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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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wife, please? >> my favorite night of the week. >> that's our story tonight. make sure you watch this storm every night, the enemy of smug and groupthink. i want to see you in nebraska november 14 and 15. >> sean: welcome to this friday special edition of "hannity," trump versus the left. we begin with a fox news alert. the doj inspector general michael horowitz has now officially completed his investigation to fisa abuse. now the attorney general bar rshg has received a draft report, is currently reviewing those documents. and according to a letter from the house judiciary ranking member, congressman doug collins after barr is done reviewing the report, lit be released to you, we, the people, the general public. this is the culmination of a months' long extensive investigation by the doj's watchdog to what is rampant abuse of power at the very highest levels of the fbi and
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the doj. now all eyes will be on jim comey, andrew mccabe, and all of the high-ranking officials who used christopher steele's dirty dossier as the basis of the bulk of information for an fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign transition and presidency. and, remember, mccabe is the guy who said, oh, no dossier, no fisa warrant. what "the new york times" said about the dossier, yeah, it was likely russian disinformation from the beginning. they used it. they never verified it. they were warned about it. now the consequence, if we have equal justice under the law. comey and others were all warned. they were warned over and over and over again. this dossier was unverifiable. eventually the fbi did a spread sheet and they found out all of it was, in fact, not verified and not true. all paid for russian lies by hillary clinton. the dossier is off, christopher
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steele under oath. in great britain, he says if he doesn't have any idea if the dossier's contents are true, yet, it was used to get a warrant to deny an american citizen his constitutional rights and, yes, spy on a presidential campaign transition in presidency. the fbi had the spread sheet eventually after the fact detailing, yeah, it's all false. somehow comey, mccabe, bob rosenstein, sally yates and others signed off on using the garbage to obtain a warrant to spy on carter page. this is at the height of the presidential election. that back doored them to everything trump world. they told the judge that the so-called evidence in the warrant were verified. they said it was verified. it was true, it was accurate. even though they knew the exact opposite was true, warrant done multiple times. they did it not once, not twice, but four separate occasions. that is why it would be
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premeditated fraud committed on the fisa court. tonight we look forward to inspector general's findings. every american, we must demand accountability here. we think it's pretty difficult. are they going to hold their own accountable in these thing, in other words, or is there some reticence, some difficulty applying the laws equally. if we don't do that, well, shred the constitution, we don't -- we have a dual justice system, we don't have equal justice or equal application of our laws. by the way, now one bad actor, andrew mccabe, he's already in hot water as we discussed last night, he's currently facing an indictment for leaking sensitive material and lying about it. but his legal team is making another last ditch attempt to shield their client from federal charges by purposing a rumor that a grand jury failed to indict their client. the latest fox news contributor sarah carter and the president of judicial watch, tom fenton. is there any truth to that
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rumor? i haven't heard that. i think i'm close to the story. >> i haven't heard that either. no one is talking at the department of justice about it, sean, not at all. they're not talking whether there's a grand jury, whether there's been a decision by that grand jury. i have talked to a number of sources and they are very tight-lipped on this. what i am hearing is michael brownwitch, the attorney for mccabe may be leaking this information himself in an effort to try to get the media to push a different narrative on mccabe. now, i don't know if that is true either. all i'm hearing is from sources that this is a possibility so that's really interesting here. mccabe made a final-ditch effort. jesse liu, the u.s. attorney, wasn't buying it. the deputy assistant attorney general was not buying it. they rejected his appeal. so that's where it's at right now. >> tom fenton, you've been very adamant like i have been, this,
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to me, is a slam dunk case. this is not a difficult case. we'll go over the laws again with greg jarrett. but committing fraud on a court, denying a fellow citizen his constitutional rights, this is basic 101. yeah, you don't get to lie to a court and don't get to give evidence that you didn't verify and claim it's verified. now, the question is do you believe that they're going to be capable of holding their own accountable? because the doj and the fbi? remember, the fbi falls under the doj banner. are they going to be willing to apply the laws to their own. that's the question tonight? >> well, we're not even sure that mccabe is going to be indicted. i hope he is. now, he'll be indicted not on spygate, but lying about frankly the clinton -- his leaks about the clinton foundation noninvestigation they were doing. comey went over to the president-e8 elect with that
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fraudulent dossier after meeting with barack obama and joe biden, susan rice, talked to his senior fbi guys, talked to his colleagues in the intelligence community and all said they were going to go in there and confront him with it with the idea of getting a response as a witness and a target. they weren't trying to destroy trump from the beginning. that's outlined in the ig report. the justice department couldn't manage to figure out if that's a violation of the president's rights and a fraud on the united states. it doesn't suggest to me whether an fisa investigation or frauds on the fisa court will be prosecuted either, but we'll see. the deep state will narrowly define the crimes and decide not to proceed is what my concern is. i hope deputy attorney general barr takes his own counsel instead of listening to the thousands of james comeys in the justice department and fbi still. >> sean: we have a lot of ground to cover beyond this too.
