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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 10, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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there's an acting adviser. we'll see if the president decides to appoint anybody else. we have more for you on "the five" as well and the other antics. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino with "the daily briefing." up next, here's shep. >> shepard: breaking news and a live look just suit of st. louis in dupo, illinois. a train has jumped the tracks and erupted into flames. firefighters have been racing to pull out multiple blazes. local media report evacuations nearby. we'll keep an eye on it. but first, another spin of the white house revolving door and a he said he said on why john bolton is out as the president's national security adviser. the president said he asked for bolton's resignation last night. bolton says that the president is lying. that he, bolton, offered his
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resignation. it's extraordinary on many fronts. first, this is the third national security adviser to depart in less than three years. the first one, michael flynn, in court today after he admitted that he lied to the fbi about conversations with the russians. further, the president issued a statement about the exit of one of his closest advisers and within minutes, that adviser hits back hard at the president saying what the president told is world is not true. publicly it began with a tweet from president trump. i informed john bolton last night that his services were no longer needed at the white house. i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others and i asked john for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. that was two minutes to noon today. 12 minutes later, john bolton issued his own statement saying i offered to resign last night and the president said let's talk about it tomorrow.
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then within minutes, bolton was texting morning show hosts and news reporters, brian kilmeade and john roberts at fox that the president was not telling the truth. he said the president did not ask for my resignation. button elaborated. he said after sleeping on it, he resigned 28 minutes before the president tweeted falsely that he asked for my resignation. an hour later, the white house sent out hogan gidley, doubled down on the president's narrative. >> i'm not going to get into the back and forth here. the fact remains that the president did ask for john bolton's resignation. it was delivered today. we're in the process of looking for a new director. >> shepard: that part is without question. they disagreed on the taliban coming to camp david and more. north korea, venezuela, syria an iran. the departure was so abrupt, it came 90 minutes before bolton was scheduled to appear with cabinet members in a news
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briefing at the white house. the story of what actually happened with his departure, whether from the trump train he jumped or by the president he got bumped has not one but two scripts. john roberts at the white house. john what have you learned? >> i love the rhyme there, shep. what happened here and who you believe is probably going to remain a he said he said type of things. what you believe really will in the end depend on who you believe. there's no question, john bolton had an interesting 17 months tenure here at the white house. the president wanted to bring him on board. he liked his tough talk. he appreciated his policies but almost throughout his entire tenure, there was serious disagreement over afghanistan, iran, russia, venezuela. a source close to bolton said it was inevitable the biggest
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agreements would be so great that the relationship would come to an end. all of that came to a head last night. bolton and the president having a meeting and discussing afghanistan. bolton opposed the idea of the meeting with the taliban and did not agree with the peace plan that was negotiated. during the disagreement, bolton offered his resignation. he said in a tweet that the president said let's talk about it tomorrow. i was told by a source close to bolton that he thought about it overnight, that he got up this morning and decided look, there's no reason to continue talking. he shared a principal's meeting on refugees and as you pointed out at 11:30, handed in his resignation. he was not just at adds with the president but also secretary of state mike pompeo. he and secretary of the treasury, steven mnuchin head a news conference on counter terrorism this afternoon. here's what they both said about his departure. >> i don't talk about the inner
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workerings of how this goes. there's many times that yes disagreed, that's to be sure. that's true of a lot of people. my mission set is to make sure as i run the department of state is deliver america's diplomacy. to work with the team, whether it's the treasury or the president's staff to get good outcomes. everybody has talked about this a long time. bolton and i had different views on how to proceed. the president's view of the iraq war and the president were very different. >> the source close to bolton said today that he thought his job or saw his job as to provide national security based on a coherent philosophy, but in this white house, that was a difficult thing to do. the white house, however, said it was bolton that was out of step. listen to hogan gidley here. >> john bolton's priorities and policies don't line up with the president. any sitting president has the
