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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thinner, the shining, misery, kojo, christine, it's so exciting, i'm totally applying. don't apply because i want the job. >> wow, you like horror stuff. >> stephen king. >> never miss an episode of "the five," we want to see you. "special report" is up next, hey, bret. >> bret: hey, thanks. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, joe biden is still the democratic front runner. he and his two closest challengers all beat president trump in head-to-head matchups in the latest bowls and supporters of both parties say they are extremely motivated for 2020. those are all takeaways from this brand-new fox news poll. biden up 11 points on bernie sanders and 13 on elizabeth warren. all three of them must kamala harris are pulling ahead of president trump in one-on-one contests, and there is plenty of enthusiasm on both sides with two-thirds of respondents saying they are very motivated for next year's election. the result, the president and others put increased pressure on
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his democratic rivals, potential rivals. correspondent kristin fisher starts us off tonight. good evening. >> good evening, bret. one of the most critical debates between joe biden and his top two progressive challengers is whether to continue with the obama administration started or pushed further to the left. according to the new fox poll, 49% of democratic primary voters say they support a new approach, while 43% want a candidate will build on obama's legacy. and few issues are more important to obama's legacy and the affordable care act. 74% of democratic primary voters say they support only minor changes to obamacare, which is what biden wants, while 60% favor moving to government health care which is what bernie sanders and elizabeth warren want. but warren still struggling to explain how she intends to pay for it. >> senator elizabeth warren cornered by late show host stephen colbert on proposed tax hikes to pay for medicare for all would extend to the middle
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class. >> hardworking middle-class families are going to see their costs go down. despicable welder taxes go up? >> but here's the thing -- >> here's the thing, i'd listen to these answers a few times before and i just want to make a parallel suggestion for you about how you might defend the taxes that perhaps you're not mentioning in your sentence. >> mayor pete buttigieg isn't mentioning the disturbing discovery in his home state, more than 2,000 medically preserved fetus was found on friday in the garage of the late abortionist who died two weeks ago. the white house says it is horrified by the news and is now calling for a federal investigation. "murdering thousands of innocent babies is one thing, but preserving and hoarding their bodies like trophies is a new level of sickness and insanity." he performed thousands of abortions over several decades at clinics across the state including one in the city of south bend, who was mayor is now running for president. but today, buttigieg is tweeting
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about a new endorsement, nearly 60 mayors from across the country penned an op-ed saying they support a a great mayor in the white house. mayor pete and president trump for once agree on something, that beto o'rourke's big moment during the debate -- >> yes we are going to take your ar-15 -- >> could hurt his party in 2020 and the possibility of a bipartisan deal on gun "dummy be it much harder to make a deal, convinced many that dems just want to take your guns away" as the president downplayed the prospect of a deal, the department of justice is circulating a proposal on capitol hill that would expand background checks to all commercial gun skills including gun show sales and create a system for commercial sellers were not licensed dealers to also conduct background checks. but the big question continues to be does president trump support what's in that proposal? the attorney general bill barr says today but the president still studying several ideas and has not made a decision, bret.
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>> bret: amor and all this the panel, kristin thank you. despite had to have preference poles, showing president trump could lose to several democratic candidates, when asked to predict whether donald trump will win reelection in 2020, 46% say he will. if that is a swing of 19 points since december. if the president has named his fourth national security advisor, naming him today. he has the state department's top official in charge of hostage negotiations. rich edson is here with details on robert o'brien. he could evening. >> good evening, bret. president trump considered several top state department officials for the job. he went with his chief hostage negotiator, robert o'brien, as his national security advisor. the president introduced him at an event today in los angeles saying he picked o'brien after working closely with him to free american citizens held across
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the world. >> a lot of people that i respect rated him as their absolute number one choice. so i think we have a very good chemistry together and i think we're going to have a great relationship. he has a very talented man. >> o'brien arrived at at the sp department master shortly after mike pompeo did. he worked to help free american pastor andrew brunson from turkey and danny birch from yemen. president trump says o'brien called him, the president, the greatest hostage negotiator and claimed the u.s. in his administration is 38-0, freeing american hostages. o'brien says he is to get to work. >> we got a number of challenges, but there's a great team in place and i look forward to working with them and working with the president to keep america safe and continue to rebuild our military and really get us back to -- speak of the president also dispatched him to sweden to help secure wrapper a$ap rocky.
