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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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sources telling me the republican will win what will be a close race. hope they are right. let not your heart be troubled. we will never be the media mob hate, rage, psychotic, crazy people who put lives in danger because they lie. laura ingraham standing by. >> laura: i wish one night you would start without having a whole string of adjectiveslike n go laura ingraham. >> sean: if the shoe fits, wear it. >> laura: hannity, i was thinking about -- >> sean: doesn't meet the criteria. you're going to be rejected outright for that fake little thing you pulled the other night. [laughter] >> laura: this race, we'll see
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how it turns out north carolina. if the republican pulls it out bishop, then suddenly all these people -- >> sean: if you want my update, let me give you the latest numbers. >> laura: don't. you are not supposed to. >> sean: why not? >> laura: because i was told -- >> sean: you can do whatever i want. republican is up by 30. solid win. >> laura: all i am saying is if bishop pulls out the win for the republicans, all the people yesterday who t were saying this is going to be a bellwether for whether president trump can pull the republicans over the finish. #*b . that will be out the window. >> sean: he can help some people but he can't carry them on his shoulders across the finish line. they've got to do it themselves. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from d.c. tonight. somehow we are going to fit this in anem lni hour.stay with me. a we have dershowitz and digenova. they reveal how this latest fictional leak about a cia asset, how it reeks of a deep state involvement and yes even a conspiracy. i kid you not.
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michelle malkin exposing the stunning disregard by one maryland county showing to women who have been sexually victimized by illegal aliens. you won't believe that. katie pavlich and richard goodstein debate the gun agenda. the administration's plans to help relieve california's homelessness crisis and the president's speech celebrating historically black colleges. what was in it that of course the mainstream networks didn't cover. but, first, bolton from the white house. that's the focus of tonight's angle. when the story broke that national security advisor john bolton was fired, trump hating politicos and media types seized on the departure as more evidence that the doors are coming off the white >> the most convincing evidence that we've seen of late that we have a governing crisis. >> adversaries had already detected a significant amount of disarray and chaos. >> nobody lasts long in the
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chaos of the trump administration. >> it projects instability to allies and adversaries alike. >> i don't think we can emphasize enough and i have heard from a senior democratic foreign policy maven, if you will, of the amount of dysfunction in the foreign policy apparatus. >> laura: policy maven, if you will? as usual, the lemmings are totally jumping off the ledge together, okay?? here's what i learned when i wai a 22-year-old white house staffer. you know what i learned? that you work at the pleasure of the chief executive, the president of the united states. if you accept any position in any administration, your job iss to pursue the goals of the president, not your own. your job is to find ways to accomplish his priorities, not your own. your job is to advocate his worldview, not your own. >> the president is entitled to the staff that he wants. at any moment, a staff person who works directly with the president of the united states and he should have people who he trusts and values.and whose effs
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benefit him in delivering american foreign policy. >> laura: that was pompeo today. i have known john bolton for decades. he's appeared on the show many times.s. we obviously really like him and respect him very much. but, his position at the white house, m let's all be honest, it was always going to be a complicated fit. remember, bolton, of course, worked for george w. bush in one position as u.n. ambassador and in some areas, he is closer to the interventionist wing of the g.o.p. than he is to trump's america first view. i still remember when the democrats used to agree with being a less interventionist power. itbut then trump derangement syndrome took hold and they became walking contradictions of themselves. here's what democrats sounded like when bolton was appointed. >> john bolton didn't even know what he was being hired for. let alone not knowing that he was being hired. john bolton is a dangerous man.