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right to put someone in that position that can carry out his agenda. >> bolton's resignation letter was simple. two lines. saying thank you for the opportunity to serve and i'm on my way out the door. i should have a copy of that soon, to be able to share with you. one thing i should tell you a couple of names being kicked off, more in the neighborhood of mulling over who might be on tap to replace him, brian hook, currently mike pompeo's senior policy adviser at state, steven began, the president's point person on north korea. there will be others rumbling around here in washington in the next few hours and days. >> shepard: bolton is at the top of pile of trusted people at the moment. with history as our guide, you think he would have a lot of influence on this? no? >> bolton or pompeo? >> shepard: i meant pompeo. >> yeah, pompeo is on the top of
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one heap. it's not the heap you were talking about. yeah, pompeo is probably the president's most trusted adviser on foreign policy. they're on lock step over everything. pompeo will have a lot of influence. >> shepard: john roberts back as things change. as all of that was breaking, within minutes we learned that tis railly prime minister, benjamin netanyahu says he will annex part of the west bank if he is reelected. annexed with the support of the united states. if true, it is a dramatic departure on a firm position on annexation. the prime minister making the announcement while fighting to stay in office in what analysts are calling a close race. netanyahu said he will coordinate with the white house
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and president trump plans to announce a peace plan for the middle east the day after the israeli election. we have nothing from the white house on any of this. the palestinian leader calling netanyahu the chief destroyer of the peace process. and breaking news just minutes ago. as netanyahu was at a campaign event, look here. security forces rushed him off the stage because our team in jerusalem reports palestinians fired large rockets from the gaza into two major cities in the israeli south. it's breaking new. trey yingst reporting live in the jerusalem newsroom. trey? >> shep, that's right. in the last hour, two rockets were fired from the gaza strip into southern israel. this is significant for two reasons. the first, these are major rockets. they're targeting large israeli cities. this is significant for another reason. as you can see, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was
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speaking at one of the cities in an election rally. he was rushed off stage. here's what we know so far. one of the rockets was intercepted by the iron dome. there's reports of other rockets landing in open areas. now, we can expect in massive responses as this is being seen locally as a major escalation. this week, egyptian negotiators were trying to broker a long-material cease agreement. when it comes to this conflict inside gaza, if tonight is an indication, the talks did not go very well. >> shepard: as elections approach in israel, things heat up. a long history of this. now this announcement of annexation of the west bank. what do you know? >> exactly. benjamin netanyahu speaking before the election. he said he will take over parts of the west bank. this is an extremely controversial political position, but something that for
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him may give him an edge with the for right here in israel. netanyahu made this promise to take over large portions of the west bank including jordan valley and areas north of the dead sea if he wins. the 13-year leader of israel said this would be done with the support of the trump administration. the white house has indicated that the president's deal of the century would be released later this week. annexing more parts of the west bank is his plan if he wins re-election, is a very controversial thing with palestinians. we did receive response from the palestinians that called this illegal. >> shepard: trey yingst live in jerusalem. here in the u.s., an inferno following a train derailment in dupo, illinois just south of
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st. louis. you can see the flames and smoke around this. if we go to the videotape, you'll be able to see it rising into the air over a long stretch. we watched as the flames spread on top of the water near a nearby creek and the derailment roared nearby. mike tobin gathering details from the midwest newsroom. mike? >> the area we're talking about is on the illinois side of the mississippi river. as the big river bends, it's due south of st. louis, about 15 miles. the derailment according to union pacific had around 12:45 local time. the train was being built for departure at the time. so we're not talking about a high speed derailment. one of the things you can see, there was a tanker car. our local affiliate in st. louis said it was filled with ethanol. union pacific said it was a solvent a type of thing that you find in resins, paints and
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lacquers. clearly this stuff is flammable. it spread to a nearby creek. the good news, no reports of any injuries. bad news, you've got 16 cars accordion there in the video. there's some evacuations. the adam's subdivision, stony brook mobile home part. the school district has been evacuated and people being taken to a community sent. the plume of smoke can be seen 40 miles away. there's a nearby chemical company. firefighters are working in the heat. the plume could be seen from miles away. they're bringing in every tank and ladder truck from st. claire county and one more county to
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combat the flames. they may have made some progress. >> mike tobin live from chicago. a husband and wife wanted for murder and on the run. the husband on the 15 most wanted list. his former daughter-in-law pleading to give himself up. >> just turn yourself in. show the grandkids and your son that this is not okay. >> shepard: now the u.s. marshals say the pair is likely getting help. our reporting continues on this tuesday afternoon. saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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>> shepard: fox urgent. an update on a modern day bonnie and clyde. the feds increasing the reward for this couple on the cover. blaine and susan barksdale
