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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to queen elizabeth. the good news is, the palace found the monkey sending harriet back along with a toy dog called rex. can't get better than that. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in miami where we just learned an airplane mechanic accused of sabotaging a passenger jet may have ties to the islamic state terrorists. so how was this man hired in the first place? plus, parents of a preteen vapor are taking an e cigarette giant to court. lawmakers are demanding answers from juul. and a major league pitcher is charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. how the girl's mother apparently helped put him behind bars. and look at this.
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the man that did this survived, went off a cliff on his dirt back and took a swim. he will be here as reporting begins now. our reporting begins with the e cigarette industry fighting to stop the trump administration from banning most flavored vapes. there's word that lobbyists have been swarming capitol hill after the president announced plans to ban all flavors to keep kids from vaping. the "washington post" report that juul has sent lobbyists to the hill to talk to republican lawmakers and recruited ex-staffers for the former gop leaders to lobby for juul. vaping advocates argue that the ban on flavors could wipe out their industry. there's been growing calls to regulate the e cigarette
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industry as the feds look at several cases of vaping illnesses. bryan llenas on the top story live in new york city. bryan? >> juul is the top seller of e cigarettes in the country. more than 80% of sales are for flavor's e cigs. they voluntarily stopped selling flavors like mango and fruity flavor. now retails have mint, menthol or tobacco flavors. there's the concern now. they're the two biggest money makers. if the trump administration follows through with a ban on e cigarette flavors, it could cost them. now fox news can confirm that juul has not yet decided whether
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to challenge the ban. they're having that conversation. there's another fight happening altogether. the american vaping association is pushing the trump administration to at least limit the sale of flavor's e cigarettes to adult-only stores. all that while the trump administration figures out the ban. two states have taken action on their own. michigan this morning officially issuing an emergency ban and new york state issuing its ban on e flavored cigarettes yesterday. all flavors for menthol. new york vape businesses say they will grow out of business now. listen. >> converted millions of smokers in the united states. if you close the shops overnight and they do back to smoking. >> there it is, shep. >> shepard: in some cases entire countries have banned e
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cigarettes. >> that's right. india has the world's second largest smoking population. 106 million people. today the government banned production and the import of electronic cigarette there's, more than 900,000 people die each year in india due to tobacco related illnesses. the government says e cigarettes will cause more people to smoke tobacco. juul sales in china abruptly were halted days after it launched its products online there. no reason from the chinese government as to why the juul products were taken off of those websites there, shep. >> shepard: bryan llenas in new york. lawsuits piling up for juul and other e cigarette companies. parents in manhattan accused juul of getting their daughter hooked on vaping when she was 12 with mango flavored nicotine. they claim they used the big tobacco marketing playbook. a juul spokesperson says the
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lawsuit is without merit. congress is threatening to subpoena juul. house is not cooperating and needs to turn over documents, including records about seminars that they held in schools where juul representatives told kids that the e cigarettes were safe. juul said they were misconstrued. judge andrew napolitano is here. where do you see this? >> the lawsuits that i've seen so far are certainly with merit. now, this is a novel area of law. no jury verdicts and no serious medical literature. some jury will hear testimony from physicians and scientists in favor of the injured plaintiffs and those from the manufacturer. the jury will answer specific questions, its findings about juul. so hear's what we want to know. did juul supply -- not just juul. >> shepard: juul is more than
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70%. >> juul is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. did juul comply with the marketing regulations that the fda imposed on it. did they say things to these kids that the fda authorized or did they go off the path. reason this is important is, juul does not have a permanent approval from the fda. they have a provisional approval. one of the ways to lose the approval is by not complying with the fda regs. >> shepard: bigger picture. kids smoke cigarettes, they don't shut down marlboro. kids get vodka, they don't shut down vodka companies. why is this different? on that specific area alone. >> i don't know why it's different except that it all comes to our consciousness in the past couple months. many people, i in the legal community, never heard of this more than a year or two ago. suddenly it seems to be coming to our consciousness i think
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because -- i'm not mouthing the manufacturers although they say this, third parties have added oils, cannabis-based oil, people have added oil that harms the lungs. the question is, is the manufacturer responsible for what happens to the product after it leaves the manufacturer's hands. probably not. so when juul stands before a judge and a jury, there's somebody else stand next to them that juul will be pointing the finger at. >> shepard: in juul's case, altrea, used to be rjr bought up a lot of it. there's no question that a lot of long-time smokers no longer smoke and they vape instead, which really is what this products is sort of about. the rest of it, there's people that have died and that's awful. we don't know that it's related to this. there's kids that have gotten sick, which is awful. we're not sure it's related to this. seems like study time, you know? >> it does.
