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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 19, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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we have enough for everybody. thank you very much. there it is right there. >> stay for the "after the show show" on fox nation or run to the radio. see you on friday, everybody. >> bill: good morning, everybody. it is full damage control for the canadian prime minister caught up in an international scandal. this involves a photo of justin trudeau in brown face. we'll bring you up to speed here. bill hemmer we can feel it, too. how are you? >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. trudeau was a 29-year-old teacher at the time. the picture in question taken at an costume party. >> bill: trudeau saying he should have known better. >> i'm going to be asking canadians to forgive me for what i did. i shouldn't have done that. i take responsibility for it. it was a dumb thing to do.
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i'm disappointed in myself and i'm pissed off at myself for having done it. i did it and i apologize for it. >> sandra: laura engel following the story. >> the timing couldn't be worse who just started his reelection campaign last week. this photo and story is out there. only time will tell if his apology will be enough. "time" magazine first published the photo from 2001-2002 year book where he worked as a teacher and he is wearing a turbine and robe and face and hands darkened as he posed during a costume party. many consider the canadian liberal party leader a champion of minority groups during his nearly four years as prime minister and has made is embrace of canada's many cultures a major part of his leadership. taurking with reporters yesterday he said he didn't
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think it was racist at the time but now he knows better. >> people have made mistakes in this life and you make decisions based on what they actually do and what they did and on a case-by-case basis. i think i deeply regret that i did that. i should have known better but i didn't. >> his political opponents taking aim at his disappointing past actions. conservative party leader saying wearing brown face is an act of open mockery and racism. >> just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019. what canadians saw this evening is someone with a complete lack of judgment and integrity and someone who is not fit to govern this country. >> when asked last night if he had done anything else like this in the past he admitted that he also dressed up in high
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school for a talent show and sang the jamaican folk song with makeup on. he is focused on moving forward. the canadian election is october 21st. >> sandra: thank you. laura engel. >> president trump: we'll be adding some very significant sanctions onto iran. >> are you looking at a military strike? >> president trump: we'll see what happens. there are many options. the ultimate option. i'm saying the ultimate option mean go in war. i'm not talking about that ultimate option, no. >> bill: president trump considering what to do if there is retaliation against iran. pompeo blaming iran for the attack on saudi arabia calling it an act of war. want to bring in senator james risch. welcome back to "america's newsroom." what is the appropriate response when you consider it was an act against saudi arabia
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but clearly we're involved in this rather thickly. >> bill, this is one of those things you can't look the other way. this was a clear act of war. the vehicles that were used were war vehicles. and something is going to have to be done. look, i've seen the same intelligence the president and everyone else has seen. there is no question who did this. i think that point is behind us. the question now is where do we go from here? this president does not want to go to war. he is not a war kind of person. i was in the room when he made the decision, the difficult decision regarding the -- when iran shot down our drone last time. he wrestles with these in a very, very serious way. doesn't want to do this. but as he has pointed out sometimes you wind up having to do stuff you don't want to do and the iranians keep pushing in that regard. this was a serious act of pushing the envelope about as
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far as it can be pushed without having kinetic response. >> bill: you were in the room when the drone was hit. >> no, when the decision was made regarding the response to the drone. >> bill: here is what "politico" writes about that. john bolton was in new york this week and i'll read the quote. during wednesday's lunch bolton said the planned response had gone through the full process and everybody in the white house agreed on the retaliatory strike but a high authority at the very last minute without telling anyone decided not to do it. bolton complained. i assumed that to be the commander-in-chief. >> no question about that. look, the way this was done is the president had a number of us from the hill up. in the room he had his national security advisor and the c.i.a., the chief -- the head of the joint chiefs of staff and the secretary of state in the room. went around the room, asked each of us what we thought the
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response should be. he played devil's advocate, very serious and somber about it and look, this is not -- this is a man who understands the consequences of what he has to do as a commander-in-chief. >> bill: part of the point bolton makes, though, we didn't take action then and that is part of the reason why iran continues to act out. i don't know if you necessarily disagree with that. back to a question as to whether or not -- is this the question for us to respond to or saudi arabia? here is what jack keane told martha last night. >> it is clearly an egregious act of war attacking the world's economy. i don't know where the pentagon is. i've heard things they concern me. they may emphasize the risk involved too much which normally is a weaker response and we wind up not deterring. >> bill: i want to get your feeling on that and mike pompeo said i'm confident in new york
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which is next week we'll talk a lot about this and what the saudis will do. that suggests there is a judicious process here before taking action, and that the action could take a week or 10 days from now. is that okay with you? >> well of course it's okay with me. when you talk about kinetic action, it needs to be well thought out short of being in the heat of battle. look, this event occurred, it's over. it needs to be analyzed and i think all of these arguments have got to be taken into effect. that part of the world particularly the iranians, they understand kinetic response and certainly that's on the table as the president said. and we'll take into consideration our allies' feelings on it and all of the consequences that come with this. look, when these things start, they are really easy to start and not so easy to unwind as we've learned 18 years ago from
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afghanistan. you have to be really careful about getting into this. but the iranians are notorious for making bad judgments and miscalculating. the real danger here is a miscalculation on the part of iranians which give us no choice but to go in fully. >> bill: word from tehran today they'll consider a response to be at war. last comment on that, senator. >> well, look, they are doing things which are bad. they are doing things which indicate a lack of judgment. they are pushing the envelope. they are notorious for miscalculating. >> bill: thank you. decisions to be weighed. i hope you come back, sir, james risch from the hill. >> sandra: the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing in southern afghanistan that killed at least 20 people. as the trump administration puts america's longest war in
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focus today. a special envoy testifying behind closed doors at this hour. lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon with the latest. >> the fourth major suicide attack in afghanistan this week. the taliban have claimed responsibility for all of them. the taliban have ramped up their attacks in the days after president trump scrapped high level peace talks at camp david with the leaders. the latest attack killed 20 afghans. a relative of one of the victims described the carnage. >> surrounding houses, children were under the rubble of walls and windows. most people were wounded after the house collapse. it is just the killing of muslims. >> this week at least 70 afghans have been killed in attacks and -- the afghan
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presidential election later this month. pompeo said the ongoing attacks demonstrate blatant disregard for the people and institutions of afghanistan. for afghans to reconcile the taliban must demonstrate commitment to peace by reducing violence. there is no evidence of that. 17 u.s. troops have been killed in combat in afghanistan this year, over 100 wounded. today president trump's special envoy to the peace talks with the taliban will appear as a closed classified briefing on capitol hill. the members want to hear about the president trump inviting top taliban leaders to the united states on the same week as the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> sandra: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. >> bill: we'll watch it for headlines. the war seems to be popping up again as we talked about over the past month or so. 10 minutes past. another big story today.
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airline mechanic in florida, does he have connections to isis? >> sandra: fallout from the botched "new york times" piece on brett kavanaugh continues. senator john kennedy sits on the judiciary committee and will join us next to react. >> bill: new fox polling shows a lot about where we are in the race for 2020 and a potential warning. mike huckabee reacts on that coming up. nsurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ like very high triglycerides,
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>> sandra: right now general michael atkinson the inspector general for the intelligence committee testifying behind closed doors at the house intel committee over a whistleblower complaint described as urgent. the "washington post" reporting it concerns a promise made by president trump in phone call to a foreign leader. house intel chair adam schiff saying the acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire blocked lawmakers from seeing the details of that
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complaint. we're going to have more on this with catherine herridge coming up. >> are you getting ready for warren or someone else and not facing joe biden? >> president trump: whoever it is my attitude is whoever it is, elizabeth warren is doing better. joe is having a hard time. whoever it is we'll take them on and we'll do well. >> joe biden is dropping among democratic primary voters. mike huckabee former arkansas governor and fox news contributor. good morning to you. i'm looking at a poll. biden is down four over two months. sanders is up three, elizabeth warren is up by four points. what do you see and how do you see it inside those numbers? >> joe biden has tried to move to the left to be like all the other kids but joe was the only guy perceived as a moderate. they got real liberals out
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there. warren, sanders, harris. they have people who really believe this stuff. nobody believes joe deep down in his heart believes in the green any deal, higher taxes, more regulation, late term abortion. these are not things that joe has historically embraced. the democrats have a problem. they're selling the box, not the cereal. when they say medicare for all, their signature item right now they're selling it will be fantastic. it is like the 4-year-old who goes to the grocery store, sees the box and favorite cartoon character. that's the one he wants. when he gets it home it is not worth eating. that's what the democrats have to deal with. >> bill: it is not frosted flakes. i'm partial to them. that's the way it is. >> i like them myself. >> bill: president trump when stacked up against the four leading democrats trails joe biden by 14, trails sanders by 8, warren by 6, harris by 2.
