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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 19, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it is thursday, september 19th. happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert, an act of war, the white house places blame squarely on iran for the saudi oil field attack and donald trump is now considering the option for retaliation. we are live from washington with what comes next. and isis plot foiled, and american airlines mechanic accused of trying to sabotage a packed flight now denied bond over his tara thai. the shocking details we just learned.
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>> i put makeup on, i shouldn't have done that. heather: justin trudeau in a brown face scandal throwing his reelection campaign into a tailspin. fox news first starts right now. >> some fresh eyes, wouldn't that be nice, how about sleepy eyes. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this thursday morning, thank you so much as always for starting or ending your day with us, sleepy eyes or not. donald trump weighing
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retaliation against iran as mike pompeo calls the saudi oil strike an act of war. griff jenkins joins us, to run continues to deny involvement despite what some are saying is concrete evidence. >> they are denying any involvement, saying houthi rebels are responsible but saudi officials provided evidence saying it unquestionably was sponsored by iran. mike pompeo firmly backing saudi arabia's right to defend itself after meeting with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon. >> now americans killed in this attack but anytime you have an act of war of this nature there is always, that could happen. >> this after donald trump ordered more sanctions on iran tweeting i've just instructed the secretary of treasury to substantially increase sanctions on the country of iran, the president is wondering whether military strikes could follow.
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>> there are many options, the ultimate option and options that are a lot less then that. we are in a very powerful position. right now we are in a very powerful position. the ultimate option meaning go in, war. >> to run is warning the attack will be met with immediate response that will be rapid and crushing. the heightened tensions our head of the general assembly meetings in new york with questions over whether iran will be granted a valid visa to attend. the uae announcing the us-led coalition to protect waterways across the middle east, saudi arabia joining that with australia and the uk. heather: the talent than claiming responsibility for
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deadly truck bomb attack at a hospital in afghanistan. 20 people i did and 95 others injured after that. they were targeting the nearby intelligence building, this as the envoy to afghanistan testifies about peace negotiations on capitol hill today. donald trump call off talks following a series of deadly attacks. the interior department giving donald trump's border wall a boost announcing 500 acres of federal land being transferred to the army clearing the way for new barriers on the southern border, this as donald trump visit southern california where he called recent border update world-class, the president telling ed henry things are quickly taking shape. >> this is brand-new wall that goes miles up the mountain, goes miles down in this direction. the numbers are going way down
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and we are not doing catch and release anymore, wish we had help from democrats in congress but they want open borders, they want criminals to come in. >> much more that's 1-on-1 interview coming up on "fox and friends". in the meantime an illegal immigrant suspected of murder is under arrest, he was taken into custody in houston accused of murdering a man in california in 19 years ago. ice officials say he was deported three times over eight days. since then he has been living in the country illegally under different aliases. the inspector general willing to look into so-called irregularities by fired fbi director james comey after congressman mark meadows said comey's congressional testimony doesn't match what he told ig michael horowitz as far fisa abuse probe. >> i am finding a number of
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irregularities. >> it is certainly appropriate to get a referral about a then employee of the department. we will assess it and as you indicated before we will make an independent assessment. >> horwitz elaborating on his report where he said comey set a dangerous example through memo leaks adding there was concerned that it could empower authorities to break protocol. we will have more on this coming up but first canadian prime minister justin trudeau is apologizing for this. take a look. time magazine revealing the bombshell photo which he says was taken during an arabian nights themed party in 2001 and wasn't the first time. >> in an aladdin costume and put makeup on. i shouldn't have done it. when i was in high school i dressed up at a talent show and
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saying dale with makeup on. i didn't consider it a racist action at the time but now we know better. >> the controversy coming 5 weeks before canada's election. trudeau is in a dead heat with his conservative opponent. police keeping a close eye on democratic donor ed buck before his arrest was a 911 call from a man who claims book intentionally drugged him helped investigators put him behind bars. police have been monitoring buck ever since two men died from overdoses at his home on two separate occasions. prosecutors say it is only a matter of time before another man dies, but donated thousands of dollars to democratic candidates including hillary clinton. is expected to be arraigned today so they are trying to stop that from happening again. tropical depression imelda
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pushing into louisiana with powerful wind and rain spawning tornadoes in the houston area, you can see windows blown out, trees knocked over. this was in highlands, texas. the storm also bringing flash flooding, this driver forced to abandon their car in galveston. in the atlantic, bermuda feeling the effects of hurricane humberto. look at that. the powerful storm snapping palm trees in half, knocking out power. humberto heading out to see, one of 6 named storms which ties and all-time record so stay tuned for janice dean with all the information you need on that. first california is gearing up for a fight with donald trump, governor gavin newsom pushing back on the administration's
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plan to reduce the state's tough emission standards. newsom threatening legal action. the president vowing to hit parts of the state with environmental violations over the homeless problem. the issue so bad some business owners say they are left fending off violent homeless people. >> he hit somebody and it got really violent, they subdued him and we tried to call the police to have them intervene and in the process he decided to bite me. >> donald trump is raising new concerns after visiting the state this week. a brand-new fox news poll showing mixed results for joe biden. the former vice president still the favorite among primary voters on the left but his supporters slipping, biden down 6 points since may and his new lead of 11 points is down since the june high of 19% support.