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i will tell you this. the two states that bryan llenas mentioned, michigan and new york, they banned this to minors. i think they're going to lose their challenges. they have no base nor the bans. they're based on what they read in the newspaper. >> shepard: and new york leaves menthol and takes everything out. >> correct. which is the standard that new york decided to ban this? why did they ban cotton candy and not menthol? can they demonstrate that cotton candy is more addictive to children than the menthol? >> shepard: when i was a kid you could get beer. then they cracked down on the 7-11s. they said if you do, you'll lose your license. it worked. hard for a kid to get liquor now. why did this not apply for a
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products that knows they're taking a risk -- >> 40 states it's unlawful to sell vaping devices to minors. in 40 states. how is that enforced? theoretically is enforced by the department of health of each of the municipalities that the e cigarette sellers are located to see whether or not they're violating the law. obviously like selling booze to kids, some of this stuff will get through. some of the kids will get what they want no matter what the law says. that doesn't mean they or their parents can't bring an action. they can still bring a lawsuit if they're harmed even when they have made an illegal purchase of the product that has harmed them. >> shepard: you know, there's so many things out there that cause so much harm to so many people. we let them go and let them go and let them go and do nothing and do nothing. but now all of a sudden vape and boom. i'm not advocating for anything. >> you demonstrated in an interview that went viral a few days ago how the vaping industry
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from time to time targets children. there's a difference between allowing children to buy and looking the other way and aiming it at children. if you aim it at the children, you're breaking the law as well as harming the kids. >> shepard: this is not over. >> not at all. >> shepard: a lot of ex-smokers that say don't do this to know. they'll be back on cigarettes. they kill 600,000 a year. we'll see what happens. be more presidential. thanks, judge. >> pleasure. >> shepard: live look at the dow. down .4. this federal reserve cutting the interest rates by 1/4 point was baked into the system. they announced the cuts. the interesting part of this, there were three dissenters on the board. that is unheard of and really the fed doesn't know -- the problem is, you have a bunch of ammunition to correct the things that you feel need correcting.
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but the ammunition is limited. the fed is about out of ammunition. one weird little thing and what do you do then? go to negative rates? that helps corporations. that hurts old people on fixed incomes. that hurts savers. anybody wants to save money, hurts all of those people. the ones that it helps in enormous ways, only them, corporations. any rate, the fed rate is the rate that institutions charge each other. the fed lost control of the interest rate because of a cash shortage. that sent short term interest rates shooting above the fed's 2.25% threshold and spiked to 10%. this is right here in new york. that forced the fed to inject an emergency $125 billion into the market. which is all like mush and noise. background noise. but it is the first major intervention since the start of
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the financial crisis more than a decade ago and it's a warning signal. they're everywhere across this economy. everywhere. the fox business network's gerri willis is live. you can't ignore them they're there. >> this is so interesting. what you're describing is the refo market. overnight market. $2.2 trillion. that's the size of it. rates spiking to 10%, worries in the system about what this means. the fed came to the rescue. will they have to do it again. let me tell you why that market is down right now. yes, we expect the 25 basis point rate cut. but they didn't hear something that they wanted to hear. more rate cuts coming. what you described before. there's a limited arsenal now of what if fed can do to keep this economy on track. they're keeping some of this on the sideline. some of their power on the sidelines in case we get a global meltdown. i want to talk to you about the
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impact of what happened today on individual consumers out there. 25 basis point rate cut doesn't sound like much. if you're shopping for a mortgage, it is. good news for you, a full percentage point rate cut from ninth months ago. that's good news. saving accounts will pay less. let me tell you, the average rate right now is .10%. housing afford ability improved. back to you. >> shepard: gerri, thank you. we'll be watching the next 47 minutes. the feds say air airline worker that sabotaged a commercial jet had isis videos on his phone along win foe on a high profile plane crash. breaking details from miami. the question is how somebody accused of terrorism ties got access to the tarmac in the first place. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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>> shepard: breaking news and a former american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a jet's navigation system may have ties to the islamic state terror group, including a brother who the feds say may be involved with that group. isis. prosecutors in miami say the suspect admitted that he did damage a plane that was scheduled to take off from miami going to nassau in the using th that he wanted to make some overtime. the news is breaking and phil keating is live on it. despite what he said in court, prosecutors have not charged him with any terror-related crimes, right? >> that is accurate. that could change in the days and weeks ahead as the fbi investigation continues. on the other happened, federal defense attorneys for the suspect in court in downtown miami today saying the government is blowing this case
