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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 11, 2019 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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america. taking home $100,000 for i want to wear a uniform, i want uptown funk. >> sending in votes during to help. pete: in every unit i served in monday's lip sync to the we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, you met those men and met those women, who said the day after, rescue. video seen more than to get your windshield fixed. or a few days after, as soon as with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. 80 million times. rob: end the show on a i got out of school i was bright note. see you later. saving you time for what you love most. joining because. steve: or quit their jobs. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ pete: saw what happened at the ♪ pentagon. or they quit their jobs. offers free so bookers can book now... i knew i needed to do my part for my country. that flowed in my veins when i and ask their boss later. was in iraq, in afghanistan, in [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! ♪ ♪ [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? guantanamo bay, guarding these be a booker at guys. every 9/11, every single day was a reminder of the first shot steve: it is a little hazy here in new york city. fired on this long war. it is september the 11th, it was up to us to be on the 2019 as you look at the offense to make sure it never freedom tower in lower manhattan. it was 18 years ago this comes to our shores again. ainsley: you're a father, pete. morning that those planes 51,000 people lost a parent. flew into the buildings. coming up at 6:46 this we want to keep them innocent as morning, we will take you long as possible. live to the pentagon where to prevent something like this. they have for, as they have but lives were changed. for 18 years, unfurled the you had kids, that were three, american flag where 180 more four, five, losing their
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parents. all because of terror. people died 18 years ago at all because of evil. you were talking earlier about the pentagon this morning. this ideology. it is hard to change someone's of course 2753 died in new mind when they believe their god york and 40 in thanksville, wants them to do this. pennsylvania. ainsley: there is a heavy pete: that is exactly right. i sent a video this morning, heart for americans this morning many of us were took it on my iphone of the alive and remember where we were on that day. freedom tower, a little message many of our friends here in to my boys reminding them, this new york lost their loved ones. is why dad's not there. 20% of americans know this is what happened that day. someone who was lost. i was reading don jr.'s you will learn about it in instagram post last night. school. some day you will truly understand it because we do have he said 18 years ago today 3,000 people would be to forge the next generation. spending their last night with their family, think you're right, ainsley, you're about that for a second. totally right. in madrassas, in saudi-funded places across the world still brian: they have that today young kids are being fantastic museum and tribute taught a certain ideology to which is downtown. we will be seeing some of hate christians, to hate jews, that we will be looking back and give you the actual to hate america, ultimately recount when the planes hit whether hamas, the building and going hezbollah,al qaeda or isis or through as we had it, as we the it will ban it is the same ideology and if we don't stand reracked it. against it they will try to go where we rack it as we do every year that happened 18 on the offense again. years ago. we were in a different studio but the same show. it's a stark reality of our day. pete hegseth, "fox & friends brian: they helped force the weekend" is down, which was russians out of afghanistan.
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once ground zero and now we helped arm that insurgency. it's a rebuilt we left. then they end up trying to hey, pete. attack in '93. then coming back again in 2001. that's the importance of pete: good morning, guys. this is probably the most somber assignment i have afghanistan and that mission. every year. you think of one moment that pete, thanks so much. shapes your life, shapes a jo thank you, pete. thanks for your service too. generation as it affected so many folks here in new york pete: appreciate it. brian: straight to a and in d.c. and across the fox news alert. a major victory for republicans. country. hotly-contested special election in north carolina goes the gop's way. ainsley: trump-backed candidate, we awoke this morning, that dan bishop, beating democrat dan morning 18 years ago to the reality of radical islamic terrorism on our shores. mccready by less than 3%. it led us to war. it sent -- it sent people holding a seat been in gop hands there and changed their lives and ultimately our foreign policy, our for nearly six decades. interaction with the world. and here we are talking brian: joining us on the heels about taliban peace talks 18 years later. of a very exciting night in so it's a moment to reflect north carolina, brand knew and remember certainly never congressman-elect dan bishop forget and then check that you are living worthy of the joins from us charlotte. sacrifice of that very day. brian: real life story of the u.s. special forces sent >> good morning to you all. so we'll be down here all thanks for letting me with you. to afghanistan right after morning talking to some 9/11. folks down here near ground 12 heroes on horseback brian: steve: how big of a help was zero. the towers once stood there including next guest donald trump was by jetting down today is the freedom tower fighting the taliban not on air force one the night only horses donkeys he just loud and proud but we forget before the special election? told me. one of those horse soldiers
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>> that was a tremendous help. nothing this morning. retired big deer general and steve: that's right, pete. you know better than we were outside of north carolia anybody, after the attacks retired senate candidate -- 18 years ago, how many americans went to the i was only in the race for six recruiting station and i sudden say general, too, signed up to serve in the right? >> no, you can call me don. t for two years. military? and particularly in the last we were only really competitive week or so we have seen so brian: don, first off, when you hear about using horses in terms of funding for about many stories here in the new and donkeys, did you have a york city press about how six weeks. so the president and the vice president stepping in to committing the way they did to many members of the new york choice? >> everything at our city fire department and disposal. i want to make surety police department were lost viewers know i was down this race was tremendous. and their children are now south with armored. and lot of credit goes to the members of the fdny. we used police cars, president. brian: yeah, in fact he tweeted about it. dan bishop was down by 17 points pete: it's incredible. i served with a lot of guys donkeys, pickup trucks big three weeks ago. that did just that i signed transport trucks we used he asked for help. everything at our disposal we changed the strategy together up before 9/11. in order to be able to conduct our mission. and he ran a great race. it was the ultimate value day or two why i put the brian: to your commander's big rally last night, meaning uniform on. credit, they gave two nights ago. think of 18-year-olds that's decision-making to the looks like he is going to win. when they graduate high people on the ground. school. >> absolutely. this is now a history lesson all the way down to the ground. therefore the president get as for people not even born no issues. we didn't have to check with win. he put his personal power behind graduating high school it's anybody. it wasn't enough time. why it's so important that you. but not only because you're a this show and shows like it brian: what type of success honor this moment and we did you have? republican, you feel like you >> we had tremendous success in the southern campaign connected. you showed him that you were a remind kids what it's all about because so many gave fighter. how did you do that? >> well, you know, that is the so much to keep us free. from countdown to can't harr and across the south by thing about president trump. there has never been a greater brian: give governor cuomo march of 2002, armored ahmed fighter in the white house than know credit. mandatory for a movement he is and i, i feel the same silence on 9/11 every single way.
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cars and his appointed i think that is what we've got to do is demonstrate fight. governors were controlling year those who lost their he has a great vision for southern afghanistan. life on that date and the brian: for a while we thought we could count on america with, an economy that is planes hit the 7:59 a.m. karzai he seems to have gone booming, taxes that are lowered, south on us and he has been jobs more plentiful, et cetera. rotated out. >> he has been rotated out. american airlines 114. it is just attractive picture. from boston. i think that was part of would hit the other. if you stand up and deliver it and then the pentagon and their own political process. the other one flight 93 i want to tell you when i the people will respond and they served with him in 2001, i would go down in did here last night. found him to be articulate, ainsley: dan, i'm from the shanksville, pennsylvania. we'll talk about that also carolinas, shocking to see how the fact is what we are smart, very concerned about close this was because the doing in afghanistan is -- his country and wanting to get rid of the taliban and has everything to do with carolinas, bible belt, many, the fact there has not been many conservatives but when you another major attack here al qaeda. brian: the way you took down look at the numbers, this has the taliban and speed which since. you did it. teaming with the northern been a conservative district for pete: you are right. alliance writing about it in listen, we can debate about military books for the last six decades. taliban peace talks. generations. let's talk about today. the race was neck-and-neck. ultimately we went on the yesterday there was a rocket offense to topple that that exploded at the u.s. you got in six months ago. i'm hearing suburban women are regime. go after those who harbored embassy in afghanistan. kind of symbolic. them. that kept us safe. we almost had a meeting with not in favor of president trump. if you want peace, you can't the taliban at camp david. is it that or liberal non-errors do it by hoping you get a talk about those two good deal. it has to be a deal on our moving down to the south? developments. >> well, first of all, the own terms that honors our nature of the fight in what is going on? afghanistan now you are why is it so close now? sacrifice and does not allow going to see that the >> maybe some of all of that, a haven to be there. president trump was elected taliban own, what, 80% of to get us out of a lot of ainsley. i really think you can't the rural area. overstate the circumstances you know, they can attack specific to this race and i these wars. with, you know, they have the timing and opportunity. we totally understand that think the president's message, if the enemy is coming after they can do it. you, which they're.
