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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 11, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> sean: when evil calls itself a martyr, when all hope comes tumbling and crashing down, someone pulls us from the rubble, there she stands. our prayers to all those thats lost their loved ones, all those first responders and their family. they are -- words can't describe.t' laura ingraham from washington. my heart it's kind of troubled after watching that, to be honest. >> laura: i remember we were on tv that day. it brings it all back. it was a wonderful tribute, and i think we have a lot of lessons still unlearned after 9/11. >> sean: sadly, you are right. >> laura: very sadly and we are atat each other's throats on basic issues that we should be basically in agreement on. we are still angry.
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i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. so you heard me just mention it what are the real lessons of 9/11, and why are some politicians and certain media outlets downplaying the terror of that day.we examine those imt questions tonight, and also, what to do on the homefront. it also who suffered a bigger loss in last night special election? the democrats or the media.bongt narrative. plus, raymond arroyo brings us a push for a female james bond. and a feminist version of monopoly. all that in "seen and unseen."am at baltimore, president trump will set foot in charm city tomorrow. horace cooper and leo terrel are here on the protests that are expected.
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but, first, 9/11, lessons forgotten, that's the focus of tonight's angle. each year on september 11th we say we will never forget. we remember where we were on that horrific day.i was hear in. the tear-streaked faces offamilg to find their loved ones who knew they had died but they will held out hope. sons and daughters, brothers sisters, thousands of others who lost their lives. >> marie rose. >> andrew anthony abbate. >> irina vusalo. >> kathleen ann burns. >> marlin capito. >> mark lawrence davis. >> laura: did we really learn the lesson from 9/11?
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all these years later, it seems like many have forgotten. forgotten who carried out these attacks. and the sick islamist ideology that motivated them. we speak in vague terms about an attack on our freedom, and we commemorate 9/11 respectfully but that's not enough. bin laden is dead, but the radical mind-set that motivated a twisted man to kill themselves in 2,977 others didn't die with. we saw it inspire a deadly bombing at a paris nightclub. we saw it play out on a london bridge, at the boston marathon at fort hood. at a u.s. diplomatic outpostin . at a catholic mass in sri lanka on easter sunday. they used guns and bombs and knives and chemicals and cars. to cause maximum pain and bloodshed. a
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these attacks and many morehappf men and women into battle in iraq and afghanistan and despitf our borrowing trillions of dollars to pay for it all. although we did make it harder for law-abiding americans to fly on commercial airplanes, we still haven't taken some of the most common sense steps here at home to really make us safer. remember, at least five of the 19 hijackers overstayed their visas. attacks accused by dozens of convicted terrorists since then to infiltrate our country. we still haven't cracked down on visa overstays in this country. look at this chart, it's infuriating. more than 666,000 overstayed their visas last year alone. most will never leave america voluntarily. each and every one of these individuals should be found and sent home.and the failure to let
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stop there. astonishingly, we still haven't implemented some of the key recommendations of the 9/11 commission like biometric screenings of all foreigners traveling on visas into the united states, this would help us track people once they are here. and it could have helped avert 9/11 and the first place. of course presidentou trump has taken practical steps to secure the homeland. it took him to do the travel ban from terror watch list countries, extreme vetting. of course, he fought to get the wall built and we are starting that.changing the asylum proces. we are finally getting military help from mexico and a lot more. all of these measures, by the way, have been challenged by the left in court, by congress and nonprofits funded by the open borders lobby.michelle mulkin wt
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night laying that out. hollywood celebrities vilify the president by what should have been done long ago, again, to keep america safe.we can't ask i don't think, to feet in foreign lands to enforce ore country's border he's we resistence forcing our own. does that make any sense? in w the weak of 9/11, it was supposed to streamline our efforts to fell in the gaps and make america safe and eliminate nut types of threats. last year we spend $74 billion on homeland security yet we still had tens are of thousands of individuals making their way across-our borders every month. that's a decrease, by the way. how is that learning the lessons of 9/11.
