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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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not so far. i'm harris. thanks for watching today. "the daily briefing" starts right now. here's dana. >> dana: house democrats advance their quick for impeachment setting up rules of engagement even as nancy pelosi tries to slow down this run away train. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." democrats on the house judiciary committee have just approved guidelines for upcoming hearings. gerald nadler explaining his game plan. >> we will begin next week an aggressive series of hearings investigatin obstruction and abuse of power against the president. >> dana: bret baeer is in houston tonight. congress was gone about five
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weeks. there were hints and whispers of impeachment. now that congress is back. now that the judiciary committee has taken this action and the speaker is constantly saying i don't want to do this. but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, is it an unimpeachment move? >> right. welsh dana, i might as well explain. we're at the debate in houston for the democrats. i have this microphone for the spin room later on, which gets loud in this place. i think this is a potential problem for the democrats up on capitol hill. when you have politico with a story that calls the situation with the impeachment a dumpster fire. cnn says it's the gang that can't shoot straight for democrats on impeachment. and you have the house speaker saying she is done taking questions on the rhetoric of whether it's impeachment or not. an inquiry, an investigation or moving forward, she says they're on the right path. either way, there are clearly moderates in the democratic caucus who are uncomfortable
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with this plan. and remember, there are democrats who won their seats from republicans in some of these suburban districts who just don't like this tact because they believe it tells people that they're not getting other things done. that's the real battle inside the democratic caucus. >> dana: it's very interesting. you have the washington story and then the rest of the country, including those democrats, 2020 democrats. we know when they're out on the campaign trail, they don't talk about impeachment. they didn't talk about it at the debate. listen one more time to jerry nadler about how he responded to nancy pelosi. >> i'll call this process of peachment inquiry. some call it an impeachment investigation. there is no legal different tprepb between the terms. and i no longer care to argue about the nomanclature. let me clear up any remaining doubt. conduct under investigation poses a threat to our democracy. we have an obligation to respond to this threat and we are doing
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so. >> dana: so he's making news in washington. impeachment talk suck up a lot of oxygen. do you anticipate the democrats debating tonight are going to finally have to make some answers on this? >> i think because this happened today, they're going to have to. you're right. last debate, the word impeachment didn't come up. the mueller report did not come up. i think it will have to tonight, just by the timing of what happened today with the rules vote. >> dana: today is a thursday. karl rove has his column on thursdays. he wrote about the democrats. he was basically saying the field has already win knowed. he wrote this. democrats remain in place all saying they're in it to win it but with summer gone, no other candidate has made any significant inroads. he basically said that the nominee will be biden, warren or sanders. there are seven other candidates on the debate stage tonight who i'm sure would love to disagree, then a few more who are still in
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the race, but didn't make the debate stage. how do you see it going tonight? >> i think tonight will be pivotal. obviously, you have a front runner who come in the democratic party perceive as weakened just by his performance. if you look at the polls, he's not at all, and there seems to be a flight to safety. if joe biden can't convince the democratic party that he can hold on and go across the finish line for the long haul, there may be, and this is to counter karl's point, another flight to safety other than elizabeth warren an bernie sanders who have the same ideological viewpoint. i'm not sure whether that's the only three, but tonight i think will be pivotal, even though, dana, as you know, we're so early in the process. >> dana: we have more debates to go. i also wanted to show you this. president trump's campaign is not gonna rest. they are going to campaign a little bit themselves tonight. they have an ad that's going to fly over downtown houston saying
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socialism will kill houston's economy, vote trump 2020. you can text to get more information, then they get your information which helps them in their campaign. >> yeah. it's counter programming. we should point out the trump folks will be out and about in available for interviews. so there's a concern about where the democrats are, but i think the trump campaign feels that going against socialism, specifically elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, is a good tact. i will say this, dana. that tonight is also thursday night football. there will be a lot of people who perhaps choose that viewing option instead of the debate. >> dana: i would never do that. i would never do that. >> i wouldn't. >> dana: also, another panini video will be released tonight. if you don't know what that is, you can stick around for the commercial break and i'll explain that to you. thank you.
