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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 17, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and fair minded americans see through all of this. panel, thank you so much. that's all the time we have tonight. meek is in for shannon bream, the fox news at night team take it from here. president trump is calling on everybody at "the new york times" involved in a recent story about supreme co >> donald trump calling on, the story about brett kavanaugh to resign. landing in hot water after backtracking on new sexual misconduct allegations as brett kavanaugh. calling for brett kavanaugh's impeachment and a member of the squad ready to file a impeachment resolution against the newest justice. donald trump holds out hope for a diplomatic solution with iran and his administration releases new evidence the islamic republic is behind a series of drone attacks on saudi oil facilities.
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america first ties donald trump's hands on iran. later elizabeth warren campaigns in new york while slamming wall street and donald trump campaigns in new mexico which is turning blue. can he win over hispanic voters? the president sounds like he's winding things up in new mexico, speaking now. we will bring that shortly. karl rove and doug show and will be here with analysis. we begin with fox team coverage of the latest brett kavanaugh controversy, trace gallagher examining the political fallout. will it backfire and help donald trump in the long run? first we go to the host of fox's media buzz with the facts tonight. >> the new york times corrected a glaring omission in the accusation against brett kavanaugh touching off a political firearm. kate kelly charge brett
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kavanaugh exposed himself in another of those rugged yale parties, the forthcoming book says the woman in question supposedly wound up touching his genitals won't commented, quote, several of her friends say she does not recall it. that crucial point was left out of the time story by the same reporters which was based on secondhand information from one former classmate who wasn't identified as a former bill clinton lawyer, the other student talk to start to two unnamed officials who have spoken with him. the controversy reignited the bitter battle over sexual assault claims at his confirmation hearings. a source close to the justice told foxnews this was a disgusting effort to smear brett kavanaugh to sell a few books and senate democrats knew of the allegation (said nothing. the washington post said today it passed on publishing the same charge last year.
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donald trump tweet that kavanaugh should sue over what he called lies added without explanation or the justice department should come to his rescue. the president seized on that. >> the new york times made another terrible mistake. it is a shame a thing like that could happen. how can they do a thing like that and destroy somebody's life. >> a times editor apologize for a, quote, offensive tweet that facing a man excusing himself may seem like harmless fun. the magnitude of the allegation against the supreme court justice requires a high level of proof. after leaving out exculpatory evidence from the alleged victim the times correction is an admission is still short of that. >> howard kurtz leading us off tonight. now for the political fallout, political parties hoping to weapon eyes these uncorroborated allegations, trace gallagher has this side of the story tonight. >> a new york times article laying out another sexual
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misconduct allegation against brett kavanaugh, no fewer than 6 democratic presidential candidates called for his impeachment. kamala harris, a little foreign, pete buttigieg, beto o'rourke and julian castro but under extreme pressure the new york times issued a bombshell correction saying friends of the alleged victim say she does not recall the incident. the times mistake did not go unnoticed by the president courting i call for the resignation of everybody at the new york times involved in the brett kavanaugh smear story and while you're at it the russian witchhunt hoax which is just as funny. they've taken the only gray lady and broken her down, destroyed her virtue and ruined her reputation but even after the new york times correction, knowing there is no corroboration to the accusation kamala harris who was the attorney general of california and knows a thing or 2 about reasonable doubt still went on msnbc and said this. >> i've called for impeachment. i believe that is the clearest
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way for us to get an investigation of these allegations. >> apparently harris isn't alone. fox news reached out to all the 2020 candidates to see if they changed their position, none responded. mike allen says represent a democratic smear campaign, by portraying brett kavanaugh and mitch mcconnell as villains, defining the three branches of government saying each of these white men will argue symbolizes republican corruption and breaking but mitch mcconnell is already fighting back making sure he is on the record. >> it would be a mistake to dismiss this as a bad case of sour grapes. this is not just a left-wing obsession with one man. as part of a deliberate effort
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to attack judicial independence. >> not every democrat is on board with impeaching brett kavanaugh. house judiciary chair jerry nadler says his hands are fool impeaching the president. >> thanks very much. with the outline of the plan aimed at donald trump brett kavanaugh and majority leader mcconnell, is what we are seeing a smear campaign or new efforts to get at the truth, let's get reaction from tom tillis who was on the senate judiciary committee, great to have you. your thoughts on that? three boogie men situation with donald trump, brett kavanaugh and senator mcconnell? you think that's a winning play for democrats? >> i don't think it is. i think the american people outside of it, house democrats wondering whether they should go anywhere with this new story. i had a front row seat in the judiciary committee, there was a hit now. there is no information, no corroborating testimony, fbi
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investigation, the facts are what they are, brett kavanaugh is a great justice and they are trying to take whatever they have to, i saw it front row in the judiciary committee. the american people are tired of it. faxed unsubstantiated allegations and they need to move on. >> jerry nadler saying about this impeachment notion, quote, we have our hands full with impeaching the president and that will take of our limited resources and time for a wild. your reaction? >> they are even doing impeachment light for the president. they don't have enough information to pursue the president, the special counsel spoke loudly, there was no collusion, no obstruction, they tried to use false allegations to prevent kavanaugh from getting elected to the bench, that didn't work out.
