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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 18, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> i think this fake russia collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people. >> are you ashamed of the word he wrote down? >> you are welcome to read it if you like. >> are you the hitman, the bagman, the lookout for all of the above? >> i think i'm a good-looking man, actually. heather: it is wednesday, september 18th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast we review that fiery hearing on the hill between corey lewandowski and house democrats, a top democrats threatening to hold him in
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contempt on the impeachment program. how could it be just the beginning as another big-name heads to the hill today? the charges and buck is facing and bizarre details just released. fired up over the flag, the search is on for this man who took a lighter to the stars & stripes. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: good morning to you. hopefully you are not losing too
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much sleep. thank you for joining us this morning or this evening wherever your joining us from, you are watching "fox and friends first" this wednesday. thank you for starting or ending your day with us. fireworks 5 flying on capitol hill as democratic led impeachment investigation into donald trump pits the left against corey lewandowski. the president's former campaign manager going to to toe in a testy hearing. griff jenkins live in washington as some lawmakers are calling on him to be held in contempt of congress. i don't know which was the most fiery part yesterday. it was really something. >> it was must watch tv, the first official impeachment hearing of a former campaign manager of using to ben's to democrats demands citing executive privilege resulting in the committee chairman's threat of holding a combat of lewandowski in contempt. >> there is a far more troubling level of contempt on display here and that is donald trump's
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role and your refusal to answer questions. >> democrats tried to get him to answer questions related to the mueller report, and obstruction of justice. listen. >> you follow their instructions and you are doing what they thought you would do. you are a loyal soldier. >> the president cannot hide behind you and you should be telling the truth. the truth will set you free. >> this fake russia collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people in our generation if not ever. >> reporter: republicans defended them saying democrats lack votes to impeach and call out chairman at the reform refusing to question michael horowitz on his report regarding >> i asked the chairman when we might question mister horowitz, he said i don't know. i haven't thought about that but of course you haven't thought about that.
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too busy trying to impeach the president. >> the president tweeted a beautiful opening statement by court and ask you, thank you, he was one of three witnesses subpoenaed to be there. the other two white house staff secretary rob porter and chief of staff rick dearborn did not appear at the request of the white house. this is the first in what may be many hearings as most democrats said this prove their case for impeachment. >> not like there is any other work to be done at this point. thank you. did you see this as well? the new york times reporters who revealed a new misconduct claim against brett kavanaugh are speaking out. the women grill on the view over why they left out key details from their book in the controversial peace. >> during the editing process there was oversight and the key detail about the fact that the woman herself told friends she
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didn't remember it and has not wanted to talk about it, got cut. they took out the sentence and removing her name to protect her. we also took out the fact she didn't remember it. >> the misconduct claim not made by the victim herself. 2020 hopeful kamala harris is pressuring jerry nadler to create a task force aimed at looking into impeaching brett kavanaugh. another impeachment hearing. with the media has helped democrats are clinging to their narrative, the impeachment of brett cavanagh. conservative commentator dennis desousa says this is the new political playbook. >> this has become standard modus operandi not just in the new york times but essentially the media colluding with the times. you see the way the media works hand-in-hand with the left wing of the democratic party.
