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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 21, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eric: defense against an aggressive iran. the u.s. is deploying additional troops and military dwoiment saudi arabia, and the united arab emirates as tehran ramps up its rhetoric once again threatening, quote: all-out war in the event of any retaliatory strike following last weekend's attacks on the oil fields. hello and well only to america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. arthel: and i'm arthel neville. president trump slaps new sanctions on the iranian central bank. now, the move coming ahead of a high stakes decision on potential military action. we have fox news team coverage. trey i didn't think so is standing by in our middle east
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bureau, but first to garrett tenney live in washington. >> reporter: the exact details of who and what will be deployed is still being worked out this weekend, but we are told it will include air and missile defense units as well as hundreds of u.s. soldiers adding to the roughly 70,000 american troops already deployed to the region. that announcement has raised a lot of concerns that the u.s. is moving closer to a potential war with the iranian regime. on friday during a joint press conference with australia's prime minister, president trump said he wants to avoid war and hopes iran will take steps to change its behavior. >> the easiest thing i can do -- in fact, i can do it while you're here -- would say, go ahead, fellas, go do it. and that would be a very bad day for iran. in my opinion, it shows strength. because the easiest thing i could do, okay, go ahead. knock out 15 different major things in iran. i could do that and all set to
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go. it's all set to go. but i'm not looking to do that if i can't. >> reporter: the u.s. is continuing its economic pressure campaign against iran as well, slapping the country's national bank with additional sanctions on friday which the white house called the highest ever imposed. today iran's foreign minister responded defiantly, tweeting in part: u.s.' new deadly -- [inaudible] displays failure in its maximum pressure campaign, preventing the import of food and medicine for our people. here at home lawmakers in both parties are growing increasingly concerned about the potential of the u.s. being dragged into a war with iran by saudi arabia. here's gop congressman scott perry earlier today. >> i think what iran needs to know is that we're going to stand by our very strong and long-held commitments, and that's why i think you see a troop movement. at the same time, i think that the united states needs to be
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rightly wary of getting involved in militarily. this is clearly saudi arabia's, this is their fight, this is an issue that we can support them in, but this is their fight, and there are implications around the world for this. >> reporter: all of this, of course, taking place days ahead of the u.n. general assembly where no meetings are expected to take place between the u.s. and iran this next week. arthel? arthel: garrett tenney, thank you very much. >> reporter: yeah. eric: iran's revolutionary guard warns it will attack any country as it continues to deny involvement in those attacks on the saudi oil facilities. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: today we have carried out our war exercises and are ready for any scenario. eric: fox news team coverage continues from our middle east bureau in jerusalem. hi, trey. >> reporter: hi there, eric. strong rhetoric by the iranians who say they will destroy anyone
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who tries to attack iran. iran's top commander in the revolutionary guard said today at a ceremony while he was displaying pieces of american drone that were shot down in june by iran. the forces carried out war exercises this weekend and are prepared for any scenario. he adds that anyone who crosses iranian borders will be hit. >> translator: a limited invasion will not remain limited. we hunt down and punish. we have proven it before. we will not stop until the destruction of any aggressors, and we will not leave out secure spot. do not miscalculate and do not make a mistake. >> reporter: the comments come after an announcement on friday by the department of defense that more u.s. troops are headed to the middle east following a drone and missile attack earlier this month on a saudi arabian oil plant. as garrett mentioned, the u.s. secretary of defense said forces would be deployed for defensive
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purposes only and would be focused on air and missile can defense. both the americans and saudi arabians believe iran is behind the attack, now, these developments with iran do come as a delegation is in new york city this weekend preparing for the u.n. general assembly next week. on monday iranian president rouhani arrives in new york city. he is not expected to meet with president trump while there. eric: and on tuesday there'll be massive, anti-iranian demonstrations which we'll cover here on the fox news channel. arthel: ambassador, thank you so much for being here -- >> thank you for having me. arthel: absolutely. you saw the reports about the strong rhetoric across the board on our side of it, all-out war. those words being used. however, including president trump, measured minds don't want war. so has the president made the right call?