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i don't think this goes anywhere and i think the new york times head pieces nothing but that, they walked it back into the end of the day brett kavanaugh is a great justice, he's not guilty of anything except being a great judge and he's going to be one of the great justices on the supreme court. >> new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez tweeting today, quote, this was almost a year ago, it is unsurprising brett kavanaugh credibly accused of sexual assault would lie under oath to secure supreme court seat because sexual assault is not a crime of passion, it is about abuse of power. he must be impeached. is that responsible? >> wouldn't you think the alleged victim would have at least spoken up. they are trying to create allegations, they don't even have a first-hand witness to stand 8. this is absurd we are spending time on these allegations when the american people care about one thing, getting the economy back on track, getting justices to the bench working to legislate the way brett kavanaugh will, they have nothing here, the house has already said they're moving on. if they don't have the resources to do it, that's the best
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evidence you have for having nothing. they need to move on. >> you remember on the judiciary committee you helped that these people for the bench, do you worry some judges may say i don't want to go through that, don't want to put myself through that are put my family through that. >> i do. every member running for congress, whether senate or house member, you have to worry about that but that's why you have to come back and continue to fight. that's why i am running for reelection. we cannot let this be the status quo in washington. cory booker, i remember vividly his spartacus moment. kamala harris holding up a document that obviously had nothing on it, pretending she was a prosecutor, she was anything but a fair-minded person when she became, went before the judiciary committee and tried to encourage this politics of personal destruction that the american people are getting tired of. >> thanks for your time. >> the united states is planning an attack on the world's largest
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oil processing facility in saudi arabia. it has cut the nation's oil output in half, donald trump says the us is locked and loaded. iran denies any involvement. jillian turner is here to break down the latest. >> the iranian regime is responding to donald trump's claim the us is locked and loaded saying they are ready to face off in a full-fledged war, donald trump responding to that saying he doesn't want war, never has. >> i don't want war with anybody but we are prepared more than anybody. with all that said i would like to avoid it. >> when it comes to the weekend attack on saudi armed facilities iran is sticking to its favorite am oh, deny, deny, deny. the us has released satellite images of damage alleging a pattern distraction suggesting the attack came from iran or iraq.
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further evidence the oil facilities were attacked by multiple cruise missiles and drones from across the persian gulf in the islamic republic. >> some strong studies done but it looked that way at this moment and we will let you know as soon as we find out definitively. >> reporter: iran's government is armed to the teeth with advanced missile technology and claims it is not afraid to target us military facilities in the middle east. iran making it personal going after donald trump's national security team, accusing them of lies. >> translator: to accuse the islamic republic of iran of these attacks and defensive measures is in line with their maximum falsehood policy. >> reporter: saudi arabia so far silent on the full extent of the damage these attacks caused, 5% of the world's oil supply is cut off and seen the biggest 1-day rise in oil prices since the first gulf war erupted in 1990. donald trump still not ruling
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out a meeting with the president at the un general assembly. the road to diplomacy is not yet dead. >> they would like to make a deal on certain terms and conditions and we won't do that. >> reporter: donald trump going to mike pompeo to saudi arabia, he says they are in it together and figuring out how to respond. knowing this administration he could change his mind to make a call to get there. >> thanks a lot. can donald trump turned new mexico republican red, the president tries to flip the land of enchantment, elizabeth war and secures a major progressive endorsement in new york city, the 2020 latest after the break.