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this is not a republican democratic fight, democrats have allies in hollywood and academia, the media and that is how this plays out. among the presidential candidates they are all competing for the votes, the craziest people in their own party. there is a kind of competition to pivot to the left so it was very predictable this would take the course for all of them calling for impeachment. it may never happen. it is kind of ridiculous but this is the way each of them shows they are more left-wing than the next guy. heather: that we 7 democratic 2020 democrats calling for brett kavanaugh to be impeached. today thomas secretary of state mike pompeo is to arrive in saudi arabia to get a full assessment on the attack against two major oil facilities. the us team on the ground gathering forensic evidence from the debris to prove iran is to
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blame, this as the president but heads with ally lindsey graham, the senator criticizing the president's reserved approach to iran tweeting in part to run viewed it as a sign of weakness and donald trump firing back, it was a sign of strength that some people don't understand. right now donald trump on a major $15 million fundraising push in california working to win over support while addressing major issues like homelessness. todd pyro joining us with mixed reaction from the deep blue state. >> reporter: the visited san francisco bay area is his first since taking office was white house officials kept the location of his fundraiser tightlipped in the democratic stronghold. protesters gathering on a motorcade route as donald trump baby balloon seen flying overhead, governor gavin newsom pushing back on the president's
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visit. >> stay out of our way. let california continue not to survive but thrive despite the head wents, despite putting sand and the gears of our success. >> reporter: the mayor of los angeles wants to put politics aside to end the city's epidemic. >> i want to talk about south la, to understand and to hear the challenges we face in ways washington dc demonizing us, might actually come and help us. time for us to pause politics and not demonize americans. this is your watch, mister president, this is our watch, this is our time to do something. >> reporter: it comes as the rnc is expected to announce a record-setting august, $24 million, nearly $54 million total on hand. rhonda mcdaniel thinking
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democrat saying thanks to boycotts from hollywood liberals and cast or brothers, docs and private citizens who support donald trump, the fundraising hit record levels in august between the president's accomplishments, republicans will be unstoppable in 2020. donald trump expected to attend a private fundraiser in la before heading to san diego to visit a southern port, a busy golden state time for the president. >> reporter: we will talk to a former california congressional candidate later. thank you so much. major democratic donor arrested overnight. many people saying finally, charged with running at the drug den in his hollywood home. and buck is accused of injecting a man with so much math that he overdosed and almost died. the victim calling 911 after buck refused to help him. this after two other men died from myth overdoses on separate occasions at his home.
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charges were never filed. the latest getting 2018 sparking protesters calling for buck's arrest. he will be arraigned today. a man with a record charged with murder in the death of an alabama police officer. police say bernard watkins junior shot officer darnell in the face as he tried to serve an arrest warrant. >> very sad and alarming situation because this is something we do every single day. heather: he leaves behind that a fiancé. is the 30th officer killed in the line of duty this year. new overnight a car plows into the lobby of trump plaza overnight. the out-of-control mercedes-benz shattering the glass in front of the 40 story luxury building outside new york city.
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police say it appears to be an accident. the driver in two others in the lobby suffering minor injuries, unclear if the driver will face charges. tropical depression ml the --i --imelda making landfall in texas. the houston area bracing for life-threatening flash flooding. dumping more than 4 inches of rain in some areas, strong winds coming ashore, battling galveston, fears waves in the gulf and this is one of three major storms brewing in the atlantic. overnight hurricane humberto rumbling toward bermuda while another tropical depression gaining strength in the caribbean. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. we showed you this, corey lewandowski blasting democrats during his testimony on capitol hill.
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>> we as a nation would be better served if elected officials like yourself concentrating your efforts on crises facing our country as opposed to going down rabbit holes like this hearing. heather: democrat have been trying to obstruct the president from the beginning and she is here live. bill diblasio's presidential campaign is so unpopular even people in his own city won't vote for him. the new polls coming out of new york. ♪
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>> this country spent 3 years, 40 million tax fire dollars on these investigations. it is clear the investigation was populated by many trump haters who had their own agenda to take on the duly elected president. this is clearly part of the president's contain attempt to
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cover up his actions. >> corey lewandowski lighting into house democrats during here and on capitol hill over whether to impeach donald trump. did anything accomplished on either side? here to react is jenna ellis reeves. your overall response to this yesterday, it was something else. >> it was. people like corey and the others responding to the democrats reiterated the point that the democrats are simply hating this president more than they love this country and that was a legitimate point because there is no legal basis for impeachment. we have known that since the mueller report came out, we hopefully read it. some democrats haven't or they wish it read differently but from a constitutional standpoint you can't impeach a duly elected sitting president simply because you are trying to manipulate the system to take him out. that's not part of our process
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and will align this country. heather: what about the way he handled himself to you democrats say he speech charged with something. >> of course democrats will say that because they didn't like what he had to say, they are calling for obstruction, all of this stuff. it is a little over-the-top and i think democrats are beating a dead horse. i think corey was very blunt. he might have been too forceful in his political rhetoric but at the same time these congressional hearings are all about the political theater and that is what he gave them and he used the platform not only to speak truth to the democrats and the american people watching but there was nothing he did -- heather: points he said i would like to have a copy of the report in front of me so i could read what you are referencing. that made sense.