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that was criticized as he was arrested on assault charges, not the typical foreign case. mike pompeo tweeting "you've led states high-impact efforts to return american hostages home with great effect. congratulations and i look forward to working with you and your new role." officials here at the state department have described o'brien as effective, discrete, and a safe and fine choice as national security advisor. two foreign ambassadors who say they've worked closely with o'brien, diplomatic, levelheaded and calm. o'brien has been in and out of the federal government. he cofounded his own law firm in los angeles. he even works with his predecessor john bolton in 2005 at the united nations general assembly. it bret. >> bret: rich edson of the state department, thank you. american airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging a jetliner remains in jail tonight. a federal judge citing new evidence of potential terrorism sympathies and denying bail.
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during a hearing today in miami. prosecutors say his actions could have caused the plane to crash with 150 people aboard. they say he had videos on his cell phone depicting murders by isis terrorists. he has told authorities he tempered with the plane because of frustration over ongoing labor negotiations. there is growing uncertainty of the night about who will be in charge and israel. yesterday's national elections were not conclusive. correspondent trey yingst is in jerusalem to tell us what this all means. >> more than 90% of the votes of encountered and there is still no clear winner in israel's election. the stalemate between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and former army chief puts netanyahu in a difficult position. since there's no way he will meet the 61 seat threshold, he will have to find a way to gather more support for his coalition. the stakes are high for netanyahu, who is facing three charges of corruption and
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bribery. without a ruling majority he will be unable to push forward an immunity law that would protect him from going to jail. there are also political implications for the trump administration, bullet scheduled to release their deal of the century peace plan following the elections. with no clear leader emergent, the already troubled deal ends and the balance of the election outcome. earlier today, president trump said he had not spoken with prime minister netanyahu adding -- >> everybody know would be very close and we will see what happens. look, our relationship is with israel. >> the man who will be the deciding voice is former defense minister who is expected to secure nine seats. that would give either netanyahu or him the majority. after more false -- called for unity government. meanwhile, netanyahu is continuing a propaganda campaign against arabs and the jewish left. >> there are only two options. either a government headed by me, or a dangerous government
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that leans on arab parties. >> the real horse training began today as both held meetings in an effort to garner coalition support. to give you a sense of the urgency that the netanyahu campaign is facing, the prime minister has canceled his annual trip to the u.n. general assembly in new york next week. bret. >> bret: trey yingst in jerusalem, thank you. an act of war. and for those of the words of secretary of state mike pompeo speaking about what he called iran's attack on a saudi oil facility. if president trump is ordering new sanctions on iran as his top diplomat, secretary pompeo continues to meet throughout the region. correspondent benjamin hall reports to make middle east newsroom. >> the pressure on iran is mounting. today saudi arabia laid out evidence they say proved iran was behind the attacks, displaying cruise missiles and drones. shortly afterwards, pompeo flew
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to discuss the next steps with the crown prince while u.s. investigators collected evidence on the ground at the attack site. he accused iran of acts of terrorism and war and risking the global energy supply. >> there were no americans killed in this attack but anytime you have an active war of this nature, there's always a risk that this could happen. >> in the u.s., president trump is also ramped up some pressure, saying he had instructed the treasury to substantially increase sanctions on iran in warning of further action. >> there is the ultimate option and there were actions lot less than that. >> saudi arabia's defense minister said 18 euros and seven cruise missiles were fired from the north though they were still working to discover the exact launch point and he called on allies to back them against the threat. >> iran continued aggression, the sponsorship of terrorist groups and interference in commerce present a common threat to us all. >> the iranians continue to deny
