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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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sang with makeup on. more enthusiastic about costumes than is sometimes appropriate. >> shannon: just for that explanation he should be in trouble. okay? aladdin. shannon bream and fox news that my team can take it from there. shannon. >> shannon: laura, thank you very much and we do began with a fox news alert. president trump versus the west coast left tonight at the border and the debate over who was to blame for rampant homeless nest. brand-new announcement. plus, senator kamala harris pressuring house judiciary committee to launch an investigation into supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. will it go anywhere? i will ask trey gowdy, who joins us in minutes. and breaking tonight, canada's prime minister seen wearing brown face makeup in a 2001 school photo and the leader just
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made another admission, coming up. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we start tonight with chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher and are telling us from, the president continuing his feud with california during his latest visit, good evening, trace. speak a evening to you in the final stop of his three-day trip out west, president trump toward a new section of the border wall south of san diego posting that "can't be climbed" missing the federal government had 20 skilled mountain climbers try and scale the structure, but they were unsuccessful. the president also pointed out the wall is built of concrete and rebar making it tough to cut through or knock over that it retains heat. watch. >> plus it's designed to absorb heat, so it's extremely hot. the wall is -- you will be able to culture. you can fry an egg on that wall. it's very, very hot. >> meantime, critics continue to say that new wall construction is scarce, which is disingenuous considering there are 50 plus of
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new wall. it's just replacing old dilapidated structures that could easily be climbed or cut. when asked why mexico isn't paying for the wall, the president dodged saying mexico is paying for troops to stem the flow of migrants. in customs and border protection has confirmed the recent influx of migrants crossing the u.s. border has slowed dramatically and the president touched on that very subject during an interview with ed henry. watch. >> people aren't even coming up. if you see the numbers are going way down and we are not doing the catch and release anymore and we wish we had help from the democrats in congress, but they want open borders, they don't want this, they want criminals to come in. >> meantime, while the administration is still promising to intervene in the homelessness crisis in california, president trump and hud secretary ben carson have sent a letter to state officials rejecting federal dollars to expand programs like housing vouchers writing "your letter seeks federal dollars for
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california from hardworking american taxpayers, but fails to admit that your state and local policies have played a major role in the current crisis." secretary carson told fox news that might housing costs in california are simply too high, look. >> what we need to do is analyze the reasons that the costs are so high, and it's because of all the regulatory barriers and restrictions. >> and in another date at the golden state today, the president announced a rollback to a waiver that california was given way back in 1968 allowing the state to set higher admission standards for vehicles than the federal government allows. the president also said automakers should comply or risk going out of business. california is bowing to fight the rollback. by the way, trump remains unpopular in california, but his fund-raisers over the past few days reportedly snagged about 15 million bucks. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher live in a lake thank you.
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president trump having the border wall in california and says he is going to take on the homelessness crisis. california leaders, you heard trey say, sue over his nose policy announcement, so let's debate with a couple of our favorite west coasters, host of left coast news, ethan bearman, and host of the next revolution right here on fox news, d, both turning his life. great to have you gentlemen. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: okay, so there is a lot there. let's start with the homelessness issue. here is what -- about the fed getting involved at the state and local officials don't get it under control. >> if these democrat liberal politicians don't straighten it out, the federal government will have to come in. we are not going to lose cities like los angeles, timber cisco, and others that are great cities, we are not going to allow that to happen to our cities. >> shannon: state officials there did not receive that news very well. >> well, that's because what it does is shine a spotlight on their failure, and it's a failure for many, many years. if you have ben carson there --
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he was met by protesters. some of the most ridiculous slogans i've ever heard. i just want to redo what they were saying. you are to blame, making people homeless is your game. dr. carson, it's no lie, you're the reason we sleep outside. that is so stupid. if you look at what's been going on in california for years, the people who are outside for sleeping on the streets, both suffering and causing so many problems, the vast majority of them either have mental health problems or drug addiction or both and it's the failure of the authorities in this state, state and local officials, to actually deal with that in a direct way, to say if you've got mental health problems and are sleeping on the street, we need to put you into treatment. if you've got drug addiction problems, we need to force you to go into rehab. you can't be out there sleeping on the street, but they have refused to do that and now finally there is some accountability coming and that's what they don't like, no wonder they are complaining about it.