12:19 pm
way out of proportion. the american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging the plane. he could be set to terrorists, this is after prosecutors revealed disturbing isis videos on his phone showing a man being shot execution-style in the head and he for warded the video to someone with the message for allah to take message to non-muslims. according to an american airlines co-worker, ahmet allani told him that his brother was in iraq and a member of isis and that he flew to baghdad to visit in march, which the fbi said he lied about when they asked him about it. in july, that miami to nassau bahamas flight turned back just moments after taking off. this after a navigation error light appeared in the cockpit. according to a pilot interviewed
12:20 pm
by the fbi, without a functioning navigational system, the plane could crash. shep? >> shepard: he's admitted that he tampered with the plane for money, right? >> he was upset with on going negotiations with american airlines and the union. he thought if he had the mechanical issue appear on the plane, it would turn around and he would be the mechanic to get more overtime and more money. he's charged with one crime, disabling an aircraft willfully. he will be in court friday. an american says today that they have an unwaivering commitment to safety. >> shepard: phil keating in florida. and saudi officials are saying that iran was behind the attack on the kingdom's oil industry. why officials say the weapons used in the strikes point to iranians coming up. the secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia now and he has said a phrase nobody wants to hear.
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>> shepard: it was an act of war. that from the secretary of state, mike pompeo, this afternoon describing the assault on saudi arabia's oil facilities. he said it was an iranian air attack that put the global energy supply at risk. secretary pompeo is in saudi arabia right now. for president trump, he says america will impose significant sanctions on tehran, additional sanctions and his administration will make an announcement in the next 48 hours. officials say drones and missiles that hill the world's largest oil processing facility
12:26 pm
were fired from inside iran. tehran claims that iranian backed huthi rebels were behind the strikes. so the question now, is the united states about to get involved militarily after an attack that hit nothing american and killed nobody? team fox coverage now, benjamin hall with the latest from iranian and saudi officials. first, rich edson with more on the secretary's trip. rich? >> secretary state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia meeting with hold bin salman, the crown prince. the secretary of state says this was all pointing to the iranians. he said the idea that it's the huthis is not accurate. the u.s. intelligence shows the type of weaponry that was used in these attacks is not something that the huthis have demonstrated use with before. another issue on this the secretary was asked about were the visas. whether they would be granted to iranian officials scheduled to come to new york next week in
12:27 pm
the united nations general assembly. the secretary said if you're connected to a foreign terrorist organization, i don't know. it seems to me it would be a reasonable thing to think about whether you ought to be able to attend to a meeting about peace. the president said it's up to the iranians. >> it's to him. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. i would let them come. >> iranian president rouhani claims the united states has been slow in approving visas for his delegation to go to new york and he may not attend as a result. shep? >> shepard: the president is without a national security adviser since john bolton's dismissal. number 4 has been named. >> that's right. robert o'brien that joined the president in los angeles earlier today is the state department's chief hostage negotiator. the president said he did a tremendous job doing so. some of the highlights of his
12:28 pm
tenure, helping to free andrew brunson from turkey and also danny birch from yemen. the president said that o'brien called him the greatest hostage negotiator and claimed the united states is 38-0 freeing hostages during his tenure. also, during his era here. there was the issue with asap rocky in sweden. there was some criticism that the president dispatched his chief hostage negotiator to go to sweden as it wasn't typical. >> shepard: thanks, rich. iran's foreign minister is accusing president trump of a economic war on the iranians. he tweeted after the president announced more sanctions coming against the country. benjamin hall live in the middle east newsroom. benjamin? >> hi, shep. over the last few days we've seen the u.s. and saudi arabia start to compile intelligence
12:29 pm
and lay it out to the public. we heard from saudi arabia the first time. they showed the evidence which they claim proves that iran is behind the attack. the 25 drones and cruise missiles that were used match those used by iran in the past and the angle of the strikes and the radar systems point to the islamic republic. u.s. investigators have been on the ground and able to examine missile circuit boards. they hope this will tell them where they were shot from. for the moment, the saudis say it came from the north. american intelligence detected unusual activity in a base in the south of iran before the launch. it's not been confirmed yet. that is where they're looking for for that launch site. >> and iranian officials are responding, ben? >> yeah, they've been speaking a lot ever since the attacks denying that they had anything to do with it saying it was the huthi rebels out of yemen that
