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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 17, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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"downton abbey" ." i am submitting myself for that. >> greg: set your ddr. never miss an episode of "the five." hey bret. speaker hey, greg. we are following new indications that iran is responsible for the weekend's attacks in saudi arabia. another breaking story from the middle east, benjamin yahoo facing a major challenge to his leadership in a national election, polls have closed and votes are now being counted. we begin here in washington with house democrats holding their first impeachment proceedings against president trump. and it went off the rails quickly. former trump campaign manager sparring today with democrats in charge of the house judiciary
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committee, as they try to pursue obstruction of justice allegations. a very fiery day on capitol hill. good evening. stick a good evening. we are now five hours into this congressional testimony. republicans call it political theater. >> the white house is advancing a new and dangerous three where are the limits? this is a cover-up >> under the new rules, i have never seen a majority so amazed. they can't sell the product. >> two former white house aides were directed by the white house not to cite constitutional immunity.
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former trump campaign manager lewandowski to take the heat from democrats. >> i never delivered the message. >> yeah, you chickened out. >> i went on vacation. >> you went on vacation. and so you put the message in the safe, and you're safe, in your home, for safekeeping. of course you went on vacation. >> that's more of a priority. >> did you tell sessions that he would be fired if you did it take this meeting? >> congressman, he has told me to not disclose to protect confidentiality. >> pushing back against the obstruction and russia allegations. he tweeted his website for a potential 2020 senate. >> i think that this fake russia
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collusion. this is a president who is duly elected by the american people and members of certain bodies refused to accept those election results. >> house republican side democrats should have called to testify inspector general, but his recent findings that the former james comey. >> bret: thank you. we are awaiting results tonight in israel's election. a key ally for president trump is trying desperately to hold onto power. correspondent trey yanks. tell us where things stand at this hour. good evening, trey. >> good evening, bret. preliminary exit polls do not look good. while he still could pull off a surprising victory here tonight, it's unlikely that he will reach
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the threshold in order to govern in israel. >> israeli as rallies headed te polls today. edmonton he traveled the coast l with a megaphone in hand. >> this is a very important day. >> he is calling for change in israel as met in yahoo hopes to continue role. he blasted out tweets. many of them including information about arab voters. a war with gaza to push back the
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election. >> we want to prevent a left-wing government and a coalition with the arab parties. go vote. go vote. >> yahoo's long-term rival is largely considered the leader. he will be able to decide who will be the next prime minister of israel. >> bret: thank you. we will follow these results throughout the night. u.s. intelligence officials say that evidence is mounting that iran was in fact behind the attack on saudi oil facilities over the weekend. president trump is dispatching his top diplomats to the region. in the meantime, iran's supreme leader says that there will be no talks as the islamic republic continues to denied any involvement. speak a good evening you.
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saudi arabia's oil minister said that 50% of oil production has been restored and that saudi arabia will be back to full oil production by the end of this month. at the same time, the evidence is building that iran and rebels were behind the attacks. >> as the president said, we don't want war with anybody. but the united states is prepared. we are locked and loaded. >> vice president, today, echoing trump's tough talks, as u.s. officials say that it appears that the missiles were launched from southwest iran. saudi officials today say as much. >> all the indications and operational evidence and the weapons that were used in the terrorist attack indicate with initial evidence that that weapons were irani and weapons.
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>> it's certainly looking like iran was behind these attacks. our intelligence committee at this very hour is working diligently to reveal the evidence. >> forensic teams have been collecting and analyzing the remains of weapons that were used in the attacks. secretary pompeo will be there to go over the findings and discuss possible next steps president trump will take. but we haven't announced it yet. he wants to be ironclad in the evidence and he wants to make the case to the american people of just who is at fault here. >> just like mounting evidence that the attack was launched from iran, iranian leaders continue to deny it. in turkey today, a run's president insisted that it was a military operation in response to saudi arabia's attack in yemen. >> what what the israel is dois defending themselves.
