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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 10, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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.17%, not a big number. neil cavuto knows the skinny on all of it. he will have it in the rest of the days developing news as fox news rolls on and "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> the president is entitled to the staff that he wants at any moment. the staff person who works directly for the president and he should have people who trust and value and whose efforts and judgment benefit him. >> neil: john bolton is out so what happens now? welcome, everybody. we are alive at the white house with the president is set to meet with republican congressional leaders, why kentucky senator rand paul says he's actually glad to see bolton go. first, john roberts of the white house with more. >> this was something that's been bubbling around for a whil while. i was informed yesterday by
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confidential sources that look like bolton was probably on the way out. today it happens, we got his resignation letter in his typically unvarnished fashion. "i hereby resign effective immediately as assistant to the president for national security affairs. they give are having afforded me this opportunity to serve our country." there've been disagreements between bolton and the president through most of bolton's tenure, things like afghanistan, iran, north korea, russian interference in the american election, venezuela and more. a source told me "at some point it becomes inevitable that the relationship had to end. bolton's approach was to provide national security advice based on a coherent philosophy and that it was difficult to carry that out in this white house but it was the white house who says bolton was out of step. listen. >> last night to the president of the united states asked john bolton to tender his resignation and it was given to
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the president today. >> why does john bolton come public with a different story? the tweet, he says no, he and the president had talked and that if anything happened, he resigned on his own. >> listen, i'm not going to get into the back and forth with the fact remains of the president did ask for john bolton's resignation and it was delivered today. we are in the process of looking for a new director. >> differing stories on how it went down and i'm told there was a discussion over afghanistan last night and john bolton had let it be known through intermediaries that he was not a fan of the idea of bringing the taliban to camp david and not a fan of the overall peace plan. they got into a heated discussion last evening and bolton offered his resignation. according to bolton, the president said let's talk about it tomorrow. a source familiar with bolton's thinking says he slept on it, came into work this morning, chaired a meeting on refugees and then said you know what, there's no real reason to keep
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discussing this. he handed his resignation to the president at 11:30 in the morning, 28 minutes later the president tweeted that he asked bolton for his resignation last night. we will forever be wondering, did the president fire him or did john bolton decide to resign? there's a difference of opinion. as to what might happen next, a couple names being kicked around washington. brian hook, senior policy advisor to secretary of state mike pompeo. stephen began, who was the chief of the north korean negotiations. president trump likes both of them. mike pompeo likes both of them, and you can bet that because pompeo is now the president most trusted advisor on foreign policy and national security, pompeo will likely have a big influence over who the president picks. >> neil: john roberts the white house. before we get to my next guest i want to compare resignation letters. when they are short and to the point, normally the person leaving is not too happy. you've seen this one sentence resignation letter on the part
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of mr. bolton. it compares very much to richard nixon's resignation letter back on august 9, 1974. short, pithy, to the point. when jim mattis decided to leave his defense secretary, he had two full single's amazed pagers arguing his point that it had a lot to do with bigger issues and no ill will toward the president. that was then. this is now. kentucky republican senator rand paul, good to see you. what do you make of this? >> i think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with bolton out of the white house. i think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image and frankly doesn't work that way. there's a lot of history of getting rid of strongmen in the middle east and having them replaced by vacuums or chaos. or actually making the place
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more hospitable for terrorist training. i think his idea that the way you deal with iran is topple the government or the whale -- the way you deal with north korea is topple the government. the president is talking about not having regime change and finding a diplomatic solution of some of these conflicts around the world, and i think the president deserves to have somebody who's his national security visor who actually will try to further has policy and not try to stymie it. >> neil: center, your colleague ted cruz didn't quite feel the same way. he said i sincerely hope is leaving referring to bolton does not mean that the deep state forces at state and treasurer who been fighting tooth and nail to preserve the obama iran nuclear deal have finally convinced the president to go soft on iran. what did you make of it? >> i think it's more about whether or not we can intervene everywhere and whether we should have regime change and whether we should try diplomacy. whether we see the world as it is and try to work within the world and engage with people around the world or whether we say oh, we must have a perfect