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brian: pakistan's backing? he actually fairly islamists are not like the >> and pakistan's backing well-embraced. we do have some, charlotte is imperial japanese whose the border issues are the same. entire regime has been so i'm not surprised by that where i live becoming bluer, but toppled and went away. we knew we had an unconventional so, you know, this conflict islamists is still there do it in a smart way. that we are in right now is strategy frankly. we knew the eastern part of this so we don't have another day something that i think the like that like we had 18 president saw during his district, cumberland, robinson election and, of course, has counties were important. years ago: that is where the president brian: so much for us to be looked at over the last there. went, cumberland county. thanks, pete. three years of a transition. ainsley: pete this morning i we need to transition out of it made a big difference. was watching "fox & friends first." someone being interviewed there. steve: when the president came who lost their wife in 9/11. i fully support that. down to speak at the brian: you still think we should have a presence in fayetteville rally monday night, hats off to new york city afghanistan. >> i do. you turned to him, for finally saying you have i think we should have a to have a moment of silence counter-terrorism presence mr. president, we're not sick of in schools. there to ensure that al winning. you're not sick of winning qaeda and isis do not he said it's a little too because you won yesterday. late. there shouldn't have to be spread. so many pundits said this would legislation for this. in addition for that, he brian: should the taliban be coming to camp david? be a preview of the 2020 race. said khalid sheikh mohammed should would he be talking peace with them. so now, as you look in your >> we need to be talking to the trial that will happen the taliban but not on u.s. in 2021, 20 years after 9/11 soil. it needs to be more rear-view mirror, what is the metsage to what happened attacks he was the comprehensive. we need to be talking to the yesterday? no well i would say, steve, i'm mastermind behind. taliban through the afghan this what do you make of government. the afghan government is who content to take them at their that? we are there to support. word. because you served in who we are there to help. they said it was referendum on president through, so be it. and having them at camp guantanamo. we have 2020 race coming up. pete: embarrassing taking 20 years to do it. david or on u.s. soil is shows how unserious a lot of something that i would not the president deserves personally support. re-election for another four our institutions are in brian: i believe and i want years and i'm going to be fighting this long war to know how you feel, sir, because that's what it is a supporting that. that everything that you it also is a great marker. long war against radical
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guys did 18 years ago and we had greg murphy in less islam. and listen, they chop off even today has everything to do with the fact that the contested race in the 30 towers have not fallen again our heads in 10 seconds. distribute elected. here and has been a major two republicans elected in 20 years to prosecute a guy attack here. do you agree? special elections. that is a great harbinger for >> yes. i agree. the house of representatives everything that has been who master mined 9/11. that's insane. done by our military and our task of retaking a majority for that's part of the reason inner agency to protect our republicans next year. why here we are 18 years brian: when you talked to your later talking about peace country from outside in and with the taliban. constituents, you're out and we are not able to do what all our law enforcement has we need to crush this enemy. about on the ground who do they done to protect from inside brian: we had a courtroom feel about hot issues they're built. he admitted his guilt. out has been very, very looking at now? he wanted to expedite his successful. illegal immigration, some type death. the new administration comes that is something that must of gun row form and the usmca? in and they decide to pull continue. that is really the essence him to new york city, even of the long war. brian: he is running for the >> starting with the last one, senator schumer pushed back u.s. senate over in new on that now he stlits and hampshire on the republican brian, usmca what is the reason says you know what in the we're not moving forward with more i think of it i'm ticket. he is donald bulduc thank that? everyone wants that. innocent and i need a lawyer. it is just another example of that's going to cost us even additional money. you for your service. >> thank you so much. obstructionism of nancy pelosi's we will finally put him on it's an honor to be here. house of representatives. trial next year. let's get it done. brian: thank you for what i think that is what poem would pete: yep. they don't deserve you do. >> thank you. constitutional rights. expect. on gun rights, people understand that's the problem. in this district, they firmly steve: all right. brian: the trial of khalid pete hegseth live at the sheikh mohammed will begin believe that the second freedom tower lower amendment, it's a, it is a in 2021. manhattan. pete: thank you. next guest stared him in the constitutional, explicit, constitutional right in the bill steve: see him all morning long. eye. she says justice is long of rights, they expect it to be a major victory for republicans. overdue. will he be getting the death defended but they also want to the g.o.p. sweeping a pair penalty? we will discuss it. see the scourge of mass of special elections held yesterday in north carolina. here, it all starts with a simple... shootings addressed. we'll see how that develops.
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ainsley: dan bishop and greg it's a district that is murphy are both headed to traditional values district and, congress. brian: the president could not be happier. and proved itself last night. griff jenkins joins from us all the circumstances of the washington more on the big night. race made it close for the this is all about a come back, right, griff? reasons we discussed. brian: get on a few committees, griff: this is celebration time at the white house. get something done. the president celebrating victories last night it's >> that's right. also a sigh of relief. a great reminder that freedom is here is one of the free. on your 9/11 coverage, thanks president's many tweets, brian. for that. it is really a great reminder. big night for the republican party. >> thanks for keeping charlotte congratulations to all. and it was a sigh of relief in that race for north so beautiful. myers park, it is all so carolina's ninth district, it was widely considered to gorgeous. my mom was in a rehab facility be a bellwether going into there, saved her life. 2020. now dan bishop narrowly we love charlotte. spent a lot of time. holding ton a seat been in god bless you. steve: dan bishop the new the g.o.p. hands for nearly 60 years defeating dan congressman elect from nc-9. mccready by less than 3%. he benefited from the 8:11 on 9/11, jillian joins us. president's last-minute rally in north carolina. here's what he had to say. >> tonight was the first jillian: a plane crash lands and step towards taking back the house of representatives in bursts into flames. look at this incredible video 2020 to keep this country on a path of prosperity and near the toledo airport in ohio. strength. >> because, under this president, america is great it crashed into two semi-trucks again. on the ground after flying in
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>> and in the lesser watched memphis. two people on board the plane but their conditions at this point are unknown. we still don't know the cause of race alonging coast beat his the crash. opponent by more than 20 nfl star antonio brown is accused of a sexual assault by a personal trainer. she claims she was attacked points. >> i don't go to represent just the people who vote for me. twice in 2017 and again last i go to represent every single person in our year. brown's attorney says the district. griff: despite the bruising relationship was consensual. losses the dccc chairwoman adding quote he will pursue all says this is the result of legal remedies not only clear his name but protect other testament to the smart campaign dan and the dccc professional athletes against ran, and there are likely false accusations. brown just signed with the new dozens of republican congressman watching the results tonight asking england patriots after a public themselves whether the seat feud with the oakland raiders they currently hold is one led to his release. they can defend in 2020. that is the question the the white house names acting g.o.p. by the way, guys, national security advisor as president trump searches for replacement for john bolton. needs 19 seats if they are to take back control of the deputy national security house. a big night in north carolina and the president advisor, charles kupperman will is making sure everybody knew it. fill the role now. ainsley: my aunt lives in he asked for bolton resignation that area. she said finally the commercials are going to end that he strongly disagreed with andth robo calls are going to cease. steve: that's right. many of his suggestions. speaking of that, ainsley, griff, thank you very much. and this, some of new york's ainsley: thanks, griff. finest athletes pay tribute to
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steve: apparently second the city's bravest. most expensive special new york mets and giants players election in u.s. history. they said that i read in one visiting local firehouses in the of the north carolina newspapers this morning that hello! -hi! honor of the men and women who responded on 9/11. turnout was about 37%. how can i help? a data plan for everyone. >> there are so many stories. everyone? president trump had won the everyone. for these guys and ladies to put let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] district by 12 points. their lives at risk every day, so it was narrower and all i'm truly honored to be here. wifi up there? -ahhh. >> coming to the firehouse, the pundits were saying this showing their support and sure, why not? families of 9/11 victims. is a harbinger for 2020 and we appreciate that, like words preview of what's going to how'd he get out?! happen. maybe that's the preview. a camera might figure it out. maybe it's going to be can't even describe. really tight in 2020. that was easy! jillian: the mets have been glad i could help. making visits since 2002. ainsley: this area is a at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. purple area. the president was down there pushing for dan bishop had so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. i'm sure it will continue. that rally in fayetteville. even democrats said that was brian: bob valentine and important to push bishop into congress. republicans want to take joe torre doing great work over the house in the next downtown. election and maybe this is a they were the managers then. precursor for what's to former nypd commissioner come. brian: original election was ray kelly helped lead the too close to call and department through aftermath of republican got it. 9/11. said there was corruption he will be here in moments from here. they blamed the republican. the freedom tower. here comes dan bishop to take over. going against the guy a ♪ former marine who doesn't have a lot of negative what does it take, things against president trump. it wasn't like he was
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running against a socialist. if i get this job i can't wait to work with president trump. made it harder for the people of north carolina to to call yourself an explorer? make their choice. in the end the president did traveling to the darkest depths something a lot of experts told him not to do that is of the ocean. showed up at the end. if you show up and lose going to make you look bad pushing beyond the known horizon. he said i don't care. i like this guy. ainsley: as our country showed up and had everything marks 18 years since one of passing through... "hey mom," to do with dan bishop won. its darkest days in history, "can we get fro-yo?", family members of those >>"yeah, fro-yo." steve: dan bishop won big in killed on 9/11 are still "yes." seeking justice. the all-new 2020 ford explorer st. union you, north carolina, a trial date has finally he carried richmond and cumber land counties which been set for early 21. with intelligent 4wd and terrain management system. mccreemccready the democrat won it's the greatest exploration vehicle of all time. last fall over republican mark harris. so we are going to speak to 20 years later. mr. bishop, the incoming khalid sheikh mohammed. congressman, from the ninth district of north carolina next guest lost her brother coming up at 8:00 eastern. adam that day and has been to gitmo where she looked just about an hour and 50 minutes from right now right mohammed right in the eye. here on this september 11th. her name is lorain air yes, brian: jillian mele has been speaking an hour prior to us sir belevo. and she joins us now. getting to work. we were still on our way to work when you were on the thank you for being with us. >> thank you for being here. i know today is a hard day. air. jillian: that's not true. you were already here. 18 years later. you are sitting here. tell us about your brother, brian: i embellish. please. >> we were a large family. jillian: start off with the i was the oldest of six
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alert we are following. children. he was the youngest. cargo plane crash lands and he was bright. bursts into flames. incredible video showing the he was funny. massive fire near the toledo express airport in toledo, very quick-whited. and always successful i sang ohio. police believe the plane hit a parked semi-truck on the ground. unclear if anyone was injured or killed. the plane was headed to toledo from an airport in memphis. the cause of the crash is and had a very successful unknown. also breaking overnight. career. a powerful tornadoes carved steve: h a path of destruction in south dakota. ainsley: he was in the tower. seen outside never to be seen again? >> we had mixed reports because my other brother had the twister causing called him and spoken to him significant damage and knocking out power in sioux on the telephone. falls. and he personally was take a look at this hospital left in ruins. no one was seriously hurt. reported escorting 200 emergency crews rescuing people out of the building. he made many trips in and people trapped in the rubble out. overnight. police warning people to and then he fell in the stay home to avoid downed front when the second tower power lines and trees. came down was in front of nfl star antonio brown building, helping the accused of sexual assault by policemen help people get a former personal trainer. out. in a civil suit she claims ainsley: he is a hero. you have made it your life mission since to make sure
3:12 am
she was attacked twice in that clald sheikh mohammed 2017 and last year. and his assistant that they this is the family who wanted to connect... he says the relationship was go to trial. you have been to gitmo three times? to go where they could explore consensual. all legal remedies to clear >> yes. ainsley: tell us why and and experience adventure in unexpected places... what that was like. his name and protect other >> well, it's a lottery process. ♪ and my brother and i, we professional athletes who were inspired by different cultures against false accusations. were on the short list of he just signed with the any cancellation. ♪ patriots after a feud with so any opportunity we have and found that the past can create new memories... we have gone. the oakland raiders lef oaklands the only thing we can do for leading them to discover: we're woven together my brother at this point. by the moments we share. steve: um-huh. >> 18 years the people refer for everywhere you go, expedia has everything you need, all in one place. release. >> petty officer kyle to as a tragedy. hamilton shocking his mom but that would be like a kelly and as you can see hurricane. giving her a giant hug. it was a mass murder, a kyle came back from his first tour overseas. massacre of innocent people he wanted to surprise his of the 3,000 people. mom ahead of her birthday in california. that pain reverberated that is a birthday she will never forget. throughout families, children left without ainsley: that's amazing. steve: and a surprise. happy birthday. parents. and i was living on staten ainsley: she is excited. steve: thank you, jillian. island at the time. and just the outcry of pain 6:13 in new york city. immediately after the that it touched so many september 11th attacks 18 years ago today, a group of families.