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>> i think putting more sanctions is the right answer. what we saw today, sanctions on the central bank of the iranians, they are panicking. they are tweeting about it, don't like it, and look at what happened in the last few weeks. they attacked a vessel in the hormuz strait, they attacked saudi arabia and actually affected oil prices all around the world. i think it is the right way to do it to put more pressure. they are trying to appease the iranians, offering them a $15 billion pipeline, that's the wrong message. arthel: that's interesting. first of all, we want to talk about the president offering additional military support to saudi arabia, bringing more troops over there. a small number, but nonetheless, a defensive position. but to your point, i mean, does president trump need to make a point when he meets with world leaders here in new york next week for the u.n. general assembly? does he need to make a point to allies and world leaders either in person or through his address
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that, hey, listen, this should be a concerted effort, this is not, this should not be the united states alone putting this pressure on iran? >> absolutely. and i'm sure on tuesday morning when president trump speaks in front of the general assembly, he will address the issue, and today people around the world understand it's not only about israel or the gulf countries, it's affecting everybody. oil prices jumped because of the aggression of the iranians, and they will continue to attack targets in the gulf because they want to create more provocations. arthel: so why are some of the countries that you mentioned before appeasing iran by, you know, providing them with more money through their economy? >> i think the country in the region, the middle east, share the same belief. i speak with many leaders in the middle east, and they will send a message to president trump that we need to get strong against the iranians. unfortunately, the europeans that still trying to make money out of the iranian economy, they're trying to keep the jcpoa agreement alive, it's not working anymore.
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arthel: but that's my point. you know, look, we may have a stronger economy, but they are more in need of some of the economic boom, if you would, from iran. back to the iranian nuclear deal, do you feel that the region is better off with the u.s. president having pulled out? the other nations stayed in, but we're out of it, i mean, would we even be here without president trump having pulled out of the agreement? >> that was a very important decision of president trump, and we are grateful for that and the region is grateful for that because the iranians, you're speaking a language that they understand. as it is, it actually allowed them to continue with the nuclear -- arthel: i understand that, but they're saying, excuse me, they're saying, hey, listen, all bet are off. you pulled out of the deal, u.s., i'm really going to act out now. there were some constraints in place. >> when you read the agreement -- [inaudible] within four or five years they can do whatever they want. today they're under pressure,
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and that's why i think they're trying to create provocations to get the attention of the world because they're under pressure. more sanctions will bring them back to the table, and hopefully there will be an agreement with them. arthel: i understand, and that's what the president wants, he wants them back to the table. what i meant in terms of the iranian nuclear deal, everybody agreed that it wasn't a great deal, you know, when it was first formulated and signed, sealed and delivered, but they said a deal is better than none. so i'm just asking should president trump -- or perhaps that's what he's trying to do to get them back to the table to actually negotiate a better deal. is that possible? will the iranian diplomatic team, including the president, come back to the table? >> if we apply more pressure, we will need the europeans and the chinese to join -- arthel: russia, china, they're not going to join. what happens? >> eventually they will have to, otherwise, the iranians will continue with the ballistic missile test, they'll continue to fund terrorism. they spend $7 billion a year on
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terrorism, and eventually they will be capable to produce an atomic bomb. no one wants to see that happening. >> understood. so how can president trump put pressure on china and russia to stop funding iran? >> i think it's working. i think if he can get the europeans to join the leadership of the u.s., russia and china will have no choice but to join them. arthel: okay. what do you think of israel's election? >> oh, we are very proud of our democracy. it's not a perfect system, but it is the best one we have. hopefully, in the next few weeks we will have a government, and we'll continue to strive for a successful economy, but with politics it's complicated. arthel: will everybody accept the outcome? >> absolutely. we always accept the outcome of the elections, but it's problematic because we have no winner in this election. maybe there will be a unity government, maybe there will be -- [inaudible] we will have to wait a few weeks for that. arthel: okay. word, we'll get you back then.