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looking forward to your special report tonight from houston. >> i'll be there as well. >> dana: a major win for the trump administration as the supreme court says it will allow the president's asylum policy to take effect nationwide. the policy requires anyone trying to enter the u.s. by traveling through a third country, like mexico, to seek asylum in the first country they come to. john roberts is live from the north lawn. john, what do you know? >> reporter: dana, good afternoon. there's no other way to put it it. this is a huge victory for the white house. he rejoined the policy on a nationwide basis and was overturned hrafrt night by the supreme courted, which said that for the time being the policy can go into effect in all 50 states across the nation. president trump thrilled about the scotus decision. for the moment, the united states government can deny asylum claims from people who
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travel through a third country before reaching the u.s. border. that will, of course, affect the hundreds of thousands of central american migrants who traveled through mexico to reach the southern border with the united states, as well as people from overseas who come up through mexico as well. the policy will force central americans to apply at u.s. embassies in their home countries. the u.s. is also trying to reach what's called a safe third agreement with mexico, which would allow migrants to apply for asylum in mexico. the acting customs and border protection commissioner saying there are still potential legal hurdles ahead, but that he is encouraged by the supreme court decision. listen here. >> the fight's not over. we're still going through hearing the merits of the case right now. but right now what that means, while that's going on, we can fully implement this rule along an entire southwest border. >> reporter: the ruling at the supreme court was 7-2 in favor of allowing the policy to go forward while the case is
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decided on the merits. two descending justices were ruth bader ginsburg and sonia sotomaore. in a joint statement, the house judiciary committee chairman gerald nadler and citizenship chair saying we are gravely disappointed that the trump administration will be allowed to implement this shameful policy that effectively shuts the door on people ski asylum unless they are mexican nationals because there's a continuous border between mexico and the united states. there is no third country in between them. then there's all that policy for mexican nationals who come across the border can be sent back right away. we'll see how this case does on the merits. at the moment, big win for the white house. >> dana: they are announcing this week, the reason mark morgan was in the briefing room was to talk about how efforts between the united states and mexico have decreased the number of people trying to cross
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illegally. john roberts, thank you. two americans top 15 fugitives caught after fleeing a prison van. we're learning how this bonnie and clyde couple were able to evade police for two weeks. plus under the president's ban, is it a giant overreach? we have a great panel to debate that up next. >> if we find children start surging apple flavored cigarettes or find marketing practices that target children and try to drive the market share into tobacco flavored products, we'll engage in action there, also. ♪
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too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice. >> dana: nationwide vaping crisis after the trump administration said it is
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considering a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes. states are also cracking down. new jersey could become the first to ban all electronic smoking products. with more than 450 cases reported and at least six months. joining me now is matthew meyers president of the campaign for tobacco free kids and paul blair. paul, let me give you a chance first to talk about your thinking on this. i feel like the ban the products side of the debate has gotten a lot of attention. is there argument against the ban? go for it? >> absolutely. i want to thank you for having me on. i want to say there isn't a day in my work where i don't look at some of the regulatory actions of the trump administration and think, thank god, that he won in november 2016. what i'll say about the issue of vaping is there are 13 million american adults who use these products largely to reduce or