12:18 pm
overpowered some guards. they're accused of killing a man and burning down his home in tucson in april blamed barksdale now on the u.s. marshall's most wanted list. trace gallagher has more. >> blaine barksdale is associated with the arian brotherhood. he even has tattoos. now the couple is believeded to be in northeastern arizona and getting help from white supremacists on the hells angels. that's a problem for authorities. it's not a cop front le area. here's the u.s. marshall. >> the type of area that they're in where they could hide out easily and remain basically
12:19 pm
burrowed in these compounds up there. >> shepard: they're outside snowflake, arizona. that open area is hope to a lot of people that live off the grid by choice or necessity. police say part of arizona is replete with drug dealers involved and methamphetamine. the bottom line here, people in that part of the state tend to look out for each other and it's hard for police to infiltrate that area, shep. >> shepard: the u.s. marshals say part of the problem is these two are charming. >> yeah, bonnie and clydish. they're said to be friendly. the u.s. marshalls are warning people not to be fooled by the charm because they're lethal. they were somehow able to convince a security team transporting them from new york to tucson that susan barksdale was very ill. as soon as they pulled over, blaine barksdale overpowered them and they fled. that i were last known to be driving a red gmc pickup truck. here's barksdale former
12:20 pm
daughter-in-law. >> i'd hate for his grandson to see this is how my grandfather is -- hopefully he turns himself in and hopefully just makes it right. but the marshalls don't think that is likely, which is why the total reward money climbed to $40,000. the barksdales are wanted for a robbery where they stole 100 weapons and a bunch of cash. hard to track criminals web they have guns, money and friends. shep? >> shepard: six people now dead from a mysterious vaping illness. and the feds investigating hundreds of cases across our nation. we'll talk to a doctor who treated some vaping patients in the emergency room. that's next. [ applause ] thank you.
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>> shepard: the breaking news now. the continuing coverage of the drama at the white house. here's the resignation letter from john bolton. it's dated today, september 10. john roberts at the white house. what have you learned. anything more? >> yeah, he's usually a man of a few words. this one takes the cake. i just got a copy of this. dated today, by the way, not yesterday. he writes, dear mr. president, i hereby recent effective immediately as assistant to the president for national security affairs. thank you for having affording me an opportunity to serve the country. to the point. now back to former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. shep, it's the timeline here which is an interesting fight. i was told that the two men had
12:26 pm
quite a spirited conversation about afghanistan last night. it's no secret. people close to him let it be known that john bolton did not agree with allowing the taliban to come to camp david, did not agree with the overall parameters of the peace plan. that the former ambassador to afghanistan was negotiating on behalf of secretary mike pompeo and that was kind of i believe how this discussion sort of got heated. last night according to john bolton, he offered the president his resignation. the president said let's talk about it tomorrow. sources familiar with bolton's thinking say he slept on it, thought about it overnight, shared a principal's meeting on refugees that could bring interesting news in the next few days, because the white house is considering cutting back the number of refugees allowed into the country in fiscal year 20 because it's retasking people that would be vetting refugees to deal with the asylum crisis on the border. he chaired that meeting and then
12:27 pm
took this short and sweet letter and had it taken to the oval office. probably 20 minutes after the president received the letter, he said john bolton didn't quit. i told him last night that he was fired and to give me his resignation letter today. this is probably going to remain a he said he said type of thing, shep. the president has his version of events, which is backed up by hogan gidley and the secretary of state and john bolton is backing up several and several other people close to him backing up as well. what you believe depends on who you believe in this particular case. >> shepard: i'd say historically there's a lot of exits, maybe a very high number of exits. but rarely have you seen somebody exiting turn around and say no you don't. i can't quit. you fired me, no, you didn't
12:28 pm
fire me. i quit. knowing john bolton, this is not the end. >> i've known john bolton a long time going all the way back to his early days of the bush administration. that would count for 15 or 16 years now. i've never known him to hold back when he believes in a position. he is always quite outspoken. he was circumspect as the national security adviser representing the president. now he's out the door, he represents his own positions again. the familiar john bolton is back in washington d.c. >> shepard: john roberts, good to see you. thank you. there's more vaping news today. officials in kansas confirm a man there has died of a lung illness associated with vaping. that including count from the cdc makes six deaths from one way or another vaping illness. a high school in houston reports a student passed out after taking a hit from a vape pen, a
12:29 pm
