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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 21, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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rng thank you very much for having me. keep up the good work i'll see you next time on life, liberty, and levin. welcome to waters world i'm jesse waters international scandal north of the border this time, liberal canada general prime minister justin trudeau in brown, trudeau was a 29-year-old future when this photo taken at an arabian night theme costume party but it gets worse admitting wasn't his only and wearing black face in high school to sing harry's song dao "time" magazine kisming confirmg this is of canadian prime minister andst there's also video obtained by canada global
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news reportedly showing trudeau in black face on other times the prime minister is in full damage control just one month before the general election. >> it was black face. and is just not right. it is that people who live with discrimination far too many do because of the color of their skin or their history or their origin or their language or their religion. on a regular basis, and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have. >> here with reaction is tucker carlson. tucker i don't know about you. but i am sick of being lectured by liberals who have these idea politics skeleton in their closets justin trudeau at first we were calling brown face and now we hear there's two other times he was in black face
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called trump racist -- i mean, he's made a distinction between mankind and human kind and now this. what do you make of it? a lot of black face yeah. three at least -- three separate incidents of black face? >> so ping our first reaction is always can you believe these people have black face in their path i think actual answer is -- of course they do. that's why they're lecturing rest of us about our racial and sensitivity in other words whatever it is they're accusing you of is what they're doing and reason they're accusing you of it is because they know they're doing to. so the guys who fly private plane scream at you eating steak because of climate the people with three separate photograph black face instants god knows how many else weren't on camera those people have to call you racist all about compensating for their own sense. so you this is projection on his part because --
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i think deep down maybe he knows that he's not only doin this in the past but perhaps maybe he harbors some feelings of superiority we have seen him with his kind of ethnic posturing when he travelsess overseas he putsn all sorts of indian robe, head dress, and people think that's a little over the top what's that about? i think he honestly likes to dress up. i'm not always having a hard time making a distinction between brown face and black face now media is say he's darkened his face with makeup. that's -- trying to slide out of it like that. this is unbelievable. but, of course, i mean, look, if you are committed to identity politics you are by definition racial because identity politics is that. it is obsessed focus on race difference and most of us don't feel that way. how many times during the course of a day are you brute about
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race probably none at all but i'm not either of them like that and black face that's only time it registers. exactly. but people like that people on the woke left not normally liberals. but the woke type, the ones always in your face with, you know, white privilege those people by definition they're race haters, and obsessive in the creep attituden about it. you mention woke liberal we can run picture after picture of select and hollywood actor and actresses wearing black face not that long ago there's jiminy kimmel right there and chris rock julianne hough welcome the list goes on and on. sarah silverman. why do you think liberals are able to, quote, get away with wearing black face where as if a republican was ever to do that to his face, i mean his life
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would be over. a lot of republicans are cowards which is why that double standard has been allowed to persist. in other words these standards only have power when we obey them. and so if the majority of america which is not woke which is just sort of decent and normal conservative and liberal but like normal people -- if the majority of america is like you know what just -- we're not interested in your stiewpgd lectures be quiet please get off the stage. you know, this would go away immediately the only reason these people have power in the first place is because we give it to them. so we allow ourselves to be bullied they scream racist or qhiet supremacist, and rather than just laughing at them had is what we should do. we cower and punish our own, as long as we keep doing that, the lunatics have authority. and so we should stop doing that right away. >> you're right because we know that -- those people on the other side they don't police their own and
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this is a perfect example. i was watching -- alec baldwin some of the best comedian making most outrageous jokes right to their face. some of these other people on the stage. and if that had been a conservative comic or anybody not in the incrowd making those same type of jokes for instance caitlyn jenner was there and shi in on the joke i get it. but just listen to some of the sampling of these caitlyn jenner material. listen. >> caitlyn jenner is here. [applause] i can't believe you're here. wow. you've got -- girl. republican i don't know why and gain control over a woman's body. what does that party have to do to hews your support?