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will trump be reelected in 2020, 46% say yes, 40% say no. that's the plurality saying he wins. what explains that do you think? >> first of all, a lot of people that support trump won't say it to a polster. they don't want to be called a name so they just don't answer or say something else. the same thing happened four years ago. this is not new. secondly, we have a lot of shiny new toys on the shelf. a lot of people are listening to this stuff. i go back to my analogy. i could say they're buying the sizzle not the steak but the steak will taste like a shoe because it won't work. you can't do medicare for all without bankrupting the country. most people don't believe in late term abortion funded by taxpayers. >> bill: maybe it tells you among some democrats they don't think their candidates are strong enough to win in 2020. >> i think that's a very fair
6:18 am
assessment. they look at 20-something people. 10 on the stage, they look up there and say none of these people, not one of them, could stand on the debate stage and overcome donald trump's incredible ability in that environment. and he would eat their lunch. >> bill: back on the democratic primary voters we asked this question about healthcare, all right? the question was what do you want for the american people? and the first one here got the biggest response. allow everyone to buy medicare. 82% of democratic primary voters favor that. that tells you a lot. i think it goes back to your first answer about joe biden and why he tilted further to the left. explain what you think is going on there. >> it sounds good to see medicare for all. it sounds like you get all the coverage you want and need for no cost. that's simply not the case. most people don't understand medicare doesn't cover
6:19 am
everything. the government has to approve certain procedures and processes and you have to get supplemental care, supplement d, b, c, a in order to fill in the big gaps medicare has. if people really started understanding what medicare does and doesn't cover and the fact is now you are wholly on the lamb of what the government wants you to have it's stateism. most people don't fully understand that nor do they get it's a $33 trillion expense over the next 10 years. that's as much as the annual entire budget of the united states of america. that's staggering. >> bill: back on debate stage. 15 seconds to answer this. how does candidate trump then counter that? >> if you want the government to decide your healthcare rather than your doctor, then go for medicare for all. if you want to pay twice as much in taxes and get less of
6:20 am
medical care and lose the private coverage you like, you are going to love medicare for all. >> bill: you still got it. mike huckabee, thank you for your time. nice to see you. >> sandra: the man at the center of the investigation into the origins of the russia probe saying he will dig into republican concerns about james comey's testimony. at 10:00 a.m. our headliner is here mark meadows. >> bill: mechanic in miami accused of trying to sabotage on american airlines flight with more than 100 people on board. now sparking fears of ties to terror. to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining...
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>> bill: a nonprofit group founded by the parents of the
6:24 am
sandy hook school shooting released a new video intended to draw attention to the issue for children in the classroom. >> these headphones are just what i need for studying. >> just what i need for the new year. >> this jacket is a real must have. >> my parents told me this, it's pretty cool. >> these really come in handy. >> bill: it gets worse. 2012 shooting december, newtown, connecticut, left many dead. andrew pollack lost his daughter calling it an important wake-up call. >> i think it's disturbing and shocking but i think parents need to see this. this video should be an eye opener for all these parents to get involved at a local level. >> bill: out of sandy hook he had the big vote in the senate
6:25 am
that failed. moderates and democratic party could not support it. six or seven years later we're back to that and we might get something from the president this week. >> sandra: is shocking but that's the perspective of parents who want to raise that awareness. >> and teachers. >> sandra: absolutely. new development on a mechanic charged with sabotaging an american airlines jet. the f.b.i. has found evidence of possible ties to isis. phil keating is live in miami with that. >> sandra, until wednesday this case was never tied to a possible terrorism-related motive. that is the suggestive evidence presented in court in downtown miami by u.s. prosecutors. the result bond denied. the american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a commercial airliner with 150 passengers on board had a detention hearing yesterday. the magistrate ordered him to remain in custody because she has evidence to suggest he
6:26 am
could be sympathetic to terrorists. f.b.i. agents found isis videos on his phone showing graphic killings and he forwarded one video to someone with the urging for allah to take revenge against non-muslims. according to a co-worker he said his brother was in iraq and a member of isis and that he flew to baghdad in march to visit. the f.b.i. says he lied about to them. in july the miami flight turned off after an error light appeared in the cockpit. according to the pilot it without a functioning navigation system it would have resulted in a crash. the defendant's defense attorney said it is not true. a second system still worked and the government is blowing this case out of proportion. alani's family flew in for the bond hearing yesterday. they said nothing to the media afterwards. he was born in iraq and is a
6:27 am
u.s. citizen. he admits he sabotaged the plane saying he was upset with stalled contract negotiations between his union and american. if he could force the plane back to get a mechanical problem fixed he would get more work and more overtime. which did happen. if convicted he faces a maximum federal prison sentence of 20 years. he will be back in federal court downtown miami tomorrow for his arraignment. >> sandra: we'll be watching that. phil keating, thank you. >> bill: bill barr is making a trip to capitol hill pushing the administration's gun control. what can both sides and the president support? senator john kennedy is back on that coming up here. >> sandra: airports using facial recognition to boost security. not everyone agrees that it's a good idea. ♪ happy face, brush off the
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>> bill: we knew the storm was coming. tropical depression imelda, heavy rainfall and flooding and damage. several water rescues east of houston, a hospital was evacuated. forecasters saying that southeastern texas could see 35 inches of rain over the course of this week. >> the president has made clear he is interested in any meaningful and workable measures that can provide greater security for the american people, protect them against crime. i don't want to get into discussing any particular proposal at this time but we're having robust discussions up here. >> sandra: attorney general william barr has been meeting with senate republicans this week on gun reform. when will we ultimately see a plan or proposal from the president? and will both sides be able to come together on this very
6:32 am
important issue? louisiana senator john kennedy joins us now. senator kennedy, good morning to you. perhaps you can answer that question. will we see both sides come together and put something before the president he is willing to sign? >> i don't know yet, of course. i wouldn't bet my house on it. and if i were betting your house, sandra, i would probably say maybe. we have to see what the proposals are first. the president's opinion matters. i met with bill barr yesterday. i think the white house sent him up here because most people in the senate have great respect for him. they are looking at -- they haven't finally decided -- they're looking at expanded background checks. there are two groups of people behind these bills. there is a group of people that i think in good faith honestly believe that further curtailing our second amendment rights will enhance public safety. but there is another group that
6:33 am
just hates the second amendment and i want to thank congressman beto o'rourke for being honest. his honesty was refreshing. >> sandra: you are referencing him doubling down that he is willing to confiscate guns. here is the congressman in his own words. let's get you to react to this. >> are you in fact in favor of gun confiscation? >> yes when it comes to ar-15s and ak-47s, weapons designed for use on a military battlefield. >> sandra: senator kennedy? >> i want to thank the congressman for being honest because i don't agree with him. beto's copy of the bill of rights goes from one to three. mine includes the second amendment. but there are a whole host of people here in washington, d.c., not all of my democratic
6:34 am
friends but many of them, they don't believe in the second amendment. they would be happy to confiscate america's guns. and if you don't believe that, then you probably also still believe in big foot. it's a fact and everybody up here knows it. >> sandra: what are you willing to support? >> i don't -- nothing yet. i told bill barr yesterday i'm willing to read the bills and study them carefully. but the burden of proof is on people who want to further curtail our second amendment rights. the bill of rights is not an ala carte menu. it's as important as the fourth and first and i made my position very clear. i believe love is the answer but i own a handgun just in case. i own several. i own shotguns. it is my right as an american. we have well over 100 million law abiding americans that it is being proposed their rights should be curtailed. i want to see causal,
6:35 am
scientific evidence that is going to make this country safer and reduce mass shootings. i don't want speculation. i don't want dorm room ideas, i want the proponents to demonstrate that to me. we're talking about a constitutional right. >> sandra: you are waiting to hear from the president and what he is willing to support before you'll go public with your support of -- >> i want to see the president's bill and i want to see the bills put before us. and as usual, i probably will find what the president has to say to be persuasive but i want to make it very clear. it is not dispositive for me. if the president puts a bill on the floor that i think curtails or hurts people's constitutional rights without substantial enhancing public safety, huh-uh, that's a bridge too far for me. i'm going to fight for our constitution. >> sandra: all right. i want to move on to the latest with this "new york times" piece that was ultimately
6:36 am
changed or those facts that were omitted by the editors according to the paper were added back in. this is from the latest round of tv interviews from the authors of that piece saying why they ultimately did not meet with kavanaugh himself. >> several people asked did you speak to justice kavanaugh? >> we were on our way to washington to speak to him. we had finally arranged for an interview. ultimately we could not agree on terms that we felt comfortable with. he wanted us to say we hadn't spoken to him. >> sandra: want to get your reaction to that, senator. >> i don't mean any disrespect, sandra, but i don't think our reporters here have much credibility left. i don't know what happened but it looks to me like it was either bias or just bad journalism. now, some of my democratic friends again, not all of them, they jumped on this and they
6:37 am
want to impeach judge kavanaugh. they want to impeach everybody and president trump and justice kavanaugh. i think next they'll try to impeach screech, the bald eagle mascot from the washington nationals. people who disagree with the result of the democratic system here are trying to smash the system. and i understand they are disappointed that president trump is the president. it's called democracy. they will get to vote again in a year and a half but in the meantime they need to fill out a hurt feelings report and let us move on here and try to run government. >> sandra: are you suggesting there should be any further accountability based on what happened? i know you are taking on the journalist, the reporters or authors of that piece. but they place the blame squarely on the editors for omitting those key facts. >> like i say, i don't know what happened. i just think most americans, not the crank wings but most americans are looking at this and going well, it was one of
6:38 am
two things. either bias or it was bad journalism. either way we're going to ignore it. >> sandra: senator kennedy, always great to have you on. >> bill: 22 before the hour. airlines testing facial recognition software at the security checkpoints at several airports sparking some concerns among privacy groups. what is this all about? jackie heinrich is at jfk airport in new york city. >> the technology is being used on some international flights on jfk on jetblue but it could replace the process of manually checking passports and most airlines are taking steps to integrate the technology in their security processes. delta was the first to launch a fully self-boarding terminal in atlanta last year. face recognition technology replaces the traditional boarding method of showing your passport and ticket at the gate. they have their picture taken
6:39 am
and the image sent to customs and border protection comparing it with a picture they already have of you from your passport or travel documents. they only store the image for 12 hours but some groups like the aclu are concerned it could change. >> the additional concern is once your image has been captured and a face recognition has been used. that information is stored it can allow the government in the future to identify you. identify you from afar or potentially from a video feed or a photograph that is posted on social media. >> the aclu says the technology may not be as accurate with women, young people or people with darker skin and says that could cause some people to be misidentified and cause them problems. but they say the technology is very accurate and helped identify a few fakes at the u.s. border. at this point it's optional. tsa will expand it to the
6:40 am
pre-check and domestic flights. >> bill: interesting stuff. technology moves forward. >> sandra: a fun plea for some beer money turns into a viral act of kindness. listen to this one. iowa state foot ball fan holding up a sign during a college game day broadcast on saturday asking viewers to give him cash for busch light. he decided to donate the money he received after paying for a case of busch light to the children's hospital at rival school university of iowa raised more than $67,000 and both busch beer and venmo saying they'll match the donations and they're topping it off with some free beer. great story. >> bill: when was the last time you had a busch light. >> it is a popular college beer. >> bill: good for you guys in iowa. well done. we're learning a lot more about
6:41 am
the possible charges against democratic donor ed buck. this after another man overdoses at his home in l.a. our attorney will tell us what this is all about. >> sandra: plus president trump putting san francisco on notice. what he is now threatening if the city does not do something about its homeless crisis. money man charles payne is here and will join us in a short time from now. >> president trump: san francisco it's a total disaster what's happening. they're going to ruin those cities. we'll get involved very soon on a federal basis if they don't clean up their act.