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-- ambassador, we'll get you back then. eric -- oh, no, i actually have something. i want to let everybody know tomorrow, yes, a big deal, catch two big interviews about the situation there in iran with iran. secretary of state mike mike poo will be on "fox news sunday," john roberts filling in for chris wallace. the secretary will have more to say about how this all plays out heading into those major gatherings, the u.n. in the coming days, so definitely check your listings for when "fox news sunday" airs and, of course, you can catch it right here on fox news channel tomorrow at 2 and 7 p.m. eastern. and also tomorrow on "sunday morning futures," senator lindsey graham sits down with maria bartiromo for an exclusive interview about the president's handling of the leaders in tehran as well as the latest about investigations, the investigations, justice department included. i.g. michael horowitz is in the process of finalizing his report on the origins of the russia probe. okay, that's all happening on
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"sunday morning futures" at 10 p.m. eastern -- 10 a.m. eastern. eric: and there's new reaction today from former vice president joe biden to that report, "the wall street journal" and ohs claiming that the president repeatedly urged the ukrainian president to investigate mr. biden's son's business dealings in the ukraine. a couple hours ago fox news' peter doocy caught up with the former vice president while he was on the campaign trail in iowa. take a look. >> reporter: mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about an overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about overseas business dealings. here's or what i know, i know frump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader, if that's what happened? that's appears what happened.
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you should be looking at trump. trump's doing this because he no doubt beat him like a drum s and he's using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody's looked at it, said there's nothing there. ask the right question. eric: investigations have said there's no wrong doing, but despite that the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, criticized the media today tweeting, quote: biden's defense is no media outlet gives me any credibility in the story. of course they don't. they've been covering up the biden family, blatant trading on joe's offices for years. joe is part of the protected class, why should they start now? so says rudy giuliani. for more, ellison barber live on the north lawn of the white house. >> reporter: hi, eric. democrats say that phone call that allegedly took place in july raises questions about quid pro quo. they a want to know whether or not president trump tried to get
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a foreign leader to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid. they also say that congress needs to see and that they have the legal right to see that whistleblower complaint. >> that information should be forwarded -- shall be forwarded to the intelligence committees within seven days. that law is simply being ignored, and it seems to be being ignored because it's more convenient for this administration to ignore it. >> reporter: president trump has dismissed the whistleblower complaint as a political hack job. in a tweet this morning he said, quote: now that the democrats and the fake news 3450e ya have gone bust on every other of their witch hunts, they are trying to start one just as ridiculous as the other. call it the ukraine witch hunt, while at the same time trying to protect sleepy joe biden. will fail again. this began with reports of a secret whistleblower complaint from an intelligence official. the complaint reportedly addresses a phone call said to take place on july 25th between president trump and the
11:15 am
president of ukraine. according to "the wall street journal," president trump pressured ukraine's president to investigate former vice president joe biden's son and urged him not once, but eight times to work with trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, to look into the former vp. giuliani has suggested that as vice president joe biden's push to fire the country's then-prosecutor general was dirty and actually had to do with that prosecutor's investigation into a natural gas company where the younger biden was on the board of directors. former vice president joe biden has denied that. he says that the president, president trump, needs to release transcripts of his july phone call with the president of ukraine. he also told peter doocy earlier this morning that the house needs to investigate. listen here. >> depending on what the house finds, he could be impeached. but i'm not making that judgment now. the house should investigate. he abuses power everywhere he
11:16 am
can, and he sees -- if he sees any threat to his day in power, he'll do whatever he has to do. but this crosses the line. eric: and speaker pelosi, also by the way, calling for hearings too. coming up at the bottom of the hour, we'll get more reaction from democratic congressman john garamendi of california. he happens to sit on the armed -- house armed services committee, and in the wake of the mueller probe, we'll talk about how they plan to go forward on this and the other controversies now brewing over the administration. arthel? arthel: yeah, eric, we have some weather to report. the situation remains extremely dangerous after tropical storm imelda floods parts of texas and louisiana. drawing comparisons to hurricane harvey. we're going to tell you where emergency workers rushed to save lives. also a store we all know decides to end the sales of e-cigarettes in the wake with of deaths linked to vaping. more news coming up.