school in alabama reports it took doors off of the bathroom stalls to cut back on kids vaping. as you might imagine, the new york city council today not to be left in the cold in the middle of a catastrophe is trying to see if they can vote on a ban of flavored juul pods. the american medical association is urging everybody to stop using e cigarettes until health officials find out more ant what is making people sick. cdc officials say they're investigating 450 cases of this illness, which may be related to vaping. they've been recorded in 33 states and the u.s. virgin islands. the americans vaping association says that the fda officials say the illness seems to stem from illegal street vaping. it's not about nicotine but about thc. the chemical that gets you high in weed. the vaping association president says we agree with the fda. if you don't want to die or end
12:30 pm
up in the hospital, stop vaping black market thc oils immediately. the cdc says just stop until they complete their investigation. dr. janet is here. she's treated teens in emergency rooms because of this. tell me what your experience has been with these teens. >> shep, what i'm seeing is i have patients, young patients, coming in with severe chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing. i've had a patient coughing so hard his lung collapsed. we put him in the hospital. i've had young, young adults come in to the emergency room where their lungs were collapsed, we have to insert a chest tube to reinflate their lung. we don't know what is causing it's. is it illegal counter fit thc, vitamin e products, nicotine mixed with other chemicals and flavors when you heat them up cause as chemical reaction in your lungs what is happening with these young kids in,
12:31 pm
they're inhaling the chemicals. it's an irritant to their lungs and causes an inflammatory reaction. you're inhaling these ultra fine particles that go in your lungs and causes an inflammation and causes fluid build-up and then they can't breathe, go to respiratory distress. some end up in the hospital on ventilators. fortunately some get to go home after a week or two. we have to tackle this to get it out of the hands of kids. >> shepard: yes. same with alcohol and everything else. every time a kid gets drunk and dies with alcohol, they don't pull off the alcohol off the shelf. in this case, there's a concern among a lot of people that used to smoke cigarettes and we know that will kill you. to take all the vaping products off the streets from adults that say i'm doing better because i have these might be considered by some to be an overreaction. >> we have to be fair here. the e cigs have been used to
12:32 pm
help some people quit regular cigarette smoking. the cdc and fda are concerned for the well-being of people. we want to keep people alive so they can determine the exact cause of this. that's the purpose of the fda and the cdc recommending hey, hold off until we can figure out what's going on. meantime, educate kids at a young age to just say no, stay away from it. >> shepard: just say no. they're telling adults to stop. so should they go back to cigarettes? you don't just quit nicotine. if you could do that -- should everyone go back to reds or something? >> using e cigs is not the only option. >> shepard: i have three seconds. >> we have to look at the alternatives. >> shepard: we'll be right back. flush usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok.
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. >> shepard: john bolton out with duelling explanations from the white house. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle reacting. kristin fisher reporting live from capitol hill. kristin?
12:37 pm
>> shep, even though the tension between the president and his national security advisinger was well-known, many republicans here on capitol hill say that they were so surprised by today's news. senator marco rubio said he was surprised. here's senator lindsey graham's take away moments after the news broke. >> every president needs to have confidence in their national security adviser. i like john bolton. he sees the world for what it is. i've always had a similar view of the threats that we face. but the personal relationship between the president and the national security adviser is important. >> but there's other republicans like senator rand paul says good riddens. he says with bolton out, the chances of a world war will go down. he wants bolton's replacement
12:38 pm
will be something that will share the president's view of ending endless wars. >> shepard: kristin, reaction from democrats. >> they didn't like bolton that much. many called him a dangerous person for his hawkish views. now what we're seeing is democrats using this firing or resignation or whatever you want to call it to highlight this high turnover in the trump administration. the senate minority leader, chuck schumer said today's action by the president is the latest example of his government by chaos approach and his rud r rudderless national security policy. the united states is headed for even more chaotic times. so even though democrats are relieved that bolton is gone, they're worried about who will replace him and also worried about the message that this sends to our allies and our adversaries all over the world, shep. >> shepard: kristin fisher on capitol hill. in the bahamas, at least 50
12:39 pm
people confirmed dead after hurricane dorian. that number is expected to rise dramatically. thousands of people are officially still missing. emergency officials say the facilities being used to store bodies are at a breaking point. rescue workers continue to search the rubble as relieve workers try to get important supplies to survivors. many people forced to evacuate their homes, if they had a home. ellison barber on the ground in abaco in the bahamas, one of the hardest hit areas. ellison? >> hi, shepard. we've heard about the mud in one of the neighborhoods that is decimated. this is known as pigeon pee. you can see nothing is left. wove seen search and rescuers out. what they're looking for is bodies. many of them picking up bodies where other search and rescuers mark that there's bodies here. i can hear here a helicopter.