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6:44 am
>> you actually referred criminal prosecution to the department of justice for comey, correct? >> we're required by the i.g. act to send information we've identified that could plausibly be criminal to the department. >> do you know of any f.b.i. director who in the past has ever had a criminal prosecution? >> i don't know as i sit here
6:45 am
today. >> that's a republican out of georgia doing the questioning. michael horowitz on the hill telling lawmakers he referred the former f.b.i. director james comey to the d.o.j. for criminal prosecution. deputy assistant a.g. under george w. bush tom dupree. how significant is that? >> a bit of a mini bombshell. the fact is jim comey has been trying to spin that inspector general's report as really vindicating him and giving him a clean bill of health. i think horowitz's testimony makes clear that's not at all what happened. the inspector general was so concerned by what he found jim comey did that he referred him for criminal prosecution, which as far as we know is a first in the history of the nation. >> bill: will he then be prosecuted? is that a foregone conclusion or not so fast? >> well, i would say not so fast. as we know it looks as though
6:46 am
the department of justice has declined to prosecute jim comey for what was referred to them. but that's not necessarily a surprise. i think different prosecutors can look at different things in different ways. from the inspector general's perspective he is required to refer anything that could be deemed a criminal violation. even though comey may have evaded justice in response to this referral it shows the inspector general was very troubled by what he found. >> one million records and 100 interviews. the report will come from horowitz probably in a few weeks. two more things here. first this is horowitz on talking about the fisa court and how it may have been abused. watch. >> right now what we've done is meet with the folks at the justice department and the f.b.i. to tell them what we've done so far. they have the draft of the factual information that we've developed. we've talked through the classification issues with them.
6:47 am
it is ultimately up to them to decide what will be marked and how it will be marked or how it is not going to be marked. >> bill: that last part is very important. how much of this is redacted, tom. >> right. i suspect there will be substantial redactions but i think we'll still get pretty close -- i hope we'll still get pretty close to the full story. look, the attorney general himself made clear he is personally vested in the process and wants it to be transparent and wants to disclose, he wants to put out to the american public to see the findings of the inspector general. i think there will be some material that will still be deemed classified and redacted, i think for the most part the attorney general will insure that the guts, the substance of the inspector general's report gets out to the public. >> i.g. will assess the allegations. ed henry at the border with the president asked about him as well. >> are you worried some of these guys who you believe were going after you will get off
6:48 am
the hook? >> the report on comey was a horrible report on him. you will have to ask the attorney general what is going on and mccabe, what he has done is despicable. we'll see what happens and where it all goes. >> bill: mccabe is saying no one from the d.o.j. has contacted him about criminal charges. if the i.g. saying is comey may have been up to something fishy there must be others involved as well. what is your theory there? >> that's true. keep in mind this is a process. the inspector general renders findsings, they come out in a report. accompanying that report is a criminal referral at which point the department of justice begins examining whether it would be appropriate to bring criminal charges. even if mccabe and lawyers are correct they haven't been contacted by d.o.j. about criminal charges in connection with the forthcoming report doesn't mean he is in the clear. this process is in the early stages as far as criminal
6:49 am
prosecutions go. >> bill: you call this a bombshell. >> i would say a mini bombshell. >> bill: when do we see the report? >> i think we'll see it in the next few weeks. there is a fair amount of work to do in terms of what they can let loose. we're in the final stages. the fact that they're making decisions as to what is redacted and what is not redacted means the report is pretty much done and a question of disclosure at this point. >> bill: i'm told this report will be made public when that date is set by horowitz and his office and not by bill barr. we're watching that for more clarification. thank you, tom. tom dupree in d.c. congressman mark meadows will be our headliner and join us in the 10:00 a.m. hour. >> sandra: looking forward to that. first lady melania trump on hand for the reopening of the washington monument with a ribbon cutting just moments away. what crews have added after three years of construction.
6:50 am
this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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6:53 am
>> sandra: after three years of construction, the washington monument is set to reopen this morning. first lady melania trump will be there for the ribbon cutting. let's go to leland vittert on the national mall. >> good morning, sandra, ribbon cutting happening just about now. the first lady will head up to the top of the monument. the first people to get in line showed up at 3:30 this morning to go ahead and head up in the elevators in a couple of hours and check out the view from up top. remember, the monument closed in 2011 after the earthquake put a huge crack in the side of it. then the elevator, which is an
6:54 am
integral part getting people to the top broke down. now for the first time in years, people are going to be able to get a look at the best view in d.c. >> it is not a tall building for the sake of it being a tall building. you are up there, you are in one of the most iconic buildings in the city looking directly at the capitol, lincoln and jefferson memorial. >> 550 feet tall, there are laws in washington, d.c. that make it so you cannot build a building higher than the monument. >> this is the nation's grandest tribute to its greatest founding father. you come up and you look out over the city that is his namesake and without that opportunity, it is a disservice to the memory of washington
6:55 am
>> david ruebenstein, spent lavishly on various philanthropy projects in d.c. put $10 million into the monument. some for fixing the earthquake damage and now for fixing the elevator. for the first 30 days, first come first serve. line up early if you want to go up in the monument and after that, sandra, you can sign up for tickets online. >> sandra: it is a beautiful day in washington leland, thank you. >> bill: good stuff. the first lady there as leland points out. maybe we take the show to d.c. the back drop is stunning. custom made for us. it is america's newsroom. the trump team weighing retaliation against tehran calling the recent acts an act of war. plus did you hear this? >> i think that there are millions and millions and
6:56 am
millions of americans quietly enraged over everything that has gone on here since trump was inaugurated. >> bill: so rush limbaugh making the case that many americans are outraged over the treatment of the president on behalf of democrats and the media. could that anger turn into an advantage at the polls? our a-team has looked at it and studied it and they'll react coming up when we come back. iy i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪ stand with his people israel now and forever more. inside these buildings
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6:59 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the trump administration
7:00 am
weighing its options as a top iranian official threatens all-out war. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. iran putting the world on notice has it faces possible retaliation for to attacks on the saudi oil industry. mike pompeo calling it an act of war. >> sandra: chairman of the senate foreign relations committee putting it this way in our last hour. >> an act of war, clear act of war. the vehicles that were used were war vehicles. there is no question who did this. i think that point is behind us. this was a serious act of pushing the envelope about as far as it can be pushed without having kinetic response. >> bill: senator risch from last hour. rich edson from the state department. >> good morning. bill. secretary of state mike pompeo is just leaving the region saying he will return to washington to give the president information on how the united states should proceed.
7:01 am
the secretary of state just meeting with top officials in saudi arabia and abu dhabi and where he meant with the crown prince. the secretary says the u.s. and its regional allies have determined who is behind this weekend's attack on saudi oil infrastructure. >> i think it's abundantly clear and enormous consensus in the region and we know it was iran who conducted the attacks. i didn't hear anybody in the region who doubted that for a single moment. >> pompeo added in a tweet the iranian regime's threatening behavior will not be tolerated. asked whether there is an opportunity for a peaceful resolution pompeo said certainly and that the administration is striving to build a coalition while he says iran's foreign minister is threatening all-out war. iran denies responsibility for this weekend's attack on saudi arabia. iranian foreign minister told cnn iran does not want military
7:02 am
confrontation, either. the consequences of a u.s. or saudi strike would be, quote, all-out war. iran also says it refuses to negotiate with the united states unless the trump administration withdraws the sanctions it implemented against iran after the president withdrew from the iran nuclear agreement last year. administration officials, however, are promising the opposite. they say there will be more sanctions against iran. >> bill: thank you, rich edson, state department. more coming up from there shortly. >> we're required by the i.g. act to send information that we've identified that could plausibly be criminal to the department and we have done that. >> that's pretty monumental. do you know of any other f.b.i. director in the past has had a criminal prosecution referral? >> i don't know as i sit here. >> sandra: a battle how investigations into the president began. justice department inspector general telling law makesers his office will asees new
7:03 am
republican allegations of inconsistencies by james comey. congressman, thank you for being here. in the referral about inconsistencies what do you want horowitz to investigate and look into? >> what we did was we went through his report, the i.g.'s report on james comey's testimony and we compared that to the testimony that we had in congressional hearings. we start evidence -- we started to see that they were not consistent. we've identified multiple occasions where that happened. we're referring those to the inspector general to actually investigate. and that's what the genesis of all of this yesterday. listen, james comey's problems are just now starting.