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thomas jefferson leader in every country. the problem is is when people like bolton's and we are going to topple qaddafi and make libya into a great american-style republic, they don't elect thomas jefferson. they elect another religious leader who becomes an autocrat in place of one religious leader or autocrat. i think the middle east in many places that have been ruled by strongmen, the answer isn't military regime change and i think bolton was very wrong and i even as a worldview. i'm glad to see them gone. i hope the president can find somebody who actually listens to what the president says. this president is extraordinary. in his state of the union, he's had great nations don't fight perpetual war. he's absolutely right, but that defies the orthodoxy of the establishment foreign policy in washington, and so the president really needs to find somebody who has the guts to stand up to the orthodoxy, not someone who is part of the swamp. >> neil: are you convinced that is the president's position? because he has now gone through
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three national security advisors. michael flynn, h.r. mcmaster, now john bolton. all for various reasons but there's a high turnover particularly in that area and foreign policy. a lot of people look at it and say what do you want? what do you stand for? >> the interesting thing is if you look at donald trump over the last decade or more, one of the consistent themes that you will hear him speak of may be for 20 or 30 years is the idea that regime change doesn't work. he said for a long, long time the iraq war was a mistake and we emboldened around by getting rid of saddam hussein and there was a counterbalance and having saddam hussein there that that vacuum allowed isis to grow and then vacuum, and so really i think the president has been very, very consistent. >> neil: you mentioned isis, senator . isis was on the run, isis was defeated. foreign policy advisors urged him to cool it on that kind of talk because it emboldened the enemy. sure enough, isis popped up in other locales. does he have to be careful with his wording?
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>> i would say that the president is very and very consistent believing in a more realistic foreign policy and less of a neoconservative foreign policy. some of the people he's picked haven't been people who've agreed with the president but i can go back to reagan's administration where all of us conservatives loved ronald reagan and then all of a sudden he was appointing sometimes people who we didn't think frankly were conservative or fulfilling reagan's vision. i think this is true in every administration, but my advice and my hope is that the president will pick somebody who actually listens to what he says and wants to further his goals. i think the president could do something really heroic and dramatic in getting us out of the war in afghanistan and i think he would if he didn't have people working for him who were contradicting and counter mandating his orders and have their own agenda. >> neil: would that include, i mean, obviously we are told mr. bolton raised his concerns about that meeting with the taliban at camp david no less, and that at the very list the
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optics didn't look good and the timing so close to 9/11, do you think there is the difference between expressing concerns and being deemed not a team player? >> i think the thing is about the taliban, whether we negotiate with them, how we leave, all wars ultimately end and there ultimately is a negotiated settlement unless you have unconditional surrender like after world war ii with japan or germany. the vast majority of their rest of the wars and with negotiations. >> neil: would you have been for those talks with the taliban? >> here's what i would say about it. it's a confusing situation. i think the taliban needs to negotiate but i think they should negotiate directly with the government of afghanistan. they have refused to do so. part of one white that we end the war as we continue to support in a lessening fashion through money and arms the government of afghanistan and we have them step up. really it's the obligation of
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them to be strong enough that the taliban would negotiate with them. right now the taliban doesn't believe they are strong enough so they negotiate with us as a proxy but the problem is the taliban aren't reliable. they are violent and, and continue to commit violence. the people negotiating with us may not have the strength of organization to control all elements of everybody else in afghanistan. >> neil: so given those dynamics, you would not before putting talks back on? the president said this attack that killed a u.s. soldier, that he would not entertain it, saying the talks would not happen. do you agree? >> i think the taliban needs to have a cease-fire need to quit killing americans. however, peace comes when we make the decision that we declare victory and we come home and shouldn't be dependent on the taliban. i don't think the taliban frankly are trustworthy, nor do i think the people negotiating have the ability to control the other fighters in the field but
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nevertheless i would come home because the idea that we have to control land around the world to prevent terrorism is a fallacy. there's land everywhere. there is chaos in africa. there is chaos in the middle east. there's all kinds of place are terrorist to be. it's a foolish notion to think america has to be all those places policing on those areas to prevent terrorism. we should be vigilant about who comes to the country. the people on 9/11 came here legally. we should pay attention to those who would come to our country. we should have strict rules on who comes into our country. we should have great intelligence around the world. it doesn't mean we have to occupy every acre. >> neil: 's may be something that would echo some concerns that mr. bolton had then we are learning, senator, that there's been an explosion in the afghan capital near the u.s. embassy technically on 9/11, the anniversary of 9/11 their time. isn't that the same kind of thing mr. bolton was concerned about and worry the president was not?
