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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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genetically so that we have never seen it before. >> tucker: some of your reports are reassuring. tonight is not one of those. >> dr marc: great to see you. we won the enemy of line, think. >> sean: you know, that flu stuff scares you. okay. not good. great show. we have working news from canada of all places. this year, a photograph from 2001. it shows prime minister, justin trudeau, wearing brown face. he didn't think that it was racist at the time. we will have much more on this story coming up in the show. also, tonight, president trump has ordered harsh new sanctions against iran. secretary of state, mike pompeo, he is calling the recent attack against a saudi oil field an act of war. remember the president said, the
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united states is locked and it is loaded, as the administration, at this our is now. we will have more on this developing situation tonight. we are also tracking several other breaking news stories, including brand-new revelations surrounding doj, inspector general michael horowitz. he faced questions from republicans about the unethical conduct of mr. super patriot himself, james comey. he issued that unprecedented rebuke of the fbi director. a report solely focused on one small issue. leaking. in that report, he noted that the fbi director set a dangerous example for everyone in the fbi. today, he doubled down on this accusation. he explained that the inspector general was concerned that comey's actions will set a
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troubling precedent. this is the tip of the iceberg. this is the low-hanging fruit. comey has escaped charges so far, but horwitz is just getting started. comey's rapid abuse of power stems from two issues. later, the investigation into the origins of the russian witch hunt. to it all off, he indicated that he would also look into irregularities into comey's sworn testimony on capitol hill. horwitz also alleged that comey tried to deceive president trump by probing trump for information and reaction to the dirty dossier that he he said was salacious and unverified. what he didn't tell the
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president was that a couple of months earlier, he was signing a fisa warrant based on hillary clinton. yeah, the one that he didn't verify. the one that he swore wasn't true on multiple occasions. on as many as five or more occasions, comey was warned. remember he told him and that trump tower meeting. that was also a huge lie. it was one of the many traps that comey set in what was operation cross fire hurricane. in a brand-new book from comey's former assistant. he set up michael flynn. we just decided. he was bragging about taking advantage of general flynn. he said his investigators to th.
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it was from the getting, a perjury trap. andrew mccabe said, oh, you don't need a lawyer. comey said he did something he would never have done under the bush-obama administration paired sadly, and perhaps more importantly, a 33 year veteran of this country was told he didn't need a lawyer, when he absolutely needed a lawyer. is that how we at now treat our veterans? he is treating an american war hero who served this country? it is now in full effect. pay very close attention, because the next shoe to drop will be the ig's findings on fisa abuse. that means comey, the inspector general's completed report is now in the hands of the attorney general. he is reviewing this material
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for possible reductions. he seems to be hesitant. he really does, and wanting to fix what is the greatest, the premier law enforcement agency in the entire world. i hope, director ray change his and commits himself to implementing the changes so that 99.9% of law-abiding fbi agents that keep us safe every day, that we can have confidence in all of them. it's about one-tenth of 1%. the changes here that he needs to look at are so that we prevent the massive abuse of power so that it will never happen again. sarah carter, fox news contributor, and also joining us, mark meadows. congressman meadows, basically, we have this all wrapped up. i know of three occasions. i am told as many as three occasions. the russian dossier being
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unidentified. he used it anyway as the bulk of information. to me, that's premeditated frau fraud. >> bell, sean, we do know is that there has been nothing consistent about james comey's testimony. nothing consistent about the way he went about this investigation. the only thing that has been consistent is the fact that he was willing to break protocol relentlessly to go after this president. and we do know, as you mentioned, number of times, not only warning signs, but red stop signs that say, "do not go further, because there are credibility issues, there are certainly different motives here. and yet, those were never discussed with the president. when that infamous briefing happened in trump tower, they didn't say, oh, by the way, the democrats are paying for this. by the way, we have concerns
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with credibility, and by the way, we know that the very person, christopher steele, is leaking to the press. they didn't say any of that. you know, it's time for accountability. >> sean: do you believe there's more than three instances where in fact, comey was warned that the dossier was not verified? >> mark: well, i think there's more than three instances where comey's team and certainly director should know or did know that there were problems. it's not just three times. each time you go in, you start to see another layer of evidence that would suggest that this was nothing more than a calculated effort on behalf of some at the fbi. and you're right. 99% of our fbi and doj officials are great public servants. but this director comey set forth a very dangerous precedent that others seem to fall in line with, whether it's mccabe, peter, or any of the others.
