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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 19, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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this night. this is the story, thursday, september 19, 2019. "the story" goes on so we will see you back here in new york city tomorrow night at 7:00. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the canadian prime minister justin trudeau got caught wearing black face and a lot of people are pretending to be very, very surprised. but are you really surprised in fact you probably could have guessed it, actually. a little like finding out super sensitive brother-in-law the one who tells you a feminist the one always scolding you for your sexism is, in fact, hitting on the babysitter. of course is he hitting on the babysitter. the virtue is always a cover for the sin. that's the key to understanding the modern left. whatever they are accusersing you of doing, they are doing themselves but more enthusiastically. and that's definitely the story of justin trudeau.
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like your brother-in-law with the ponytail trudeau brags about being a feminist. use the wrong word in his presence and he will launch into a self-righteous lecture. he may be the most sanctimonious head of state on planet earth so, of course he was leading a secret life as a racist. that's why he is so sanctimonious so you won't notice. turns out there are now at least three separate instances of justice trudeau wearing black face and as he conceded today, there could absolutely be more. >> you left us with the impression there was only one other incident and since then global news has released a video which seems to show there was at least a third incident. so exactly how many times have you darkened your skin in makeup in an act that you yourself described as racist? >> i shared the moments that i recollected but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do. and i appreciate calling it makeup but it was black
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face. >> tucker: unacceptable. but he did it at least three times. maybe more. how many times have you worn black face? probably right around zero. try not to be judgey here or anything. but even adjusting for youthful indiscretion, three times on camera. that's a lot. it's an awful lot, actually. what's going on with justin trudeau? it turns out and he explained this today that justin trudeau suffers from an especially vir lent case of something called privilege. >> i have always acknowledge would that i come from a place of privilege, but i now need to acknowledge that comes with a massive blind spot. >> tucker: um-huh. got that? white privilege is the problem here that's trudeau's explanation. if you are not listening carefully, it might sound like justin trudeau just took responsibility for what he did. oh, but no. just the opposite. he transferred it.
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when trudeau blames privilege, is he moving responsibility for what he did from himself to the rest of us. in other words, i did something awful because society itself is rotten, therefore, and this is the key, therefore i need to keep telling you how to live your life. it's not a confession. it's a justification. and the only people dumb enough to buy it, are the news media. of course. the dumbest people in the world. over at cnn, for example, don lemon was deeply impressed. >> wow, a leader apologizing, it seems odd, doesn't it? i mean, because we have one who doesn't but he says, you know, he said he didn't think it was racist at the time. now he knows better. what do you think of that? >> i do have to say this before we go, think about it however you want to think about it, when somebody apologizes, wow! we don't -- we don't often
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see that here. especially a world leader who is saying i should have known better and i'm sorry. you can feel about it however you want. that to me that does mean a lot. i have got to go. thank you. >> tucker: it means a lot to don lemon it. really does. what a difference a year makes. remember all the way back to when megyn kelly found herself under attack in pretty much the same way, the difference was that megyn kelly never wore black face. she wouldn't do that she is not justin trudeau. she just made the mistakes of not seeming quite offended enough in a tv segment by certain halloween costumes. for that crime don lemon told us she must be destroyed. >> it's going to be honest. megyn is 47 years old. she is our age. there has never been a time in her 47 years that black face has been acceptable. i wonder how much diversity she has on her staff. i don't know. i'm not there i would imagine there is not a lot because people would have informed her. this is what people of the
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larger culture don't understand about racism and about privilege. >> tucker: um-huh. keep in mind and this is universally true. it was true of jimmy swigert and true of justi trudeau and probably don lemon. the more sang he gets a pass no matter what he does? i think you know the answer because, of course, have you seen it before earlier this year the governor ralph
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northam caught wearing black face. clanhood. he still won't tell us what it was. he was wearing black face or a clan hood northham the liberal democrat said he didn't need to resign over it. the left pretended to care for a my minutes, we are so upset and forget the whole thing happened. northam said the whole incident showed deep wounds in virginia. what he did showed deep wounds in the whole commonwealth of virginia. in other words, northam himself wasn't guilty of anything, black face or a clan hood, it was the people of virginia who were responsible. they had the collective guilt. and that guilt could only be by giving ralph northam more power. because that's what it is always about. always. it's about power. when you make a mistake, it means you are a sinner, and you must be damned. you probably don't have enough diversity in your office says don lemon. when they screw up. it's society's fault. meaning it's your fault. so they have got you coming and going. pretty nice, actually. it's a good trick.