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>> shannon: someone else complaining is a business owner out there in california who says he is considering closing down because of the problem. it is what he told our own tucker carlson. >> we tried to call the police to have them intervene and arrest them and in the process he decided to bite me in one of the statements he made was why are you in calling the police, they are not going to do anything, they're just going to let me go. >> shannon: what about that problem? >> is horrible and i hate to see that happen at all and people do get attacked sometimes and it's terrible that we don't take the time to differentiate between visible homeless and the invisible homeless. at what steve was referring to, and what that business are dealt with or what we call the visible homeless, those who are out in our paths, they are blocking sidewalks, they have mental health issues and we finally come after 50 years of court rulings that have tied the hands of city and state leaders here in the state of california, have started to finally make some progress with new conservatorship rules.
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we try to address the housing crisis that dr. ben carson has so fundamentally wrong. it's actually market problem, over 3 million units of housing short, which the feds could help with as opposed to raising the price that people that are on section 8 vouchers have to contribute, which is what dr. carson has proposed. we need to be helping these people, the federal government can help in a lot of different ways, but you do mean to demonize, to complain, 50 years of bad policies and misspent money had absolutely contributed to the problem but we have leaders were finally trying to address it and we could use some positive help from the federal government. >> shannon: steve, your response? >> sorry. ethan, we know each other, i'd like you very much, but that is completely wrong. the leaders are not addressing the problem. if the problem is getting worse, not better. the numbers are going up, not down. their hands haven't been tied in this respect, they have been tied by their failure to confront progressive ideology, which says we are not going to
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confront these problems -- >> the court rulings that tie them down. >> that's not correct. in new york, for example. >> that is correct, i can cite you the cases against the city of los angeles. the city of boise and the ninth circuit. those are federal cases that actually tell the cities they can't do certain things until they address things like housin housing. >> why can they do it in new york? why can they do it in new york? >> because they are in the ninth circuit's of those courts are in this area, that's what the law works. >> shannon: steve, get up that sentence about the 95% so we can hear what you're saying. >> 95% of people in new york who don't have housing and shelter are in accommodation -- they are not sleeping on the streets in california is 25%. the numbers are getting worse and the problem is that these leaders in the state and local level in california just won't stand up to the liberal progressive ideology but says we are going to be soft and hands-off about this terrible public health crisis, never mind a human crisis and the people affected.
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>> shannon: will agree it is a crisis, finding solutions is going to take a lot of work and probably across the aisle, so think about them agreed to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: fox news alert, the canadian prime minister apologizing at her school photo of him from 2001 surfaced in brown face makeup and he's made another admission on top of that. correspondent tracking all the late-breaking news. >> not his first time in brown face makeup, we will get to that in a minute. there are roughly a month away from voting in canada so it's not an october surprise in american election legal but a september surprise. here is the picture. a then-29-year-old justin trudeau, a teacher at a private prep school, attended an arabian nights party with parents and faculty. he dressed up as a character, he said, from aladdin complete with ropes, headdresses, and as you can see from that makeup, brown skin. noteworthy that trudeau at the time was no stranger to public life. his father also served as prime minister. the photo was given to time by a
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vancouver businessman who was part of the west point gray, that's the name of the school, community. this photo was in the yearbook. the man says it's important the public see the picture even though it's now almost two decades old. here is his response. >> in 2001 when i was a teacher, i was in vancouver. i attended an end-of-the-year gala or the theme was arabian nights. i dressed up in an aladdin costume and put makeup on. i shouldn't have done that. i should have known better. >> trudeau became premised or calling himself champion of minority groups became one of president obama's closest friends. his relationship with president trump isn't nearly as warm. mr. trump is referred to him as just in from canada. he's facing a tough reelection bid as he already faces one scandal involving his attorney general and the investigation of a large canadian company. on his plane tonight he admitted
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this wasn't his first time in such a costume. >> when i was in high school, i dressed up at a talent show and saying with makeup on. it was something that i didn't think was racist at the time but now i recognize it was something racist to do. i've always -- and you will know this -- been more enthusiastic about costumes than is somehow -- is sometimes appropriate. >> so tonight he sidestepped a question about whether or not he will resign. this sort of hearkens back to a scandal we covered a lot here over the past year involving the governor of virginia, who is still governor. >> shannon: he is, and there are still questions about that yearbook photo. thank you for getting us up to date. good to see you. so tonight the u.s. doubling down the saying that is behind the drone attack in saudi arabia on the world's largest oil production facility.