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eliminate their dependence on cigarettes which kill 480,000 people every year. so there's a political component to argue that maybe has not been missed by a lot. some of the polling we did in 2016 show four out of five of these consumers, adults who use these cigarettes to quit smoking, are single issue voters on the issue of where a politician stands on the issue of banning a product they're using to save their own lives. the big political story is getting this wrong, getting regulation wrong and going too far may cost trump the election in 2020. >> dana: that's quite a statement. i haven't heard that one yet before. let me get to you, matt. you believe that there is a significant health risk that you think the trump administration should address. your thoughts? >> i think they're addressing what is a very urgent and important health crisis and that should say to you, the actual polling is entirely different than what you just heard. first, i think it's important to
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realize over the last two years we've seen 3 million person increase in the number of kids using e-cigarettes. it coincides with the introduction of juul an flavored products. what we're all seeing is that over one in four high school and middle school kids are using these products and that a quarter of them or higher are becoming addicted to these products. using e-cigarettes to deliver high doses of nicotine have long term consequences for adolescence. they're important to understand. it dramatically increases the risk of a life long addiction by three times itsmoking. we know delivering high levels of nicotine to anned a less lens brain has harmful effects. the trump administration is right in line with public sentiment. a real poll shows approximately 60% of all americans ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes because it's those products
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fueling the epidemic. what was interesting about the poll and very interesting and unusual, it cut across political grounds. it had majority support among democrats and republicans. >> dana: i have seen that. i just wonder, paul, if prohibiting a product from adults buying it. you would be able to get it anyway. is it going to cause more problem in terms of counterfeit products or the black market. kids do things like kids will do. but does that hurt other people? i don't know if popularity is a reason to change policy. >> absolutely. look, prohibition never worked. it didn't work with alcohol in the 1920s. it hasn't worked with marijuana in the united states. i don't have an example in the united states where teens are simply not going to experiment with products because the government said they're illegal. it is the black market. it is thc, it is marijuana on the black market that in many of the cases where we have seen dramatic stories about illnesses
11:18 am
or deaths around vaping is the culprit. it's not nicotine. it's not the e-cigarettes available in convenience stores and vape shops. what the question is, is whether youth experimentation with products that are 95% to 99% less harmful than cigarettes according to the world college of physicians, should lead us to limit the adult choices of smokers who are using these products the quit a known deadly addiction. >> dana: one last quick question to matt. do you think, sir, the previous administration made a mistake in not stopping this from coming to market in the first place? >> we're not talking about prohibition. we are talking about products fueling the youth epidemic. before juul transformed the market, the largest sale was tobacco flavored. anybody that is using as an adult an e-cigarette to quit will still have tobacco flavored products to do it.
11:19 am
let me finish. until juul transformed it by introducing mango and mint. there's a reason public health officials in the united states, both parties, both administrations, the fda, the cdc, as well as -- >> dana: matt, i'm sorry, i have got to wrap it up here. fascinating discussion. thank you so much for your expertise. we'll have you back. thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> dana: how joe biden is using his record to argue he's the man to beat hours before stepping into the debate ring. and more on the boat fire that killed 34. we just got an update from the ntsb and we'll tell you what they said. country honorably. whether it was two years, fours years, or nearly thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is a va mortgage benefit that lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa with our veteran-friendly approval process
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>> dana: fox news alert. ntsb releasing its preliminary report on the deadly dive boat fire. the ship went up in flames on labor day. william la jeunesse has the details from california. william, we just got information we want to share with our viewers. >> reporter: yeah. it came out about five minutes ago. the headline is all five crew members were asleep behind the wheel house which means one was not awake in case the boat drifted, so it didn't go ashore or rocks or another boat.
