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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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piles of rubble. and the bodies still believed to be underneath them. martha? >> martha: what a tragedy. thanks to ellison. that's "the story" of tuesday, september 10. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." national security advisor john bolton got fired this morning as you no doubt have heard. it's a major personnel change. it's more than that it's great news for america. especially for the large number of young people who would have been killed in pointless wars if bolton had stayed on the job. they may not be celebrating tonight but they should be. international oil prices by the way on the international market dropped immediately on the news. investors ne knew for certain that bolton planned on launching another middle eastern conflict that would spike energy prices. some were disappointed to see bolt to be go. certainly many in washington with disappointed. chris murphy from
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connecticut a progressive one at that quoted that he was quote legitimately shaken to see john bolton to leave the white house. samantha powers, you remember her. the obama official primarily responsible for the catastrophic destruction of libya. the move that flooded europe with refugees. that official, samantha power told reporters today that the firing was a very troubling sign believe it or not a number of other republicans made similar noises mitt romney quote he was very, very unhappy that bolton was leaving. he went on to describe the national security advisor as a brilliant man with decades of experience in foreign policy. romney didn't say much about this experience. he wasn't specific about it. why? probably because none of bolton's experience in the end helped america. romney is right. bolton has, in fact, been on the scene for decades. all of us are suffering the consequences of it. but, whatever.
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the details like that make no difference at all in washington. in washington, nobody cares what kind of job you did. only that you did the job. nobody there learns from mistakes because mistakes are never even acknowledged. ever. john bolton himself took this form of selective amnesia to an art form. watch him perform it on this show. >> so you've called for regime change in iraq, libya, iran, and syria. in the first two countries we have had regime change and obviously it's been, i would say a disaster. >> no, no. i don't agree with that and. >> tucker: you don't think it's been a disaster. >> i think you need to understand is that life is complicated in the middle east. and when you say well the overthrow of saddam hussein was a mistake is simplistic. >> tucker: i would argue that i'm the one who understands how complicated it is. that's my view. >> it's your long experience in foreign policy. >> tucker: better record than yours, i would say. >> tucker: did you catch that rather than justify or ivan explain his own record,
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bolton brags that he spent a lot of time on the job. if you are wondering why so many progressives are mourning bolton's firing tonight bolton himself fundamentally was a man of the left. there was not a human problem john bolton wasn't totally convinced could be solved with the elite force of government. that's an assumption of the left. not the right. don't let the mustache fool you. john bolton was one of the most progressive people in the trump administration. by the way, naturally once he was a scons there bolton promoted obama loyalists within the security council that shouldn't prize you either. from the very first day john bolton operated as in fact a fifth column within the trump white house. we warned about him frequently on this show. >> tucker: when the president calls for peace with a heavily armed nuclear power that is considered treason. but with the national security advisor calls for, yet, another pointless war, that's just elite consensus and it's fine. nikon bolton has called for toppling the iranian
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government again and again. tellingly he never suggested what might replace the iranian government once it's toppled. >> tucker: to this day mike boot takes a. john bolton is this country's national security advisor. there were no consequences to their foolishness or dishonesty. none. yes, mr. president, john bolton does want to get you into a war. it's all he wants it's what he dreams about. many wars if possible. if you are not careful, he will do it. >> tucker: in between administration jobs there are cushy think tank jobs. cable news contracts. war may be disaster for america but for john bolton and his fellow neocons, it is always good business. >> tucker: we invited john bolton on this show tonight he did not respond to the invitation which is a shame. is he always welcome here. that's a sincere invitation. in some ways the story isn't simply about john bolton. it's about the countless
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john boltons who currently the staff federal bureaucracy deeply mediocre lifers, drunk on uberous. protected by bullet proof job security. they are more likely to die on the job than be fired and they know it. as a group these people have done an awful lot to make this country poorer and sadder and more divided. the actual john bolton is gone, likely forever. the question tonight is will he be replaced by another john bolton just like him and unfortunately there are signs that that's possible. in fact, in washington, it's always possible. change are not always for the better. don't lie to yourself. apparently on the short list tonight to replace bolton is the president's special representative for iran brian hook. he may be a good person unapologetic neocon. he has undisguised contempt for donald trump as john bolton did. and he particularly dislikes the president's nationalist foreign policy which is one of the reasons people voted for donald trump in 2016. one administration official recalls hook announcing that, quote: i think the president is reckless and
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doesn't understand policy. another source heard him directly foreign officials at a conference abroad. a choice like that and hook, by the way, is not the only one, not even close. a choice like that is really no choice at all. it's more john bolton with the same predictable disastrous results. at least mitt romney and the energy speculators will be happy. buff the country won't be served. mcgregor author of the fantastic book margin of victory and first man we go to for clarity on questions like this. colonel, thanks for coming on tonight. >> sure. >> tucker: looking at the national security apparatus in "washington post" john bolton. what are the things that need to be fixed first? >> i think the president has to go back to his first principles. he recognized two things, which is one of the reasons why he was elected. first being 75 years since the end of the second world war. the war has changed.
