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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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charity. sean. >> sean: unbelievable. we will follow that story, my friend, trace gallagher, trace thank you. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left. our promise to you, we will follow the truth and never follow the media mob, but let not your heart be troubled. laura the swamp. >> laura: an awesome show as always tonight, thank you so much. >> sean: have a great shole. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham from a very busy washington tonight. news on capitol hill tonight why might jim comey be in new trouble? uh-oh. and why don't democrats want to testify about potential fisa abuse? catherine herridge brings up the details. also, climate change is becoming a religion, literally. nbc news asking the public to share their climate confession. i think we all have some in the studio. ralph reed reacts to the newfound faith. plus, it is wednesday so it's time for "seen and unseen" with raymond arroyo.
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what do the attacks on sean spicer's dancing really reveal about the president's enemies? a singer goes to war with his own gender. but, first, the war against men. that is the focus of tonight's angle., the theory of toxic masculinitys and workshops and fen anyone symposiums. but now that mind-set has infected almost every area of the culture, the businesses schools, and now, of course, our politics. well, dismissing and even demonizing the contributions of men throughout the history has become oh, so inspiring. or at least, elizabeth warren thinks so. >> i have wanted to giveve this speech right here, and not because of the arch behind me or the president that this square is named for, no, we are not sure today because of famous arches or famous men.
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in fact, we are not here because men at all. we are here because of some hardworking women. >> laura: well, her comments kind of tossing off involvement of men in our society, it speaks volumes about the direction the democrats will take if they gain control again. so men who are heterosexual, strong, aggressive competitors are no longer an acceptable part of society, not really. they are the problem. after all, the professionals have told us so. last year, the american psychological association released guidelines forpsycholol practice with boys and men that trash masculinity as leading to aggression and violence as an way to solve all interpersonal conflict as well as substance abuse, incarceration, and early mortality. well, of course, for years hollywood has been pushing the
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skinny jeans, crop top pajama boy version of masculinity on us, and we have gotten used to it. now even time male brands and businesses are trying to make man feel guilty about being men. >> the me too movement. >> toxic masculinity. is this the best a man can get? ♪ is it? we can't hide from it. it's been going on far too long. we can't laugh it off. >> boys will be boys. >> boys will be boys. >> boys will be boys. >> laura: well, not all boys, a thank fully will be bullies, but you almost think so after watching ads like that. it used to be only the fringy of the fringy feminists believe the traditional family structures were inherently oppressive and dangerous. of course, with man head of the household in some cases being thee main culprits. but now the entire democratic
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party is captive to this anti-male outlook. if you were a young man who grew up pre-wokeness, if you are a member of an all-male club or fraternity, or if you played a sport especially one like, i don't know, football or lacrosse, you are immediately suspect. it doesn't matter how well you lived your personal life or how much you achieved in your professional life. your very existence is a threat to this new order. now, we all just saw what the left did again, or tried to, to supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. >> but people living in washington know what the culture was like, at least then. >> the memories they will be testifying to her memories recorded in the brains of drunk teenage boys. >> he was drunk, allegedly, in every one of these incidents.
