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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 15, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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on your own schedule. you get fast and free shipping on the things that make your home feel like you. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! ♪ ♪ leland: well, iran says it wasn't us that attacked and crippled the saudi oil industry. this comes after secretary of state mike pompeo said tehran was behind the attack. welcome to america's news headquarters from a pretty busy washington on saturday -- >> it's sunday. leland: it is? >> we've done this before. leland: you're right. kristin: i'm kristin fisher. houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for saturday's attack which targeted the world's largest oil facility.
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our trey yingst live in the middle east. >> reporter: the iranian government is denying responsibility after saturday's massive attack on a saudi arabian oil production plant. it is believed drones and/or missiles were used causing maas e fires. -- massive fires. this event was much larger. the attack cut 5% of the global oil supply, sparking fears of an oil shortage and large price increase. a houthi-run newspaper in yemen claimed ten drones were used to hit the oil field and that houthi rebels were behind the strikeses. the houthis have used drones to target saudi arabia many time over the past year, and united nations representatives is say they do have the technology capable. >> translator: we exploited vulnerabilities in the saudi defense systems, and we built our drones. therefore, the saudi and emirati
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air pace became open to us after their defense systems failed to even spot our drones. >> reporter: iranian foreign minister mohamed zarif implied in a tweet that u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo was being untruthful this weekend as he blamed iran for the escalation. the attack comes amid concern of a tense relationship, if any, between the iran and the united states. amid these iranian denials and houthi rebels in yemen claiming they are behind saturday's attack, there is no evidence linking anyone in yemen to the attack. it is important to note that this oil field is more than 500 miles away from yemeni soil, raising new questions about whether iranian-backed rebels could be behind the events that unfolded over the weekend. kristin? chris: trey, thanks. leland? leland: yeah. we'll watch that over the next couple of days as the intelligence comes out. american equipment and american training make up much of the saudi military, including their air defenses. president trump told the saudis
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he's willing to do more. molly henneberg with more on that. >> reporter: kellyanne conway says the trump administration will continue a maximum pressure campaign on iran, and she praised the president for withdrawing from, quote, a very bad nuclear deal with a ne'er do well regime, iran. especially in view of the attack yesterday. >> this president and his national security team, is secretary pompeo, our nation's chief diplomat, keep many options on the table particularly when it comes to retaliating against malign behavior and protecting american interests and americans and our american economy. >> reporter: democrats say the u.s. has less leverage with iran after leaving the nuclear deal and say they don't have a lot of concrete information from the white house about this attack on the saudi oil industry. >> iranian know-how technology was involved, whether the iranians directly engaged in this or through the houthi proxies has yet to be seen.
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>> he ripped up the iran deal which was a deal that prevented iran from becoming a nuclear power with nothing to replace it. this is a sort of pattern, rips up a deal, doesn't have any strategy to replace it, hasn't worked with our allies, and now we're left with an iran that is engaging in more dangerous behavior with not a lot of options left for the united states. >> reporter: but republicans say the u.s. has plenty of options to isolate iran and make it feel global economic pressure. >> we should deny the visas for the iranian delegates who are planning to come into the united states, come to new york next week for the u.n. general -- >> all of them, the president -- >> iranians -- >> foreign minister, every one of them? >> yes, absolutely. absolutely. secondly, i think as her first step as our new u.n. ambassador, kelly kraft, who's a terrific new u.n. ambassador, ought to offer resolutions for snapback sanctions. >> reporter: south carolina republican senator lindsey graham tweeted yesterday that
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it's time for the u.s. to consider, quote, an attack on iranian oil refineries if they continue this provocation. leland? leland: now we wait and see if kinetic action happens. molly henneberg here in d.c., thanks so much. kristin's got more. kristin: let's bring in democratic california congresswoman and member of the house armed services committee and vice chair of the house oversight and reform committee, congresswoman katie hill. congresswoman, let's start with saudi arabia. here you have the secretary of state, mike pompeo, kellyanne conway all over the last 24 hours coming out and saying that they believe iran is directly responsible for these attacks. do you? >> listen, i want more information, so i'm very eager for the -- [inaudible] i hope we have at the beginning of next week. we don't know, right? [inaudible] and yet iran is aligned with the houthis. but there is reason to believe that it's not that simple, and i urge everyone in a leadership
