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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 15, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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audience, i love you. [applause] ♪ reporter: mike pompeo said iran was behind the attack on the saudi arabia oil refineries. yemen's houthi group claimed responsibility for the attacks that knocked out half of the saudi output. kellyanne conway says the white house is keeping its options
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open. >> we are keeping options on the table pretexting american interests, americans and our economy. rick: we begin with trey yates in jerusalem. reporter: the iranian government is denying responsibility for the attack. it's believed a missile or drone targeted the facility causing massive fires. iranian-backed houthis spent the summer targeting pipe lines. this attack was larger. it cut 5% of the oil supply. president trump tweeted, he said he will authorize the release of oil from the strategic oil
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petroleum reserve. he said he would like to keep the markets sufficient and well-supplied with oil. he says i have authorized the appropriate agencies to expedite add proves. houthis have used drones and missiles many times over the past year. you united nations investigators say the houthi rebels have the technology to carry out the attack. >> we exploited the vulnerabilities in the system. the saudi air space became open to us after the defense system failed to spot our drones.
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iran said mike pompeo was being untruthful when he blamed iran for the attacks. the houthi rebels in yemen are saying they are behind the attacks. the latest assessment from u.s. intelligence and government officials are that they were launched from iraq oh yemen. rick: the attacks are expected to spike a worldwide oil shortage. our fox team news coverage continues. reporter: you heard it from trey what the president tweeted. kellyanne conway hinted this morning that the trump administration would be ready to stop into the nation's strategic
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oil reserve if necessary to stabilize the global oil supply. she says the trump administration is considering its options with iran. >> we'll continue to call out malign behavior. this is a president who withdrew us from a very bad nuclear deal. >> democrats say the u.s. has less leverage with iran after leaving the nuclear deal in 2018. >> this is a pattern. the president ripped up a deal, doesn't have a strategy to replace it. doesn't work with our allies. now we are left with an iran engage in more dangerous behavior without a lot of options left for the united states. reporter: the white house says they have many ways to apply economic pressure. >> she we should deny visas for
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the iranians coming into the united states for the united nations. as her first step kelly craft who is a terrific u.n. ambassador ought to offer a resolution for snap-back sanctions. reporter: what about oil prices and the stock market when it reopens tomorrow. one middle east analyst says the u.s. is not as desperate for international oil as we used to be. >> when i started, it was like if saudi oil gets hit, we have a serious problem. what we have done in the united states to increase our output has created a strategic situation. we'll watch. the united states has a leaf tore pull if we want to stabilize prices. >> republican senator lindsey
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graham tweeted it's time to consider an attack on iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocation. rick: house democrats have taken their biggest step yet toward impeachment with the judiciary committee passing a resolution that normalizes guideline -- formalizes guidelines for impeachment. but they are sending mixed messages on how the process should play out. reporter: house democrats appear to be split on how much time should be spent on impeachment. the vote did not launch a formal impeachment process. one democratic member of the committee told fox news, democrats from determined to
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hold the president responsible. >> we are going to bring witnesses before the committee. reporter: but some democratic leaders fear that too much focus on this one issue could hut the house in the 2020 election. reporter: president trump says he find the house's growing list of questions unnecessary. he tweeted, you don't impeach presidents for doing a good or great job. only treasonous crimes committed by other side and led by the democrats. sad. his advisors tell fox news voters are fed up with the conversations coming from capitol hill. >> they work for you and they are wasting your money and their time on trying to impeach a president where there are no
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high crimes and misdemeanors. the focus, presidential obstruction of justice and abuse of power. rick * as the cdc investigates nearly 400 cases of a mysterious young illness. new york state moves to ban flavored e cigarettes. and raising the age from 18 to 21 years old and to stop what he calls deceptive marketing. >> vaping is better than smoking. technically yes. but so what? smoking is terrible. so i'm not relying or waiting for the federal government. i don't expect them to do anything responsibly, to act responsibly because i have never seen them act responsibly.