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there were wakes and special soldiers rode across afghanistan on horseback to fight the taliban. funerals. four times a week. ♪ pain happens. saturdays happen. one of them is going to join they called in retirees to us thrive reflect 18 years aleve it. attend the firemen's funeral aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. later. because they did not have ♪ when pain happens, aleve it. enough people. all day strong. ainsley: it's such a hard day 3051 children left without their parents on we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, that day. i know usc to gitmo. to get your windshield fixed. you came face to face with with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. khalid sheikh mohammed. tell us about that experience and what you did. saving you time >> it was surreal to be for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ sitting in the rear of the courtroom to actually see these men physically and he had self-admitted that he ♪ sleep this amazing? did it -- he was glad he did that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, for jihad. and he turned around and was while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. looking at us, staring and he made eye-to-eye contact zzzquil pure zzzs. with me. naturally superior sleep. so i just stared -- stayed ♪ steve: well, you're looking live from what used to be known as stead and was holding up a picture of my brother. the ground zero area up at the and in his name, as long as
3:14 am
i have breath in me, i will 1776-foot freedom tower in lower take any opportunity i have to speak out. and for 18 years after the manhattan. the commemoration of the september 11th attacks will start very shortly. terror the people of new the family of members, of the victims have been assembling and york faced, the terror, fear, and death water along with the police and the fire and military. brian: right. steve: just as they have for 18 years. boarded 18 years with the brian: joining us in downtown continuance of the new york city where we're preliminaries to this trial. looking just below, former nypd my mother died never seeing justice for her son. commissioner ray kelly himself my dad is 92. live at the freedom tower ahead of this ceremony. mr. commissioner, 18 years later and i can only hope in this looks so dramatically january when they start the different when you took over. can you explain the trials again, that he can transformation? see some type of justice in >> yes the transformation has his lifetime. been phenomenal. ainsley: he deserves that i live in this neighborhood. your mother deserves that so i have seen the your family. >> we all -- the country deserves. this. >> that's right. transportation, the transition >> our country failed to every day. of course this is a credit to so protect us. now they are failing to many people. rudy giuliani did a terrific job bring us justice. is gitmo just a sanctuary in marshaling the country. state or is this trial mike bloomberg followed him.
3:15 am
i think new york and the country unrinnurembergwas finished in a. really owes a debt of gratitude to mayor bloomberg, who shepherded so much of this to bring this people back transformation that they can -- into our country is a disgrace. all of the port authority ainsley: thank you so much for being here. personnel, so many things that our thoughts and prayers are happened here. with you today. this is a beautiful neighborhood our country was changed forever on that day. once again. everything they have done here, i can't imagine what your they have done in a first class parents went through and you went through. you are a good big sister. manner. and it is a great place to live. many of us have little ainsley: sir, what does this day brothers i can't imagine. thank you, god bless you. mean to you? two men forever connected to >> well, this day, means a lot. 9/11 commissioner bernie kerik. and rob o'neill delivered i live here. justifiable for us all i walk through the memorial with firing those shots that great frequency. every time i do that, you have killed usama bin laden. to think of the, what is 2799 they visited the september 11th museum together and both of them are going to join us live people who were killed here but next. >> first things you will see here is a picture -- one of also 241 members of the new york the last known pictures city police department who have taken of the trade center at lost their lives since then as a about 8:30 a.m. on result of inguessing toxic september 11th, 2001. materials and hundreds of
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ainsley: it has been 18 years since the september 11th attacks that changed our country forever. and during that time america saw a glimmer of justice with the death of usama bin laden. steve: and the man, the navy seal responsible for killing him took an emotional tour through the september 11th museum here in new york city along with new york city police department commissioner, former, at the time of the -- on duty at the time of the attacks bernard kerik. brian: here is a look at what they saw. [sirens] >> on september 11th, 2001, i was already enlisted. i was in germany and we were just doing business as usual. and then the towers were hit. i heard someone in the operations center say the name usama bin laden. we knew we were under attack and this was not an accident. [siren] >> on that morning, my staff
3:20 am
came in banging on the door and they said a plane just hit tower 1. this is where tower 2 was at the time. i'm standing in front of building. there was this enormous explosion above me. i could hear them yelling that a second aircraft had just hit tower 2. at that point i realized we were under attack. >> i worked for the city of new york. volunteer firefighter for 23 years. during the events of september 11th. i had a need to come down here and help. >> this museum is off the footprint of where everything happened. it can amongst everything that was here. almost 18 years ago. >> one of the first things you will see here is one of the last known pictures taken of the trade center at about 8:30 a.m. on september 11th, 2001. >> and that's what this picture represents the blue sky. how calm everything was. how beautiful everything was. >> this is lady liberty that
3:21 am
was in midtown. you will see some patches that remind me of the national response three days after the attack on the towers. i came down to ground zero and i noticed a bunch of guys in brown uniforms. there were no flights. i'm looking at these and how did you get here? they said, commissioner, we took our vacation time, we got not cars, we got on interstate 80 and we traveled east until we saw the smoke. the damage to this is representative of the hundreds of vehicles that we lost on that day. these vehicles are meant to protect first responders. and on that day very few of them could as a result of the power, the enormity of the implosion of the buildings. >> that speaks to the bravery of the first responders. fdny port authority police.
3:22 am
people are coming down to live and they are going up to die. >> exactly. >> that's what they do. >> this last column represents the strength of every person. 1.8 million tons of the steel and debris fell. this piece did not collapse. it did not fall to the ground like everything else. >> it was an honor to be in that procession when the last piece was pulled out of there. >> to me i'm not a police officer, not a navy seal. i'm an ordinary guy. -- i'm sorry. how lucky was i to stand alongside of these people, these heroes. so, we're just about coming to the end of our little walk through over here. this is your vest. >> it's still surreal but an honor because of the way
3:23 am
chronologically the museum is laid out. this is at the end of it the shirt that was worn there along with 22 other shirts just like it. this shirt was actually the one i wore into usama bin laden's bedroom. >> and on the day that you and the other members of seal team 6 took out the man that was responsible, i don't think there was anybody more happy than we were in new york city. >> we didn't do it for ourselves. we did it for the country. we did it for the people who died here. the people who died in pennsylvania. the people who died in washington, d.c. brian: all right. joining us now retired navy seal himself, one of the members who killed bin laden. the author of the operator rob o'neill and former nypd officer on duty bernie kerik. commissioner, i remember for you saying i think we need air cover. we are under attack. you felt like this was a war zone that day. >> it was a war zone. when that plane hit tower 2
3:24 am
and i realized we were under attack, we needed air support. we needed to close down the new york city airspace. i didn't know how many more planes were coming. i didn't know if they planned ground attacks. there was a lot of stuff going through my mind. plus, what other buildings would be attacked if there were additional planes? so we had to close down and evacuate the empire state building, the united nations, police headquarters. and other buildings. those were some of my fears in those initial moments.r from the documentary on the mission that killed bin laden where you are talking about how you were in the helicopter mid mission heading to his compound and over and over in your head were the words of george w. bush. >> right on the flight in about 10 minutes before we got to usama bin laden's compounds, i don't know how i remembered it, what i said to myself freedom itself was
3:25 am
attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended. that's when it sunk. in that's when we had been training for a solid two and a half, three weeks. i'm on this its in. i'm with these guys and we accept what we're doing. we accept death and we're doing it for the people on the towers and flight 93. the people in the pentagon. and we are going to get him. steve: but you didn't think you were going to come back. you thought that could probably be a suicide mission. >> well, it was a one-way mission but we accepted it because we talked about it. i remember actually the guy in front of me going up the set of stairs, the last set of stairs in bin laden's house he came to me before we left and said don't take this the wrong way i'm definitely going but i have got say this out loud. if we know we are going to die why are we going? we came down to make it as simple for ourselves. we are not going for the reward or fame. we are going to go get usama bin laden for the single mom who dropped her kids off at elementary school on a tuesday morning and then 45 minutes later she jumped to her death out of a skyscraper because that for some reason was a better
3:26 am
alternative than whatever hell was going on inside those towers at 2500 degrees of fahrenheit. last was to hold her skirt down before she killed herself. she wasn't supposed to be in the fight. we are supposed to be in the fight. that's where we are going. ainsley: my gosh. single mom, you know she is desperate if she does that rob it, comes full circle when i watch that video. i know what happened there at ground zero. you go around the world and you kill the man who is responsible for this and then the shirt you wore is right there on ground zero. hats off to you. thank you. you are a hero. mr. kerik, when you knew the first plane hit the tower. you rushed down there. the second tower was hit 17 minutes later. and that's when you arrived. tell us what that day was like. >> my first -- when the plane first hit tower one. i was in my office. i got down to the seven world -- where our command center was. i was trying to get in there. but there were people jumping from tower 1. and i got out of my vehicle. i saw this debris coming
3:27 am
down. a sergeant had closed down the block and said you can't get out. they are jumping. i had no idea what he meant until i saw this debris, which turned out not to be debris. as i got closer to the ground. i realized it was bodies. and they were jumping in those early minutes, one, two, three at a time. and i was standing at that point basically in front of tower 2. when you see that enormous explosion blow out the north side of the tower, i'm standing in front of that building. brian: wow. it's unbelievable. the taliban two weeks ago tucut a tape saying we got what we deserves on 9/11. that is not true. the one thing is that museum that you went through, they did a phenomenal job. any american or anyone from around the world who believes in our ideals has to take time to go through there. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. steve: bernie kerik joining us from nashville and rob o'neill joining us from the state of washington. he is up really early today.
3:28 am
brian: dan hoffman working overseas for the cia on september 11th. changed his career forever. he will join us live to reflect on that day. ♪ ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at we'd love some help with laundry. spray and scrub anything with a stain. wash the really dirty clothes separately. new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide. but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to.
