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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." millions of school children across america, and, in fact, around the world skipped school today. they weren't playing hooky. they were, instead, participating in a coordinated, left wing, political protest. it was called climate strike. so, naturally, msnbc was there to cheer them on. >> new york city is the home base for these protests. school officials, public school officials, are allowing nearly 1 million students to cut classes. >> some of the signs by the way i have seen so far for this rally absolutely fantastic. >> look, i'm not in favor of encouraging people to skip class. but if there is a cause that is important, this is it. so, good on you for going out
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there and telling people what really matters. congratulations to you and those like you around the world. >> tucker: congratulations on skipping school. throughout the day news anchors assured their viewers that the strike was in fact being led by the kids. they were lying, of course, like all activist movements climate strike by adults for political purposes obviously. the other lie you heard today is the strike was about the environment. it was not about the environment. the main goal of the protesters in this country for example was to implement alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. you will remember from just a few months ago that the green new deal is not about the environment. in fact, ocasio-cortez' chief of staff conceded as much. we're quoting now, "we really think of it as the how do you change the entire economy thing," end quote. but that shouldn't surprise you. the environment movement itself has all but given up on the environment. don't believe it? look around. is our country cleaner than it was?
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no, it's dirtier and more crowded, and it gets more of both of those things every year. the left doesn't care. they are cheering it on. why? because they want power. and in climate change, they found an emergency big enough to justify grabbing more power. in fact, taking control of everything. don't believe it? check out the manifesto of youth climate strike, that's one of the groups leading today's strike. the document calls for, among other things, state owned banks, single pair healthcare. affordable housing, is expanded rights for sexual minorities, et cetera. now, you may agree with those political goals or you may disagree. but what do they have to do with the environment? obviously, nothing. but whatever, full speed ahead. bernie sanders, among others, is now demanding that the united states begin admitting what he calls climate refugees in to our country. maybe in your neighborhood. that would include everyone south of miami or north of
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buenos aires, all now have a right to move here because climate. what are the chances of something like that passing congress, you ask? well, right around zero. congress will never pass a law allowing that. and so that means in order to get what they want, progressives will have to bypass congress, not to mention voters themselves. and they would like to do that. watch as colorado senator michael bennett explains that the main thing in the way of his climate agenda is, yes, democracy. >> i think this is a test that's not well-understood by some of the candidates in the race, and not well-debated, is our democracy up to this task? and that is a really nontrivial question because i mean it clearly isn't right now. >> so far we have not. we haven't been. and when you lose a national race as we did in '16 to a climate denier, that creates a real concern. >> tucker: is our democracy up to the task? if you are even asking that question, you are missing the point, because democracy is the point.
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damn democracy, says the left. standing in the way of us getting detail of every life have to do something about that. that is their position. in the meantime, though, the left has a backup plan. it's the same as always has been. propaganda. another demand of the youth climate strike group is what they are calling, quote, "comprehensive climate change education." they want it for children aged 5 to 14. 5 years old. why so young? well, because, we are quoting here: impressionability is high during that developmental stage, end quote. in other words, brainwashing is easier when they're little. and then you have the modern left's climate agenda. no drinking straws, no automobiles, no meat, no democracy. in their place, endless propaganda and a parade of 15-year-old red guard yelling at you to stay in line. that's what they are promising. all of a sudden, the future really does look bleak, and
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it has nothing to do with rising temperatures. joe bastardi is chief meteorologist at he is author of "the climate chronicles." we are happy to have him back on the show. joe, thanks for coming back on. >> well, i appreciate it. >> tucker: what do you make of adults telling kids to leave school and join this protest? do you think that's scientifically justified? >> well, i think it comes down to the fact that these people pushing this, if i may quote, the whole aim of practical politics, was said by h.l. minken many years ago, is to keep the public alarmed and clamoring to run to safety. his really telling quote was the urge to rule, or the urge to save humanity, is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. if you just go back in history and look, you would see how that has come about. now, what i do for a living,
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i was taught from when i was a kid, you know, i was really in to the weather. my father was a meteorologist, said you have to look at the past. you have to look at the past. if you can use the past, you can project into the future. you will be able to use that. and what you see going on here is mass -- if i may say -- ignorance of what the weather has done before and the idea that there is nothing you can tell me that happened before that is worse now, and consequently, we have this big crisis, when the earth is greener than it's ever been. climate deaths have been plummeting. you have more people living longer, making more money, and there is a moral and ethical case for the advancement of mankind through fossil fuels. you are seeing it happen. tucker, a lot of these kids are benefiting from the very things they want to get rid of. and it's really kind of interesting to watch all of this from my angle because when i sit there and i look and understand, as a