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>> john bolton, i think, is a disastrous pick. >> when it comes to john bolton, if congress does not want to go to war, now it's time to put restraints on this president. >> laura: here is what they sound like now. >> on a couple key issues, this failed idea for a summit at camp david and these colossal failures with north korea bolton was right. >> you need a national security advisor who is willing to give you alternative views. >> john bolton will land on his feet.o he also has a knowledge about certain ways of the international affairs, international actions. >> laura: that could be my favorite then and now ever, by the way. l even liberal nate silver saw this for what it was, in his tweet saying, maybe i'm a simpleton, but it seems like you criticized, bolton's hiring, you probably shouldn't also criticize his firing. media goofballs are focused on the discrepancy whether bolton quit or whether he was fired. he says the former and released this terse resignation letter
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dated prove it. trump said he asked for the resignation. translation, fired him last night. who cares which it was. it was long overdue. trump's allegiance isn't to any particular process or any particular cabinet member but to the people who elected him and to the country at large. c he is a true maverick because he came like a freight train at the inold gop foreign policy establishment that had gotten us bogged down in two costly wars as china grew basically unchallenged. trump promised to bring our troops home from afghanistan and yet the military and national security officials have mostly resisted him every step of the way on that goal. this frustrates the president th no end. he knows that most americans don't just want our troops back home but they don't even think the wars in iraq and afghanistan were worth fighting. but, the old bush team, of
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course, they won't take no for an answer. despite obama's election then trump's election, of course obama came in at 2008 and then trump in 2016 which represented a bipartisan and total repudiation of the bush doctrine. >> we left our troops in europe for 45 years until germany could unify between 1945 and 1990. we are still there. we keep the peace on the korean peninsula since 1953. i know americans are tired of some of the responsibilities but frankly, there's nobody but the united states ofth america that can do this. >> laura: we love condi but this isn't 1945 or 1953. it's the 21st century. after two wars that began post 9/11, this is where public opinion is. look at it. 62% say iraq wasn't worth fighting. 59% say afghanistan wasn't worth fighting. so look.
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contrary to being a sign of chaos, the bolton news, i think shows a commitment to principle and efficiency.. anyone who can't produce results and anyone who can't get on board with the president's agenda shouldn't be inside working to oppose him or undermine him. h.r. mcmaster was canned after some thought he bumbled as national security advisor. tillerson was a colossal failure at the state department. price was fired, a very nice man, at hhs after making no headway on drug prices. kirstjen nielsen was gone when she couldn't managet the border crisis. sessions was shown the door at doj after a myriad of mistakes including one that led to the appointment of a special counsel. gary cohn quit when he lost the ldebate on tariffs. and let's not forget scaramucci. he was out after ten days as press secretary when it became too much mooch and not enough wmaga. president trump is impatient for
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results, and he's going to change personnel as necessary to achieve i will take that any day over someone who cavalierly coasts on the status quo or doubles down on failure with a swagger. trump's foreign policy is best described as prudent realism. he believes that given the fact that the u.s. economy now represents about 20 to 25% of the global gdp, we need to maximize our leverage wisely. trump actually considers how much military missions cost. cost our taxpayers their hard-earned money. and whether they make our life here better and safer at home. again, the bushes, very patriotic people and we honor their service in government but they didn't spend a lot of time worrying about those details. so looking back on it, is that approach more moral than trump's when our citizens here drive on roads and bridges that are
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falling apart? most voters think we should fix our schools and our airports before we try to fix syria's. right now, trump has a stellar team in place. just to name a few, secretary of state p pompeo, attorney general bill barr, bob lighthizer a trade, never been a trade rep better than he. steve mnuchin atn treasury. alex azar at hhs, phenomenal. mark esper, acting secretary of defense, terrific. they all understand their role is to advance the president's agenda. pat's the way it works. sure, you offer your advice and sometimes you debate. the president is fine with that but then you get on board with whatever he decides, not your decision. and, if you cannot do that, then step aside for someone who can. everyone understand? and that's the angle. here to respond is retired brigadier general robert spalding and lieutenant colonel james carafano from the heritage foundation.ri
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james, you believe that bolton was actually promoting trump's america first policies, but if that was the case, why is he gone? >> first of all, my heart is broken. it is like the captain and tennille breaking up. i love the yin and yang of bolton and trump. i thought that dynamism worked really well. the first point is, let's remember before it was kelly mattis, tillerson, they kept the president from doing all these crazy things and those guys are completely gone and our foreign policy is exactly the same. now that bolton is gone, it will be exactly the same. that's because it's trump's foreign policy. although it didn't work out and i'm sad about that, there were things that bolton really didn't /well -- really did advance. pulling out of inf.