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steve: moments ago at the pentagon they unfurled the flag as they do every september 11th about this time. it was at the pentagon 18 years ago this morning that 184 people died. of course, 40 died in shanksville. 2753 died here in new york. and we will be honoring their lives all morning long. brian: what we see is a series of clips, a video from surveillance cameras of the plane hitting the building. it's roughly, we believe
3:32 am
where it hit. let's bring the former cia station chief who served in moscow, iraq and pakistan. now a fox news contributor daniel hoffman. daniel, talk about how where you were and how your job changed after those planes hit. >> i was actually in eastern europe in the baltics on 9/11. like so many of us i haven't been focused on south asia or afghanistan or, frankly, combating al qaeda. after 9/11 like so many of my colleagues at cia and u.s. military and state department, i swistled my career. i spent the bulk of my remaining career oin the middle east and south asia as well. steve: the whole company essentially changed toward that focus. >> it did. you know, a very dear friend of mine still serving at cia was there at manhattan on 9/11. he witnessed innocent civilians jumping to their deaths from the twin towers. it was a memory cedar in his
3:33 am
mind and his heart and his soul. and he went on to serve multiple tours in afghanistan. really became our foremost expert in that region. he, like so many others are proud to serve out there. i know them. they are honored and proud to be preempting threats to our nation before they are visited on our shores. that's really one of the legacy of 9/11. i know we are frustrated and like to bring our brave patriots home at the same time they are proud to be there protecting our nation. ainsley: we want to talk to you about this story. cnn is claiming that president trump repeatedly mishandled classified information and endangered a top cia spy. mike pompeo is saying this is extremely inaccurate. he walls head of the cia at the time. i know you were former cia station chief. what's your reaction to that. >> the cia refuted that claim. the most disturbing support of this for me, by the way cnn would not have had a story were it not for someone or people with access to that sensitive information leaking it. steve: right. >> and that's a great
3:34 am
concern to me. we know that vladimir putin deals ruthlessly with those whom he considers traitors. that is those who spy behind enemy lines inside russia on our behalf. putin, you will recall tried to kill military officer sergei with that soviet nerve agent. and this individual in the united states has been put at grave risk and as have others doing the work on our behalf justifiably concerned now that their information might be used as political fodder. brian: with the former cia director now at that story john brennan. >> yes. he would have had access to that story. i'm not saying that it was john brennan. i frankly have no idea who it was. it was someone amongst a very small group of people with access to that information would have shared it. and they should be more than ashamed for having done that that is absolutely against the code of morals and ethics at the cia. not something anybody should be doing.
3:35 am
steve: all right, daniel hoffman, former cia guy. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: 11 minutes before the the top of the hour. today we remember the heros who ran into the towers 18 years ago this morning like steven as i recall. hstephen siller. he ran through the tunnel to a tower. ainsley: his brother, frank ciller honors his money with a tunnel 2 towers. pete is live with thank you at ground zero. that's coming up next. tle holder for longest-lasting aa battery. we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: today we honor all of the american heroes who
3:39 am
died trying to save other people in the september 11th attacks. steve: one of those brave first responders was new york city firefighter stephen siller that man right there. he had just gotten off work when he heard of the news. so he put on his 60 pounds of gear and ran towards the destruction through the brooklyn battery tunnel. brian: right now his brother frank siller who started tunnel for towers organization in steve siler's memory joins us along with pete hegseth. pete, your ball. pete: good morning. we got it. here with frank siller. frank, they just introduced your story tunnel 2 towers, 18 years ago a day that changed your life certainly. brower brother stephen. for our audience that knows about you and the great work tunnel 2 towers does. tell me about your brother. >> steenge was the married father of five. youngest of seven kids. he was a little brother and tremendous loss for our family. he was orphaned by age 10.
3:40 am
by parents died when he was a little boy siblings raised him. the tower represents so much sacrifice. so many firefighters running up the stairwell like my brother did after he finished running from that tower up into the south tower and gave his life. we were just talking -- i got a phone call that day on 9/11 from a firefighter richie opennen myer. richen was a national of my brother stephen's. called me up from ground zero it's so bad it's unbelievable. stephen is on the list of the missing firefighters. i said i knew that he would find a way to get there he said frank, i want you to know, nobody is coming home. because it's so bad. and, of course my heart dropped. i was with my sisters and my brother. and as a family we just couldn't believe that we lost our little brother. pete: yet, yet, out of that loss. you have honored his memory and given so many other people so much hope for what
3:41 am
first responders and military folks still do. how is tunnel 2 towers honoring some folks today, a pretty special moment? >> yeah, well we are giving away two smart homes the 9:59 this morning. that's the exact time when the south tower fell when we lost steve. it was such a loss for us and so evil the act that people flying the planes in killing people into something beautiful. goodness will always triumph over evil and we are showing that today by giving two smart homes away to our country's most catastrophically injured service members one in pennsylvania and one in maryland. pete: very cool. for folks who are not here in lower manhattan and not in the shadow of the freedom tower. what would your message be for them to train up and teach and remember the next generation to really internalize the meaning of 9/11. >> well, here's the thing. that was the first battle in the war on terror. we have had over 7,000 men and women in uniform die ever since. we can't forget the sacrifice made 18 years ago and not forget the sacrifice
3:42 am
made every day of our men and women in uniform. that's why the tunnel 2 towers foundation is doing the work that we are doing. and we have an exhibit that goes around the country to teach young kids that what happened on september 11th, 2001. that's why i'm so proud to be on today to make sure that your viewers don't forget the sacrifice made. and i know fox does that almost every day. pete: i know you have already spent some time down at ground zero this morning before the ceremonies. frank siller, thank you so much for what are do you for the foundation and the leg gales of your brother means a lot to us. every single american. we appreciate it? >> thank you. god bless you. pete: as we leave you for commercial break america's mayor rudy giuliani up next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress."
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brian: there you see the freedom tower. it took so long to build. man, it was worth the wait. the entire complex has been rebuilt it. looks totally different but no one will ever forget because of the museum built commemorating the 9/11 attacks 18 years ago. ainsley: the families are going to arrive 7:00 at 9/11 memorial here in new york city to remember today 18 years ago. president and first lady will participate in a moment of silence. six moment of silences for the two planes that hit and two towers that fell. steve: you can see cloudy here in new york city about 15 minutes ago there on the face of the pentagon. they unfurled the flag as they do every year since september the 11th, 2001, to mark the 184 people who died in the attack that day. steve: right now, we are
3:47 am
joined by the man who was mayor of new york city at the time, rudy giuliani, who has also been the president's attorney over the last year or so. rudy, it's hard to believe it was 18 years ago. >> sometimes it's very hard to believe that it is. i was just saying that to someone. sometimes it seems like ages. sometimes it's like yesterday and sometimes it's like 100 years ago. it's very hard to say. when you come up to it, i went down there a week ago, and hadn't been there in a while. and i -- it brought back a lot of the feelings and the memories. the strange thing is a lot of the emotion doesn't go away when you get confronted with it. you don't remember it as often now 18 years later. but, when you do remember it, in some ways it's more powerful. brian: what's interesting is i remember heading down when the towers were hit because we were on the air. i'm heading down with a crew and we stopped the camera guy says we have to take a shot of this on broadway. some guy with a jean shirt on and a tie and he is sitting there and he is
3:48 am
cursing. i go what's going on? he said i go the towers were hit and i go we are heading down there. he said well the pentagon was hit. i said how do you know? i'm on the phone with the pentagon. when did you find out? >> i found out about it right before we got into the building that bernie kerik who you just had on had set up with communications equipment. so i got there i rushed down to pete gansy, who was the chief, running the fire. i put bernie and him together so they make sure the right firefighters and police officers were there i asked bernie to set up an office for us. because the phones weren't working. cell phones weren't working 100 percent. so the police department opened up an office for us. and i went into the office. as i was walking into the office somebody said we think the pentagon was hit. somebody yelled out the serious tower. brian: chicago? >> the first thing did i when i got there called the white house and asked for president bush and got chris, karl rove's deputy. i said chris, has the pentagon been hit?