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despite iran's denial, secretary of state mike pompeo calling it an act of war today while he is visiting saudi arabia. it better at home president trump announcing a new round of sanctions on tehran. >> we are doing at the right way, we're doing it the smart way it's very easy to go -- we could go in and one instant, just one phone call, we could going, and that might happen. that might happen, but we will see what we will see. >> shannon: also tonight, the president has made his new national security advisor tapping robert o'brien. the state department's top hostage negotiator. resident robbie has good chemistry with o'brien after working closely with them to free american citizens held across the world. new tonight, "the washington post" reporting that president trump 'his communications with a foreign leader are a key part of a formal whistle blower complaint filed with the inspector general for the intelligence community. the post reporting that the complaint involves an alleged promise made to a foreign leader. the complaint involves
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♪ >> shannon: 's made a brand-new fox news poll showing joe biden still leading the 2020 democratic pack. the former vice president up by 11 points on bernie sanders and 13 on elizabeth warren. the results, as the president and others put increased pressure on his potential democratic rivals. correspondent kristin fisher has more. >> senator elizabeth warren cornered by late show host stephen colbert tuesday night on proposed tax hikes to pay for medicare for all would extend to
8:18 pm
the middle class. >> hardworking middle-class families are going to see their costs go down. >> what will their taxes go up? speak of it the thing -- >> but here's the thing, i've listened to these answers a few times before and i just want to make a parallel suggestion for you about how you might defend taxes that perhaps you're not mentioning in your sentence. >> mayor pete buttigieg tweeting about a new endorsement, nearly 60 mayors from across the country penned an op-ed saying they support a great mayor in the white house. mayor pete and president trump, for once, agree on something, that beto o'rourke's big moment during the debate -- >> yes we are going to take your ar-15 -- >> could hurt his party in 2020 and the possibility of a bipartisan deal on gun control. the president said "dummy battle made it much harder to make a deal, convinced many that dems just want to take your guns away." the president downplays the prospect of a deal, the department of justice is circulating a proposal on capitol hill that would expand
8:19 pm
background checks to all commercial gun sales, including gun show sales and create a system for commercial sellers were not licensed dealers to also conduct background checks. >> but the big question continues to be does president trump support within a proposal? the attorney general said this afternoon that the president is still studying several ideas and has not made a decision. shannon. >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you. presidential hopeful senator kamala harris is now calling for a task force to investigate supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. harris not shying away from pushing to impeach the justice despite "the new york times" updating its peace with new information highly relevant to the story. >> the witness has not established that this in fact -- it was a male classmate of this woman. he says it happened, but no one has proved that it happened, does that trouble you? >> what you're getting to exactly the point, someone should investigate that.
8:20 pm
because the fact that something has not been proven, it doesn't mean it didn't occur, right? >> shannon: journeyman, fox news contributor, former south carolina congressman trey gowdy, good to have you with us tonight, sir. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: we got a couple of impeachment stories going on but this one is about potentially going after a sitting supreme court justice. "the new york times" has provided information to the story that was very relevant after the initial quote "bombshell and it's got a lot of people talking about senator harris, what's your tak take? >> well, my take is to always go back to the justice system we are presumed innocent unless and until 12 of your fellow citizens say otherwise and a fact pattern -- and there's a reason, shannon, that your presumed innocent, because you cannot prove your innocence. that's why there is a presumption. kamala harris, cory, elizabeth warren, others who seek to be the leader of the free world were ready to impeach
8:21 pm
someone about 48 hours ago. an incident where the punitive victim doesn't recall it happening in the punitive eyewitness has never been examined or cross-examined and shannon, as you know, the d.c. court of appeals is the second highest court in our land. it's the second highest court, so if you're unfit to be on the supreme court, why didn't he bring this up when brett kavanaugh was up to be on the d.c. court of appeals? >> shannon: people want to talk about whether this is partisan or political or not. if there's been a lot of heat and a lot of fire over this particular seat. it's been a year and yet there have been a number of ethics complaints and people continuing to go after the justice. i think by my recollection only one supreme court justice has ever been impeached but wasn't actually kicked off the bench. so in this potentially something that can backfire on democrats and those who are saying let's take it to the wall on this, especially going into 2020? >> well, it depends. politically it will backfire when people who align themselves with democratic principles say,
8:22 pm