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why would we risk endangering the lives of american citizens set aside the pocketbook cost of all this. even a small percentage of criminals or if even one terrorist got through, if we could have stopped them from ever entering the country in the first place? on this anniversary of 9/11, we must knowledge that not only do some influential americans not respect to the rule of law common sense measures that were recommended to us after 9/11, they don't even respect our first responders. >> abolishing i.c.e. protects our families from the militarization that's happening in our neighborhood. >> we need to have qualified use of force standard and we can hold them accountable. >> make sure that police departments look like the communities that they serve, not like an oppressive army. >> laura: how is that all these years after 9/11? the left relentlessly trashing
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cops and border patrol agents on the front lines. undermining their authority in making their jobs, frankly, more dangerous. now contrast this with what president trump said monday to honor those courageous first responders during the dayton and el paso mass shootings. >> president trump: these incredible patriots responded to the worst violence and most barbaric hatred with the best of american courage, character and strength, faced with grave and harrowing threats, the men and women standing behind us stepped forward to save the lives of their fellow americans that fewr people would have done and even could have done what they did. >> laura: and we shouldn't justha praise law enforcement after mass shootings, it's good to do that, but it's not enough to praise them after big anniversaries like today. we should honor their bravery every day. i know president trump does, as
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they carry out their very difficult jobs.ul and, by the way, their work will be made easier and americans will be safer if we don't allow foreign criminals or would-be terrorists into the country in theng first place, getting backo the first point. wouldn't all of this be a meaningful, truly meaningful tribute to those who died on 9/11? and that's the angle. here to respond is at mullins president of the nypd sergeants libenevolence association. ed, you were an nypd officer during the 9/11 attack. is the disrespect that officers are enduring, both on the streets and uniformed law enforcement at our borders, having an impact on our safety and theiro doubt, laura. the police offices that are out there today protecting theamerih
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more scrutiny and there is a very, very strong antipolice sentiment that exists. having gone through the nypd from the '80s to the present time, there will always bepeople police officers. on 9/11, you didn't have enough police officers. 18 years go tonight, nypd, iron workers, all on the pile saving iclives. 18 yearsot later, police offices are now the enemy of the people. ultimately, you are really not hurting the police. what you are doing is hurting ourselves because without laws being enforced, we have a lawless society. we have more victims. and that is going to infringe upon each person's freedom. i don't understand, and many police officers don't understand why people don't see this. we are promoting the criminal, and we are condemning the police makes no sense.
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>> the criminal's motivations and family upbringing are taken into account, but the snap judgment that police officers have to make, it's a life and death judgment at a moment's notice, they always want to assume the worst, always. and i want to play something fo. this is from today. tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director, he was at a hearing on capitol hill and was trying to make this point about respect for i.c.e. and people trying to help at our border, and he kept being interrupted by alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> in my 34 years, i've never seen such hate towards a law enforcement agency in my life. >> mr. holman, your time is expired. >> if you don't like, it legislate. >> his time is expired. i think when someone serves this country like he did
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for so many years wants to make a point about what this men and e women of the border need, andan, he should be allowed to say that. that's a small example but it's meant to shut him down and take his voice away. >> the job of the people and the job of the representatives in the house cis to be the voice of the people andyou o listen to the people. congresswoman cortez, you have to remember, was elected by a very small majority ofvotee was poor voter turnout. she does not speak for america and does not speak for the american people. we have a president who was elected by the people who speaks to the american people, and thankk god for law enforcementts lawen forcement. but what she's going through his is her 15 minutes of fame right now and to not allow someone to speak is really improper in the house of representatives.especim
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in to speak. >> 18 years after 9/11, we had so many first/1 where police officers again treated like dirt, stuff thrown at them by the citizens that they are actually trying to protect. watch. >> go ahead. >> [shouting] >> oh [bleep] ah, they got milk! >> laura: throwing gallons of milk and so forth at the police and i suppose they are supposed to smile and say, have good day. >> in new york city, we have mayor de blasio and a police commissioner who follows the policies of mayor de blasio, and new york city police officers have been under attack for the last four years.we've b, five-years with mayor deblasio. we are seeing this across the country.