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sarah, you have a piece out about comey's behavior that is concerning. here 24, the fbi director has nt been particularly cooperative wh requests by others. i find that very concerning. i think his top priority is that he wants to be the guy. i don't see that action yet. >> sarah: yet, the only way to clean this up. cleans up what happened at the bureau's that it never happens again. one interesting thing that happened is that it is in the process of being reviewed right now for classification review. then it will be turned back over to horwitz.
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they will turn it over to horwitz after they are finished with the document. at that point, horwitz makes it very clear that he can assess with his team what they declassified and if they feel they didn't declassify enough or maybe declassified one particular part that he thought should it be declassified, he can go back and fight them on this. he can go back and assess that with them and try to see if they can maybe review that process once more. that is certainly available. it may take some weeks, sean. we just don't know. >> mark: of sean, let me hit one other thing that sarah, listen. every single time that we go to the fbi, whether it was under the previous director or under this director, it has not been under a spirit of transparency that they have given us this information.
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senator barr and john durham that what is at the core of all of this is declassified so that we don't hide behind this mystique of this classified. sarah is right on that. it must be transparent for the americans to judge for themselves. >> sean: i'm not a conspiracy or theorists, but. do we have an equal justice and application of our loss? we'll see what happens. sara carter. congressman mark. thank you. he is not the only disgrace. his right-hand man, perhaps once his closest confident. confident. that was pretty much status quo. federal prosecutors have now paved the way to potentially face charges for misconduct.
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the possible grand jury will weigh in on a possible indictment. on this show, we are clear. we believe in the presumption of innocence. meanwhile, andrew mccabe is using bill barr's favorite tactic. deny everything. >> i absolutely reject the findings and the conclusions of the ig report that accused me of exhibiting a lack of candor in several instances. absolutely reject it. >> why customers like i never intentionally misled anyone about anything and i certainly have not committed a crime. >> will you take a deal in order to go on with the rest of your life if there is no big criminal attachment? you never have to do any time question what >> absolutely not. not under any circumstances. >> sean: keyword. never intentionally. this is the same guy that said no dossier. no flies a warrant. things don't look good.
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time will tell. lying and leaking. he lacked candor. his hatred and political bias towards president trump was unmatched. may be comey had more hate and more venom. whether he used the 25th amendment to remove a duly elected president of the united states form no reason at all. he is gainfully employed at fake news cnn. joining us now with reaction, former u.s. attorney, former deputy assistant, full disclosure. i have actually asked him to help me out with some legal matters. nothing serious, nothing bad. we are friends. all right. joe, start with you. fundamentally, to me, this is now going to come down to one simple question. the evidence was there.
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the bulk of information. now, two reports confirm this, was the dossier of hillary clinton. to me, that is premeditated. comey definitely allied and lied to president-elect. the question now is, will americans see equal justice customer you know the attorney general. >> joe: i don't have any doubt that bill barr is going to enforce the law and seek charges where they are appropriate. i think the upcoming report on the pfizer abuses will show that mccabe, comey and others engaged in. >> sean: let me interrupt, though. would you, this is your wheelhouse, do you see what i see, which is irrefutable, overwhelming evidence? >> joe: absolutely. i don't think there's any doubt
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that the fisa court was abused, that fraud was commuted on that court knowingly, not only by fbi officials, but by department of justice officials. absolutely. >> well, obstruction of justice is the most obvious one. also, there's civil liability. if i want to go back to what mccabe said about he didn't intentionally lie. he was really very busy paired what does that sound like, sean? that sounds like what michael flynn said. here's the deal that was offered michael flynn. you plead guilty or we are going to go after your son. bill barr's justice department did not do that. he could have gone after his wife, who took over $700,000 when she was running for state office in virginia. the fbi was investigating hillary. i mean, talk about dirty.