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>> the president today said, "i prefer not to meeting him." iran said that there is no possibility of a meeting at the u.n. president trump suggested that any retaliatory military restraint. iran's chief of the air force saying that military bases are within range of iranian missiles. >> u.s. officials told fox today that it appears that the attack came from the north through iraq and kuwait, which is why it wasn't detected by missile batteries. they are aimed to the south to counter the threat from m yeme. one u.s. official described as a
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blind spot. >> bret: john, thank you. stocks were up today. the dow gained 34. the s&p 500. the nasdaq grossed 32. "the new york times" is blaming an editing error for the glaring omissions of accusations against supreme court justice, kavanaug kavanaugh. backing away from talk of impeaching the justice, one house lawmaker is going through with that effort. howard kurtz has the latest. >> with "the new york times" facing mounting criticism over its story on brett kavanaugh that had to be corrected, president trump seized on the controversy with a rather aggressive suggestion that they close its doors. >> president trump: i call for the resignation of everyone at "the new york times" involved in the kavanaugh story.
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they destroyed her virtue and ruined her reputation. >> unnamed sources saying that brett kavanaugh exposed himself at a party. what was left out is the alleged victim saying that she does not remember such incident. editor's cut that crucial information from their piece. >> there was zero intent to mislead anybody. >> somewhere in the editing process, those words -- >> it was editing done in a haste of the editing process of coming you know -- >> she admits that she wrote it. still, such 2020 candidates as kamala harris continue to demand impeachment. >> it so yes. i call for impeachment. i believe that is the clearest way for us to get an investigation of these allegations. >> congresswoman presley is pushing for an investigation,
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but they are dismissing the ide idea. after searching her memory for six days. seven people say they heard about the incident, including her mother, but mostly just repeating that they can it identify kavanaugh. her book also reveals that she got help from silicon valley with sheryl sandberg advising her of hiring a lawyer. the media have largely ignored the reporting, despite liberal pressure, she has no confidence. it just didn't make sense. that, apparently, doesn't fit the narrative. bret. >> bret: howard, thank you. the former government is suing edward snowden, alleging that he violated nondisclosure agreements without giving the government an opportunity to
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review it first. the book tells how snowden came to reveal secret details about internet activity and national security. snowden was charged under the u.s. espionage act. he now lives in russia in order to avoid arrest. we may be inching closer tonight to get a look at president trump's tax returns. as we told you last night, new york city's district attorney is going after eight years of records as part of another investigation into the president. senior correspondent, rick leventhal has the latest from new york. >> president trump said that he would release his tax returns, then said that he couldn't because of an ongoing audit. now, the documents could still be in the hands of an attorney. what role the president and his family business played in hush money leading up to the elections. the president accounting firm
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told fox news it has been served and that it will fully comply with its legal obligations. according to "the new york times," which first broke the story, manhattan district attorney is seeking eight years of corporate tax returns, both state and federal dating back to 2011, reportedly focusing on a 1:30 thousand dollar payment made to actress stormy daniels, who alleged that she had an affair with president trump. president trump denies that. she was reimbursed the 130 gran grand. if the trump organization may have falsely accounted for the payback as a legal expense, which could be a crime. >> though my >> president trump: i don't know anything about it.
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>> says that we are reviewing and will respond as appropriate. we still will never see the president's tax return returns. they could become public if they are used as evidence in a criminal case. bret. >> bret: thank you. another vaping death. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. the justice department says the 18-year-old accused of kidnapping a high school student and beating him for refusing to join a gang had previously been deported. franklin hon anna chris he also will face federal charges for entering the country illegally after being deported in 2019. public health officials say a rare mosquito borne virus that
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has caused deaths in other states has been detected in animals in northern indiana. we told you last week about civillitis. it has been found in three horses and a cluster of mosquitoes. indiana residents have have non diagnosed with that virus. a gorgeous day. big story there today. the utah state legislature votes to end a state run medical marijuana distribution system. fear that they would be prosecuted by the federal government for drug dealing. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors.