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bernie sanders, elizabeth warren continue to keep pace behind biden. the poll also revealing healthcare is the top dealbreaker for democratic voters in 2020. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and as you just heard the trump administration is sending a strong warning to iran leaving the ultimate option on the table. should the us put boots on the ground. our next guest is an army veteran and state department official who says no matter what we do we need to keep the pressure on. and surprise in island 4. the amazing moment the daughter surprises her mom at work.
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>> we have to do something we
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will do it without hesitation. it will be adding some significant sanctions on to iran. >> looking at a military strike? >> we will see what happens. the ultimate option meaning war. i'm not talking about that ultimate option, now. >> fox news alert, the trump administration ordering significant sanctions against iran as us officials and saudi's claim undeniable evidence proves the rogue regime is behind the oil attack. is this the right strategy? here to weigh in, former state department official and we appreciate it as always. you hear the term war, what is your initial response? this is some scary stuff. >> there are a lot of concerns in terms of the current strategy of the maximum pressure campaign. it is not deterring iran. iran up tactics activities so
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we have a situation where they have attacked the oil refinery in saudi arabia so the next step is what should we do about that? we -- this is not deterring iran. what is next? pushing for pressure? instead donald trump decided to use economic sanctions, impose additional economic sanctions. shannon: do you think that will work? the latest incident comes on the heels that we talked about all the incidents in the strait of hormuz. >> it might work because there's a lot of speculation that economic sanctions are crippling the iranian economy. it is timely as we see the united nations general somebody coming up, a lot of dignitaries especially iranian leadership so this may be an opportunity
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to think about what is going on in terms of tensions between the two countries. >> as a veteran you know we don't want to go to war. what would that mean? >> we are overstretched. we have been war almost 13 years in afghanistan, iraq and have ongoing conflict in yemen, we are overstretched and have power competitions to worry about with russia and china. to create another hotspot on the strait of hormuz might overwhelm the us military. >> russia and china and their ties with iran as well. >> absolutely. our adversaries love to come together to bring down us american power and make us look weak in the international system. shannon: why would iran have done this to begin with in terms of bombing these sites in saudi arabia? >> this is nothing new. this is something we have seen,
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a successful attack where they were able to target a huge oil refinery that covers a lot of terms of the world but in terms of the ongoing attacks like targeting several populated areas that is not unprecedented. you have seen that since the start of the human crisis. >> what we do know is we do need leadership when it comes to our foreign policy and what is happening all around the world and something donald trump announced yesterday is robert o'brien who will be taking over in terms of john bolton's position, who was let go or quit or one or the other. listen to what he had to say. >> we had a tremendous track record with respect to hostages. i look forward to another your it half of peace restrain. we have tremendous foreign-policy successes under donald trump's leadership i expect to continue. >> top hostage official with
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the state department so far. what do you know about him? you can bring up his background. >> he has a profile but well spoken, soft-spoken and somewhat known in terms of a good negotiator so a positive choice with the national security process and also very instrumental in terms of pressure in terms of going into the 72nd united nations general assembly so the highest united states official in the general assembly under the bush administrations so he has a decent profile in terms of negotiation and diplomacy, he sees the value in it. >> great to have you with us again as always, we appreciate it and we will return after this but first another fox news alert. american airlines mechanic
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charged with sabotaging a plane is accused of having ties to isis. we are live with the latest on that chilling discovery coming up.