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be your son? >> you're like against gay marriage you votedded for trump you're like the transcommunity. now i'm just confused, i mean, she's in on the joke i get it. she's fair game in that sense. but -- if a conserve withtive conservative on twitter says i don't want my seven-year-old son going in there they're crute crucified but you can get up on stage a liberal comedian and make joke and anti-tom, and that's funny? i mean it is funny but there's no outrage when they do it. well because you're presumed to be a good person. that is what it is about. right exactly right. i'm still for it. because i'm for humor because it brings perspective and lightens load of life we all die at the end so there's a kind of pretty dark undercurrent to existence, and we need the ref pit of humor you know it is a light spot in at times pretty dark life pretty
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dark existence so i'm always for humor. always. i e agree. i agree. and we're losing humor. totally and alec baldwin who was, obviously, kind of a crazy person and always screaming at people, and smacking photographers yelling at his daughter all of that stuff. he unso many comedian and mean or whatever but i give him a pass because unlike say i don't know pick someone chelsea hanged her totally countless he's talented really tajted so i like that. loads of talent but here he is writing a triple. listen to this joke. >> i have rage. i don't have rage. i have passion. [laughter] passion and robert de niro at a philadelphia strip club fashion like kim junk dry cleaning capri
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pant. we know he likes black women. you know you've got asian joke and per the host. it is funny, but, i mean, i think right now you're seeing liberal comedians push back on the political correctness says guying it is just a joke. >> thank god that cannot come soon enough as i'm krned and it is totalitarian movement that seeks to control people's minds, issue much less behavior but sinces they're committed right at the top as i'm concerned for damage that is done if you live in a society where nobody is allowed to mock or laugh or have a hearted moment a relentless you really are living in like a psychic concentration camp so i really welcome this. >> i do too and i'm just confused by rules because dave
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chappelle had the same type of material in a standup special and critics hated it and you have the right type of people on this stage at comedy strap and critics loved iting they taught it was refreshing and i can't make any sense of it but now that we're -- i wouldn't try that at home if i were you. i'm not allowed to smirk, remember smirk that was a racist smirk i can't do that. i've seen you attacked for smirking i like your smirk. that's true that's all i have. i have to work with what you're given. we're talking about celebrities a lot of them live out in california. but they don't see the neegdz needles, trash or tengt because they're off behind the fence but regular hardworking americans that own small businesses are confronted by this growing -- i call it scary culture that
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potentially has health risks now you interviewed someone who was actually bitten by a homeless person. let's listen. >> he hit somebody, and it got really violent some of the staff subdued him and we tried to call the police to have them intervene and arrest them and in the process he decided to bite me. four months before as well -- a woman came in who was drugged out who wasn't making any sense. we just wanted her to exit the store and she grabbed my arm and bit on it and dropped her weight. now california supposed to be a compassionate state tucker, why aren't they protecting their own people? and that's the question, i mean, because what you're watching is compassion, of course, it is cruelty it is opposite of compassion it is allowing people to live in their own filth like animals until they die. you know of exposure or overdose or seizures. these people die, and then normal people taxpayers with jobs and families it shall you
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know, get bitten in their own store and downtown san francisco it really is like an episode of dawn of the dead it is post mod person like the collapse of society itself. what is interesting to me is that it is happening in richest city in the country. and the most beautiful city in the country, and by the way none of these tech people built san francisco they have no right to destroy this this is not their city they show up from around world come to place and they trash it and they don't have a right to do that but it is interesting that it's -- this collapse is being overseen by the world's richest people it just tell you a lot about how decadent a ruling class is is. how so -- how so uninterested they are in like the average person's life. and you know, if you actually point out, they're saying you're exploiting the issue for political reasons. they're saying you're not compassionate. they're saying that you're just trying to score political
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points, and you know, they've themselves was any responsible for anything that happens in their state and heaven for bid donald trump comeses in there and trying to clean stuff up he's like the hotel manager of the country right he's ho tell if he sees a cigarette homeless guy he sweeps them up guess them away he's trying to do that with california. >> i hope he can -- i mean, look their protests are -- , obviously, just diversion in the end you know, you judge people's leadership by the fruits. you're in charge of a city okay let's sending an hour walking around city and i'm from california i was born in san francisco i go there all of the time and it's -- it is falling apart. you know i have a lot of relativeses who live there but you don't need that just go there for a day. well ask the person in charge like you did this or are you proud of no you should be ashamed you should be imprisoned for doing this. >> out in san francisco tucker goes to san francisco and jussie
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what happens. >> it infuriates me and it should all of us. it should tucker karlg son there he is get the tucker tote bag a big hit in waters world you have to win it. that's right. i earned it i'll see you later tucker. thanks. still ahead emotional support monkeys in waters world wait until you see this. but first -- chelsea hanged her going after me. we'll find out why -- coming up. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? i'm working to treat every car like i treat mine. for all-day, adp helps airtech automotive streamline payroll and hr, so welby torres can achieve what he's working for.