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on the anniversary of 9/11, i would like to just to get across law enforcementacrosd women serving in law enforcement, we need to hold that line, we need to sand shoulder to shoulder dean pend the laws of this country and defends counsel tuesday we've been sworn to protect and encourage the american people that we will lead the way to haveeo a law and order society, contrary to this antipolice atmosphere. >> that the elected representative, ed, they have to be behind law enforcement, as well, seeing yes, these are the laws that have been dually passed, signed into law by the president or the governor, if it is a state law, or the mayor, and that's it. the laws are enforced but that's not what is happening, that is a break down of law and order that's why all these years after 9/11 there are too many people who still don't get it. ed, you are a treeil patriot, yu saw the best and the worst of
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humidity on that day both attacked on the world trade center and we really, really appreciate you. thank you so much. >> thank you, laura. >> i want to bring in terry estrada, who lost her husband on 9/11 and terry is with us now. thanks for being with us. my first question to you is, you lost her husband and you had just given birth. i believe it was four days before 9/11, and he just went in for a half day. >> yes. >> and he never came home. how do you process this day let alone any other day? >> it's a very difficult day, laura. from the moment the alarm goes off in the morning and it reminds me, he was here at 7:00 in the morning. he was still alive, taking a shower and say goodbye to the children.and kissing each and ee of them. he left and he said, i'll be home early, i'll be home before 2:00
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and i never saw him again. i did speak to him, he did call me that morning after the plane hit the building and it was a terrifying phone call. it was just a nightmare of a day to live through. >> laura: terry, i want to get your thoughts on the mind-boggling fact that the mastermind of 9/11 will not face trial until 20 years after 9/11n his trial will begin. we got him back in 2003. what does this say to the family? >> the families need to heal, and we can't heal as long as these perpetrators are not, you know, held accountable and held to justice in the courtroom and we can't heal as long as these perpetrators are not held accountable and held to justice in the courtroom. i have a lot of respect for them.
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we want to get it right. so when we get in the courtroom that will be done right and it's what the families deserve. we will get justice. >> i know family such as those are adamant that saudi arabia's. role, whatever connection, we know all the hijackers frame saudi arabia, the u.s. government endeavored to interview many of the family members, connected associates to the 9/11 hijackers.i do not belt was ever allowed to do those types of in depth interviews but we do have some information, and yet that has not been unredacted in an ongoing lawsuit that i know is seeking sum relief. 6 you want some answers. >> yes. we absolutely want answers. and tomorrow the doj is supposed to file a motion on documents that have been kept from us all these years, and we're hopeful that we're going to see some truths come out tomorrow, we don't know exactly, we're kind
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of on pins and needle here waiting to see what happened. there is a name that talks about it has been named the two saudi agents that were here in the united states out in san diego, their names were -- there is a name that tests the two saudi agents that are here in the united states out in san diego. and they were asking the hijackers when they were here so we need to know the name of that saudi individual who was tasking these two saudi agents here in this country. once we get that name, there is a lot more that we need to uncover. >> laura: this is than 18 years ofis heart ache and hurt r you and almost 3,000 other americans.and the fact we havend all the lessons still all these years later is really infuriating. i mean, it really came back to me. i'm really doing the show
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tonight for barbara olson, she literally could make me laugh at any moment of the day. and he would have loved her. we honor your husband and allth, those innocent measures, and we appreciate you fighting for justice and fighting for the truth. her husband looked like he was an incredible man. >> thank you. we have a wonderful president now who is on our side andfight. i actually invited some of us to the white house this morning to share a moment of silence on the south lawn and then invited us in to give as his condolences andheard he's just a wonderful man. the first lady was there, too. it was an honor to meet them. >> laura: i'm so glad. and he honors our police officers and first responders every day, not just on the big days.eeterry, thank you very mu. >> thank you.nd >> coming up, the son of a 9/11 victim lashes out at ilhan omar. ctand why is the media using ths
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solemn day to attack the president? we have that can't miss reaction, next