7:04 am
we've seen enough documents. we know the i.g.'s report is coming out and listen, the only thing that has been consistent about director james comey is his willingness to go after this president and it is time we hold him accountable. >> bill: you were quoted yesterday saying i'm finding a number of irregularities with comey's testimony. >> one of the irregularities is james comey actually said that nothing that happened actually affected the investigation. and then we see in the inspector general's report that some of the conversations that he had actually changed the action that he took specifically trying to leak things to get the special prosecutor installed and called into action. and so that's one. there are a number of others where he said i'm only taking these memos, these notes for my own personal use and yet what we see from the inspector
7:05 am
general's point of view it was actually a calculated plan that he discussed with senior-level officials to try to in my opinion entrap the president of the united states. >> bill: can there be an explanation for that? or do you believe he was lying? >> well, i believe that he was at times was not telling the whole truth to congressional investigators even within the context of what he told republicans versus what he told democrats. there was a different story. now, we know that from his television appearances. this is the first time we've seen inconsistencies where he told one thing to congress, another to the inspector general, and those not matching up, both of those have a requirement to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> sandra: when you say it could only be the beginning for james comey what are you suggesting what could result
7:06 am
from this referral to horowitz? >> well, i don't know if it's as much our referral to horowitz on this because i know he is going to look at this. he admitted that he had not looked at all the congressional testimony and transcribed interviews when he made his criminal referral before. but what i'm referring to is really the documents that we've given to the inspector general as it relates to the fisa abuse. not only was their credibility issues with kristof ear -- christopher steele but also some of the briefings they held with president-elect trump and then president trump. more a matter of what they didn't tell versus what they did tell and then what we have found. what we found is that there seem to be two different scenarios. one he told the president he wasn't under investigation at the same time he was intentionally trying to
7:07 am
investigate an obstruction of justice case. and he in testimony said oh no, we're not looking at an obstruction of justice case and now we find out from the inspector general's report that he was. so it's those kinds of inconsistencies. there may be a good explanation, but i have yet to find one. >> bill: the i.g. says democrats haven't reached out to him about potential fisa abuse at the court level. >> that's a news alert. can you imagine? >> bill: the question is, if that's the case, democrats run the show in the house. so we should not expect a hearing with horowitz which leads you to think it must come from the senate side. is that a fair assumption? >> well, one of two ways. it either comes from the senate side or comes from the american people who say we're tired of democrats holding these partisan hearings. listen, if they're all about transparency let's have a few hearings when the inspector general can come in and give
7:08 am
information that goes against their narrative. they haven't reached out nor do i anticipate they will ever reach out. they want hearings for totally political reasons. it's time that enough is enough. i have great faith in senator lindsey graham and chuck grassley and some of the others. if we don't have them on the house side, they'll have them on the senate side. but ultimately the american people will be the judge. >> sandra: i want to go back to five hours of testimony we heard from corey lewandowski, the president's former campaign manager. the top democrat, jerry nadler the chairman called his behavior in that hearing room completely unacceptable. said holding him in contempt is certainly under consideration. what was your response to corey lewandowski and how he handled himself in that hearing room? >> i think corey did a marvelous job. here is the interesting thing. you are pointing out something that chairman nadler talked about but interestingly enough before he ever heard the
7:09 am
testimony, he had that document prepared. he read the document. so it didn't matter what corey said, he was going to read that document. it is all political theater and has nothing to do to getting to the truth. corey did a good job of showing the hypocrisy of some of my democratic colleagues. >> bill: the opinion side of a newspaper said that the hearing was, to bar a phrase, laughable. if that's the case, does it happen again and if so, who would be the next witness? >> it will happen again. they will go and track down any witness that they can possibly find, including janitors if they have something negative to say about this president, they're going to bring them in and try to intimidate them to have them say negative things about the president and yet corey was not willing to do that. he is not going to be intimidated by jerry nadler and company.
7:10 am
i find that they will continue to do this instead of impeachment to a point where hopefully they believe it will make a difference in 2020. >> bill: some of their party leaders aren't on board. how do they resolve it? >> they start to get down to do real oversight where they are really going after those that have an issue that we need to address. and where we can fix it legislatively. most of this is really conjecture. what they'll do is get one particular item and then say let's make a big deal of this. when you start trying to be laser focused on the president of the united states and do defacto impeachment. trying to inflict as much damage as they can. the american people are tired of it. let's make sure we do a transportation bill and make sure we keep jobs growing the way they are. ultimately there will be a day
7:11 am
of reckoning in november of 2020. >> sandra: what do you see is the future for democrats in this push for impeachment? >> well, it doesn't come out well for them. obviously the american people do not support it. it is not just republicans. it is the vast majority of unifilliateed voters. the closer we get to election time the more they'll see this as a political stunt and that's indeed what it is. it's all about trying to tell one group that they are impeaching while going to the moderate areas and unaffiliated voters and saying no, we're just doing proper oversight. it doesn't end well with them. the president is able to take his message to the american people. and it is all about what matters to them most is security, border security, jobs, etc. >> bill: thank you for your time. mark meadows, thank you, the republican on the hill. talk again. more news breaking from washington inspector general for the intel
7:12 am
community agreeing to testify behind closed doors to the house intel committee over a whistleblower complaint. here is the report. "washington post" says it concerns a promise made by president trump in a phone call with a foreign leader. griff jenkins sorting through it live on the hill now. hello. >> bill, yeah, we're here outside the intelligence committee room but we haven't actually seen inspector general michael atkinson comet. the hearing was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. no one has laid eyes on him. this hearing along with a "washington post" article is likely going to spark a stand-off between the intelligence community, congress and the white house. in this post article this quote in particular getting a lot of attention. trump's interaction with a foreign leader included a promise regarded as so troubling it prompted an official in the u.s. intel community to file a formal whistleblower complaint with the inspector general. said the official speaking on the condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized
7:13 am
to discuss the matter publicly and the post citing a former official who says it was a phone call in terms of the communication. we do not know with whom the president was speaking. we do not know details about the nature of that promise. we also don't know whether or not this whistleblower may have witnessed personally this communication or learned through some other means. the white house is not commenting. the office of director of national intelligence is not commenting nor any attorneys representing the whistleblower. when chairman adam schiff announced the hearing last night it took people by surprise including the radio tv gallery here. he issued this statement last night. the icig determined the complaint is credible and urgent and transmitted to congress under the letter of the law. the committee places the highest importance on the attention of whistleblowers. he announced the acting director of the national
7:14 am
intelligence will testify in open session, joseph mcguire will testify a week from today, next thursday. we may learn more then. right now we're watching and waiting. every elevator, doorway to see if we can lay eyes on him and after the hearing whether or not chairman schiff will come to the microphones and tell us more. that's what we have so far bill. >> bill: griff jenkins live on the hill watching it for us. >> sandra: high profile democrat accused of running a drug den after multiple men overdosed at his home. why wasn't ed buck charged sooner >> bill: why an american family of a captive f.b.i. agent who disappeared in iran more than a decade ago is praising this selection by the president of robert o'brien.
7:15 am
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7:18 am
>> bill: democratic donor ed buck arrested after a third man
7:19 am
overdoses at his home in hollywood saying he injected a 37-year-old with meth and accused him of operating a drug den. he is charged with battery causing serious bodily injury and administering the drug. defense attorney david bruno with us. what happens to him? >> well, he is in jail and let's take a step back here. there has been two years they've been looking at this man. there has been a tremendous amount of community pressure to prosecutors to charge him for the two overdoses. but that's not what we're talking about today. he is charged with this new case where this individual, an adult. came into his house and overdosed. but he is alive and now he is cooperating and my main question is how are you going to bring the other two into this case? because these facts are weird. this individual came in one week prior, overdosed and then
7:20 am
came back voluntarily. so while everybody wants to prosecute this man for those two overdoses there is complete -- we're talking about moore. moore was the first. he was 26 years old and a journal entry that said buck got him on meth. he overdosed and died and that's where this all started. that's where the pressure on buck was. the community came out and said this man needs to be investigated and prosecuted. prosecutors looked at it. it was a voluntary death. overdose, accidental. now we have this third man and he was there on his own volition as well. i'm coming from a criminal defense perspective on this and i have some big questions. >> sandra: death charges involving overdose -- >> none, zero. no death charges in the complaint against ed buck now. it is an assault. it is administering meth and running a drug den. >> sandra: you make the case that death charges involving overdose are very difficult to
7:21 am
prove. >> absolutely. i investigated them. i was in major crimes. i went to the scenes and looked at that. there are causation issues. what other drugs are in the body. and the decedent was involved himself. prosecutors may have more here. they've asked for a $4 million bail and they are taking a very aggressive approach saying he is sexually deviant and sexual predator. i don't see it in the complaint as charged. they need to come out with more charges if they go that route. >> bill: there will be other charges? >> possibly. what charges would they be? i don't think they can get him on the two prior deaths, those overdoses. if anything, they found hundreds of pictures, they said, at the crime scene of men in sexual positions and things like that. i think sex crimes would be where i would be going if i was a prosecutor to see if these
7:22 am
men were involuntarily assaulted sexually while they were incapacitated or some other things. >> bill: why is the bail so high, $4 million, flight risk? >> because it's a case that everybody is looking at. i can't believe it's $4 million based on what's in the complaint. now again there could be more but he is not charged with two deaths and this third individual did not die. so i think that's high. >> sandra: david bruno, thank you. >> bill: thank you, david. >> you've got it, guys. >> president trump: mr. o'brien is highly respected. he did a tremendous job on hostage negotiations. really tremendous. like unparalleled. we have had tremendous success in that regard. brought home many people. >> sandra: president trump hailing his new national security advisor, a veteran international hostage negotiator. the family of f.b.i. agent
7:23 am
robert levinson is applauding the efforts to bring levinson home from iran where he was held captive in 2007. joining us now is agent levinson's daughter stephanie levinson curry. thank you for telling your family's story. what was your experience with robert o'brien? >> good morning and thank you for having me today. our family praises president trump for his selection of ambassador o'brien as his national security advisor. ambassador o'brien is man of integrity and we worked with him closely over the past year and a half. and in the 12 1/2 years that my father has been held, we've worked with many government officials. countless government officials. i can count on one hand the number of people who take my father's case personally and ambassador o'brien is one of them. he has said as long as he is
7:24 am
involved, that bob levinson will be at the forefront of any discussion regarding iran. >> bill: what kind of a man is he? >> as i said, a man of integrity. he has great follow through and responds personally to emails. we know that he has taken a strong stance on iran and follows suit with the president's strong stance and we believe this is the way to get iran to send my father home as soon as possible. >> sandra: why did you feel compelled, you and your family, to come forward and tell your story and your experience with robert o'brien? >> well, for one thing, ambassador o'brien, he works very hard. this is a man who has worked extremely hard and traveled the world, has kept us abreast of anything that has developed and he just i think that this was
7:25 am
an excellent choice by president trump and ambassador o'brien can help bring my father home. >> bill: what was the last contact you had with your father? >> last contact was honestly when he was taken on march 9th, 2007. we have had videos. we had one video and pictures sent to us but it's been several years. on a positive note, you know, this can change and the supreme leader to snap his fingers and send him home. iranian authorities picked him up in 2007 and they know where he is. he could be over and done with and back home with his family today. >> bill: you follow the news closely. the rhetoric is being ramped up on a lot of different angles with iran. why do you think the iranian leadership has reacted the way it has in the persian gulf and now in saudi arabia? >> you know, i can't speculate.