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as has the interests of various countries in the world that once saw the world through a bipolar lens that now see a multi-polar lends. the second part of it is we need to put a end to the global police missions. the use of military power to impose solutions on other people that other people don't want or need. put an end to the forever wars, if you will. those are the two things. we have got to go back to that those have to be the load stones. the guidelines if you will, for whatever happens from now on. >> tucker: so if you were given the president advice, what are are the first things you would do. >> let's look at the broad spectrum right now of what he has got in front of him. first of all, he has got to get out of afghanistan. that has to happen as soon as possible as i think i explained pretty clearly last night. talking to the taliban is unnecessary. they are not going to honor any agreements. it's time to get our forces out, get the embassy out. the nations in the region have an interest in the
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place. they want to have to deal with it. let them deal with it. we have got to take a similar approach in syria. we have, perhaps, 2,000 men on the ground in syria right now. very vulnerable force. iran, russia, turkey, israel, the kurds, iraq, all of these countries have an interest in what's happening there. we really don't. but we do know that if we withdraw our force they will come to an accommodation because all of them want to see the same thing, an end to the fighting in the region. so we have got to get them out. and then we need to listen very carefully to the iranians, privately, behind closed doors, find out what their interests are and look for areas where we can cooperate. and this is, after all, what president trump set out to do with president putin. he set out to do it with president xi. we need to do the same thing with iran. and then beyond iran and afghanistan and the nearest we have korea. he has got to start with an end of war declaration.
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president xi, president trump, president moon, and premier kim all need to come together, sign an end of war declaration because it renounces the use of force to change anything on the peninsula. that's what beijing wants. that's what pyongyang wants. then he needs to turn the operational control of the peninsula militarily over to president moon and to the koreans. make them a truly sovereign state. give them responsibility for their own country. and then we can sit down and we can come up with a measured, deliberative approach to dismantling the nuclear weapons and at the same time linking that dismantlement to a troop withdrawal plan that moves our ground forces out of the peninsula. because there is no threat to us in south korea or to our south korean laws or to japan from nort north korea. president trump was the first to recognize that north korea was circling the drain. he was right. it's time for us to get out of way and let the problems
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on the peninsula be resolved peacefully and deliberately as i have outlined. and then when it comes to venezuela, one thing about venezuela. >> tucker: yes. >> we have been sanctioning everyone all over the world constantly. venezuela has probably become the poster child for the damage that sanctions can do. we have sanctioned that country to the point where if we do not relieve the sanctions, we run the risk of 8 million more people leaving that country. if that happens then maduro has no opposition in the country. that's a catastrophe. have you got to go back to these sanctions, look at what makes sense and does not make sense from a humanitarian standpoint because the only thing sanctions have done is make the populations miserable. they do not change regimes. >> tucker: exactly. very smart. and the implication and i know that you believe this is that immigration ultimately is the national security -- the sad thing is that everything you outlined is something that the president has either
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explicitly endorsed in public or suggested that he believes and it's been very hard to get any of it done because he has had the wrong people working for him. i hope that changes and i hope he listens to you colonel mcgregor good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: the departure of what's done thousand happened is more confusing. trace gallagher joins us tonight with all the details. hey, trace. >> hey, tucker, what is crystal clear is that john bolton and the president have strong disagreements on the handling of syria, north korea, iran and afghanistan and apparently it all came to a head last night when bolton and the president got in to it over the taliban and afghanistan. john bolton says he offered to resign but the president said let's talk tomorrow. then after sleeping on it, bolton issued this letter quoting: i hereby resign effective immediately. as the assistant to the president for national security affairs, thank you for having afforded me this opportunity to serve our country.