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in thes dmapgding the impeachment of brett kavanaugh even after "the new york times" issued a correction to their botched report. accusing the supreme court justice of sexual misconduct acknowledging this story with held crucial fact that the alleged victim wouldn't even talk to the "times." and her friends said she didn't even recall the episode. the writers behind the piece they blame the editors at a time. we have her name and you know the "times" doesn't include the name of the victim about about and so thing this case, the editors felt like maybe it was probably better to remove it. and removing her name, they removed orr reference to the fact that she department
5:19 pm
remember it. this back which when clarence thomas was -- >> for blacks any way deem for themselves to do for themselves -- to have different ideas and it is a message that unless you count down order this is what will happen to you. joining me now host of the next revolution steve hilton and radio talk show host larry elder in any opinion you're going look back at history of the media, and this is going to be a very critical episode because "new york times" probably has the best reputation of all of the newspapers out there in the mainstream media, and they got caught with their pants down. exposedded for not practicing journalism but this was a hit job and they got caught and then they try to cover to up and look other way but american people
5:20 pm
know these are now liers and couldn't trust anything in "new york times" anymore and think about crucial bits of information they withheld from russia investigation to the trump spy gate situation. i mean, how do we know they're not withholding information about everything they run against the republicans? >> that's right jesse it reminds me of a friend of mine who works in tech who said if there's ever a story in "the new york times," that you actually know about personally if you know the people involved or the business involved whatever. it is bound to be wrong. and we're seeing that. day by day baa it is worse than wrong and you know the editor let's flip the real agenda. couple of month ago when he was speaking to an internal meeting. and he said look we tried with russia. we tried. to get trump with russia and now we're going to move on at the time it was racism and it shows this agenda just permeates
5:21 pm
everything they say there's a split at the "new york times" you've got the straight journalist and then the comment pages there's no split. they're all the same they're all out to get trup and anyone who is supporting him. >> it is rape, it is russia, recession, i don't know what else they have larry they've run out of bulletses in chamber. i don't know what they're going to do next year. i mean, heaven for bid what happened to hillary they wouldn't be out of business but it is a smear machine and everybody knows it now. >> jesse it is journalistic malpractice not to mention that the fact that victim doesn't recall the or she has a close friend who doesn't believe her but outrageous and they were out to get brett kavanaugh they don't care about the facts. "the new york times" has not endorsed republican for president since 1956. "the washington post" never have only about 7% of journalist self-described as republicans this is what we're up against
5:22 pm
and mantra, of course, is that donald trump is a racist. it is supporters are racist and america is racist. here's the problem, the city that voted most for donald trump in the country is texas about 130,000 people 75% white, 10% black. yes they just elected mayor, a black guy overwhelmingly first black mayor in their 136th year history and how can a town racist vote for a black guy to be mayor it doesn't make seis and america is not a racist country donald trump is supportive are not racist but that does not stop "new york times" washington post and rest of them from pushing that narrative. >> country is less racist than the time i can't believe last republican eisenhower that was a very, long time ago how time have change haded. [laughter] speaking of times changing, joe biden wanted to harken back to a story -- i guess big confrontation when he was -- you know, helping kids swim at the pool life guarding back in
5:23 pm
the day. [laughter] he recounted a meeting he had with corn pop. let's listen to this. >> corn fop was a bad dude. and he ran and they wouldn't listen i said esther you. off the board or i'll drag you all. well he came off, and he said i'll meet you outside. late and street guy and street racers. not a joke. there's a guy named bill and he did pool he was the mechanic and he cut off the chain he said you walk out with with that chain and you walk by the card you say you may cut me man but i'll wrap this chain around your head. so i walked out with a chain. i said, when i tell you to get off the board you get off the board i'll kick you off the game but i shouldn't have called you had i apologize for that. he said you apologize to me -- i said i apologize but not for throw out but apologize for what
5:24 pm
i said. he said okay close the straight and my heart began to beat again. will have >> i have to admit steve probably most entertaining story biden has ever told -- gotten to point you mention joe biden name i start laughing because you see him these days. he's not -- these rambling you know incoherent that is so entertaining you played that whole clip about two with and a half minutes you just -- you can't get through it without collapsing into laughter. it is so embarrassing. i think one thing i really do feel strongly about we have to stop calling it gap, it is not gap these are not mistake because, you know, he's got a factor on whatever. he does that. this is a sign of someone who is completely losing it. it is worse and idea this guy rambling on like this wants to be president is just a joke. >> not even age thing although it is but he's been making goofy statements for decades and
5:25 pm
always every time he's run for president. i don't see why it is different this time larry. >> i'm not quite sure the point of the story is a point of the is to tell people he's down with brotherses to work with black people he's not afraid of black people i'm not sure what the point of the story is and are you sure he's got it confused with margaret thatcher totally look alike. >> i want to transition to something more serious now and buck, about big donor for democrats out in california . those democrats about a half a million dollars over years. i mean it looks like this guy could be a serial killer. they've had two dead bodies at his house they've had multiple overdoses a criminal complaingt now shows there could be as many as 10 victims apparently he like to inject young gay black men with methamphetamine and then have his way with him it is a disgusting perverted situation if allegations are true.