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meteorologist, what i need to do to supply a bottom line forecast to a client, like, for instance, we had clients in houston, warning them late last week that this melda that came in was going to be a bad situation because of looking at past situations like that, i look at what is going on here and there seems to be total ignorance of what happened before if that happens fall for anything someone is pushing. >> tucker: they are telling kids, and kids are repeating this, and clearly they believe it, that if we don't, quote, do something, and something dramatic, that life on this planet, human life, will end. is that true? is there science to justify that fear? >> no, that's absolutely not true. first of all, let's say the average temperature of the planet is 0.3 celsius above average in the satellite area. all that means is that the warmth was outdueled the cool over the entire planet
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by 0.3 celsius. you and i can't feel that. and in addition, the warming is distorted. it is occurring mostly in areas that are very cold and dry during their winter season. and that's skewing this whole thing. you know, you were just talking about the climate refugees. the area between south america and mexico has warmed very little compared to the artic in its winter and the artic in its summer is not warming at all. so, what's happening is they say, this is the hottest ever. paint the entire planet red, and when you look at the details of the temperatures, all it is doing is warming, according to the increase in water vapor, due to the cyclical nature of the oceans, tucker. and water vapor is the number one greenhouse gas, and it's a big kahuna in the shooting match, and the kids know nothing about it. all they know is co2, co2. >> tucker: it's going to be hard to ban water vapor, i would think, but maybe they
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will try. thank you. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: appreciate it. well, the left's global warming power grab has moved so fast that even some on the sympathetic sidelines can't keep up with it all. yesterday, for example, poor stephanie raul over at msnbc acted like a confused time traveler from the '90s, defending a democratic party that no longer exists. >> republicans like to paint the most ambitious plans as those led by wing nuts. making it look like democrats want to take away your straws. your ability to fly in an airplane, and take your cheeseburgers away. we know none of those things are actually true. >> tucker: yeah. we know they are not true because we don't own a television set. and so we don't know what they are saying. poor stephanie raul, the climate tribunal will frown. in reality, several cities have literally banned plastic drinking straws and democratic candidates are promising to take that ban nationwide while cutting
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back, by the way, on burgers as well. >> do you ban plastic straws? >> i think we should, yeah. >> but would you support changing the dietary guidelines? >> yes. >> you know, the food pyramid. >> yes, yes. >> to reduce red meat specifically. >> yes, i would. >> it's good for the environment and good for your health if you eat less meat. certainly, meat is an extraordinarily expensive thing to produce. >> tucker: yeah. they want to control what you eat. they are not embarrassed about it, and they plan to, if they get the power, and because climate change is existential crisis, they may get the power. some visionary democrats are even looking further ahead into the future, to a time when they can ban people from owning cars. >> what, physically, do you think we will do differently than we do today, that will result in us fighting climate change? >> well, i mentioned before that we might not own our own cars. our current car ownership and usage model is really inefficient and bad for the environment. if you have, for example, this roving fleet of electric cars that you order up, then
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you could diminish the impact of ground transportation on our environment very, very quickly. >> tucker: ned ryan is ceo of american majority, he joins us tonight. ned, thanks for coming on. as you watch kids standing outside schools, getting interviewed on msnbc, or testifying before congress, express what seems to be totally sincere terror? they are really afraid because they have been told by adults in their lives to be afraid. what's your response to that? >> this is the end result of being indoctrinated and brainwashed for years inside of our education system, which i would add, tucker, is going to have very serious consequences for our future, if you look back in our history, and indoctrinating the youth with propaganda has very negative consequences for a nation's future. but it is pretty amazing to me how democrats are lying through their teeth, and yet, at the same time, being actually pretty honest about this. you mentioned aoc's former chief of staff. but the u.n. climate chief even admitted at one point that the paris climate accords were really about going after the frequent
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free market capitalistic system. and isn't it kind of fascinating but utterly predictable, tucker, every solution that the democrats are offering in the face of this existential crisis, is somehow more government control of the economy and, again, more control of our personal lives? can we eat meat? can we have cars? can we use real straws? again, this is the thing, fear mongering to back door socialism and cores to socialism, and i call that communism. >> tucker: well, the reason you know that everything you have said is true is the country that is spewing more co2 into the atmosphere than any other, by far, is china. they are continuing to build coal plants at quite a pace. the left never says word one about china. so, if it was about climate change, china would be considered a criminal. but china is a hero to them. weird, huh? >> it is weird. these people that are claiming this is existential crisis -- if it really is you should declare war on india and china tomorrow to save the planet from all of the pollution that they are doing.