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involvement saying the rebels were defending themselves and that they don't want war, but adding they would retaliate to any attack. >> to saudi arabia, the emirates, america, certain european countries and the zionist regime, which started the war in this region. >> saudi arabia says 50% of the oil production cut by the attack has now been restored, calming the markets and easing fears that emergency reserves need to be used. but if you the threat has gone. the fact that -- strike seemingly at ease at the largest oil facility in the world, that is now the great concern and certainly saudi arabia and the u.s. will be discussing ways of fostering those defenses, but other ways in which they can respond, they remain to be seen. bret. >> bret: benjamin hall in our middle east newsroom, thank you. in the u.s., southeast texas dealing with flooding today from what is now tropical depression
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in all that. national weather service rainfall totals from tuesday morning until today showed up to 10 inches of rain in galveston, three to 4 inches in houston, chamber county with the disaster reclamation this morning. the federal reserve is cutting interest rates for the second time. the move will reduce its benchmark rate, which influences many consumer and business loans by an additional quarter-point to a range of 1.75% to 2%. president trump not happy with that. he wanted a more aggressive cut. stocks dropped at first but recovered to end the day mixed the dow gained 36, the s&p 500 finishing ahead 1, the nasdaq lost 9. it struck up of the interest rate cut, what it means, with the future may look like. susan li of the fox business network joins us from new york, good evening. >> good evening, bret. today's interest rate cut was better than expected. consumers will enjoy some
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benefits, the interest that you plan your credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and even private student loans will go down. but that also means you get less back your money in the bank. the federal reserve lowering interest rates again this year because of concerns over global growth and how it's impacting the u.s. economy. things aren't that bad with the strong labor market and higher household spending. >> we don't see a recession, we are not forecasting our session but we are adjusting monetary policy in a more accommodative direction to try to support what is in fact a favorable outlook. >> despite the move, president trump unsatisfied, hoping for an even bigger reduction in interest rates tweeting jay powell and the federal reserve fail again, no guts, no signs, no vision. a terrible communicator. investors put the chances that 60% for another rate cut in december this year and as the saying goes on the stock market, you don't fight the fed. bret.
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>> bret: susan li in new york, thank you. let's go live now to the border. president trump just south of san diego along the border wall meeting with reporters. let's listen. >> president trump: i'd like to bring them right up, look at the inner tube to see what happens because after the wall is up, we pour concrete and concrete goes into the tube and in addition to that -- if you think you're going to cut it with a blowtorch, that doesn't work because of it concrete and if you think you're going to go through the concrete, that doesn't work because we have very powerful rebar inside. so it's a very powerful, very powerful wall, the likes of which probably to this extent has not been built before. this is an area because it's so highly traffic -- this is one of the most dangerous areas, we have a double wall, we have a wall on both sides. one is 18 feet, venture border and the other one is 30 feet and everybody, if they should be able to make that, this is where people are waiting for them. it's a very powerful situation.
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so general, maybe you could take over for a couple of minutes and then i'll take it back. >> i want to build on your comments. this is a system -- it is both of the two walls that it is also road networks down to the middle and the back so the customs and border can go ahead and continue to be able to move around it. also a lighting system and if you think about this, it really is kind of a defense -- when you think about these panels going up, right now we are putting in about 270 panels a day, they are going in the ground. we got over 44,000 panels that are already built and you think about the death of how we are doing it, without getting a lot of details, 66 miles today are already completed buried 251 miles that are under contract going in the ground right now, 17 other sites. 163 miles that are actually on contracts that are going to be in the next 90 days and the remainder of the miles the president talked about is mainly private land that takes a little bit longer to get buried one of the things i want to -- we have a football field, kind of a flat
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area like this, it's easier to build a wall but if you turn around and look at the mountain behind you, one of the projects going to go up in the next year continues this barrier right up over the rest of that mountain so it goes back to be able to -- we've got to have this linear capability to be able to continue to provide that level of defense. this is what they look like, 30 feet high on the backside. and you will see the inside -- >> come on over here if you want. interesting. >> people were worried that maybe you can negotiate -- you could negotiate through the ballard. so with the ballard is now, is there are two pieces of rebar, 12 feet long better inside the ballard and then when we put it up, with a congregant. i won't tell you the depth of the concrete but it's a pretty substantial obstacle to be able to go through and i would refer to you, commissioner, for anything else you want to add. >> thanks, general, very important part of this, talking about -- right here, part of what the wall gets is it gets the men and women of cbp, specifically the border patrol,