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being woke means never having to say you are sorry. dave rubin hosts the reuben report on youtube and probably one of the world's reigning expert on sanctimony and a great opponent of sanctimony to his great credit and he joins us tonight. what's the lesson here of justin trudeau? >> you really cleaned that intro up at the last second. thank you for that. well, first off, oh, the web we weave when we call everyone alleys racist. look, your intro there was absolutely on point, tucker. no one really thinks at this very moment that justin trudeau is a racist. >> tucker: right. >> but why the rules that the woke left, that the progressives have sold us and forced on us, actually, he must now be taken down. his own people have to take him down. and it's so interesting because, yes, his comment
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the point here is these are the rules they have set and we know without question that if this was someone on the right that they would be going for blood. the knives would be out and they would be trying to take them down. i thought that was a really brilliant comment by maxine who is running against justin trudeau, actually, in canadian elections. is he from the people's party of canada. he said i'm not going to call justin trudeau racist, but i will call him the biggest hypocrite in the country. and i think for those of us that can now see this for those of us that can now see this for what it is, we have to make a decision and it's either do we let him slide, which is kind of what we want because we have all lived lives, we have all made mistakes. we all know we are only people of our time or do we
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finally say no, these are the rules that you set and you guys have to get out of way. why is ralph northam by governor of virginia by their rules not by our rules not by your rules but by their rules lowvment we going to play this game instead of always reacting to it. >> tucker: maybe the deeper question and i will leave you with this. why do we allow hypocrites to make our rules? why are we obeying their rules when they clearly have no moral authority to make them? >> look, that's a great question. and the real reality of it is that what the left has done is set up a bunch of fake rules by people who never play by those rules in their own life. i mean, and i say this as someone -- i was a progressive so i know what this thing is, right? and they set these rules up and they will tell you are a racist and you are a homophobe and you are a bigot and all of those things and it's not true. these accusations are actually starting to crumble because we are often seeing
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that they are the ones who are the racists and the bigots and the rest of it. they're the ones right now obsessed with skin color and obsessed with gender and sexuality. >> tucker: exactly. >> nobody on the right is what we have to do is figure out a unified way for those of us who are free-thinking people basically. we have to figure out a unified way to fight it. these are the same people by the way, tucker, who call you a racist. who call me a racist. who would love to get all of us off the air. and, in fact, they are the ones that are actually seeding the ground with -- >> tucker: that's exactly right. i'm not even interested in the subject. i don't think you are either. i find it completely boring. they're the race obsess sores. whatever they are accusing you of doing is what they're doing. dave reuben, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thanks, my friend. >> tucker: the former president of the liberal party of canada we are happy to have him on tonight. thanks very much for coming on. it's a little bit striking from the american perspective. if this were, i don't know, pick someone boris johnson who had been caught three times in blackface.