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>> mike: and president trump launching an ambitious plan t >> donald trump launching a plan to return new mexico red.o it starts tonight with a rally. on the opposite coast a surging 20/20 front runner elizabeth war rally support in new york city scoring in a key progressive endorsement. we have fox team coverage on the dueling rallies, standing by with a look at warren's but let's go to kevin cork live from rio rancho. >> the president making the case for new mexico, hoping this reliably blue state in 2020, 3 evidence to tell you about, the economy, energy and immigration, the president certainly bringing out a standing room only crowd. this arena holds 7000 or so, i would say 10,000 here but more outside.
12:18 am
analogy ands of build the wall and usa and 4 more years the president paid particular attention to selling his policies to new mexico's hispanic community. saying they are working very well for them and he said that will pave the way to victory in 2020 for the gop. >> the unemployment for hispanic americans is right now at the lowest level ever recorded in the history of our country. wages for hispanic americans are rising fast, nearly 8% since my election. we will campaign for every vote and we will win the great state of new mexico. >> reporter: that got the crowd excited. is new mexico in play? the campaign thinks so. the president lost here by 8 points but he won 19 counties,
12:19 am
boston sandoval county by 1800 votes. probably has a lot to do with why we are here tonight. he will continue his swing in california tomorrow where border security and immigration are major issues. back to you. >> let's go to new york city where 2020 democrat senator elizabeth warren is rallying support and scoring a key progressive group's endorsement. >> reporter: tonight, elizabeth warren's campaign, 20,000 supporters packed washington sq. park in downtown manhattan to hear her speak, to hear her unveil her plan to end corruption in washington dc once and for all, her version of draining the swamp. part of that, this will be the
12:20 am
first thing she will concentrate on if she becomes president through congress, this idea of ending corruption in washington dc. she wants to bring structural change, bringing government to work for the people, not just the wealthy and the corporations. >> i have a lifetime ban on senators, congressmen and cabinet secretaries -- let's shut this industry down and return our government to the people. and there is more. now more secret meetings with every meeting between a lobbyist and a public official should be a matter of public record. >> reporter: warren unveiled the plan in a lengthy blog post. she wants to create an office of public integrity dedicated to investigating public ethics. she wants to create conflict of interest laws requiring the president and vice president to put their business in a blind
12:21 am
trust to be sold off, wants to ban congress members from serving on corporate boards and owning individual stocks and ban lobbyists from political fundraisers was warren also zeroed in on the trump administration, called in that blog post the trump administration the most corrupt in our lifetimes. >> donald trump is corruption in the flesh. he swore to serve the people of the united states but he only serves himself and his partners in corruption. he tries to divide us. we are busy fighting each other no one will notice that he and his buddies are stealing more and more of our country's wealth. >> warren is certainly surging according to the polls, latest cnn poll from last week shows she has surpassed bernie sanders and is now second behind joe biden, 24%-18 person. we spoke to warren's supporters tonight, although we spoke to
12:22 am
said they believe sanders's time has passed and the time for warren is now. >> i love bernie but his time is done. time for her to step up and be the one. >> she would be better. bernie can be in the background. >> bernie as well, we need his message but his time has passed. >> biden is a nice guy. his time has sort of passed. >> sanders and a huge endorsement from the working parties family, the progressive group and 3 hours after her speech. >> brian, thanks a lot. the president looking for an upset in the democratic leaning new mexico, a state he lost by 8 points in 2016. >> when i'm on the debate stage debating one of these far left
12:23 am
radical democrats whoever it may be and they start telling you what they are going to do for you and we have the best numbers in every category we have ever had, hispanic americans, excuse me, new mexico as a whole. >> here to discuss, doug show and karl rove. let's get to it. is there any chance new mexico going republican or at least donald trump forcing democrats to play defense? >> could be. president bush carried it in 2004 x 6000 votes after losing by 300 votes in 2000. i think the trump campaign's view that they can take new mexico striven by one thing, they had a big rally in el paso, and they keep track of all the attendees and found they had a large number of low turnout low propensity hispanic democratic voters from new mexico who
12:24 am
showed up for the rally. they continued to look at that data and continued to massage the data and think they have a shot at it. i suggest a different reason they might have a shot, the state in the southeast corner in the northwest corner very heavily energy dependence particularly in the southeast corner they've had a great deal of energy development as a result of fracking and if you have democrats like warren and sanders who say we want to end fracking and even biden who says an immediate moratorium of build on federal lands, they have a problem because that economy being driven by energy exploration and a lot of latinos are getting good high-paying jobs in that sector of the economy will not want to be told they stand a good chance of losing. >> look ahead to next year. >> obama won it by ten points, clinton by eight points.