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thank you all. more throughout the show. we'll turn now to the radical extreme socialist democratic party tonight. we, the american people, should be alarmed. just 24 hours ago, all of the democrats running for the highest office in the land, basically pushed the venezuela style socialism as a solution to all of america's problems. by the way, they didn't talk once about the american economy and the revival under donald trump. shocking? not even a single question from their friends in the media mob. they called for a hostile government takeover of the entire private health care industry with the proposals to kick all of the americans off of the private health care plans. not an option. they called for a hostile government takeover of the private energy sector putting all oil and gas companies out of business. hate to tell you, that's the life blood of our economy. and, boy, what a step back that would be now that we are for the first time in 75 years energy independent under trump. they call for government-run
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universal child care, prek, government-mandated wages. oh, let's see, vacation, healthy food, retirement, everything is free, free, free. they even pushed government mandated gun confiscation. law-abiding citizens. socialism 101. it is now the status quo. there are no moderates inside the democratic party. now, we start our analysis with creepy sleepy crazy joe 3p0. his poll numbers have taken a dive and for good reason. if you ever had a fastball, it's long gone. i don't think he even has a softball. and by most accounts, biden's debate performance was a rambling, confused disaster. the only person interrupting joe was joe. looking at the screen. all starts with an apparent problem inside of biden's mouth. very bizarre, this whole thing here. look at this. >> a measured to require extended background checks died on the senate floor.
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if you couldn't get it done after sandy hook, why should voters give you another chance. >> i'm the only one up here that ever beat the nra nationally. >> sean: believe it or not, it only got worse from there. not a good night for biden. here's more tape. >> the option i'm proposing is a medicare for all -- medicare for choice. the president -- my friend from vermont. >> a young councilman -- play the radio, make sure the television -- make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone -- make sure the kids hear words. i'm the vice president of the united states. >> sean: hate to say it, i don't want to see his medical records, he looks like he's aged 20 years since he reft office. i don't know why. biden's performance was so bad some of the other democrats on stage actually questioned his state of mind. uh-oh, they went there. take a look. they do not have to buy it -- >> you just said that, you just said two minutes ago they would
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have to buy in. you said they would have to buy in. are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? >> it will automatically be enforced. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? i can't believe that you said two minutes ago that they had to buy in. and now you're saying they don't have to -- you're forgetting that. >> there are moments that you listen to joe biden and you just wonder. but i don't know -- look -- >> senator, are you saying he's too old to be president. >> i'm not saying that. i listened to joe biden over the years and felt like there were times that he is going on or meandering his -- in his -- >> uh-oh. they're going there. maybe just had a laelly bad night. maybe he's not a great debater. maybe he's not good at speaking and campaigning. sarah palin i thought beat him in that debate handily. if biden limps across the finish line and wins the nomination, i
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think president trump will be happy with that result. no matter who the president faces in the general election, we can all expect democrats to once again weaponize the politics of race. we see it every two and four years. i've given the history on this show many, many times. they pretty much called half of america racist, white supremist. it's racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic. they want grandma and grandpa to eat dog food and cat food before they have paul ryan throw them over a cliff. didn't change last night. they were in rare form. >> racism in america is endemic, it's foundational. we can mark the creation of this country not at the fourth of july, 1776 but august 20, 1619 when the first kidnapped africans were brought to this country against his will in bondage. >> racism. >> racism. >> racial bias. >> systemic racism. >> racism. >> systemic racism.