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operational capacity to get to the area where people are trying to illegally cross. before with the old style they could cut that in seconds, they couldn't get a vehicle and just knock over and in seconds they were in the united states illegally. this makes it almost impenetrable. right now they fed four attempts to cut through this. all four times it's failed. border patrol has been able to respond and interdict those individuals. this writer, this design, it's a game changer. >> to reason we pour the concrete afterwards as it's too heavy. we put it up and pour the concrete. a lot of people don't see that but we pour the concrete afterwards so you have the rebar, the steel and then have concrete and it's hard concrete, very powerful country. what is that, 4,000 pounds or 5,000 pounds? that's a very strong -- that's a very powerful concrete. and a lot of technological advances have been made with concrete. it sounds pretty simple but it's not. it's a pretty powerful concrete. so you have the rebar, the outer crust you have me inside is concrete and it's pretty amazing
3:18 pm
and again, the concrete is poured after it's up. they pour it through finals and cover much of the territory of the ballard. >> this is a great you to look at the dash i might confer to the commissioner took spot with a panel does. >> actually turns rate of original, age and her scum he is really going to give to give you from an agent's perspective exactly the magnitude of what this wall, the operation capacity gives the border patrol agents. >> thank you, mr. commissioner, mr. president. this is the law that the agents asked for. they wanted me to tell you personally that they appreciate this and not only this cure, but the extension that's bringing the secondary out further out. they really appreciate it. and make them safer, it makes the community safer and it allows us to make that apprehension here in the border zone as opposed to getting in vehicles and getting them pursuits on the highway, we want to make that apprehension here.
3:19 pm
>> president trump: just in terms of the quality, i came with the border patrol, we worked with them very closely and i said, how about doing the less expensive version, and they said this is the version that works, including the poured concrete interest deal with the rebar and everything else. it's the rolls-royce version and i said, how about doing one wall instead of two -- in a lot of areas we have to comb we have tremendous amount of people on the other side trying to break through, you know exactly where those errors are coming to you want to be in over here, as i said. they said two works much better in these areas, a lot more expensive, so we have the one side on the border, 18, and then we have over here, 30 feet and i think one of the things you are asking and wanted somebody to explain is on top, how that stops -- and anti-crime device if you look at the steel on top. it's also structural but it's there and more importantly for anti-crime. if you explain that? the panels up there. >> so it's one thing to figure
3:20 pm
out how to navigate the vertical post, but the transition at the top makes the climb more difficult. it requires different equipment, different tools, different skills and so if the change as we get to the top that adds to the protection of that fence. >> and again, anything that we can do to get the border patrol agent even a few more seconds, a few more minutes to respond, that's a game changer and if you don't mind, i think this is important to talk about, the chief patrol agent just mentioned that there is a false about them that this wall is the president's vanity wall. i'm here to tell you right now that that's false. this administers me, what they did is exact with the president explained. he reached out to the experts, to the border patrol agents on the front lines every single day risking their lives protecting this country and forcing the laws that congress enacted. he reached out to those agents and asked what do you need to do
3:21 pm
your job more effectively to secure and safeguard this country, and those border patrol agents said we need this, so this president, thank you, you listened to the agents and you give them exactly what they asked for. >> president trump: misses her maximum that you could do and one thing we haven't mentioned is technology, they are wired so that we will know if somebody's trying to break through and you may want to discuss that a become a general. >> there could be some merit in not discussing that. as mike, i like that. that was a great answer. i will just tell you they are wired, there are wired. technologically very advanced. all set up for cameras, and a place we want. we have all of everything we need. but it's all set up for cameras or anything -- you've been hearing drone technology, they are all wired up for drone technology, anything you want, we have. and frankly, this is the right time to do it because to do it later after it's built is very expensive, this way if most leaders adding wire so we are all set up to adapt. and that's the story. it would have certain areas like this where you have double walls.