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>> laura: he was great on china. bolton on china, fabulous. we are simpatico on that issue. >> a really strong on brexit helped push boris johnson on brexit. >> laura: you see what i'm saying, general? when the news broke, it didn't surprise any of us but the media acted like pence resigned or something. it was wild to see the chaos. you were there with mcmaster you are at the national security council whencm mcmaster was there, so what do you say? >> first of all, the president inherited chaos. we've had poor foreign policy not thinking about what's going on in china. basically intervening just about everywhere and the president said stop. we're going to actually do something more likeid out of eisenhower's playbook. we're going to husband our resources, strengthen the economy, work on the industrial base, get prepared for this economic and technological competition with the chinese and we are going to stop being everywhere, except the national security establishment said no.. >> laura: have they not opposed him almost every step of the way? >> every step of the way. >> people forget h.r. had a good year. he put a good strategy on the table. >> laura: la la la la la.
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>> he put it on paper, and trump is still following that strategy. >> laura: i met him. he's very nice. it's not personal but it's about the president's agenda. he was elected as a repudiation of both obama and bush on foreign policy. i'm sorry. a lot of people, bush friends of mine, love them dearly. i was a big supporter of the iraq war. i think it was a colossal mistake. afghanistan, we've got to get out of afghanistan. we can't stay in a war 19 years. i'm sorry. you think he wishes to be there with more troops? >> d the point about h.r. leavig who i thought did a good job for the time and he was there and for bolton, your point is right. they are not moving fast enough for this president. the president has a plan and he wants is not that he, he calls hr now and talks tosi him. >> laura: he is fine with opposing views. he thrives, in part, on hearing from lots of input but then he makes aision and when he feels undermined afterward, people are leaking to the media and you know who you are, that's what he doesn't like. i want to play something from
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rand paul. this is what he said today abouk threats perhaps diminished around the world with bolton's departure. watch. >> i think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with bolton out of the white house. i think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image. frankly, it just doesn't work that way. >> here's where i disagree. it is trump's policy, not bolton's. trump doesn't want to fight useless wars. >> laura: bolton wasn't going to launch a thermonuclear weapon. it is the president's decision and the president made that point several times over the last several months when bolton was there. i want to talk now about what jim acosta said in scolding steve mnuchin today. watch. i think we have it. >> is this national security deem mess?
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>> absolutely not. that's the most ridiculous question i've heard. the national security team, which is what you asked, consists of the national security advisor, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, myself, the chief. >> laura: so he listed all the people in the national security apparatus, totally underminingng what the media was trying to do with this staff departure which is long in the coming. general. >> i that i, you know, so back in 2014, we looked at what was going on with, what was happening with china and everything going on with all these interventionist wars that were going on and we realized that we needed to be focused on building the country building our strength, and the president, it was strange because 2016, he starts talking about investing in the country, building the strength, taking care of the american people. and it was everything we had been looking at in the pentagon.
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he has this kind of sixth sense of where we need to go with the strategy. isi have to say. >> laura: the people of the country, james, i think every poll shows this. they don't think it's 1994 anymore. e it's not 2003 anymore. we are $20 trillion in debt, and yet we have folks, former bush people running websites like, we've got to put more troops in afghanistan. i heard that the other night might've been on this network. i am most fell over. are you kidding me? those days are gone and they are never coming back. never coming back. >> i heard saying we need to take them out and then weeks later, we need to put them back in. >> the disconnect. washington focuses on the process andes those comments, we don't like his style points. what americans look at is he delivering and they like that he's delivering. >> laura: i've got one more thing i want to play if we can. i want to playay this. condoleezza rice was on "cbs this morning." she was doing the rounds. she has a book out. she was giving a bunch of kind
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of fun interviews, and this is when i think the president might have missed, this particular clip. let's watch. >> i have seen the return of c what are called the four horsemen of the apocalypse. populism, i will say nativism not nationalism. isolationism and protectionism. we did that was the pd war i and world war ii. it led to a depression and war. >> the great depression is here. it's been here since 2001 when china entered the wto. we lost 70,000 factories 3.4 million manufacturing jobs. we can't even make circuit boards foror f-35s. poor our industrial base has become. >> laura: when did that happen?when did china come undet wto. >>ha 2001. >> we got it. guys, thank you very much. i said to them, we have to make foreign policy and they did it. all right, we have a fox news alert. we can officially call the special election in north carolina'sti ninth distrit for republican dan bishop. this was the seat the democrats believed was going to be a
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bellwether signaling big trouble for trump. now it won't matter at all, right?ro the president visited last night and it paid dividends no doubt and this was a very, very goodan night for the gop in north carolina. again, a state the democrats hoped to flip. also tonight, alan dershowitz joseph digenova are going to reveal how this latest intel leak, speaking of leaks, showed the deep state still has its sights on the president. next.
