best interest of the american people. no further than the economy, seeing record highs that we never thought possible under barack obama. >> harris: bob barr formerly of the cia, you say what? >> i'm not sure what all of that had to do, the economy and so forth, has to do with the national securitied a adviser and intelligence matters. there's been a lot in the news with regard to russia and whether or not and how a source reportedly close to putin may have been endangered and had to be removed. these are very, very complex questions and can't be dealt with with simplistic solutions. so, trying to figure out, for example, where information might have gotten to the soviet leadership, the russian leadership, that is, about a source and claiming that it was something that trump might have said is really not only irresponsible, but childish.
10:56 am
there are so many different ways that information on a source can get to the russian leadership, as winston churchill once described, try to figure out what's going on in the minds of russians, it's like trying to decipher a mystery inside a riddle wrapped inside an enigma. it's very difficult to do this. a lot of times, harris, it's media -- not being personal here, but media, that is trying to do its job of figuring out what's going on in the international arena that might disclose information that could very well endanger a source. >> harris: that's what the cia is saying today. i don't take it personally. as you say, we're just doing our job. bob barr, as the news is breaking today, thank you for your time. as everything right now, it comes through a political prism. chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor, joins
10:57 am
me now. it's been quite a last 90 minutes. we don't have a national security adviser but we know from the president, a new one, a fourth one of his presidency, is coming. >> right. look, this is an issue that, for most voters, national security, unless something really bad or really good is happening, for most voters this isn't a determinative thing. the president gets a lot of leeway on the subject, again, as long as we are substantially at peace. on the other hand, when you see what we're trying to pull off in afghanistan, in syria, when you think of the threat from the rug russians, he's got to have his team in place and be speaking with a clear voice, so that voters who might get concerned about things being adrift, that those voters feel reassured. >> harris: senator chuck shumer of new york has sweet tweeted
10:58 am
this, or put this out. how does this play from democrats across the aisle? >> democrats have a problem with donald trump on national security and on foreign policy issues, which they substantially agree with him on a lot of thins. trump's disagreement is with his own party about hawkishness. with his own party on international trade. chuck shumer agrees with the president about not liking where john bolton was going and disagreed with bolton and other hawks inside the republican party. so what do they do? they complain about the tweets and the stuff. they agree with him on the substance. >> harris: we talked earlier in the hour and i said, you're talking about decades that didn't work out with the taliban. why didn't it work? why not try something new? we agreed to move on. so, there are 12 people the president has fired on the list,
10:59 am
rex tiller son, angela reed, james comey, anthony scaramucci and more. they are on the screen. president has the right to have the team around him that he wants to. critics say it' chaotic. how does that play politically? >> it is good for the president to look like he knows what he's doing. it's good for the president to know that he has questions of national security, international relation under control. that this is not something that voters have to worry about. when the country's at peace, it should be easier to achieve. but trump is trying a couple of som somersaults. he is trying to rebalance our relationship with the russians, trying to rebalance the middle east between the saudis and the iranians. he's trying to do a lot of things at once. it would be better if the messaging was cleaner from the
11:00 am
white house. >> harris: right now he said he's keeping his promise, even sitting down with others others may not want to. the stire is always on fire. and we cover it. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: secretary of state mike pompeo and treasury secretary steve mnuchin briefing after the departure of security adviser john bolton. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump showed bolton the door saying his services no longer needed at the white house. the president clashing repeatedly with bolton, disagreeing on talks with the taliban, russia and other priorities. john roberts is at the white house with more. just a few hours ago, john bolton was listed to be at the very press briefing that


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