3:22 pm
if you look behind, you can see how it goes up the hill and thought goes many miles in that direction we're starting now many miles in this direction. we also have -- it all fits together like a puzzle. how many sites would you say over the next. lack of time will have been started? >> probably about 35 sites at any one point working on some of the contractors, they might be having one on one end and on the other and one in the middle so they have the maximum amount of people building at the same time. >> president trump: so we have different business, different contractors, this is one contractor, and excellent contractor, by the way. they are doing a really good job but we have many contractors bidding on many different parts in different states in arizona. new mexico, where i just left. great chronic dumb i contractors bidding and we're starting walls in new mexico. moving along with a well, really moving along rapidly and they need them desperately, and part of the beauty, sometimes will see the tunnel where they go under the wall.
3:23 pm
this goes down, the concrete goes down very deep, it's very hard to tunnel. it's actually dangerous, but at a certain point you hit rock so you can't tunnel so we have it covered underground, we have it covered overground and this is, as i said, this is the finest this would do. they said if you don't go 30 feet it won't be the same because we actually build prototypes and we have i guess you could say a world-class climbers, we had 20 mountain climbers, that's all they do, they live to climb mountains. they can have it. i don't want to climb mountains, but they are very good and some of them were champions and we gave them different prototypes of walls and this was the one that was hardest to climb. we see in the pictures of young people climbing walls with drugs on the back. a lot of drugs, unbelievable climbers. this wall can be climbed. this is very, very hard and with the panel does on top, as i said, it structural but it's also very hard to get by that panel. plus it's designed to absorb
3:24 pm
heat, so it's extremely hot. you won't be able to touch it. you can fry an egg on that wall. it's very, very hot. they're going to have to bring hoses and water and we don't know where they're going to hook up because there's not a lot of water out here, so it's a very, very hard thing to climb. we were thinking about and all concrete wall, this is a much more expensive version but i want to have a vision looking for mexico, looking both directions. they have to be able to because otherwise you have a block. literally they could have of group of people out there and then want to do that -- you may want to explain it. it was so important, because, frankly, and all-concrete wall would've been a much less expensive wall to build from the standpoint of border patrol, they were very much opposed to it. go ahead. >> is a mention, our agents patrol around these walls and as they get closer to that, being
3:25 pm
able to see the threat through the wall prior to a rock coming over the fence or something else coming over the fence at them, we appreciate it. >> i understood -- sort of interesting, it was envisioned may be a solid concrete wall that would've been easy to do but every time i had a meeting with the border patrol, with ice, everybody involved with kevin, mark, they said we have to be able to see through it. if you don't see through this thing is not going to work, it's not going to be a good situation. they even talk about things were somebody would be walking on one side of the wall and they would throw up bags of drugs that way a hundred pounds, they would catapult it up and over the wall and it was -- we had instances where people got hit on the other side because you don't seem was over there, so having the wall -- it's more expensive, but it's the right thing to do. and people that have seen it, other countries are now coming, as you know, and they are
3:26 pm
starting the wall, the only thing is i'm not sure they can afford a wall like this. this is willy -- i will tell you at a certain point, we had three of them already, coming in there studying the wall but i will let you know if i can get their approval. but was that, jeff? i will give you that information if i can. i want to ask their approval first. that's pretty much it. again, the president of mexico has been great, we have a lot of soldiers outside right now. they've been great, 27,000 i think is the number as of today and this will be something very special. i want to thank kevin and i want to thank you, really fantastic job that you've done, the whole group, border patrol has been incredible and the knowledge that you've imparted. who would think this is what we have to do? but that's it. when you look down here, you'll see more flat area, this is a
3:27 pm
fairly -- this pretty impressiv impressive. these are the workers a part of the law. all of these guys don't do as much with that but these guys are a great job and we appreciate it. these are the ones that are here. each one of these is considered a panel -- when i said how many panels are going to -- >> 44,000 are already in. >> president trump: each one of these, if you look, they are together. each one of these -- i think they have -- yeah, like eight. eight ballard's -- and each one -- i guess it's mostly an 8-ballard's wheel. we also have very sophisticated openings when you have to get the border patrol through various people through to the other side. we have some really beautiful openings that work, i hear really well. i hear we finally figured out now. if that was not an easy thing to figure out because of the weigh weight. the weight is tremendously
3:28 pm
heavy. but if you look from here, you will see with the wall looks like in the beautiful thing is that people are saying that -- we are not going to do -- in another week, i understand, no more catch and release. we are not allowing people into the country at all anymore. nobody is coming in unless they're coming illegally, they are coming in through a process. we have a cover between 27,000 mexican soldiers and really not a wall is starting to kick in very big. san diego, they were just thanking me for the wall was built in san diego, they set up the difference of dan knight. they actually said it's 100%. the only thing is we have to now expanded out. the only way they get through is to walk many, many miles in the opposite direction one way or the other and go around it but going over it is virtually impossible. but there were very, very happy with what we've done. so the days -- i can tell you this, no more people can come in. we wanted congress to help us.