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>> laura: the deep state is alive and well and still gunning for president trump. they bungled their latest attempts, though, falsely claiming that the cia moved the top spy out of russia for fear that trump would expose him. but, we see a familiar pattern here. they fed the false report to the very reporters who happily and irresponsibly push the steele dossier and the russia collusion stories. stay with me here. reporters like former obama official cnn's jim sciutto. >> the person directly involved in the discussion said the removal of the russian was driven, in part, by concerns that president trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence which could then contribute to exposing themi
11:22 pm
covert source as a spy. >> laura: much like most of the russia hysteria, that narrative he laid out has been debunked, and we'll talk about this now with joseph digenova former u.s. attorney. alan dershowitz, harvard professor of "d" the same people playing fast and loose with the facts here are the same people who fed this ridiculous narrative about the dossier. explain it. >> as part of the russia hoax, othey needed to create the imae that somehow this information had gotten out from putin about influencing the election. so john brennan created the myth of this guy whose initials are o.s. and who lives in virginia . >> we all know who he is. >> and who bought a house in his own name and lives openly and notoriously. when the cia brings back a real asset, do you know it they do? they hide him forever. they give him a fake name. he lives in siberia but they don't allow him to live in
11:23 pm
fairfax, virginia, under his name. this story was leaked by john brennan who gave the name and the address of the agent to nbc news who sent one of the reporters there. thank you, john brennan. great patriot. this is a fraudulent story perpetuated by brennan, and he should be indicted for incompetence and fraud. >> laura: i hope there is going to be some -- there's never a price to be paid here. these types of leaks happen in these false narratives are pushed, we kind of go to the next story and nothing ever happens, whether it was the kavanaugh scandal. kanothing ever changes. the poison darts continued to be thrown and it's done with impunity. >> you have to look more deeply into the story. if you look more deeply in the story, concerns about this particular person, agent, if he exists and if he was, in fact, taken out, began years before trump came into office. there were concerns about the
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country before trump was elected and he refused to leave the country. ultimately, according to the reports, he left the country a couple of months into the trump administration. to blame that on one particular president does seem to be scapegoating and doesn't seem to be leaking in the interests of partisanng political benefit. we have to make sure our spies are secure, but they have to be secure in every administration not just in one administration. >> laura: "the new york times," by the way, this is so bad even "the new i york times" had to correct it and basically say, wait a second. but intelligence officials revealed the severity of russia's election interference with unusual detail later that year, the news media picked up on the details about the cia's kremlin sources. that's whatsu happened. >> by the way, the cia people who leaked this story today and the former cia are the same ones who leaked the story to "the new york times" originally and identify this person without giving his name and said they
11:25 pm
were worried about him. at that point, everyone said well, if he isn't dead before this, he's dead now as a result of the cia "the new yo. -- "the new york times." brennan is the father of all of these leaks and he should be investigated fully and thoroughly. >> laura: i have to read the cia statement and i want to show the feedback loop evidence we have. ethis was their statement. gina haspel was furious. l "cnn's narrative that the cia makes life or death decisions based on anything other than objective analysis and sound collection is simply false, misguided speculation of the president handling of our nations more sensitive intel which he has access to each and every day drove an alleged a exfiltration operation is inaccurate." alan, i've got a show this for everyone. look at this list of former intel officials who have gone into the media and they keep pushing it.ff ben rhodes, scuitto, samantha,
11:26 pm
clapper, brennan, joe's favorite, john kirby, jen saki, anthony lincoln. those are just the ones we could fit on the graphics tonight. alan, that used to hold the intel accountable, the media, and now they are in bed with the intel community. >> the problem is with the media. of t course, putin knew this guy was leaving russia and he knew where he was going to the united states for the theory is if you don't poke the bear nothing is going to happen, but when the media starts poking the bear and starts confronting russia in a very public way with what happened, that hurts the v wlikelihood that this man will survive. i think he now has to be protected. his whole family has to be moved. not because of anything this administration did but because of what the media has done, who leaks to the media from former officials. and these leaks just have to be plugged. leaks are becoming so partisan their weapons and they become weaponized leaks in a partisan war. that's just not right.