12:25 am
the hispanics went to clinton by about 20 points, obama by 50 points. i'm not that worried. if there was that much of a swing donald trump would be reelected by a substantial margin. i have a different explanation. karl rove got the highest percentage with george bush in 2004, republican is gotten in recent memory 40%. i think the speech speaks to hispanics nationally and if trump is able to up his hispanic vote to the high 30s or 40% level he has a stronger chance of getting reelected. the numbers he cited are compelling and my view as a democrat as if he can run a more inclusive campaign that he has in the past and seems to recently i think he has a much better shot at being elected and
12:26 am
if we nominate someone like elizabeth warren who increasingly seems she is on the strongest path of any candidate it will be tougher given her program of redistribution and now economic growth that i can see for us to win the election, hold the 55%, 70% of hispanics we need. mike: i would love to keep picking your brain but time is short. the shocking video garnering national attention, a mob style attack on representative omar's district raising questions why the city doesn't have enough cops next. the weather's perfect...
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mike:'s new york city prosecutors subpoena donald trump's tax returns, the office of the manhattan district attorney center subpoena to the accounting firm asking for 8 years of the president's personal and business returns, the da previously subpoenaed the trump organization for records
12:31 am
related to hush money paid to stormy daniels. the accountants say they will comply with their legal obligations. the white house ordering two former aides to define house subpoenas. the white house council says rick dearborn and rob porter are absolutely in the in from testifying to what the judiciary committee is calling its first impeachment hearing. in a separate letter the white house council reportedly says former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski who never worked for the white house did not reveal private conversations with the president beyond robert mueller's report. corey lewandowski is expected to attend the hearing as its sole witness tomorrow. democrat jerry never tells fox news all this is a shocking and dangerous assertion of executive privilege and absolute immunity. >> disturbing video show mob
12:32 am
style attacks in downtown minneapolis garnering national attention tonight at as mattson tells us the city is also dealing with a police officer shortage. >> we have to warner views this video as violent and difficult to watch. minneapolis police tell us so far 16 people have been arrested for targeting vulnerable people whose valuable items like cell phones. in one video young male is punched and kicked in the head, a mob gathered around him, beat him until he is unconscious and he is out cold. appears something is taken from his pocket. the victim tells fox news he is currently not living a normal life and cannot drive to work. and another video two males appear to be attacks, repeatedly punched. they fight back but one is knocked unconscious on the sidewalk in downtown minneapolis. a mob pummels a man to the ground, they beat him with a belt, pull off his pants, they
12:33 am
even ride a bike over him, the attackers run to gain speed and stop them. the videos are emerging as minneapolis is dealing with a crippling police officer shortage and politics seems to be getting away. the police chief is asking for 400 more officers over the next couple years but so far the mayor has proposed 14 new officers in the budget. the chair of the safety committee tells fox news the city council is investigating in his apartment and youth violence prevention. >> it was concerning to see that video and that is not what i want people to feel minneapolis is like or about and putting them together at an earlier time, and officers in that unit. >> they have until december to decide how many officers it wants to add to its budget, the mayor has proposed 14 and now we are told city council is considering 30 or 40. mike: thanks very much.
12:34 am
california banning state-sponsored travel to another state topping the real news roundup. iowa the purple state making california's now go list about 11 states because it does not require medicaid to pay for transgender surgery. thousands of present feel remains discovered at the home of an abortion doctor who died earlier this month. mike pence calling for a thorough investigation of the grisly findings. planned parenthood reaching agreement with its former ceo over her severance package. liana claimed planned parenthood tried to buy her silence by withholding her health insurance and departure payout. planned parenthood says that is untrue. on a lighter note former white house press secretary sean spicer scoring 4s across the board in his dancing with the stars debut, with a bright
12:35 am
looking shirt. and its we before his performance he said he won't forget this for some time and maybe even needs some therapy. the new york times facing scrutiny for running this story on brett kavanaugh causing some to question the objectivity in the mainstream media, britt hume is on deck to weigh in. dad: oh, hey guys! mom (on speakerphone): hi! son (on speakerphone): dad, i two goals today! vo: getting to a comfortable retirement doesn't have to be an uncomfortable thought. see how lincoln can help.