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but the thing that troubles me, again, china is probably cheering, hoping for and rooting that some fool will get into office will use all of these things to annihilate our economy, and they will be laughing and triumphing over the ashes of the united states economy and what it used to be before all of this was implemented. the fact of the matter is democrats have nothing to offer. they know that this climate change, all of the models, even look at michael mann last month, there are real question marks about his hockey stick and the data underlying that. their proof is falling apart and now they are really ramping up the hysteria in hope that nobody notices they can somehow grab power around implement all of these idiotic ideas. >> tucker: this is sincere question. are you familiar with any climate change proposal the left is currently backing that would not increase their power? >> no, absolutely not. that's the one common theme across the board of every democrat, what they're offering is increased government control over our economy and over our personal lives.
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again, it's nothing but socialism. we all know that and they are hoping that enough americans are not watching that they will be able to grab power before they actually wake up and realize dear god, we have actually given these crazy socialists power over our lives to continue annihilating our future and taking away life choices from us. >> tucker: ned ryun, joining us tonight. thanks, ned, good to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: climate alarmists have successfully propagandized some young people into taking vows not have children. probably the most perverse thing you could do to a child. in more and more countries around the world, the danger is not overpopulation. in fact, it's the opposite. it's plummeting birth rates. that's the problem we face in this country. executive director of the american conservative and he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so, in the face of falling birth rates, below the replacement number in a lot of parts of this country, is it a little strange to see people pushes kids not to have children?
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>> it's incredibly strange, tucker. and according to the study that you cited, the real crisis, the real existential threat to this country and to the west in general is that in 50 years, there will be more people living on this planet over the age of 65 than under the age of 15. now, this increased aging population is going to create an intense burden on the younger generations, and there will be a shortage, both of manpower to take care of the elderly and also financial resources in order to pay for their healthcare costs and their medicine. i am all in favor of conservatives, of democrats uniting together to help steward the environment and to promote conservation. >> tucker: me, too. >> i, however, draw a bright red line when they ask us to consider losing our humanity in order to save the planet. let's be clear. there is nothing more human. there's nothing that makes us a better person, than getting married, than raising
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children, and taking care of our own elderly parents, in-laws, and grandparents. that's what makes us a good person, and that's what makes us a good society, and a healthy culture and country should promote family formation, not discourage it. >> tucker: amen, nicely put. sometimes, when i watch these conversations, as someone who sincerely cares about the natural world. i think -- i'm not listening to people debate science. i'm not listening to people offer up policies, what i'm watching is a kind of sad psycho drama people howling at their parents enraged. this grows out of something that has nothing to do with the earth, at all. >> no. it's really crazy. and we need to flip, you know, the situation on our head. we really need to start investing in policies that promote the formation of families. that's what makes for a healthy society. one country, tucker, that we should take as an example on
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this is the country of hungary. they are investing, right now, in about 5% of their g.d.p. in promoting family formation through programs like paid family leave, as well as other programs that reduce mortgage loans and student loans for those who have larger families. and the results have been very positive. the number of marriages have increased over the past 10 years by about 40%. the number of abortions are down 30%. and the fertility rate is up by 20%. we need to consider what proposals we have that would work here in america. and i think, with 15 months left in the president's first term, it's time to put paid family leave front and center at the agenda for republicans. 74% of americans of both parties promote paid family leave. it's very dear to the president's daughter, ivanka's heart. and it would be very popular among suburban voters, and, in fact, it's the right thing to do.