you know what, this is not the right way to do it. it won't be republicans criticizing this. it will have to be democrats that say, you know what, i wouldn't have picked kavanaugh, but lindsey graham would not have picked sonia sotomayor and kagan. but as a republican senator who should respect him, wound up voting for him. where's the equal treatment? which is why lindsay got very of cat in that set them at cabinet hearings. this would change when democrats require that a change in that you don't port people, you don't miguel estrada people and you don't break kavanaugh people. >> shannon: a lot of senate democrats office and we don't want to talk about this and they are definitely not behind us, they don't want to take on publicly. want to talk about also the doj inspector general horowitz. a number of reports have come, are coming from him. even on the hill today and there was a little back-and-forth with a couple of your former colleagues, g.o.p. house members. there is what they had to say about more they would like to be
8:23 pm
done potentially with respect to fired fbi director james comey. >> i'm finding just a number of irregularities, so would it be appropriate if ranking member jordan and i were to refer those inconsistencies to the ig and if we did that, what the ig look at those inconsistencies? >> it certainly appropriate for us to get a referral. >> shannon: is very busy, looks like you potentially could get busier. what you make of the potential where that could go? >> yeah, he's the busiest guy in the world. just think of five years ago nobody knew his name and now it's coming and the clinton investigation, fisa, it's comey, borowitz -- i don't know his ideation. enemy was approved by the senate with unanimous vote. it was a former prosecutor in the southern district. he's one of the fairest people i ever interacted with. he's not a partisan. so if you have something to say, and put it in his report, it will be well-researched.
8:24 pm
i don't think he enjoys being brought into the political fray. in fact, i know he does not enjoy it. so when you talk about making referrals -- he doesn't have any prosecutorial power, so a referral to do what? to investigate? because if he finds criminality, he has to refer to the department of justice, which he did, apparently with comey and which he did with mccabe, but i think horwitz -- i think we are going to appreciate his work on the fisa report, but i don't think he wants to be brought into political squabbles about was going to be referred for criminal action and who is not. >> shannon: especially when his job is completely apolitical in nature. in the meantime, trey gowdy -- >> supposed to be buried >> shannon: for a lot of people in washington, supposed to be. great to have you with us in the meantime. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> shannon: so far as far as we know the doj is not pursuing charges against former fbi director james comey for leaking memos. it's unclear whether the grand
8:25 pm
jury is moved to indict his former number two, andrew mccab andrew mccabe, amid a doj probe and his conduct in office. so our chief national correspondent with these topics in mind, ed henry, caught up with the president of the border tonight, ask him about it, listen. >> are you worried that some of these guys what you were going after you are going to get off the hook? >> the report on comey was a horrible report on him and you have to ask the attorney general about whatever is going on and when mccabe -- certainly what he's done is just despicable, but we will see what happens, we will see where it all goes. i think that there's a lot of things happening right now, but we will see what happens. >> shannon: get the rest of the exclusive interview with the president, 6:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" ." a major democratic donor arrested after a man overdosed on drugs in his home were two other men had already died. why it took so long for authorities to get involved, next. ♪
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on the case of a former american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging an airplane. a federal judge tonight denying bail after prosecutors presented evidence that he, a nationalized american citizen from iraq, has a brother with possible ties to isis and a history of statements wishing harm to non-muslims. he's charged with willfully damaging, destroying, or disabling an aircraft. it is expected to enter a plea on friday. a prominent democratic party donor accused of running a dropped an end allowing a man to suffer an overdose inside his southern california home house were two other men had already died after overdosing. chief correspondent jonathan hunt takes a look at the evidence. >> and buck left his west hollywood home tuesday night in the back of a patrol car, charged with injecting a 37-year-old man with math and operating a drug den. he is a longtime activist and donor to democrats and has given
8:31 pm
around 115,002 democratic candidates and groups over the last ten years according to the federal election commission including two former president barack obama, 2016 candidate hillary clinton, and the 2004 campaign of john kerry. in this latest drug overdose incident at his home, which happened on september 11th, the alleged victim survived, but buck is previously been investigated, although never charged, over two separate incidents in which two men died in his west hollywood apartment. both overdosed on meth. prosecutors say the incident last week offered no evidence of a pattern, writing in their court filing "from his home in a position of power, buck manipulates his victims into participating in his fetishes. these fetishes include supplying and personally administering dangerously large doses of narcotics to his victims.