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heather: the american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a flight may have ties to isis. what led to the disturbing revelations? >> reporter: a lot to take in, the federal judge denying bail because she feels she is a flight risk and it is likely he will be convicted. alani is a naturalized american citizen from iraq working as a mechanic for american airlines, alani is accused of sabotaging as far bound flight from miami
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with 150 passengers on board. he glued styrofoam into the aircraft, the part used to gauge airspeed. the issue was detected before take off. he told investigators he was financially hurt by a labor dispute and his defense is arguing he knew the plane would be grounded he would get overtime hours. prosecutors point to a number of concerning details. alani downloaded isis video onto his cell phone. he has traveled to iraq this year and spent $700 and told a coworker his brother was a part of isis and he has a history of making statements to harm non-muslims. during wednesday's hearing the judge said to him you may be sympathetic to terrorists, that is very disconcerting. as this case is unfolding homeland security is continuing
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to warn citizens we face one of the most challenging threats since 9/11 as foreign terrorist organizations exploit the internet to direct individuals already here in the homeland to commit terrorist acts. alani is expected to enter his plea on friday. heather: what seems to be a back-to-school video takes a chilling turn and i want to warn use some people may find this disturbing. >> just what i need for the new year. it is pretty cool. >> it comes in handy. heather: and anti-gun violence
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group pulled in the wake of the school massacre shows kids using everyday objects to protect themselves against gunmen. andrew pollock whose son was killed in the parkland shooting says every parent should watch it. >> it is disturbing and shocking but parents need to see this. if you spoke to any parent who had a kid murdered at a school they would think it couldn't happen to them. >> they end by saying school shootings are preventable. the ceo of facebook editor capitol hill for a second round of meetings. they talk about data privacy, competition and election interference. the facebook spokesperson says he plan to pitch his vision for internet regulation to lawmakers. this marks his first trip to washington after two days of hearings.
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25 minutes after the top of the hour and michael horowitz says he will look at james comey's testimony where democrats keep their focus on impeaching donald trump. the democrats doing a disservice to the american people by ignoring this? panel debates next. all is fair in love and war. a man uses a drone to drop bombs in his ex-girlfriend's yard. the video you've got to see. stay with us.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" was a man accused of killing his wife and four kids will face a judge today. michael jones is charged in his wife's murder. police arrested jones after he crashed his van with his wife's body inside.
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investigators believe jones murdered his family at their florida home and stored their bodies for six weeks before driving them to georgia. the search for missing 5-year-old girl intensifies in new jersey. she vanished from a park on monday. someone lured her into a red van. >> the only thing we are asking is for her to come back home safely. >> police believe the suspect was a man, possibly hispanic, 5'6 quote tall. hours before, she was spotted getting ice cream with her family. and amber alert is in effect. please take a look. is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu canceling a
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trip to new york city for next week's un general assembly. this after election results showed the prime minister in a dead heat with his opponents. netanyahu's trip was supposed to include a meeting with donald trump. no word if that will be rescheduled. the president hasn't spoken to benjamin netanyahu since the election. remember when beto o'rourke said this about guns in the last democratic debate? >> we will take your ar 15 and ak-47. >> fellow democrat joe manchin is claiming that idea. i can so you one thing, beto o'rourke is not taking my guns away from me. tell beto that is okay. manchin's office says he does not own an ar style gun. inspector general michael horowitz confirming his department will look at alleged
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discrepancies in james comey's testimony. >> we have taken down your report and put it side-by-side with congressional testimony james comey made, finding a number of irregularities. >> a referral about a then employee of the department. >> reporter: despite the weaponization of the doj democrats would rather push their impeachment agenda. are they doing a disservice to americans? here is kelly hyman and republican strategist joseph opinion. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's start this. what do you think? are they doing a disservice to americans? >> the old 60s song it is my party and i will cry if i want to. democratic party is obsessed with impeachment in spite of the fact the majority of americans across party lines do
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not want this. explosive accusations coming out of the ig and democrats from core leland: dell ski to his mother to capitol hill to talk about things he talked about, makes you wonder whether priorities are. >> polls show what joseph was saying, 50% oppose going ahead with impeachment proceedings against donald trump, 30% support it and the president tweeted about the little support for impeachment where he said all polls, brand-new polls show very little support, called a waste of time among other things. why do democrats continue to pursue this and it is the way to do this? what is your opinion? >> thank you for having me on the show. it is important for the american people to know the truth. talking about polls earlier,