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position right now to jump to conclusions. we have some real, measured response to this because if we do, then we could escalate things. that's not the position we want to be in. kristin: so do you think the secretary of state jumped the gun on this one, or perhaps he's privy to information that you're not or -- >> we need to know why it is they're so confident. we were making steps, the president was taking steps so made it that they -- [inaudible] i'm sorry, i'm having trouble with my mic. [laughter] that they were going to be actually -- [inaudible] so why why would the iranian government -- [inaudible] it would completely backfire for them. i don't know. i don't know their motives. but it does seem very bizarre to me. kristin: so now we know there's been a lot of talk about perhaps president trump meeting with the iranian president rouhani while
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he is in new york for the u.n. general assembly, and today kellyanne conway said that -- she left the door open. said despite these declarations that iran is responsible for these attacks, that it's still a possibility that they may or may not meet next week in new york. do you think that would be a good or bad idea? >> you know, i don't think it's a bad cd to explore all avenues of diplomacy right now. but, again, i want to see information. i'm hopeful that the administration forthcoming -- [inaudible] because we do need to make sure that the, every bit of it's on the table, that we're having oversight if necessary, that our diplomats and our armed services have the resources that they need and that we're playing a leadership role. and this is why it's concerning when the president's tweets go in a very dangerous direction. so i really, really urge caution, a measured response and everybody -- [inaudible] so i kind of like the
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secretary's response was not the best. kristin: congresswoman, let me switch gears and talk about an issue that's dividing the democratic party, and that is what beto o'rourke said during the last debate in houston where he forcefully advocated for a mandatory buyback of assault weapons. and he defended it again this morning on "meet the press." watch this. >> i think this just shows you how screwed up the priorities in washington, d.c. are. i refuse to even acknowledge the politics or the polling or the fear or the nra. that has purchased the complicity and silence of members of congress, and this weak response to a real tragedy in america. 40,000 gun deaths a year, we've got to do something about it. and i'm proposing that we do something about it. kristin: a lot of democrats have come out and said this goes a step too far, that we're finally -- they are finally on the cusp of actually getting something like meaningful background check or other sorts of gun control reforms and that what beto o'rourke is doing is really hurting that effort.
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where do you stand? >> i don't know that it's hurting the effort. i think that he -- i understand where he's coming from and especially after such a devastating attack in his own community. i do think, however, that the pressure has to be on the senate. the house has passed four different measures that would make meaningful change in making sure that weapons don't get into the hands of the wrong people -- kristin: but really quick -- >> yeah? kristin: do you support a mandatory buyback of assault weapons? >> you know, honestly, i'm not at that place now. i think we have so many steps to go before we do that. i would rather see us pass the pieces that we have already, then we can talk about, you know, whether purchases should be on the table. i want to see where that's going in the house. we just moved stuff forward through the judiciary committee. [inaudible] i don't think that we need to have a buyback just yet. let's get things done where we can right now and then move forward into the future. kristin: congresswoman, thank you so much for your time.
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really appreciate it. >> thank you, you too. leland: member of the house financial services committee, bill huizenga, good to see you, sir, from grand rapid where the rivers converge. ben tracy over at cbs news reporting that the president's expected to announce gun control legislation this week, but the substance of it is a mystery. what would you be willing to support, if anything? >> well, as you indicated, the substance is a mystery. we don't know what's in it. in fact, i had a conversation with a member of law enforcement this morning at church, and we were talking a little bit about this. it was interesting hearing my colleague talk about being in favor of an assault weapon ban but not in favor of a buyback. and it seems to me that seems a little incongruent. but even this, even this police officer friend of mine was saying, look, who's going to go and enforce this? if that -- leland: i get --
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[inaudible] >> red flag. leland: i didn't hear any republican say they're going to support any of mr. o'rourke's proposals, but you didn't answer the question of what you would support out of the white house. if you could have the president submit something to congress that would be meaningful and hopefully protect americans, what would that bill look like? >> well, so i'm not sure anybody has exactly that answer as of yet. for me, as i'm looking at it i want to see how we are going to deal with the mental health side of that. how are we going to continue to empower friends and family and school administrators -- leland: yeah, but there was already a bill that came out of congress. there was already a bill that came out of the house sponsored by democrats that added mental health to background checks, and a lot of republicans opposed it, and it doesn't look like it's going to go to the senate. is that something that is worth supporting? >> well, we had previously done that with 21st century cures,