12:30 pm
fired them. that's generally debunked. iran is saying and said it many times that they don't want war, however they're making it clear and said this many times, too, they're ready to retaliate immediately if attacked. they blame the u.s. for all the tensions in the region. saudi arabia says 50% of the oil production cut by this attack has been restored. that has calmed the markets. it's eased fears that emergency reserves don't need to be used. few believe that the threats has gone. the fact that iran by passed billions of saudi air defense systems is a big concern here. that is something that secretary pompeo will be discussing with the crown prince. it shows a lot of the oil facilities are desperate. that's a key issue. how saudi arabia responds in the coming days and weeks remains to be seen, shep. >> shepard: benjamin hall live in jerusalem. a major league baseball player
12:31 pm
accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. how the pitcher's own tattoos may have led the cops to him. and plans for a kind of supreme court at facebook. next the details about the group that could make a final call on posts and overrule mark zuckerberg. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink
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>> shepard: major league baseball pitcher felipe vazquez arrested in pennsylvania or charges including statutory sexual assault and up lawful contact with a 13-year-old girl. a judge denied him bail and said more charges against the pittsburgh pirates player may be coming. the league placed vazquez on paid leave. he said he had sex but not really with the underage girl. trace gallagher has more live
12:36 pm
with us. trace? >> shep, court records show the girl that is 16 reached out to felipe vazquez on instagram. he refused to talk to her because of her age but they exchanged nude photos and videos. soon after, vazquez drove to her house. she got in his car and he pulled her on to his lap and removed her pants. when vazquez called the incident sex but not really, he's referring to the fact that he was 13, a virgin and he tried to have intercourse but was not successful. after a man, she claims that he had to leave because he had a game that night. this was 2017. 2 months ago, court records show that he wanted to continue to have sexual contact with her. the girl lives in florida but
12:37 pm
her mother found the new text messages and contacted authorities. our corporate cousin the "new york post" is reporting that the police used the sexually explicit videos to identify him by his tattoos, shep. >> shepard: what do his lawyers say? >> so far no comment except to say that he's reviews the charges. the pirate's president also said that it's not appropriate to comment on the allegations but he did release a statement that reads in part that we take this matter extremely seriously. we have informed the commissioner's office of the allegations and they will place him on administrative leave. right now vazquez will still be paid unless the pirates try to void his contract, which is difficult even if criminal cases. vazquez is a closer for the pirates. he's 5-1 and is a two-time
12:38 pm
all-star. he is signed with the pirates through the 2021 season. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. another parent arrested in the college admissioned scandal accused of paying $400,000 to get her son to ucla as a fake soccer recruit. she's the 52nd person charged. prosecutors say the mom funneled the money into a bogus charity set up by the scheme's mastermind, rick singer that made a phony recruiting profile. investigators say ucla accepted her son last year and gave him a soccer scholarship. the university soccer coach has pleaded not guilty. the desperate house wives actress felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison after she admitted to rigging her daughter's sat score. lori laughlin and her husband
12:39 pm
are fighting their charges. the feds accused them of paying $500,000 to get their daughter into the university of southern california as fake recruits for the crew team. facebook is releasing new details about a plan to create a supreme court as they put it that could overrule the ceo mark zuckerberg. the company reports this oversight board will have up to 40 members. and they will be able to make binding decisions on what people can and cannot post on facebook. the group will also handle appeals from users whose content is taken down. facebook executives say they hope the board can start early next year. we produce daily news casts for facebook watch. fox news is solely responsible for its content. netanyahu is not a lock to be the next prime minister of israel. early results show the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu and his opponent are in a virtual tie. we expect an official count
12:40 pm
tomorrow. preliminary numbers show neither netanyahu or the former military leader, benny gant, have enough support for a majority. the political parties may have to team up to form a coalition government. benny gant said he will not merge especially if netanyahu is its leader. as for netanyahu, he's facing charges but denied he did anything wrong. if he does retain power, he could give himself immunity from any prosecution. if instead gantz form as government, that would likely mean major policy changes in israel. which would see the first new leader in more than a decade. trey yingst reporting live. trey? >> shep, with 95% of the official votes in, prime minister netanyahu and his party are down by one israeli
12:41 pm