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>> if you set the goal that we are going to have no violence before relieving that there will be no radical jihadists in afghanistan, we will never leave. you should ask the opposite question. what is the mission? is it nation-building and spend $50 billion a year, 45 million on gas stations, roads and schools, is that our mission? is the mission to defend the country? what's the mission? there's not one general who can tell you what our mission is. is it the vietnam mission, to take one more village, get a better negotiated settlement? is that with their -- we are therefore? there is no national security reason to be there. there is no al qaeda. although leadership has been destroyed. the taliban are fighting against foreign fighters. the taliban are into this international organization that's going to come to the united states. people fighting historically for over a hundred years every time foreign fighters compared >> neil: the way the president handle that, he's free to hire
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and fire whoever he wants. they serve at his pleasure. he often doesn't tell them directly. mr. bolton said it didn't happen that way. rex tillerson who found out via tweet that he was out, the president doesn't directly seem to tell them. >> if you're going to work the president, you need to work for the president and try to further the president's agenda. my opinion is that i saw john bolton working against the president's agenda. he had his own agenda. the president was trying to negotiate a deal with north korea and you had bolton saying we should try the libyan solution which means we should execute their leader. that's not very helpful to any kind of negotiated settlement with north korea or any country. >> neil: rand paul was a book coming out "the case against socialism" due out in october. look forward to chatting with you about that. in the meantime with john bolton out is national security visor, then what happens? who takes his place and wants apollo to the markets? today not much. i get it all the time.
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>> neil: so who should be ambassador bolton's replacement, national security advisor? lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis with us. what do you think, what message should we be sending with the foreign policy team and its cohesive signal? what should it be? >> i think john bolton was her contrary and but the president, he does a killer interview on fox news which is true, and i agreed with a lot of what i heard from john bolton even the night that he was announced. the reality is you have to have a team player. i think mike pompeo, mark esper, many of the others understand the way in which this president functions. if you're going to be on his team, you better get in line. otherwise you shouldn't be there. >> neil: get in line with what what, colonel? what is the policy, that philosophy worldwide? >> arguably has philosophy, the
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president has evolved over time. what's become clear is he's willing to talk to anybody. he's a dealmaker. we know that. and he's going to do things that are rather unconventional. if you can't live with that frenetic lifestyle and that foreign policy, you shouldn't be advising the president who has that in mind. he's going to show up in the demilitarized zone, talk to rouhani maybe later at the u.n. he's going to meet with putin in spite of all the criticism in the media so the president has a technique. i think anyone who's been watching them for the last three years understands where he wants to go. when mark esper came up with billions of dollars out of other programs overseas and here at home to build the border wall, he understood what this president wants. the president is the elected official of this country. we have to be either team players or get out of the way. >> neil:'s who may be the gym
1:19 pm
mattis approach when he resigned and wrote a lengthy two page single-spaced letter to the president, that was really built on his disagreeing with his commander in chief withdrawing troops from syria and he made it clear you need to have someone on board who shares your vision. that's the approach? >> general mattis understands the chain of command. the american people have to appreciate if were going to elect a president who has a way of doing things, that's what we're going to see in the future. if you can't abide by that, then you leave the team. general madison understood that and so we went through shanahan who didn't get picked and mark esper has done a good job and he was elevated. by pompeo is much the same. the president deserves the team that will be obedient to his philosophy and his agenda. i believe whether it's in north korea, iran, russia, or china, we live in a dangerous
1:20 pm
world. we need a solidified, focused team. >> neil: colonel, thank you very, very much. for all we know, your phone could ring soon. three and a half hours from now before polls close in north carolina. each the redo for the 2018 race. a lot of people are saying it could be a preview of 2020 as well. after this. he test of time. even since 2000, the value of gold has increased by over 400% and owning easy... ...with rosland capital, a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900 to get started. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira and silver brochures.