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>> laura: bingo. yeah, i think going to this poor guy's house.he's r. that's irresponsible. >> this is such a joke that they send a reporter to the guy's house. failed russian hoax. your story doesn't work anymore. what's the next thing? okay, let's blame trump for exposing a spy in russia. even worse falsehood, complicit cnn, nbc totally false story, thank you, john brennan.the spy- >> laura: the spy who didn't love us. >> they used it to spy on the russians. now they spy on us.ou >> laura: no one else will show this panel tonight, by the way. thank you, gentlemen.coming up, an eighth illegal alien has been arrested on sex crime charges in a d.c. suburb. now, it's basically now just an illegal immigrant sanctuary. michelle malkin has a phenomenal new book out explainingg what's driving this troubling trend next.
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>> laura: a shocking update. montgomery county police in maryland arrested a 26-year-old nigerian national who was here illegally on rape charges. he is the eighth illegal alien arrested on sex crime chargesiny declared sanctuary status in late july. the suspect allegedly raped a woman in his car.he was arrester
11:31 pm
charges that were lodged last year. ice requested him but the county is not playing ball. fi can kid you not. joining me is michelle malkin author of the new fantastic book."open borders inc." ii love this book.people need ty it. it's the bible for people who want to understand what's happened to our country. you name names who is responsible. you must read this book, "open borders inc."ox, michelle, eight illegals accused in maryland. you weren't surprised. they are still defiant in montgomery county, maryland. >> oh, yeah. the social just as warriors have hijacked montgomery county maryland.i am refugee from monty county. the montgomery county executive in the county council have condemned president trump as well as the patriots in montgomery county who have been calling the government to the carpet for endangering the citizens. they likened them toik racists
11:32 pm
the usual ad hominem attacks that you always get. >> laura: let's show it to people. let's show it to people. this is the montgomery county council. their statement. "there's been a lot of inaccurate information spread by the white house, trump, local and national conservative news outlets and neo-nazi sympathizers regarding our criminal justice and its these individuals and organizations should be ashamed for spreading false info." blah, blah, blah.xenophobic con, blah, blah, blah. legal status. blah, blah, blah. meanwhile, we have women raped people terrified minutes from where we are right now. >> that's right. the mantra of the book is follow the money and find the truth. we have talked about maryland.wa resident lobbying for illegal alien drivers licenses.. >> smoothing the path for people that get here, make it as comfortable as possible for
11:33 pm
illegal aliens to stay in the country. >> casa in action endorsed this montgomery county executives. he is in the hip pocket of open bordersgo inc. and people have o understand that this funding mechanism, this entire infrastructure has been working in the backyard of the swamp and all across the country. people who don't live in the coastal bubble think i'm safe from that kind of craziness. meanwhile, it has literally metastasized across the country and if eight victims of illegal alien repeat serial offendersisw what is. >> laura: where are the feminists? omviolence against women?oh we , status doesn't matter. what does matter? >> where are the police chiefs? there are a handful and there are sheriffs in the beltway who been speaking up against this. in montgomery county, there's a huge vacuum and so on friday many patriots are going to have a rally on the steps of the montgomery county government rockville.