parliament here seat as compared to his main component, benny gantz of the blue and white party. there's 5% of the votes still to be counted. neither candidate will form a 61 seat majority voting block in order to govern in israel. this does put the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu in a difficult but not impossible position to remain prime minister. the key thing, lieberman. he's expected to get nine seats. that will be a deciding factor. both candidates had meetings to form a government. >> shepard: when we will know definitively what is happening here? >> we should know by tomorrow morning. everyone in israel is waiting to see how the international community will responds. we've seen mixed messages as to who world leaders would like to see to be the next prime
12:42 pm
minister of israel or if benjamin netanyahu will remain. it's important to note the president's comments. he was standing on the tarmac and asked about that. he was asked whether he was concerned about the fact that prime minister netanyahu could lose this race. he said i want to give you the exact quote, he said look, our relationship is with israel. for netanyahu, that's a blow to his campaign and his group here in jerusalem because he campaigned heavily on his relationship with president trump. prime minister netanyahu has cancelled his trip to the u.n. general assembly next week, this is an annual visit by the prime minister. something that he's been proud of. that undercores how concerned he and his campaign is that they could lose this race. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trey. it could start next month or next year. a pandemic capable of circling the globe in 1 1/2 days that could kill tens of middles of
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: the family of an american hero got a key to new
12:47 pm
york city today. new york's major presenting the honor to lou alvarez. he died in june after spending his last days fighting for his fellow 9-11 responders. alvarez testified on capitol hill, made a final emotional plea from his hospital bed. he begged congress to help first responders that were sick and dying after breathing in the toxic dust at the world trade center. a month least, congress passed the bill. the likelihood of a global disease outbreak is growing and quoting now "the world is not prepared." that is the report out of a new panel of international health experts including former chief of the world health organization. they cite the influenza pandemic as an example that killed 50 million people when the population here was much smaller.
12:48 pm
researchers say should a similar health scare strike, it could kill up to 80 million people. wipe out 5% of the global economy. they also outline concrete actions that world leaders can take right now in an effort to prevent a global pandemic. jennifer nuzzo is here from johns hopkins. she's the lead author of one of the background reports that went into the overall findings. nice to talk to you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> the biggest concern here in your mind? >> well, i think we're most worried about the potential to be a pandemic influenza. we've had a few of them. >> and a lot of things have changed to make such an occurrence more likely according to the record. >> yeah, we live in a much more connected world than in 1918.
12:49 pm
today if a new virus emerged and spread, it could get on a plane to fly to anywhere in the world in 36 hours. >> shepard: before any one might know what's going on from what i read. >> yeah. when we discovered the last pandemic, which we discovered in the united states in 2009, it likely had been circulating for months before we recognized it. >> shepard: an interesting case study from reading the report, you look back on what happened when there with the ebola scares. you shouldn't shut everything down. >> yeah, a lot of risks that viruses can pose. certainly the risks to human health are one. you mentioned the potential to harm the economy. the risks can be accelerated when we do things that are not likely to health but likely to hurt but shut down travel and trade that limit our abilities to get the first responders in the areas that they need to go,
12:50 pm
that limit our abilities to get the critical medicines that we need that are produced in a few countries on the planet. so we unfortunately have a lot to do to help prepare for these events and also we're unprepared and can make the situation much, much worse. >> shepard: two interesting things. there's some countries that might keep to it themselves in an effort to protect tourisms and economies. another, there's bad actors that might want to create something to hurt a lot of people. the overriding theme is, you have to prevent it by working together. >> yeah, absolutely. if we can contain whatever it is, a naturally emerging pandemic or a delivered epidemic caused by a human caused to do harm, our best help to prevent it from spreading to other countries and that really
12:51 pm
requires national actions, making sure that countries have the resources to do it and international collaborations. you mentioned the concern that countries may not be so forthcoming with this information. there's reasons why that is. they may be worried that other countries will ban trade and travel from their countries that will increase the toll of the disease for them and those sorts of behaviors are really not in anyone's best interests, including those countries, full transparency is essential. >> shepard: dr. nuzzo, thanks so much. jennifer nuzzo with us from johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health and the lead author in this case. hopefully world leaders are reading it. living on the edge can have their draw backs. for starters, you might fall off the edge. this is the fall that one man survived after going off a cliff on his dirt back. he caught it all on camera. he will show us all the video and tell us his story next.