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>> frat boy culture is not illegal. yes, there may be questions of candor. >> i think frat boy is on trial here. >> laura: but defaming kavanaugh, of course, as a predator, that was another way of claiming trump was one. which democrats will think will help them with women voters. they think they can ride the me too wave right into the white house. but they have to think women are very, very stupid. if you are a male democrat politician, you are forced to refer to the gender for years and apologize for your sex. >> i w think we would look for somebody who is maybe not of the same gender that i am. and maybe somebody who might be a couple of years younger than me. >> i will have a woman running mate. it is really clear that we do that. it would be difficult not to
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select a woman with so many extraordinary women running right now. >> laura: okay. wow, maybe a woman would be the best person to pick on the basis of merit, but since when does sexual organs alone be a s alification for high office, stunning. which led me to wonder, can princess fitting bull or kamala harris pick a male running mate? or will that make them part of the patriarch, as well? andd msnbc joy reid took the anti-male narrative a step further adding racial and religious elements to it. >> i mean, when you have a very determined minority and in this case wealthy, white man wealthyi white christian men andn christian americans who are of the fundamental variety who are very clear that no matter what happens if they have to pull the south africa model to maintain power forever, they will do it. they are not afraid of it andtht
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it. donald trump is the avatar for this. >> laura: they are increasingly open about i must have missed all of that. and, by the way, i have to saytr founders or dismiss them, this is where they're going. they believe thisen entire american experiment they believe was sinful and awful because it was started by conquest. white men with their traditional notions of work and morality subjugated women and other minorities, end of story nothing really good came after that. that's the thinking goes, it is the duty of all secular leftists to marginalize and hobble men who obstruct their vision of revolutionary change, political and otherwise. now think oft where that leaves us as a society. this entire mind-set, and as a country. there are men either neutered or perpetually in a defensive posture dismissive or angry and alienated. now, that is
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if you prefer an america ran by a bunch of gender-enlightened bullies, then by all means, vote democrat. that is going to be fun. and that is the angle. here to respond is dan bongino fox news contributor and author of theng new book "exonerated" and chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer and host of the aggressive progressive podcast. all right, dan, do you suspect that what the left is clearly doing here will work with voters? >> no, i think what the left is doing, i think you should thank them. what they are doing actually led to the election of donald trumpw and tell you, if you think for a second the liberal lunatics out there, i will apologize for being born male and subject myself to your stereotypical prejudgments,or yu are out of your freaking mind.f you are living on the wrong planet, and donald trump didn't do it either. but, laura, this is indicative of a bigger problem.we all knows
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from, not going to problem everybody withh it, critical theory and this white patriarch garbage, talk to our kids in school, but this is the complete intellectual collapse of a left you are witnessing in live time. we are living through peak stupid with the left, and this toxic masculinity of white patriarchy nonsense where they have now devolved to judging people exclusively by their gender and their skin color is a marker of the total intellectual collapse of the radical left. >> laura: chris, when you hear a candidate say, well, i have to pick a woman. as a woman, i find that offensive because they are not saying they are picking the best person, whoever black, white latino, disabled, male, they are saying, no, we're going to check a box because they think -- and i think it's selfish, they think it is going to help them get elected. i find that to be incredibly
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cynical when women are the majority of law school classes today. the majority in colleges and universities are doing better academically than boys these days.w so b why the patronizing of womn on the part of democrats? >> well tickets are balanced for all sorts of reasons, right? donald trump picked mike pence because he wanted to reassure evangelicals that he would be with him, being from new york. so, you know, there is nothing wrong with saying, hey, i want to have some gender balance in my ticket.women are a big votinf the democratic party. >> laura: but not all women think alike. >> and your quote, and your quote, you open with an attack on elizabeth warren. she was not dissing the president or a president washington, but she was there to honor frances perkins, the first secretary of labor who worked there, very neart there.very important to n. >> laura: come on, why do youar have to flick off men in the intro?she is that consciously.