11:34 pm
>> when is this? >> friday at 11:00 a.m. i'll be there and you can look at my facebook. while it is still up. >> laura: i noticed twitter has been playing around with account, suppressinn they can. trump has mentioned this as well. i have to ask about this north carolina election. the left was all saying it was a bellwether for trump. if the republican wins, oh, doesn't matter, right? >> [laughs] >> laura: they're not going to cover it.they will do a little t the bottom of the screen. they're trying to flip north carolina. the doubling of the immigrant tpopulation over a decade or so about 8% of the state.there is e push for illegal imp grants and the forestry there, they want illegal labor there. >> and republicans, yes. it is very promising that this guy, dan bishop, had set himself apart from the open borders anarchist democrat who he was challenging. and, i think that grassroot rank-and-file republicans have to make sure they don't have
11:35 pm
leaders who are going to throw them under the bus. it was the previous north carolina governor who was a republican who shepherded in drivers licenses for illegal aliens in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks which we are commemorating the 18th anniversary of. >> laura: right, tomorrow. we should say before, a couple weeks ago bishop was down 17 points. he won by about 3. >> it is a bellwether. >> laura: could it be the trumpp factor? i want everyone to go out and get this book. michelle malkin is one of the bravest people that i know. you've been my friend for 20 years, but that's not why i'm telling people to get this. because you blow the lid off the corruption, bipartisan business to politics to hollywood what's pushed this. michelle, you are a true patriot. i will be on the front lines with you any day. look out. we both hike, too. tonight, judging the judges. we returned to the scourge of the nationwide inductions. yesterday obama-appointed judge jon tigar defied a federal
11:36 pm
appellate court to reimpose a nationwide injunction against trump's new rule for asylum-seekers. now, this further underscores what attorney general barr warned about over the weekend that the framers reject the idea that the courts should act as a council of revision with sweeping authority to reach beyondnd concrete controversies and rule on the legality of actions taken by the political branches. these days virtually every significant congressional or presidential initiative is enjoined, that means an injunction, often within hours threatening our democratt system and undermining our rule of law. that's why we love bill barr, by the way. joining me now is john yoo former deputy assistant attorney general. john, what can the trump administration do to rein in these judges and push back on these nationwide injunctions specifically, what can be done? >> right now the trump administration is doing exactly what it should do. it is seeking to take these cases where a single judge is i blocking policies throughout the
11:37 pm
country, usually in districts or cities that are unfavorable to president trump and they are seeking emergency review at the supreme court. the supreme court can bring this to a stop right away. inng fact, this very case you mentioned coming out of here in san franciscoan that's blocking the new asylum rules is actually a perfect vehicle for the supreme court to take the case andem end nationwide injunction. justice thomas and the travel ban case in hawaii versus trump called on the court last year to do exactly i that. the trump administration, too, not just seeking emergence, they could say look, we think these t district judges are overdoing their powers.teases not what frs intended. we are not going to obey a ionationwide injunction outside the territorial boundaries of the court itself so that means judge tigar in san francisco or even the liberal ninth circuit which thought he had gone too far, will obey the rules. it's hard to believe.he went toe
11:38 pm
liberal-run circuit. >> laura: john, john, everyone should know, john is at berkeley. john, a few are reversed by the ninth circuit and your democrat district court judge, you really are off the reservation. i mean, that's wild. but, how does the judge defied the appellate court ruling or purposely misread thege appellae court ruling which might have been part of this? >> so, this is a case where the judge, the district judge in san francisco area, blocked the asylum rule which is having the effect of reducing the crisis at border. heoy is enjoying the policy nationwide. the ninth circuit, very liberal circuit, still has something close to a two to one majority of democratic appointed judgesm. sent it back and said you can't issue an injunction nationwide so judge tigar this week said no, the ninth circuit is wrong. actually i can because there are
11:39 pm
some groups here in this courtroom of mine that are in multiple states in the country. one is even in mexico. therefore i can issue an injunction nationwide. i expect if the ninth circuit doesn't slap him down again this will be a case the supreme court will take and say no judge has the power to bring the whole government --exactly. >> laura: i don't want to get too much in the legal weeds.peog about, the federal court, the appellate court. but you can fast-track it, can you not, from the district court and the trump administration the doj, they can fast-track it and say there's no point in going back to the appellate court. go right to the supreme court. >> yes, that's exactly what they are doing. they have thought that an emergency review and that might be what the supreme court decides to do.and stop this pra. >> laura: excellent. john, thank you soto much for making complicated things simple to understand. democrats are clamoring for your guns. they want them. the radical rhetoric is now
11:40 pm
driving people to arm themselves more seriously. i kid you not. katie pavlich and richard goodstein debate it next.
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>> laura: democrats hostile rhetoric surrounding gun-control is actually doing the exact opposite of what they hoped. firearms sales saw a near recors spike in august, surging 15%. based on background check datacl shooting sports foundation.