5:26 pm
steve, if this guy were a republican, do you think it would be getting a little bit more coverage? >> that's exactly the point. you know he's, obviously, completely sick individual and conserve to be taken to whatever extent is possible but i think the political point is exactly that. he's really a central figure in democratic politics in california. he's donated to pretty much anyone who is anyone in california, and democrat as well as -- in the country. >> adam shift hillary clinton he's in photographs with all of these people. and now i have part of the affidavit here he's chase around people with a chain saw. trying to inject them with methamphetamine his nickname was doctor it was disgusting i'll give you last word. >> as far as police are concerned other two deaths they found jesse no evidence of foul play the the third person overdose he didn't die.
5:27 pm
and now apparently there's evidence he might have been injecting them illegally but question is why aren't media more concerned about this and you're absolutely right if this guy were a republican his name would fall off the tongue the way the koch brothers name does but he's benefited from same double standard that harvey weinstein did another benefactor. >> ed buck ran out of luck, and -- speaking of speaking of luck you're lucky enough steve to land the ivanka interview and we're going to be watching that at 9 p.m. eastern on sunday evening on the next revolution. that sounds really good congrats on the guest. all right. have a grad weengt you guys. >> thank you jesse good to see you up next trudeau and black face liz warren going after men wait until you hear this and erichold we are a very shocking comment. ladies -- diamond and silk to that next.
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live from america news headquarters i'm l as fda announce a criminal investigation into that amend cdc confirming eight at the
5:32 pm
times linked e-cigarettes just this week saying that investigating an estimated 530 cases in 38 states that's an about increase of 150 cases just from the week before. all of the strike involving nearly 50,000 united autoworkers against general motors is set to enter its second week unless negotiations reach a break through over weekend blockout is costly for both gm and uaw but long hoer it drag on more likely it is to be felt by consumers. work reverse demanding fair wages and job security assurances and uaw president is encouraging members to join the picket line. i'm now back to waters world. liz warren in hot seat over her speech this week in new york city washington square park. the 202 democratic claiming a crowd of 20,000 but the park service says that wasn't even close. but it is this comment that has
5:33 pm
a lot of people shaking their head. not here because of famous men and, in fact, we're not here because of men at all. joining me now diamond and silk, i mean i want to be fair to liz warren, she was taw being there close to an old factory that cost lives of many hardworking women but, i mean, washington square park is named after someone. island of manhattan was purchased by a man from maybe some of her ancestors ladies what do you think? >> perhaps. and you know she is here because of a man. that's right because if it wasn't for a man she be here. let's talk about that but you know what jesse let me tell you something i heard and it has been a alleged that she's taken advice from hillary clinton. >> uh-huh. she should take advice from losers because she's going to lose. [laughter] let me tell you something not
5:34 pm
going to get man vote or get the black vote because black people look at her as another racial -- about that took advantage of a system because she claim she walked around hatch of her career talking about she was native american, so elizabeth warren i think that she could just go somewhere and sit down she droangt draw crowds like president donald trump and be salacious and a lie. >> that's right. >> my gosh. yes rachel dough is -- white woman in charge of the naacp out west for many years qhiet as can be. but claim she was black. i mean, liz warren that's going to haunt her for -- the next year pocahontas okay. we also have eric holder who said something to catch my attention because he didn't sound like democrats running around washington. listen to this. we have to have borders that mean something. what about had the proposal that
5:35 pm
many of the candidates embrace to border crossing turn it into a civil offense. >> i don't think that's right, i mean, the law that is on books has been there for about 100 years or so and certainly take a tool that they may not want to use. eric holder, at this point, the democrats running for president are making erichold per look like he's chanting build the wall build the wall. this is crazy now how far the left has gone. >> kudos to ericholder right but it is a day late and a dare short because the american people are already see the democrat party as the party of socialism. the party that won't open border, and the party that advocates for illegal aliens and instead of americans the democrats are going to lose because of them. eric holder can try to teach them it is not going to work we already see the democrat party for who they are. and they're not advocating or working for the american people they advocate and work for illegal alien and open borders