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>> neil: welcome back. three hours to go before polls close in north carolina, the redo election. jonathan serrie with the latest. >> all the republicans have held this district since 1963, this has really turned into a highly competitive race. both president trump and vice president mike pence were in the district yesterday
1:24 pm
campaigning for republican dan bishop. bishop entered the race after state elections officials refused to certify the result of last year's contest amid allegations of ballot tampering. >> in this race for six months and we have done well and were having some help here at the end to level the playing field but that's the answer to why it's close. speak the republicans have to tie democrat dan mccready to the liberal wing of the national party but the marine veteran and business owner has focused his campaign on health care and other kitchen table issues. >> i don't think anyone should go to washington as a democrat first or a republican first. they should go as americans first. that's how he thought of the marine corps. we didn't care what political party you were in. we all wore the same color uniform. >> neal, right now both parties are looking at this race as a potential gauge of what suburban voters may be thinking
1:25 pm
nationwide and perhaps a bellwether going into 2020. >> neil: we shall see. thank you, as always. president trump's approval is going down. recession fears ramping up. but the numbers indicate anything but. going on he that one?! no! what about that?! no! what about now?! no! that do it?! [ buffer stops ] still not working! how 'bout now?! no! i just don't know. i mean, i don't know who labeled this thing. yeah?! no!
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>> neil: would you plunk down money for fancy watches and the new iphone that isn't that different from the one before? apple is hoping you will for a lot of neat stuff after this.
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>> neil: it's not something the president likes. bashing a new poll been chose his overall approval rating down on recession fears and that's a little odd considering the fact that we are not in a recession but we are close. maybe their fear is eventually we will be but still. fox news contributor, axios reporter. gary, it's one thing to fear something that hasn't materialized. it's another to wallop the president's approval rating as a result. what do you make of it? >> on the approval rating, i have to bring up charles payne because every day i turn on his show, he talks about 50 year lows in unemployment, all kinds of great news time and time again. but yet we get barraged by alabama and maps, buy war awards with actresses, now john bolton. the taliban may be coming in
1:30 pm
right before 9/11. i just think all that is getting on top of what's really being lost and that's the great, great numbers in unemployment which matter most to voters when all is said and done. i think they really need to get out of their way and get the message right and just a focused but i've been hoping that for a couple years and it hasn't happened. >> neil: there might be something to that, the president said you have to discuss and talk about these things because he doesn't feel he gets a fair wrap and the media but in so doing, he sort of gets in the fight with the media about the very things he doesn't want to be brought up. >> that's definitely good point and it's something we've seen over the course of his administration. the president really can't help himself and we see this on twitter a lot. he will .2, his criticisms of the media and branding of other people, he brings more attention to the story that he claims his fake news that if he just never tweeted about it at all. when it comes to the economy,
1:31 pm
something the president has a point of outcome of the media is in many ways sometimes with the economy, over correcting for some of its past mistakes. in 2008, no one really predicted the great recession coming in so i think that's why some people in the media are kind of trying to hedge their bets so they don't miss it this time. >> neil: i also think that my colleagues in the media, they are not into being this staff. they are not into following the markets in the economy. they don't get in the weeds. because their eyes glaze over would you start discussing it, even though the statistics, whether you want to credit the president or not, they are pretty good. what do you think? >> they are damn good all the way around. for a few days, the media was going 24/7 on recession and it looked like they were popping the champagne corks. the president has like 69 people
1:32 pm
on twitter. he has the bully pulpit. he gets in the rose garden in front of reporters. he talks about all these other things. all i'm saying is the stock market, the big four indices are one or 2% of the highest. it's done well since the election. we are not in a recession. other areas around the globe are suspect. we are doing great compared to them. yet the message is not getting out. i think if they get some sound messaging, straightforward, get away from all the stuff, i bet you the poll numbers will go up. it hasn't happened. >> neil: with voters, we look at national poll numbers, but it is you know and as reported, these are decided state-by-stat state-by-state. the president, some crucial rust belt states, turned this election and won. in those same states, he's got a
1:33 pm