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>> racism. >> racist white supremacy. >> white supremacy. >> racism. >> racism. >> white supremacy. >> racist. >> systemic racism. >> institutional segregation in this country. >> now last night when democrats weren't busy playing the race card, they dedicated a lot of time to really pushing their insane socialist policies, medicare for all. very expensive. you can't have private insurance. take a look. >> on medicare for all, costs are going to go up for wealthier individuals and costs are going to go up for giant corporations. but for hardworking families across this country, costs are going to go down and that's how it should work. >> every thank youdy done shows that medicare for all is the most cost-effective approach to providing health care to every man, woman, and child in this country. >> anyone who can't afford it gets automatically enrolled in the medicare-type option we have. but guess what? of the 160 million people who
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like their health care now, they can keep it. >> sean: now, when you hear medicare for all with no private insurance option, okay, bad as obama care keep your doctor plan save money was, think about that 1,000 times worse with no exit escape hatch as it stands now because obama care, nearly 40% of all u.s. county, nearly half of the country, they only have one insurance option. and the obama care market. only one choice that's 40% of the country. premiums, yeah, nobody is saving money. premiums have skyrocketed. and many people lost their doctors and the federal price tag for all of this suffering will be trillions of dollars. under medicare for all, that system will even be worse. you don't get to keep your doctor plan, in fact, in a medicare for all system, every american will even lose their private health insurance. the government would be the only insurer. and guess what? to top it off, your taxes,
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they're going to explode. that's right. according to multiple studies. look at bernie's medicaid -- medicare for all plan, comes with an estimated price tag of 24 to 36 trillion -- that's with a t, dollars over ten years. in other words, our entire federal budget is only $4 trillion a year. to put it another way, all of your income taxes will need to pretty much double just to cover that cost on that one program. that doesn't include the green new deal. and there's more. it's almost every democrat, yeah, they support a version of the insanely expensive green new deal, the battle so-called climate change. look at your screen. bernie sanders, he wants to spend a whopping -- trying to figure out, scratching my conservative head here, $16 trillion. $16 trillion. even so-called moderate amy clobechar has a plan that costs more than $1 trillion. that's on the low end. that's the tip of the iceberg
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for democrats and their big socialist plans, literally, to take the greatest system of wealth creation and pretty much destroy it in about 24 hours. take a look. >> we should be talking about rehabilitation. nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crime. >> i'm going to do something unprecedented tonight. my campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 american families, someone watching this at home right now. >> start for our babies be i providing universal child care for every baby 0 to 5, universal pre-k for every 3-year-old and 4-year-old in this country. >> everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban. everyone up here favors magazine limitations. >> this is an incredible burden on millions and millions of young people who did nothing wrong except try to get the education they need. we are going to cancel all
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student debt in this country. >> sean: kamela harris, it's not about cost, it's about investment. every time you hear the word from a politician about investment, that means raise your taxes. we're investing. that's what we're doing. one of the more shocking proposals from last night's debate came from bay toe bozo robert francis orourke who made it clear, he's coming for your guns. get ready. >> you said, quote, americans who own ar-15s and ak-47's will have to sell to the government, all of them. the critics call this confiscation. are you proposing taking away their guns and how does this work. hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15 and ak-47, we're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow americans anymore. >> sean: hell, yeah, only the criminals will have those. you stand back and observe all of the democrats and their radical extremist proposals, you'll find one common theme,
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centralization of power and money in order to protect law-abiding americans from themselves. it's a scary ideology. america doesn't reject it. i see a lot of trouble ahead. joining us with reaction, american conservative union matt slap, chief correspondent ed henry back in the saddle again. thanks for making me look like a jerk on "fox & friends," i get out of the operating room, handy punched me. that's not what happened. it's a love tap and it wasn't anywhere near where you got operated on. >> you're a karate champ. you almost knocked me over. >> it's insulting. i don't do karate. i do crag-magah, street fighting, blade, firearm, and stick training. >> it sounds like you made my point in a you knocked me over. >> a feather would have knocked you over to be honest. listen, thanks for what you've done. so courageous. glad about the great news about
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you and your sister. let's look at this objectively. you're a reporter, not a commentator. you see this last night and you think back to every presidential campaign you've covered. i never have witnessed anything extreme or radical in my many years doing this. >> you make a fair point there. i want to say when you talk about biden losing his fastball, you're half right. he might have, he was fumbling a bit last night so much to the point that his fellow democrats are pointing that out. that is a huge problem for the front-runner. but what you might not have noticed is that he had kind of a curveball, which is joe biden pushed back on the socialism plans. and so he might have had a better night than his critics are realizing, simply because he said stop this medicare for all nonsense. he pointed out what you're saying, sean. >> sean: he still supports the green new deal because he's doubling down on obama care. that makes him a moderate? >> here is my point. in the short term, joe biden did
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better than some of his critics think because he tried to put a stop to some of the socialism. there are other plans, you're right, spending that he'll support. but here's my point, he may have won the battle and kept his front-runner status, but he may lose the war to president trump because what i saw on that stage was a lot of smaller candidates who probably can't take the president on on a big stage monoy mono. and if joe biden can get the nomination as the establishment wants, president trump will be easy pickings for president trump in a general election debate because of all of the fumbling around on the details. >> sean: i think what's happened is, you know, we have such low expectations now of, you know, joe 30330, matt, that i think that the fact that he didn't have a disaster, oh, thank goodness, he's not a disaster. not another night of gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. he didn't seem energetic to me.