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but 28 minutes after the letter of resignation was delivered, the president tweeted that bolton didn't quit. he was fired, quote: i asked john for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. but, in a message to fox news bolton immediately fired back saying there was no request for resignation. a person close to john bolton wouldn't comment on the was he fired or wasn't he controversy but that person did sneak in the last word saying that since bolton has been national security advisor, there have been no bad deals on iran, north korea, russia, and syria. the standoff on who fired who goes on. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher. thanks for that. well, some years ago cnn hired former obama official jim sciutto and he has been delivering for them ever since. on monday sciutto appeared with what sounded like a blockbuster story. here's what it was. the cia had been forced to spirit an agent out of
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russia because the president bungled handling of intelligence and put that agent's life in danger. >> multiple trump administration officials with direct knowledge tell me in a previously undisclosed secret mission in 2017 the u.s.s. successfully extracted from rickenbacker one of its highest level covert sources inside the russia government, a person directly involved in the discussions said that the removal of the russian was driven, in part, by concerns that president trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence which could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy. >> tucker: another bombshell from jim sciutto and the geniuses at cnn just like the last 10 bombshells that were going to bring down the president. this one turned out to be a little more complicated than it seems. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details on that. hey, catherine. >> well, tucker, based on two decades covering the intelligence community, there is no harder decision for the cia than pulling an intelligence asset. it's a long and deliberate
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process. and the final call is based on multiple factors, not a single event or individual. responding to the cnn report blaming the president, the cia took the unusual step of issuing this statement: misguided speculation that the president's handling of our nation's most sensitive intelligence, which he has access to each and every day, drove an alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate citing anonymous sources reported that the president's may 17th disclosure of classified information to the russians about terrorism was a pivotal moment. renewing discussion about the intelligence officials about the access risk of exposure. the oval office meeting was described to fox news as, quote, irrelevant to the cia's decision-making. fox news has learned that the intelligence community assessment about russia's election interference publicly released in 2017 as well as media attention about the source and their proximity to president putin were a major factor for the agency. and it's important to note that the cia does not pull
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an asset based on a single factor. once the asset is pulled, they can't go back into play and significantly the assets remaining network of contacts, in this case russia, could be retaliated against. tucker. >> tucker: catherine herridge, fascinating report. thank you for that. >> you're welcome. >> tucker: there is a new strategy from the left for washington for in effect ending the second amendment. it's called the red flag law. suddenly a lot of republicans are supporting the idea of a red flag law. but what is it exactly? how does it work as a constitutional, could it be misused? we will bring answers to all those questions next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: following the mass shootings last month in dayton, ohio and el paso, texas. some are pushing hard for a federal red flag law. you may have heard the phrase. what is that exactly? a red flag law would allow police to seize a person's guns without convicting or even charging that person with any crime, all they need to do is decide that person is a threat to public safety. bourque ibeto o'rourke is a bign of red flag law and dove tail with her idea seizing americans' guns outright. >> not only universal background checks and red flag laws we have got to do this: we have got to stop selling weapons of war. [cheers] and the millions of weapons of war that are out there.