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the american media would be calling for him to step down immediately. they are not calling for justin trudeau to step down. why do you think that is. >> i think the canadian media has always you ad by justin trudeau. name by that. and a little timid. no question about that. i called today in canada for the media to be tougher on him traveling with him on his plane they never ask the tough questions. i just heard your interview, and your guest was absolutely right. trudeau is known as the biggest hypocrite in canada. it's not his privileged background. he is a hypocrite. he is fake. he is like a lot of worldwide liberals donating money to all -- taxpayer money to all their causes. it's do as i say, not as i do. he is only sorry, tucker, because he got caught. 20 years ago he did this. he's not sorry. he's sorry that somebody called him out. >> tucker: it does seem a little odd three times on video or in photographs
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wearing black face. that's a lot of blackface. i don't think of blackface as a particularly canadian tradition. he has got to be way above average for canadian blackface, no? >> well, he is an actor. and he has been acting very, very well for the last four years. a number of people saying you know what? we have had enough of this. what also is going on as i heard him say in intro i'm a feminist. and he hits on people all the time. last year a young reporter came up and said 18 years ago he groped her. >> tucker: um-huh. >> he has fired people for less than that he has ruined people's life for less than that. >> tucker: of course. would you let your daughter date some guy who calls himself a feminist. no because is he a creep. bill clinton was a big feminist and so so was ted kennedy he killed a woman. the alarm bells go off nice to see you tonight and i hope you keep pushing your media. [laughter] >> pushing the media and
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pushing against hypocrites. >> tucker: yeah, amen. those are two one way or the other causes. great to see you tonight, thank you. issues like wearing blackface were big news in part because the entire western world has become obsessed with identity politics. touch democrats in particular are going on to give you a thousand examples. just picked a couple out of the bin. during a recent rally in new york city elizabeth warren cast frontrunner campaign as one that excludes men. listen to this. >> i am especially glad to be here in washington square park. i wanted to give this speech right here and not because of the arch behind me or the president that this square is named for. nope. we are not here today because of famous arches or famous men. in fact, we are not here because of men at all. [cheers] >> tucker: yeah. because you don't biology is not real.
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georgia conspiracy theorist meanwhile and inevitable vice presidential nominee stacey abrams is explicit about how much she loves identity politics. watch this. >> ited at thiidentitypolitics. in fact i believe in identity politics. only politics that win. [applause] have identity too. >> tucker: what's driving this new obsession with identity politics and is there any way out of it; no one has thought more deeply about this than douglas murray. the author of the book have you got to read. the madness of crowds, gender, race, and identity. i was up late last night reading it. thanks for coming on. >> it's a real pleasure, tucker. >> tucker: deadly politics pushes so many emotional buttons in people that it's very hard to step back far enough as you have in this book to consider what it means. what's the point of this? why are they doing this? why are they doing it? >> well, there are several
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reasons. there are different groups of people. one group who just pushing this because this is naked politics. and this, i take each of these issues in the madness of crowd one by one, gay, women, race and trans. in each of these you see the naked root politics at some point. for instance, you get the thing where there are gay people who are conservative and, therefore, denounced by the gay press as no longer gay. i, by the way, have that again this week in america. then you get women who have the wrong politics, ie conservative, and they are said no longer to be feminists. have you black americans who have conservative politics and are denounced as no longer black. and this keeps happening. and those points you see, that's just naked politicking. you are using identity groups to batter down a political point. and that's undoubtedly the case with a lot of people. there are other things going
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on here, too. one of them i show in the book is just a continuation of an old marxist idea. you know, there were from the 1970s and 1980s on ward a group of people, marxists and post marxists for whom the working class had let them down. you know, the works class never did come up with a revolution in america. >> tucker: no, true. >> they wanted to get these new groups as they saw them identity group ethnic identity groups, racial identity groups. minority sexual identity groups. they wanted these people to all be brought together to further and actually this time bring about the revolution of the working class had proved such a loser for them on. so several things. but those two, i think, are the most pernicious and the problem i have with this, i just say, is that a lot of young people now growing up in america are being lied to, that this is actually about virtue. this is actually how they should spend their lives