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he digressed a lot. when you get to the bottom of it, i mean, okay, obama care, he wants to double down on it. 40% of the country only has one option. millions lost their doctors, plans, and everybody is paying a ton more. so i'm not so sure he's going to go over well and now he has to run on the obama record, 30 more million americans on food stamp, the lowest participation rate since the '70s. donald trump added 7 million new job, got 7 million people off of food stamps, we could do something now called comparing and contrasting. your eight year, trump's three years. >> let's be clear about this. i agree, bide season trying to hold on to the obama legacy. but obama is not as extreme as these candidates. and he tries to hold on to the agenda.
6:21 pm
he literally said at a rally we will have zero use of fossil fuels. he's saying anybody can buy into medicare. think about what that's like if you're a senior paying the taxes to the medicaid trust fund your whole life and you're getting ready to start to have to use it. now anybody can buy into it. this is an insane policy. >> sean: right. great to see you, matt. welcome back. glad to have you. we missed you. when we come back, more on our top story. the attorney general, barr, he's now reviewing the finished horowitz report on the ig-fisa abuse. we'll check in with our own greg jarrett. much more, felicity huffman receiving her sentence in the college admission scandal. hannity versus the left. eve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning.
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>> live from headquarter, the family that owns oxycontin maker pharma wired transfers to move $1 million in to their bank accounts and state prosecutors want a judge to enforce subpoenas covering the company and the family. 14 days in prison, a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service. and a year's probation. that's the sentence for desperate housewives star felicity huffman for her role in the college admission scandal. a tropical storm warning in effect for the northwestern bahamas excluding andros island. a tropical storm watch is in place for central florida's east coast. the national hurricane center expects depression 9 to become a storm sometime tomorrow. when news breaks out, we'll break in. i'm trace gallagher.
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now back to "hannity." >> sean: right now, for more reaction on tonight's big breaking news that the inspector general horowitz has submitted his fisa report for classification review to the doj, fox news contributor former congressman trey gowdy. you first said -- and i'll get to this in a second, that the idea that now mccabe, they passed on any special treatment, but it was a while ago that report identified the inspector general report identified him as a liar and a leaker. and you said it's a celebration of our justice system. now, we have the second minor report. that was comey lacking candor. but that didn't result in -- well, it did result in a referral, but it did seem like they're moving forward. why is this taking so long. we'll get to fisa next. because i have some concerns about what the outcome will be. >> uh you know, sean, there was a trial in dc, what, last week?
6:28 pm
and former white house council greg craig was found not guilty in what was a really quick jury verdict. these are tough cases. it is harder than it might appear to convince 12 people of anything. i used to have to do it for a living. it's tough. you have to dot every i and cross every t, it's more difficult if it's a high-profile defendant. so if they go forward with mccabe, you can rest-assured, that's going to be a tough trial. we don't want the united states government going trial and losing. they lost to greg craig. if you're going to go to trial, you need to win. >> sean: you never lost a case as a prosecutor. that's why you're so good at what you do. here's my question. we now know -- i can give you -- as it relates to fisa and the inspector general report, i know of three separate time, including, by the way, the uk
6:29 pm
memo warning about steele's credibility. we know three separate instances before the fisa was signed, the bulk of information we now know is the unverified dirty russian dossier, likely russian disinformation according to the new york times from the get-go, but they were warned about steele's credibility before they signed the first fisa. they were warned by bruce sword. the uk was warning about his credibility. that steele had an agenda, it wasn't verified. and hillary paid for it. they used it anyway. now we know it's unverifiable, because steele never stood by his own dossier and under oath said i have no idea if any of it is true. to me, that seems like premeditated fraud on fisa court. when you couple that with andrew mccabe, the deputy fbi director saying no fisa warrant, that makes me think they didn't care about what they were presenting to the court. and that was a fraud and they knew it was a fraud, but they said it was verified and it wasn't.