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i'm not here to celebrate men. that's all she had to say. i'm not here to celebrate. the fact that she said it in the negative, dan bongino, i disagree with that. she set up that way with a purpose to say that the old academic debates have now moved into the mainstream in the democrat party. this used to be relegated to thursday night seminars and a college i went to and we all laughed at it. now, this is the animating narrative of judicial nominations, of presidential contest, of education, business environment. if you ever say wimpy in the business world, you can go to a juror these days, that is where we are. >> you are right in these lectures, i remember them with knowledge constructive power and the coin of the realm for the white patriarch. in other wordshe facts are meaningless to the left, let me translate the liberal stupidity. that is the kind of stuff these kids taught in college and chris
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is wrong as usual. to the radical lunatic left hey i'm with you on this critical theory garbage.a wink and a nod. you know what is conveniently left out of these conversations, these awful toxic males out there appeared the majority, not all but the majority of people in high-risk professions, firefighting police officers, majority are men.on when men take around, women do too to be candid and fair about this whole thing, but the majority of men are at high risk jobs, the majority of men overwhelmingly on the front lines of the military. when they take a round in the chest and die for our country, i son't see the radical leftists jumping out criticizing their toxic masculinity. >> laura: chris. >> dan, name calling people ideas does not make your idea correct. >> those are not ideas. >> all you have -- >> i just debunkereds. >> up with at a time. >> you just shout out --
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dnow, dan why don't you come up with some original thought instead of trying to shout people down and call everybody stupid and call things ridiculous. why don't we have a real debate- >> you mean your theory. >> instead of calling people up and coming out with names. i don't like some of the stuff going on, and some of it does go too far, but let me tell you something, not all of it does. it does not paint everybody on the left. you have to stop with your nonsense, dan. >> laura: you are over modulating the mic. there's a lot of toxic whatever you want to call it. >> he needs to take valium and take it down. >> laura: hold on, i want to get into something else. see, this is proving the point toxic masculinity is a problem. [laughter] >> call me names again. >> laura: this is an important topic and actually really important because we have young
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men today who are suffering at greater rates of suicide, opioid addiction, lower life expectancy, depression. of all of these social pathologies increasing among men, stabilizing in some cases going down among women. clearly, we have a problem. my concern is that further demonizing men are making them feel bad because of their biology, they're more aggressive they have testosterone, that is a fact of life. i worry that we fairly alienate them. and they turn into these, youyod so scared, but so depressed and so scared and they are worried about saying anything anywhere. you go out on the street, people t,e worried about saying much of anything except for hi, how are you doing. you can't compliment on somebody's dress. you can't say anything. i think that poisons human relationships. dan. >> laura, this is so obvious. why do you think we have a self-esteem problem with boys? if you tell boys how worthless
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they are and, yes, because it's a really stupid imbecilic, idea, growing up telling our young men how they are toxic and the idea that they are aggressive and violent by nature. and then they grow up with self-esteem issues? it's so simple to figure out.if, of course. >> dan, this is just more conservative rhetoric. everybody is coming to get you. it doesn't really go on. is there a few people who take it too far, yes, but it's not really happening. >> laura: chris, i have two little boys. and they think that gillette ad to, we talked aboutdd that monts ago, but that does speak to what we are saying that your instincts will be to bash people in the face. i don't know. i think most people are trying to live their lives and get through the day. that's what i sense. so i find that's done with a purpose. i think that is done with a purpose. >> it is happening, laura.don'th
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this. this isn't happening, like we are all a bunch of conspiracy. i like chris who pretends, it's all conspiracy theory laura. we just made this up tonight. and we just want to be angry because we don't have any otherr supporters. move forward, let's have progress. >> laura: we know this, guys we know this that democrats do have to figure out how to win white working-class male voters. they lost more from 2012-2016 and they're all meeting to try to figure out how to get themma. one way to not push them away is not to demonize them. [overlapping voices] >> laura: okay, guys you so much for being with us tonight. but. we talk about the antimale push but what do the mothers of boys think about this woke agenda? joining me now, gayle trotter the crisis network and mother of four boys herself. i've met most of them and they are wonderful young men. gayle, what is your reaction to this? we traced it from academia, the