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>> that goes into this idea of political theater. if they are really wanting to fact find, get at the truth, why would they play those games? why wouldn't they be helpful to him? why wouldn't they let him respond? this was just political theater at a circus for soundbites for democrats to try to continue their narrative. they are not really looking at impeachment, even if it gets through the house the senate will never actually hold the trial, there is no legal basis, this is purely partisan politics and that is all the democrats have, soundbites they are trying to force on to the american people and hope it turns up within the election. heather: what do you think will happen on that point q the ten the president a good job to corey lewandowski. do you think people at home are thinking good job in general
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with congress and the democrats continuing to push this narrative and on top of having this impeachment hearing they are calling for corey lewandowski, brett cavanagh, impeachment hearing on him. >> to revive everything against brett kavanaugh especially with a new york times article, i wrote a piece in the washington examiner saying democrats are going so low because they have nothing else but to hate on this president and they took secondhand gossip and trying to spin that as fact on a legal basis for impeachment of an appointed justices still trying to do that with donald trump. i think the american people are tired of it and if they are paying attention to facts, they are not buying into the hysteria from mainstream media, anyone with common sense will see it for what it is, the democrats
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are very frustrated donald trump is still in office and don't want him to win in 2020, they are terrified of that and want to take them down anyway possible. that is fundamentally not the way america works. my vote matters, your vote matters and no matter who anyone ends up voting for in 2020 those votes matter and congress should not be the ones to override the will of the american people for political partisan interest. heather: we will see if people agree with you when they head to the polls. we appreciate it. 20 minutes after the top of the hour, joe biden plagued by gaffes on the campaign trail. >> we choose truth over facts. you have people like margaret thatcher -- >> the future president here. heather: the trump team is using biden's own words against him. the new campaign ad rolling out nationwide. - [narrator] do you have less energy than you used to?
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first," support for elizabeth warren surging in the 2020 white house race. a new poll shows warren's popularity is up 6% since july. she's pulling behind joe biden logging 31% support. bernie sanders coming in third place with 14% among democratic primary voters. presidential long shot in new york city mayor bill diblasio can't even find support in his own backyard. the mayor polling 0% among democrats. a new siena college poll of new yorkers aligned with national polls putting joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie
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sanders at the top. the trump campaign hoping a new political video can knock biden out of the top three spot as the president ramps up his keep america great tour with a rally out west. kevin cork has that story. >> just wonder, that's the name of a new video released today taking aim at former vice president joe biden, seemingly calling into question his fitness for office. >> i think biden looked unsteady and many points. >> radio and television, have a record player on it night. >> the videos release coming hours after donald trump ramped up the push to secure more hispanics at rallies in new mexico. >> the hispanic american, they understand they don't want criminals comic across the border, they don't want people
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taking their jobs. they want to have their security. >> reporter: targeting new mexico might be a political long shot. the president lost her in 2016 by eight points despite winning 19 of the state's 23 counties that the gop has had success in the past winning general election votes in 2004, in 1988. with the focus on the economy, energy and immigration, trump campaign is convinced it will flip the state in 2020. >> pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. we are fighting politics. now we have policies to run on that are proving victorious. >> reporter: policies like the stance on trade and the border. democrats call the president's efforts a fool's aaron. and rico gutierrez writing last year mexico latinos rejected his toxic agenda and broken promises, they see through his weak attempt to court our
1:27 am
community and are not buying it. the president picked up 29% of the hispanic vote, a figure that surprised a great number of political observers but to build on that for 2020, he has to convince them votes don't just matter, they will be the difference in his reelection bid. heather: it is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. in a few hours doj inspector general michael horowitz heads to the hill where he will face questions on everything from fisa to james comey. our next guest says this is a major hearing no one is talking about, the answers we can learn next when bruno joins us live.