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>> sean: who is your favorite of the dynamic legal duo? victoria or joe? we will do a poll. let's get back to this though, joe. were all for warrants illegally obtained? it's cut and dry. >> joe: based on what we know and what we've seen, there is no doubt that all four were illegally obtained. the court was defrauded. it was denied evidence. it was given fraudulent evidence. the applications clearly did not tell the truth about carter page, about everyone involved in the process. i mean, there is just no doubt that all four were illegal. >> victoria: let me add something, because you were talking about three times, four times, they were warned. they didn't have to be warned one time for them to have done something wrong, because they couldn't verify what was in that
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application. >> sean: , i'm the nonlawyer here. five warnings. five separate warnings, victoria. wow. don't cross the guy. he's got a political agenda. hillary paid for it. it's not verified and it says on the top of the fisa warrant, verified. if it's unverifiable, that means you committed a fraud on the court obstructed justice. also tried to undo the election. >> joe: by the way, andrew mccabe's famous testimony on capital hill, without the steele dossier, there is no flies a warrant. andrew mccabe knew that steele dossier was false and fraudulent, unverified, and completely unverifiable, and yet, he went along with using it in the fisa court. see when i'm going to put that
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poll up one of these days. >> victoria: no, don't do that. we love each other. >> sean: both friends of mine. thank you. now after three years of lies, slander, and nonstop hysteria, the department of justice is now riding that ship. truth, facts, sanity, are now making a comeback. without a reckless conspiracy theory to push, and mueller didn't deliver the goods they want to, democrats are tearing apart at the seams. nancy pelosi is very angry at the judiciary chairman jerry nadler. he has given into his radical base, launched a very sloppy impeachment proceeding against the president, really for no reason at all. without an official reason for the basis of the impeachment. we saw yesterday,
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corey lewandowski owned and embarrassed everyone of those house democrats at the first official hearing. this has now become such a toaster fire that pelosi says, leak it. democrats have enough votes for impeachment. she has no control over the caucus. a radical extremes, socialists, they are in charge. this is a disaster suicide mission for the democrats. if they want any hope in 2020, president trump will never be impeached, she's right. the fantasies of the left are now dead and buried. the mob, the mainstream media cannot hide their disappointmen disappointment. their derangement syndrome is so bad, members of the media are actually rooting for the u.s. president to be impeached because of hillary's bought and paid for russian lies. this is untrue. this is sick, this is ugly, this is twisted, and more evidence,
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journalism is dead in this country, as i told you back in 2007. here now is the author of the soon to be released sequel to his number one best seller, congressman matt gaetz. you were in the hearings yesterday with corey lewandowski. i'm watching corey lewandowski, and even democrats are expressing their frustration. what pages that, congressman customer what page? can you please refer to the page congressman so i can refer exactly what you're talking about? >> he's exactly right. house democrats looked exactly like a dog who had chased a car and caught it and did not know what to do about it. we know that the left says terrible things about you and about me, but you should hear the things they are saying. it's the one you've got 30 years to catch up peers to go there you go. behind closed doors, we are seeing a true picture of the
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democratic party. you've got moderate democrats saying that it's a crazy idea to bring corey lewandowski forward, acknowledging that he whooped the democrats. look, if you are just a regular american, you are wondering how it's going to get paid for, if you watch with a liberal democrat mob is doing in washington, d.c., it is demoralizing to regular americans who just want to see the government working for them. i think this division among democrats shows that they have a losing strategy and it is consistent with all of the polling. americans want to focus on immigration, border security, the key issues, and not a phony -- >> sean: that would mean that they would have to give up their hatred. you are watching this whole thing unfold here. it's a zoo, it's a focused, use whatever adjective you want to use here. more importantly, what it is is not harassment. corey lewandowski has been before the committee twice. correct me if i'm wrong, congressman matt gaetz.