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we need to bring them off the streets. get them out of our lives. >> tucker: okay. so that kid is an annoying idiot. but just because he said it doesn't mean it's not going to happen it. turns out a lot of republicans are now saying they are open to red flag laws. they are upset about mass shootings, everybody is everyone is looking for a way to prevent them. but a red flag law is the answer. if government can simply take away your constitutional rights by deciding you are dangerous and not moving it, then how are they constitutional rights in the first place? and if red flag laws require no criminal charges at all, what will protect you from being abused for political reasons? last week in san francisco, the city's board of supervisors, remember, designated the nra and it's 5 million americans, quote: a domestic terror organization. you think authorities in san francisco are going to do much to make certain your rights are protected? do you think authorities in any big city will? where is this going exactly? it's worth asking those
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questions. dana loesch is an author, nationally syndicated radio host. she has thought a lot about red flag laws. she joins us tonight. dana, thanks for coming on. >> of course, tucker, thanks for having me. >> tucker: this is one of those ideas it's new. if you hear part of it, it kind of makes sense. you can sort of tell who the crazy people are. we think we can anyway. and some of them have guns. and that's obviously bad. and so why don't we just take the guns away. if you summarize it that way, a lot of people support red flag laws, including a lot of republicans. you say it's worth thinking through the consequences. what are those consequences? >> well, tucker, those consequences are great indeed. it's not just san francisco. there are even elected members of our house of representatives that have referred to law abiding gun owners as and i quote domestic terrorists and these are the individuals that would be implementing this red flag system. first off, the red flag proposals and i have read the language of the laws in the 17 states that have passed these, including the district of columbia as
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well, it's all in version of our due process. you are presumed guilty and lashted on maybe on i think in indiana on average it's about nine months you have your day in court and you can try to get your property back and clear your name if you have been falsely accused. it is an absolute removal of a corner stone of our republic and if republicans right now under the trump administration, if they support this, tucker, if they support this and if they go in with universal background checks and everything else, they will have done more than barack obama when he was president to undermine our second amendment rights. is that what they want their legacy to be? >> tucker: know, you never go broke under estimating the dumbness of some elected republican notice senate. this seems like going pretty far. do you think it's possible that you would get on the record republicans supporting this? >> i think so. i mean, there are a number already that have indicated
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that they will. i mean, lindsey graham says he supports red flag laws. we also have elected officials like dan crenshaw open to the idea of discussing them. there is a lot of concern here. what people need to realize is the way that red flag laws work and the way they have already been outlined in 17 states the states differ as to who and how many and how close they are to you. who can petition, who can report you. but in some states, pretty much any tom, dick, and harry can report you and say that they think you are dangerous and that have you have firearms and law enforcement do not -- they are not required to give advanced notice. you are serving no knock warrants. they can show up, no advanced warning. in fact, in maryland, there was a man killed, tucker, gary willis a 61-year-old man was killed when law enforcement showed up at his home before sunrise knocking on his door demanding to take his property. he had no idea what was going on. see, these laws put law enforcement in a very uncomfortable spot which is
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why a lot of sheriffs and a lot of different states are saying that they will not uphold these red flag laws also. we have to think of these consequences. first off, it's dangerous. secondly due process sin verted and many instances people who are accused they are, like i said, indiana the law stipulated a 14-day waiting period that's on average nine months. you assume the court costs for clearing your name. there is a florida man right now john carpenter similar to that of a criminal and even though they know it's not the same person he still, tucker, has to go through the court system. pay a lot of money clear his name to get his property back. we are not thinking of the consequences. >> tucker: no we're not. we're not. we're also remembering for the left it's not about reducing public safety and reducing violence it's about power. let's not lie to ourselves. dana, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> good to sycks see you, tucke. >> tucker: a new book out called why meadow died the policies that created the parkland shooter and
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endanger america's students. he joins us about his first interview about that book. andrew, thank you for coming on tonight. let me ask you a question taken directly from the title of this new book. the people and policies that made this possible. who are they? >> well, tucker, there is nothing i can do to bring my daughter back. i wish i could have taken those bullets that day and i couldn't. but what i can do is honor my daughter and expose what's in that book. why meadow died and the policies that are in there it made me so sick doing my investigation and uncovering all the multitude of failures that i owed it to other parents to put this book -- i even call it a manual now, tucker. a manual for parents to read to see what happened to me in parkland and my beautiful daughter and make sure it's not happening to their kids in their schools. because this -- these policies introduced by the left, what you call them. these obama-era policies have been put in our schools throughout the whole country