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fringe, you know about this. it's all through culture pushed by hollywood and into business politics, schools. >> right. i think we have a responsibility to our young boys and men to explain that we expect them to grow up to be responsible members of our society. and you take that, all of this marching through our culture and now we see the angry women of the left picking this up. and, unfortunately, they are missing the boat on this entire conversation. th ti think they feel like this nutty rhetoric will help them fire up their base but mostt people understand that these are our husbands, our sons, our brothers.our co-workers. >> laura: they also want to deny testosterone exist. it exists and throughout time throughout our culture for a variety of reasons, we don't need anymore because not doing heavy lifting in the workplace but that is a biological difference between men and women and they want to stigmatize that as well.speaking of angry women,
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joey behar had this to say today. >> i couldn't stand to watch and listen to it on the radio.the s. i have taught juvenile delinquents who are more respectful in a classroom than this guy, than kavanaugh.remembn this administration who are working for trump. i have kids who are murderers and pitches who behave better -- pimps who behave better than this.o >> laura: talking about corey lewandowski there. so men are supposed to sit back and take it and be called all of these pejoratives and not, just never defend, neutered submissive and not defend themselves. >> right because they say the facts don't matter. you and b i went to law school d understand you have to investigate things.. the kavanaugh situation with corey lewandowski, the facts are on the other side with a leftist, the media, the democrat allies are coming out in all of this. we saw this with justice kavanaugh this week, it's a continued effort to try to intimidate the court. it is a nonstop attack by
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liberals on the courts and the constitution. they have revealed what their playbookst is. they're not going to give up on this. >> laura: i want people to understand where this kind of stuff, where it originated so you understand how fringed has become mainstream. this is from the book "legalizing ms. henry" by paul and cathy young. it is about ideological feminism. systemic kino centric bias has led to more than a demand for quotas, usually knownn as targets. it's led to a demand for social and cultural revolution. eaeological feminist measure progress according to a females. ideological feminist with equality of opportunity consistent quality of women have nothing to learn or gain in other words from the experience of men. that is where we are going here. >> think about the people who right textbooks like that and articles in scholarly journals. they don't want the people to
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decide these issues. they want to use the court and d able to put their policy preferences without going to the people to make their case there. that is why you see it starts in the academy and gets pushed out to wokee corporative america. >> laura: this is exposing this theory of systemic gino centric thought. >> yes. >> laura: but really exposed it and the trilogy of these books, it is unbelievable. but it is demonizing the male impulse to protect, defend, be strong. and i think it's putting men in a very difficult place. they are brutes, bullies, we hate that, we are anti-bullies. >> both people on both sides of the aisle support women safety. people on both sides of the aisle support due process and we needet to remember that. >> laura: facts, gayle trotter that's why we love having you on. the deep state in deep trouble the watchdog, well, the ig will assess allegations former fbi director james comey lied in
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congressional testimony. that can't be true. dershowitz responds next.
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>> you actually referred criminal prosecutions to thedep?
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>> we are required by the ig to send an information identified that could plausibly be criminal to the department. >> that is pretty monumental. >> laura: shocking revelation today in the doj watchdog investigation into disgraced former fbi director james comey. inspector general michael horowitz says he will be looking into inconsistencies in comey's congressional testimonye correspondent catherine herridge has the breaking details, catherine. >> house republicans with inspector general michael e horowitz to further investigate former fbi james comey. closed-door testimony about the genesis of the obstruction case against president trump conflicts with comey's statement to horowitz. >> on finding just a number of irregularities. so would it be appropriate if ranking member jordan and i were to refer those inconsistencies to the ig, and if we did that would the ig look at those inconsistencies? >> it is certainly appropriate
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for us to get a referral. >> and other house republican pressed borowitz on finding comey was a leaker who violated fbi policy sending a, quote, dangerous example. >> our concern was empowering fbi directors, frankly, any fbi employee or any law enforcement official with the authority to decide they would not follow established norms and procedures. >> do you know with any fbi director in the past who's had a normal prosecution? >> not as i sit here today. >> the testimony before the house and senate stander with major ig investigation. horwitz said he had not heard directly from the chairman of the democratic led house oversight and judiciary committee. >> chairman nadler about the comey ig report you released a few weeks ago? >> no, i'm not. >> have you been approached at all by the chairman of those, respective committees? >> personally have not but i can check with anybody else in my organization, but i'm not aware of anybody.the justice departmed