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he's been before the mueller special counsel. at what point does this become harassment? at what point do people say, "i'm pleading the fifth." you are going to claim i'm lying and now be thrown up on perjury charges. >> well, it's well beyond harassment. that ship sailed along time ago. speaking of that metaphor, this was nadler's maiden voyage on impeachment. it sank before it even got out of the harbor. i mean, you have to be incredibly to call corey lewandowski, of all people as your very first witness. you are not going to get anything out of him. of course you are not. he's already testified multiple times. he spoke with the special counsel. he adhered strictly to the statements he gave and the documents he gave to the special
6:22 pm
counsel, and yet, you know i heard illegal commentators say, "oh, this is conclusive evidence now of obstruction of justice." in what legal world does not exist? you have to be ignoring the decision, not just the attorney general, the lawyers in the office of legal counsel, not to mention all the doj lawyers, who concluded he did not establish obstruction of justice? >> sean: gregg, you've been part of this. you've been up to your eyeballs. the question is here, we now have the evidence. there is no ambiguity here, as i've been saying all night. do you have faith that they can literally charge their own? that's a big question. >> matt: i've met with the
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attorney general, and i have every confidence that he is going to follow the law. we have serious fraud that i think we are going to be learning more about in the coming days. the real wild charge donna card, sean is will they actually indict these people. i feel like we ought to have these things venued. >> sean: being on trial in the panhandle. you got 30 seconds. do you believe it will happen? >> gregg: , i do think it will happen. i think there will be criminal referrals. i think all of them are actionable in a criminal court room. when you deceive judges, when you conceal vital evidence, when you like to the court, its fraud, its perjury, it's obstruction, and a whole host of other crimes, these people must be held accountable. it went all right. got to go. huge controversy.
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>> sean: all right, this just breaking fox news alert. justin trudeau under fire tonight after a 2001 photo of him wearing brownface at a custom party has now surface. west coast newsroom. trace gallagher. not that long ago, trace. he may be in trouble tonight. >> trace: yeah, and the canadian prime minister has fully acknowledged that the picture is him. it shows justin trudeau wearing
6:29 pm
brown makeup on his face, neck, and hands during a party back in 2001. he was teaching at a private school called west point gray academy. the school was holding an arabian 19 gala and trudeau was dressed up as a character from aladdin complete with robes and brown skin. he addressed the media and said that it was not the first time that he had done this. watch. >> trace: when i was in high school, i dressed up at a talent show with makeup on. this is something that i didn't think was racist at the time, but now i recognize it was something racist to do. >> trace: he was asked if he would resign and that he sidestep the question. not a very good step. a champion of minority groups.
6:30 pm
>> sean: all right, trace gallagher and our west coast newsroom. also tonight, democrats, willfully are unprepared to face the president in the general election. yep. 95 or soon to be 95-year-old president jimmy carter came out with a warning to his party after he suggested that there should be in age cap on who should be president. yikes. take a look. >> if i were just 80 years old. [laughter] if i was, i don't believe i could undertake the duties that i experience when i was president. >> sean: sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe 30330. yes, he made another blunder today and we were there to catch it. take a look. >> why cannot we provide an $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has child care costs?
6:31 pm
it would put 720 million women back in the workforce. stay 1,720,000,000 women back in the workforce. maybe someone should tell joe 30330 but the population of the united states of america has less than 3 million. and now beto is now imposing fines for people who do not turn in their ar-15. lock them up. >> we expect our fellow americans to follow the law. if they do not, there would be a fine imposed to compel them to follow the law. >> sean: to compel them. a lot of us are going to be going to jail. it's not for sale. with the reaction. nationally syndicated radio talk show host.
6:32 pm
congratulations, doctor on the new book. jeff has a best seller out as well. does that now confiscation of weapons from the good guys. the bad guys don't obey the laws. i know it's a shame, but it's true, isn't it question mexico yeah, i mean, listen. for what is that, now a few decades, people like myself, you, dana and others have been saying this is the end game. the democrats want to take away your guns. we were called the conspiracy theorists. we were told that we need tinfoil hats on our heads. but what happened? they came out of the closet. i think that we owe a debt of gratitude to francis o'rourke for the honor of stomach honesty which he has declared that theyt our guns.
6:33 pm
for that little clip. yes, i'm coming after your guns, will be used in every significant g.o.p. campaign for the rest of american history, because they mean it. they understand the second amendment is the last line of defense, sean. they're not going to get my ar-15 and they aren't going to get yours either. >> sean: open borders, a wealth tax, 70%. 90% corporations. then we are going to have a wealth tax. and that we were going to get rid of oil and gas, the lifeblood are of our economy. it is of great strategic importance in light of what's happening with our economy. elizabeth seems to be, in my minds, the new front runner. >> yet. and sean, you mentioned sanctuary cities. notice that sentence. that clip that you played.