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heather: a look at top headline this morning. overnight donald trump condemns the taliban at latest round in violence doubling down on his position not to negotiate. 30 people died in two suicide bombings this week. in a statement the white house said donald trump made clear he will not negotiate an agreement if attacks continue. the president call off talks with the taliban earlier this month. the new york times reporter revealed a new misconduct claim against brett kavanaugh are speaking out, telling the cohost of love you leaving out key details from their book was an oversight. the controversial piece forcing many democrats to push for brett kavanaugh's impeachment. no clear winner in his relapse election overnight, benjamin netanyahu greeting supporters at a rally after exit polls showed mcgann leading the race, the second round of national elections ordered in israel after netanyahu won his race in april and failed to form a
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coalition government to back him. we will continue to follow that. inspector general michael horowitz will testify on capitol hill today where he is expected to answer questions about his pending report and possible fisa abuse. here to weigh in on what we can learn from dave bruneau, thank you for joining us. lots of us have been waiting for this report. what is going on today and why have we not heard a lot about it? >> today's hearing has substance on the house side is for purposes of oversight and reform for the inspector general council. 74 inspector general across the country and horwitz is one of them. he is the chairman, one of three people appearing here and we know on the hill notwithstanding the purpose of hearings everything else -- those reports
1:33 am
including the fisa abuse report is anticipated to be a topic of conversation. heather: we expect it will be a topic of conversation. what could we learn from this? what will be asked and answered? >> the timeline is important. last week or with the letter to congressional leaders saying his report was complete and sent to the doj for classification designations. we know that is coming. donald trump gave attorney general bar the ability to declassify -- heather: what does that mean classification purposes? william barr is reviewing it? >> for redactions. this is classified information is obvious. don't forget william barr has the ability to read act and to declassify pursuant to an order from the president. i don't know what we will learn
1:34 am
from today's hearings. more fair game would be the mccabe ag report. those are all public. heather: what will we discover? >> here's what i want to know. in the comey report they gave fact to the doj first. on the mccabe side they did not. that is a distinction. heather: that is what mccabe was asking about. >> violated the regulations as well as lied to fbi investigators and inspector general investigators but at the time of the report horowitz said there are problems and regulation violations, making a referral for criminal prosecution. they already made the decision at the time of the report, that is a huge difference.
1:35 am
why did the doj get first crack before the public did? look at mccabe's conversation? pushed the doj one way and they are considering charging mccabe. horowitz does have to answer tough questions on procedure between mccabe and comey. heather: we will have to have you back to discuss what we find out and what we do not. for more on the timeline as well. some other headlines. a woman charged in connection with a missing connecticut mom is doing court today, the girlfriend of fotis dulos his wife jennifer has not seen since may. a truck after jennifer went missing because her body was inside of it.
1:36 am
they both pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering. prosecution in this case. jennifer dulos's body has never been found. canadian mom charged in a massive college admission scandal is arrested in spain accused of paying $400,000 to get her son into ucla as a soccer recruit even if he didn't play competitively. the us attorney's office in massachusetts trying to extradite her, the 35th parent charged in this scam. felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison for her role in the scandal. today we will find out if interest rates are going down for the second time this year, the federal reserve expected to cut rates by quarter point. that was before oil prices skyrocketed following the attack on saudi facilities leading to inflation. donald trump has slammed jerome powell for not lowering rates even more.