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actually. there had been a number of those things. so what we saw was, again, a group of issues that some of them were fairly reasonable, others were really overreach. and we're seeing this set of bills that have been talked about they have these elements of overreach that i think are going to go nowhere in the senate. leland: yeah. >> so it's going to be hard. i think that if they're empowering states to explore red flag laws -- leland: i'll take it, i'll take it as that there's not a list right now that you have ready that you'd be willing to support. we will move on to something that's -- >> well, leland -- leland: it's a pretty simple question. it's a pretty simple question. >> yes, here's the -- [inaudible] leland: -- or you say there's nothing i want to support. you had a minute to talk. >> no, no, no, but here's the frustration, here's the frustration, is there's an assumption that nothing has been done in the past, and i know that's not the case -- leland: well, that's a perfectly
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legitimate answer to say i think the laws that we have on the books are enough, but i didn't hear you say that either. >> yeah. well, i certainly don't -- if there is additional things it ought to be incremental and adheres to the constitution because there is a lot in place now. leland: real quick, i want to get to what's happening in the state of michigan right now which is this potential uaw strike coming up. this from a detroit reporter for fox 2 there in detroit, spokesman says this impacts 48,000 uaw workers at gm plants across the cup. there'll be a huge -- across the country. there'll be a huge ripple effect because each auto job affects 7-9 over jobs in the supply chain. this is the uaw flexing its muscle in a serious way. how does that play in michigan? >> well, certainly what we are very concerned about, what i'm concerned about whether it's my committee work on just coming from michigan is economic act ab -- activity. and this is something that
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should not be taken lightly by my friends in the uaw. in fact, i have friends and family members that are members of that -- leland: so you say, you say friends -- >> disagreement internally as well. leland: do you support the strike? >> no. there is, actually, disagreement among those folks. here's what i'm hearing though, is that they are very, very concerned about the leadership of the uaw which some of them are already in jail. making sure that is not for them, but it's for the members. yes. yes, there's a massive one going on. here's what we need to do, is pass the us or mca. that will -- usmca. leland: that's certainly something -- the redo of nafta. congressman, we appreciate you coming on, sir. there's a new barbecue place that's opening up in grand rapids, sparks barbecue. i suggest you check it out. [laughter] >> you got it. we'll do that. leland: kristin? >> all right, bye. kristin: another big story today, president trump sounding off on a piece in "the new york
10:15 am
times" opinion section that claims there was the a second incident in which supreme court justice brett kavanaugh allegedly exposed himself at a college party. joining me now, host of "mediabuzz," howie kurtz. and you've got some new reporting on this in the few minutes. >> that's right, chris p. i've obtained key pages of a forthcoming book by these two new york times reporters, it's called the education of brett kavanaugh. the book says that seven people were told years ago about allegations by deborah ramirez that brett kavanaugh, this was three and a half decades ago, exposed himself to her at a yale drunk, you know, drunken dorm party. he has always denied that. anyone of these -- none of these seven people are said to be eyewitnesses. the big news here is the accusation in this book that kavanaugh exposed himself at a second drunken dorm party at yale and that a woman was, at the party had to touch his genitals. but the sourcing, to put it
10:16 am
mildly, is indirect. the reporters rely on a former classmate named max stier who wouldn't talk to them. the reporters say they spoke to two unnamed officials who spoke to stier, but the source did not directly talk to appropriators. according to the book again, the woman, the woman who kavanaugh allegedly supposedly exposed himself to, they identify her by name, quote, refused to discuss the incident, though several of her friends said she does not recall it. that have left out of today's new york times story. i reached out to the kavanaugh team for comment. justice kavanaugh is not commenting. my fuel is they don't -- sense is they don't want to fuel this story. president trump is commenting. the him a stream media -- lame stream media are after brett kavanaugh again. such lies about him, they want to scare him into turning liberal, and the president says brett kavanaugh should start suing people for libel or the
10:17 am
justice department should come to his rescue. kristin: so do you think that "the new york times" was right to publish this piece, and is the bar a little higher for publishing now that brett kavanaugh is a sitting supreme court justice? >> it's hard for me to imagine how you make a charge of this magnitude against a sitting supreme court justice without having somebody directly on the record. the woman, cogged friends in the book -- but this wasn't mentioned in the times piece -- in the book friends say she doesn't remember it. the source they didn't talk to directly, as i said, they talked to people who talked to the source. that's secondhand. meanwhile, it's having quite a big impact politically, senator kamala harris is calling for kavanaugh's impeachment. ronna mcdaniel, the chairwoman of the rnc, saying "the new york times" should be ashame of this smear against justice kavanaugh. kristin: wow. it's quite a story. >> it's going to become part of the political debate, obviously -- kristin: especially against a sitting supreme court justice. howie kurtz, thanks. great reporting.