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they should spend their lives following this appalling game. gays against straight, women against men. all ethnic group against each other. trans against absolutely everybody. and this is a terrible way not just to do politics but a horrible way to spend your life and we have to make sure that the next generation of young americans that are being wooed into this are wooed out of it. it. >> does seem like a recipe for division. i mean, at its core this politics is telling you to hate people on the basis of qualities they can't control. i mean, how is that resolved? how can you fix that? doesn't that end up in the worst possible place? >> we have to point out that the game they are inviting us all to play cannot be won. not just cannot be played specifically cannot be won. for instance they do this privilege game. people suffer from privilege
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and therefore, there is an example in britain earlier this week the guardian the main left wing newspaper said that david cameron, the former prime minister, may have experienced pain in his life like the loss of his eldest son, the death of his eldest son it was only privileged pain he had ever felt. imagine that. >> tucker: i can't imagine that. that's disgusting. >> you are trying to make a political point about privilege in order to bring some people down. and you decide yeah, well, he was one of the lucky ones he lost his eldest son because he is rich. this is the disgusting antihuman position people get to if they go down this route. they end up being profoundly antihuman and, you know, i just think that, again, we have to show people that these are not games that can be played or won. you can never work out where exactly somebody's privilege is. justin trudeau is an incredibly privileged person. >> tucker: i have noticed that. >> all of these people are
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playing this in american politics now. elizabeth warren is by any stretch of the imagination. >> tucker: i know but she is lecturing you on your privilege. douglas murray, come back. i hope you will join us once more. "the madness of crowds." i recognize this book -- recommd this book personally. >> thank you. >> tucker: chicago has done what beto wants complete ban on assault weapons. mismysteriously it hasn't stopped chicago from being america's murder capital. it's thursday that means final exam. we'll be right back. ♪ (aurelia) i did have hearing aids from another company,
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♪ >> tucker: awful story out of chicago. a-year-old boy executed in broad daylight. one of the many casualties in the murder epidemic in that city. our chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher joins us tonight with an update to the story. hey, trace. >> hey, tucker, in court prosecutors told the jury three members of chicago's gang went to a local park and saw 9-year-old lee playing basketball. they talked to him, played with him, earned his trust and then they offered to buy him a juice box luring him into a side alley. while two of the gang members stood watch the third allegedly executed the boy. several shots point blank from a .40 caliber handgun. and as gruesome and heart rendering as the crime sounds, investigators say original plan was to kidnap the boy, torture him by cutting off his fingers and ears and then kill him. and why was he shot? because his father is an n. a rival gang that the suspect believe was responsible for killing one of their family members.
5:25 pm
corey morgan who is accused of standing watch while the boy was shot and dwight, accused 6 pulling the trigger are being tried together. their defense attorneys are trying to pit them against each other. here is corey morgan's lawyer. watch. >> that execution of that 9-year-old boy has to come from one singularly evil person. not from a plan. >> turns out after the shooting dwight wrote a rap song where he jokingly referred to tie shawn as short with a lyric shorty couldn't take it no more. the original target was going to be the grandmother but the gang thought killing the 9-year-old would send a clearer message. he tried to retaliate for his son's death. he is now in prison for aggravated battery. tucker? >> tucker: beyond belief. trace gallagher, thanks so much for that rob schmitt is the spokesman for turning
5:26 pm
point u.s.a. and he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. you see this story and your heart breaks just at the human tragedy a 9-year-old boy executed during the day and then you wonder where is beto o'rourke? why isn't he in chicago right now talking about this? >> you know, the beto o'rourkes of the world, the mainstream media, they ignore stories like this because it doesn't fit their narrative. for beto to try to use gun violence as the tenth way to sort of resuscitate his failing campaign, it begs the question what are law abiding citizens going to do to protect themselves from the criminals? do you think these criminals will be registering their guns? do you think these criminal also be giving up their guns by the way even over labor day in chicago there were seven killed. 34 wounded. we hear these stories over and over and othe over again. we do not see them enough because they do not fit a mainstream media narrative. these people are working very hard to try to get
5:27 pm