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so our destiny is in our own hands and we are taking action. >> the executive order could go into effect as soon as two weeks from now. tens of thousands of workers at gm plants nationwide are expected to go on strike at the stroke of midnight. the united auto workers voted for it. >> this will be the first nationwide strike in 12 years in the auto industry. the international brotherhood of teamsters tells fox news, if general motors doesn't work out a deal, a thousand of their workers will refuse to transport vehicles to dealerships. as they fight for higher wages, affordable healthcare and better job security.
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>> for every auto job, there are studies that say 7-9 jobs are impacted bid every single auto job in this nation. 40,000 workers in the uaw, and you can klt how many hundreds of thousands of people are going to be impacted. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics, wages foimplet s. auto manufacturing workers have fallen 2.1% since 2010. the union said it's time for gm to do the right thing now that the company is making profits. bind tweeting a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about dignity and respect. sanders saying in part. our message to gm is a simple one. for its part, gm said it presented a strong deal to union
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workers including $7 billion anyone investments. higher pay and better insurance coverage. they write, it's disappointing the uaw leadership has chosen to strike at midnight tonight. our goal remains to you build as and our on strike this morning after their contract expired last year. rick: thank you for that. a democratic lawmaker change his mind on who to endorse in the 2020 race. a harrowing exchange between bernie sanders and a navy veteran in nevada. stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional
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rick: 2020 democrats back on the campaign trail. castro seemed to target the former vice president over his age by questioning his memory. christina coleman has the latest from our west coast newsroom. reporter: former hud secretary
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julian castro isn't the first to question biden's memory. but it was considered a low blow for castro. vincente gone zales switched his support from castro to biden. >> i think at this point in time we need to their toy the field of democrats to defeat trump in november 2020. that's why i believe i'm moving my support to vice president joe biden. reporter: castro isn't the only one getting backlash. beto o'rourke under fire for vowing to confiscate legally owned assault weapons.
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they say it plays into the false narrative that democrats want to take everybody's guns away. >> when even this president and mitch mcconnell are at least pretending to be open to reforms, we know we have a moment on our hand. let's make the most of of it and get these things done. reporter: but beto isn't backing down, referencing the shootings in his hometown of el paso, texas. >> i think if we start in a timid, fearful, apologetic way. donald trump and mitch mcconnell pretending to be interested in something that is literally a life or death issue for 40,000 americans. it's simply not enough. >> despite the disagreement on heated topics like gun control. the polls show five democratic
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contenders all beating president trump in a general election matchup. rick: a dramatic moment at a bernie sanders town hall in nevada friday as navy vet ranl addressed the presidential candidate about his $139,000 medical bill for treatment of hunting on's disease. >> again, again -- >> i can't do it. [inaudible] rick: he told reports he spoke
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to sanders and his wife after the event and sanders said he reached out to a case work. if someone you know is struggling to suicidal thoughts, you can speak to someone at the suicide prevention hotline. you see the number on your screen. 2020 hopeful andrew yang announced he plans on giving 10 families $1,000 a year, paid for with campaign donations. it has caused many to wonder if it's legal. >> we have an army of lawyers who signed off on this. i want to reflect for a moment that if i gave a million dollars to a media company or hired a small army of canvassers no one would blink an eye. but if we give the money to the
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people, that's problematic. >> but who is paying the army of lawyers. rick: other presidential candidate are trying to grab headlines by letting pro fansy slide. andrew craft has more. reporter: hearing a presidential curse word seems to be the new norm. especially if you are beto o'rourke. >> the president asking four women of color to go back to their country. tell me [bleep] what that means. >> why do you do it? >> i try to speak as honestly as i can with the language my fellow americans use. >> i sent off a tweet that pissed off the entire country of denmark. >> mitch mcconnell get off your
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[bleep] and pass gun reform in the united states senate. >> i can't say that i never used a swear word. >> ', children, i swore on comedy central this week. people should be whoever they are. >> it's not just democrats. president trump has sworn several times at campaign rallies. president trump: the democrats have to decide whether they are going to continue defrauding the public with [bleep] reason we a new political are seeing this language on the campaign trail is because the politics are so much different. it went from pg to pg-13 and sometimes r. >> many voters say it will not change how they tas their ballots. >> you can have other word.