6:30 pm
>> let's assume for the sake of argument that everything you say is true. let's assume that. you still have to find a federal statute if your objective is indictment. i'm very clear every time you're good enough to have me on, we cannot have a society where indictment is the only thing that carries with it any stigma. most of the names involved in the 2016 have been fired or publicly called to task. keep in mind, jim comey twice now, the inspector general said you did not meet our expectations. you failed to follow policy. you violated your employee agreement. all of that has to be significant. look, i used to make representations in front of the court. i tried to be honest and fair about it. but let's assume i didn't tell the court something. the remedy for me is not indictment, the remedy is i may lose my law license. the remedy is the court may hold me in contempt.
6:31 pm
>> here's the thing. if i am warned something that i'm about to present in court is false and at the top of an application of making it to the court, it says verified. i test it. i sign it, say it's verified and i'm warned that it isn't. when the fbi got into their spread sheet, they discovered 95% of the dirty dossier was up true. that's later, though. if i know -- >> if it's on a spread sheet. >> if i know it's not verified and i present it as verified and it's unverifiable, that would seem like sean hannity went to the court and committed a fraud in the court consciously for the purpose of achieving a political agenda. why do i think trey gaody, as great an attorney as you are, never lost a case as a prosecutor, that i would go to jail? >> if you're a lawyer, you can
6:32 pm
lose your law license. the court can hold you in contempt. >> sean: if you lie before a judge? we're talking about lying before a judge. >> you'll be held in contempt of court. absolutely. you can go to jail for that. i don't know that lawyers who make factual misrepresentations in front of judges wind up getting indicted. you're going to get punished. you're going be held in contempt. you may be get sent to prison. look -- i'm not minimizing anything of what they've done. we've got to ask the right punishment to the right offense. >> sean: but you're denying by signing that an american citizen their constitutional rights. you're literally using that lie to spy on a presidential campaign and transition. >> we identified the statute, using the color of a government official, it could be a 1983 action. that's all i'm saying. we have to match up the conduct
6:33 pm
with a specific code violation. >> regularly -- >> with an violation. now we're getting somewhere. >> i'll send you greg jarrett's list. he's identified a whole variety of crimes perpetrating a fraud on the court. >> don't send it to me, send it to bill barr. nothing i can do about it right now. >> do you have his e-mail. i don't know bill barr. i'd be glad to. i think he's probably very aware of what the statutes, the applicable statutes would be. good to see you. more on today's breaking news. presenting the draft on the report of fisa abuse to attorney general barr. staffers of fake news cnn, they're speaking out that they've hired the disgraced fbi director mccabe fired for leaking. more ahead, felicity huffman sentenced today. her role in the college admission scandal. trace gallagher has that full report straight ahead. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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>> sean: we continue the special edition of "hannity," the star new hire moves one step closer, apparently the prosecution some of the network are apparently irked at the hiring of andrew mccabe for at least one on air personality telling fox the move, quote, erodes our journalistic credibility assuming they have some. the network is largely ignoring the major news surrounding the disgraced former fbi official as their credibility sinks even lower and lower. and tonight, julianne castro is under fire, because he had the unmitigated gall and audacity to question joe biden's short-term memory. the mob and the media are accusing him of taking a cheap shot at the former vice president, take a look.