7:26 am
i'm just a daughter who wants her father home and i do believe that since may 2018 president trump and secretary pompeo have taken an extremely tough stance on iran and i think that ambassador o'brien will continue that tough stance and it will be the key to getting them to talk and sending him home. >> bill: so you support the tough position that's taken, then. >> can you repeat it? >> you support the tough stance we've seen from the administration. >> for sure. we've been nice to iran and let them get away with, you know, holding onto a man who has had no basic human rights for 12 1/2 years who is living in -- in his own personal hell and we need to take a tough stance. robert levinson should have been home 12 1/2 years ago. he needs to be home today. he has seven grandchildren. he hasn't met any of them. yesterday when my daughter came
7:27 am
home from school i told her that ambassador o'brien was selected and would be at the right hand of president trump and that he can help get grandpa bob home. she ran up and hugged me and so excited about the possibility because she could feel my excitement and i've told both of my kids stories about my dad for 12 years and it's about time they met him and that he gets to spend the rest of his time with his family at home. >> sandra: tough for so many to hear that story. our best to your family, stephanie. >> thank you very much. >> bill: "the new york times" with another explanation on its botched story on justice kavanaugh. the writers saying kavanaugh made a demand they couldn't accept. >> sandra: rush limbaugh saying both the media and democrats could pave the way for a big trump victory in 2020. our a-team is fired up and ready to go and will join us
7:28 am
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> sandra: new developments in the "new york times" botched kavanaugh report. the reporters of that story now claiming kavanaugh agreed to be interviewed only if they wrote that he did not speak with them. they say they refused ultimately to then speak to him directly. let's bring in the a-team. jessica tarlov fox news contributor. james freeman is here, washington journal and hugo gurdon from "the washington examiner". >> sandra: new developments in the story, jessica. one of which is the reporters of that story that was ultimately published omitting some key facts. they said that they were going
7:33 am
to meet with kavanaugh but he said he didn't want them -- want them to say they did. off the record it sounds but they declined. >> there are a lot of moving parts to this story, a lot of mistakes and a lot of things in the excerpt we're waiting for the book. not everyone has seen that to know the full story here. "the new york times" made a huge error in leaving out that piece which they had to put in the correction. we found out when the reporters were on the view that one of them had drafted that offensive tweet that was essentially mocking sexual assault because no one should ever have genitalia put in their face. never fun and games. the first part of that twaoe. but within the excerpt we saw there was an important development. 25 people had reached out to the f.b.i. saying they had information either about debra ramirez's account of what happened or about brett kavanaugh from college and they couldn't get their calls returned. the gop was in charge of that and the white house, mitch
7:34 am
mcconnell and the administration. >> bill: and the f.b.i. >> i think chuck grassley put out a series the tweets the other day explaining how some of the people -- >> bill: hang on, jessica. they went to the floor of the senate to explain it. >> there were people who the investigators wanted to speak to but one of the characteristics of this whole story people don't want to talk including the alleged victims and one of the reasons the story lacks fundamental credibility. a lot of people don't want to talk. some of those who do talk say they never heard about it and would have heard about it if it were true. there are those -- and also the supposed victim forgot about it or not aware of it. >> bill: the truth is in journalism and in reporting people do talk off the record all the time. if kavanaugh was willing to do that just keep me out of it
7:35 am
that seems -- the writers made a decision not to include that but a week later the thing has gone nuclear it's almost like you use that against him. >> you wonder if they've changed the terms of whatever they discussed. i guess it was a brief conversation. if he decided if this is true that they were in communication and he decided not to speak on record to the "new york times," i think it really confirms his intelligence and good sense because you look at the coverage they've offered on this subject to date. who would think they are going to get a straight story? who would assume that he is going to be quoted accurately? and this practice now where they are printing allegations that the victim -- the alleged victim isn't buying, this is new territory. they did research that essentially vindicated the justice but it is being presented as a new attack on him.
7:36 am
and it is really appalling and each day there is a new revelation how they botched it. >> bill: you can see a lot of disingenuousness on the part of the reporters. the other day on the view they were saying one of the things they wanted to do with this book is show not just what an appalling teenage young life kavanaugh had led but that he had had 35 years of unimpeachable life thereafter. if that was the idea why was the excerpt what it was. >> sandra: kate kelly saying the intent was not to mislead anyone. >> zero intent to mislead anybody. we included the other unreported allegation because it seemed germane to the type of thing we were talking about. it was a somewhat similar incident. >> sandra: so that is her take on that. i was talking to bill not on that.
7:37 am
jessica, they are making the case this was not them. it went to edit. the facts were taken out in the editing process. final thoughts. >> it's a confusing trail. originally pitched as a news piece, it went to editorial. everyone wants to hang them out to dry. we need to see the book but i would push back on the idea there was no new information. there absolutely was new information. for a lot of people longstanding issues since those kavanaugh hearings with the justice's temerment and how exposed himself to be hot headed and yelled at amy klobuchar and lied about the devil's triangle and not being an alumnus and he talked about the clintons. he was use standard gop talking points in a hearing. >> sandra: do you think any of the democrats called for his impeachment based on the original report should speak out now? >> there are a number of people who think he should be
7:38 am
impeached. we've seen push back from high ranking democrats. the impeachment focus should be on president trump. >> angry when baseless allegations were made? >> nine supreme court justices at any moment. we should be able to find people to fill those positions who don't explode no matter what is happening right there and there are a number of people including the president of united states america who found dr. ford to be credible. >> sandra: rush limbaugh. >> i think that there is across a vast expanse of this country, i think that there are millions and millions and millions of americans who are quietly seething, quietly enraged over everything that has gone on here since trump was inaugurated. >> sandra: james freeman had a
7:39 am
reaction to that. 2020 democratic preference for the nominee biden the frontrunner polling 29%. he has come down each month since july. bernie sanders at 18%, warren 16%. >> i think biden is just hitting his stride. if you look at that recent debate where he is the one who is raising the big issue which is this $29 trillion hole in the popular among bernie sanders and elizabeth warren plan to take over american's healthcare. this is an enormous amount of money. we haven't figured out whose taxes will be raised to pay for this. this is more than the national debt. this is basically a doubling of u.s. taxation and we're still waiting for the details. >> bill: deep inside the polling, number 9. who will be reelected in 2020, 46% say donald trump. >> there is a strong sense that trump has a good chance here and i think that i would take
7:40 am
issue with james on biden hitting his stride. within some of the polls that we're looking at at the moment you can see although biden is staying ahead, the enthusiasm for him is in decline among democratic voters. the possibility that decline and the fact he is stumbling and his rivals are pointing out his age and questioning whether or not he can do the job. the possibility of buyer's remorse. if democratic enthusiasm for him is in decline and he gets the nomination the possibility of buyer's remorse in the general. >> there are two campaigns right now feeling good about their positions. joe biden and elizabeth warren. other campaigns of would be frontrunners like harris that are rethinking. bernie sanders has fired his political director. he knows he is in trouble. when i look at the polling i see joe biden maintaining.
7:41 am
49% african-american support. democrats cannot win the presidency without black support. that isn't how it works. he will continue to focus there. elizabeth warren i went to her rally is shifting to the general election. she did not mention healthcare. abolition of private insurance is not popular amongst democrats. we saw a poll showing joe biden's plan to be more power play lar. she is making the general election pitch saying i'm not afraid. do not be afraid. if you believe in the values i'm ex willing to vote for me. we don't know what electability means. >> sandra: the atlantic makes the case sanders supporters are jumping to warren. >> she has done a brilliant job of casting herself as the thing that democrats like. they love a wonk. it flatters their intelligence. she also comes over as a fighter. perfect combination. >> bill: happy birthday, james.
7:42 am
>> thank you. >> bill: how the president feel about the fed today? what does it mean today? charles payne is walking in now. come on, charles. thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪ today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice.
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for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. >> jay powell and federal reserve fail again. no guts, no sense, no vision. terrible communicator. charles payne is not in that category. does not please the man in the west wing. >> did not please president trump. i will say powell did a better job yesterday on the communications point and i think he understands that his verbal gaffes have actually had as much damage to the markets as some of the big mistakes -- >> sandra: that's the way it's always been. the markets hinge on every word the fed president or chairman
7:47 am
of the federal reserve says and whether or not he will keep his job. ed henry asked the president if he will keep his job, the response was interesting. here it is. >> i'm not thrilled with the fed. we have an incredible economy and no inflation. his job is safe, sure, why not? he has a job and i'm disappointed in him, very disappointed in him. i think he raised far too fast. >> sandra: it has been a common question lately whether or not he will keep his job. >> the legal debate aspect that's murky. his job as an expiration date. president trump may have a chance to appoint somebody else. bull ert voted for what president trump wants. president trump was vindicated this week when our financial system ran out of money and the fed has to pumped billions of dollars to keep currency into
7:48 am
the consistency. there was no hard dollars. the fed pumped in $75 billion. and the day before that and the day before that. if the fed hadn't taken so much money out of the system which president trump complained about, we wouldn't have been in that predicament in the first place. >> bill: homelessness in california. >> epa is saying this -- one story that is interesting is in sacramento, the groundskeepers union, 20 workers, five have been assaulted by the transients in that town. they're talking about going on strike because their job is too dangerous. one was as at a war memorial got assaulted and hasn't returned to work.