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>> cair was founded after 9/11
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because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> laura: every time i hear that, it infuriates me anew. those vile words, even i moreus disgusting when you hear them on this day. on ground zero, heartbroken family members read the names of 9/11 victims. nicholas harrows jr. lashed out at congresswoman omar and her callous "some people did something" remarks. >> some people did something said a freshman. congresswoman from minnesota. today i'm here to respond to you with exactly who did what to whom. on that day, 19 islamic terrorists, members of al qaeda killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage. is that clear? i was attacked. your relatives and friends were attacked. our constitutional freedoms were
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attacked. and our nation's founding on judeo-christian principles were attacked. that's what some people did. got that now? >> laura: joining me now dinesh desousa, conservative commentator.dinesh, that was qu. are you concerned of that sum on the radical left are diminishing what really occurred? or purposely putting blinders on for their own political expediency? >> i think we are witnessing what could be called a 9/11 minimization strategy. the strategy is to shift the blame away from who did this and why they did itand point it any. i was struck just today,"the neo a tweet, and then they deleted
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it, they basically said, they pointed the finger at the airplanes. aithe airplanes, quote, took aim at the buildings and "brought them down." ordinarily, this would be crazy a kind of animism to which you attribute inanimate objects.thec radicals did this in the islam. if a white supremacist had done it, they would be all over it and it, that's for reasons of political alliance. >> laura: otherwise ilan omar would get upset and others in congress with get upset and caer would get up said, but the american people got up said so they deleted the tweet. amnesia is something that really happens to you, but they are bringing on their own amnesia or a never understood in the first've spoken at so many
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colleges over the years and written about the craziness on college campuses. in qatar, they said happy 9/11, thousands thousand more than 8,had 41 civilians died in yemen this year helped by u.s. arms dealt to saudi arabia and uae. the u.s. is complicit in far mortarrer than it has ever suffered. there are many professors who might agree with that but they aren't stupid enough to tweet it. >> you' right, there is a false equivalent here. this is a sacred event because that targeting, thee deliberate targeting of civilians and there's no comparison between that and what's going on in yemen. it's almost like if we were talking about auschwitz andn. "the new york times" were to tweet out, some people did something, or they tweet out that the concentrationcamps, que
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jews and brought them down. nos, the concentration camps didn't do that the nazi's did than why are you comping up for the bad buys and pretenting inanimate objects did it. >> once you admit that their entire construct falls it's patently obvious to anyone that has half a brain cell. and i think academia, dinesh, and the hollywood and the media, they are all together in this. they are all in the same playpen with the 9/11 amnesia and it extends beyond that to a whole host of other issues. final thought. >> a decade ago in the called enemy at home, 88
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predicted there were was an alliance emerging between the most liberal and a liberal. and i'm sorry to say that dire prediction is very evidently true, and ilhan omar is the walking embodiment of it. >> the intersectionality of it all.dinesh, thank you so much. 9/11 is normally a solemn day of remembrance yet this morning cnn took the opportunity to hit rtrump and equate right wing terror with radical islamic terror. >> there is an absence of memory about 9/11.and we've seen the pn new york talking about hosting talks withay the taliban within days of 9/11 anniversary. then we've been seeing another form of violent extremism. since 9/11 right wing terrorists have killed more people in the united states than jihadist terrorists, according to new america. >> joining me now, brahim explain what new america is.the.
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>> what cnn did this morning the perfect example of laundering information around the d.c. bubble.around the swam. new america is a 20-year-old think tank in washington, d.c. staff bed all the people who staff all the other think tanks, whether it is breakings institution and all this stuff it is the seam sort of arkansase see. you have cnn and they go on to recite a report written by a new america which was written by another cnn employee. reporting on cnnaer is where thy are getting their information from.cnn sources, as the presidt always says, there are no sources for some of the things they say. the source is themselves.