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video right now from the aftermn new jersey where a deck collapsed on saturday night, injured 22 people including e 3 children. and among the victims are some firemen who were there for an annual firemen's convention in wildwood, new jersey. so far the conditions of those injured are unclear. ♪ ♪ kristin: we are learning a lot more about how the house judiciary committee will approach impeachment efforts against president trump. our mark meredith is here to break it down for us. boy, it was a busy week -- >> reporter: and it's going to be busy week again next week. house democrats appear to be split over how much time should be spent focusing on a potential impeachment investigation into president trump. last thursday, as kristin was mentioning, the house judiciary committee voted to approve new rules and guidelines. however, the vote did not launch a formal impeachment process. one member of the committee told
10:23 am
fox news' bill hemmer this morning democrats are laser-focused on voters needs and the needs for congressional oversight. >> we're doing both things. we're delivering on the promises we made to the american people to make their lives better, and at the same time we're holding the administration accountable. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers fear too much of their party's time is being focused on this one issue and that it could hurt democrats' prospects of keeping the house in the next election. >> the voters back home sent me here to get things done. i'm worried that as investigations ramp up, it does take the attention away from some of the issues. >> reporter: president trump has made it clear he finds the growing list of questions unnecessary. kellyanne conway told fox news voters should speak up and demand lawmakers work with the white house. >> they thought the mueller report would be the end of it all. they even had bob mueller come, and it was a disaster. so they work for you. tell them to vote on the usmca, get that trade deal done, tell them drug pricing, infrastructure, keep this great economy humming along and stop
10:24 am
the nonsense of harassing and embarrassing this president and the people around him. >> reporter: but democrats show no signs of slowing down. the judiciary committee's going to have another hearing this tuesday. the focus, presidential obstruction of justice. these hearings just keep coming. kristin: corey lieu lewandowskin tuesday, it's going to be one to watch. we think the committee can question him more aggressively now that they've passed that resolution. leland: we'll be here. kristin: yeah. mark meredith, thanks. leland: all right. iran says it wasn't them, but with half of saudi arabia's oil production offline, what's the chance of an all-out oil war in the middle east? when we come back. ♪ "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance. red lobster's endless shrimp is back for just $15.99. see how much you can save
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10:29 am
police ban. the protesters threw moll to have cocktails -- molotov cocktails, police responded by firing tear gas at the crowds. a lot of questions about who is actually throwing the molotov cocktails, whether it is actually the pro-democracy folks. remember, yesterday there were big clashes in hong kong. ♪ ♪ kristin: all right. back to our top story. iran says that they are not responsible for this week's massive drone attacks on two saudi arabia oil facilities. this after secretary of state mike pompeo directly blamed tehran. for more on this, hudson institute senior fellow michael pregent. michael, secretary of state, some people have been critical of him saying this early on iran is responsible, but you believe he's spot on. why? >> because it is the us elimic republic that -- islamic
10:30 am
republic that provided the training, the lethal aid and the capability to houthis. i believe iran, without a doubt, is responsible for this attack through, again, providing lethal aid and training these proxies on how to do exactly this. kristin: and so what are, what are you basing this off of? i know you can't give us too much information, but can you help us understand what kind of evidence the secretary of state might be looking at when he makes this kind of determination? >> well, if we look at the last drone attack that happened on a saudi pipeline, it turns out it came from southern iraq. and sulemani, the leader of the iran revolutionary guard corps, was able to the take credit for it, but it was launched from southern iraq. they have a drone that can go about 600 miles that can drop munitions, and they've had several successful attacks. but the yes, ma'ammy, houthi-controlled areas of yemen are outside of the range of this attack, so that puts it in southern iraq just based off the range of this attack --
10:31 am