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it would help to create a more healthy society in america. i think it's time president trump make good on his promise to end the forever wars in the middle east. we're currently spending $150 billion a year pouring money into the dessert in afghanistan. let's end those wars and rebuild america, and there is no better place to start than with the american family. >> tucker: maybe more important even than private equity. i agree with you 100%. johnnie, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: michael flynn's lawyer says the government is hiding evidence that could exonerate flynn. he joins us in a minute to tell us what that evidence is. plus, bill de blasio ended his hopeless presidential bid today. we're going to dance on his political grave in a minute. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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♪ >> tucker: russian collusion story wound up being a total sham, utterly fraudulent, and, yet, amazingly, still managed to deprive many people of their freedom, their reputation, and their fortune. former national security advisor michael flynn was one person destroyed completely by it. now flynn's attorney says the government is currently hiding evidence that could help her client. sidney powell is michael flynn's lawyer and us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: you believe the government is hiding evidence that's exculpatory. what evidence are they hiding?
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>> i think there are a number of things, from the actual original fbi report to substantial reports from the defense intelligence agency that show how closely he was working with the dia on all its foreign contacts, from the time he left the agency until he returned into the administration. there are multiple documents the fbi and doj have that show him being a russian agent january 30th, 2017 before he left the white house, that they exonerated him of any logan act violation or lying of the agents, and yet, somehow, it gets passed off to mr. mueller and new charges generated. the entire affair is stunning and very concerning. it should be to every american. >> tucker: it is. confusing to a lot of people. not exactly clear what mike flynn is accused of doing wrong. back to the government's behavior, you want documents that they will not turn over? am i reading that correctly?
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>> that's exactly right. we filed a motion to compel them to produce all the documents in their possession that are favorable to the defense in any way or would impeach their witnesses. for example, we still don't have the unredacted page strzok text messages. we don't have the original fbi report. we don't have any number of documents, that they either decided they are classified so they're keeping us from us because they are claiming classified, or just keeping it from us, period they are >> tucker: they are not allowed to do that, are they? the i thought the whole idea the i thought the whole idea of a trial required them to turn over all relevant documents to you. >> you would think that. that's what the court held in brady vs. maryland. it takes a court order to get them to do what they are supposed to do. judge sullivan is a judicial hero of my book "license to
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lie: exposing corruption in the department of justice," in which he reversed the conviction of ted stephens and threw out the whole case for the government's egregious misconduct and hiding evidence. so i'm strongly hoping that he will do the same thing here. i think that's going to be exactly what needs to happen. >> tucker: you ought to have the relevant documents. that's just ridiculous. sidney, thanks so much for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: here is an amazing story. get your handheld calculator for that one. manhattan transit is planning to add elevator and escalators to 66 existing subway stations. now, that's going to cost money, of course. the question is how much will it cost? guess. no, more. no, more. no, a lot more than that. here it is, the final estimated cost adding elevators is $5.2 billion. that's almost $79 million per subway station.
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that's 36 million for every escalator or elevator they plan to add. $36 million. that would be enough to cover a year public college tuition for 462,000 american young people. this is demented. it's insane. it doesn't cost $36 million to build an elevator. somebody in new york city is getting rich off of this while everyone else gets shafted. no wonder people are fleeing that city as fast as they can. and they are. sadly. one person who fled the city for many months was the mayor of the city, bill de blasio. he launched a vanity presidential campaign and was on the road basically for the better part of a year. just two weeks ago, he came on this program, and he said that he was in the race for the long haul. >> tucker: are you planning to stay in the race?
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"the new york times" reported that -- >> yeah, i said very clearly my goal was to get into those next debates. and that's a month away until that cut off period and i'm going to get ideas out there like the discussion we are having on automation. i'm going to put ideas out there that i think are going to be meaningful to people. if more and more people vote with their feet and provide donations and anyone who hears these ideas and like them, go to bill de even a $1 donation helps me get into the next debate. for presenting ideas like this that actually could change things for working people. i think the more i get out there with that, the more chances are that i can get into those october debates. >> tucker: uh-huh. go to bill de people wanted to do that. de blasio used his run for president to push an agenda as radical as beto o'rourke's. he said he could do that without abandoning his city. >> so, i have been underdog any time i have run for anything. and i have had the privilege of never losing an election so far. >> there's plenty of money in this world. there's plenty of money in this country. it's just in the wrong hands. >> we cannot have assault weapons in our society.