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>> most of of us are the people i know swear regularly anyway. so it's like talking to someone you already know. reporter: recent friend show voters can expect to hear a bit more vulgarity on the campaign trail as the election approaches. rick: we'll get insight when and how the president and congress might act on gun control. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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president trump: we'll be reporting back in a short period of time. some things will never happen and some things, meaningful things can happen. it's really a gut sense. we are look at maybe we should call it the gun sense bill. but we'll have some -- we are having great dialogue.
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we'll see what happens. rick: president trump speak on gun reform talks. he could make a decision as early as this week. i'm rick leventhal and this is "the fox report." congressional democrats are dede manning changes with party leaders make their demand known to the president. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer saying in a statement today, this morning we made it clear to the president that any proposal he endorses that does not include the universal background check legislation will not get the job done. and people who shouldn't have guns will still have access. the senate must pass this bill and the president must sign it. let's bring in a breaking news reporter from the "washington examiner." the president has promised some kind of action and promising some things will never happen.
3:28 pm
any clue what we can expect? >> i think it's difficult to predict what will come of the president's proposal in part because he has contradicted himself. if we look at his statements following the el paso and dayton, ohio shootings. he supported the background checks. but then he talked out of the other side of his mouth and said there was a bigger issue with mental health. rick: senator rand paul talked about background checks and talked about laws on the books that weren't being enforced. >> the thing we could do at the federal level. when a felon goes in to buy a gun. 12,000 felons tried to buy a gun and they were caught but we
3:29 pm
didn't prosecute them. there are laws on the books that aren't being enforced now. so maybe adding more laws isn't the answer. >> absolutely. i think senator paul makes a good point. but there are other people who believe there are loopholes that need to be closed even among the laws that are in place. >> the president met with democratic senator overmanchin and pat toomey. was the focus there on background checks? is that what they were going over strategizing how to best make it work? >> yes. but two of the main loopholes democrats want closed are the gun show loophole and gun show and online sales. when two private citizens want to exchange a gun for money, a background check doesn't have to
3:30 pm
be done. rick: one of the reasons one of the shooters failed the background check but managed to get a gun anyway. >> a man who had been turned down when he applied for a weapon. got it through a private search and was able toll kill 7 people. rick: mccouldn't says he's waiting on the president before he puts anything else on the floor. >> absolutely. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has ardently withheld from the pressure he has been facing from the other side, specifically citing the president as the reason behind it. rick: beto o'rourke took the lead among the democratic 2020 candidates saying yes we are going to take your ar-15s.
3:31 pm
he defended that position this morning. >> i refuse to acknowledge the polling or the fear other nra. that purchased the complicity and silence of members of congress and a weak response to a real tragedy in america. 40,000 gun deaths a year and i'm proposing we do something about it. rick: he's getting pushback from other democrats. >> senator coons condemned roke- condemned beto o'rourke's statements. so what chris coons was saying, this will be played at second amendment rallies in the future. rick: a recent "washington post"
3:32 pm
poll found a slight majority support an assault weapons buyback. 44% opposing it. i don't know. democrats, i guess are as closely divided as that poll is. >> the most of fascinating part of this poll. when you dig into the numbers, there were slightly over 1,000 people surveyed in this poll. if this poll wob were to go down party lines. 52% of the people surveyed would be democrats. because the democrats would all say they support it. only 44% of the people surveyed in this policy they lead democrats. that tells me at a minimum 8% of people surveyed in this poll did not identify as leaning towards the dpemcratr krattic -- democratic party still support a
3:33 pm
ban on assault weapons. rick: president trump sounding off on a "new york times" story claiming there was another incidents of sexual misconduct involving supreme court justice brett kavanaugh where he allegedly exposed himself at a college party 37 years ago. >> the accusations garnering the ire of the president of the united states. he said brett kavanaugh should start suing people for libel or the justice department should come to his rescue. the lies being told about him are unbelievable. false accusations without recrimination. when does it stop? strong reaction including from a democrat running to replace the president.