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>> laura: so there is ilhan omar, and she is upset.shd be able to check immigrants, the etheir social media to find out what their intent is or may be, to get some idea what they want to do once they come here. heaven forbid all these years after he 9/11. this is what she said, make no mistake, this is fashionnism action. the trump administration weaponized that by denying entry. why should we allow someone to enter the country if they think we are an evil terrorist entity that should be brought down?is g them into the country? that's fascist? >> if i tweeted the rolety should be over thrown and i return to the monarchy, as i might one day, then you would expect that when i apply for my visa as i have done and i sat in front of
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your embassy in london and beg my case. when i sit there should they not know that i said that? should they not take that into consideration before affording me the luxury of being here and living here? and to finalize on the cnn point from earlier because all of this stuff comes together, doesn't it?on "the new york times" had an article about 160,000 birds and migratory patterns being affected. almost as of 300,000 people being dead is not enough, let's add birds into the mix. >> laura: that will be an acceptable tragedy. >> then you see what cnn is doing with all this and you hear what ilhan omar is doing. and the fact that the gaslight they put cnn on the kyron and they put amnesia at the bottomo. yet they are the one with amnesia. >> laura: i didn't even know and they are accusing the rest of us of having amnesia. >> they are trying to stir americans away from what happened on oning 9/11 and thee trying to forget it.
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>> and the enemy is not islam that's not the enemy, the enemy is us and our way of life, our traditions and our patriotism and our president. the enemy is that. thank you for being here. we could have talked to brexit too. coming up, are you ready for a female james bond? what about a feminist version of the game of monopoly?who is goi? raymond arroyo is up next with all the details
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we expose the cultural stories of the day. a female james bond, feminist monopoly, gone totally. all right raymond, let's start with the former james bond pierce brosnan announcement. >> they said of 007 this week, i think we watch the guys do it for 40 years, let's get out of the way guys and put a woman up there. i think it would be exhilarating, it will be exciting. not everybody is so bullish on the female bond including former bond girllaex valerie leon. >> valerie. >> i am in mourning here talking about bond being a woman. he was conceived as man, that is how ian fleming saw him. he's been successful all these years, and we don't want to see him as a woman. >> fleming built this character
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as a composite of commandos.peo. it was never meant to be poly gender here. it was supposed to be -- >> raymond just created a new term. >> while it was also -- i think you do lose something if you recast the character is a woman. >> let's just say this is stupid.this is stupid. get over yourselves. you can have your own superhero. should wonder woman be a man?wo. this is so dumb. it's the stupidest thing ever. >> this is all bubbling up because, in the latestjames bons going to be released in the spring, they announced 007 come in, and in walks this beautiful black actress lashawnda lynch. but the female ghostbusters a reboot bombed. the kitchen, which was a heist film with melissa mccarthy, bombed. >> we need sound effects for that. >> create original heroes with ffwomen and for women.
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>> laura: you know what's really tedious? our producers, writers, directors and people who live derivative lives.they can't livn leaves, they have to suck off other people's. they are like, just come up with your own idea, it's pathetic. what else? >> hasbro is announcing a new version of monopoly. mrs. monopoly. >> into ms. monopoly. >> i'm trying to upgrade her. it creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men. women are paid at $240 when they pass go, men are paid at the customary 200. do you like this idea, laura? >> laura: well, i might want to play long as it is . i'm just joking. >> it's pandering to -- my daughter wants an even playing field. so how does this play out, and what might it look like?and the, so i'm going to run through this
11:38 pm
myself. we took the old top hat for monopoly and replaced it with a pussyhat, a pink pussyhat. we created it. what about the get out of jail card? what that might look like? >> laura: that's good.i actually affection for monopoly. >> why. >> laura: when the little players, they turned them into like light weight plastic. the heavy medal. >> the kids were choking on the lead >> laura: before we go, susan page tweeted this from reagan airport. 18 years ago at this moment i was on the flight, and today i'm back at dca waiting for a flight. there was an announcement asking for a moment of silence remembering the attack and those we lost, and to my dismay, almost no one stopped talking. if i were on that plane, that would not have happened.