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arthel: walmart announcing it will stop selling e-cigarettes as the number of deaths linked to vaping grows, and now the, the fda is launching a criminal investigation into what is making people so sick. mark never has more from
11:21 am
washington -- meredith has more from washington. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention says the number of people getting sick on the rise as officials in missouri announced a new death believed to be tied to vaping. the fda says it's also launched a criminal probe into the matter. the missouri case brings the total number of vaping-related deaths nationwide to eight. the cdc says they have 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injuries, and this is impacting at least 38 states and one u.s. territory. health officials say so far there is no one single e-cigarette, vaping product or brand that has been tied to this health emergency. the cdc calls it a complex investigation but that it's found a vast majority of the people getting sick are men between the ages of 18-34. retail giant walmart announced friday it plans to stop selling e-cigarettes. the arkansas-based retailer says it will no longer stock them after selling through its existing eninventory. the company put out a statement
11:22 am
saying, quote: given the growing federal and state regulatory complexity, we plan to discontinue the sale of electronic nicotine delivery products at all walmart and sam's club u.s. locations. some lawmakers say congress needs to do more to convince the public of the dangers of e-cigarettes. >> it's, frankly, unfortunate that it takes so many people to get sick and even die across this country before we really pay the kind of attention that we should. we need to get these products out of the hands of our kids, and we need to do it now. we are going to be working tirelessly to make sure that we keep these products out of the hands of our youngsters. >> reporter: a congressional subcommittee will hold hearings on e-cigarettes next week as the trump administration works to formalize its proposed ban on all non-tobacco flavors of e-cigarettes including mint and menthol. arthel? arthel: mark meredith, thank you very much. eric: many in the houston area saying that it's hurricane
11:23 am
harvey all over again. the remnants of tropical storm imelda, you know it dumped torrential rain on the area. so far there have been at least four people confirmed dead that may have been linked to the dangerous weather, and now emergency crews are going door to door to rescue those people still trapped by the rising flood waters. casey steagall is live in huffman, texas, which right now, casey, about under -- behind you -- like 16 feet of water in some praises? that's unbelievable. >> reporter: yeah, it is. in isolated spots this particular area back here is not 16 feet because it is going down pretty fast. i mean, that is the good news here, is that it's going down just as fast as it came in a lot of areas. for instance, 20 miles to the west over in metro houston, you drive around, and you really wonder what storm? even though it was largely underwater 48 hours ago. i want to step aside and let you take a look at what is going on back here. this is huffman, texas.
11:24 am
again, further east. and you can see folks are gathering here with their vehicles, they have to drive atvs through there. of course, people are boating. you can't take a regular car through there. this is an entire intersection underwater, and then homes in the lower-lying areas down there have water inside. now, the heaviest of the rainfall fell in communities like this and further east as you go towards beaumont. that is where more than 2 feet of rain came down in 48 hours in some isolated spots. sadly, so, so many people went through this two years ago with harvey. >> overwhelmed. we actually, my son and my daughter both live here. my daughter has about 3 or 4 foot in her house, my son has 2 foot in his house. >> reporter: another big item to update you on, nine barges
11:25 am
broke loose from their moorings during the storm and went sailing down the san jacino river. is six of the vessels have been corralled, two of them struck both the ooh east and westbound bridges of interstate 10. that's a major artery between houston and beaumont. the u.s. coast guard says structural damage is being assessed, but that is a major stretch the of interstate that will be closed until further notice, until any repairs can be made. and back out here live, you hear the sounds of the atvs and what not. this is very much, as i said, recovery. a lot of folks here if they're able to get to their houses and they have water inside, they're starting to pull it out, they're starting to get all the sheet rock out. and, again, many of them doing the exact same thing they did two years ago with harvey. eric? eric: that is just heartbreaking, having to go through this again. that's a monster atv, you need
11:26 am
that as you can see to go through it. all right, casey, thank you. arthel: well, the tough talk between the u.s. and iran raising questions about the next steps for leaders of both countries, so what should we expect now that president trump is sending more troops to the mideast? and the relationship between jerry epstein and prince andrew, well, it's back in the spotlight after a new accusation surfaces against the british royal. that's next. jeffrey epstein. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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>> these are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country. we've never done it to this level. and it's too bad, what's happening with iran. it's going to hell. doing poorly. they're practically broke. they are broke. and they could solve the problem very easily. all they have to do is stop with the terror. eric: that's president trump, of course, stepping up the pressure on iran, announcing new sanctions that targeted its central bank and national development fund all in response
11:31 am
to the attacks last weekend of the saudi oil fields and the facilities in that the u.s. blamed directly on tehran. the trump administration also happens to be deploying more troops and defensive equipment to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to try and blunt the iranian aggression. joining us now is california democratic congressman john garamendi. congressman, good to see you. >> always. eric: first, do you welcome the deployment of more troops and this equipment in defense of saudi arabia, our ally, or do you think there's a warning? >> well, we've certainly been pouring a lot of equipment into the saudi arabian government as well as the uae government over the last decade and beyond that. so more's coming, that's important. the thing that i find curious is that saudi arabia with all of that equipment seems to be unable to defend itself. the additional troops, this is the second tranche of additional troops going into the region.