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polls sway whether majority of americans actually think it is beneficial to have an impeachment but we need to get to the bottom, we need to get to the truth of the matter and i don't think the democratic party is doing the american people a disservice, we are the party of the people and we want to include everyone. it is important the american people have a right to know. heather: the american people have a right for the department of justice not to be weapon eyes to. you don't hear a lot from democrats when it comes to james comey. an interview with ed henry on "fox and friends," here's a portion of that. >> the report, you'll have to ask the attorney general about what is going on and mccabe,
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what he has done is despicable but we will see what happens and where it all goes. a lot of things happening but we will see what happens. heather: joseph, you get the last word. >> the department of justice is there to enforce the law but we have a sitting president of the united states that doesn't believe in the rule of law. it is important to think about what the department is set to do. >> we have 3-year-olds going up to discover their words were not mother or father but bob mueller or impeachment. the notion this idea has not been discussed is ridiculous. the american people are more concerned with what is happening in the department of justice and if democrats understand that there will be heartache in november 2020. heather: thanks for joining us, we appreciate it.
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the time is 20, 25 until the top of the hour. justin trudeau wrapped up in a brown face scandal. he says he is sorry but is that good enough? social media has a lot to say about it. a college football fan goes viral with a sign asking for fear money and raising tens of thousands of dollars. carly shimkus joins us with reaction up next.
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heather: facing the backlash justin trudeau apologizing after a photo surfaces of him wearing brown face in 2001. >> and aladdin costume with make up. when i was in high school i dressed up at and saying dale with makeup on.
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heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the reaction. it was swift. >> reporter: the photo was taken in 2001, and arabian nights themed party in a private school yearbook where trudeau was a teacher, he was 29 years old. he said he didn't think it was offensive at the time but now he knows better. heather: is just now coming out. heather:. >> one of his classmates center to the times and felt it should be published. many people in this situation talking about virginia governor ralph northrom and allegations he was a racist yearbook photo, he originally apologized and then denied being in the picture. so much reaction on this.
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justin trudeau was photographed in blackface in 2001 just 18 years ago. will there be media outrage or calls for his removal like ralph northrom? the left will get away with racism. liberal privilege. jack tweets imagine if donald trump did this. girl says getting sick of the left's hypocrisy, james chiming and saying trudeau must go. he has championed the rights of minority groups throughout his political career and just started his reelection campaign last week. coming at an inconvenient time for him. >> one of the reasons that came out right now. different ways the media approaches and deals with incidents like this based on that. >> he is apologizing saying he is going to call individual minority groups and apologize
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but we will see if there are repercussions. charlie kirk has a good point. let's talk about aoc. social media sparking a social media frenzy, marking white house -- >> the picture shows her next to some fire extinguishers. she posted that with the caption who do you call when white house ethics are on fire? a lot of comments coming in, one saying i'm sure you need them as your pants are always on fire. another critic says that is more for the fires you start. others thought the picture was funny. heather: the issues she has with campaign funding when it comes to ethics. college students have this sign and end of raising thousands of dollars.
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carley: this iowa college student going viral for all the right reasons, that's fine you see right there, he included this account that appeared on college game day. people send him a lot of money. as of wednesday people send him $45,000 and he's going to donate it to the university of iowa children's hospital. and bush and didn't know will match the donations so he has raised an unbelievable amount of money. he could have kept the money. that is pretty smart. >> you would think people would think it was funny. but then he says his phone violating up and he realized he was raising thousands of dollars. and social media can be used
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for good as well. thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. we told you about joe manchin's response to beto's call for gun-control but an outraged gun shop owner took matters into his own hands with a beto special. do not miss it.
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on my second and fourth deployments there were tsunamis in the world. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling to be able to help out all those people. it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is, that's where i want to be.
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i want to be on the front lines of implementation. heather: a deadly mosquito virus threat is growing, new cases of eee popping up in new jersey and michigan, three people have been killed so far.