3:29 pm
we still want them to get rid of loopholes but we've done with the help of mexico, were done with the help of border patrol and we've done it with the help of cabin and you great people. we've done at a different way. we still want them to do it because it would be a little bit easier, but congress wouldn't do it -- when i say congress, the democrats just wouldn't do it, so now we have a world-class security system at the border including the highest technolog technology. i would think that there's no place like this anymore. no place have anything like this or close to it. other places have guards and unfortunately they have machine guns and they have electrified fences. if you touch them and you get electrocuted. don't do that. we don't do that, but this is something that is equally difficult to get across. >> [inaudible] >> president trump: we had a very low fencing here. you were here before, i think.
3:30 pm
we had a very low fencing. it was like a sheet metal people would knock it over just routinely. and we worked it out. we have a lot of areas where we have that and even less than that and then we had areas where we had nothing. some areas where we just had a pipe along the ground and that sort of stopped cars or trucks, but they knocked that out pretty quickly. so those are areas -- but in this case you've saw it, it was sheet rock. it was like sheet metal, very thin, used to build runways, just a form to build runways and they had a lot of it left over years ago and they put it up but it would be knocked down on a daily basis. tell them about the. >> can offer, this is the same area we have the prototypes built. here 18 months ago -- >> bret: president trump along the border just south of san diego talking about the border wall, what is in already, what is contracted to do. some 66 miles according to the border patrol officers there already constructed. if the president talking about
3:31 pm
the strength of that design and what it's meant to do. we will monitor this for any questions and answers the president takes and we will bring that to you if there's any news made along the border. up next, parents take on the biggest maker e-cigarettes over getting their daughter hooked on nicotine. stay with us. ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas.
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over the marketing of flavored e-ng to a new venue, the court room. a mom and dad in new york say their daughter is now addicted to nicotine because of vaping. bryan llenas looks at the situation tonight. >> about two to three weeks. >> parents in new york city are suing juul, the types of e-cigarette seller lehman et al. your daughter became hooked on nicotine because of juul's mango flavored product. cleanly tobacco giant which now earns the mic on 35% of juul are working together to target youth with similar advertising in the hopes that young juul users will graduate to marlboro cigarettes. in a statement, juul writes "we've never marketed to youth and do not want any nonnicotine users to try our product. this case is without merit." fox news can confirm juul has had lobbyist to talk to republicans on capitol hill.
3:36 pm
the white house as it will announce its plan to ban almost all flavored e-cigarettes nationwide to prevent kids from vaping. >> your marketing to them, your advertising to them. for designing a product for the them. >> new york state initiated its plan to stay in michigan and enacted a statewide ban on flavored cigarettes today. the new york vapor association calls to ban a knee-jerk reaction that will put hundreds of shops out of business and put ex-smokers at risk. >> because of this governor's knee-jerk reaction, we expect that a lot of the customers will either make their own product, go back to smoking. >> is the cdc continues its investigation into hundreds of vaping-related lung illnesses, it is encouraging the public to stop smoking e-cigarettes. >> may be getting on much higher dose of nicotine. the higher the dose, the more addictive. >> today india banned the production and sale in the attempt to prevent a health epidemic. india is home to the world's second largest tobacco market
3:37 pm
which kills 900,000 people a year there. >> bret: bryan llenas in new york, thank you. massachusetts democratic congressman joe kennedy the third will challenge incumbent senator edward markey next fall. the announcement, we are told will be made saturday morning in east boston, kennedy is the grandson of the late senator robert kennedy. edward markey has represented massachusetts and congress since 1976. he won a special election in 2013 to fill the senate seat once held by john kerry. when we come back, a difficult divorce from planned parenthood. ♪ (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup.