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to prosecute james comey and fbi director andrew mccabe was under the threat of the indictment told cnn last night that he never misled investigators, laura. >> laura: okay. thank you so much, here to respond alan dershowitz law enforcement and the book >>"defending israel."alan, we h. are democrats worried about him testifying in front of congress after all of this? >> horowitz, he has done everything right. he has struck exactly the right balance. he criticized comey deservedly so for leaking and laundering material through a law professor and he will review referrals from members of congress as to whether mccabe did anything wrong.s i'm very happy with the way the inspector general conducted himself. it doesn't follow from that that there necessarily should be criminal prosecutions. as you know, i want to decriminalize as much as possible.i want to reserve the l
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justice -- >> laura: where's the accountability? >> the accountability comes in the report. his career has been terribly affected both mccabe and comey. >> laura: they have tv gigs what are you talking about? comey got a big book deal, the other got a tv gig giving reeeches all over the country. these guys are going to be the toast of the liberal left. >> well they shouldn't be because they've been seriously condemned by a responsible justice department official. but, before we jump to the next step, letl's prosecute, indict imprison, let's make sure theree is overwhelming evidence that they made a deliberate decision to lie, mislead, and that is the stuff that shouldn't be taken very lightly. and i want to make sure we stop weaponizing the criminal justice system agianst political enemies on both sides. >> laura: i get it and i agree with you, but at some point when youes use the full force of the u.s. surveillance powers to try
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to unseat a sitting president of the united states, to knock him off of the presidency, at some point, i mean, we don't even have democracy if that is the case. they almost got away with this. >> they may and i hope they don't. >> laura: they use to care, democrats, about stuff like this. >> we have to look into the fisa applications. we have to look into the fisa warrants because those really do endanger liberty. >> laura: but democrats don't want that, they don't want that. >> every civil libertarian. >> laura: where are they other than you? >> that is the problem. democrats stop being libertarians when they believe the end justifies the means if the end is getting rid of home.. look i'm a liberal democrat, but i don't believe anything goes. i don't believe we should engage in trying to unseat a duly elected president. if you don't like him, voted against him. that is what election is for.
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>> laura: i will also want to talk about dwh the former fbi official, being investigated for lying, mccabe. you mentioned, he was hired by cnn. he went on that network last night, of course, to slam the doj's probe against him. >> i absolutely reject the findings and the conclusionshe that the ig report. i never intentionally misled anyone about anything, and i certainly have not committed a crime. >> will you take a deal in order to go on with the rest of your life? if there is no big criminal attachment and you don't have to do anyn time? >> absolutely not under any circumstances. >> the presumption of innocence should apply.democrats and repu. i admire him. if he is innocent, he shouldn't take a deal. itoo many people take a deal ad you get multiples of the criminal sentence if you don't take a deal. if he's guilty, he should be prosecuted. but we i i have a presumption of innocence and let's not jump to conclusion he is guilty because he did things we didn't like.
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look, what he leaked was dead wrong, but there is a difference between leaking and criminal action. >> laura: he also then went on television perch to make his case for himself. i mean, it calls into question the whole news network and sosth that is a whole separate issue. >> he has a right to defend himself. >> laura: of course he does. the american people, i think, are onto this, though. i think the president when he said that should never happen to another sitting president, he means democrat or republican, it shouldn't. >> i agree. >> laura: he's absolutely right. >> and that has to apply across the board. you wouldn't do it to a democrat so don't do it to a republican. >> laura: if it had been done to obama by the bush administration official, we would never hear: the end of i. alan, thank you so much. in a moment, sean spicer can't catch a break. who in the world thought school shooting-themed hoodies were a good idea? raymond arroyo is up next on "seen and unseen".
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>> laura: it is time for "seen and unseen" segment where we expose the big cultural of the sean spicer dances into trouble old-fashioned trouble, that is criminal and singer goes to gender joining us with all the details raymond news contrib. raymond, spicer made "dancing with the stars" debut in the reaction was cold. >> it was. >> laura: cold. >> he was going bonkers. what were you doing there? you were being attacked by a swarm of wasps.and your hips, ie
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they were stuck in september, youryo hips. >> with the judges were nasty. even spicer had met at the creative teams were working out some issues with his costume there. erit look like cabana boy of barry manilow's house. cnn's bryans holter triedlo to make the spicer dance political. >> laura: oh, please. >> i love that dancing as much as anybody but i don't think it is a joke to put spicer on the show. it was mr. misinformation working for a president to tear down the american news media, to have abc put them on and make entertainment and to make light of it might think that is troubling. i think a lot of viewers are holding their nose. >> laura: i think we are holding our nose at you. >> i didn't realize they onlylee show. > laura: that's what they've been doing for decades and it's official. you can't be part of the culture. >> tom delay, rick perry, many other conservatives, crystal. >> laura: itcu is a trump era.