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we have seen the devastating impact. they need to be banned. buyback is the obvious approach. >> i have been working constantly throughout the last four months on things that really matter to new yorkers. >> tucker: [laughs] yeah. kind of hard to prove one way or the other. we are going to take him at his word that he really was working very hard on behalf of new york city. but if he was doing that, he was doing it very quietly. he was so subtly industrious that nobody noticed. in the month of may, de blasio logged just seven hours in a month at city hall. citizens started posting wanted posters for the mayor. seth barron is associate editor at city journal he joins us tonight to assess the now terminated campaign of bill de blasio. seth, good to see you. he got out of the race today. announced it on live tv he was getting out. surprised nobody. now that it's over, what did it amount to? >> let me just say, tucker, that i think you are seeing this the wrong way.
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he decided not to be president. and he has come back to serve the people of new york as the mayor. no, but in all seriousness, what did -- where do we go from here? you know, he is facing a lot of challenges, as you pointed out, the subway is a mess. homelessness still as big a problem as before when he left. the schools aren't doing so great, even though he gave a million kids a day off today. half of whom can't read or do math at grade level. >> tucker: so what was the point of all that? he jumped in the race. it didn't seem like he could ever win. do you think he thought he could get the nomination? >> i think he was trying to raise his national profile. he is thinking about his next job. he is term-limited. he and his wife are apparently very concerned about money. and, you know, he probably thought that this would be a
9:31 pm
good way to get himself in the position for a, perhaps a cabinet post, or head of the dnc, or that type of thing. >> tucker: did it work? do you think anybody watched his run for president and thought, you know, i didn't really give bill de blasio credit, he is a very impressive guy? anyone reach that conclusion? >> the big question now, tucker, is where is he going to throw all his support? which democratic candidate is coming to him to get, you know, his 0.3%, or whatever it is. >> tucker: the coveted bill de blasio endorsement. >> i don't know what he was up to. the people most upset about it, though, are his staff. because he is not a nice person, face-to-face. he is going to come back and be grumpy. >> tucker: seth barron, great to see you tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: "the washington
9:32 pm
post," a loathesome political operation pretending to be a newspaper, is now targeting ben carson carson wants to protect abused women. the newspaper doesn't want him to. we are not making it up by the way. ben carson, secretary carson joins us after the break. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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ms does suck. ms mucks with your central nervous system, almost everything about your body, your muscles, your organs, your ability to speak, your ability to understand, your ability to move. ms took everything from me, everything i thought was important, everything i valued. i used to jump on a trampoline and swim with the kids. ms has effected me being a mom because, i'm sorry. despite ms, i will keep riding my bike. i will continue to be the strongest mom that i possibly can. i will still dance with my husband. i will continue to live the life that my daughter expects me to live. multiple sclerosis may be a part of who you are, but it doesn't define you. i will never stop, i will never quit.
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i'm gonna keep being me. ♪ >> tucker: hud secretary ben carson was in san francisco for work this week. while in the city, he held an internal meeting. and at that meeting, secretary carson said something that about 20 minutes ago would have gone without any notice at all. he said, in effect, that women's shelters ought to be reserved for women. shelters, of course, exist for women who are fleeing domestic abuse and violence. violence, unfortunately, mostly committed by men. so the shelters are for women-only. they have always been for women-only. why? to keep women safe. it's not bigotry. to note that, it's compassion. but "the washington post" probably this country's most
9:37 pm
dishonest and unscrupulous news outlet, a joke owned by the world's richest man, jeff bezos, has no place for compassion. they published leaks about secretary carson's remarks and called them "transphobic." ben carson is a bigot now. that's what they want you to know. secretary carson joins us tonight. thank you very much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: tell me if i mischaracterized your remarks. what did you say in this meeting? >> no. i simply pointed out the fact that, you know, we have to have policies that take into consideration everybody's rights. i say everybody has equal rights. nobody gets extra rights. and i talked about some of the women's groups who have come to me. i have had many in my office and they say they're uncomfortable with the policy that was in existence, which said that you must accept a person's designation of their gender, regardless of their physical characteristics.
9:38 pm
and what we have decided to do, first of all, we have upheld the 2012 equal access law. we have no intention of changing that. but, in terms of that broad definition of gender being whatever you say it is, we have said we are going to leave that to the local jurisdictions. if you have a women's shelter, and you have been operating well, and you get to decide how you are going to run that. the federal government doesn't need to be telling people who is a man or who is a woman. that's a decision that they can make by themselves. and that's basically what we're saying. and i quoted, you know, a group that came to me, and they were very upset, and they said, you know, big hairy man comes in here and he says he's a woman and that upsets us, because many of us are trying to escape from that. and i'm simply saying we ought to take them into consideration, also.