12:40 pm
we saw blackhawks flying through this area. they're using some sort of chainsaw trying to clear debris like this. most likely looking for bodies. we haven't been in this area an hour when we saw a search and rescue team. they started searching for others, there's one here. they pulled back sheets of plywood, 2 x 4s, everything like this and they found a body laying underneath it. i said this earlier today, shepard. you'll hear people talk about the smell of death. i never could fathom what that meant until then. they started to move back pieces of wood like this. you could smell it. you knew it. you found two bodies. they picked them up and moved them to an area where they could get them to a refrigeration area where they're being moved to nassau. that's where officials say mortuaries are overwhelmed. the official dell toll, 50. there's no way that that is accurate. people have told us repeatedly.
12:41 pm
we've seen that for ourselves in abaco and in grand bahama. over here, a white house where there's a few people still here are staying. most people at this point, they have evacuated. for now it seems like mostly what is left is piles of rubble and bodies underneath it. bodies that have been out here a week. it's important to understand the severity of what has happened. these are people loved by someone, known by someone. instead, they're under debris in the hot sun for almost nine days now. that's what so many bahamians are frustrated with. they feel like the government is not being forthright on the death toll. they want to know not just because to know about numbers of the dead, but these are people that somebody cared about. if they feel if the government is not telling the truth or not giving an accurate estimate, that they can't trust them when it comes to other things like needs, shelters, aid, getting in and out.
12:42 pm
so today we've been told that for the most part rescues, those are done. at this point most people that are with, whether it's with u.s. canadian officials coming here, they're looking for bodies. as we've seen, they're still finding them. >> shepard: a harsh reality from ellison barber live from abaco. parents have lost custody of their 4-year-old son after they stopped his chemotherapy. they could even face criminal charges now. we'll talk with an attorney about this fight and will the truth stay hidden? one of the organizers of storm area 51 announcing he's pulling the plug on the whole event. does that mean the fun is over? that's coming up. first, saints and titans not the only ones making changes on the fly last night. i meant to say texan, not the titans. see this? oh, my. look at the bottom right. what is that green down in
12:43 pm
distance thing? did you notice it? we did. like what is that we said in the first half. by the second half, they were listening. probably on the phone sitting on the couch. i don't know. espn switched that on-screen graphic in the middle of the first broadcast. happened after fans complained on social saying that the yellow or green or whatever -- we called it turtle vomit green. it looked like the green that a turtle might vomit. the down and distance graphic made every play look like a penalty. espn listened to the news and had a change at the half time of the first game. see that? that's more normal. isn't it? i know where to look for down and distance. seriously? how long you watch in the same spot in the same tv for how many years for down an distance? you have to turn it turtle vomit green or something like that? espn acknowledged that the graphics fumble happened and tweeted, we have called an audible and adjusted.
12:44 pm
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>> shepard: a judge in florida denying custody to parents that stopped taking their 4-year-old son to chemo treatment.