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>> the left cross to threaten, bully and intimidate americans into submission, use democrat prosecutors and phony congressional committees whenever they can, they will do what they can to deeming you, to liable you, they tried to blacklist, coerce, cancel and destroy anyone who gets in their way. look at what they are doing today to justice cavanagh. >> donald trump at the rally in new mexico continuing his defense of brett kavanaugh. ahead of a planned push against
12:40 am
the newest supreme court justice the women's march severing ties with 3 of its founding and most controversial board members. david fund has more. >> the board will replace the top 3 this month at a meeting but they are out in the first place following allegations of anti-semitism. tamika mallory is out, those allegations are years in the making. tamika mallory once appointed louis farrakhan the greatest of all time because of what he has done in black communities. she was attending an event where farrakhan made anti-semitic remarks and later apologized. and blandon has been accused of anti-semitism but it is important to point out actively campaigning for bernie sanders who is jewish this presidential election, this is from a campaign appearance earlier this month. >> i would be so proud to win but also to make history and
12:41 am
elect the first jewish american president this country -- [applause] >> the first jewish american president this country has ever seen and for his name to be bernard sanders. >> in a statement from the women's march on twitter, quote, despite report saying otherwise our outgoing board members have simply served out there terms and are moving on to new ventures, we are unified than ever and we thank them for the groundbreaking work and sacrifice. the women's march put out this image of 16 new faces that will sit on the board of the organization including a transgender woman and three jewish women, one of the new board members is on the defense after tweets surfaced criticizing the us military. this tweet is from 2016, just one of several, quote, this american muslim works to be on the frontlines of redefining
12:42 am
terrorism. it is isis but also the us military. looking at the group is organizing a protest in washington on sunday, october 6th aimed at calling for the impeachment of brett kavanaugh booty will be on the bench for the first day of the fall term. a day later on the seventh. expect that to be somewhat of a show at the supreme court. the women's march, and other progressive groups writing a march against brett kavanaugh on the anniversary of his confirmation. the new york times is facing intense scrutiny from both sides of the iphone make a major revision to its recent article about a resurfaced sexual assault allegation against the newest supreme court justice. here's an excerpt from the editor's note, the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the incident. that information has been added to the article. let's bring in senior analyst britt hume. senator chuck grassley was the chairman of the judiciary
12:43 am
committee during the brett kavanaugh confirmation. take a listen. >> when they refer to reporters, journalists as the police of the democratic system but today i'm reminded of a very old adage, who will watch the watchmen. >> you been in the news business a long time. how high does this failure go? >> it is hard to know but there was a time not many years ago when the new york times simply would not have done anything like this. i remember nearly days of the reagan administration in the 80s one reporters for the washington post were editorializing like mad in their coverage of reagan, donald trump -- president reagan's economic program being battled in congress and the new york times didn't do that. they covered it fair and square straightahead and that was the
12:44 am
way the times was in one of the things, kind of a national treasure really because it was a newspaper with enormous reach, huge circulation, big market, bureaus all over the world much of which it still has. what has changed is the long-standing tradition of neutral news coverage is gone and the times now finds itself in these situations where it pursues as it did the trump russia collusion story which there was nothing to it, the story completely collapsed in the end. the new york times would have been more reticent about that. they would have covered the controversy but wouldn't have embarked on that wild goose chase this sort of thing would not have happened because the times was different and the editor of the times, a legendary editor, and a contract guy, he
12:45 am
said he wanted to be remembered as the man who kept the paper straight and i couldn't figure out what he was talking about. now we know, saying he cut the paper straight is on his gravestone. he was holding back the tide and he did for many years but now the tide is right. >> criticism of the new york times story, partisan attacks like this are why people feel they can't afford to speak out. they are designed to intimidate witnesses and distract from the truth. your reaction. >> there may be some of that going on but that's not what this is about. this criticism of the new york times on this story is entirely valid and is not designed to intimidate witnesses. if you look at the story the alleged witness in this case was somebody the writers haven't even talked to and the alleged victim was somebody who is told
12:46 am
friends that she did not remember the incident so i don't know what that has to do with what jan is talking about at her own reporting on this story going back during the confirmation hearings has been called into question and that wasn't partisan either. that, she got called out for a bad story and wasn't the first time. >> we have tension in the middle east switching gears a bit. the iranian, the saudi's, created some freak out at msnbc. listen to this. >> now that donald trump is president it is even harder to take the government's word, the washington post's misleading statement trackers up to 12,000. everything from the trivial to the serious education point the president has contradicted himself on this very issue repeatedly. our big question today is on the issue of war. how does the american public know when the government is telling the truth? >> perfectly reasonable question.