11:43 pm
analysts say americans aren't just buying guns for self-defense but they are also buying them because they fear democrats radical proposals may restrict their rights. here to debate it is katie pavlich, editor and fox news contributor. and richard goodstein, former clinton advisor. richard, do democrats hurt. they selfs with -- so they talk of gun buybacks and then people are rushing out to buy guns. it's kind of a reversed deal. people are freaking out. it happen right before the 2016 election. they thought hillary was going ato take their guns. >> i think they are freaking out because they see these mass shootings and they w don't quite know which end is up. look, the gun debate has switched. the pendulum has swung. it used to be, back in '94 when they passed the assault weapons ban, there was a sense thata lof democrats who voted for it lost their seats for it. now if you look at the polls 90% for background checks. big percentages in favor of assault weapons ban and high-capacity ban.and so forth. so i hope, kind of like with climate change, though i desperately want these issues to
11:44 pm
be attacked, i hope you and others keep talking up how silly it is for anyone to tackle gun control because i think through now and the 2020 election, it's only going to get -- suburban, educated women are going to be totally turned off. >> laura: that's a fair point. speaking of women voters, katie the president does need to attract more of them into his fold to win in 2020.or women, richard is right, women are more likely to be in favor of gun measures, gun control measures. but we have women who are out there advocating for gun rights now as a result of what's happened, as well. i want you to listen to shannon watts, what shepp said. >> there's a reason we are seeing every single candidate in 2020 elections compete to see who can be the best on this issue. that's because they know women in particular support stronger gun laws and women make up the majority of the voting electorate. wela want to see who is standing for the safety of our families.. >> laura: she is saying look
11:45 pm
i'm going to go with the gun control people. >> shannon watts is also the same woman who drives around in a bulletproof suv that's funded by michael bloomberg who has also private security that's armed with firearms to protect her when she goes on her again bloomberg funded paycheck to go lecture the rest of america why they shouldn't be able to protect themselves. women are the largest, fastest growing demographic of gun owners in thisis country. the thing that they say about wanting to purchase a firearm ia because they want to have self-defense for themselves, you saw that story just this week, last week in houston of a woman, six men trying to shove her into a trunk. she had a gun and defended herself and saved her life. we've seen that gun-control proposals are actually elitist and they target poor women. they target single woman. they target single mothers, they make it expensive and put them in dangerous situations. we've seen waiting periods for concealed carry permits.for wom, it gets them killed as their violent offender husband or ex-boyfriend getshe out of prisn and ends up assaulting them or
11:46 pm
killing them. >> laura: it's a great equalizer. >> of course it is. >> laura: it's a great equalizer. >> for every gun katie istalkine forget self defense, many times those guns are being used by a child against a sibling or parent, used for suicide. used by the domestic partner to shoot thebl woman. >> how is arming a woman who wants to defend yourself -- >> it's not a question of disarming. >> yes, it is. >> the guns are out there and they're going to be used by kids to shoot kids and parents. >> laura: guns used to kill women who are defenseless who have to call 911. >> that is the aberration. there are tens of thousands -- >> if i was a feminist, i would be saying that you are man-splaining. >> there are tens of thousands of sue seed business guns setting around households. >> laura: i want to play, the houston woman who saved her life with a
11:47 pm
>> i couldn't do anything but keep screaming and at one point someone told me to stop screaming and shut up and he reached his hand inside my car. it was all i had.i shoot until t any more. i saved my know, i saved my life. >> laura: some of these gun buyback measures would disarm her and keep her vulnerable to attackers.take herb choice. these people who are pro-choice what about her choice? ho>> that's a fiction. >> her story is a fiction? really? >> people who didn't use their seat belt who got out of their car, but seat belts save lives.. >> laura: we've got to go. >> the buyback argument is not a buyback. it's a confiscation by the government. you did not buy your guns from the government they'rey going o use your money to take them from you. >> laura: we've got to go but it was an awesome conversation. thank you, panel. up next, president trump working on a homelessness fix in california.
11:48 pm
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now you can know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be, only with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. >> laura: you all know we've been covering the homelessness crisis in california for months yet nothing seems to be improving despite all the money being thrown at the problem. i'll tell you what's happening. the state leadership is failing the people. but californians, well, i've got to tell you,u, there's hope on e
11:51 pm
horizon because the trump administration is preparing a sweeping plan to get the homeless off the streets of los angeles and other cities. it's all part of the president's push to renew urban america. it's music to our ears and even places, by the way, that didn't vote for him. he's the president of all the orpeople, right? here with me now for more on this and other interesting stuff that was happening at the white house, it got no coverage. ben carson, secretary of housing and urban development. dr. carson, what can you tell us about what the president's passion here is and what is his ultimate goal. >> we have had multiple conversations about the homelessness situation. which seems to be worse in places where there is a lot of regulatory barriers, and california is a poster child for that. if you go out there and you see some of those people on the street and you talk to them many of them simply are not capable of taking care of themselves and we have to takem some responsibility here.