5:36 pm
and socialism. >> a second member of the obama administration to come out and say we do need strong borders jeh johnson obama dpght of secretary said the exact same thing what is going on with the democrats in 2019? ladies i had to get your opinion on our friend up there. trudeau, with brown face there he is dressed as some iowa -- arabian guy he dupght know how many time he dress up in black face what do you say to that? >> he has a moral compass and now all of a sudden he should have known better 2001, and seeing this in that era of 2010 he should know better if this was back in the 60s, i may cut him a little shack because back in that time that was the gym crowe era that was the kkk era. that was all put in place by
5:37 pm
democrats. but he should have known better 2001 dressed up like this here. sad, sad, sad day for him. listen i don't know if he's going to be reelected. yeah. i mean it is not the most opportune time for black face photos to show up a month before the election. all right, about ladies diamond and silk there they are. tearing up across the nation. check out the website, and go buy the tickets. all right. stay tuned because we have emotional support monkeys -- they're going to be swinging into waters world. and yours truly under attack by chelsea hanged we'll show you all of the lies said about about me. i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce.
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♪ an amazing amount of misinformation out there in the media about guns, about drugs
5:42 pm
about immigration, no one can figure out what is going on. but there are some core truths that the media doesn't want you to know and it is hiding from the american people. jerome hudson is entertainment reporter from bright bart doib and owner of 50 that i thinks they don't want you to know and he joins me now all right some of the stuff is fascinating. and we'll just kind of go through it quickly here jerome. tell me about gun free zones. >> sure jesse. since 1950 from 1950 to 2018 we're talking about almost 70 years we now know that 97% of mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones. it is kind of the thing that would make you want to ask why in the world would anybody ever trust the democrat when they talk about gun control laws? >> that is an amazing statistic.
5:43 pm
and it just says to me well then why do we eliminate gun free zones and you probably eliminate a lot of the mass shootings, i mean, that's almost 100% or done in the places like school and things like that. tell me about the argument about drug overdoses because a lot people don't realize they're more than what, than gun deaths? >> almost by double. double and this is an indictment on the media jesse. anyone paying attention to it knows that any time a killer picks up a gun and commits heinous act it becomes wall to wall coverage but there's a epidemic of drug overdoses in this country so quiet and media wouldn't report it you never hear underreported also -- we talk a lot about illegal immigration. in this show -- and we say how dangerous it is for the central american migrants to come all the way
5:44 pm
through mexico and the caravan to southern border how dangerous is it for theses women and children to make that journey? >> well stills jesse that -- about 103,000 women and girls will be raped on their way to the united states from central america. >> that's awful an indictment on democrats for all of their screams about a war on women and rape culture in this country where are they on this issue? >> that's a great point a great point, buzz if they were truly compassionate about the safety and security of women throughout the world, they would try to discourage that journey and that would actually save a lot of people. all right, also -- so much bias in the media one of the places netflix is just a hornet list what are donations telling you about netflix? >> sure every one dollar donatinged to a republican about
5:45 pm
141 dollars went it a democrat in the 2016 presidential election. from netflix. >> what lunches are around that had office. >> somewhere, somewhere along line that went from -- you know entertainment, entertaining americans to your girl chelsea handlerring to us about white -- >> there's not a lot of of ideological diversity around the lunch table there at netflix. i want to skip ahead we go to -- this conference you know when everybody goes and talks about climate change. seems like there's a little pollution going on when they fly in there. tell me about that. >> 1700 private jets full of presidents and potent date and selects flew to the climate in 2015 it was another 1300, the next year. look this is -- i'm sure there's empty seats on this private jet i'm sure they're not packing them in.