3:49 am
he said affirmative. that military language that put -- oh my god, we are at war. i knew now two planes had hit. i knew we were under a terrorist attack. brian: you knew it wasn't all but all of a sudden. >> immediately when it was a terrorist attack i knew it was al qaeda. because we had that intelligence in the city for the city couple years. we thought there would be an attack december 31st, 1999. almost cancelled noe new year's eve celebration that year. i think one was cancelled one of the cities, seattle or something. and so we were -- we were ready for it. we weren't -- never anticipated airplanes being used as missiles. steve: rudy, that's one of the things that was different the world trade centers were earlier. >> '93, the year before i became mayor. steve: in that case there was essentially a car bomb down in the basement. >> fully expected that to happen again. in fact i was surprised it happened happened in the seven years before there had
3:50 am
been at least three or four threats. police department stopped guy hitting a toggle switch shot him. we were close to it. not that type. steve: rudy, with that particular strike, everybody stayed at their desk in the world trade centered towers. and that was the mode of operation on september the 11th, 2001 as well. because the belief was we're going to send the firemen up to you and bring you down. don't evacuate the building. >> that's why actually the firefighters performed the greatest evacuation in american history. because when i first heard how many people were dead, the calculation was 12,000. that calculation was based on pretty good estimate of who was in the building and who could get out in that period of time. particularly with the confusion you are talking about. if you read the 9/11 report, which has criticisms but i will tell you one thing it says clearly. they took out almost 100 percent of the people capable of taking out. which means they took out the people pete ganzy told
3:51 am
me they could take out. when i went up to him i saw a man jump from the 100th floor. state of shock. you realize it a couple days later. i saw the man splatter on the ground. i went up to pete and i said pete, can we get up there with a helicopter? and pete said my guys can get everybody below the fire. he looked at me like steel eyes like, mayor, don't push me. i'm going to get my men killed up there i looked up and realized why the flames shoot out of window. you put a helicopter anywhere near there boom it's going to blow. ainsley: some thoughts going through our mind this morning. saw robb o'neil at the memorial. is he walking through the museum. he ends with the shot of the shirt that he was wearing when he was on the other side of the world killing the man who was responsible for this. we're talking about khalid sheikh mohammed he is now going to trial 20 years later. i was talking to a friend of mine last night. talking to a friend of my last night, rudy, she said her husband was in the building, one of the towers. he got out. but he lost so many friends
3:52 am
that day. she said when you report tomorrow, she said tell the story of 9/11 but also tell the story of the heroes. what are some of the heroes, heroic stories that come to mind. >> you just did stephen siler emblematic of all of them. he ran to the fire. i will give you another hero. saved everybody at morgan stanley i believe it is. the day after i called up the ceo morgan stanley after calling i thought they had lost about 400 people. three people. four people. the head of security. who volunteered for the vietnam war, became an american citizen, volunteered for the vietnam war and got every single person out by going into their doors. half got out. the other half was sitting there confused. get out. out. out. out. that's what he did in the amount of time that he had before he died. brian: couple of things come to mind. number one, there is a report today in the ne "new york post" that richard
3:53 am
minute ter chronicled bin laden and what he was up to. not only is khalid sheikh mohammed sitting at gitmo as a martyr he wrote down the flight numbers of the airplanes on a piece of paper, made airplane and threw it at one of the family members as they sat at gitmo at his hearing. how does it make you feel that there is so little -- >> i probably cannot describe it. if i described it, probably embarrass myself. steve: why hasn't it taken this long. >> the anger is tremendous. all the time that i was there for the four months that i watched the recovery effort. and watched the bodies being carried out and went to 100 -- i don't know, a lot of funerals. the anger was tremendous. when i saw president bush for the first time and he got off the helicopter, i was with governor pa tacky. he greeted the governor and came up to me. very famous picture back of my head like that. he says to me rudy, what can i do? when you get bin laden let
3:54 am
me kill him or i might have said execute him. i think i was thinking as a lawyer. i thought there would be capital punishment and i could try the case. i had done that for two nazis. i only had two capital cases in my career and both of them were nazis. one had killed 7,000 people. another had killed 12,000 people. capital case is easy like that. this guy would have been -- although maybe you keep him alive and get information. brian: khalid sheikh mohammed was the master mind. >> it's absurd. the point i would like to make is that those firefighters, the police officers and lots of civilians will never know about like rick. i just use rick as an example. i can give you 20 other stories like that. elderly man, people getting on the elevator. and he says no, no, no. he looks at them and says to about 40 people on the elevator whom i probably talked to five. he says no, i have already lived my life. you are all younger. and he let the elevator close and then the building. brian: there is a lot of survivor's guilt. >> i deal with it with some
3:55 am
friends of mine. i should have been there. i should have -- bernie can tell you this. we were on this side of the billing two and a half blocks away. if you are on that side of the building two and a half blocks away you wouldn't be here to describe. we didn't determine how the building was going to come down. it came down it, imploded, but it slightly went a little bit to the south. , which by the way, is what pete ganzy told me. one of the things he told me and bernie is tell all these people to go north and get the -- out of here. because some of the people, we have seen people running away. you can see a few shots, if you look carefully of people just standing there they are coming out. brian: and watching. >> dangerous before the buildings came down. i saw people hit with debris quite possible that father judge was killed that way with debris while he was ministering to somebody. before the building came down, i can't tell you how many were killed outside. some were killed by dead
3:56 am
bodies. some were killed by debris. but some people were just standing there in harm's way mesmerized by the fire. which happens at fires. it's a thing firefighters know. you want those people out of there because he thought they would be hurt. there is also blocking the ability of him getting trucks in and and out. at that point he thought he was going to be fighting the fire all day. people asked me did they know it would implode that way? i said no. because the chief said to me and this man had fought 4,000 fires, probably fought more high rise firefighters in america maybe anybody in the world given the sky scrapers in the city. high rise fires are you need to be a brain surgeon and atomic fizz cyst to know how to fight a fire like that. he said get me. get the guys right away. get i told tomi get the guys right away. i have to relieve these guys very quickly. we are going to be here forever.
3:57 am
what he meant was the building was going to come down and come down in stages the way other buildings come down. ainsley: do you ever have moments listening to these stories that rob o'neill talked about a single mom who had two kids i believe he said and she jumped. you know she is desperate like no mom would do that. she was holding her skirt down. wanted to die in dignity. how do you -- >> if i have a recurring image and i have a lot, particularly when i go there because then i see places where i saw -- i saw, you know, terry hat in his truck or where i saw chief gansy for the last time or father judge, i shook his hand and he looked at me and he said he always teased me. the man was the funniest man that ever lived, priest, catholic franciscan priest. we had a little joke father pray for me. he look at me it would be a lot more effective if you did. no joking. father, pray for us, i said. he said i am.
3:58 am
it sent chills up my mind. this is another man had been at a thousand firefighters. he was a firefighter's chaplin. right next to it why he died. brian: are you heading downtown. >> sure in a little while. go there and see all the families and the names. it's a mixed -- it's the saddest day and happiest day because there is so much bravery. america was at its best for weeks. steve: we were all united for a while. >> you go back and say i wish we could recapture half of that. brian: we will. >> people cheering for president bush. going up the west side cheering for him. he had a little smile on his face. i said mr. president, they didn't vote for you. [laughter] steve: rudy, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, rudy. steve: meanwhile in a couple hours retired ice director tom homan will testify in washington on capitol hill about the crisis at the border. he is going to join us live with what he is going to say, a little preview coming
3:59 am
up next. brian: as we go to break, a live look at the freedom tower in lower manhattan as we remember the 9/11 attacks 18 years later. ♪ ♪ you got pride ♪ we need some more like me and you ♪ where the woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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♪ steve: today on capitol hill, some democrats are expected to grill retired ice director tom homan on the trump administration's decision to end protection for migrants in need of special medical care. ainsley: fox news contributor and retired ice director tom homan joins us now. good morning, tom. i know you are going to testify before house lawmakers about this crisis at the border. tell us on what you plan on saying to them. >> first of all, it's a false narrative. they talk about this policies we're sending dying children home. that's not the case at all. we are simply moving a bureaucratic process who is going to decide on what cases get deferred for medical reasons from cis to ice. that's the right place for it to be. cis shouldn't make decisions on who they can remove and can't remove because they don't remove people. ice removes them. so, again, they are taking this out of context. giving this title to raise the hatred. i will go there and speak about the facts of this policy and why the changes
4:04 am
are necessary. steve: a lot of people who this would apply to, mr. homan, are people here on a permitted status. they got in with a visa. they came in legally, but then it's time for them to go and now they are in this medical predicament and they like to stick around. >> and the fact is, steve, is that many deferred actions given by ice every day. i personally have approved deferred action for significant medical issues. another month to finish that last chemotherapy because they are in dire straits. false narrative pushed by the left today we are going to talk about it. i'm not going to go there looking for a fight but i'm not going to run away. ainsley: medical deferred action allows people to remain in the united states for a two year period if they can prove medical need. the democrats say you are callus and want to send dying children home. what's your message to those who say that to you. >> that's a false narrative. i will make that clear today if they allow me to talk. if you look at the last
4:05 am
hearing, it seems like it was more political theater than actually getting to the facts. they wants true transparency, i will speak it. you know, one of the things i want to address today with them is okay, i understand this hearing is important. but, where are the hearings on the southern border on the sanctuary city. where are the hearings on sanctuary cities responsible for far more deaths than this proposed policy? where are the hearings on the sigh asylum process and flores settlement agreement. 31% of women sexually assaulted, children are dying. where are those hearings? it seems like we have a quick hearing when those who violate our laws may find it difficult position they say they are not being treated fairly. how about having a hearing to treat the u.s. citizens fairly. how about having a hearing to secure our nation. steve: tom, i think you know the answer to that. everything is political now. >> absolutely. but the question needs to be asked and they need to give an answer to the american people. if you are a congressman, your number one responsibility is to protect this nation and secure our border. where are the hearings to get that done? the president has made great
4:06 am
strides by hisself. congress hasn't done one thing. why don't we have a hearing to investigate why congress has failed to do their job. steve: let's see what they do. tom homan joining us today from our nation's capital, thanks very much. ainsley: thanks, tom. >> thanks for having me. steve: first responders 18 years ago on september 11th, 2001, conducted the grateddesthe greatestmission. ainsley: first responders going to tell us about their heroic actions coming up next ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time
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learned ao play second language applied to college applied for a loan started a business started a blog shared a picture shared a moment turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. brian: all right. the september 11th terror attacks forever changed the lives 6 first responders who
4:10 am
conducted the greatest rescue mission in the history of the united states, including one of our next guests who we met on our special law enforcement live studio audience show. remember last friday? >> i'm retired nypd and also during 9/11 i was a chief and a first responder with the new york city sheriff's department. so i carry my id with me just as a memory from 9/11. brian: wow, fantastic. where were you on that day after you found out the planes hit? >> first of all, i was actually off that day and i heard on the news that the plane had hit one of the towers and i just went straight down there. brian: wow, our panel of first responders joins us now, including that man. former nypd detective dr. oscar odom. former nypd officer and army veteran darrin porcher and retired fdny deputy chief richard ailes. welcome to all three of you. and i just want to use this time first to reflect to see where we go from here. first, dr. odom, what do you remember from that day and why do you carry around that
4:11 am
idea with you. >> chaos. it was unusual for something like that to happen on our soil. and then the next thing you know people were just running all over the place, fumes all in the air and it was just like pandemonium and you was trying to figure out what was going on. this is something that had never happened on our soil like this before. it was quite a shock. it was very upsetting. brian: i felt i was actually down there and i felt as though you guys had the perimeter secured. you were telling people to get out of the way. who was commanding you? >> yes. well, from our part, from the sheriff's department, we had our own commands center set up and we went out there and set up our own perimeters and different things we did from our perspective. brian: so, darren, you had a lot of experience doing various different things. at this time what were you thinking when those planes hit? what were your orders? >> the first thing is i was a sergeant in the nypd's police academy. i had a contingent of recruits dispatched to the location. there was no true contingency plan. as oscar mentioned there was chaos and pandemonium. as soon as that dust cloud went up, that's when