battle going on and that's the one area where he is weak. to focus on those dates, to focus on that, there will slow down, and that is a slow down from where we were, in manufacturing, in those very states that he needs to win again. >> exactly and this is why i think a lot of people are pointing to the potential for the some sort of economic slow down because in this is hoping that the president himself has caused, this trade war with china, there's a lot of uncertainty. that's the thing wall street hates the most, the uncertainty in the markets and that's i think contribute into some of these fears that there could be a potential economic slow down. between the uncertainty with china as well as some of the other economic policies, people pointing to potentially there will be a slow down. this is something in my conversations with people on the trump campaign, within the white house, it's their biggest fear. that the economy starts to take a turn, the president is in a much more dangerous spot in
1:34 pm
these states that you brought up. >> neil: gary, economic cycles, we haven't given that up. it's not as if we outlawed or wiped out recessions. they are part of life, part of our cycle. so leaving the timing aside, where do you see things going now? >> i don't see a recession right now. i think there is a problem with manufacturing and there is uncertainty on the tariffs. i speak to companies every day and they can't plan very well because they don't know what's next. they want to get some certainty on china and everything else that's coming down the pipe, also the fed. but look, i'm just not seeing an overall recession. slow down, not a big deal. you have the fed now backstopping things but i'm pretty sure there's going to be it -- they will be at 1.5, may be down to 1% on fed funds. i think we are in good stead. in spite of all the dire talk from so many outlets. >> neil: i want to take you
1:35 pm
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>> neil: how would you like it if you left the top position in the administration of the market soars? there is no connection. dow up 74 points despite the fact or may be oblivious to the fact that john bolton has left is national security visor. it is a kick in the pants on the way out in a way. billionaire ken fisher, contrary read of that, whatever you think of the markets. good to see you. >> great to be with you. >> neil: do look at markets
1:39 pm
after an event like this, craziness of the white house, disarray, sell, sell, sell. >> for how long has the white house had a lot of volatility it associated with it? how is life going on since that started? i don't see this is very different. i don't worry about john bolton. he's going to find a job, i'm pretty sure. >> neil: for the markets looking at all of this then you see poll figures coming out today, the president's approval numbers despite a pretty strong economy and pretty good markets within a stone's throw all-time highs. >> in reality, markets are a little bit like the snake charmer. the market is the snake. the charmer is the economy, and you don't really be watching either. you want to be watching the crowd. if the crowd is not terribly charmed by the snake charmer right now. if you think about it a little
1:40 pm
differently, sometimes they warm up and the economy has to get the snake dancing a little differently. that happens. i'm not overly optimistic about the market in the intermediate term. six months. pretty often in this period of presidential election year in particular, you get 17 people bashing the president and bashing each other and you get rising uncertainty from that which often makes the market move forward but hesitatingly. the world is not that bad that there's not a lot of focus on the negative. >> neil: the markets tend to lead. what are they telling us? >> what i would expect to happen is as we move through that period of winnowing the democratic nominee down to one or a couple, that uncertainty fades, markets lead and as you get to the end of the year, you
1:41 pm
get rising market. >> neil: china, everyone talks about china. making a promise to buy more agricultural items. you said "i think it's less about economic policy than grandstanding and north korea." what did you mean? >> in the beginning and i spoke about this with you as it was happening in real-time in 2018. the fact is every time trump would want to try to open the relationship with north korea, kim jong un, it will blow up and he would up the tariffs function. kim jong un would go off to beijing and there would be a lot of powwowing. >> neil: do you think those two are tied in? >> absolutely. the timing of trump's movements and the timing of kim jong un's
1:42 pm
physical movements. he never stepped foot out of north korea. he hopped on the train and in response to the tariffs against china. the fact is chairman kim said -- >> neil: you think he's calling the shots? >> i think the relationship that exists, there is no reason for north korea to exist as it does, that this is a country with less paid road miles than a small town in america and the whole country, it's a poor player spending money -- >> neil: this trade thing. >> china's ankle biter against america. >> neil: before the election, do you think? >> i don't know the answer. if i am trump and i've said this to you about other things, the mexico tariffs and what have you, sometimes trump caved on a little agreement and sometimes he waits for more later. i he's going to want something.