9:39 pm
you know, the political correctness says, no, you only have to do what we want you to do, and how we want you to do it and you have to say what we want you to say. and that's a process -- >> tucker: or else we will punish you. >> destroying freedom of speech. >> tucker: of course it is and common sense as well. i hope you will wait two moments, mr. secretary. we are going to go to the white house, very quickly dip in on the state dinner for the prime minister of australia. who -- it is in progress now. i think the president of the united states ought to be coming in. ♪ scott morrison, of course, the prime minister. there you go. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:40 pm
>> please. prime minister morrison, mrs. morrison, melania and i are immensely honored to host you and the entire australian delegation for a state dinner in the historic rose garden. i want to -- to america's magnificent first lady for this truly exquisite first evening. thank you very much. she worked hard. [applause] great job. tonight, we celebrate a century of loyal and devoted friendship between the united states and australia. both of our nations blessed by the. [broken audio] and building character. our two countries were born out of a vast wilderness. settled by the adventures and pioneers whose fierce self-reliance shaped our
9:41 pm
destiny. the first settlers carved out and forged our defining national traits. americans and australians hold within our hearts a great love of family, allegiance to our fellow citizens, a deep respect of law and liberty, and a determination to protect our independence at any costs. >> tucker: all right. the president speaking at state dinner at the white house, where the australian prime minister. we apologize for the audio problems there. we want to go back to the hud secretary, ben carson. secretary, first, i want to ask you about how you are responding to the "the washington post" attacks on you this morning. you are a physician, an imminent physician. world famous physician. and here you have had the local newspaper lecturing you about science. i wonder if you could clarify, if someone decides to change his or her gender,
9:42 pm
does that mean that that person's gender automatically changes? in other words, if i say i am a woman, am i? >> obviously, it doesn't. you know, if i wake up tomorrow and i feel like i'm chinese, it doesn't necessarily make me chinese. god you know, there are biological and scientific issues that have to be dealt with, too. but, regardless of that, you know, i have always said, we are supposed to serve all the people, and you know, somebody wants to be transgender. that's fine. we try to serve them as well. but my point is we also have to take into consideration the other people. and i have offered transgender groups an opportunity to let me know what their solution would be so that everybody's rights are observed. i haven't heard one peep. >> tucker: so instead, you are denounced as, quote,
9:43 pm
"transphobic." >> of course. >> tucker: what's that like being dismissed as a bigot? how would you respond to that? >> well, you know, it's the same as the president is called a racist for virtually anything he does or doesn't do. you know, they have already made up their mind that i hate transgender people which is completely untrue. you know, the bible tells us that we have to love everybody, and that jesus died for everybody. and i truly believe that, but it also tells you that if you stick to biblical principles, you will be persecuted, so i am not surprised at that either. but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't always continue to try to do what is right. and let the chips fall where they may. >> tucker: yeah. it's hard to believe that anyone watching this right now, regardless of how they feel about your political views or the
9:44 pm
president you serve, could take exception to what you are saying. i mean, you are clearly not animated by hatred of anyone and you are trying to -- i'm not sucking up when i say the obvious, you are trying to do the equitable thing, and to dismiss you as a big gout is one of the lowest things i have seen in a long time, so we are grateful to have you on to clear that up. >> hopefully, we can learn from this, at least some people can. and recognize that, you know, unless we stop making everything into a political battle and trying to demonize each other, we are never going to get any problems solved. we have to be more mature than that and not let the purveyors of division and hatred prevail. >> tucker: mr. secretary, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. >> always a pleasure. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: al sharpton is a lot of things. you have to say though he is the hardest working man in politics. if there is a shameless hustle, he has done it. he has been an fbi informant. he's been a corporate shakedown artist.