5:46 pm
lastly, and this is very interesting. black and about hispanic students are more underrepresented in america top colleges than before affirmative action. >> sure. the -- turns out that plan of admitting people college based on the color of their skin didn't actually help out the way that liberals started it shall that affirmative action. unbelievable piece of information that i'm glad you wrote this book. everybody check out 50 things right here. 50 things they don't want you to know by jerome hudson all right jerome thank you very much for that reporting. coming up, very serious monkey business. as emotional support monkeys enter my world. these days, we're all stressed. (honk!) i hear you sister. that's why i'm partnering with cigna
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the battle over e mother-in-law support animals is heating up we've shown you emotional support duck, swirl squirrel goats and alligator now a moicial emotional supporty that's right city is threatening to kick out her and her three
5:51 pm
support monkeys. after a neighbor reported her for having what city calls inherently dangerous animals. she joins me now with her monkeys -- haley anna paula and zoe. who do you have right there? >> this is cali anna this is one that has been display all over internet with her big teeth as they caught her while she was yawning. big teeth she has all of her teeth canine and everything she doesn't bite. >> no. >> doesn't bite you but would she bite anybody else? >> doesn't bite anybody. doesn't bite anybody and brought her child here play with her. she does not bite. >> the police played with your monkey how did they do that? >> well because i have them in house when all of this started i told them to come in because, you know -- >> but what did they do play catch with it or what?
5:52 pm
>> no i'm sorry i didn't mean it. like she came up to them and she came up to them and interacted with them. and one of the police officers held her and all of that. >> why do you need emotional support anything? >> i suffer from ptsd. i had a very violent crime happen to me when i was 14. and then i had to go i was only living next -- i had to again with death penalty so i suffer from it my whole life. >> as a child -- >> appropriate animal to give you emotional support you need. not a dog or anything like that? >> i connected with my stepfather was a veterinarian, and so he had chance monkey
5:53 pm
around and stuff so i connected. >> do you have they in the house do you dine out in town with monkeys? >> i do not try to take them out in public by like like to go bye-bye so my husband will go to -- walgreens i will go in he stays in the car with the monkeys. have i ever done that taken them to an outside restaurant? not risky. >> so your neighbor is a snitch and doesn't feel kivel with the monkey in the house do you understand why the neighbor might feel that way? >> it was explained to me -- this is normal. to me -- you know i was doing it so long. i understand it is not someone with else's normal. right everybody has their own normal. i -- don't think no she was -- upset i don't think she has ever
5:54 pm
even seen monkey i was outside playing ball with with kellyanne that and zoe in my own yard and they are trained not to leave i take them -- >> i take them and show them the perimeter. >> but she's not happy with it so you're in a big legal battle with the city if i, you luck withy monkeys hopefully you're able to keep them and you're given emotional support that you need. all right. >> i appreciate that thank you very much. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. bye-bye. >> up next chelsea handler comes after waters world. ould save fa. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪
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about once-weekly ozempic®. jesse: time now for last call. i need to set the record straight here, guys. there's a new netflix
5:59 pm
documentary out about white privilege. it's called "hello, privilege, it's me, chelsea." producers included a clip of me from one of our shows in 2017 seemingly bashing white privilege. here's what they showed. >> what am i supposed to feel, guilty about that? jesse: problem is my comment is taken out of context. if they had played my entire question they would have seen this. so assuming that there is a little white privilege, let's just take that for granted. what am i supposed to feel? guilty about that? did you guys catch that? i believe there's a lit little bit of white privilege in this country. all over the world probably. i just don't know if we're supposed to feel guilty being born this way. that's all. how i was born. why we have discussions about what it means. simple as that. that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on foye,
6:00 pm
disbram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watt teres and this is my world. ♪ judge jeanine: hello. well come to "justice." we can't be stopped. you helped make this show all number one last weekend and i thank you for that. but tonight the train keeps rolling with a jam-packed show featuring house minority leader kevin mccarthy, republican congressman mark meadows, cory lecoreylewandowski, charlie kirl joining me loif. whistle-blowers, wit hunts and more. first whereby my opening statement. when does it epped. how long will this go


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