3:34 pm
kamala harris writing this. i sat through those confirmation hearings. brett kavanaugh lied to the american people and his place on the course it an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. he must be impeached. it will open old wound for the accused or accuser. but some believe it's a rehash of a phoney story to begin with. >> i think that follows up with the rather shameful circus we saw during the confirmation hearing where they took allegations, they sat on them, they didn't make them public. then they revealed them at the 11th hour. the judiciary committee did what we should have done. we held a hearing. we invited the principle witness
3:35 pm
to testify. trying to smear justice kavanaugh by going 30 years back with anonymous sources. reporter: the president is announcing his support for the saudi kingdom in the wake of the attack on the their oil fields. the white house released at light images it says proves the attacks were launched by iran with 19 confirmed strikes coming from the north. no events planned for the president this evening. but with the united nations general assembly coming up in the next couple days, it's a sure bet this week he will be in heavy preparation for that. meantime we have new revelations regarding the massive damage the united states sanctions are inflicting object iran's economy. fox news exclusively obtaining
3:36 pm
documents that show the effect of efforts on iran to make concessions with its nuclear program. >> an economic assault tearing through iran's economy. that's what top officials see as a result of american sanctions. according to internal documents obtained exclusively by fox news. >> we think the iranian government's gdp will shrink by 12 to 13%. reporter: 8 of their retirement fund are in the red. potentially hitting 17 million iranians who are senior citizens. they say iran spend tens of billions a year subsidizing critical products like drugs, oil and food. before the sanctions 2.5 billion
3:37 pm
a day in oil production. now it's 160,000 barrels. top administration officials say the sanctions will continue. >> secretary pompeo and i have been executing the president's maximum pressure campaign. reporter: the goal? convince iran's leaders to negotiate over it nukes jar program and support for rebelling across the middle east. reporter: the iranian president says he will only meet with president trump if the u.s. lifts economic sanctions. the president has refused. the iranian regime calls the news sanctions campaign economic terrorism.
3:38 pm
the u.s. says more sanctions are coming and urgessal highs to step up their pressure. >> we would love our friend and allies to help bring iran to a place where it wants to act hike a normal nation. reporter: the attention now moves to new york and the united nations general assembly later this month where presidents trump and rouhani are expected to attend. rick: another severe storm is churning in the atlantic. tropical storm humberto is expected to become across hurricane by the end of the day. a look at the forecast next. ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there.
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or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. rick: tropical storm humberto is expected to strengthen to a
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hurricane and bring rip currents to the coast of the united states. reporter: right now we are watching the storm itself right over the atlantic ocean. and with it it is certainly bringing in the wave action and of course storm surge a little bit of a concern along the immediate coastline. the good news is the storm itself is what we call a fish storm eventually heading out into the open waters. the concern is if it becomes a hurricane and heading toward bermuda as we head into the mid-week period. here is the news. the steering current with the storm itself going to be more so out to sea. that's the good news for the southeast coast. with that it brings a lot of impact. we have a tropical storm watch up toward flagler and volusia county line. it's still going to bring with
3:44 pm
it a lot of surf. we talk about surf this time of year, people swimming. this is not a good spot to surf up toward jacksonville. we are talking about rough surf. we are seeing relationship current to be a concern. the impact, unfortunately the greatest impact will be around the bahamas, areas that have been impacted by dorian. eventually we see the impacts dough creasing and heading wether offshore. head forward. rick: hurricane dorian inflicted tremendous damage ripping homes and communities apart. it also separated thousands of people from their dogs. now an organization is going in,
3:45 pm
rescuing the pups and reuniting them with their owners. reporter: tears of joy filled priscilla's eyes the moment she saw her dog emma since hurricane dorian crashed into her home in the bahamas. the humane society of the grand bahamas reports having almost 200 dogs when the hurricane hit. the storm killed over half of them. dramatic video shows her granddaughter wading through intense floodwaters with the family's dog, struggling to make it out safely. thanks to big dog ranch rescue, the dog was saved. the founder says these dogs were brought over by boat and many were injured. >> she was in a home and the