11:35 pm
>> that is all a ploy to get ratings. they know why the ratings bumped up. spicer sent out a tweet after the show, that really aggravated people. he was asking viewers to vote for him in a way supporting someone who "stands with christ." that sent chris cuomo over the edge. >> laura: over the edge. >> some advice for a frilly friend. the show, like politics, is supposed about bringing people together, dancing, not division. as your former boss is learning, a big tent it's about being inclusive, not giving people a reason to feel excluded. >> laura: all right. >> who is excluding whom here. >> laura: all right, fredo. >> we will leave it there. the man is having a good time. >> laura: give him a break. this is fashion week. some real winners have surfaced. what is this new hoodie line up setting so many people? >> laura, this is a new line, it
11:36 pm
is called, the name of the group it features the names of mass shooting locations like sandy hook and columbine.ofhe they tastelesslyf include bullet holes in these hoodies. it comes from a fashion house called "bstroy," and thethey ar. the cofounder of the label said they wanted to make a comment on gun violence whileyo also empowering the survivors. how exactly does this empower anyone? >> laura: maybe all the proceeds go to charity? >> no, they do not. people are just flatly outraged about this. they are capitalizing on people's -- >> laura: send me a memo withwhe clothes with the holes fashion, and i don't like the jeans with the holes. i don't need to see your knees your thighs or your butt, okay? wear clothes that don't have holes, or i will send you patches, okay? speaking of newton, the quarterback last week in a press conference please observe this. >> laura: i like it. >> it's team forney look maybe
11:37 pm
selfk in the mirror and do some real soul-searching. >> it's hard for me to look at him anyway. >> it is time for me to look ate soul-searching? what is that? >> i don't know but he was part of that walmart, laura, and please look. he is wearing some cut off, and somewhere, queen elizabeth is looking for that little scarf she wears around her head. i don't know what this is. then i listen to your angle earlier.r. named their best dressed emmy, the people the creative enemies. this is who they chose. jonathan vanness of netflix queer eye, he is wearing a metallic bow dress. >> laura: is that a dress -- is that attached? >> word fails me. >> singer sam smith identified as nonbinary, laura, neither male or female.
11:38 pm
the star announced on instagram my pronouns they, them instead of he, is how reporterd with that news. >> hinted at theie gender identity struggles in the past. >> on friday the pop singer went to instagram to make sure public pronouns to they and their and them. >> i think it is a huge ordeal that they are doing it. i'm trying, guys. >> this is the most tortured syntax, merriam-webster updating they to refer to a single person whose gender identity. >> laura: we already have enough trouble with grammar in american society, but now it's throwing it all out the window. i think everybody should get an a in grammar.from now on, every. whatever you feel like writing on your test should be okay by you.ou >> my friend sent an email and said i will identify as a m king so you can refer to me as a we. >> laura: okay, your majesty we have to wrap, thank you raymond.
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next, a prominent democrat donor charged with running a drug den. a third man overdosed in his hollywood home. what is the back story on ed buck? o why did he evade cops for so long? that report moments away.
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>> laura: a prominent democratic donor arrested and charged with running a drug den. the three men reportedly overdosed in his hollywood home.