8:32 pm
in district attorney jackie lacey says she decided to act against bock because of concern for those whose life circumstances "make them more vulnerable to criminal predators." shannon. >> shannon: jonathan thank you. newton i, 20 people arrested, 18 of them charged in connection to mop-style beatings in minneapolis that were caught on camera. matte finish tracking all the updates for us, good evening. >> shannon, some of the suspects have been charged with first-degree felony robbery and face up to years in prison and some of these videos are tough to watch. police say mobs targeted vulnerable victims for valuables like their cell phones. in this video, 25 euros victim brendan o'brien tells fox news he was out with his friends to celebrate his birthday when he was beaten unconscious. video appears to show him trying to hold onto his belongings until he's knocked out but brian says he suffered a concussion, his last memory is his hand in
8:33 pm
someone else's stuck on his wallet. he didn't realize how badly he was assaulted until he saw this video. >> i'm spacey with memory, it's hard for me to hold conversations. it's hard for me to lay on my left side at night when i'm trying to sleep. there's a bunch of other things that are going on with me. >> o'brien says he's not an angry person. he feels like he survives a cage fight and now has a sense of fear. another video shows two young men being punished. they punch back, but one is knocked unconscious. in interview with fox news, the many hapless police chief says the attacks are truly unacceptable. >> you have to be held accountable. there has to be consequences for your actions and so i don't want there to be a small group of people that feel that they can go unchallenged, unchecked. >> despite with these videos look like i'm a minneapolis police tell us that they don't amount to hate crimes because the attackers were targeting their victims not because of their class or race, but because they were looking for people that were impaired or compromised.
8:34 pm
shannon. >> shannon: matt finn, thank you. brenda report finds harassment into pro-israel students on college campuses has risen significantly in the past year. according to the nonprofit amc ha initiative, harassment jumped 70% between 2017 and 2018. caught on camera in brooklyn, a hasidic jewish man ambushed and beaten by an apparent gang of suspects. you can see four men chasing that man. authorities say it's not being considered a hate crime at this time. instead saying it appears to be a random attack and robbery. the anti-defamation league is offering up to a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. outfit planned parenthood president fighting back against her former employer. marsha blackburn, who shared an investigation into the abortion provider, ways in next. managing lipids
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8:39 pm
between the nation's largest abortion provider in its most recent leader who was ousted in july. correspondent david has more on the messy settlement talks. good evening. >> it was messy. they are officially separated as of this week. she was fired two months ago and held a job for less than a year. >> i am a doctor and my job is to take care of women in this country. >> but she has no longer doing that on behalf of planned parenthood. she is accusing other planned parenthood executives of attempting to buy her science. in an email obtained by fox news, she claimed planned parenthood's board chair try to hold back her severance pay and health insurance. she climbs the board wanted her to sign an additional, more forceful confidentiality agreement which has described "as a gag order on my experiences and reflections of my service." she announced last week she is pregnant and expecting in march. planned parenthood officials deny our separation agreement allegations, calling them
8:40 pm
unfortunate, saddening, and simply untrue. she came to the organization in 2018 open to focus more on women's health issues as opposed to just the word abortion. but she says she had problem pushing that agenda. planned parenthood is in court hoping to block the new title x rule. it would limit conversations about abortions between doctors and patients rather than complying with the rule planned parenthood decided to give up around $60 million in federal funding. plan parenthood advocates for the group is looking for in a leader of focusing on 2020. >> they will spend the next 12 to 13 months organizing, talking to voters, registering voters and making sure that voters go to the polls understanding what's at stake for them. >> oral arguments are set to begin in that title x case next week. shannon. >> shannon: david, thank you. report of the parting ways over the organization's abortion-first velocity. also accusing the group of hypocrisy where she says trying
8:41 pm
to silence her. it get reaction from a public defender from tennessee, russia blackburn, who serves on the senate judiciary committee. good to have it with us. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: you have a deep knowledge of this as well because you are part of an investigation around the house side when you are a member there. what you make of what we've heard from the now ex-presidents and basically she wanted to have an overall health care philosophy, they didn't want to give up the fight of abortion first as their philosophy? >> and they are abortion-first. this gets to the heart of the argument about title x funding, and the legislation that i filed at the first of the year, which says, look, if you do abortion services, then you cannot get title x, which are women health care funds. planned parenthood couldn't get those funds and because of an executive order from president trump and cost some of that $60 million because they were not willing to give up abortion first.