11:24 am
they were supposed to be awake and weren't. by the time they woke up, the fire was fully engulfed. there was no prior electrical o the ntsb. basically a noise around 3 a.m. gets up, sees the fire, awakes the other four guys. the fire by now is coming out of the galley below, the second deck, if you will. they try to get down by ladder and couldn't because it was on fire. i'm quoting that the main deck, which is where the galley an kitchen area is, where all the passengers are, it was, quote, fully engulfed with fire, with smoke coming out of the window. we were unable to open that window an were overwhelmed by smoke an jumped overboard. they got in a skip, they went around back. tried to get in again and couldn't. they opened the engine compartment. there was no fire there. ntsb, this is only a two page report, plans to examine regulations on old boats like
11:25 am
this. we talked about the power source and how it could have been over heated. number two, they're going to look into smoke alarms because in this particular case, these were really old. you can get them at home depot for five bucks. they were not wired into the wheel house. finally evacuation procedures. some points were articulated in terms of the exit and it not being properly, adequate if you will, were articulated by the ntsb board member who toured a sister boat and interviewed the crew. >> it's not just about can you see your way out. it's can you get up the ladder, over the bunk, find the emergency escape hatch and get up it. it's difficult to maneuver. >> reporter: so the plan today is to take a barge out there, lift the existing boat off the ocean floor and then bring it here where i'm at, which is the largest port between san francisco and l.a. there, atf fire investigators
11:26 am
will examine it for materials, combustibility, was there a flash over where the fire explodes on the second floor as those overheated gas literally ignite. atf, we spoke to one of their board members a short time ago. >> that's where the science comes into play. they can't just say based on my experience, this is how it happened. they'll use electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, the life long experience of the fire investigators to actually come up with the cause of the fire. >> reporter: obviously, there are legal implications there. the fact that there's no one on there. code is they are required to be there. finally, i will say that the coast guard issued a directive to all commercial operators around the country to look at their power strips and see if they're potentially overloaded. old boats are simply not
11:27 am
equipped with all the cell phones and computers we have today. >> dana: thank you. authorities in arizona holding a press conference after capturing the couple on the run in arizona for three weeks. it's amazing they were able to evade capture up to now. >> reporter: absolutely. more than 2 1/2 weeks, dana. according to the u.s. marshal for the district of arizona, david gonzalez, it was a tip that he called intriguing that led them to pumpkin center, arizona. that's about 90 minutes northeast of phoenix, where they surrounded this property owned by someone who they say had a very similar background to blaine barksdale and susan barksdale. they had federal authorities up there, along with local law enforcement. this all happened last night. this is a large property, about an acre, with several trailers there. they surrounded it, called for the people inside, then the owner of the property came out
11:28 am
first. then susan barksdale came out, was crying. when blaine came out, at first he seemed to be complying, then stopped following orders. he was behreupbl rant. ultimately it was something that ended without incident is what authorities say. so how did we get here? police say the two had been transported from henrietta, new york, via private security firm, to arizona. when they were in route and traveling through utah, mrs. barksdale faked being sick. the security van pulled over and the barksdale overpowered the guards and took off with the guards and an inmate who was in the van. they ditched the prison van and picked up a truck in arizona that authorities say was given to them by one of their acquaintances. the u.s. marshal's office said they believed all along that the
11:29 am
couple would head to arizona where they had connections to white supremacists and gangs. mr. barksdale was added to the u.s. marshal's 15 most wanted list. the reward for the couple and reward was increased to $40,000. they were being extradited to tucson for the murder of a 72-year-old man, who investigators say went missing in april after there was an explosion at his home. the couple also suspected of arson, burglary as well as auto theft. now, dana, during this search, the u.s. marshals did say that if anyone is caught helping or hiding these folks, that they could face federal felony charges. the couple is expected in court later today in tyson. >> dana: thank you. elizabeth warren unveils her social security plan ahead of tonight's third debate. who would be affected the most? andrew yang loosening up for tonight by hitting the hardwood, challenging senator ted cruz to a game, as his campaign suggests
11:30 am