1:43 pm
>> neil: there is a method to what he's doing? >> trump told you when he wrote his book, start off acting like a crazy man, act big and they offer you a little and you decide you want to settle for it. sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't. i can't predict president trump and i don't try to. he has something going on that he wants to accomplish. >> neil: you make it sound like it's orchestrated. he wrote "memories are short. if trump got his big win now on trade, folks would forget it by the election." so he would have to stagger it close to the election. >> and if you get too close, he loses his power because of you get too close, china says let's wait and see if he is still there. we don't lose much by waiting. it is a tricky function but i revert to my point that fundamentally america is a country that takes things for granted. once we get it, we assume it was always there and it's just onto the next.
1:44 pm
we are kind of impatient, onto the next culture and that's good and bad all in one. the fact is that trump, who is, despite all of his criticisms, things political, as you pointed out earlier, he's been very crafty in his 2016 election pulling off something that no one has ever done before. and he's always got some planned, whether it will work or not, i don't know. >> neil: he cannot high praise from george soros, likes his stance in thinks his greatest foreign policy achievement. he did say don't cave on huawei. >> if you look at, their social media, you can't sell it for beings outside of china. look at the chinese exports of other tech products, they are about this big. alibaba, outside of china, staggers.
1:45 pm
the fact of the matter is all of that comes because the china system is based on censoring. there's only one chinese sorts of -- source of media where i write monthly. the fact of the matter is if you're going to have that control system, you really have a hard time selling on the outside. look at the chinese originated semiconductor export market. it's tiny. in this world, semiconductors are to this world what steel and electricity were to 19th century. maybe even steam. the fact the matter is if you think about it, semiconductors are not newtek but they are fundamental building blocks. >> neil: are they in peril if we don't settle this stuff? >> as george soros points out quite correctly, huawei has tremendous difficulty if they can't buy american tech
1:46 pm
products. we are stronger because we are our the tech dominant force in the world. look at tech market cap by country. you have a hard time finding tech of any significance on a market cap basis outside of our wonderful country. >> neil: you talk about 5g and its technology, the argument is we go too far, we bequeath it to china. >> i don't know that's true or that's not true. >> neil: i like when you're honest. you mentioned about currency war fears and your mentioning the president says we haven't felt the impact of the tariffs because the chinese evaluated their currency. these fears are as full as they come here and what did you mean? >> trying to grow the country by currency manipulation has never, ever worked. try to find examples of places where it has. you can't.
1:47 pm
secondarily. >> neil: were all these countries are devaluing. >> it is a race to the bottom. how well they doing? that's a mistake. i don't have a problem with the fed cutting rates. i think almost everything the fed ever does is, let's say, stupid. >> neil: you are not a fan. >> i would do something no one talks about. i would dump the long bonds and force the long rate up as much as they could to steep in the yield curve and increase the spread between bank deposit rates and long-term lending rates. >> neil: dump a lot of bond, flood the market, the price goes down in the field goes out. >> in doing that, you instant banks to lend me the full fed policy throughout this expansion has been to distance and descend advise.