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general motors is playing hardball as the autoworkers strike and is the third day. starting today the company will not pay for healthcare. lauren blanchard has more on what this means for negotiations. >> reporter: united auto workers strike on general motors entering its third day, 50,000 workers calling for better wages, job security and healthcare. uaw bargaining officials say some progress was made tuesday but there are concerns about healthcare coverage. >> general motors canceled our health insurance. >> reporter: employees on strike to have coverage, just taking on a different form. the company releasing a statement saying, quote, while on strike some benefits shift to being funded by the union strike fund and in this case hourly employees are eligible for union paid cobra so there healthcare benefits can continue.
1:38 am
union members are concerned gm will make them pay for their overall health care, keeping rising labor and healthcare costs in check. the uaw says workers shouldn't pay more because of how much money gm is making and they want to commitment from the company to save four us factories set to close. workers who rely on the strike and defense fund will only receive benefits including medical and prescription drugs. the fund does not cover dental, vision, hearing, second accident benefits. heather: the first lady giving the white house and upgrade ahead of friday's state dinner with the chilean primacy, overseeing the home improvements like replacing fading wallpaper in the red room and restoring furniture in the blue room. the first lady designed a new rug for the diplomatic reception
1:39 am
room. half 1 million tourists visit the white house every year. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. here we go again. another illegal immigrant accused of a heinous crime in the same maryland county, the 10th such case in a matter of months. how ice is responding this morning. >> we have to play. heather: is that a glimpse at your life? we have a solution. the hotline to help transform your bedtime routine nightmare into a fairytale.
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heather: new york the first state to enact a than on most flavored e-cigarette, officials
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approving the governor's emergency order covers all flavored e-cigarette and vapor -- vape product with the exception of talcum tobacco flavored product. there have been 7 deaths, 400 illnesses across 36 states. the same day the band took affect two parents from new york city doing juul accusing them of getting got it hooked on nicotine. their teenage daughter was sick and by juul because the illegally market their product to children, she started vapeing when she was 12 years old. juul claims the case has no merit. foxbusiness alert, if your medical records are online they may not be safe. a scathing report unveils computers used to store health
1:44 am
data may not have basic security measures. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here to explain. >> reporter: this is a report that found you didn't even need to hack into the system. anyone with basic computer knowledge could get into these medical record systems. about 187 of them, computer servers did not have basic security measures protecting personal medical information, things like x-ray images, ct scanned, that type of information from doctors offices for medical imaging centers and other types of medical providers. that is 5 million americans, their information may have been exposed in this type of breach. the report found none of this was copied onto any other server once they reached out to these medical providers they did change security measures and made sure things were protected but it shows how easy it can be
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for personal identifying data information can be hacked and accessed by people. >> medical providers let the individual patients now, that would be important. definitely important for those on this shift, getting a good night sleep and apparently disney is here to help when it comes to your kids. >> disney is relaunching its disney bedtime hotline. you can get a personalized message from disney character like aladdin's jasmine, anna and elsa from prison, yoda from star wars, toy story, get a message from them to help your child go to bed. this will give kids something to look forward to at bedtime and give parents a break. the number is 877-7-nikki.