kristin: you think the drones had to originate from southern iraq -- >> most likely just based on the range. 600 miles is a long way to go, and the further you have to go, the less accurate you will be, and these were very accurate strikes on this aramco facility. kristin: what do you make of the sophistication of this attack? ten drones travel traveling this far, to be able to avoid detection and actually effectively hit its targets, how -- what does this signal to you? >> they know how to take advantage of saudi arabia's air defense systems. they can put a capability that the patriots are not set up for. kris kansas we knew that they had these drones, but this is the first time they've deployed them at this kind of scale, right? >> well, the second time. and now, the first one came from southern iraq. they've been able to launch drone attacks, but they hadn't been successful from yemen. but these successful attacks against an oil pipeline, oil
10:32 am
pipelines are from southern iraq. it looks that way just based off the ranges. and it's, it's definitely iran that's responsible for this. without a doubt, the islamic republic. the irgc is responsible for this. kristin: so, you know, a lot of people are wondering why now. we had this democratic congresswoman on, katie lille, earlier in the show and she said it doesn't make sense because president trump is damaging the possibility -- dangling the possibility of meeting with the president of iran later in the week, so she's wondering why now? >> remember, prime minister abe was sitting with the supreme leader when the irgc attacked a japanese oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. that's why. it also will allow rouhani not to have that handshake at new york, in new york. they want to embarrass the relationship. remember, it was the irgc that seized 12 u.s. sailors on the eve of the ratification of the
10:33 am
iran deal in january of 2016. and the same question was asked, why would they do that? they do it to derail -- there's a hard-line group that does not want to see any rapprochement with the u.s., and they tend to do these things. and it's also embarrassing. look at what zarif did to macron before lining up the g7? he tries to set up this back channel meeting, and before zarif lands, he says ballistic missiles are off the table, we're not going to talk about ending subset clauses. -- sunset clauses. this is just what iran does. kristin: you have senator lindsey graham calling for possibly a retaliatory attack on iranian oil refineries, the type of attack that would, quote, break the regime's back. do you think that's possible? that's in the pipeline? >> something president reagan did back then. i think as we look at the intelligence over the next week, basically narrows where this attack comes from, we're going to be able to put pressure on the government in iraq, on
10:34 am
baghdad, on tehran. and you have kuwaiti media eye witnesses saying that the attack came from the north and flew over kuwaiti air space into saudi arabia, and that's crucial because it's actually uniting -- uae's kind of stayed away from saudi arabia, and this brings them back into the fold. this is a braise p attack on a u.s. ally from a dedicated enemy. and i know everybody talks about saudi arabia and iran. one's a necessary ally, and one's a dedicated enemy. and this attack was meant99 to embarrass the kingdom and also embarrass u.s. strategy in the region. kristin: you say it's a brazen attack, but as somebody who has followed this part of the world for so long, were you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised. i want to be surprised. i want to be surprised. but if you hear from a lot of the, i call them cheerleaders on iraq, their surprised that iraq -- they're surprised that iraq has gotten this bad to the point where israel is conducting airstrikes on iraqi militias in iraq, and the iraqi people
10:35 am
respecting protesting. -- aren't protesting. this is exactly what the islamic republic does. kristin: all right, michael pregent, thank you for sharing your insights. >> go, cowboys. [laughter] kristin: hey, i'm from texas, so i'll take that. nice. all right, leland? leland: all right. former vice president joe biden in birmingham, alabama. what he's talking about there and how the gun debate is now reshaping the 2020 race. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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10:40 am
west bank, to meet with foreign leaders as he tries to make headlines. the question is, will his increasing tactics be enough to keep him as the prime minister? number of different things at play here, and we just saw president trump tweet out talking about how he would now have negotiations with netanyahu about a possible joint/israel protection treaty. ♪ ♪ kristin: several 2020 democratic presidential candidates are on the road this weekend, including former vice president joe biden who is holding events in two states today. christina coleman has more on the state of the democratic race. >> reporter: hey, kristin. well, front-runner joe biden, who has strong support from the black vote, is in birmingham today condemning racism. he made remarks at at the 16th street baptist church in womenning ham. -- birmingham.