1:48 pm
lesser corporations would be able to borrow. doesn't help the world if microsoft can borrow more cheaply. they can get all the money they want and they can borrow all over the world. if the american domestic companies, the cement maker are the basic industry company or basic services company that's having a hard time borrowing from the bank right now. that could borrow and then expand and then do well. we really shouldn't have ever had the fed buying long bonds in the first place. quantitative easing. longtime critic of the fed. quantitative easing was always quantitative disease inc. has because it distance edifies -- distant tents that it was a mistake and it was bad and they still don't get it. i learned this from milton
1:49 pm
friedman when i was very young then he said they would never get it and they never have. >> neil: you are a billionaire billionaire. >> they say. who knows? >> neil: they say. elizabeth warren has a wealth tax idea that would go after people like you. it could raise a lot of money. how do you feel about that? >> i don't think it will go anywhere no matter what. i think it's easy to say those words. i think when you get down to market accounting, it's a very treacherous slope. let me say that if you implemented it as she has discussed which again i don't think we'll ever happen, you would have every wealthy family to which it would be implying in perpetual lawsuit with the irs. >> neil: you could find ways to dodge it. >> i have made a point forever that if you're able to be clever enough to become that wealthy other than perhaps a few heirs,
1:50 pm
you are clever enough to get around it too. it's arrogant for lawmakers to think they can pass laws that will capture those people. >> neil: i will put you down as a maybe. ken fisher, always good seeing you. more than a dozen books, more than half bestsellers. apparently has some money. i don't know. there's a new iphone front and center. i don't know about you, a bit of a tech geek. don't get it. i don't see what's new but i could be missing something. after this. ers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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♪ >> neil: all right. apple, unveiling a whole lot of stuff today. what was hot maybe was not. susan.
1:54 pm
>> [laughs] oh, yes, the phones were hot all right. still the big moneymaker for apple. we know it was going to come before the end of this year. but the pricing was shocking. for 99 a month. that's cheaper than netflix and that's even chipper stomach to l be coming out and released later this month. and a new ipad as well. it is all about the iphone for apple. given that we are in this crucial point, where they're facing plummeting iphone sales. what's in this iphone 11? i took a closer look for you. listen. >> just unveiling its new iphone 11 poll. six and a half inch screen. and people, look at this. triple back cam.
1:55 pm
tell my camera very exciting. some say that's the refresh cycle. it means that they'll be filling hundreds of millions at least for this year. back to you, neil. >> neil: not the only national security advisor making headlines today. let's see with michael flynn was up to ill going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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>> neil: all right. michael flynn back in court today. catherine gives us the latest on that. hey catherine. what happened? >> hey neil good afternoon. that will make their case. the special counsel prosecutors are guilty of misconduct and withholding evidence that would have helped his defense. under the microscope today, former fbi director james comey. during his book tour, comey
1:59 pm
admitted he sandbagged the white house. comey said that the fbi circumvent procedures circumvented procedures. the fbi agents said that in january, he was not an. prosecutorial misconduct. that is material, favorable to the defense. the prosecution said that they have provided all relevant records to his legal team. they emphasize that he pled guilty in line to the fbi. he was never prosecuted for being a russian agent. neil. >> neil: while my period catherine as always.
2:00 pm
the twists and turns on wall street had everything to do with technology. under a lot of fire right now. not a good day for them, but a come back for the down none of the less. here comes the five. ♪ >> jesse: here's jesse watters along with. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. ♪ >> jesse: breaking news of the white house. john bolton is out as national security advisor. we'll have a lot more on that, but first, a new embarrassment for cnn after yet another russia bombshell completely implodes. the cia, hammering the network's laded story as misguided. it could be putting them in


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