4:12 am
things -- the execution started to come into play such as advancing the perimeter, and advance team going in and looking for survivors. i actually, one of my cops actually lost his life glen petit as a result of it. it's unfortunate we have lost more people since that incident. the truth of the matter is it was a horrific incident and i'm glad that i'm here today to speak to it as a result. brian: richard, as you look back, everybody thinks about the 343 lost their lives but more have lost their lives. >> >> the fire department at 202 deaths post 9/11 nypd had 241. this is an environmental disaster of epic proportion. not only for the first responders. brian: had you skin cancer, right? >> i had skin cancer. sometimes you think it's not a life threatening illness. brian: it. >> cop diagnosed with skin cancer, he, you know, dark olive skin. had spots on his arm. went to get checked out. everything was fine. the doctor noticed
4:13 am
discoloration one of his finger nails. not only skin cancer mel melanoma. they cut off the tip of his finger and had to go through chemotherapy but they saved his life. brian: 2100 from roughly died from 9/11 related illnesses from that day. oscar, when you look back at the first responders and where they go from here, is it heartening to know most of the men that hatched this are either in jail or dead? >> definitely, i was listening to something on the news earlier today and talking about the fact that they are and the fact also about how it has taken so long also to convict some of the people involved. brian: sitting there in gitmo in cuba. >> exactly. it's insane. the lives that we have lost and so many people still suffering from the impact of this is unbelievable. brian: darron, what are you going to do today. >> today is one of those days i'm going to go down to the 9/11 memorial and pay
4:14 am
homage that i know personally that have lost their lives. one of the things we do in situations like this we salute rob o'neill for his valiant effort and taking out usama bin laden. brian: and seal team 6. >> absolutely. >> the job is alive and strong. the new generation of firefighters are ready to do it if and when we get attacked. brian: absolutely. a lot of them are kids of those who lost their lives over there that day. >> yeah. > brian: thanks, guys, appreciate it. karl rove was with george w. bush when he found out a plane had hit the world trade center. he was in florida. he joins us live to reflect on that moment 18 years later. he is in the green room. he is walking our way ♪ i got american hearts ♪ i got american faith ♪ in america's heart ♪
4:15 am
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♪ ♪ steve: well, it's mostly cloudy here in new york. 73 much like it was 18 years ago today when america was under attack and responded promptly. about an hour from now a moment of silence south lawn of the white house and then they will start the annual commemoration by reading of the nearly 3,000 names of those who lost their lives 18 years ago today. ainsley: such an emotional day. it's been 18 years. we all have stories. we all remember where we were on that day. steve: brian and i were right here. we were working. brian: smaller studio, studio a. we thought -- every immediately speculated a small plane that was air rant. people say wow it's a clear day for some pilot to hit a building and then it became clear there was something going on bigger when it
4:19 am
didn't stop. steve: when the second plane hit we knew it was terrorism. a new book out describing the events of september 11th unique way including eyewitness accounts and notes from bush administration officials. ainsley: fox news correspondent mark meredith reports on this from d.c. good morning to you, mark. >> 2001 changed our world forever and the new book, the only plane in the sky collects eyewitness accounts on 9/11. it details the tragic day in a new way using the words of those intimately involved with the events. >> we have a hijacked aircraft headed towards new york. >> after hearing strange radio traffic one air traffic controller later recounted, quote: i felt fear. i'm like oh my god the plane is being hijacked. news helicopters broadcast the horror that followed among those watching vice president dick cheney. >> i was in my west wing office the secretary called in and said the plane had hit the world trade center. i turned on my television in
4:20 am
time to see the second one hit. >> the plane crashed into the south tower at 9:03. cheney was soon rushed to a white house bunker, re-telling the story cheney once said quote they practice, this you move whether you want to be moved or not. you are going. cheney's quote is one of thousands collected by author garrett graff says his book let's readers experience the fear sadness some felt firsthand. >> on the morning of 9/11 we didn't understand what was beginning to transpire around us. >> stay on page 1. >> president george w. bush who was in florida learned of the second crash from his chief of staff. the president delivered brief remarks from the nation moments later. >> today we have had a national tragedy. >> bush was rushed from an elementary school to air force one. graff said once airborne it turned into confusion. >> the president was cut off while he was up in the air. there was no cable tv. no satellite tv. there was no email aboard the plane. the president is watching
4:21 am
9/11 unfold from air force one on rabbit ears. >> american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon at 9:37. years later former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld recounted what he saw when he evacuated. >> this plane had impacted the pentagon at 500 miles per hour filled with jet fuel and the place was burning and people were streaming out, trying to save themselves. >> as the pentagon burned, passengers on united flight 93 fought their hijackers to recontrol the plane. the airliner never reached washington. the plane crashed into a rural pennsylvania field. >> in manhattan, as the towers burned, new yorkers looking up couldn't believe their eyes. >> people were actually jumping out of windows. >> what followed next stunned a world. both towers collapsed, trapping first responders and survivors. rescuers worked for days to save lives and recovered those lost. the events summed up by president bush from the oval office that tuesday evening
4:22 am
remain true today 18 years later. >> none of us will ever forget this day. yet, we go forward to defend frefreedom and all that is good and just in our world. steve: karl rove was standing just off camera when the president read that from the oval office. karl hard to believe 18 years. >> 18. seems like yesterday. brian: you just had a big get together with the bush administration officials. >> right. brian: did you talk about. this a little bit. we know the day was coming there are rituals i get an email from andy card. every september 11th i get an email from andy card. 8:48 susan roll stan calls me like she did that day standing outside the booker elementary school. she plane world plane center we don't know private prop or commercial. i told him
4:23 am
about the plane. steve: first plane and andy told him. >> second plane flew. in i remember andy went to the door and i remember him -- we were in a room adjacent to the classroom and he stopped at the door and paused and it seemed like an eternity. it was probably a second or two. but i always remembered that he stopped and i didn't know why until a couple years ago when i on a 9/11 program explained that when he got to the door he realized he had to know exactly what he was going to say to the president so the president wouldn't ask any questions. and he went in and said mr. president, the second plane has flown into the trade center america sat war. ainsley: some people didn't know anyone and still emotional love this country and have a heart for those who did go through so much. other people especially here in new york and in washington and in pennsylvania were gravely affected. they lost their brothers, their sisters, their moms, their dads, their kids. when you think about this and hear all the stories and it seems like you are getting emotional right now,
4:24 am
it never changes, does it? >> no. ainsley: it's 18 years later you still get teary eyed? >> no. absolutely. and you can't think about it without getting emotional. that day. and i particularly remember several weeks afterwards the families of the people who were on flight 93. the first -- the people who fought back came to the white house and they knew that their loved ones had sacrificed themselves in order to keep that plane from flying into the capitol or the white house. and i will never forget that. brian: communication we are under attack. okay, this is a hostage situation. keep calm and they will bail us out and find a way to placate the pilots. >> i hate to be a promoter but they talked about this book the only plane in the sky. it's brilliant. it's unbelievable. there is another fantastic new book called fall and rise about 9/11 by
4:25 am
zucoff if you are a parent or grandparent worried about having a young member of your family who was not born on 9/11 and doesn't know what it is about, give them one of these two books they are both powerful. they are unbelievably powerful books that remind every american of what happened on that day. steve: that is nice of you to give that endorsement. karl, in the aftermath of the united states was united like i don't ever remember in my lifetime. >> right. absolutely. and, you know, we think about how we responded to it. there was concerns that there would be attacks on american muslims in retaliation for our country being attacked by islamic extremist and yet that by and large didn't happen. we kept our focus as a country. our focus was to restore america's confidence in itself. to say live again as we normally would live to live in freedom and take on the enemies of our country who struck us that day and we did. and the story of that is a
4:26 am
remarkable story of courage and determination and unity. ainsley: maybe many people out there didn't vote for president bush but they were supportive of our country. it didn't matter if you were a republican or a democrat. politics aside, no one was kneeling when the national anthem was played. how do we get back to that without another 9/11? >> well, hard to get back to it. our country is so divided. there will be a moment where we will come together. a moment where this bitterness in our politics and the divisiveness will drop away. it doesn't need to have a 9/11. but it does need leadership and it needs -- it needs people who in washington who will help bring us together that will happen. brian: is it true that one of the first leaders to call the president was vladimir putin? >> he was one of the early ones. that was a different vladimir putin than the putin we have today. in 2001, he was a different person, wanting to be with the west. but 2004, 2005, 2006 he began to change. he began color revolutions the efforts in the former soviet union to achieve true
4:27 am
democracy and freedom and change. the one who stands out to me was tony blair. he was with us from the first. no matter what he was with us. as you may remember, he flies to the united states shortly after 9/11 and literally flies to the united states to be with the president who is speaking before congress and then returns to great britain. he was a great ally of the united states because he knew that when those towers were struck the entire western sizzles had been civilid been struck. he knew they were coming for the values and principles of all the west of freedom and democracy and liberty and he knew what was at stake in that fight. brian: he would pay a price too. counter terror attacks. politically pay a price and in britain. steve: he said never forget. karl, it's great to have you 18 years after you were an eyewitness to history. brian: do you know how many brits lost their lives? in the world trade center. >> several hundred as i recall. brian: thanks, karl. >> you bet.
4:28 am
ainsley: still ahead, we are going to check back in with pete hegseth. live at the freedom tower as we remember 9/11 18 years later ♪ ♪ come back home ♪
4:29 am
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4:31 am
♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back. we have quick headlines now. a former survivor-producer convicted of murdering his wife in cancun is now a free man. he was let out of a mexican jail just two months ago. he was originally sentenced to 12 years but only served seven. he was convicted of beating and strangis gling his wife monica during a family vacation in 2010. her body was found on what would have been her 42nd birthday. a man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan wants a job in the
4:32 am
music industry. a lawyer for john hinckley jr. is asking a federal court for permission to move to california. hinckley spent decades in a mental hospital after he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 1982. right now hinckley lives with his mother in virginia. prosecutors says allowing him to relocate would give the government great cause. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: thanks, jillian. brian: today americans nationwide pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 lives killed on september 11th. those 9/11 attacks 18 years ago. >> our coverage continues now pete hegseth live at the freedom tower ahead of this morning's ceremony that kicks off in about 45 minutes. steve? pete: it does kick off here as well as at the pentagon and pennsylvania. i will tell you this right at this time 18 years ago flight 11 took off. flight 11 was the first flight to hit the north tower and when you look
4:33 am
behind at the freedom tower and the day out here, it feels just like that day 18 years ago. beautiful blue sky. people going about their lives. those folks on that airplane and ultimately an evil ideology, islamic terrorism bore down on this city on our nation and we awoke that morning to the reality that we were at war there was a viewpoint in this world that hates freedom, that hates america. and then so many guys and gals that i knew of my generation our lives were key defined by going overseas. president bush stood on rubble pile and said you will hear all of us soon and they certainly did. we can debate how long should we have stayed and should we have done certain things. the collective response to this country is a legacy what it takes to defend freedom. we do pause. 18 years ago a long time. kids in school just a history lesson now. on us to remind them why it really matters. steve: pete, some people who
4:34 am
will be there at the freedom tower today who were in disbelief because nobody thought the conventional wisdom was that the towers would not fall. i remember people came to our house and i'm sure they came to brian's house as well and they would give us pictures and say can you just hold up this picture of my loved one. i'm sure they are in a hospital somewhere. they have amnesia they just don't know who they are. can you help me find my loved one? pete: absolutely. the confusion of that day, the fog of the moment. and the courage and the bravery of the men and the women who went into those buildings time and time again. that was -- they were the part of the first battle in what we call the war on terrorism but we need to understand as a long war against radical islam. the planes were the tools, the ideology was the reason. and we have to remember that as well. brian: absolutely. what's going on as you look around, pete? is it getting crowded? pete: yeah.