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>> dana: top 2020 democrats desebd on houston. elizabeth warren is calling on wealthy americans to pick up the tab. peter, what else does she got in this plan? >> reporter: dana, senator warren, we've seen over the last couple weeks, has been hosting these huge rallies with thousands of young democrats. today she's going for older democrats with a plan to beef up everybody's social security checks. she sent out a release this morning. part of it says this. every single current social security beneficiary, about 64 million americans, will immediately receive at least
11:35 am
$200 more per month under my plan, that's at least $2400 per year to put toward home repairs or visit to see the grand kids or paying down the debt you might still owe. the warren team included with this release a moody's analysis where there is a projection that this plan could lift 5 million seniors out of poverty. she said it would be paid for with her wealth tax, where every dollar after the first 50 million that you make is taxed an extra $0.02. now we wait to see how this plays. warren has been steadily rising. tonight, she might have as much to lose, if not more to lose, than anybody el. >> dana: we'll see if biden decides to say anything about that. there's also this, i don't know a lot about basketball, but there's a basketball challenge involving andrew yang and senator ted cruz. why is that? >> reporter: it all started
11:36 am
yesterday. yang posted a video of himself playing basketball as a way he says to prepare for the debate. our producer saw the tweet and posted something that said yang should challenge the texas senator ted cruz to a basketball game. cruz famously played jimmy kimmell in a charity basketball match. so they started going back and forthed on twitter. cruz wrote to yang, sorry, you got to pull at 5% or more to play on my court. he wrote, you're taller than i am. you're a better shot. and i have seen you dunking on an 8 foot room. just bring it. yang beyonded eventually, fantastic, my team will reach out. looking forward to it. and yang is also talking about another sport today, dana, football. he is wondering aloud why the dnc scheduled tonight's debate at the same time as a thursday night nfl football game? he points out also on twitter
11:37 am
that nfl fans vote as well. >> dana: lots of sports. thank you so much, peter. joining me for more on tonight's debate is juan williams and jesse waters, host of waters world at 8 p.m. eastern every saturday night on fox. lots of sports there. also another sport, ed repb tkel, former dnc chairman. he said today about elizabeth warren, not for it, right? said the senator appears to get the political up side from assuring donations from higher level donors while at the same time using money from those donors in 2018. he's on the biden team. basically, he's saying elizabeth warren likes to talk about this being a grass roots kind of person, but she got a ton of corporate donations the first time around and that's how she's able to fund this campaign. >> i imagine that will be a theme tonight. if you see biden going on offense, back to sports, he will
11:38 am
be going at elizabeth warren, much more so than bernie sanders. we come down to three candidates. we've come down to sanders, warren and biden. biden maintaining about a ten point lead in the latest polls, dana. the question is, how do they, not just sanders and warren, but how does the rest of the field go after the front runner? don't forget, in the first debate, the problem for biden was that kamala harris went after him aggressively. he said he was unprepared. this time he seems to be signaling. some people said, why would you tell the opponent what you're going to do? he seems to be signaling that he's going to go at it with warren on the basis that she takes money from the rich, but now says doesn't want to do it. >> i just love watching democrats attack each other. >> dana: so fun. >> it's going to be a long, bloody, expensive primary and i'm going to enjoy every single
11:39 am
minute. it's early. that's why rendell is doing biden's dirty work for him. she is a hipocrite, but it's a self-inflicted wound. she nieced money, but she's demonized everybody that makes money. the oil executives, billionaires, bankers. that's dirty money for her. but she needs to compete, so she gets caught moving some money around from her senate campaign and gets called out for it. if she wants to lose with honor, fine, but i don't feel sorry for her. >> dana: dana axelrod has an op ed in "the new york times" talking about trump. said let trump destroy himself. the most effective question for democrats to get voters to ask is whether the country can survive another four years like this. to win t democrats will have to turn his negative energy against him without embodying it themselves. they have to figure out a way to play jujitzu against trump. can any of these candidates, are
11:40 am
they able to do that? >> i'm not sure. use his energy against him? >> dana: this is a lot of sport. >> that's why we love you. you make it fun. the thing is, the polls that we were talking about earlier, they all show that biden can handedly beat trump, but all warren and sanders. so the question becomes with the press covering trump so constantly, this is something we discussed on "the five" yesterday. is he just sucking up the air? if it becomes a, what are these democrats up to? tonight one of the break throughs we might have is a discussion of foreign affairs and national security, in a way that we haven't before. that leads to a discussion of president trump's conduct. >> dana: there's also a book, remember, corey lewandowski. >> permission to make a sports an nallsy? axelrod is saying donald trump is like dennis rodman.