6:39 pm
>> don't do that. that's not what we needed. you have an issue with older folks. that's your problem. >> a lot of incredible moment, joe, including i think a real low blow. >> so many things wrong with that. rookie low blow. obviously so obsessed with joe biden he was going after biden being working in the obama administration. >> i want to look that the moment where juilan castro seemed to be playing the age card on joe biden who had forgotten what he said on the medicare for all issue. i look back at the transcript here. it looks to me like julian castro was flatly wrong. >> sean: the reaction and on michael horowitz submitting his report to the attorney general,
6:40 pm
bob barr, his new sequel, "witch hunt" coming out soon, greg jarrett and pam bondi. i just mentioned you to trey gaody, you identified several statutes that would be violated by jim comey as it relates to premeditated fraud in the fisa court. >> under the color of law, abuse of power. you have fraud, conspiracy to commit crime, false and misleading statements. and you've got perjury. there are several others that i'd if in the new book, "witch hunt," but i'm confident that william barr is well aware of the statutes, he has a draft report from the inspector general, likely has already read through it at least once. and he realizes that these people have signed off with the fisa warrant including andrew mccabe and james comey and others, salary yates and rob rosenstein that they deceived
6:41 pm
the court, they lied to the judges. they conceal evidence. and that is actionable fraud and felonies. and i think he'll take action. >> sean: pam, i guess i speak for a lot of people, because you deal with the department of justice and the fbi falls on the department of justice, and a lot of these people were all warned ahead of time. now to me, that's the premeditated part of it. it's not like we accidentally did this. no, they were warned numerous times. we now know it's an unverifiable dossier. i guess the fear among the american people is and i guess the test that will be here is do we have a dual justice system or equal application of law, equal justice under the law, but the feeling that there's a reluctant resistance to go after your own and whether or not there's special treatments that will be involved here. >> i can't see bill biarr giving anybody special treatment. i can't. he's a tough prosecutor.
6:42 pm
he's a tough, tough united states attorney general. so when you say an fisa warrant violation, that -- that is sacred as you and greg and i have been talking about for so long, because you are certifying to a judge that what you say is accurate. that's why these allegations are so very, very serious. a judge is giving you one of the highest rights you can have to spy on someone else. based on information that you're certifying is true. whether or not they can prove all of this in court is one thing. but, sean, come on, cnn to hire this guy, to have him now -- >> sean: for a second, pam, it's -- it's interesting to me because of the magnitude of what they're signing off on. now we know that steele couldn't even stick by his own dossier. so it's unverifiable. now we know that the fbi eventually laid out a spread sheet and damage the dossier and
6:43 pm
they determine it's not true. they didn't do it before they filled out the application. that was october, 2016, there were three subsequent renewals, jim comey signed three of the four. he told donald trump it's salacious but not unverified. the opposite of what he's saying to the court. we know he's a liar, we just don't know -- do you agree with greg on the applicable laws you identify. >> there are many laws. i think greg will agree with me that perjury is very difficult to prove because you can come in and say i misspoke, i made a mistake. but what's happening here is like you said, they obtained these warrants and ultimately, they -- there's no doubt they were using false information, yet, they could have in simplistic terms undone it. but they didn't. they kept renewing the warrants, they kept going and going. and i'm shocked frankly that the fisa court hasn't come back and
6:44 pm
tried to hold all of them in contempt. >> thank you, pam, greg, thank you. as far left as bill maher is, he's coming out against the democratic extremists saying they're really far out. coming up next. big update on the college admissions scandal. will actress felicity huffman go to prison? her report straight ahead. ♪ ♪ around here, the only predictable thing about the weather is it's unpredictable. so we make the most of it when the sun does shine. that's why bp is partnering with lightsource, europe's largest solar company. and should the weather change, yet again, our natural gas can step in. to keep the power flowing and the lights shining. no matter the forecast. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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>> sean: democrats trying to compete with each other to see who can be the most extreme. the debate gave us a reminder of how extreme the candidates are. before the debate, even liberal
6:49 pm
host on hbo, bill maher, he was the jerk hoping for recession. the one that would likely hurt many americans, yeah, that jerk, called the far left of his own party out on their positions. let's take a look. >> it's a cancer on progressivi progressivism, i've been saying this for years. first, stand up to twitter. twitter isn't us. twitter isn't the rank and file democrat. it's not even most liberals. but they don't do it. but, yes, if you run on taking away people's health care and taxing them too much and taking away all their guns and transwomen get abortion rights, i think that came up in the first debate, i don't think you're going to win this election. >> sean: he may be a jerk. but in this case, he's right. but they probably won't listen to him. the reaction -- the war for america's soul author,
6:50 pm
nationally sibd kated salem radio talk show host, dr. sebastian gorka. and the new voice, ceo9999. herman cain is with us. great to see you both. i can't believe someone as rich as him would hope for a recession. because it doesn't show a lot of compassion for the meshes who will lose their jobs, end up on poverty on food stamps. putting that aside, what he said there seemed to ring true to me, her man kahne. >> the reason he wishes for a recession is because of all of his money, he's recession-proof. secondly, on that so-called debate stage last night, you had 10 socialists with an audience of socialist lunatics. that's what it was. calling the democrats progressive is a misnomer. that's nothing progressive about them.