another democrat, excuse me, to get a democrat in the white house in 2020 and when you look at cities like chicago. when you look at baltimore which i was just at last weekend. when you look at st. louis these things are happening in all of these cities that have been controlled by democrats for the last 30, 40, 50, 60 years. this is violence that is deeply affecting for affectin ag african-americans. there are other cities like that but the numbers are shocking. the number of people shot, the number of people murdered? >> yeah. >> tucker: to not cover that at all? what does that tell you? >> it tells me honestly that the media and the beto o'rourkes of the world are more -- they are more concerned with pushing their narrative than they are of the actual people on the streets. like your guest said before, he said that the left tells for instancforfriends wheafricay
5:28 pm
leave the democratic party they are not anymore. these policies have been hurting us for decades and decades and decades, they tell you you can't be a republican. look, let me ask you this. candace he would owens and larry elder will tell you. these young men in this gang that murdered this child. these people continuing to perpetrate this violence on these streets are men without direction. they are men that don't have jobs. they are men that did not have fathers in the home. and when you say this to your community, they tell you that you are not really part of the community, which is insane. >> tucker: and the feminists say you don't need fathers. >> which is completely insane. >> tucker: it always is. >> black boys need fathers. i'm telling you. >> tucker: all boys. >> all boys do but black boys in particular. when i read a story like
5:29 pm
this, it break mice heart for that child and it also breaks my heart for these men who have been lost and so many men like them across the country being lost. >> tucker: so many american men that we don't care about. >> thank you. >> tucker: beto o'rourke has explained his master plan repeatedly. he said he is going to send armed agents door-to-door to seize ar 14s and ak 47s. would that do anything to stop the shooting in chicago? no, it wouldn't. not one thing. maryland, for example already has assault weapons ban but baltimore still exists. what does that tell you? a former polster for bill clinton joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. this is an often asked question but never really answered. why are the places with gun bans, chicago and baltimore, for example, so much more dangerous than places where so-called assault weapons are common like vermont or new hampshire? >> you have to look at where the guns are coming from. in chicago 60% of the firearms that chicago police
5:30 pm
seize are coming from state like indiana with very weak gun laws. new york city and new york state 70% of the guns seized are coming from states with weak gun laws. new york city alone 9 out of 10 guns purchased and used quickly come from states with lax gun control laws. that is why 57% of americans believe there is too many guns in the street. >> tucker: let me ask you. >> makes us less safe. >> tucker: i have had this conversation for 25 years on television. so, of course, i have heard that before. but i have never understood why if all the guns in chicago come from indiana, then why doesn't indiana have a similar murder rate? >> because the guns are leaving. -- the guns are being shipped to metropolises. you just made a great argument. you just made a great argument for federal gun control. that's exactly why we need federal gun control. >> tucker: we already have federal laws against. >> we have federal loopholes. >> tucker: there are no loopholes. >> yes, there are.
5:31 pm
>> tucker: actually i know a lot about this. >> gun shows. internet sales. >> tucker: not internet sales the guns moving from indiana to chicago are moving by car not by fedex. they are not. >> how do you think they are purchased? >> tucker: that's against the law. it's not a loophole they are not enforced. a lot of guns in indiana. a lot of guns in vermont. there are a a lot of guns in maine. >> there is a lot more people in chicago and new york city. that's why the guns go to where the people are. >> tucker: oh it's just population then. >> no, it's the fact that we don't have -- >> tucker: that's not true. that's a lie. densely populated place with guns without a lot of murders. maybe it's something else. maybe it's not the guns. you know that's true how can you say. >> bullets killed that child. if those guns were taken off the street, if those guns weren't able to be purchased by people that did not pass background checks, then that boy may very well still be alive. >> tucker: that child wasn't killed with an assault weapon. hold on. >> i'm not talking about
5:32 pm
assault weapons. i'm talking about handguns. >> tucker: ban handguns too they are already banned. >> they are not banned. they should be required to be registered. that's why 94% of americans agree there should be universal background checks and 94% of americans do not agree the sky is blue. >> tucker: the guy who pulled the trigger accused of murdering a 9-year-old had a federal conviction not allowed to have a gun in the first place. that's the point you ignore every time people who break the law tend not to obey the law. >> how do they get the guns in the first place? >> tucker: from a state that doesn't have a murder problem? it doesn't make sense. >> if there is a way we can close loopholes to prevent people that should not have guns from having guns, i mean why doesn't trump support that? >> tucker: because it's not the problem. >> biggest show in the administration william barr out to capitol hill to try to get gun control passed. >> tucker: thank you. thank you. >> thanks, sir.