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heather: just have to be for kids either. >> if you would like a message from yoda at bedtime, go for it. heather: thanks. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump takes california by storm with a dominant fundraising blitz despite calls for a blacklist. a conservative in hollywood responds to hollywood hate live up next. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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there were tsunamis fourtin the world. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling to be able to help out all those people. it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is,
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that's where i want to be. i want to be on the front lines of implementation. heather: donald trump in deep blue california raising millions at private events for his reelection campaign, many hollywood elites upset the president would dare visit the
1:50 am
liberal stronghold at all. what is it like to be a conservative in hollywood? joining us as california congressional candidate, kimberly peltzer. appreciate having you back on the show. >> good to be here. heather: donald trump in california, expected to raise $15 million this week across the state. speak from your experience to be a conservative actress in hollywood. >> i would like to say we are thrilled that donald trump is campaigning in california. californians feel they have been left behind, to be a conservative actress in california is a tough place, it really is. i am very lucky because i have other businesses to rely on but there are actors who are truly conservative that are afraid to come forward because they are
1:51 am
going to lose their livelihood. when you have actors in hollywood calling for a new blacklist, that is something i never in my lifetime 5 i would see. heather: let's talk about that. eric mccormack one of the first to demand a list of attendees who would be attending these fundraisers for donald trump. we can pull up the original tweet. what are the other things you have heard from conservatives in california? >> they are afraid of losing their jobs and livelihood. i have other businesses in california that can support my family. the majority of actors don't, i have several conservative friends but if i mentioned their names, are afraid to come forward because they are the sole providers of their families and to have somebody like
1:52 am
mccormick come forward calling for another blacklist in hollywood like we used to have in the past. when we had blacklists so that you didn't want to work with they didn't want you to work with actors even, this is what they are going back to. it is reverse mccarthyism at its best. heather: mccarthyism comes to mind. how did we get to this point? not only in california across the country where people are afraid to say who they support because of things like this? >> it is ironic because you have the left constantly calling trump a bully among other names and yet they are bullying people into silence. i for one refused to do that any longer. that's why i came forward and ran for office. bullying people into silence is going to turn on them and they
1:53 am
see that happening right now and the tide is going to change it is going to change for the better. us what point do we do what is best for america and americans versus what they are talking about? it is ridiculous what they are talking about. americans are much smarter than the hollywood elites that are speaking on everyone's be half and not speaking on my behalf, not speaking on their behalf and it is time they stop. heather: you ran for office as a conservative. what was that like? >> it was life changing, life altering. i walked away from a career i spent my life creating but i felt it was time to stand up and no longer be silent for the benefit of my children and future grandchildren in yours and others. it is crazy what is happening in
1:54 am
california. i live in san diego, in palm springs. california is a mess. they say if california goes the rest of the nation follows. i'm here to tell you california is not a model to follow and if you do you will travel down the same road and will be a road you will not be able to backtrack on quickly and you will wish you could have. heather: thank you for joining us, we love having you with us. >> thank you so much. heather: we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: and immigrant faces 50 years in prison after police say he raped a woman. has a gun dollars is accused of assaulting a female friend twice in montgomery county, maryland, tend illegal immigrant charged with sexual crimes in that county since july. montgomery county is considered a sanctuary jurisdiction. nearly 3 dozen illegal immigrants found hiding in the back of a tractor-trailer, border patrol arresting the driver at an immigration checkpoint. the arizona man was smuggling immigrants between 15 and 40, all 31 mexican nationals are now in custody. let's switch gears and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. a magical surprise when a texas girl gets off the school bus.
1:59 am
the 6-year-old's mom dressing up as a joint pink unicorn. the family posting the video, when your daughter is young enough to think you are still cool and not embarrassing. very cool. now the bad. a firebug caught red-handed trying to torch old glory. houston police looking for this man riding to the storefront, burning the stars & stripes. of $2500 reward is being offered to catch him. the ugly. not your typical traffic stop, police pulling over this on his horse and buggy. it was spot on top of the bus, the two men inside ran off, police trying to track them down and they are taking care of the horse in the meantime.
2:00 am
thank you so much for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues now. goodbye. >> are you the hitman, the bagman, the lookout for all of the above? >> i think i am the good-looking man. i am happy with what i have written but you're welcome to read it if you like. heather: wednesday, september 18th, a fiery 5 hours on democrats kickoff their impeachment investigation. putting on a show republicans say stay tuned for the fisa findings. donald trump is riding a record waiver cash across california in day 2 of his fundraising blitz. rob: all that glitters did not gold in the golden state. tebo.


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