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>> raymond: this was in the airport, dca. there's a culture that has forgotten, young people don't care. there was a study that came outt shows colleges, only 18% of them, insist that kids study basic government facts or history.thtuu.s. history. the same study found that 26% thought kavanaugh was the chief justice, 14% thought it was antonin scalia and 18% thought aoc was the author of the new deal.this, we have to be very careful. you have to be very careful. we're making fun of this like slipped facts, but when you lose and forget something like 9/11 and have no reverence for loss of life you've lost something and you are not prepared for the next tragedy or the next danger. >> laura: my own kids both studied it in school today and i quizzed them and they knew it into their head. they learned it in school and i was happy to hear that. thank you very much for tonight,
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as always. up next, it's hard to say whoo s more upset by the results of north carolina special election last night. the democrats more upset that they lost or the media. dan bongino and chris hahn face-off next for that debate
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>> two media narratives, two bubbles burst. here to debate is dan bongino fox news contributor and author of the upcoming book "exonerated." and chris hahn.rformer aide to r
11:43 pm
and host of a progressive, progressive podcast. let's get into this. we all saw this coming. the media eagerly hyped last night special election, and they saw trouble on the horizon for trump and the republicans when they thought the democrat was going to win. >> the race is incredibly close between the bishop and democrat dan mccready and the president is now trying w to downplay expectations p for his guy. >> what does it tell you that both the president and vice president have been there in the last 24 hours? it tells you they are worried. >> it tells you trump's in trouble. >> i think trump's in trouble regardless. >> laura: cnn was clearly distraught over the results. dan, obviously we are just having fun with cnn but theconta following last night's results. it is telling. if trump wins, he still loses.
11:44 pm
he loses and he loses and he wins and he loses. so what's going on here? >> this is the media eager to tell a story, not the story. and the story is what you just said.sometimes examples work be. when democrats come close butlod yesterday in north carolina, it was a moral victory, it was close. it is a republican-leaning direct. we gave it the good old college s try. it's a moral victory for the dems. and when the republicans actually win an election like donald trump, he lost the popular vote. you know the russians did it and it's just again and, not the-- a story, not the story. >> laura: so have you all become the party of moral victories? it's a victory in theory if not actual results. >> i don't believe in moralvict,
11:45 pm
you know that. we've been talking about this for a long team. a win is a win. that said, it was an r-11 direct and they had to have a presidential and vice presidential visit to pull out the victory. and they are going to have a tough time in 2020. but if you look at the numbers the democrats way outperformed what they had done in that district. >> laura: you're doing it, though. you're doingit it. >> hold on, he still lost and i give credit to the republicans werepa tough win. if they have to spend money in districts like that then they don't have enough to go around. >> laura: i don't want to spend a whole segment on this but he was down 17 or 19 points three weeks before.the presiden. have pence show up, and
11:46 pm
that tells me that this president is extremely popular. in a state like north carolina that's gotten tougher for republicans, that's what it tells >> what chris is conveniently leaving out there, mccready was a good candidate that ran as a moderate and had a great pedigree and the democrats outspent the republicans dramatically. also, he was running at two years.becaused on all the mess feasance animal and malfeasanc. >> it's not an r-11 district. dieit's our plus 11. >> laura: but bishop -- he's not the most dynamic candidate either. candidates do matter. he got better over time but he didn't come out of the gate very strong. i think trump won that and that was a good sign for 2020. so i smashed that narrative back. the next big narrative that the media has been pushing is an eminent recession.
11:47 pm
>> troubling assigns of the u.s. economy may be inching toward a recession. >> warning signs of a recessionu sends stock prices plummeting. >> trump doesn't want to talk about the coming recession that might be upon us. >> fears of a global recession.. >>s was smile when he said the word recession, i think. the good news of course keeps rolling in, and we have finally been watching this, the lowest poverty rate since 2001. chris, how much longer can you democrats actually ignore reality with the best economy of the g7? wages up, optimism up. why are you guys down talking the economy? >> i'm not counsel talking the economy, but people who are worried about trade wars and rumors of trade wars, the economy for most people and they vote as a state of mind and not a set of numbers. if theot president keeps threatening trade wars, people who are concerned about that
11:48 pm
are going to think the economy is going down. and that's his problem. it doesn't know how to get out of his own way on the economy. >> american confidence in econo. dan, final thoughts.>> everythid trump actually produced.income , wages increasing. wages concentrated at the lower end of the income scale, literally everything obama promised, trump produced and obama made worse and chris can't take it. >> the farmers in iowa worried about selling their soy beans. >> if you think the farmers in ewith a are going to determine all of the u.s. trade policy, it is never going to happen, not when we have the big dog of china in the pen, not going to happen. >> like a socialist is. >> dan and chris, thank you for joining us. and session weeks after slamming
11:49 pm
the industry, president trump is heading to baltimore tomorrow. we expect protests and we're going to be there to cover them. we debate it next.