7:49 am
it's a major crisis. what they're doing inside san francisco and l.a. and places like sacramento to make it better, but the idea. >> bill: you can go to portland and seattle and find a similar situation. >> the richest areas in the country. >> bill: city officials allow it to happen wouldn't you agree? >> of course. they have their own rationale. it is not making the situation better for anyone. >> sandra: taylor swift, you know that song, "shake it off." taylor swift can't shake it off. why the superstar says she is obsessed with politics. ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> sandra: she was silent on politics during the 2016 election cycle. but now taylor swift says she is obsessed. carley shimkus is here with fox news headlines. what is she saying? >> i wonder if she will run for office one day. she says she is obsessed with politics. right now she is still a singer. she could afford the pay cut at this point. she did an interview with
7:54 am
rolling stone magazine and said she is obsessed with politics and also talked about when she found out that some people were wondering if she was conservative she said when she found out that she found it jarring because she didn't support hillary clinton specifically so she received backlash from liberals. then she also said this to rolling stone about why she is becoming more politically outspoken. i keep trying to learn as much as i can about politics and it is becoming something i'm obsessed with. whereas before i was living in a sort of political ambivalence because the person i voted for had always won. she goes on to say we were in such an amazing time when obama was president because foreign nations respected us. a lot of people are like me where they just didn't really know this could happen. she says she will get heavily involved in the 2020 presidential election. >> sandra: a piece where she
7:55 am
questions the celebrity activity. >> she said that she feels like celebrity endorsements hurt hillary clinton and it did put her on this pedestal of being a candidate that was out of touch with the american people and she is going to try to support whoever wins in a different way. >> bill: do you think she is on the stump in 2020. >> the stump, maybe a concert. who knows. it's interesting. is she a democratic socialist? what happens if bernie sanders or elizabeth warren wins? will she support those ideas as well? >> sandra: what is wrong with chocolate milk. >> nothing like the new york city department of education. the city is mulling over whether they are going to ban chocolate milk in schools because of the sugar content. they want kids to make healthy choices. backlash has been three-fold. some parents don't like it. bipartisan backlash from
7:56 am
lawmakers and the state farm bureau is angry because it could decrease milk sales. so i think that chocolate milk may live to see another day in the new york city schools. >> sandra: straight milk. >> this reminded me of that big gulp ban with bloomberg? >> sandra: do you like chocolate milk? >> i sure do. i'm a whole milk guy. new information on the airline mechanic accused of trying to sabotage a passenger jet. does he also have ties to terror? brand-new hour, top of the hour here on "america's newsroom." that's straight ahead. the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now... compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased by over 400%. and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital
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>> sandra: fox news alert. chilling new developments on the american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a passenger jet. the f.b.i. now investigating his possible ties to isis. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the his phone and forwarded a violent one with a message that allah should take revenge against all non-muslims. >> sandra: phil keating is live in miami with more. >> that airline mechanic admits he sabotaged that commercial jet but just to make some extra money, not to harm anyone.
8:01 am
after more than a month of the f.b.i.'s joint terrorism task force investigating this case and him, he remains not charged with anything terrorism related prosecutors suggested that terrorism could have been a motive. the result bond denied. the federal magistrate ordered alani continued to be held behind bars. prosecutors revealed f.b.i. agents found isis videos on his phone showing graphic killings and forwarded one video to someone urging allah to take revenge. that he flew to baghdad in march the visit his brother which the f.b.i. says he lied about. the flight with 150 passengers turned back before taking off after an error light with the navigation system appeared in
8:02 am
the cockpit. according to the pilot without a functioning navigation system it would have resulted in a crash. the defense team said in court that is not true as a second navigation system still worked and that the government is blowing this case out of proportion. alani's family flew into miami for yesterday's bond hearing saying nothing to the cameras. alani was born in irrelevant rack and a naturalized u.s. citizen. he is charged with one count of willfully damaging, destroying or disabling an aircraft saying if he thought he could force the plane back to fix the mechanical problem he would get more work and more overtime which did happen. if convicted on that one charge he faces a maximum in federal prison of 20 years in jail. he will be back in federal court in downtown miami tomorrow morning for his arraignment. that's where we'll hear whoo kind of plea he will enter and we'll be there. >> sandra: new developments there, phil keating, thank you. >> bill: also getting new
8:03 am
reaction to the president on a report from the "washington post" regarding a quote urgent whistleblower kam mraint. that matter reportedly involving one of president trump's interactions with a foreign leader. now moments ago the president responded on twitter. here we go. a long one. another fake news story out there. it never ends. virtually any time i speak on the phone to a foreign leader i understand there may be many people listening from various u.s. agencies not to mention those from the other country itself. no problem. knowing all of this is anybody dumb enough to believe i would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially heavily populated call? i would only do what is right anyway, only do good for the usa. catherine herridge picks up the story from there now. >> the intelligence community inspector general who oversees whistleblower complaints is inside a secure facility at the house intelligence committee at this hour. he arrived two hours ago and
8:04 am
they are in a closed classified session. an opportunity for both democrats and republicans to get their arms around the alleged complaint whether it reflects the "washington post" reporting it involved a phone call between the president and world leader. inspector general atkinson lays the table -- sets the table effectively for testimony next week from the acting director of national intelligence so that's the top intelligence official in the country john mcguire. democrats have accused mcguire of blocking congressional notification about the whistleblower complaint. there is a legal question whether mcguire can share intelligence that involves communication with the executive branch. on the sunday shows adam schiff laid out his concerns. >> the inspector general found it to be urgent and credible. they did preliminary investigation and found the whistleblower to be credible and involved serious or
8:05 am
flagrant wrongdoing and according to the director of national intelligence the reason he is not acting to provide it even though the statute mandates he do so is because he is being instructed not to. >> fox news hasn't confirmed the reporting of the "washington post" and based on our reporting this morning the outline of this complaint at least to us remains vague. if it does involve the president and his phone calls or a transcript of those phone calls, it is important to note access to that information is quite restricted so it would suggest a whistle-blower at a senior level of the intelligence community. >> bill: thank you for that. >> sandra: more on that in a moment. first that former airline mechanic with possible terror ties. let's bring in dan hoffman former c.i.a. station chief. the f.b.i. says they have evidence he purposely sabotaged that plane. >> and alani's alibi don't appear very credible to me that he was disturbed by a labor
8:06 am
dispute between the mechanics and american airlines. thanks to some very alert work, colleagues of alani that we averted what would have been a tragedy for 150 passengers on board that aircraft. >> sandra: furthermore they say prosecutors have presented evidence that he has ties to isis. >> i'm sure the f.b.i., the intelligence community is taking a hard look at alani and his social media whether he is a lone wolff or may have had a network inside the united states or overseas. the thing that causes me concern at least is he is in charge and responsible for working on airplanes. american airlines aircraft were hijacked on 9/11 and one would think they would run background check and reinvestigations of employees, even alani who worked for over two decades. they failed in this case. >> sandra: what is he saying
8:07 am
his motive was? >> he is saying his motive was he was disturbed about disagreements between the mechanics and american airlines over pay. he was reportedly receiving just under $10,000 a month and didn't feel it was fair. this is an odd way for him to take revenge on american airlines and put 150 people or more at risk. we hold the airlines to do something about this and assure us it is safe to actually fly on their aircraft. >> sandra: he is expected to enter a plea friday. we'll see what happens with that. meanwhile this whistleblower complaint that alleges the president said something inappropriate to a foreign leader we now have reaction from the white house. the president calling fake news. the fake news story that's out there. it never ends. he says that anybody dumb enough to believe that i would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially heavily
8:08 am
populated call. i would only do good for the usa. that was the president responding jaws few moments ago. >> i think from my standpoint i would caution viewers not to draw any conclusions. we don't know which foreign leader the president was allegedly speaking with or what the president allegedly pledged to do. there is a lot of unanswered questions. i hope it will be resolved without the usual partisan conflict that drives us into our separate corners without really looking at the facts. >> sandra: the president i want to make sure i got the rest of the words in there. he also tweeted out this was presidential harassment. in a morning where he hasn't tweeted that much these were the first tweets of the morning responding to the whistleblower story. he says every time i speak on the phone to a foreign leader i understand there may be many people listening from various u.s. agencies not to mention those from the other country itself. no problem. where do you see the story
8:09 am
going? it is still developing this morning as the white house responded. >> buckle up, it's still developing. i'm loath to speculate where it's headed as so many other things in this town. in this case the concern for me it might be used for partisan fodder and run through the political meat grinder. that shouldn't happen when there is a whistleblower. we don't have full access and we don't now to all the facts. i just think it is dangerous to draw conclusions either way. >> sandra: appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> bill: nine minutes past the hour nou. houston dealing with massive flooding, tropical depression imelda has moved through there. >> the reason it was dire from midnight to 3:00 in the morning the water was so high in the streets that if you weren't in a high water vehicle you couldn't go anywhere. >> a lot of flash flooding all the time there. more rain for texas and louisiana in the forecast.