12:52 pm
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just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> shepard: so a man was on a dirt biking trip in colorado earlier this month when he went over a cliff. and this video. dirt biking, dirt biking. oops! wrong way. he videoed the whole thing. he's okay. we'll talk to him in a moment. he said he dropped at least 60 feet, bounced off allege and splashed into the water. he had a single bruise and a hell of a story. rick hogg is with me now. what happened? why did you make that left? >> a good question, shepard. thanks for having me. motorcycling and momentum and i guess lack of talent. i don't know what it was. went left when i should have
12:57 pm
stayed right. >> shepard: so you're going over the cliff, right? the first little -- the front wheel goes over and what's in your mind? >> honestly, my kids. they flashed in my mind. i grabbed for anything possible to slow me down. you can see the tree there. i remember it slipping through my hands. i said this is it, this is how you're going to die. i cried out to god and flipped around and landed in the devil's punch bowl. >> shepard: did it feel like an eternity? >> dana: it was very fast. it was really quick. >> shepard: so you're in the water. do you have to figure out, i'm okay? that's not how you might think about it. >> yeah, exactly. when i came to the surface, then i thought was going to drown. i needed to get my goggles off. there was a ledge there within
12:58 pm
reach. i pulled myself and i was amazed. rick, you're alive here. let's not make any foolish choices now and make it worse. i gathered on myself and waited for friends to get me and climbed out. >> shepard: that's like falling down ten stories -- i mean, six stories? >> yeah, quite a ways. it was quite a fall. i went and looked at it from the river level. it's impressive how far up that trail is. >> shepard: any explanation for how you're not like broken up? >> honestly, i feel like i was part of a miracle that day. i don't have an explanation. everything went perfect to allow me to be talking to you today. >> shepard: recovery and seeing your friends like when this was over, it had to be a big realization moment. like what the heck was that? >> yeah. you got it. once i got to the trail a good
12:59 pm
buddy that i was with, you can see him if the video, hugged him. it was just an emotional break down for me. i thought about my kids again and thought about what i almost missed out on. >> shepard: how is the bike? >> the bike is now in route back from colorado to texas. i'll find out friday. all indications are that it fared like about did. we'll see. >> shepard: so dirt biking is part of your future, not just your past? >> absolutely. my kids, we ride and we will continue to ride. i made the promise to them that i'm not going to ride in these high exposure areas. if i make a mistake, it's a tipover. not a jump off the cliff. >> shepard: no more cliff diving. >> that's right. >> shepard: well, rick hogge, video to prove it. glad you're good and bike is good. hello to the family. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: stay off the cliffs. avoid them. speaking of that, no cliff for the dow today. the markets went ahh when it was 1/4 point and went down
1:00 pm
about 175 at one point. you know, you hang around and the market is up 1,500. the world didn't end. see what the future brings. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: no guts, no sense, no vision from the president of the united states tweeting that today. hey, fed, you botched it again. fox on top of a president blowing his top. not off the charts. when it comes to those that set our interest rates, he said they're out of their minds. what got him? try 1/4 point cut in interest rates. the second in three months that the feds seem to signal might be it for a while. the president wasn't the only one disappointed. so were investors. as shep pointed out, sent the do you careening more than 200 points before stabilizing. kind of. now, as good indication as any that jerome powell and company didn'tol