10:41 am
biden, who kicked off his presidential campaign with a video condemning the deadly alt-right march in charlottesville, virginia, spoke out about racism again today at this key civil rights movement site in birmingham saying the same type of hatred still exists today. >> we have not relegated racism and white supremacy to the pages of history. but the greatness of this nation has always been and must continue to be that we still strive to relegate it. >> reporter: presidential candidates cory booker and julian castro have criticized biden for tying himself to president obama when it seems convenient to him during the campaign and giving vague answer on his two terms as obama's vice president. when it comes to topics as deportation policies. but many felt castro went too far when he questioned the
10:42 am
76-year-old's memory during thursday's debate. the former hud secretary losing one key voice following the debate. >> well, i think at this point in time we need to narrow the field and unite add democrats to defeat -- unite as democrats to defeat trump, and that's why i believe i'm moving my support to vice president joe biden. >> reporter: now, he is the third member of the congressional hispanic caucus to endorse biden, but that's not stopping castro. he's campaigning at a hispanic heritage month event in south carolina today. kristin? kristin: all right. christina coleman, five months until the first votes. thanks so much. leland? leland: and we'll have a lot to talk about between now and then. with that, we bring in our talk radio panel, new hampshire progressive talk radio host -- [inaudible] harrington, houston's jimmy barrett. they were rightfully on the left and right-hand sides of your screen. jimmy, we're going to start with you on this. pop up what's happening down in
10:43 am
texas right now. beto to courage's campaign put out this t-shirt that they are trying to sell. hell, yes, we are going to take your ar-15, quoting him from the debate. on the right-hand side of your screen, the texas gop with a t-shirt that says beto, come and take it, with a picture of an ar-15, a play on the old texas flag. talk about the politics of this down specifically in texas. does this help or hurt the democrat' chance of flipping texas in 2020? >> you know, i think it's an attention-getter. the guy's getting 2% of the vote, he's running third here in texas, so i think it's about getting our attention. it certainly helps him with the liberal crowd, and there are liberals in texas, is and you could hear them at the debate thursday night, they made a lot of noise. it was a very emotional thing to say, and it's an emotional issue. i think those on the right who have a tendency to look at it from a logical perspective, it
10:44 am
became emotion for them too because they're going, okay, he wants a mandatory buyback program which means they are talking about coming and physically taking your weapons. and i don't think that goes over real big for the vast majority of texans. leland: jimmy says that beto's polling at 2%, and yet now every democratic presidential candidate is having to answer for this issue and are you going is that a good position for the democrat running for 2020 to be in? >> so let's remember that beto found his voice after the horrific shooting in el paso. and it was clearly driven by someone who was a narcissist, who was going after hispanics. he also saw the consequences of what an ar-15 does. and i think that's one of the reasons why he took it to that level. i think what's really interesting, and this is absolutely true in transaction as well as the rest of the country, immigration is to republicans as now guns are to
10:45 am
democrats. but in texas it's an issue that's not resonating with republicans. leland: so hold on, you make an interesting point. so it's, hell yes, we're going the take your ar-15s, is that the political equivalent of we're going to build a big wall and mexico's going to pay for it? >> exactly. and the question is, is it real or is it memorex? when you see a military-style weapon on the ail myrrh tear -- military battlefield, that's one thing. but when you see it at wal-mart or somewhere else -- leland: everyone understands what weapons in the hands of wrong people do and what they can do. this is what dave cicilline on fox news sunday, bill hemmer in for chris wallace, had to saw about o'rourke's comments. take a listen. >> i think that message doesn't help, but the reality is we passed two important gun safety proposals back in february.
10:46 am
leland: a look at what those proposals would do on your screen right now. these are the bills that came out of the house and are now up for a vote if mitch mcconnell ever brings one in the senate. the bipartisan background checks act, the enhanced background checks act. remember, republicans have a lot of issues with those. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi just came out today saying they had a phone call with the president and unless this stuff is included in any new measures, they view them as dead on arrival. first to you, you say this is the democrats' new issue. is this a hill to die on? >> is this a hill to die -- well, people are dying on it? guess what, we don't even have to get there. i think the problem right now is we have 15 million, a assault weapons out there already in the environment. we have hundreds of millions of guns out there. the problem with a lot of these bills is that they are future possibility. the problem is they don't
10:47 am
address the problems of right now. and i think that's one of the reasons why you saw beto talking about the buyback, because what he realizes is unless you take them out of circulation, guess what? banning a future assault weapon isn't going to change -- leland: so beto -- >> if you're goinged to do anything. leland: beto's starting to walk this back. it went from hell, yes, i'm going to take them to, well, it's going to be a buyback, but we're not going to go door to door. jimmy, you get the last word on this. as we look at what the public sentiment is for there to be something to do with guns, something done on guns, and we've seen it after all of the shootings that there is acknowledgment that there are issues and loopholes. is if republicans totally cut this off at the pass, do they run being on the wrong side of this? >> it depends on whether or not we come up with something that
10:48 am
makes any sort of sense at all. now, the red flag law's a great example of that. nobody want to see somebody who's mentally ill have their hands on a weapon. how do we insure that the people making the decisions are make it over legitimate concerns -- leland: hold it. you think there's enough appetite in the republican party for true red flag laws. >> i think there is. >> [inaudible] >> our lieutenant governor's already said that, you know, he's willing to be, he's willing to be -- leland: well, you saw governor abbott speak pretty emotionally at the latest shootings out in midland and odessa. >> it depends on what's proposed. leland: at least in texas from republicans they were willing to talk and change things that they hadn't before. i gotta run. i'm up against a hard break. i gotta go. thanks so much. >> all right, all right. [laughter]
10:49 am
kristin: a fast growing brush fire sr. burning in a busy part of california. more on where and how many acres have burped, next. ♪ oh delicious. or delicious... or fun. ♪ but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%. which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like ah well i don't know what you'd wanna buy cause i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia - a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks. in severe cases, pneumococcal pneumonia can put you in the hospital. it can hit quickly, without warning, making you miss out on what matters most.