8:10 am
why we're hearing conditions are worse than when hurricane harvey hit there. >> sandra: the president taking on california. this time over car emissions. a 16-year-old girl from sweden testifies on capitol hill. her message on climate change. >> i don't want you to listen to me. i want you to listen to the scientists. and i want you to unite behind the science. then i want you to take real action. ♪ limu emu & doug
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8:14 am
>> bill: from the middle east and israel benjamin netanyahu calling for a unity government with his rival bennie gantz. israel's two political parties deadlocked after a second election. israel's president will consult with both parties and decide who can best form a coalition government. >> there is a process by which our governments are required -- a due process underwhich our governments are supposed to act to try to deprive our people of their rights. the states have rights as well. we'll do what we must to protect the rights we've had for some 50 years. >> sandra: california's attorney general responding after the trump administration revoked california's authority to set stricter fuel emission standards than the federal government. katie pavlich is a fox news contributor. good morning. i know you have something to
8:15 am
say about that. >> look, another battle between california and the trump administration, the epa administrator gave an interesting speech to auto workers. during the obama administration the standards that california has gone beyond took only into account -- didn't take into account what it would cost the american consumer and the safety issue that it causes. so the administration is arguing because california has the strictest standards the automakers have to then comply with those standards in 12 other states follow the california model making it much more expensive for consumers to purchase new vehicles and therefore there are older cars on the road, less safe cars on the road. it is about protecting the environment, having a 50-state solutions in terms of emissions
8:16 am
and not allowing california to dictate the terms the federal government should have with automakers selling cars. >> sandra: california says it will challenge the trump administration decision on that. you look at some of the price tags for some of the democratic presidential candidates climate change plans including the highest price tag out there bernie sanders $16.3 trillion. kamala harris $10 trillion. castro $10 trillion. oh -- o'rourke put out a $5 trillion plan. it makes warren and bookers not look so big. hefty price tags they're putting out there. can the american people vote for that? >> let me give you more trillions. the national debt is inching toward $23 trillion. deficit at $8 trillion. these proposals are not sustainable in terms of costs and they actually don't impact the environment in the way democrats promise they will.
8:17 am
they will not bring down the global temperature. they will not make cars and energy and things like windmills for efficient. instead it overturns the economy, gives more control to the government and allows the government to regulate almost every aspect of americans' lives by calling it a plan to fight climate change. so remember aoc is the one driving this conversation with her green new deal and her chief of staff admitted the green new deal wasn't actually about solving the quote climate crisis. it was about turning the american economy from a capitalist system to a socialist one where the government is more involved with these kinds of regulations. >> sandra: meanwhile a little girl named greta sundberg has been getting a lot of attention appearing for a house hearing on capitol hill this week. >> people in general don't seem to be very aware of the actual signs and how severe this crisis actually is. so i just think we need to
8:18 am
inform them and start treating this crisis like the emergency it is. >> sandra: she is a swedish 16-year-old climate change activist. she appeared in that hearing just days after meeting with former president barack obama, by the way, some strong words from the teenager. what's the reaction been to that? >> the reaction is look, this young woman has a lot of ambition. she is clearly very strong in her viewpoints but it is interesting she is coming to capitol hill and the american government to lecture americans how they should be responding to what she calls a crisis. she claims there needs to be more information about the science but actually on the other side there needs to be more information about the hundreds of scientists who disagree with the projections of climate change and that it is all manmade and the big government solutions and global pacts are going to solve it. the united states pulled out of
8:19 am
the paris climate afford for a reason. it was really a pact to make everybody feel better about themselves. since we pulled out of the accord we've recused our emissions more than the countries still in it. i think americans are doing their part to reduce pollution, to reduce climate change and maybe she should focus her efforts on educating people in china and india which are responsible for the plastic in the oceans that we continue to hear about. >> sandra: an ambitious young teenager. spoken up to governments and weekly sit-ins. speaking at the u.n. climate action summit in new york. and by the way she did not fly to the united states. she spent two waex sailing across the atlantic on a zero emission sailboat. >> it was picked up by three people who flew in to take it back. >> sandra: nbc news is getting
8:20 am
mocked for gathering climate confessions they're calling it from supposed environmental sinners. they've launched this climate confessions section. in it are some of these notable confessions, i eat meat every day. i like my house to be 85 in the winter, 55 in the summer. deal with it. i just don't care about any of it. how did that go over with katie pavlich, that news section? >> the section is ridiculous. categories that they have, food, transportation, air conditioning, for example. they act as if you eat meat or engage in the action of turning your air conditioner on or heater in the wintertime you are committing a sin you have to confess for. becoming more like a religion every day and this idea that living your life in a way that is normal should be some kind of confessional is ridiculous. the outcry of the trolling that
8:21 am
went on proves that as well. >> sandra: some of them are some light hearted confessions i'll say that. others not so much. >> they aren't confessions. they're just a way of life. it is kind of silly. >> sandra: i don't know. you are quoted in the piece if you want to know more about it. katie, thank you very much. >> bill: the canadian prime minister justin trudeau in full damage control today. >> i should have known better. it was something that i didn't think was racist at the time but now i recognize it was something racist to do and i am deeply sorry. >> bill: that reaction as new images now emerge. we'll get a live report whether or not it can cost him his job. >> sandra: secretary of state mike pompeo calling the attack on saudi oil facilities is an act of war by iran. what happens next? >> all these countries saying they have doubts about the intelligence are lying. they know for a fact it was iran. they don't want to admit it. if they do they have to do
8:22 am
something about it. it was iran. i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪
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8:25 am
>> bill: this story breaking late last night. justin trudeau's campaign hit with a growing scandal. a photo out of the canadian prime minister wearing brown face at a party 18 years ago and learning there might be more images. laura engel has that in new york. >> some are calling this a damaging blow to the canadian prime minister's image just weeks ahead of the country's general election and justin trudeau confirming that a photo wearing brown face at a party is him and he has since apologized. "time" magazine first broke the story and push lishd photo from the 2001 year book where he worked as a teacher and shows
8:26 am
him wearing a turban and robes with face, neck and hands completely darkened as he posed during a party. this image has been a shock to many who consider the canadian liberal party leader a champion of minority groups during his nearly four years as prime minister. talking with reporters yesterday on his campaign plane trudeau said he didn't think it was racist at the time but now he knows better. >> i'm going to be asking canadians to forgive me for what i did. i shouldn't have done that. i take responsibility for it. it was a dumb thing to do. i'm disappointed in myself. i am pissed off at myself for having done it. i wish i hadn't done it but i did it and i apologize for it. >> political opponents taking action against him. the conservative party called trudeau unfit to lead canada while the leader of the new
8:27 am
democratic party called the image jarring. trudeau admitted last night he had done something like this before once in high school and says he deeply regrets these actions and is focused on moving forward. the canadian election takes place october 21. >> bill: laura engel with the update there. >> sandra: the remnants of tropical storm imelda triggering flooding in texas. the latest on rescue efforts underway. the investigation into the origins of russia probe zeroing in now on james comey's congressional testimony. what it could mean for the former f.b.i. director. >> you actually referred criminal prosecution to the department of justice for comey, correct? >> we're required by the i.g. act to send information that we've identified that could plausibly be criminal to the department. >> that's pretty monumental. n b
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> sandra: secretary of state mike pompeo calling the attack on saudi oil facilities an act
8:31 am
of war by iran. the white house weighing its options. tehran warning a military response could trigger an all-out war. here is senate foreign relations chairman james risch. >> this president does not want to go to war. he is not a war kind of a person. i was in the room when he made the decision, the difficult decision regarding the -- when iran shot down our drone last time. he wrestles with these in a very, very serious way. doesn't want to do this. but as he has pointed out, sometimes you wind up having to do stuff you don't want to do. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from the north lawn this morning. good morning. >> the secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way back to the united states where he will brief president trump upon both of their arrivals. the president is coming back from the west coast. pompeo has declared to be an act of war before leaving the middle east, he says he fully
8:32 am
knows who is behind this. listen here. >> i think it's abundantly clear and there is an enormous consensus in the region that we know precisely who conducted these attacks was iran. i didn't hear anybody in the region who doubted that for a single moment. >> pompeo pointed the finger at iran prior to today. the president has yet to make that declaration himself and the united states will make the case to the united nations to get broader support against iran. president trump saying he has plenty of options to respond but hasn't yet chosen what to do. >> president trump: we'll see what happens. a lot of things could happen. if we could have a peaceful solution that's good. never a stronger country militarily, not even close. >> iran threatening all-out war if there is a retaliatory strike. iran insisting it had nothing to do with the attack last
8:33 am
saturday but it is ready to respond. here is the foreign minister. listen here. >> i think it is important for the saudi government to understand what they are trying to achieve. do they want to fight iran until the last american solder? is that their aim? if that is the aim, they can be assured this won't be the case. >> why? >> because iran will defend itself. >> president trump turning the economic screws on iran planning for sanctions. the president tweeting a little while ago i have just instructed the secretary of the treasury to substantially increase sanctions on the country of iran. treasury has not yet detailed what the sanctions will involve. the president says they'll unfold over the next 24 to 48 hours. iran charging that the president is targeting ordinary iranian citizens in his zeal to try to bring down the regime.