5:33 pm
>> tucker: might be my last gun control debate. sorry to inflict that upon you. climate change has become a new religion. what's a religion without religious vows? teen activists are now taking pledges not to have children. what do you think of that? next.
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>> tucker: well, just about every way climate activism the new religion of the left. not calling it science anymore. not pretending. sins using a plastic straw. dietary rules, eat crickets. no future, no children is getting teenage climate activists to vow not to preproduce. that's healthy not weird or anything. activists say a warming world is not one they want children to live in so don't have them. the author of panic attack, young radicals in the age of trump. he joins us tonight.
5:38 pm
i'm not sure since the shakers of northern new england there has been a religious movement against having children. it's been a long time. >> that's right. actually there is a history even in environmental act tim the number of people on the planet. people like pau paul ehrlich taken seriously that the world would be so crowded we would all starve and run out of food within the decade that's what ehrlich predicted. none of that came true. we didn't implement will any of the population controls they wanted. able to feed more people than ever. lifted a billion people out of poverty because, in fact, people are the solution, right? more people, smarter society we come up with ways to solve these problems. that's kind of what is sad about this. >> tucker: i had four of them myself. i'm for people. i think children are the answer, actually, and i mean it. i think it's a little bit
5:39 pm
weird people telling us you shouldn't have kids are also pushing for open borders as, for example, green peace is if population is the problem, why aren't they trying to limit ours? >> specifically with the kids we are talking about. i'm not even sure they take it seriously. like we are not supposed to take them literally. it's activism is a kind of social currency for them. it's cool. it's fun to be woke. it's fun to start a #and take instagram photos of you being super sustainable. do you know what i mean? it's a way of life for them that signals coolness. i don't know how to overcome that but that's what we are dealing with. >> tucker: that's a really wise observation. you are younger than i am so you have better perspective of it. there is some percentage take seriously and make them neurotic and unhappy. do you think? >> that's no way to live your life thinking the world is about to end. people who have that mentality are not happy well adjusted people. activists are always trying
5:40 pm
to convince you, trying to convince panic attacks. that's how they prove they are so committed to the cause. >> tucker: anyone describes themself as a activist should have no control over my life because by definition they are neurotic and weird. great to see you tonight. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> tucker: the war in afghanistan has dragged on for 18 years at great cost. our politicians here in washington refuse to let it end. are we anywhere close to victory? there is a brand new study on that. we've got the details which you are going to want to hear. first though time for final exam. how much of the weird things that happened this week do you know about? are you worthy of a world famous eric wemple mug? you will find out next. ♪ ♪
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stuck tuck time no >> tucker: time now for final exam to compete to show who has mastered this week's news and win a world famous much coveted eric wemple mug. susan li taking on brett larson of fox news headlines 24/7 and frequent correspondent for the show. >> good to be back. >> tucker: welcome. good luck. >> i will need it. >> tucker: i will not say who we are rooting for. >> oh, wow, the shade was thrown from the top. [laughter] >> tucker: just trying to be nice. brett larson is a formidable opponent. >> i don't know. >> tucker: i wouldn't want to be up against him. hands on buzzers. i ask the questions. first one to buzz in gets to answer the question. you have to wait until i finish asking before you answer. every correct answer is worth one point. get one wrong we take a point away. best of five wins. are you ready? >> okay. should i ask at the beginning of every question if it's multiple choice?