6:34 pm
beto says that he expects americans to "follow the law." he doesn't say that about people coming over the border illegally. if you come over the border illegally and don't follow the law, we are going to find you. no, no, no, dominant. >> this is the old double standard. that's exactly what's going on here with guns. first of all, this is not a "buyback program." the government and it's all people of the guns. >> sean: this is confiscation. i'm flying to pennsylvania. >> sebastian: not a prayer. not a single prayer here. >> sean: sorry. i didn't know you were. go ahead. >> jeff: this is going country here where i live. i mean, when you drive around this part of pennsylvania, you have people with nra stickers on
6:35 pm
their cars. i mean, this is a seriously bad mistake. >> sean: listen, i will admit, i'm not bitter, but i do cling to my guns, bible, god, and religion, and i love walmart. i guess i'm a smelly walmart shopper. i think it's smart to shop at walmart. they have everything at walmart. costco, target, i love all those stores. while that agenda, the new green deal, sell your guns back to the government or you're in trouble, no oil and gas, no more combustion engines, is that going to work, dr.? or is it what i think? >> sebastian: it's a most aggressive form of socialism or communism ever imagined. esa green new steal. it's communism on the inside. it's the kind of programs that
6:36 pm
stalin dropped of. saying you can't eat beef. you are not allowed to get in ia plane. it's a choice between socialism and liberty. >> sean: it's basically freedom versus the destruction of the american dream and probably a worldwide depression once we get rid of gas. were we come back, remember the american airlines mechanic, he was accused of sabotaging a plane. but today, the judge. justice brett kavanaugh and the attempt of the media to once again lie even further. straight-ahead.
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>> sean: very alarming story tonight in the state of florida. remember the mechanic who worked at the american airlines was accused of. the very latest from washington. catherine. >> sean, investigators did a forensic scrub, telling the miami court today that they found videos on his court showing murders by isis. profit prosecutors say abdul-mad marouf ahmed alani, a naturalized citizen has ties to isis. wishing harm to non-muslims. he did not disclose to investigators that he traveled to iran in march. prosecutors said that he attempted to sabotage an american airlines flight by putting styrofoam styrofoam ine
6:42 pm
nose of the aircraft. his public defender said his client is a seasoned mechanic who understand his actions would ground the aircraft and not directly put passengers at risk. but this underscored the threat that remains 18 years after 9/11. sean. the one in washington. also, tensions with iran are escalating. the recent attacks on oilfields, an act of war. he responded by saying that he is locked and loaded. fox news contributor, former congressman, michael waltz with us. locked and loaded. if you continue to shoot down american drones and you try to disrupt the oil flow at free
6:43 pm
market prices, i got to imagine that you're going to get hit and you're going to get. hard. it seems now to be something that is probably eminent in my vehicle. >> yeah, i'm confident that the intelligence committee has taken a hard look at iran's aggression in the persian gulf to date. shooting down our drones in this most recent attack on saudi arabia. and then, forecasting iran's future behavior. it appears that iran is going to continue to escalate until we stop them. eventually, we are going to have to do that or were going to face the consequences. iran is certainly trying to destabilize the global energy market. if you notice, the they are trg to drive a wedge between the u.s. and our allies. >> sean: if the media mob would only pay attention to what
6:44 pm
president trump says sometimes, they would understand him better, but that's not their agenda. the president is very clear. he doesn't want to engage in foreign entanglements, but we did see the president defeat isis in pushback in syria, and he did it with overwhelming force, and he did get rid of the rules of engagement under barack obama. i would imagine, as president, you are not planning on boots on the ground. just devastating obliteration of anything he wants to obliterate. >> that's absolutely right, sean. the president was absolutely right today to dialogue sanctions even further. it's working. the regime is desperate because it's going bankrupt. it's seeking to divert and create an external crisis from its own populace, because it's currency is tanking and inflation is spiking. sean, they have two goals here. one is to create this sense that there is a global oil crisis and
6:45 pm
to get the asians and the european countries to buy into oil rather than saudi oil. enter number two is to get president trump to back off the maximum pressure campaign. he's done the exact opposite. >> sean: there's got to be military action. real quick. >> i do think it's a necessity. the question is, do we do it through the saudis. i think that's the right question to support them. they are our allies. >> daniel: , i think that we've got to determine which targets we want to strike. i can't imagine that we would hit their oil facilities. >> sean: why not question works because i just don't think it would cause the kind of damage that we would need. the question is whether or not we would decide to target some of those military bases. there's no question iran -- >> sean: false facilities can be hit too. it's an idea. what do i know? i'm not the president.