11:42 pm
the most recent victim survived but two other men have died and in ed buck home at the last two news chief breaking ns correspondent in our west coast newsroom, trace gallagher with the whole story. trace. >> laura, prosecutors call ed buck a violent predator who preys on men struggling with addiction and homelessness luring them into his home with the promise of drugs, money and shelter. adding that the full scope of his malicious behavior is still unknown. in this latest case, ed buck accused of injecting 37-year-old man with "dangerously large doses of methamphetamines on september 11th" and the man he refused to help with overdosing. he survived but others not as lucky. in the past few years, twoea other men have been found dead in ed buck's west apartment. 26-year-old gemmel moore and 55-year-old timothy dean overdosed on methamphetamines. at the time there was not t enoh evidence to charge ed buck even though he wrote in his journal i've become addicted to the
11:43 pm
drugs and the worst one at that. ed buck is the one to think, he gave me my first injection of crystal meth. it was painful but after all the troubles i became addicted. an attorney for moore's family said it is about time buck faces consequences. watch. >> it is unfortunate it's taking a third overdose for the sheriff's department to find the act. we believe the third overdose could have been avoided. we believe that the death of timothy dean could have also been avoided had they taken the death of gemmel moore seriously. >> remember, ed buck longtime democratic donor contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates including hillary clinton, barack obama and john but as the news broke of dean's death at his home, and elected chairman of the house until adam schiff congressman in los angeles mayor gave the money back or donated it to nonprofit organizations, laura. >> laura: trace, thank you so
11:44 pm
much. joining me now, jasmine, the spokeswoman for the family, one of the men who died in buck's house, horace cooper, co-chair of project 21. jasmyn cannick, could this ultimately lead to justice for the family? there was a drug den, a sex den and known to everybody what was going on there and it took this to bring this finally, charges to this man. >> so i've been covering this and working on this for the past two years and 53 days. so this is the biggest movement we have seen from law enforcement and the prosecutors. so, yeah, we do think it could eventually lead to moore and the dean families.that's what we're. we hope the charges will be amended and at some point manslaughter, murder, homicide something more serious that will
11:45 pm
put ed buck away in prison for a substantial amount of time. >> laura: reportedly, horace, ha lured these young men, most younger men, to his home. an extremely affluent, very prominent lgbt activist and activist causes. he would lure them in and get them addicted as he signed the handwritten notes by mr. moore. this is a tragic case. when you look back at the facts jasmyn alluded to, this is known to officials for some time. why would it take so long to a simple lack of evidence? >> exclusive lack of evidence and what we see is harvey weinstein model. where the jeff epstein model where prominent, affluent influential democrats in blue cities are literally getting away with murder. we don't need three of these
11:46 pm
instances. t you just change this in a scenario just lightly and put the name of any publicly known republican and have this kind of incident happen once, and i assure you, they don't stop until they have the guy in hand. handcuffs. >> laura: it is enough, jasmyn to return donations that he gave two very prominent democrats down the line. in a very well-known person in the community, yet he still managed to go out and about fund-raisers and be involved in activist causes even after these initial stories, you know popped out. soso he was still out and about. it wasn't like he retreated into a life of seclusion. you were covering it. >>us yes. first of all, he acted with impunity. he didn't care. secondly, i think this is less about him being a democrat, although that is an issue, and more about the race of the victims. and, thirdly, look, at the end of the day, you know, you know the life expectancy of black gay
11:47 pm
men in l.a. county has substantially increased with him being arrested and that isis important because he preyed on black gay men.i know is aa demos important. >> but i want to push back on your statement. i want topo push back on your statement. in the bluest state, city in america, they don't care about other black men who are beinge, exploited? if they don't care there, there isn't any hope anywhere. here is the much more likely story. that this man's influence allowed him to act with impunity. lot of cover.a if he didn't have the fun, if he didn't have the big money, he was protected. >> i agree with that, but again, i'm not going to sit here and ignore the fact the victims were black. you talk about harvey weinsteine
11:48 pm
doctor the u.s. he kind of college is the difference those victims w were white. and to have two white, gay meant he would not wait two years for justice. >> we waited too long for jeffrey epstein, waited too long for harvey weinstein. it is not true, it is not true to say that this issue turns on race. with this issue was turning on what we need to watch is are we allowing people right in our midst to use their wealth and influence to literally get away with murder? >> laura:n jasmyn. >> that is my truth, and i do believe that had the victim been another race, i think justice would have been a little bit more swiftly than what we see with these victims. >> laura: jasmyn, do you know how gemmel met mr. buck? >> i don't know how gemmel met mr. buck, but i can tell you that i was the first one to publish this journal and his journal tells his story..el i can also tell you within 24 hours of ed buck flying
11:49 pm
gemmel into los angeles from houston, he was already dead. he paid for the flight over to l.a., lured into his apartment and he was not even here 24 hours before he was dead. >> laura: i mean, that is just horrific. jasmyn, thank you for being here and telling this story. i really appreciate it, horace, thank you for being here as well, a heartbreak all around. coming up nbc news is encouraging readers to publicly declare their climate confessions. do you have any?s ralph reed is here on how climate activists are now becomingac very religious in thr orthodoxy. stay there.