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and i had to expose it and nothing is going to stop me from exposing these people that let my daughter down. >> tucker: good for you. you hear almost nothing about this and i would encourage beings our audience, of course, to bit book and see the whole story. pull one of those policies out and hold it up to the light for us. give us one example if you would. >> one of the examples in broward, when my daughter was going to school, students were allowed four misdemeanors per school year without being introduced to the judicial system. and then at the end of the year, tucker, if you could believe this. that was in ninth grade. you had a kid next to your kid nut classroom commits four misdemeanors and next year in tenth grade he re-sets at zero again and is allowed another four misdemeanors per school year. so that's one of them. >> tucker: so that basically makes it impossible for school authorities to do anything about a threatening kid. >> and the worst thing about it is, tucker, they don't --
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they don't make the parents aware of it. i found out recently that they actually had to frisk this kid before he went to school every morning. he wasn't allowed to school with a backpack. that's how dangerous he was. and they put him in the school with my daughter. and if parents think that it's only going on in broward county, they are mistaken because these policies through obama has been pushed throughout all the schools throughout america and it's my job now, because the left, they don't want to hear my story. they want to blame the big old black scary gun. but that's what -- that didn't happen in broward. and i know as facts and parents, they would be irresponsible not to read this book and send their kid to a school and say, you know, to me, tucker, the book is to educate parents. i want to be the last father that can say i truly didn't know what was going on in the school. now parents have no excuse.
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>> tucker: and none of us do. i don't know where the rest of us were when all these changes took place. i'm glad you are bringing them to light. and i'm sorry about the circumstances that forced it. andrew pollack, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: pete buttigieg isn't just running for president, no. he is auditioning as a holy man. as a biblical scholar. his latest lesson using the bible to justify abortion through the third trimester of pregnancy. well, tonight, mayor pete's own brother-in-law says this is too much. an exclusive interview next.
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>> tucker: on the campaign trail mayor pete pete buttigieg frequently uses religious rhetoric. american politics can be divided into good people and then sinners and you can guess which side republicans are on. now mayor pete is getting into biblical scholarship as well. in a recent interview he explained how actually the bible says that unborn children are not alive and
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so abortion is okay. >> you go through the new testament for sure and every other word that comes out of the mouth of christ is about things like helping those in need and you have a republican party dedicated to its opposite. there will be a reckoning over that now right now they hold everybody in line with this one kind of piece of doctrine about abortion, right? which is obviously a tough issue for a lot of people who think through morally. then again, you know, there's a lot of parts of the bible that talk about how life begins with breath and so even that is something that we can interpret differently. >> tucker: senior pastor of community church of god in clio, michigan he is also the brother-in-law of mayor pete buttigieg and called on his professional to repent. pastor, thanks for coming on. you are by your own description nonpolitical and you are not seeking to attack your brother-in-law. but i felt it would be worth
5:35 pm
getting your view of the theology involved in this explanation of abortion. what do you think of it? >> absolutely. thank you, tucker, for this opportunity to come on here. i would like to make a plea to pete buttigieg, my brother-in-law that he would reconsider his position and the way he is misrepresenting scripture to push this pro-abortion platform that he is pushing. i would like to make a plea with him that he reconsider and actually open his bible. i actually ask all people to open up their bibles as they are watching this turn to psalm 139 specifically verses 13 through 16 and how can you read those passages that talks about we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of god intrinsically we are woven together in the woman's womb. i don't know how you can read and this come out of that with any other understanding that we, that life begins at conception
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and what's even more alarm something that there are christians who would stand, like mayor pete would, and say that god condones, god says that abortion is okay according to scripture. that's just absurd and outlandish to me. >> so, his contention as i am interpreting it is that the new testament says that abortion is fine until the child draws breath. in other words, really through the end of the third trimester. i just want to be absolutely clear on this. is there any, in your view, christian interpretation of the bible that leads to that conclusion? >> absolutely not. you know, i would encourage all people to look at scripture. again, back to psalm 139 that we are created and life begins at conception. you know, we need to get away from -- this isn't a political thing to me. this is a spiritual thing to me. and this is a dial of -- this is a god issue.