11:32 am
my concern here is that they've become a trip wire, that they a may be deployed in a very dangerous part of saudi arabia and the uae and become a trip wire and, therefore, draw us into a fighting war with iran, and that would be a very bad thing to have happen. eric: well, you know, osama bin laden, he was inflamed. the whole purpose of the attack on 9/11 and others was the fact that, in his view, the infidels -- we're the infidels -- and our boots were on the ground there. >> that's right. eric: so you have those concerns as well as a belligerent tehran. >> well, all of that. and if you'll recall during that period of time way back when, there was an attack on the american facilities there in saudi arabia, and there were dozens of americans wounded and many killed during that attack. and, yes, you're quite correct, osama bin laden, his principal opening cause was the american
11:33 am
troops in saudi arabia. i'm sure the that some of that feeling still exists in that country. the country has been -- that is, the government has been a supporter of what we now call radical islam. so, yes, that's an ongoing problem, and the troops are going to be in harm's way. certainly, possibly from iran but also perhaps from saudi arabians themselves. eric: you were referring to the attack on -- >> exactly. eric: which some had blamed directly on iran and have criticized the clinton administration for not doing enough in response to that. >> that's correct. eric: also this criticism now about some of our allies. i mean, if they don't step up in dealing with the iranian threat, here is some after what the president said about that, congressman. >> i always like a coalition. sometimes you find that people have made a lot of money that didn't want in the coalition, they've made a lot of money with iran which is, you know, when president obama made that deal not only was it a bad deal, but
11:34 am
the united states didn't partake in a business sense, and other companies -- germany, france, russia, many other countries made a lot of money with iran. and we didn't make money with iran. which that was just one of the many bad parts about the deal. eric: the president talking about a coalition. he'll go to the united nations this week and speak on tuesday. what do you expect he will say in terms of trying to get a coalition to face iran? >> well, i certainly hope he doesn't say what he just said. that's not going to bring anybody on to our side. it's not about money. there was a very sharp division in how to deal with iran's nuclear ambitions. the jcpoa, the iran nuclear deal, was strongly supported by many countries in wen europe, our key allies, in fact, as well as russia and china. when the president pulled out, that was a very serious schism amongst that group of allies, and that schism remains to this day. the president is not likely to
11:35 am
pull back together that very powerful and very successful alliance amongst people that normally fight amongst themselves, russia, china and western europe and the united states. so we'll see what happens here. but he's correct about one thing, and that is if we do anything in that area, our success will depend upon an alliance much like that was put together with the iran nuclear deal, the jcpoa. eric: we are eagerly awaiting to see what the president says when he takes the podium this weekend when he's here. meanwhile, a lot of controversy over ukraine. boy, did peter doocy ask him a question which he kind of didn't like, i don't think i don't thi. but the fact is what do you make of what the president has said and what the former vice president has said, fighting back saying that he's being smeared, that he and his son did nothing wrong and everything's on the up and up? >> well, we should probably start with the president and the questions that have been raised
11:36 am
about his interaction with the new ukrainian president, mr. so lin sky. those questions that have been raised about the phone conversation which he has been said to, eight times, is ask the new president to investigate biden. and then at about the same time withholding $250 million in military aid raises some very, very serious questions about propriety. and now with regard to biden, that too is out there. biden certainly pushed back very hard against that. we'll see where all of this goes, but i've got a concern way beyond this issue, and that is that the president removes $770 million of very important military infrastructure projects in eastern europe, some of which were in poland and the countries there, hungary as well as greece, estonia and the like. but that was money that was
11:37 am
specifically designed to bolster nato's defenses in the eastern european area, again, pushing back on putin and what putin did in the ukraine. so all of these things are in play at this moment and raises some very serious questions about whether this president is committed to defense of eastern europe. and nato itself. eric: quickly, you happen to be going to ukraine this next weekend. are you going to raise that when you're there? >> well, we were originally going to look at the projects that were then scheduled to be built beginning in january of this next year. that included projects in poland, some bases that we're building there, an antimissile defense system in poland, estonia, and then we were going to look in ukraine to make sure that the money that we were about to give -- and, apparently, now will give, the $250 million -- was being well
11:38 am
spent with the ukraine military and their training and equipment. and there was a whole variety of equipment and training that was in that package. now it's become much more than that with the president's removing that $770 million as well as this whole issue of the ukraine and the president and biden and all of that as well as what is now a major conflict that the president has with congress over the whistleblower issue. so it's grown to much more than originally intended. eric: well, have a good trip, and we'll check with you when you get back, congressman. john garamendi from california. arthel? arthel: a former u.s. air force pilot now flying for fedex is arrested in china under extremely fishy irk ises. -- circumstances. we're going to talk to the former lawyer for amanda knox about what's going on behind the scenes to set him free. humira patients, you inspire us.