12:48 pm
instead, tried to treat their son's cancer with medical marijuana and cbd oil. doctors diagnosed the little boy with a type of leukemia earlier this year. his parents say they stopped the chemo because hey claim it gave him violent mood swings and hair loss. the judge granted the grandparents custody but leaving open the possibility of the parents regaining custody in the future. a lawyer for the couple says they're devastated and their son belongs at home with his parents. julia morrow now, defense attorney. specializes in family law. julia, your son has leukemia and rather than doing chemo. what are you supposed to do? >> it sounds crazy to us. sounded crazy to the doctors, the science, the courts. these people, if i'm forced to defend these parents in a
12:49 pm
criminal action, not the pendency, but they're true believers, shep. the woman has been on social media the past couple years. she's in holistic medicine, anti-establishment. they did try the chemo on two separate occasions. these parents, for whatever it's worth, they do love their son. so you know, the defense of them is look, it might be crazy to us, but in their warped minds, it was a reasonable way to deal with his illness. >> from the state's perspective, does it make sense that you defends the defenseless from parents that ignore medicine and science? >> no. that's the point. like within a criminal venue, shep, it's like it's all about the parents. you know, should they be held criminally liable, face penalties. in the dependency venue where
12:50 pm
this custody came into play, and also, the court ordered the child to continue with the chemotherapy. all that matters in that particular venue is the safety of the child. doesn't matter what the parent's intent was or whether they were reasonable. that's where we are here. i don't think they've been charged yet criminally. >> if they are, your position is that it be an easy defense? >> i think so. i mean, they really seem -- they're like fighting, they're going to appeal it. she's out there telling anyone that will listen. the chemo is horrible. she appears to genuinely believe that the homeopathic and including marijuana is a viable treatment for his cancer. >> shepard: thanks, julia. we'll follow it. >> thank you. >> shepard: parents check your kids backpacks. that's the request from the school district in panama city, florida after this guy made his
12:51 pm
way to class. hello! jango here, the bearded dragon, turned up insid a middle school student's backpack in pay county. the school reports the lizard hung out in a box until it was time to go home. the student said he brought jango along for a ride because he kind want him to get lonely at home. if you're planning to storm area 51, you may have to take a detour. the man that created the event said he's pulling the plug. up to two million people said they're going to the event. he said he meant it as a joke. i spawned a real music festival called alien stock. the organizer said he's cancelling the event over poor planning. he says he sees a possible humanitarian disaster in the works. see them aliens! the plan to move the festival to
12:52 pm
las vegas are underway. a woman that he worked with to get permits in rural nevada said alien stock is happening there no matter what so that they can all see them aliens. trapped inside a cargo ship with triple digit temperatures. this is very real. up next, more on the rescue of four crew members after their ship cap sized off the coast of georgia. also, batman versus the bullies. the caped crusader comes to the rescue of a 3-year-old girl. ♪ billions of mouths.
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12:57 pm
he says the crewmembers survived hellish conditions. the final rescue happened yesterday near saint simons, georgia. the ship overturned sunday and crewmembers were stuck inside for more than a day. coast guard officials say they are receiving treatment and they appeared to be in relatively good condition. investigators looking into what caused the ship to flip in the first place. garrett tenney reporting. >> one person involved in this mission described it as the rescue of a lifetime and they really couldn't say enough about how remarkable the four rescued crewmembers are. the president of defiant marine, one of the salvage companies that helped with the rescue and he told me the sailors survived brutal conditions inside the cargo ship. three of them were trapped in the engine room crouching on pipes in the pitch black for more than 30 hours. they didn't have food or water and during the day the steel
12:58 pm
ship turned into a 660-foot oven. temperatures as high as 150 degrees. despite those conditions when rescue teams reached them, their first request was for tools that they could use to try to rescue their column who was trapped in a separate room behind glass. they climbed 40 feet on pipes to reach him and did everything they did to -- could to break the glass that was to no avail. rescue teams shattered the glass after boring into it with a handheld diamond-tipped grinder. everyone cheered when that crewmember came out. despite the conditions, all four crewmembers are in relatively good condition. they remain at the hospital getting checked out. from here the coast guard is shifting its focus towards the investigation. before that can fully get underway, they have to get the ship upright and out of the way and that is a process that will
12:59 pm
take weeks potentially months. those answers are weeks and months away. >> shepard: gotham's dark knight coming to the rescue of a 3-year-old girl. her mother says lydia came home from preschool with bruises and a black eye. she said kids were bullying her and one through shoe at her. it happened in spring hill, florida, about 50 miles north of tampa. mom posted the story to facebook were caught the attention of the batman of spring hill. the caped crusader showing up to walk lydia to school even though all the way to the classroom he made it clear lydia has backup. in case she needs some superhero strength when he's not around, he also gave her a supergirl costume. that man's alter ego a local emt, he's a friend of the family but he visits other kids who need help too. the final bell will ring and six
1:00 pm
seconds on wall street on that dow down on the session about .17%, not a big number. neil cavuto knows the skinny on all of it. he will have it in the rest of the days developing news as fox news rolls on and "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> the president is entitled to the staff that he wants at any moment. the staff person who works directly for the president and he should have people who trust and value and whose efforts and judgment benefit him. >> neil: john bolton is out so what happens now? welcome, everybody. we are alive at the white house with the president is set to meet with republican congressional leaders, why kentucky senator rand paul says he's actually glad to see bolton go. first, john roberts of the white house with more. >> this was something that's been bubbling around for a whil
1:01 pm
while. i