11:52 pm
generally, it's the responsibility of the locality of the city, of the municipality, to take care of people. but, if that's not happening, it devolves to another so if the city and the state are not taking care of it, the federal government has got to do something. the president is very passionate about doing something. >> laura: even in places where they don't support him, didn't vote for him, probably won't vote for him. >> he doesn't care about that. he looks at these people and recognizesthat they are -- >> laura: they are human beings. >> and we have a responsibility to take care of them. that doesn't mean we won't work with the localities and i don't want to say specifically what's going to be done because i don't want to get out ahead of it. obviously we can't just leave people in those situations. >> laura: eric garcetti, the democrat, he welcomed a federal
11:53 pm
delegation. we are just learning about thisar in "the wall street journal." a federalat delegation -- my earring just fell off. it's live tv so i'll put it back while's i'm talking. this is what we women do. a federal delegation was there and he said that he welcomed the opportunity to work with the administration.but he was kind - >> give us a lot of money. >> that's the catch. they're planning $1.75 billion in their budget in june and they want some help, i would imagine, from the federal government but are you going to keep advocating that we pour money intop california without real changes to how they deal with the homeless problem? >> of course, that's the? definition of craziness, during the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.nd what we really have to do is get to the root cause of the homelessness situation and deal with it. and, as i've said before, tokyo which has more people to
11:54 pm
than new york city, has no homelessness. one of the left-wing organizations came out and said carson said there is nohomelesss actually 0.019%, they found two people who are homeless, but we have to be serious about dealing with these problems and it can be done. it's a matter of taking advantage of the tremendous technology we have, removing the barriers. >> laura: right now they can't clear people out unless they have a place to put them.that'sy burdens. there is a lot more that we don't a time to get into. i wanted to talk about what happened today at the white house. this is really exciting because we have the president coming forward again, getting very little coverage in the mainstream media, on the historically black colleges and universities and the faith-based ban on any federal funding. what did he do? >> one of the first executive orders that he signed wastransf.
11:55 pm
>> the historically black colleges. >> to show you the priority. he's asked the different agencies to do what they can to help with the universities. there were probably 500 or 600 people in that room. do you think you will hear that story? there's a lot of news outlets. do you think you will hear that story? of course not. >> laura: hollywood celebrities will say he doesn't care about black people. it's the constant refrain and they are saying it secretary carson, i think they're really afraid of the needle moving even a little bit in trump's direction in 2020. he's not doing this because of that, because he was doing stuff that was really positive and great results for the african-americans ec community before this, but this is just one more measurement of his commitment. >> i think people will begin to recognize m what's going on. you know this is not aboutut democrats or republicans. it's about people who are american citizens and the fact that the rising tide lifts all boats, and this is the way it's thought about. that's why it's working. >> laura: lowest unemployment
11:56 pm
ever for black americans. >> it came out even lower in the last analysis. >> laura: are you having fun? all things considered, would you rather be doing brain surgery? honestly. it's easier than what you're doing here.right? >> probably. dealing with more reasonable people. [laughter] >> laura: good to see you, secretary. don't be a stranger. tonight the last bite is a good one. next. ..
11:57 pm
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at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month. ♪ >> laura: it's time for the last bite. >> time for the last bite. we spoke earlier about the tearing of activist judges. we thought it fair to show you what real judicial velocity sounds like. >> it is not a judge's up to do whatever he or she thinks would be good. do you want me to rulebook
12:00 am
country? >> not an elected judges with life tenure. neil gorsuch, phenomenal picked by donald trump, one of his most important part of his legacies when he's done with the judiciary and all through the judiciary, district court, appellate court judges all over the country and mike emanuel is in for shannon bream, he and the fox news at 19 have all the news about the north carolina special election. >> multiple breaking stories tonight. breaking from north carolina results are in for district 9, widely touted as a bellwether going into 2020, we are going there live with the republican winner and a test case for the trump revolution. back here fevered speculation gripping washington on who will be donald trump's next national


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