12:47 am
we need some basis for determining whether the government is telling the truth and to the extent we can figure out based on how the government presents its case, what evidence it offers, where it comes from and the like. this situation is one where we may never know the exact details but we all know what the intelligence community is telling us and how we get the information we may not know but their conclusion will be public. the question arises can you trust the intelligence agencies which i don't think there's a chance donald trump will try to fake the conclusions of the intelligence reports on something like this matter. we see the washington post, 12,000 or so lies. if you go through that many of them are exaggerations, some of them are, a great many are opinions and conclusions that
12:48 am
are arguable and when you boil it down, the number of lies has been too many for sure but it is not 12,000. >> i could pick your brain all night but we have got to go. is calling it a ridiculous netflix deal but will donald trump's called to investigate former president obama's good with the studio backfire? are panel debates after the break.
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>> mike: a president trump suggesting today that instead of in >> donald trump suggested instead of investigating him house judiciary committee which is building a case for impeachment against donald trump should be investigating former president obama's book and netflix deal. let's untangle this with founder of catalina magazine and rnc committeewoman army dylan, great to have you. is the ten donald trump offering a suggestion to democrat let house judiciary committee, look at the obama book deal, the ridiculous netflix deal, then look at all the deals made by dems in congress, congressional slush fund and the ig report, take a look at them, those investigations would be over fast. your thoughts? >> it is so odd. i hope he is kidding. the point is the american people do not want investigations, that the entire point the republicans made with mueller, that it costs
12:53 am
so many taxpayer dollars, so much money to do investigations, people don't like investigation so why investigative president who is no longer president on a netflix deal in the book deal with every president had a book deal since they left office for 100 years, that is ridiculous. no one wants that, nope taxpayer once this. >> the key difference between the obama netflix partnership and trump's business dealings, they weren't announced until well after barack obama left office in may 2018 to be precise, the point is not to make sense but to deflect criticism by sticking his rabid followers on anything obama related. your response? >> what is really tragic is the depth of perception of irony. the president is being tongue-in-cheek and spending that there are innumerable useless investigations going on at the house level and they don't result in anything and drag the administration through the mud and the type of swamp
12:54 am
activity you see with former presidents enriching themselves is unquestioned. i don't think there's anything suspicious about the obama media deal, some presidents of enriched themselves in a fishy way. president clinton and his wife are the poster children of those and many others like president carter and the bushes of gone on and i think this is much ado about nothing. the president is bending over the witchhunt he suffered while in office. >> the mask how can the president be profiting off the presidency when he is hemorrhaging cash at some of his properties. >> he says he losing so much money being president but we have no idea what money is being made, he has trump hotels everywhere. we know how much money is being
12:55 am
brought into the trump companies, losing billions? who knows? we don't know how much the sitting president is making, let's not divert attention to presidents who left, let's worry about the one who is in there right now. >> investors went after president obama last year, he spent his entire political career bashing the rich, he clearly made enough money not what -- why not give back the taxpayer money for his presidential pension each year, your thoughts? >> what kathy just that is a bunch of nonsense. it is irresponsible to speculate about the president's motives and his profits, anyone with business sense knows to give up your business as a real estate investor to be in the presidency is a net financial loss, he turns over every one of his paychecks to different causes, parks, government agencies and so forth. put their assets into trusts. the petty jealousy and nastiness we see is unfortunate and
12:56 am
beneath contempt frankly. >> we have to leave it there. thank you so much. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. shannon is back tomorrow night. i get it all the time.
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"have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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heather: it is september 17th. happening on the east coast donald trump firing up a new mexico crowd while defending brett cavanagh over claims of sexual misconduct. what the president is demanding as democrats reveal their new plan of attack and iran closing the door to any chance of talks with the us after the white house is the regime is likely behind a saudi oil drone attack. what happens next in this chess match to avoid war.


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