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arthel: a fedex spite is arrested in china accused of smuggling weapons and ammunition on september 12th. todd holmes, a former u.s. air force pilot, was boarding a flight home when he was arrested. now, authorities say they found hundreds of pellets used for low-powderedded air guns in a checked bag. he was released on bail but must remain in mainland china. memphis-based fedex has been caught up in trade tensions between the u.s. and china and the pro-democracy movement in hong kong. we're going to bring in ted simon, international criminal law attorney who represented amanda knox, by the way. ted, we're going to get to my latter mention there later. i want to start here. which of the pilot's rights are being trampled on in this instance? i mean, he's -- and is he being detained for legit reasons? we're talking about 681 non-metallic air gun pellets in checked luggage, that's
11:44 am
according to the chinese foreign ministry. >> yes, thank you for having me, arthel. i think there's a number of facts and factors that could be martialed that would be extremely helpful to this pilot. first of all, we know that he was stopped and arrested when he was leafing the country -- leaving the country. so it doesn't suggest he was trying to introduce anything into the country to be either used or sold. second, he was in transit. the only reason he was there was to go home. fedex is a hub. he had just completed a flight to japan, he returned there just to go home, so he was merely in transit. there was really no significant interaction he was going to have with china. and finally and perhaps most importantly, he did not have with him the device or the replica or the air soft gun that would otherwise be used to propel these pell if its. so the pellets themselves had no intrinsic or helpful or useful
11:45 am
value. so when you take all of those factors together, it does suggest that this was an oversight, that either he was unaware they were there or he didn't realize this was a problem. i think a critical factor here is going to be what, if anything, did he say when he was initially stopped. did he say something like, oh, my gosh, i didn't know they were in there, which would suggest he owned it but didn't know he intentionally possessed, or did he say, oh, what is that? which could suggest he neither owned or possessed. or might he have said, oh, i thought it was okay to have that with me which would suggest he both owned it and knowingly possessed it. keep in mind this is uniquely different. he was living in hong kong. in hong kong while they have strict laws on firearms, these types of replicas or air soft pellet type guns are considered
11:46 am
toys or replicas, and the use and possession of those items is not criminal. it's very similar to what occurs in the united states. in most places they're not considered firearms. so, you know, in hong kong they're used quite a bit in gaming, in sports, in target practice, collectibles, kind of like paintballing. so, you know, all in all it's going to depend in part on what the facts are as well as what the legal definition of firearm or ammunition is in china. arthel: right. >> and also it very well may be that it's not unlawful to simply have the pellets without the device to use to propel it. arthel: all right. you laid out a really good defense for the colonel, but how do you get him out of china? that's the real deal, how do you get china to release him? what role, if any, can our top diplomats and our president perhaps play in his release, or at this point would you think it should be left up to his
11:47 am
lawyers? >> well, you know, in any case where an american is arrested abroad, it brings into play a variety of factors. i mean, one has to be aware of the raws, the customs, the practices and sometimes the politics. you can see here his representatives have been noticeably silent. they haven't said anything to offend. you want to be persuasive -- arthel: right. i understand that -- excuse me. >> you don't want to be offensive. arthel: and i understand that, but i'm asking you do we need to get our u.s. diplomats involved? considering there is a trade war in place between the u.s. and china? >> yeah. i think there's a suggestion already here that it's been mildly prosecuted. he was permitted to be released on bail, he's on home arrest. i think that's sending a message already, so i would tamp down any rhetoric and pretty much act according to the laws, the customs, the practices and, hopefully, this will resolve
11:48 am
itself by a recognition that either he did not know it was there, it did not fall within the legal definition -- arthel: yeah, but we didn't talk about when it comes to china, that a makes me nervous. hopefully, this guy can get out of there sometime soon. >> i hope so. arthel: ted simon, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. eric: well, it is a silent killer that's claimed far too many lives including that of lisa cologrossi. the warning signs for brain aneurysms, her husband is here to fill us in on the charity named in her honor that is getting the message out. i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world,