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this is a spiritual issue. not a political issue. and to be honest with you, tucker. this isn't even my opinion or pete's opinion. what does god say? what does the word of god truly say and the bible is just being misrepresented and misused to push a pro-abortion agenda and that is alarming. it's disgusting. it's frightening and it is -- it needs to stop. >> tucker: it is all of those things. i agree with you completely. have you said this to your brother-in-law? >> i have not spoken this directly. and i hope he sees. this i hope all people watch this. and he will reconsider. he will change his position. he will actually open up the bible and read through scripture what scripture actually says. you know, we need to create a culture that speaks of human life and human beings who have value. we are commanded by christ himself to uphold the dignity and respect of all human life. we need to stand for all the born and all the unborn.
5:38 pm
>> tucker: so you just said you would ask your brother-in-law to open up scripture and read. this i mean, his presidential campaign, as i have been watching it, is based on the idea that he is deeply versed in scripture, that he is deeply christian man. he is running explicitly he says christian campaign. >> um-huh. well, i don't know how anyone -- i mean, what happens we see in ii peter chapter 4 that there is a time coming where people will turn away from sound doctrine and accumulate teaching to itch their ears. basically what that verse reads we're living in a time now as we see with mayor pete that people are drifting away from sound doctrine to make the scripture say whatever they want to do to manipulate and distort christianity and what the word of god says to meet their own desires and own pleasure. really it boils down to, this tucker is, what i believe. people either seek power or they are going to stand up for the powerless. and people-out the baby in ---tt
5:39 pm
vulnerable person a human life, people have to make a decision -- pete has to make a decision. are you going to stand up for the most vulnerable or seek the power and distort descroirpt meet your own political agenda? and that's exactly what we are seeing just not with pete but with the whole democratic party down the line. >> tucker: that's exactly right. i think it's nicely put. let me just end on it. so pete buttigieg is married to your brother. have you spoken to him about this. >> i am very open about all of this. i hope all of them see this. i am very unashamed at the good news of jesus. i am a pastor. i share the gospel. politics is secondary to me. i'm about sharing the good news of christ. and i hope all people watching this that i really, i challenge americans as we -- as these democratic debates come up here in a couple days and i'm assuming this topic is going to be brought up that people would stop and actually think what are we talking about here?
5:40 pm
we are talking about human life here. we are not talking about just a little blob of cells. we are talking about human life. and are we going to stand up for the dignity and respect. will people stop and really think what do you really believe? not what your party believes it. would be wonderful to see a democrat come out and say i'm not going to go down the trail that all the democrats are going down i think life in the womb is valuable and have intrinsic value. i would like to see someone stand up and do that. >> tucker: you just saw tulsi gabbard today say she thinks third trimester abortion is wrong. it's cruel. thank you for coming on tonight i hope you get a chance to talk to your brother-in-law. thanks. >> yes. thank you. >> tucker: in montgomery county, maryland, the toll of illegal immigrant sex crimes keeps rising. we are now at 8. 8 reported in just the past six weeks. local government is not protecting its citizens. county white house do better? a trump administration
5:41 pm
official spawnsdz to what's going on there next.