6:51 pm
the term should be regressive. medicare for all is regressive. doing a -- the legal warrant search on a citizen is regressive. rolling increasing taxes, that's regressive. and also increase in regulations is regressive. the media has allowed them to get away with using that term, co-opting that term "progressives," when there's nothing progressive about them at all. >> what are your thoughts specifically on march's comments? >> i think that clip you played is fascinating. i cannot recall since he began his program, bill maher having such low energy. >> sean: he looks a little -- almost as low energy as joe 30330. >> right. but can we just remember that -- what -- how absurd it is that this man is complaining about
6:52 pm
the radicalism of his -- how extreme they have become? you mentioned it. this is the person who's praying for a recession. he said i don't care if it costs people their jobs. it's the only way we're going to get trump out of the white house. that's the democrat party. so, he is as extreme -- he's worried. he knows that they're in trouble now. but he's extreme as any of them up there. but as long as they keep coming out of the closet with beto -- i'm sorry, is that cultural appropriation that he calls himself a hispanic name when he's irish, when he says i'm coming after your guns, 20/20 is looking better and better be i the day, sean. >> sean: looking at this the same way as the doctor is looking at this. his positions are impossible. medicare for all can't happen. the green deal can't happen. what they want to do with the health care system is destroy
6:53 pm
it, no choice, no option, stay loyal on gas. i don't think, i don't even know liberals that would support this at this point. >> not at all. the ten people on that stage the other night represented the democrat party, and they are appealing to the low information voter. that's why you have these applauses after they made these lunatic proposals that are basically socialists. so you had ten socialists on the stage. and you had an audience of socialist lunatic, that's why i came across that way. but what they're trying to do, they believe they keep saying it and saying it more people are going to gravitate toward it. i don't think so. look at what happened in north carolina. two republicans won when the democrats and the liberals and the conservatives and the progressives, whatever you want to call it, they thought they
6:54 pm
were a sure thing in terms of democrats winning. they didn't. and that's for one simple reason, jump's supporters are not defecting. >> thank you both, we have an update in the college admission scandal. felicity huffman sentenced today. trace gallagher will update us. full report on what happened in court today. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sean: continuing the special edition of hannity trump versus the left. felicity huffman is in court today after pleading guilty in the college admissions scandal. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher joins us live from the west coast newsroom with the latest on the first of what might be many, well, people going to jail. the first of 51. before she was sentenced to two weeks in prison, a tearful felicity huffman read a statement to the court apologizing to the students, apartment, and colleges impacted by her actions saying she was deeply ashamed and did more
6:59 pm
damage than she ever imagined. she attributed her actions in part to the bewilderment of being a mother. the prosecutors shot back and said mother hood does not make you a cheat and a felon. the judge agreed that trying to be a good mom was no excuse saying the college system is already distorted by money and privilege and yet for huffman that wasn't enough. she took one more advantage for her child. but the judge noted immediately accepted responsibility, is not a threat to her community, and has apparently regained her moral compass. so along with serving two weeks in prison, huffman will pay a $30,000 fine and perform 250 hours of community service. huffman is hoping to serve her time at an all women's low security prison in northern california. after leaving the courthouse, the actress said that she hopes her family, friends, and community will forgive her. sean? >> sean: all right, trace gallagher, thank you. that's all the time we have left
7:00 pm
this evening. thank you for being with us. you make this all possible. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues, laura ingraham is up next. have a great weekend. >> laura: i'm lara ingraham. you want to stay with us for the whole hour because we have debate recap unlike anything you've heard before with mercedes, candace owens, and a heck of a lot more. and raymond arroyo with a special debate version of friday follies. >> i think we're going to hit on chopper joe's trouble. the standup routine, that's a stinker. two exclusions, first, famous hollywood actor walks away from the democrat