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>> laura: president trump
11:52 pm
will visit baltimore tomorroww for the annual congressional retreat. it will be his first visit sinc, and throngs of protesters are expected downtown. what else do protesters do? but here's the question. should trump extend his stay in the term city? joining me now is horace cooper co-chair of project 21 and author of the forthcoming book, author of the forthcoming book, "how trump is making black america great again" and leo terrel civil rights attorney. should trump stay longer? he may have something planned. we are hearing the ribs and draftshe of that tonight. but if so, what should he do and see? >> first of all the quick answer to your question is yes because i can't, how did they miss baltimore? how did skip the congressional
11:53 pm
district of eliza cumming? >> laura: why don't you ask him that? >> he talks about baltimore, being a rat infested can he. >> laura: i will answer your question with a question. how is l.a.'s homelessness such a disaster? why can't san francisco pick up the needles that you walk on right near the opera house? downtown in san francisco? why? because they are badly run cities by liberals who won't learn lessons, that's why. any other questions? okay. >> i'm confused. >> then you can think of a good answer. horace. the president has an opportunitt tomorrow, he has a real opportunity to make a real difference by just bonding with the people of baltimore and saying, you are not forgotten. we are here and we want you to doim better. there are some common sense things we have to work on
11:54 pm that a good idea? >> i don't have a problem with it, but what i'm concerneder about is the emphasis overappead with substance. this baltimore is better today that it was before he became president. there is a lot more that needs to be done because that city is still being mismanaged. the free market and the lowregut solutions. >> it looks athletic is humming there in baltimore. >> it is not humming, it is better. >> that's not better. >> the point about being better -- >> yes it is. >> if you say it is better, you just defeated trump's argument, is it bad or worse? what is it. >> no, no, no you can look the place -- >> you justpl said that. >> no, i said it is better it sim proved. he spent the 4th of july in baltimore because it is something that i would do now
11:55 pm
thatbe i wouldn't have done thre or four-years ago. >> so why did trump say it was a disaster.ou i'm not taking leo's side here now. >> every city has a segment that can be improved. when you look at what trump has been seeing, every city has that so i'm confused -- >> leo, baltimore needs complete overhauling. the mismanagement that occurred here, the people that are hurt. >> you said it is okay. >> i did not sea okay, i said improving. every step forward we should acknowledge as positive. what we shouldn't say is there haven't been any steps forward . there has been some. >> there are a lot more that needs to take place. >> just then a question, two years ago -- three-years ago, trump went to every urs ban city and said what have you got to lose, give me a chance. whats hear done in three-years, those are his words, lawyer with a. those are his words.
11:56 pm
>> what he's donaldson, lufkin & jenrette is more plaque americans including -- >> if you want to work, you can get a job but you can't get a job if you're heading to jail, you can't get a job if you're a member of a gang, you can't get a job if you don't finish high school and get involved in the criminal justice system, it is all harder, i think that's the point. 40 more homicides this year already done last year and that's a big problem. i think we all want to fix this and we will see if trump steps into it tomorrow. in moments, the story of sacrifice that you need toor .. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there.
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saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> laura: and to close, i want to tell you about two brothers. joe and john vicki on l. joe was a new york city >> to close i want to tell you about two brothers, joe and john. joe is an nypd detective, john, new york city firefighter, both answered the call on 9/11, both
12:00 am
tragically lost their lives. the last words both men sent to their beloved dad was also a new york city police officer, said i love you, dad. today we remember them, their sons, three of the sons are in military government service, one is a member of the nypd, amazing legacy for that family and remember all those who lost their lives that day, learn the right lessons from 9/11, god bless all of them and god bless my friend barbara olson who i think of all the time but especially think of her on this day, one of the most courageous people i knew and always been r


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