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we now know the name of the 41-year-old who was killed in action yesterday in afghanistan. he is sergeant first class jeremy w griffin from tennessee. he served as a communications sergeant. he was killed by small arms fir fire. back here at home, more frightening news about vaping. a californian man has died of a severe lung illness linked to vaping. it's the second fatality. california's governor wants to regulate the industry. he is running into some problem problems. >> i am concerned. >> but not enough to quit vaping. >> not right now. >> nationwide, with seven fatalities, officials are
3:21 pm
concerned. >> we can't allow people to get sick, because we can't have our youth be so effective. >> the governor agrees. >> you don't have bubblegum flavored products in less you are trying to target young people. speak of new york passed its own band today. california lawmakers voted down similar bills after receiving campaign donations. >> a lot of the reason why kids are now open to nicotine products is because of the players. flavors. speaker we're going to drive these issues as far as we can. >> spending $20 million to raise awareness. what's going to make the difference is getting these
3:22 pm
flavored tobacco products off the shelves. >> there is a huge gap in knowledge right now. the prevalence and the usage is so far ahead of the science. >> unlicensed shops give legitimate companies a bad name. >> there's an awareness that they are just using it as a marketing tool to get people into their store. >> consumers cannot tell the difference. that poses even bigger health risks. >> bret: thank you. up next, president trump's reelection campaign has some fun with joe biden's mistakes in a new video. plus, the british government and its opponents faced off today in britain's supreme court. legal drama over brexit that will determine whether boris johnson broke the law. great britain's impending
3:23 pm
departure from the european union. the suspension of the norway sponsored talks between venezuela's government and nicolas maduro reflects the refusal to negotiate. former italian premier, matteo renzi has left to set up a new centrist force. it was forged only two weeks ago by the populist five-star movement. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go.
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giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ >> the election quarters tonigh tonight. the uaw strike continues against general motors. they are making their pitch tonight. they find themselves in an unusual situation. peter is there tonight. >> joe biden is back in a city he liked to joke is a suburb of wilmington philadelphia. >> and my household, if you wanted to eat, there had to be labor. there was a clear understanding. 50,000 members a strike to cross
3:28 pm
the country. the front runner expressing that he's a friend to unions. >> and delaware, i've been referred to as biden votes union and union votes biden. >> but some people are being left behind by biden. and now, the former head of the union tells reuters "i think he has taken our plant for granted." we didn't hear from him." he isn't the only democrat to win an endorsement. the united electrical radio machine workers of america back to bernie. >> i've been on the picket lines more times than i can remember. >> elizabeth warren took the stage and 20,000 people showed up, according to her campaign. the selfie line alone was four
3:29 pm
hours long for warren who is trying to become the first female president by comparing herself to frances perkins. >> what did one woman, one very persistent woman, backed up by millions of people across this country get done? big structural change. >> though, warren is banking on help from big crowds, while biden is banking on help from big labor. >> and 8,000 tax credit for everyone who has child care cos cost? it would put 720 million women back in the workforce. >> 720 million jobs is a lot for a country that only has 3:30 million people. but despite blunders like that, biden has not budged from the
3:30 pm
top spot. since the last debate, the two democrats who got the biggest bombs were warren and biden. bret. >> bret: you told me there would be no math. thank you. the trump campaign has released a video, highlighting joe biden's gaps, as the president makes a fund-raising tour out west. correspondent, kevin reports tonight. >> kevin: you just wonder. that's the name of a new trump campaign video today. former vice vice president, joe biden. >> i think biden looked on study at many points. >> play the radio. make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> the records released coming hours.
3:31 pm
>> president trump: the hispanic-americans, they understand they don't want criminals coming across the border. they don't want people taking their jobs. they want to have that security. >> kevin: targeting to mexico might seem a bit of a political long shot. after all, he lost here, despite winning 19 counties. but the g.o.p. has had success here in the past, winning in 2004 and 1988. what the focus on the economy, energy, and immigration, it is convinced that it will flip this state in 2020. >> those were very big victories for the president. now we have policies that are proven victorious for hispanics and in this country. >> we want to tell them that the president is working for them
3:32 pm
also. >> kevin: henrique gutierrez writing that just last year, hispanics rejected trump's broken promises. we are not buying it. the president picked up about 21% of the hispanic vote nationally. in order to improve on that, he'll have to convince them once again that their votes don't just matter, but they'll be the difference in his reelection bid in 2020. bret. see one cabin in albuquerque kevin, thanks. tonight, the we are she worked for decades as a congressional reporter and was
3:33 pm
recognized for being a pioneer for women journalists covering politics. >> the grand jury is scheduled to go out of business on may 7th in arkansas. wrapping that up with a flurry of interviews. >> bret: cokie roberts was 75.