9:45 pm
he's been a prolific tax cheat and all the while he has been, of course, a very famous racial demagogue. he is not attacked by any of this and, somehow, sharpton has become a moral hero to the left. president obama did that, inviting him to the white house more than 50 times as a domestic policy advisor. effect? democratic presidential candidates line up to praise al sharpton. he gets to deserve sermons on msnbc. but, thankfully, is he not entirely invulnerable. sharpton testified before the congress yesterday. florida congressman matt gaetz decided to ask sharpton about all the things the left prefers to forget about. here is part of it. >> have you ever referred to members of the jewish faith as white interlopers or diamond merchants? >> no, sir. i referred to one in harlem, an individual, who i didn't even know was jewish as an interloper. >> have you ever referred to african-americans who disagree with you as yellow, and then the "n" word? >> i don't know that -- i have i have referred to people as names. i don't know if it's because
9:46 pm
they disagree with me. >> have you ever referred to african-americans who disagree with you as negro militants? >> i didn't know that was a derogatory statement. >> have you said "i'm in hell already." i'm in israel?" >> yeah. because i had been threatened. >> tucker: i didn't know that was a derogatory statement. one of the great responses. you have got to give sharpton credit. he is hilarious. unintentionally. there is a lot more to that exchange. it's definitely worth watching it. it make your day. almost hard to believe someone was that honest in the congress. we have uploaded the whole thing to the "tucker carlson tonight" facebook page. so, be sure to check it out. really a high moment for matt gaetz. well, the much-hyped raid on area 51 took place this morning. what actually happened there, and how serious should would he be taking ufos, now that the navy has confirmed that they do, in fact, exist. we will speak on both subjects after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: canadian prime minister justin trudeau has had a rough couple of days, probably not as rough as he deserved, after admitting to dressing up in blackface once or twice -- okay, three times. [laughs] he is not actually sure how many times he wore blackface. but, in fact, playing cultural dress-up is a major hobby for justin trudeau, creepy one, we should say. on a recent state visit to india, trudeau dressed up his entire family in indian clothes, repeatedly. actually, indians mocked him. accusing him of using their country to engage in fancy dress. but the western media seemed to keep giving trudeau pass after pass after pass. he is very handsome. maybe that's why. joe concha writes for "the hill "newspaper.
9:52 pm
he joins us tonight. joe, putting on the outfit and then forcing his kids to do the same, i mean, is there any politician in the world who could get away with that in the way that justin trudeau did? >> no politician, not even me. i have a 5 and 4-year-old, i'm pretty sure i would never do that. i'm trying to picture a world, tucker, where the president of this country is -- they unearth some photos from 15, 20 years ago, of him in blackface, and then another, and then another. and then i wonder well, would the press be as forgiving with him as they are with trudeau. it's rhetorical friday so you don't have to answer that but, in terms of the press coverage, tucker, cnn, here's one headline from just tonight. justin trudeau hugged supporters and takes selfie in canada's most ethnically diverse city amid blackface scandal. bbc justin trudeau candidate pm seeks to put blackface scandal behind him. it seems that the media is trying to put it behind him as well. what's missing here, while
9:53 pm
there is coverage, i don't see the snark, and i don't see the sanctimony that you would see with a conservative or a republican in these situations. it's almost sympathy, and he is going to play the ralph northam playbook, at this point. just let it blow over and by the weekend, we will not hear a thing about this, moving forward. >> tucker: it's pretty weird. i mean, i try not to be too judgey, because, you know, i'm not a progressive. i try to pull back and remember how flawed i am. but at least three instances of blackface, and then dressed up in a turban like george harrison outside the hut. it's all very weird, like, who does that? what is this? what's wrong with him? >> that's the thing, right? most other people that were flagged for wearing blackface, like a ted danson, for instance, or a jimmy kimmel, or tom hanks, they only did it once. in this case, this guy is a repeat offender. i know for halloween, i try to be a different character every year, just to mix things up. but the fact that he keeps
9:54 pm
going back to these sort of things reveals a weird person. i can't put any other finger on it. no question about it. and what can you say? i mean, again, i think that he gets a pass here because that seems to be the pattern that we have seen here at this point. and i can only imagine if he were a conservative, what kind of media coverage we would be seeing at this point. >> tucker: how about, very quickly, if you are megyn kelly, who just got run out of msnbc, she never wore blackface just because she said certain halloween costumes used to be fun they are not anymore. that's basically what she said. don lemon at cnn made her sound like she committed a war crime. justin trudeau comes out and oh no that's totally fine. what is that? >> that was hypocrisy in the montage that you did last night comparing the two, that shows you everything -- if you looked up "hypocrisy" in the dictionary, that's exactly what that would be. and don lemon, i think, was a friend of megyn kelly's, too. the way he threw her under
9:55 pm
the bus, and saying we are the same age and she should know in her 47 years by now. and the fact that exactly what you just said, the fact that she was run out of msnbc, that their president andy lack said this is beneath our standards, they were using it because they wanted to get rid of her. that was a year ago, and they should still be ashamed of what they did to her in that situation, because it was completely unfair. she was simply making an observation. she never wore blackface, and she shouldn't have apologized, any way, for making an observation. give me a break, tucker. >> tucker: there are some really cruel people on the left. i think that's the take away. joe concha, great to see you tonight, thank you so much. >> have a great weekend. ♪ >> tucker: after months of hype, today was the date of the big raid on area 51 in nevada, or was supposed to be. millions of people had rsvp'd to storm the area rsvp'd to storm the area 51 this morning.