11:41 am
he's got the hair. he's getting t'd up all the time. he's enciting the crowd, throwing elbows, going crazy. the democrats just need to stay in their lane, don't get tangled up with him and eventually rodman, trump, will get tossed out of the game. the democrats don't have the talent to be even in the same league with donald trump. he has the money, power, economy. donald trump, as we've said, juan, has tapped into a pop hreufpl in this country, an economic patriotism that the democrats have not even recognized yet. >> dana: how might president trump respond to an elizabeth warren plan for an additional $200 a month for senior citizens who are on social security? >> you haven't heard about the banner? bunch of socialists? a banner he's flying -- >> dana: i don't think he would say that about social security. >> he has a plan to cut into
11:42 am
medicade spending. >> dana: what do you think, jesse? >> we'll let the courts decide. >> dana: the basketball courts. just kidding. okay. we have a lot to come up on "the five" today. it is greg guttfeld is back. it is his birthday. >> happy birthday. ♪ animals are great animals are great ♪ >> dana: the thing about this tonight is we actually have live animals in the studio tonight, a baby kangaroo, a penguin, greg's favorite, the sloth and an lynx, which johnny called a lion. that's an lynx. >> dana: what is an lynx? >> a cat. >> no, no. little more threatening than a cat. >> you can hold the lynx. >> dana: you cannot miss "the five." thanks for coming on "the daily briefing." a major cleanup under way in the hurricane ravaged bahamas.
11:43 am
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>> dana: swift reaction by israel over a story that it was behind surveillance devices in the d.c. area, with prime minister netanyahu, he's denying it and accusing the spying accusations fabrication. the sting ray bugging equipment was used to gather intelligence but the trump administration reportedly hasn't taken any action in response. hurricane dorian survivors now tackling the cleanup effort in the bahamas. the damage is estimated to be in the billions of dollars, and hundreds are still listed as missing now more than a week after the storm blew through. steve harrigan is live on the ground. what's the scene like today? >> reporter: dana, it looks like
11:48 am
the destruction is worse. i can see one or two hammers going, as people try to make what they can out of this mess. it's just about eight or ten feet of plywood, furniture, what used to be houses here, as far as you can see. a man behind me is pulling what he can out of the remains of that house. you can see some laundry hanging on some trees. it is a do it yourself effort here. no general laters, no electric power. people trying to find what they can, salvage what they can. people are putting tarps up on roofs because there is another storm headed this way, dana. >> dana: where does the death toll stand now? i know that hundreds are missing. at what point do they make another calculation? >> reporter: so many bodies are still missing, so many people still missing. officially, it's 50 dead, but the government says as many as 2500 people are missing, so that number could really jump up. people have really left to get
11:49 am
out, to go wherever they could. about 4,000 to the u.s., 2,000 to nassau. we talked to some teachers this morning. they said they left here to go to nassau to tell them they were still alive. the only way to do that was to get on a plane and say, our school was destroyed, but we still need to get paid. >> dana: incredible stories. just the pictures there and how they are ever going to clean it all up. it's a mystery. we thank you for your reporting and the care and the passion you put into it. steve harrigan, thank you. >> i was on the hotel couch, hung over, and happened upon the little championship. i watched these people achieving something that somewhere in the back of my mind, i knew i wanted to do. just never fathomed myself doing it. >> dana: from struggling with addiction to competing in the iron man world championships in
11:50 am
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>> dana: in the report says triple crown winner justify failed a drug test before the kentucky kentucky derby. justify tested positive for a band drug. the california horse racing board kept the results quiet, moving to drop the case two months after justify claim the crown. some of the biggest names in the music business, one day 20 years ago a knee needed help. michael mcdonald started his career as a tour manager and went on to manage john mayer and his current roster includes the on bridges, walk the moon, and rising star maggie rogers. michael struggled with addiction before getting life saving help from music cares. >> my connection with music care started almost 20 years ago when
11:55 am