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i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x. ♪ >> our intelligence committee at this very hour is working diligently to reveal evidence, secretary of state is traveling to saudi arabia today to discuss our response. >> what yemenis are doing is legitimately defending themselves and this is a counter attack. >> we want to make sure that the evidence and the information clearly points to a culprit here. in all likelihood, as the president said, it was iran. they want traveling over to
3:38 pm
saudi arabia. in the meantime, u.s. intelligenceicials. they were used in the attack on the two saudi arabian oil fields last week in. they were fired from inside iran, officials say. some fell short. u.s. teams are on the ground collecting the debris from the weapons used in the attack, which knocked out half of their oil capacity. yemen could also have launched a small attack into southern saudi arabia. but the main attack came from inside iran. founding editor. national public radio, and josh holmes, former advisor to mitch mcconnell. there is a sense that there is a cautious move by this administration. >> he started out saying that he was locked and loaded. now he wants a response.
3:39 pm
he said over and over again he doesn't want to go to war. i would say that that's one of the most credible things he's said, because the last time there was a conflict like this, he called back the strike when it was practically in the mid . the question is, what is he going to do? what kind of measures does he want to take? >> it seems that that time is ending. the first reason it's ending is hydraulic fracking, which has made america energy independent. the second reason it's ending is that the trump administration has yet to impose a cost on iran towards maligned behavior that sends a signal towards iran that they can no longer continue attacks like these. >> bret: do we think though that the saudis are going to make an appeal to the united nations?
3:40 pm
would they be doing that? is that the path that were going to see? >> i think they welcome all the help that they can get. the question is whether that falls on deaf ears or not. to go back to matt's point, i don't think there's any question at this point about what iran is doing. it seems to me there have been 40 attacks that we know about. 40 attacks initiated by iran on interests in the area. including american drones that have been shot down. we know what they're trying to do. the question is whether or not we are going to acknowledge at some point that one country is at war, if not us. whether or not we are going to do anything to protect our allies and our interest in the region. at some point, the present is going to have to answer that question. >> so far, he's talked about meeting with no preconditions. he's talked about lifting the sanctions. i have no idea what the white house or 's iran strategy.
3:41 pm
do you? >> no. >> president trump: i have no meetings scheduled. i know they want to meet. i know they are not doing well as a country. >> sometimes they speak of unconditional talks. sometimes they speak of talks without precondition, and other times, they speak. their politics is a chaotic one and they do not know what they want. >> bret: let's be clear. when it comes to iran, that's the guy that matters. >> you can praise this administration for having a more restrained approach across the globe, really. but i think what we are working with here with iran is something that's been going on an awful long time. there's no question about what
3:42 pm
their intention is. they are trying to escalate this to the point of where they get some sort of an interaction with the united states. the question is whether it's on their term or our terms. >> bret: the accounting for that vote happening at this hour. take a listen. >> you want to prevent a left-wing government and a coalition for the arab parties? you do not want to do so go vot vote. who here hasn't voted? raise your hand. who has voted? great. all the rest, go and vote. vote blue and white. there is a blue and white flag. you want to wake up to a unified country? go vote. >> bret: at this hour, the early exit polls show that it doesn't look would, good for be.
3:43 pm
it's all about setting up a coalition government eventually. >> right. there are two contests. one is the actual vote. he may still have a few cards to play even if he is denied the majority. i think that when we look back on the selection, we might see fatigue as a little bit of a factor. he is the longest serving prime minister. that is no small feat. in the run-up to the selection, he has continued to make promise after promise, which i think has maybe alienated some of his core supporters. >> bret: how do you think the relationship is there question works to go that is an interesting question. he has used trump as more than a crutch. trump has been an incredible friend to.
3:44 pm
if he loses, what happens to trump's relationships with the is really government. >> i will say, i think it has less to do with the foreign policy. i think president trump is still extremely popular in israel. there is some fatigue. there has been a an awful lot f drama. i think even for his core supporters, at some point, you kind of have to turn the page on that. i'm not saying that this is going to be a definitive election. i think there is some underlying angst there. >> he may end up being a more
3:45 pm
hawkish prime minister. >> bret: which is tough to think about, but yeah you're right. speaking of investigations, did you see the corey lewandowski hearing today? stay tuned product solutions, expert tech advice and one-on-one partnership. call an advisor today at 877-buy-dell. get up to 45% off on select computers. ♪
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♪ >> bret: >> the white house is g a new theory. this is a cover-up, plain and simple. >> the privilege is not mine. i would be happy to answer your question if we could just have a conversation, but if you would like to ask me a question. >> you want to do his dirty work in secret. we will expose the truth. the president can't hide behind you any longer. >> bret: cory lewandowski, the former campaign manager. not sure what the purpose was going in. did they the democrats not knot corey lewandowski was going to do that?