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eric: well, it is an all too common condition that just claims too many lives. september is national brain aneurysm awareness months, and while many can't be detected, not enough people know about the symptoms that can save lives. i know firsthand because my mother died of a brain aneurysm when i was 14 years old. the sudden and so unexpected death of the wife of our next guest prompted him to start a national foundation to spread the word. it is the lisa foundation named for his late wife, channel 7's lisa gologrossi who was stricken on assignment and died at age 49
11:53 am
four years ago. lisa's husband, todd crawford, is the founder and executive director of the lisa and father to their sons davis and evan. todd, a wonderful evening, a fundraising event for the lisa thank you for the work that you do -- >> you're welcome. eric: on behalf of family victims like myself, for the survivors, there is hope. why did you start the foundation? >> because this is a little known condition that affects a lot of people across the country. you and i, for example, it took the two most significant people, women in our lives. and there are a lot of similarities between them. both of them were, your mom and my wife, were 49 years of age, picture of health, very accomplished in their careers, and this is a silent killer that affects up to 15 million people across the united states will develop one in their lifetime. that's 1 out of every 20 people, eric. and women are particularly
11:54 am
between the ages of 40-60 years old are 50% more likely to develop a brain aneurysm. african-americans and hispanics are 25-30% more likely. there are 40,000 ruptures a year, and of those who rupture, 75% result in permanent -- death or permanent disability. so it's a condition like heart disease and breast cancer that americans, families, men, women need to know about. eric: you're asked at the doctor, do you have a family history that you see cancer, you see heart attacks, for example, you never really see brain aneurysm on this. that is your effort and your mission, is to get it out and make it as well known as some of these other conditions. >> right. so the lisa foundation, lisa, what we're doing is we have our programs have created the catalyst for a starter, a national conversation that is beginning about brain aneurysms from coast to coast.
11:55 am
and we want to warn people about the warning signs. eric: let me give those right now. >> so the top warning signs are worst headache of life. and the key to all of these is that there's a sudden onset. you could be fine talking to me one second, and the next second they come out of nowhere. so worth headache of life which is the exact way everybody describes it. it is very unusual. like your head has been struck by a lightning bolt and going to explode. sensitivity to light, stiffness of neck, a sharp pain above or behind one of your eyes, and there's a whole host of other symptoms that we list on our web site at eric: sudden blurred double vision, for example, but really is that sudden headache. finally, you do have a sense of hope? you do have hope -- >> yes. eric: -- that this will be recognized, solved, and they can be prevented if you get an mra, and they can be detected in many cases. >> mra, ct angiogram are the
11:56 am
best ways to detect a brain aneurysm. it is possible to have a world without ruptured brain aneurysms today if the medical insurance companies and the medical device companies would, you know, offer support on the diagnostic end of things. the therapies exist, we can treat them successfully. eric: that is the mission, lisa todd crawford, of course, thank you for being with us. >> thanks, eric. eric: we'll be right back. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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arthel: that was an amazing segment you just did with todd bringing awareness to aneurysms. i'm so sorry that you lost your mom. eric: we don't want any more. ♪ ♪ charles: welcome to journal editorial report, i'm charles payne in for paul gigot. some 2020 presidential candidates calling for the impeachment of justice brett kavanaugh following a new york times report recounting a new sexual misconduct allegation. that report later corrected by the newspaper to note that the purported victim refused to be interviewed and that friends say she has no memory of such an incident. so is this latest episode part of an ongoing campaign democrats are waging against the high court, and are there more to come? let's bring in "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan henninger along with columnists kim


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