5:46 pm
>> tucker: i'm going to tell you. question one is, in fact, multiple choice. here it is. wait until you get all the options. which democratic candidate recently said if given the chance to debate the president she would, quote, wipe the floor with him was it a amy klobuchar, b kamala harris, c, elizabeth warren? susan li. >> b, kamala. >> tucker: b., kamala harris. is that true? >> if i do debate president trump, i'm sure it will be a competitive faceoff where either one of us could end up on top. >> really? >> no. i would wipe the floor with him. [laughter] >> tucker: wow. >> formidable candidate. it? >> is on. >> tucker: 1-0. moving to question 2. before we get to this question, we need to ask to you watch this quick soundbite. >> okay. take a look at this photo
5:47 pm
taken by reuters photographer yesterday as the president boarded air force one in mountain view, california, before he headed back to d.c. seems to be a little something poking out of his back pocket. zoom. in you can see a $20 bill. >> tucker: the president, cash hanging out of his pocket. the president asked what he was going to use it for. what did he say? >> oh, wow. >> tucker: what was money for. >> cash money. >> throwing down -- he was going to make it rain on air force one. >> tucker: might want to hit the buzzer before answering. >> brett, i defer. >> i will hit the buzzer. i'm probably going to go in to negative territory. i was going to guess he was going to buy somebody a hat. or some swag. >> tucker: was the president going to buy someone a hat, or swag according to the tame. >> according to the "wall street journal" the president was asked on air force one mr. president, do you keep money in your back pocket?
5:48 pm
and he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a great big wad of bills. and he said when was the last time you had to pay for anything. he said it's been a while but i do like to leave tips in hotels. >> tucker: interesting. >> technically. tips is swag. >> tucker: definitely wrong but a great guess, i thought. and bold of to you make it. interesting you sort of wonder where does the cash come from? i don't think there is a cash machine in the west wing. >> good question, actually. is there an atm in the oval office? [laughter] >> tucker: not that i know of. question three. multiple choice, joe biden once had a conversation with a terrifying gang leader called corn pop. corn pop was waiting for biden with a rusty razor but joe biden had his own weapon. was it, a a wooden stick? was it b, nail studded nunchucks or was it c a chain? susan? >> c, chain.
5:49 pm
>> tucker: you think it's a chain. did he bring a chain to a straight razor fight? >> used to be chain that went across the deep end. cut off the six foot fold up you walk out with that chain and i walk to the car and say you may cut me, man, but i'm going to wrap this chain around your head. >> wow. >> face down corn pop. susan knew that. >> i knew it too. i just didn't hit the buzzer. >> street fight. >> i always bring a chain. i bring an iphone chuck it at somebody. >> tucker: wise man. question four, this question is multiple choice. a woman in california was dreaming, she said, about being trapped on a train when she swallowed something very valuable. what did she swallow as she slept? was it a a diamond necklace? was it b, a gold tooth? was it c an engagement ring? >> brett larson? >> it was c an engagement
5:50 pm
ring. >> tucker: i would have guessed the grill. that's just me. was it c an engagement ring? >> having a dream that we were on a cargo train and it was dangerous situation and bobby told me, you know, you have to swallow your ring. >> listen, when in rome. >> went to urgent care told the story and there it is. >> tucker: you are now at no longer negative territory. our final question is a 2 pointer. so you could, if you answer correctly, bring it up to par. here it is. and this is multiple choice. >> oh, okay. >> tucker: scientists have discovered that the asteroid that they believe killed the dinosaurs was as powerful as how many atomic bombs? was it as powerful as a, five atomic bombs? b, 100 million atomic bombs, or c, 10 billion atomic bombs? >> i am going to go with b,
5:51 pm
100 million. >> tucker: was the dinosaur killing as tore rode as powerful as 100 million atomic bombs? >> a lot of fire power. >> jurassic park. >> there is stunning new research on 24 hours after giant asteroid smashed into the earth with the force of 10 billion atomic bombs. scientists say the planet was engulfed in wildfire and massive tsunamis and the sun was blocked out. >> tucker: takes a lot to kill a t rex. >> i hate to admit it i did that story i should have remembered that. >> tucker: we end it 2 to 2 unfortunately brett your 2 is a negative 2. [laughter] >> i was just tired of winning. >> tucker: you are getting an eric wemple mug. >> you get a wemple mug. i have a growing collection so now you get one. >> tucker: you guys should have a wemple coffee class.