3:50 pm
>> this is incredible an incree marketing opportunity. they should be selling the rights to a streaming service, charging admission, and then adding popcorn. this is entertainment. this is not actual politics. we are not sure if this is an impeachment investigation. it is simply there to prove to the far left democratic base that the left will get around to impeaching donald trump. >> bret: here is lewandowski with the back and forth about impeaching him. >> i ask that you would judge him in contempt in these proceedings. >> mr. lewandowski, when you refused to answer these questions, you are obstructing the work of this committee. >> did you just threaten to impeach him? >> no.
3:51 pm
>> bret: i mean, it was back and forth. it was unreal. >> i don't know what the democrats thought he would do. first of all, he had an audience of one. i thought he played to that audience really well. i don't know what they thought that he would do, but if they felt that he was obstructing the committee, they can hold him in contempt. what are they going to do next? >> bret: speaking of the audience, president donald trump tweeting out after this hearing started. obvious they watching him. such a beautiful opening statement by cory corey lewand. >> i'm sure he was delighted. put them before a house panel. it is just an absolute mess. cory understands this and what he is doing is embarking upon a senate run. from an operative standpoint, he
3:52 pm
got exactly what he wanted out of democrats. >> bret: let's turn to 2020. this new trump campaign video that has surfaced about joe biden. >> i think biden looked on study at many points. >> play the radio. make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> he is not the polished statement anymore. >> watching his long winding answers that don't really make sense has also raised the question as to whether it has gotten worse and whether he is up for this. >> bret: i mean it's a brutal, kind of long campaign video. but is it like a shark attacks, we are focused on them, so there's more of them, or are there more gaps that are big, big problems for joe biden customer >> while, they gaps have followed joe biden like a d since he entered the senate in 1973. so i don't think it's a shark
3:53 pm
attack thing. i do think that this is telegraphing what a general election attack would look like on joe biden should he be the democratic nominee. we know that he's electable, according to the polls. but democrats understand that the second that this electable candidate wins the nomination, people will be questioning his age and his fitness. >> bret: here you go. >> try getting job care. we're talking 20 grand a year for someone to do that. why couldn't we provide an $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has child care costs? it would put 720 million women back in the workforce. >> bret: there are 330 million people in the united states of america. >> but you know what? maybe the old rules don't work
3:54 pm
anymore. look at some of the things that donald trump did instead. i don't know the answer to this question, but i wonder if maybe biden is impervious. >> democratic primary voters. >> >> bret: cory booker did to. >> right. the case that they are making is either you vote for joe biden or you are going to go on an alert. he has so unsteady that you can't trust him with carrying the democratic nomination. >> bret: last word. "new york times." how damaging and the big picture of the narrative for democrats? >> i think it's extremely damaging for "the new york times." for the democrats, it's a big issue, because it elevates the one thing that unifies the republican party. brett kavanaugh. as long as that's an issue, it helps the republican party. >> bret: okay panel,
3:55 pm
thank you. when we come back, some fireworks that you may have missed. ms. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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that's why she wears dr. scholl's orthotics. they relieve pain and give her the comfort to move more so she can keep up with all of her best friends. dr. scholl's. born to move. ♪ >> bret: finally, tonight, we should use some of the corey lewandowski hearing earlier, some biggest hits or lowest blows didn't make the early report. here's a compilation of some other fiery exchanges. >> are you the hit man, the bad man? >> i think i'm the good-looking man, actually. >> mr. lewandowski, you are like a fish being cleaned with a spoon. it's very hard to get an answer out of you. >> we've been talking today about your favorite football team -- >> patriots beards because you are pretty happy. >> this is not a house party. >> bret: it was quite something, for hours on end. thanks for inviting us into your
4:00 pm
home, that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts now. i'm sure you got more of that. >> martha: we sure do. thank you, bret. good evening, everybody. you've got the border security fight, the gun debate, the opioid crisis, a lot of unresolved issues in america. but they are not one but two out impeachment efforts now underway tonight, by house democrats. they want the president, and they also want, some of them, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh out. the house judiciary committee today spent over five hours on the nondebunked russia probe, to remind everyone these are the words of the mueller report come after they spent two out years investigating come of this was bottom line. the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired a coordinated with the russian government with its election interference activities.