9:56 pm
in the end, only 100 showed up. nobody stormed the place. only one arrest for public urination. that may have been a bust but that doesn't mean that ufos are a nonstory. just this week, the navy admitted that several ufo videos are real, they cannot be explained. they show aerial phenomenon that baffles, including everyone who know something about it has looked at them a professor of theoretical physics and author of the best selling book "the future of humanity." he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. so, with this announcement by the united states navy, what has changed? what is different, now that they have said this? >> we are now witnessing a tipping point. you see, the burden of proof used to be on the believers to prove that ufos are real. now, the burden of proof has shifted to the government and the military to prove that they are not real. but the evidence is overwhelming. we have all this information from u.s. navy pilots. we now have metrics. we can actually measure how fast they travel, how high they are.
9:57 pm
what kinds of century if i forces they can experience. science, remember, are based on things that are testable. reproducible, and falsifiable. now, we have testable information. a game changer. >> tucker: so, given what we know about their physical behavior, about the physics involved in the way these aircraft fly, what do you think the chances are they were created by human beings? >> well, i think there is only two alternatives left now. one is, perhaps they are hypersonic drone vehicles. after all, the russians, the chinese, and the u.s. are experimenting with hypersonic drones that can travel between 5 and 20 times the speed of sound. that's one alternative. but the other alternative is part of this game changer. we scientists have identified 4,000 planets orbiting other stars at night. go outside tonight.
9:58 pm
look in the night sky, and realize that, on average, every single star -- i repeat, every single star, on average, has a planet going around it. and you wonder, is anyone looking back at you when you look at the night sky? so we have two game changers. we now realize that there could be over a billion earth-like planets in our own backyard, and we can now measure the velocity of these objects. they travel mach 5 and mach 20. they can go from 80,000 feet down to 20,000 feet in a blink of an eye. they can maneuvers of the g forces would crush any human being. all of it on videotape. >> tucker: given what you know about physics and its limits, given the behavior you just described right there, what do you personally believe the chances are that human beings have created these things?
9:59 pm
>> what's missing is reproducible evidence. that's why i tell my friends, the next time you are kidnapped by a flying saucer, for god's sake, steal something. i don't care if it's an alien chip or hammer, there is no law against stealing from an extraterrestrial civilization. you are not going to go to jail, and we need things that are reproducible in the laboratory. >> tucker: fair answer, professor. thank you for joining us tonight. great to see you. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: as we told you earlier, the president and the first lady of the united states are hosting the australian prime minister scott morrison and his wife at the rose garden, that is our president and the australian prime minister toasting one another at the state dinner. this is just the second state dinner hosted by the trump administration. if anyone would get one, it's morrison, he is one of the president's closest counterparts on the world stage. we are watching all events there tonight for all the breaking news. stay tuned to fox news for all of that and more. that's it for us tonight. we are out of time. how quickly an hour goes.
10:00 pm
we will be back, monday and every week night at 8:00 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best weekend with those you love. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity." liberal lunacy. if that's just week alone. tonight, we are on day 2 of the media's psychotic rage and coverage surrounding a whistle-blower who made some kind of unknown allegation against president trump. there really aren't any other definitive facts in the story. somehow, your media mob has spent 48 straight hours spinning and spinning in circles, but today, president trump rightly defended himself from all of the mobs hysteria, calling the story a political hack job. take a look. >> it's a partisan whistle-blower.


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