5:52 pm
see you next week, susan. breath, we always see you and can't wait to see you again. >> i will be back. >> tucker: pay close attention to every weird thing that happens around the globe all week. tune in thursdays to see if you can beat our experts. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: over the past couple of weeks, there is been the neck of money is debate over the president's afghanistan policy. president trump has decided after 14 years, 2400 deaths, and a trillion u.s. dollars spent, enough is enough. he wants to and make the war and bring american troops back to the united states. the department of war lobby in washington is outraged by this idea. trump's plan because his final break with security advisor john bolton, basically stormed out over it. some think trump is a traitor for negotiating with the tele-
5:57 pm
band, others say it withdrawal will tray afghan women, it's currently a harry flashman could've told you that. none of these debates about afghanistan policy are taking place in reality. they are imagining facts and a war effort not being waged and the expert know it very well. earlier this month, the center for international studies, the top think tank in washington, published a draft report that lays out the truth what's happening in afghanistan has been for 18 years. america has likely already lost the war there, but our military leaders are hiding the truth of that. the afghan central government is "corrupt, ineffective, weak, and deeply divided," despite billions spent on trading and equipment, the afghan national army is essentially useless. it remains completely dependent on american forces to do
5:58 pm
anything. think about that for a minute after all these years. it's disgusting. despite immense economic aid, the economy of afghanistan is in shambles and the getting better. did we say despite aid? because of aid, because that's the nature of ada. it keeps people dependent and inefficient. it never works. instead of telling the truth of this, our leaders bury the truth. all the details, all the facts. in 2018, official estimates show that the afghan government is losing control over the country. that's bad. the u.s. government has stopped provided official estimates. if you don't like statistics, stop collecting them. that's the truth about the war in afghanistan. we aren't winning. nobody cares what max boot says. bill kristol. john bolton. the only way we can win this war is by sending tens and hundreds of thousands of troops over there, spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and in
5:59 pm
likelihoods killing hundreds and thousands of afghans. would it be worth it? we would restart the war from scratch and nobody is willing to do that despite the posturing. besides accepting that reality, that is the reality, and ending the war, washington continues to pretend we are trying to win when everyone knows we are not. every year thousands of american soldiers continued to be torn away from their loved ones month on ends at great cost to them and their families, fighting a war that our leaders aren't willing to win and are too prideful to end. 17,000 17 if we say more will continue to die and every single one of them will be an american life wasted, thrown away for the vanity of like john bolton, max boot, and bill kristol. that is not a good reason to stay. that's it for us tonight. a whole hour has through our fingers through we hope you join us tomorrow night. and every week night at
6:00 pm
8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and totally sincere and me of lying, come paucity, smugness, and group think. he is hosting the 9:00 p.m. hour tonight. >> sean: i disagree with you about bolton, times are different in 9/11. here's where we do agree. i want the next generation of weaponry in this country. i want offensive and defensive weapons, so we don't have to put boots on the ground. we kind of did in syria, we beat back the caliphate, i want them pushing buttons in tampa, not going door-to-door in iraq and afghanistan. that needs to be the future. very smart. >> tucker: i agree with you on that. >> sean: tucker, thank you. busy night tonight. the corrupt, lying, rage and


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