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3:42 pm
california and environmental groups say they plan legal action to fight at barium the number and rate of abortions across the u.s. have plunged to their lowest level since the procedure became legal nationwide. that is recording to a report a pro-choice research group. 802,000 abortions in 2017 down from 926,000 tallied in the group's previous report for 2014 and from just over 1 million counted from 2011. there was an agreement tonight in the acrimonious divorce between the nation's largest provider of abortions and its most recent leader. garrett tenney takes a look at the settlement and what led up to it. >> this week planned parenthood announced it has reached an agreement with the former president, who was fired by the board in july less than a year after taking over. this comes after weeks of contentious negotiations in which she accused the group of pastor's leadership of trying to
3:43 pm
buy her silence. in an email to planned parenthood's board she claims they were using her severance pay and health insurance as a ransom to her into signing an additional confidentiality agreement which she described as a gag order on my experiences and reflections of my service. that service ended due to philosophical differences with the board leadership over abortion, according to the doctor, who believes deemphasizing abortion care is the best way to protect it, while a powerful vocal minority in the organization wants a struggling political abortion- abortion-first philosophy. planned parenthood denies her allegations without her exit negotiations calling them a fortune and simply untrue. this public infighting over the preposterous direction comes out that under increasing pressure from the trump administration in republican states. >> if there's any group in this country that understands the fight forward as planned parenthood, they are going to spend the next 12 to 13 months organizing, talking to voters, registering voters and making sure that voters go to the
3:44 pm
polls. >> planned parenthood and 22 states are suing the new title x rule. planned parenthood left the federal program last month giving up $60 million in annual funding rather than complying with the banning abortion referrals. oral arguments are set to begin next week. bret. >> bret: garrett, thank you. next up, we will get reaction from the panel to the latest fox news poll's on the 2020 election and the other news of the day, stay with us. ♪ aying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? [sfx: crash of football players colliding off-camera.] maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection
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♪ >> costs are going to go up for the wealthiest americans, for big corporations. and hardworking middle-class families are going to see the costs go down. despicable whether taxes go up? 's pick here's the thing -- >> but here's the thing, i've listened to these answers a few times before. because i think that what is being put forward -- if that's what you believe, if that's whau believe, god bless you, but know what it entails. i believe that the path through health care to all is a path that is following the lead of the affordable care act. >> bret: it will play out over time, the big debate in the democratic party about the future of health care, whether it's medicare for all or
3:49 pm
improving or building on obamacare. our latest fox news poll on the democratic primary, the preference, joe biden still leading. a little bit less than in august and in july, but bernie sanders in second, elizabeth warren in third. the head-to-head preference ask, joe biden and donald trump and you see a big differential there. we talked about these early head-to-head numbers. an interesting full year asked will president trump be reelected? it's more of a prediction question in this bullet you see the change from december until now, yes, 46-40. with that, let's bring in our panel. kimberley strassel is a member of the editorial board of "the wall street journal," she is also the author of a new book, "resistance at all cost: microcomputers are breaking america." mara eliasson and ben domenech, publisher at "the federalist." okay, kimberly, you look at these numbers, what do you see?