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>> tucker: illegal immigration into montgomery county maryland continues unabated. in fact, authorities there are helping it but the toll is rising dramatically. an illegal immigrant from nigeria according to county authorities, he recently raped an intoxicated woman inside her car that would make him the eighth illegal alien charged with a sex offense in montgomery county in the last six weeks. since july 25th. amazingly, this man now charged with a sex crime has stayed in the united states despite past very serious run-ins with the law. not minor stuff. major stuff. for example, in august 2018,
5:46 pm
this man was charged with second degree assault, false imprisonment, and a fourth degree sex offense. but somehow prosecutors dropped those charges. he was not deported. he stayed in america despite being here illegally and these new charges are the results of that. ken cuccinelli acting director of u.s. customs and immigrations services and he joins us tonight. mr. cuccinelli, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: we have been following horrified as the toll of sex offenses in montgomery county, maryland has risen by illegal aliens. clearly the county -- officials there are doing nothing about it. they are blaming neo nazis for complaining about it, et cetera. they are completely unwilling to protect their own citizens. county federal government do anything to protect them? >> well, of course, ice, even though montgomery county won't fully cooperate with ice, ice still does its job of removals. when criminals come to their attention. you noted this most recent illegal who was charged with
5:47 pm
sexual assault, rape most recently had previously been identified to law enforcement. they didn't let ice know last summer when they had this person in their custody. and they undoubtedly knew he was illegal. and, yet, did not notify federal officials. and so when they don't know that a criminal is present, ice doesn't know to even try to pick them up. so, and, of course, sadly enough, montgomery county is not alone in this. their neighbor p.g. county bordering washington, d.c. we have been reading last few days and north carolina and the victims down there, almost 500 of these folks released without giving ice notice. and these are people that no american would want to keep in this country and oddly enough, it is many of these folks on the left who say oh, we want to get rid of the criminal aliens. they are the very same ones who enact these sanctuary
5:48 pm
policies that harbor these exact illegals who are committing other crimes in communities in this country. >> tucker: what a tragedy this is. >> it is a tragedy. >> tucker: again, is there anything that the feds can do. montgomery county, maryland all these jurisdictions are in defiance, it seems to me, of federal law. is there anything that can be done about it. >> they certainly are not cooperating with federal law. can i tell you as a former attorney general, it is a long, really nonpartisan history of law enforcement, of cooperating across levels, federal, state and local law enforcement. this is a very recent phenomena, tucker, where people see political advantage to playing games with law enforcement and public safety on the left. and it is having tragic, tragic cons sequences for these communities. >> tucker: it certainly is, mr. cuccinelli, thank you for being with us tonight. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: for decades, conservatives, for some reason have conceded the
5:49 pm
environmental issue to the left. why in the left is dominated by climate extremist who want to ground airplanes and take away your plastic straws. people who know about the natural. never go outside. yet they are in charge on conversation on environmental issues? huh? what if conservatives actually tried to win over people who care about nature, preserving green spaces, natural beauty, ending litter, keeping this country clean? that's most people, by the way. certainly me. chris buskirk editor and publisher of american greatness. he just wrote a fantastic new piece which you should read called how conservatives can protect the environment and win voters, too. he joins us tonight. chris, thanks so much for writing this piece and for coming -- which is fantastic, and for coming on tonight. why have conservatives allowed this issue, love of nature, to be high scblakd by the left. >> you know i have no idea. i got this theory that for the past 20 years there has been -- everything has been sort of defined by the
5:50 pm
climate change debate. so the left says climate change, climate change, climate change, if we don't do something extreme tomorrow that allows the government to intrude all over every sort of personal liberty that you have then the planet is going to be destroyed in five years and the human race is going to go extinct. that's one side. on the other side conservatives have allowed themselves to do nothing more than try to negate and say nope, we don't think that's true. it's just another example of this ethic that conservatives, american conservatives seem to have our only job is to stand history and yell stop. it's stupid. it is just a loser philosophy. and we have to come up with something that's better than that we have to be able to put forward good policies that actually promote and protect the environment. promote green spaces as you were saying, protect nature. these are things that should be uncontroversial and, yet, climate change has become an excuse not to do anything. >> tucker: that is it and you make this point in your
5:51 pm
piece. that's exactly right. an excuse to let the natural actual environment degrade. one of the great things, the great thing about this country is its natural beauty which really has no parallel in the world and yet it's getting dirtier. there is litter and graffiti everywhere. why wouldn't clean up america. >> this is a huge pet peeve with me. you are conservative so we have this self-image we're the people who clean up our lawns. we are the people who just do the right thing and we are people of personal responsibility. why doesn't that apply to the country as a whole? we would rather have beautiful cities. go to new york. go to los angeles. these are cities that are degrading quickly and that is part of the environment, too. you know, there is a u.s. fire service study that i cite in the piece that says that the united states loses 36 million trees in urban areas every single year. that makes those urban areas less beautiful, it makes them less pleasant and by the way it makes them hotter and drier.