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state officials morning parents to keep children indoors at night. one woman struggling to cope with her elderly father's illness. >> i cannot comprehend that one little bite from one little mosquito could be this devastating. >> nearly 2 dozen cases reported in 5 states with 5 deaths this year. poison control centers see a spike in young children accidentally eating marijuana. the increase happening in states where part is legal. calls have tripled since we'd shopped open last year. in michigan poison control centers have gotten 59 calls, that number up tenfold since 2017. the drug's long-term effect on kids is not yet known. presidential hopeful beto o'rourke double down on his gun buyback plan. >> are you in fact in favor of
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gun confiscation? >> yes, when it comes to ar 15s and ak-47s, weapons designed for use on a military battlefield. heather: the controversial call for action insight immediate backlash. one arizona gun store was so outraged they decided to run a nato special, firearms, discounted rifles sold out in just four hours. the details, thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. as we begin our discussion let's bring up one of the facebook posts announcing the special ed as we said, sold out in four hours. what are your customers saying in terms of what beto is
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suggesting and others? >> the response was positive from the community. we didn't start this to be a political statement. i was just like sold 20 rifles and see what happens. the attention we have gotten for this thing has been amazing. just amazed and an awesome experience so far. >> it was a positive response, we know you sold out, he talked to people who own the guns and they say they have no problem turning them in, the opposite of what reality is.
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>> yeah, it is. anyone who is willing to give them up, you are giving up your second amendment right, not as simple as i give away -- he is making it seem like something to get rid of. people have been emailing us, i really wanted to put something out there and i did not expect, really awesome.
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heather: here's what donald trump had to say, beto made it much harder to make a deal, convinced many the dems just want to take your guns away, will continue forward. as someone who owns a gun shop, who believes in second amendment rights, what do you think of the answer when it comes to mass shootings yet at the same time being able to protect yourself and honor second amendment rights? what is the answer? >> people are trying to find a simple solution for complex problem. it is not more this or less that.
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this is a complex problem, i look at this and say this is going to be a 1-step solution, this is going to require some actual thought and saying we are going to grab guns, me as a law-abiding citizen, my firearms are safe as my cell phone, they are not -- they are going after people and grabbing things. that is not a solution. people go about doing this. heather: we appreciate you joining us and all your customers sharing their experiences. thank you very much. have a good day. 8 minutes until the top of the our.
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school shooting themed sweatshirts, who thought this was a good idea? there is outrage growing by the minute. taylor swift is obsessed with politics and is going all in for democratic candidates. some of her fans say she needs to call down. ♪
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heather: taylor swift says on for her new album love her are inspired by us politics, she told rolling stone she became assessed with politics after the 2016 residential election, explaining some of her new lyrics, i have that line i see the high 5s between the bad guys because not only are some really racist horrific undertones now becoming overtones in our political climate but people representing those concepts and that way of looking at the world are celebrating loudly and it is horrific. we asked what you thought about taylor swift getting political, your comments pouring in. cat on facebook says i don't think she should be involved in her music. nobody cared about her 500 x boyfriends, why would they care about her political views? another viewer tweets considering more than half of her fan bases under voting age
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i think political revelation she has right now is going to flop. rudy on facebook says like it or not she has followers who can be influenced by her. let's see what happens. get your popcorn ready. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. and ordinary wednesday turns into the best day ever for a walmart worker. [laughing] heather: rebecca murray shocking her mom coming home early from deployment. she brought a bouquet of flowers for every holiday she missed. she was employed for a year in korea. now the bad. gun violence victims outraged by school shooting themed hoodies, the clothing company behind these designs, riddled with bullet holes and they feature the names of schools where students were shot and killed. the designer told nbc news it
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is meant to empower survivors and make a comment on gun violence. what do you think? the ugly. a pennsylvania man accused of using a drone to bomb his ex-girlfriend's property, surveillance video showing the burst of flames, no one was injured, the man facing charges of flying an unregistered aircraft and being a little crazy. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues next, goodbye. jillian: thursday, september 19th. and act of war, the trump administration putting blame on iran for the drone attack on saudi oilfields. rob: a shot at curbing the regime's behavior, live in washington with options on the table. jillian: justin trudeau forced to apologize after brown face photos surface from his past. >> and aladdin costume. i shouldn't have done that.


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