8:42 pm
but i've got to tell you, listening to the statement from dr. when and following the story, don't you find it so ironic that they are trying to silence her voice and she's complaining about her voice being silenced when planned parenthood has silenced the voices of millions of babies, and i just find this so ironic. >> shannon: and of course their side of the story, what some sources are slain, it was a management issue, her management style, that kind of thing, so this is her side of the story. you mentioned title x, they say they've been forced out of being able to receive federal funding because the family-planning money in the health care money will go to those clinics that do not perform abortions or refer for abortions. here's what they say on the website, planned parenthood action fund. "when politicians talk about the funding plan parenthood, they really mean blocking patients who depend on public health care funds from getting their care at planned parenthood's health centers, how do you respond?
8:43 pm
>> there are a few hundred planned parenthood clinics in this country. for over 13,000 women's health clinics, community health clinics, in this country, and when planned parenthood doesn't get money -- and that money is fungible -- than those dollars are going to end up going to those community centers, that is where the greatest need is. our goal is to make certain that women who are underserved have the ability to receive access to health care. >> shannon: we know that that legal fight on their part is not over. i want to ask about a couple of other hot topics what we have you. guns, where are we on that? we hear there's a lot of negotiations going on behind the scenes. senator chris murphy tweeted this. he said i just finished a meeting with attorney general barr and senator toomey and joe manchin. it was a really good discussion with the fact remains that there is no good deal but that gun lobby will support, so now the white house make and there is a statement out there for me and are basically saying what they are seeing floating around, this one pager, is not something i can get behind.
8:44 pm
because what we do know is not any of us want someone who is a danger to themselves or others to have access to any kind of weapon, firearm included. we also realize that it is important to address this issue and not take away second amendment rights. people who are every day exercising their second amendment rights and doing it within the law, we ought not to affect them and their ability to exercise that right. what we have to put our attention on his some of the mental health issues. when you look at the 2016 doj study and you look at how people got their firearms, and so few of them got them from a licensed firearm dealer, but when you look at the issue of mental health and talked to law-enforcement, they say drug addiction, mental health, that needs attention when we talk about these issues. likewise, law enforcement wants to have access to information
8:45 pm
about juveniles who have had records and when they turn 18 18 all of a sudden law-enforcement is not get those records. they also want to know when there is someone in their community that has failed that and didn't clear the system. shannon, those are things that we could do. there is agreement on that. those are steps we should take immediately. >> shannon: those are things mcconnell will bow to the floor, he says he will only do it if the president is backing it. so we will wait and see in the coming days, thanks for stopping by in the meantime. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: an illegal immigrant reported twice before crashing into and killing andy annapolis called linebacker and his driver. tonight facing new legal trouble. federal officials say they hope -- next. ♪ at's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up, and be open with your doctor about anything you feel
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♪ >> shannon: freshman democratic socialist representative alexandria ocasio-cortez top the real is round, accused -- she is accusing "the new york times" of dripping condescension in an article entitled "how alexandria because your court has learned to play by washington's world" that ocasio-cortez has tempered her abrasive style with the careful political calculus
8:50 pm
necessary to actually get things done. the firebrand congressman tweeting in response, "the big where they try to dismantle the left isn't to attack it, but gaslight and deflate it." pop star taylor swift says she is "now obsessed" with politics and there's nothing worse than what's up ramsey. the ten time grammy award winner telling rolling stone she wants to use her celebrity to influence the 2020 election. dozens of auto generated pro isis and pro-al qaeda pages still popping up her on facebook even though the giant faces multiple progressive hearing. remain diligent in an auto generated pages are not like normal facebook pages. new york city commissioner of public design suggest replacing some male statues in central park with statues of women. it me or post reporting that new york city mayor in 2020 presidential hopeful bill de blasio does not back the idea. instead hoping to add statues and set up a place in all
8:51 pm