3:46 pm
roof came off during the storm and part of the roof fell on him and hurt his back and broke his leg. >> these are some of the dogs rescued. they now have over 70 dogs and counting. some people refused to evacuate without their pets. the rescue team helped get them all safely to florida. >> we have to make sure all of our paperwork is up to date before they even consider letting us leave. she is really relaxed. >> all the dogs rescued by the group are being treated. >> they lost everything over there, they made their animals, they need their dogs, they need their best friend. they need to know they are okay. reporter: they plan to find owners to adopt the rest of the dogs to give them a place they
3:47 pm
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rick: pay theouts wide receiver antonio brown left the steelers for the raiders, found a new team then got hit with sexual assault allegations. but that didn't stop him from taking the field for the first time for the pats. and this touchdown you are about to see in a win over the miami dolphins. his accuser, a former trainer is expected to meet with league officials about the alleged assault tomorrow. with the nfl's 100th season tomorrow. neuroscientists with brain guard are trying to develop a better helmet to prevent brain injuries. reporter: the start of a new football seen and heartbreak
3:52 pm
d -- season. its design could be a game change. in a ware house north of san francisco. brain guard, a team of engineers led by dr. robert knight, smashed a football helmet again and again to see how it absorbs the impact. the rubber struts stretch and act as shock absorbers. no matter where the helmet is hit, the struts move. >> it mitigates the amount of force that goes to the inner shell that goes directly to your skull and brain. >> the twisting and turning of
3:53 pm
the brain caused by severe blows to the head. when tested against other helmets, the company says the amount of rotational force was reduced by 20-40 percent. >> the helmet is the last line of defense. reporter: they could eventually become standard equipment for football, basketball, hoch cran, hockey and cyclists. rick: could what you say on facebook affect how what companies say about you? social credit scores. or delicious...
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when you're under pressure to get the job done, it seems you have to accept the fact that some equipment will sit idle, or underutilized. but it doesn't have to be that way. that's why united rentals is combining equipment, data, safety and expertise to help your worksite perform better. united rentals. a better worksite is here. what if you were not allowed to walk in a bar because of your social credit score. she takes a look at the way that some american companies are waiting at her wayne their customers. >> "big brother" is was watching, up trending popular in china is making its way to the united states airbnb, uber and insurers are starting to greet customers on social system
3:58 pm
scores. the chinese people do not like it and the westerners in the united states are worried that a similar system will come. according to a company, consumers receive a score on social media profiles and behaviors which can help decide if they can use certain apps. people have been banned using mass transit and getting jobs with a low score. >> the extent of what is going on in china, people are nervous and on edge, if you rant and rave or act reckless, you might be affected adversely. it also cites the new york state department of financial services which turns companies to premiums on social media post. >> you have to go with the assumption that what do you say and do and post online can and could and possibly might be used against you.
3:59 pm
airbnb could disable your account and other examples are social media sites that can cut you off completely if you are blocked by users. >> positive things can benefit you. but they can hold morgan on the negative because they don't want negative about the author. the most disturbing aspect of the social credit system is punishment by the outside official justice system. that is possible in the future a majority of misdemeanors and some felonies, not by washington, d.c. but silicon valley. >> so you want to set a world record, how about the number of dogs in a single photo shoot, owner of small dogs in moscow had 710 pooches to pose for pictures, crushing the previous record of $374 underdogs in ohio a month ago.
4:00 pm
this record will be broken next week. that is september 15, thank you for your time with us tonight. >> i am in for chris wallace. escalating tension in the persian gulf. as a u.s. blames iran for an unprecedented attack on the world energy supply. the country. >> the president weighs his option on tehran and with the telamon and makes a move on trade with china. after announcing national security john bolton is out. >> john was not in line with what we're doing. >> what that means for you and . foreign policy and kellyanne conway only on "fox news sunday". then, democrats in


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