5:52 pm
refire station program should be something that is totally uncontroversial. that would be very popular and, yet, conservatives seem to lack the vocabulary to talk about these issues. >> tucker: i absolutely couldn't agree more. by the way, crowded places are ugly places. i mean, you could make a really strong case for restricting immigration on environmental grounds. we have made that case on this show. i believe it strongly. i hope conservatives will read your piece and reclaim their birth right given to them by teddy roosevelt, i would argue, as stewards of the environment, we should be that. chris buskirk, thank you for beginning that conversation. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: chick-fil-a has a lot of enemies. it keeps getting bigger. there is a new protest against its growing influence around the world in canada. wait until you see the video. canadians mad about chick-fil-a. we have chadwick moore to respond to their concerns, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: chick-fil-a has been offering tasty chicken sandwiches and great service in this country for many years. finally, this week, the company expanded its brand to the frozen north, canada. not everyone is happy about this. activists carried signs and played dead on the floor. what are they mad about? basically everything. some didn't like eating meat. some said the company is anti-gay. activists claimed that chick-fil-a's existence is an attack on canada's indigenous people somehow. he joins us tonight to explain what the heck just happened. what you think this is about? what is the main problem people have with chick-fil-a customer >> well, the lord's chicken, as you mentioned, is very, very
5:58 pm
popular. what is the exact problem? was it chicken lives matter? was a lives matter? was it chicken lives matter? the answer is, yes. all of the above. the big issue that they seem to have with chick-fil-a, at this point, the attacks are so regular that you can set your watch by them. i have this theory that the reason is that the ceo of the company, who's a christian and gives his own time and own money to christian causes has never apologized. he's never bowed down to the left. he's never gone to the lgbt reeducation camp that someone in his position is expected to do. this really throws them for a loop. they don't know how to handle i it. if you have an obnoxious child throwing a temper tantrum, you can either run through it and coddle it and say, what can you do? or just want to don't like you
5:59 pm
to be quiet. tell me what you want? of course, that's just reinforcing negative behavior. or you can ignore the child and let it scream and let it cry. hopefully, it will shut up eventually and learn its lesson. this seems to be the approach with the use of protesters. >> tucker: let them cry. >> chadwick: it let them cry. it's a tough love approach. but it's going to be a tough few years. they announced that there are 15 locations opening into toronto area in the next few years. >> tucker: that's our approach on this show. let them cry. they want you to kiss the ring more than anything. they want you to bow down and acknowledge their authority. i think people with dignity will never do that. great to see you tonight. >> chadwick: great to see you. thank you. >> tucker: we are out of time, amazingly. we are celebrating john bolton's departure so much, the hour went
6:00 pm
by. the show that is the sworn enemy of groupthink. hopefully the cheerful enemy of all groupthink. have a great evening. sean hannity is next to live from new york city. >> sean: all right tucker. great show as always. busy night tonight. welcome to hannity. tonight, we are tracking three huge breaking stories, including in an important special congressional election in north carolina. also, we have huge news surrounding lieutenant general flynn. she is fighting for release of exculpatory material of andrew weissmann. sidney powell will join us with an exclusive interview. that's all coming up. but first, we start with an egregious example of fake phony,


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