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leland: race against time. riverside county, california's hundreds of firefighters are
10:53 am
battling the horseshoe brush fire. broke out yesterday afternoon. 200 acres bush burned. evacuation orders have already been issued, but so far there are no injuries as of yet. something to watch as fire season continues. ♪ ♪ kristin: we are less than 12 the hours away from a strike by the uaw after talks break down with general motors. jacqui heinrich live with more. >> reporter: hey, kristin p. the union spokesman said it is still possible the two sides could hammer out an agreement before the strike goes into effect at midnight tonight, but they also said it's unlikely, and they're far apart on issues. the four-year contract expired saturday, but workers were told to report to their jobs this morning as negotiations continued. well, those talks reached a stalemate, and uaw announced 49,000 of its workers at u.s. plants will go on strike just before midnight tonight,
10:54 am
affecting gm plants in michigan, ohio, tennessee, kentucky, new york, texas and elsewhere. union workers have been fighting the closure of assembly plants in ohio and michigan and arguing for higher pay after years of record profits for gm. just an hour ago a person briefed on the bargaining said gm offered union workers to make new products at two assembly plants it planned to close, including building a new all-electric pickup truck at a detroit factory that was slated to close next year. no word yet on the union response, but they have been firm on what they're looking for. >> we are standing up for fair wages, we are standing up for affordable, quality health care. we are standing up for our share of the profits. we are standing up for job security. >> reporter: general motors said it presented a strong offer including more than 5400 jobs,
10:55 am
higher pay and improved benefits. the automaker said it's disappointing that the uaw leadership has chosen to strike at midnight tonight. we've negotiated in good faith and with a sense of you are acceptee -- urgency. our goal remains to build a strong future for our business. unless an agreement is reached, workers will join the 850 janitors employed by aramark who are already on strike as of this morning. their contract expired last year. kristin? kristin: just a few more hours to go. jackie e heinrich, thanks. leland? leland: who would want to steal a toy met? turnses out, a lot of people if it's made of solid gold. how much this thing's worth and where it could be, when we come back. moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer!
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not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪ ♪ ♪ leland: polices in england are on the hunt for a solid gold tie let. the toilet is called america. we don't know why. it's valued over a million dollars and was taken from the estate where former british prime minister winston churchill was born, but it was not a clean getaway. america was plumed into the building, so the bandits left behind damage and flooding. one man is in custody in connection to heist. where do you fence a gold toilet? kristin: i have so many questions. why did the toilet need a name to begin with? leland: maybe it's art? kristin: and why is the name america? leland: excellent question. kristin: and why is it in a
11:00 am
bathroom that is not as fancy as the toilet? so many questions. leland: we only have five seconds, so bill hemmer has some questions for a lot of politicians next on "fox news sunday." bill: i'm bill hemmer in for chris wallace. escalating tensions in the persian gulf as the u.s. blames iran for an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply. ♪ ♪ >> we hope that we can make a deal, and if we can't make a deal, that's fine too. bill: the president weighs his options on tehran, ends peace talks with the taliban and makes a move on trade with china after announcing national security hawk john bolton is out. >> john wasn't in line with what we were doing. bill: we'll ask what the move means for u.s. foreign policy with counselor to the president kellyanne conway, only on "fox news sunday." ♪ bill: then, democrats in
11:01 am
disarray over i


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