convicted of -- and is over driver, now facing an even longer jail term for illegally reentering the u.s. after being deported. for more on the case, great to have you with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: this individuals reported a couple of times before having faced criminal charges in california before this horrible tragic accident that took two people's lives. he was already convicted and sentenced on that. so why, when he's already behind bars for years, did you feel it was necessary to go ahead and bring additional charges? >> well, we are international laws and the need to be real consequences for violating those laws. my office is firmly committed to enforcing the immigration laws of this country. as you pointed out, he's been deported twice previously for violating the laws of this country. he came back, he committed a
8:52 pm
very serious crime, but one of the real aggregating factors is he never should have been there in the first place, so my office took the stance that he needed to be prosecuted for illegally reentering this country after being deported and earlier this week he was convicted on those charges. he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. the prison sentence will be consecutive, that means on top of, the state sentence he is serving, a 16 year sentence. once i get out of indiana prison for that 16 year sentence, he will be turned over to a federal prison and serve an additional three and a half years. >> shannon: we got some polling numbers when people are asked about whether illegal immigrants should be deported, whether they committed a serious crime, 45% said yes, any crime, 26%, there is still a split in this country among those who think that there should be mass deportations or this administration or federal authorities should be focusing on any specific people.
8:53 pm
how complicated is this issue of illegal immigration make your job and prosecuting other times is a federal attorney? >> sure. as a federal prosecutor now for 24 years, i can tell you that illegal immigration is a problem. it's a problem here in the midwest, it's a problem here in indiana and it represents a very serious public safety risk. in this case, illustrates it. this individual should have never been in the country in the first place. he represented a public safety risk to the citizens of indianapolis and eventually to men, indianapolis colts linebacker edward jackson, and a driver, jeff munro, lost their lives because of it. it has real consequences here in the midwest and that's why my office is firmly committed to aggressively prosecuting the immigration laws of our country. >> shannon: it you know, we hear these cases quite a bit, not necessarily the great
8:54 pm
consequences as we heard in this case, but if people repeatedly being deported from this country and repeatedly returning. you talk about prosecution. at what else can be done about this issue? a lot of folks think congress has a lot of work to do. at the parties can't get together. in the meantime, are you left with using was already on the books? would be helpful to you to have any additional measures on the books? >> certainly. we do enforce the laws on the books. those are great laws and i'm in enforcement business, not in the lawmaking business. what's obvious in this case is he will have to serve a long sentence. he will have to serve 19 and a half years, but he will eventually get out. he will be deported again, he will be sent back to guatemala again and certainly it's my hope in the hope i think of everybody in law enforcement that reasonable measures will be taken to prevent him from coming back in this country again and putting the people at risk. >> shannon: well, it's a case
8:55 pm
that most certainly sends a message and our hearts go out to these two families were suffering because of what happened here. an interesting take to see this additional sentencing on top of that. u.s. attorney josh mangler, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. ♪ >> shannon: okay, i'm just going to warn the retina to go ahead and get your tissues out if you haven't seen this. tonight's made by nero, an incredible act of love in atlanta, georgia. this couple had suffered a previous miscarriage, but this time jazmine endured two days of labor, finally delivering a healthy baby girl. if you have seen this, it has gone viral. her husband was with her every step of the way. slipping his inspirational flash cards and messages for her to focus on while she was in bed for this extremely long labor. stuck there in the hospital, it is really something heartwarming and precious and i'm so glad that they share it with everybody out there. it's gone viral. if you google it, have your tissues ready. in the meantime, jasmine and kendall, you are our mid-nine
8:56 pm
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looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ms. of ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." the brett kavanaugh saga has just reminded us the left feels no compunction about rooting around in the past of people they don't like and using what they find to destroyun them. the question is do they apply the same standard to themselves? tonight we have breaking news about the past of a well-known progressive and once again confirms that no, the standards are not the same. we will bring that in justth a minute, but first and i come here's a quick quiz. what exactly do you know about kamala harris? can you name three things she believes? can you name a single thing she's accomplished? if you're like most americans, you


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