4:35 am
it's -- it is -- crowds are starting to form because the ceremony will come -- a little bit of a standoff. we will get a report on that to you. we are about to cover the actual event. it's a powerful moment on this channel when we cut to in realtime what was happening. it's a great thing for people to see. ainsley: about 25 minutes after the hour we will go to the program that actually aired when brian and steve were on the couch that morning. we only play that once a year on 9/11. steve: where we show the towers collapsing. only one time a year because it is so powerful. all right. pete, thank you very much. we will check in with you shortly. pete: god bless you guys. ainsley: god bless you. steve: what's still ahead? ainsley: khalid sheikh mohammed will finally go on trial in 2021. brian: dr. mitchell personally interrogated. he will tell us. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
4:36 am
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steve: 18 years exactly since the 9/11 terror attacks and the mastermind finally has a trial date. 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed will finally go on trial in 2021. dr. james mitchell personally interrogated ksm and says it's about time and he joins us today from florida. dr. mitchell, good morning. >> hey, thanks for having me on. steve: 18 years ago this morning you were watching this on tv just like the rest of us. fast forward and you are face to face with khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11. what was that like? >> well, in the beginning, he was really arrogant. you know, there is a fuss now at guantanamo trying to suggest that the eits led him to confess to this crime but, in fact, before i ever used any eits on him at all he said he was the mastermind of 9/11 and wanted to talk about that.
4:40 am
in the beginning he was haughty and arrogant and proud of himself and then afterwards he became much more normal in our conversation. steve: and how did he strike you? you said arrogant in the beginning? >> yeah. he struck me as a monster. you know, he is a person who believes that western democracy, our democratic republic can't coexist with sharia and the way to spread violent sharia through the world was to attack the united states and frighten the american people. remember, he said that what he wanted to do was target the minds of the american people so that we would be afraid to oppose the spread of sharia. steve: how do you explain to people who know you have a history with him? why it has taken 18 years. he still has not gone on trial. it looks like his trial date is going to be in 2021. what's taken so long? >> well, in the beginning,
4:41 am
khalid sheikh mohammed told me as he was being transferred to guantanamo he was going to confess to his terror activities and 9/11 and killing daniel pearl and he was ready to be martyred and go to paradise. and then barack obama and eric holder set aside that confession and wanted to bring that trial to new york so they could take a victory lap and aggrandize themselves by claiming credit for his conviction. and once he did that, i think that khalid sheikh mohammed decided that his god was telling him to drag this outs as long as possible because in their world view, the world view of these terrorists, the misery and the pain and the agony of their victims is like sacrament to their god. so he just decided to drag it out as long as possible and he got a clown car full of leftist lawyers who have filed motion after motion after motion. you know, the new trial judge that has taken over has over 28,000, i think,
4:42 am
pages of trial transcripts that he has to read through. thousands of pages of motions. pre-trial motions. and it's just going to take a long time to weighed wade thrh that. steve: thank you for joining us on this somber day. >> all right. thank you. steve: meanwhile, the september 11th remembrance ceremonies are about to begin the commemorations. we are going to be live as you can see from the freedom tower in washington, d.c., the pentagon, and the white house on this wednesday morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ you know, baker, i can help you with -- with that.
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4:46 am
coast. there is the freedom tower. 18 years after the two towers were struck by planes and the pentagon was struck and a plane struck shapingsville, pennsylvania. brian: remarkable to think they were able to rebuild down there as you look at the pentagon and not touch the footprints of the original twin towers. the pentagon put that flag down even before the pentagon was reconstructed to mark where the plane hit 18 years ago. steve: some of the family members are gathering there was known as ground zero, will forever be known as ground zero in the shadow of the freedom tower. in 40 minutes, the president and first lady will observe a moment of silence. one minute later the bagpipers start the processional in new york city, in the shadow of new york city. you will see it on fox news channel as you have for the last
4:47 am
18 years. ainsley: families will start reading names starting at 8:39, reading names of loved ones on that day. brian: 1814, united flight took off from boston, supposed to go to los angeles with nine crewmembers, 56 passengers and five hijackers. would crash. flight 77 took off from dulles near washington non-stop for los angeles. it would divert. 58 passengers were aboard including five hijackers and six crewmembers. steve: 18 years ago right now people were getting on airplanes. they had no idea there were four or five hijackers on each of those planes. pete hegseth, "fox & friends" weekend co-host, he is an army vet. he is down there on this most somber of days. pete? pete: sure is a somber day. it had been a lot of time to soak it up, think about it down here near ground zero.
4:48 am
it is contrast of the cowardice of terrorists who attacked civilians going about their daily lives as you talked about. contrast that with the courage. a guy like todd beamer saying let's roll, first-responders, firefighters, police officers, the sheer courage of average americans meeting the face of radical islamic terrorism saying we will live free because we will have the occurrage to do so. it is one of the most somber assignments i have being down here on ground zero on this hallowed day at this hallowed place. makes you proud to be an american. reminds you of the viciousness of our enemies. you think of all the troops overseas because of 9/11. there is a whole 9/11 generation, we think about them as well. steve: how many america what?
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attack is legendary, sending your men over to see the attacks overseas, to stop the next one that was colling our way.
5:19 am
a lot of people are under the impression after 9/11 there were no more attempted attacks. that is just not the case, correct? >> absolutely. there were threats and plots against this city. there were 16 direct plots that, thank god were thwarted. there have been hundreds of plots actually throughout the country, to attack us and kill americans but the fbi has done a tremendous job in rolling them up. we haven't had a plot, we haven't had an attack by al qaeda or isis since 9/11. brian: that has a lot to do with you. thanks so much, mr. commissioner. >> thank you. steve: all right. he is joining us from the area where the memorial ceremony is about to begin. we will bring you that live, but first, we're going to look back at september 11th, 2001 as it happened right here on fox.
5:20 am
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♪. steve: reading of the names will start down in the shadow of the freedom tower in about 20 minutes. only once a year fox news channel shows the towers falling because it is important for america to remember what happened 18 years ago this morning. we can never forget and we will never forget. here it is the september the 11th, 2001, as it happened on fox news. ♪
5:24 am
>> holy shit! [explosion] >> holy shit! >> go to, trade center. >> we have a very tragic alert for you right now. an incredible plane crash into the world trade center here at the lower tip of manhattan. brian: believed the 737 crashed into this. speculation. three floors taken out. crashed into the side of the building. joining us one of procedures owen on the scene. owen, what do you know, what do you see? where are you. >> brian on my roof of my building five blocks south of world trade center. i'm looking at the world trade center.
5:25 am
there is massive gaping hole in the second tower. it is about, 15 stories from the roof. it's, just unbelievable to look at. >> go right in. >> just see it right now. you can see emergency vehicles tearing from the westside highway, heading towards the scene. tons of people in the street. there are papers, things fluttering out. i can't see any evidence what it was that could have crashed. we're all confused at this massive gaping hole with tons of black smoke falling out of the building. >> all we can stare aghast at these pictures at this point. you're looking at the north building of the twin towers of the world trade center in manhattan. these are coming to you live now. debris raining down from 110 floors up. as you can see this is a clear blue sky day in manhattan. if this was an accident, it would be a needle in a haystack
5:26 am
kind of accident. ♪ [bell ringing] >> there was another one. we just saw, we just saw another one. we just saw another one, apparently go, another plane just flew into the second tower. this raises, this has to be deliberate, folks. we just saw on live television as a second plane flew into the second tower of the world trade center. now, given what has been going on around the world, some of the, some of the key suspects come to mind. osama bin laden, who knows what. eric shawn is with us. eric, i know you have a lot of sources at the fbi and other agencies like that. what can you tell us?
5:27 am
>> first i apologize for being out of breath, i was walking down fifth avenue which is close to our studios. i heard a jet, perhaps a 737 or a small airbus flying low. unusually low over fifth avenue, making a right. i'm not going to say, i don't know, i don't have any reports what type of plane hit the world trade center but people looked up and it made a right toward the building. >> nice and orderly. [sirens] >> it is a tragedy. it is abhorrent. it is disgusting. >> i'm wondering are these pilots terrorists themselves? , are there terrorists in the cockpit who are holding guns to a pilot's head? did they -- >> i can't imagine -- >> you can speculate, completely about how this happens, because obviously it takes a lot of
5:28 am
training and expertise to fly a complicated, sophisticated aircraft, whether boeing 737 or smaller airbus. these are not little cessnas, little pipers. so there is, you have to wonder and raise what possibility there is with the type of scenario that was going on in the cockpit. >> wendell goler is at the white house, make that sarasota. he is traveling with the president. wendell goler, what is the reaction from the president? ♪ >> jon, the president is here promoting reading initiative on second day of a two-day trip to florida. he finished reading to children at emma booker elementary school. he was aware of it, would have something to say about later.