8:34 am
we told you the manhattan district attorney had subpoenaed to president's accounting years for eight years of corporate and personal tax returns of the president. we thought there was going to be some legal challenge to that that would be mounted. we found that the president's outside counsel that the president has filed suit in the southern district of new york federal court to try to block those subpoenas. sekulow writing in response to the subpoenas we've filed a lawsuit this morning in federal court on behalf of the president in order to address this significant constitutional issues at stake in this case. while that suit has been filed it has not been published and put on pacer by the southern district of new york federal court but we should have it for you soon. >> sandra: john roberts at the white house. that's a lot. thank you. >> jim comey has been trying to spin that inspector general's report as vindicating him and giving him a clean bill of
8:35 am
health. the inspector general was so concerned by what he thought jim comey did he referred him to criminal prosecution. >> bill: how this action about the d.o.j. watchdog affects not only comey but the investigations in the entire origins of the russia probe. sol wisenberg. how are you doing and welcome back to our program here. you've read all the stories, interpret it for us. what do you think? >> well, we already know that the d.o.j. has declined to prosecute comey in connection with horowitz's referral on comey and how he violated department policy by leaking various non-classified and classified materials. he leaked the classified materials to his own attorneys. but there was something else that came out at the hearing yesterday. a couple of the congressmen
8:36 am
asked horowitz if he would look at or assess a new referral from them having to do with inconsistent testimony that comey allegedly made under oath at the congress and i can say that horowitz said he would certainly look at it and assess it. i would say it's very difficult to successfully prosecute somebody just based upon inconsistent statements they made under oath. there is one statute -- that's okay. >> bill: mark meadows, we asked him specifically about that last hour. is there an explanation for the inconsistency meadows was talking about or did james comey lie? here is part of his answer. >> james comey actually said that nothing that happened actually affected the investigation. and then we see in the inspector general's report that some of the conversations that he had actually changed the action that he took specifically trying to leak
8:37 am
things to get the special prosecutor installed. >> he went on to explain there might be an explanation but he is not sure. you watched this closely. was james comey lying and if that is the case, will he be prosecuted do you believe for that? >> i don't know if he was lying. it certainly doesn't look good if you say things that are inconsistent under oath. i'm saying as a practical matter you would have to prove that jim comey was lying. you couldn't just put out two inconsistent statements under oath. the reason for that is they were made in front of the congress. there is a federal criminal statute that basically says you can't say two opposite things under oath. if you do, all the government has to prove is if they were diametrically opposite. that only applies to court proceedings or grand jury proceedings. it doesn't apply to congress. sorry to call law nerdy on you.
8:38 am
as a practical matter they would have to prove perjury by comey and that generally is difficult to do. it seems to me that what they're talking about he could come up with some explanation for. >> bill: here is president trump with ed henry on the border. >> president trump: the report on comey was the horrible report on him. you'll have to ask the attorney general about whatever is going on. mccabe certainly what he has done is just despicable but we'll see what happens and where it all goes. i think there is a lot of things happening right now. >> bill: just we'll see what happens was the conclusion there. do you believe people go to jail or do you believe it just looks bad for a lot of individuals at high levels of the government? >> well, from what we've heard mccabe is going to be indicted. he did not convince the department of justice to decline prosecution. remember, the horowitz referral on mccabe was much stronger and basically said he lied on four different occasions and at least one of those was under
8:39 am
oath. as you know you can't lie when you are talking to federal investigators whether it's under oath or not. so assuming that he gets indicted, remember, he is going to be in front of a d.c. jury. something that people don't talk about as much as they should. you have a jury pool in d.c. heavily democratic that is going to be generally speaking very antithetical to president trump and it factors into the equation. they will bring an indictment if they think it's legitimate. mccabe's attorney is doing a brilliant job, i think, of trying to affect the jury pool pre-indictment by leaking the information undoubtedly incorrect that the grand jury may have declined to indict mccabe and then by basically leaking his position paper to the d.o.j. in which he argued against indictment. he wants that out there. he wants people in the d.c. jury pool to read it because he
8:40 am
is trying to affect the jury. he can legally do that until mccabe is indicted. once mccabe is indicted he is much more limited in what he can do. >> bill: sol wisenberg with the legal strategy and insight. thank you, sir. >> sandra: fox news alert. imelda taking a toll on texas, torrential rain in the southeast causing massive flooding near houston. officials calling it worse than hurricane harvey. casey stiegel is live in dallas. casey. >> that is in some isolated areas we should clarify. this is dropping a whole lot of rain. the heaviest is shifting as you saw from that radar loop, east of houston but houston metro is getting walloped with another band at this hour. no reports of any injuries with this. look at the video coming out of the small town of winnie, texas, rain coming down at 6
8:41 am
inches and hour. water was as high as six feet consuming roadways, a handful of water rescue carried out. the water already starting to go down in that community. further east beaumont, texas, parts of southeast louisiana now taking a beating. more than a foot of rain has fallen in some places there, flash flood emergency in effect. some homes have taken on water. houston's sheriff puts it this way. >> some of the best words were from one of the homeowners that said everything destroyed but everything is alive. all his damage was caused in two minutes. he was inside the house when it happened. >> the tropical system spawned a few tornadoes. baytown, texas was hit yesterday. video shows extensive damage to a handful of homes, cars and other structures. and right now as we speak there is a ground stop at houston's
8:42 am
bush intercontinental airport because of that system moving through houston metro now. a lot of headaches on a lot of levels. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: now we have a belligerent iran, turbulent middle east and a north korea that still has nuclear weapons. a lot on the plate of the new security advisor robert o'brien. our next guest knows him well. will policies change? >> president trump: robert o'brien is the new national security advisor. he has worked with me for quite a while now on hostages and we've had a tremendous track record with respect to hostages. f of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out.
8:43 am
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guaranteed monthly income for life. ♪ are we supposed to dance? ♪ boy bands without dancing are just ok. get a better than just ok unlimited plan with spotify premium included on america's best network. only from at&t more for your thing. that's our thing. >> it's a privilege to serve with the president and i look forward to another year and a half of peace through strength. we've had tremendous foreign policy successes under
8:46 am
president trump's leadership. i expect those to continue. we've got a number of challenges. but there is a great team in place with secretary pompeo and secretary mutschin and others. i look forward to working with them. >> sandra: president trump naming robert o'brien to replace john bolton as national security advisor amid rising tensions with iran over the saudi oil strike. harry kazianis is from the center of national interest and known o'brien for over a decade and worked with him on ted cruz's presidential campaign. thank you for being here, harry. what sort of views will o'brien bring to the president's national security team. >> the interesting thing is we probably won't hear a lot from robert o'brien. that's the distinguishing thing about him. he won't do a lot of tv or radio. he will keep the counsel of the president very private. in terms of the actual policies he will probably advocate. robert o'brien is known to be tough on china. he was one of the proponents
8:47 am
talking about the rise of china's military in 2011 when nobody was talking about that. he talked about a lot of the things the chinese have done in undermining our economy. worrying about the challenge from iran. he has seen these things going back before anybody else did. it's that foresight that will help president trump. >> sandra: as far as experience "the new york times" yesterday with a headline robert o'brien looks the part but has spent little time playing it makes the case he doesn't have the experience that would normally be required to fulfill the role. what experience does he bring to the table? >> that's such a garbage headline and a lot of people are turning away from "the new york times." he advised mitt romney in 2008 and 2012. advised scott walker in 2016 when he was thinking about running for president and ran during the primaries. in 2016 there was a competition to get robert o'brien on all
8:48 am
the various national security teams. he has written books on foreign policy. written countless op-eds. he knows his stuff and one of the people who digs through academic journals looking for the latest information. he really knows his stuff. i wish "the new york times" had done its homework on that. >> sandra: as far as his views he won't be as much in the public eye as perhaps john bolton was. when it comes to his approach to iran as we continue to see tensions escalate, a strike would be an act of all-out war according to zarif. how will his views play when it comes to rising tensions with iran? what is his approach? >> it depends on what the evidence is. secretary pompeo and others have said it's iran. others questioned it. robert will look at the evidence objectively. if he sees a smoking gun and proof positive that iran did commit an act of violence against saudi arabia and bomb
8:49 am
their oil fields, i think what robert will do is lay out the options to the president. i think robert will probably be in favor of a strike but he is not going to push that in the public. he will lay out all the options to the president and let the president make his choice. what robert will do, though, in any situation, even if he does not agree with the president, he will go out and make the best case for the president. robert is loyal and i think that's one of the reason president trump picked him. >> sandra: final thoughts on north korea and his approach. >> the most important thing is the rise of china and making sure we contain that. what robert will advise to the president is a deal where north korea begins to denuclearize and take off some of the -- so trump can focus on chain. >> sandra: great to get your thoughts and take on it this morning. >> is it happening or not is the question as organizer call off plans to raid area 51.
8:50 am
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8:54 am
respondents show up that's 20,000. the area is not friendly for humans. >> there is no water, no amenities, no resources, the invasion of this location is a crime. this area is home to scorpions, rattle snakes, and generally not an environment suited for human inhabitation. >> police arrested two dutch teenagers for trespassing but reduced to three days a one year jail sentence provided they leave the country. >> we take this crime seriously and people need to understand we won't put up with this kind of nonsense. >> three nights we have to spend here on thursday the 19th we can go back to the netherlands to our home country. so yeah. >> we didn't want to cause any trouble. it has gone a little bit out of hand. >> the raid itself is canceled but three events are planned. a bud lite concert in vegas.
8:55 am
they expect several thousand visitors and camping, cars and rvs. >> it feels amazing and we don't know what to expect in the next few days. right now this is the calm before the storm. and we're loving it. >> nearby at alien research center similar concert is planned there prompting police to protect a command center and utilities to bring in extra support. >> we have a very thorough strategy in place to cover almost every contingency, even the unforeseen. we're prepared for mass casualties if that were the case. prepared for a mass envision of the nevada national security site and prepared for a lone wolf. >> getting around food, sleeping. this party could be a bust or a blast. >> bill: keep us posted. william la jeunesse in l.a. >> sandra: one airline mechanic
8:56 am
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♪ >> the thursday groove on. the newsroom vault opening with a happy face. the smiley emoticon was developed in 1982. a carnegie melon professor thought about a colon and a parenthesis to make a smiley face. it morphed into the classic emoji as we know it. the emoticon that we know today was born 37 years ago. i still use it. i just the emoji sometimes,
9:00 am
sometimes the emoticon. >> what is your favorite expression. >> that one. >> you got one? >> yeah. >> okay. all right. maybe the nerd glasses for you. >> do you see it? see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. the war of words is heating up. iran's foreign minister has threatened all-out war if the united states or saudi arabia launches military strikes in response to the attack on saudi oil facilities. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today sunny melissa francis. anchor dagen mcdowell and jessica tarlov. in the center seat, we have bucks sexton on-time with his expertise. he's our


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