6:46 pm
>> whatever attack we might take. the president has thrown showit of restraint thus far. >> sean you've got to remember that they are still holding them hostage. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, the lobby of a trumpet tower building of a new york suburb last night. you have one guest of conspiracy network television. rachel maddow. he said that he fantasizes about doing the same every time he drives by a trump property. okay. is he still working there? is he still allowed on the air? will debate. will discuss next. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town.
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♪ >> sean: all right, so, so the media mob. their bias on full display. christine was , he said that he didn't believe the story about brett kavanaugh. msnbc dnc panelist conspiracy tv tweeted about his own wishes to do the same every time he passes a trump property. coauthor of the book, "justice on trial." she is now with women for trump and she is the national cochair. back with us. gina, if you ever said this as a conservative against a liberal,
6:52 pm
emphasizing about doing that to an obama property, or if you lied about a democratic appointment, the way they treated kavanaugh, why do i believe that things would be very different question works because things are always different for conservatives. we are always held to a different standard. thank god for the example that president trump set in fighting back over and over again. i'll tell you something else, sean, in my capacity of women for trump, i am hearing from women all the time, were saying to me that it is exactly this behavior, things like kathy griffin, holding the head of the president. statements like this about cressy demott crashing in to a trump property it's those kind of things that are going to give president trump a massive landslide again in the next election. >> sean: and carrie, your take. >> i mean, yeah. this is really the center of the
6:53 pm
whole problem we have. people don't want to debate issues. they are pushing their liberal agenda down everyone's throats. they are trying to push conservatives off the internet, out of campuses. they don't want to debate. there really just would like to silence us. i think those are the worst possible examples of that. >> sean: as the women for trump, you see that they have attacked donald trump. somehow, they want him to fight for trade deals, lower taxes. conservative justices. repealing obamacare. all the things he promised, but i've never seen character assassinations at a level like this. they seem to want to convince every woman not to vote for donald trump. will that work? >> no.
6:54 pm
it's not working, sean. we know that donations from women in this particular campaign. have absolutely doubled for this president. and these donations are smaller amounts. these are coming from grassroots women, who just feel inspired. they are tired of their children being taught lessons by the leftist media that has bullied people simply for what they believe they believe. >> sean: they are the mob. thank you both. when we come back, we have a huge democratic donor under arrest for operating a drug. trace gallagher next. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about.
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to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move. ♪ >> sean: the democratic donor under arrest after two men died from drug overdoses on his property. wow, trace gallagher with a full report, trace, what is that about? prosecutor say he is a violent commission predator preying on
6:59 pm
men with homelessness and addiction luring with drugs, money and shelter. the latest, injecting a 37-year-old man with "dangerously large doses of methamphetamines on septembe september 11th" that man survived but the past two years and two men black found dead in his west hollywood apartment. 26-year-old jamal moore and 55-year-old timothy dean over d -- overdosed on methamphetamine. there was not enough evidence to charge ed but even though he wrote in his journal i've become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. ed both said he gave me my first injection of crystal meth and an attorney for his family said it's about time that he faces the consequences. a longtime democratic donor previously giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the presidential campaign of hillary clinton, john kerry and barack obama. some who got money from ed buck gave it back or donated to
7:00 pm
charity. sean. >> sean: unbelievable. we will follow that story, my friend trace gallagher, trace, thank you. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left. our promise to you, we will follow the truth and never follow the medium up but let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. >> laura: an awesome show as always tonight, think is much. why don't democrats want to testify about potential fisa abuse? catherine herridge brings up the details. also the change that is becoming a religion a literally coming nbc news asking the public to share their claimant confession. i think we all have some in the studio. ralph reed reacts to the newfound faith. plus it is wednso