5:29 am
[sirens] >> let's bring in david lee miller, our correspondent. he has an eyewitness with him. david lee, what can you tell us? >> i'm a few flocks from the world trade center as you would expect. all roadways are pretty much cut off. only way to get to the buildings is on foot. the scene is absolutely a horrific one. you have people streaming out of the area. you have people literally in tears and shock. people working from the nearby building still can't believe what happened. many remember the terrorist attack years ago on the world trade center. of them, this is ugly reminder, details are not certain. as i was walking downtown in hower manhattan, making my way to the world trade centers i stopped to speak with sylvia fuentes. we have a knew blocks away from the trade center. i will hand her the telephone, she will tell us what she saw when she arrived at work. sylvia. >> i heard a loud rumbling.
5:30 am
i looked up in the air, theres with a airplane going into the world trade center. flames were coming out. smoke was billowing in the air. and, tons of people were running down full ton street. running each other over. i made my way back to my office on water street. when i got upstairs, i looking out my window to see what was going on. the second world trade center went into flames. just, from one minute to the next. >> sylvia, thanks for that eyewitness report. when we saw that second plane slam into the second tower intentionally, quite clearly, you got to believe this is a terrorist attack. harvey kushner is on the line with us. he is a frequent guest of ours and a terrorism expert. harvey, is it too early it speculate about suspects? >> one thinks only this could be the most horrifically-planned incident in the annals of terrorism against the united states. think about it.
5:31 am
i mean, you look outside, fox studios, how clear it is. how could you mix the trade towers. not just one, but two planes? >> it brings to mind everybody hates those metal detectors at airports and everybody makes passing through them almost a joke these days but clearly, it seems that something is going to change, if you can make this kind of statement and kill as many people as are likely to be dead in this kind of scenario. >> you know, jon, we are talking about terrorism, no matter how this turns out, this is going to be a day that is going to live in infamy. it will cause changes if it turns out terrorism and security like this country has never seen before. >> president bush is about to speak. he is in florida, what was supposed to be a joyous event at an elementary school.
5:32 am
let's listen in. >> today we've had a national tragedy. two airplanes have crashed into the world trade center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. i have spoken to the vice president, to the governor of new york, to the director of the fbi and i've ordered that the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families and to conduct a full-scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks who committed this act. terrorism against our nation will not stand. and now if you join me in a moment of silence. may god bless the victims, their families and america. thank you very much.
5:33 am
[sirens] >> we are going to be looking at an enormous death toll. 50,000 people work in those two buildings. john fund, from "the wall street journal" is on the phone with us. john, were you in the area when the planes hit? >> i was across the street in my office building. >> what did you see, what did you hear? >> i heard an incredible sonic boom and looked up and there already much smoke and flames pouring out of the building. 15 minutes later of course the second sonic boom, which of course would have been the second tower and the second plane. >> what about injuries, jon? >> the most terrible, heart rend ago, bodies started dropping from the top floors of the tower closest to the highway. at least five or six and, it was, it was absolutely terrible. obviously they had two choices to be burned in flames or to
5:34 am
leap and end it all. it was quite tragic. >> let me bring into the conversation david asman, my colleague. >> jon scott, i want to give you some late-breaking information. perhaps one of the things is greatest fear, there is yet another terrorist attack, since those two plane crashes happened within 20 minutes of each other, all of manhattan has been sealed off. this is probably unprecedented. of course all of this is unprecedented in this dastardly, dastardly occasion, but manhattan has been sealed off. the hudson river bridges and tunnels have been sealed. clearly there is an attempt right now to thwart any further act of terrorism, act of violence against the people of manhattan. so manhattan is in a lockdown. [bell ringing]
5:35 am
♪ >> we are hearing right now of another explosion, has taken place at the pentagon. [sirens] we have the heart of the financial district of america being attacked. now we understand that there an explosion, there has been an explosion in the pentagon, the heart of the military command center of the united states of america, jon. it can't get much worse than this, let's hope. >> you got to believe it has happened again, another large airliner, perhaps hijacked, perhaps part of some widespread plan. apparently slamming into at least the area around the pentagon. [sirens] they have not struck at america. they have struck at some individual places in america
5:36 am
but, this country will go on. i want to go to our washington managing editor brit hume who has the outlook from the nation's capitol. brit, this raises all kinds of questions about america's response, and i guess that response is not going to be immediate, is it? >> whether it is immediate or not, one thing we're seeing, jon, this series of evacuations from various buildings around washington. i think it is important to say that we don't know, we have no reason to believe, the white house, for example, was facing any immediate or imminent threat. the same true on capitol hill. it appears they're evacuating building up here soon. nothing has happened at either of those places. this of course, jon, this is one of these days things will not again be the same in the united states of america. this is the kind of terrorist attack that is the nightmare that experts and others have warned about but some of us may have thought really could not happen on such a scale. this is quite remarkable.
5:37 am
♪ [bell tolling] >> as we watch these pictures, the world trade center, 110 stories, literally starting to fall. >> the whole tower, it died. holy crap! they knocked the whole freakin' thing down. >> i hope i live. i hope i live. coming down on me. here it comes. i'm getting behind a car. i had to go find people who need help. i don't think i'm one of them. are you okay, sir? okay. can i get a toot off your respirator. >> you were inside the building, inside the world trade center. >> doing what? >> getting ready d search, the floor gave way.
5:38 am
the whole building collapsed on it. >> how did you get out? >> just went towards the light. >> went towards the light. >> david lee, what can you tell us? >> jon, the scene is horrific. one of the two towers literally collapsed. i was making my way to the foot of the world trade center. suddenly, talking to an officer, questioning me about my press credentials we heard a loud explosion. we looked up, the building literally began to collapse before us. there was, debris falling, i would say at least 3 -- 14 height of the building. people in the entire perimeter, including myself, out of breath, to run for our lives. ♪ >> those steel girders, strong as they are, had a the weight to support and apparently. i'm not a structural engineer,
5:39 am
i'm guessing now they gave way. the loss of life here is going to be enormous. >> may god help those who are there and victims and their families and all the souls that are lost today. >> can you tell me what you saw, what you heard? are you all right? [sirens]. >> look at the sky. unbelievable. unbelievable. this poor woman. wow. >> the united 93, do you still hear the center? united 93, do you still hear cleveland? , united 93, do you still hear cleveland? >> united airlines flight 93 crashed. >> from the size of impact
5:40 am
crater, angle of descent or angle of attack had to be nearly straight in. >> i think pilot downed the plane in remote area. there weren't many houses. i don't know, it is really, the whole thing is unbelievable. >> this is clearly a national catastrophe. there will be some response from. white house. let's go to wendell goaler who was traveling with the president in sarasota, florida, and find out what the latest is there. wendell? >> jon, the president left sarasota, florida, air force one took off just a short while ago. convened a meeting of his national security advisors including the vice president, heads of cia, national security agency and fbi and new york governor pataki. after the two attacks on the twin towers in new york, he was briefed by his national security advisor, condoleeza rice, who phoned him after the first attack. mr. bush was actually reading to some children when the second attack occurred. chief of staff andy card
5:41 am
interrupted him, told him about the attack. it was clear at that point, we were dealing with terrorists. >> i want to bring into the conversation generallal hague, former secretary of state. general haig at a time like this, how does america respond prudently with the proper amount of caution and yet with whatever force needs to be applied? >> well, first we have to know the full limits of this tragedy and it's unprecedented of course. but we have to stay above all united and calm and ready to take resolute action which sometimes we have failed to do in the recent past. when the perpetrators are uncovered and we have many, many indicators of precisely who they are, this was too broadly-base ad terrorist act to be just a few crazies. this is a terrorist movement and we know where they are located today. obviously as a nation we're
5:42 am
going to have to take action against them. ♪. >> there it goes, there it goes, there it goes! oh -- all right. we do need to put it down now. we need to put it down now. here we go. [sirens] >> america offer a prayer. [bells tolling] brian: some powerful moments there as people speculated who
5:43 am
did the attacks, tried to make sense who would survive the attacks. currently for the first time ever, as you see the bagpipers marching down right near ground zero along with the drummers, there is a statewide moment of silence in every single school from upstate new york all the way through long island. that is mandated by the governor. i think it's great. steve: the images we just have shown you in that tape report, we only show them once a year because it is hard to look at the towers falling because you know what happened and how many people died at that instant. it is hard to watch people jumping for their lives as well. absolutely. ainsley: american flag with people still holding up the pictures of their loved ones that they have lost. brian: this is cassidy reader for "the star-spangled banner". ♪ what so proudly hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪
5:44 am
♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and
5:45 am
the home of the brave ♪ [applause] [billions tolling] [moment of silents
5:46 am
[moment of silence] ♪. [playing of "america" ] ♪.
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>> joanne ahladoitis. >> gary albero. >> john leslie albert. >> peter craig alderman. >> ply son kenneth joseph marino. these firefighters not a job. it's a calling. not everyone can do what a firefighter does. especially what they did on september 11th. out. knowing they may not make it out themselves. they continue to do what they were called upont horrific day. as we all know, many firefighters did not make it out. my son kenny was them. he left behind his wife, 20-month-old son and 3-year-old daughter but his spirit lives within his children.
5:50 am
and he was would be so proud of them today. while we are humbled by kenny's actions and actions of all the first-responders, 18 years has not lessened our loss. our lives have been forever changed but we hold on to cherish the moments we all shared. >> my aunt, for whom i named my daughter after,. [speaking spanish] we love you forever. we miss you infinitely, our lives have never been the same. >> jack kin aldridge frederick. >> david alger. >> ernest alikakos. >> edward allegretto. >> eric allen. >> joseph allyn. >> richard dennis allen. >> richard l. allen. >> christopher e. aling ham.
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5:53 am
i vividly remember your smile which lit up my world. your generosity, kindness, to everyone in your orbit, your incredible zest for life. i also remember your adventuresome spirit which is embody in your two beautiful daughters jessica and lella who are having adventures of their own. would brian. >> peter paul apollo. >> faustino apostol, jr. >> frank tom has aqilino. >> patrick michael aranyos david gregory arce. >> michael arczynski. >> louis arena. >> barbara general arestegui. >> adam arias. >> michael armstrong. >> jack charles air h aron.
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firefighter steve fenn develop i don't think belson. .
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>> bill: good morning to everyone watching us and across the world. it is that date again. it is 9/11 we are listening to somber moments in lower manhattan. the names of nearly 3,000 people being read in manhattan. america marks 18 years since as we say hello from new york city. for the next several hours we will be in coverage of the events in new york city,
6:00 am
pennsylvania, and washington, d.c. we go through this together every year. good morning everyone i'm bill hemmer live your


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