3:50 pm
>> well, i think what we are seeing increasingly, this looks like it's going to be a three-person race. we have all of these candidates out there, they occasionally have their moments in the sun. they go up a bit but then they fall back down to earth. this is about joe biden, bernie, and elizabeth warren and one thing that's interesting too is that elizabeth moran -- does paul not so much, but otherwise she seems to be steadily creeping up and i guess the other question from these polls out there are -- do we really know yet how the democrats are going to turn out to make the shows a lot of enthusiasm but i think until the field clears it's just not for certain. >> bret: mara, i thought it was interesting on the production question, it's one thing to say who you prefer, it's another thing if you think the president will be reelected and that number is an interesting number. >> what's interesting about that if the democrats are really energized but they still think you will be reelected. if they are students of history
3:51 pm
they have a lot of reason to think that because presidents almost always get reelected unless there's a hostage crisis or a recession, but what i thought was interesting about the poll -- it was an outlier trust in that it showed warren going down instead of up and the dynamic we've seen in almost all the other point is that biden still at the top, he softened a bit but elizabeth warren has kind of steadily come up kind of maybe a little bit at bernie's expense, a lot may be harris' expense. i think -- my prediction is that this race is going to come down to a clear ideological contrast, it's going to be warren versus n then, one of the issues that obviously the democrats are hitting hard on his gun control. it is now factor on capitol hill. the attorney general speaking about it up on capitol hill. >> the president right now is gathering information. he's starting a number of proposals, i talked to him
3:52 pm
today, but he himself is not made any firm decision on any particular proposal at this stage. >> this comes down to whether president trump is going to take a clear position and can stick to it. >> bret: one pager about the proposal from the white house, draft legislation, a background check requirement would be extended to all, advertise commercial sales including sales at gun shows, background checks will be conducted either through federal firearms license or through a newly created class of license transfer agents. if a denial occurs, a referral would be made to law enforcement. if the transaction proceeds, a new form would be generated in civil penalties, tracking sort of -- at least that's the one pager that we obtained from the white house. is it real? >> i think this is somewhat real, but it's also very politically risky. the president needs the support of american gun owners and he needs it in a strong wave in
3:53 pm
order to win reelection. it's hard to see these kinds of proposals is going over very well with gun owners were very concerned that this type of background check legislation will ultimately lead to a national firearm registry, a database that they use -- believe could be used against them by the government. i think there were a lot of questions that need to be answered and there needs to be a real judgment on the part of republicans in congress and the white house about whether this is too much of a risk for too little gain. >> bret: kimberly, the sense that some republicans on the hill are getting is that if they don't do something, that the payoff -- the payback will be devastating in 2020, do you buy that? >> i'm not entirely sure. if is obviously enormous and do my pressure on republicans to act, mostly been a function of democrats and a lot in the media for suggesting that this background check idea or ban, for instance, on semiautomatic, certain classes of semiautomatic firearms and actually going to
3:54 pm
hell. i think the problem is that a lot of republicans understand that the background check system isn't entirely -- it's not going to pay off the way democrats are suggesting it is. it's not necessarily going to stop future incidences like we've seen in schools or other places. so i'm not entirely sure there is, as ben said, an enormous second amendment constituency and does our core republican voters and if they feel the republicans are caving to this simply to give political points when there isn't going to be an actual benefit, that could harm them more in the polls then some voters who may be turned off by the party anyway. >> bret: quickly. >> that's why the president hasn't come out for anything specific. bill barr is up on the, one page circulating in the white house telling us that is not necessarily flex with the president wants or what he's thinking. >> bret: we will follow all elements of it. panel, as always, thank you,
3:55 pm
when we come back for a camera designed to catch a criminal instead catches a moment that will warm your heart. ♪
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looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, patriotism caught on camera. a virginia family installed a doorbell camera to try to catch an american flag vandal who had been active in their area in recent days. when looking back at the footage, , and found something much more patriotic and heartwarming. their 5-year-old son preston standing in front of the flag and reciting the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. enter the republic for which it stands, under god, indivisible indivisible --
4:00 pm
>> bret: he is the winner. thanks for inviting us into her home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> that is so cute, that might be the best thing i've seen all day. thank you, bret, good to see you tonight. now to something very different and very horrific. this story out of indiana and illinois at the home of dr. ulrich klopfer, where he died two weeks ago and a gruesome discovery was made in his house and in his garage. they found the remains of more than 2200 unborn children. klopfer described as indiana's most prolific abortion doctor, had his licensed pulled from him in 2016. tonight the white house is calling for a fuller criminal investigation saying they're horrified by the news, which echoes back to the atrocities of dr. -- you probably were member his story. the philadelia