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catch every episode of this is us with xfinity. >> laura: climate changeed a voa religion, and is not just the apocalyptic rantings of al gore, 2020 democrats al gore. nbc news created an entire website for people to make their own climate confessions. here is a taste of what people are actually divulging. i was a vegetarian since 1980, but the last few years, i started eating ground turkey. so sad. i and this guilty parent, i fly to see my son on the west coast. i live on the east.
11:53 pm
and a conflicted keurig lover, k cups, they are just too easy to use. i do use a reusable mug however. joining me now is ralph reed chairman of the faith and freedom coalition. ralph, i have a couple of confessions, r okay, i am drinking out of a -- i'm not a big fan of plastic, and i am ashamed i'm using this. and i'm charging my phone even though it wasn't fully at 1%. so those are my ? >> i have a confession of my own. >> laura: i have a paper straw though, look, paper straw that disintegrated. >> i was driven to the studio tonight by an automobile with an internal combustion engine. forgive me. >> laura: what is going on here, seriously? >> what is interesting, laura if you look at 20 years ago only about one out of every 10 democrats have no religious affiliation. today, that figure has risen to about one out of every three democrats, and among self identified liberals, it is 40%.
11:54 pm
and, as modern american liberalism has become untethered and disconnected from the foundations of faith and tradition and traditional religion, they've sought to find substitution and increasingly politicized ideological and humanistic religions, worshiping in this case, the creation rather than the creator. and i think it is another example of how they have lost completely touch with the valuet of middle america. >> laura: ralph, we both know that pete buttigieg loves invoking religion on the campaign trail. he cites his christianity. here is how he is using faithvoo promote climate alarm. >> to me, environmental stewardship is not about the care of the planet but taking care of our neighbor. we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. i don't imagine that god is
11:55 pm
going to let us off of the hook for abusing future generations any more than you would be: off the hook for harming somebody right next to you with climate change. we are doing both. >> laura: still haven't heard him speak out about all those aborted fetuses found at the so-called abortion doctor's home in south bend, indiana. or he did finally.out that. >> yeah or taxpayer-funded abortion or restrictions on religious freedom. but, again, because of this loss of a connection to traditional religion, look, they have lost thein evangelical vote 4-1in th. they lost the catholic vote. they are losing church-going, bible believing traditional americans. so they are desperately searching for something to establish a connection.yo but, the problem is, if you are interpreting concern for one's neighbor as eliminating all jet travel, getting rid of the internal combustion engine, that will not sell at the ballot box.
11:56 pm
>> laura: well, i also have another confession. i am not carpooling home tonight. ralph, take care. coming up, did you hear the canadian prime ministerct justin trudeau got caught in another scandal? we have some new tape of his explanation, tonight's last bite next. ask
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> it's time >> justin trudeau is apologizing after this picture of him wearing brown face. he admitted this wasn't the first time. >> the theme was arabian nights. i was in an aladdin costume. i shouldn't of done that. i was in high school, dressed up as a show and saying dale with
12:00 am
makeup on. more enthusiastic about costumes than is appropriate. >> just for that explanation he should be in trouble. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. donald trump and the left coast, who is to blame for rampant homelessness. officials how to sue over his announcement. senator kamala harris pressuring the house judiciary committee launching an investigation into brett kavanaugh. will it go anywhere. tray gouty joins us in minutes. breaking tonight canada's prime


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