i was a very active alcoholic and cocaine addict. i needed to get sober and so i did and when i did, music cares was there with group therapy for me. those meetings really saved my life. >> dana: michael mcdonald joins me now. you have come a long way and you're about to do the iron man. >> yeah. it's a dream of mine that i sort of hatched about 25 years ago. hung over on a couch watching these incredible people cross the finish line and i never thought i would have the endurance, spirit, discipline to do. in four weeks, which i'm reminded of daily, i'm going to go do the iron man. >> dana: you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. thinking about that moment when you realized you needed help, what was your next step after
11:56 am
that? there's a lot of people that are dealing with that themselves or have loved ones dealing with and what is the thing that gets you to turn things around? >> a big part of it was my life at the time. i was newly married and she basically said deal with yourself and deal with that. and then we'll deal with our marriage. or not. you don't have to deal with it. and then we won't. i reached out to another manager who was managing aerosmith at the time. i knew he had helped them get sober and he put me in touch with another -- actually a board member of music cares. >> dana: what was it about music cares that made the difference for the sobriety to stick? >> i was provided weekly free group therapy with other musicians in the new york area. it was a safe environment. people who knew what it was like to walk into a club and not drink. that free therapy really provided me the foundation for what i needed to be where i am
11:57 am
today. >> dana: and the exercise part of it. how long did it take you to get to a point where you are healthy enough to consider going for this goal of the iron man. >> it took years. i started getting in shape about five years sober. i did a long bike ride from new york to boston and then i did a half iron man with my sister. and then my wife and i started having kids, so this dream was delayed until they were old enough for me to do it. >> dana: what about in the music business today, there's a long history of partying and things like that. is that still true today? >> it depends. there are those environments. what i find is there is much more understanding, much more acceptance. it matters less when you're in that room or not. i think there is more moderation today than there was back in the heyday. >> dana: you will be raising money for music cares when you do this.
11:58 am
it's so important to give back, right? they are saying -- you are saying they helped save your life. >> they did help save my life. in the position in the industry i'm in, we are provided an amazing platform and the best thing i can do with my life is use the platform to help other people. >> dana: i have one last question. i do not understand the whole ice bath thing. i don't care how tired your muscles are. you actually lower yourself in and you -- this gives me the worst permanent chills. >> my friend mark who shot all the video, that's his house and he and his wife have gotten into it and they got me -- >> dana: there's a lot of people in the music business doing this after concerts? >> it may be a trend. what it does for recovery and for your blood circulation and for the production of chemicals that are good for us in our body is unreal. >> dana: it is so cold on the
11:59 am
21st floor here that i feel like going into my office sometimes feels like an ice bath. michael mcdonald, good luck to you. thanks for all you do and the people that you manager really lucky to have you. we are fortunate to have you bring us this great music. >> thank you so much. i appreciate being here. >> dana: pork prices in china surging. officials say disease is devastating the pigs populations, causing prices to be 47% higher than last year in the trade war with the u.s. is not helping either. average grocery bill is up 10% since last year, as the chinese consumer increasingly feels the pinch. local media is reporting at least three local governments are tapping into the countries pork reserves -- yes, they have those -- to ensure consumers can keep eating meat without going broke. i have school in el paso, texas, becoming an internet sensation. he is bulldozing his way running
12:00 pm
for a 78-yard touchdown, plowing through ten tackles and even taking a few defenders with him. the improbable touchdown helped the golden eagles won 15-0, and that's all the sports you're going to get today for me. thanks for joining us. >> shepard: it is noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the east where one state could become the first to ban all e-cigarettes. that is another state deals with a major black-market bust. tens of thousands of 8 pods stopped before they hit the street, and cops say the takedown began when parents rented out their teenage son. also the jury now has a case of a former cheerleader accused of killing her newborn baby. she says she didn't do it, and the defense claims she's a victim too. first, democratic lawmakers taking their most significant step yet toward the possible impeachment of


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