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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 23, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: good morning, monday september 23rd, happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast, president trump preparing to take the world stage at the un general assembly with today's address, now overshadowed some say but a controversial phone call. >> i've been hearing the name ukraine, ukraine, ukraine, everything that we said on the call was perfect, friendly, discuss maryland topics. heather: but as democrats open a new chapter in impeachment playbook, the white house turning tables on potential nominee and 2020 shake-up, democratic hopefuls set up camp in iowa where new front runner may have taken the reings in the
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race. >> the producers asked me to give a special shout-out to lead actress winners who are looking from prison, hopefully the two weeks will fly by. heather: 71st emmy award, big winners and major moment that is you may have missed. "fox & friends first" start right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, the sun not up yet over new york city wherever you're taking up on monday morning, thank you so much for joining us, hopefully
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y'all had a great weekend, by the way, first day of fall, i'm heather childers, let's begin with this, in a few hours president trump will take the stage at the united nations, discussing religious freedom and meeting with world leaders amid rising tensions with iran also conflict here at home, garrett tenney live at washington to explain, good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning to you, president trump to meet with 15 world leaders this week but iran's president is not one of them even as tensions with the u.s. continue to rise, on sunday iran's foreign minister said at this point he is not confident that war can be avoided with the u.s. after the pentagon announced plans to deploy hundreds of additional troops to the region. u.s. officials say that is just the first step in response to an attack on the saudi oil field last week which tehran was likely behind. but on fox news sunday secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. doesn't want a war and he's
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hopeful iran will eventually come to the negotiating table. >> president trump would like to have a diplomatic solution, that's the task that's in front of us, that's what we have been aiming for a little over 2 years with strongest sanctions that have ever been put in place against us. >> president trump is scheduled to meet with ukraine's president this week amid questions surrounding the whistleblower's complaint reportedly regarding a phone call the leaders had in july, during call according to wall street journal mr. president pressured ukraine's president to investigate joe biden's son business ties. breaking news, ukrainian government said they weren't pressured during the nice call, sleepy joe biden on the other hand forced tough prosecutor from investigating his son's company but threat of not giving big dollars to ukraine, that's the real story.
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congressional democrats have issued subpoena for a copy of the whistleblower's complaint and warning of impeachment if they don't get it. >> i have been reluctant to go down the path of impeachment but maybe we do have the move forward with the extraordinary remedy if, indeed, the president is at the same time withholding vital military assistance, he is trying to leverage that to obtain help in political campaign. >> so iran and ukraine, two of the big story lines going into un assembly, president trump schedule today speak on -- scheduled to speak, heather. heather: busy day in new york city, actually all week, as democrats scramble to take the focus off of biden's connections with ukraine, game-changer in democratic primary. >> the left knows when biden's
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season was a problem, when hillary was running, the stories were first originated. i don't know who came up with the scheme, maybe whistleblower is not a partisan, we want to hear from the whistleblower but looks like the scheme has backfired and like i said this is probably tend of biden's campaign. maria: end of his campaign? >> i really do. not that he's -- he still has block of support, if you look his lead is basically down to zero. heather: by the way, congressman nunes would be at "fox & friends" at 7:00 o'clock hour. new poll shaking up the field following world win weekend of campaigning in the hawkeye state, aisha joins me with who is the one to watch right now.
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>> okay, we are talking about elizabeth warren, she's leading the pack with 4 months left before the iowa caucus and des moines register shows warren at 22% beating out former vp joe biden at 20% but the massachusetts senator not letting this get to her head. >> i don't do polls, we are still months away from iowa caucuses and the first primary election. >> according to that same poll these new warren fans are old bernie sanders supporters and although packed rally on sunday, trailer is trailing at 11%, meantime cory booker worried about a different kind of number today, his campaign sending out a memo to staff warning if they don't raise nearly $2 million by the next funding deadline, booker might have to quit. >> if we cannot raise $1.7 million in the last 10 days
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of this quarter in the last 10 days of september, then corey will have to make tough decisions and i will have to make tough decisions about his future in the race. >> 4 months left in the iowa caucus and many squeezing as much time as possible. pete buttigieg and bernie sanders with 3 events today. andrew yang with 2% still pretty positive. heather: we will see who drops out next, thank you so much, aisha, appreciate it. update for you, new jersey man charged as secret hezbollah spy due in court today, scouted potential targets across the country including times square and lincoln memorial, accused of taking photos on his cell phone for the terror group, charged with providing material to a terror organization and conspiracy, he could face more than 100 years in prison.
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the estranged husband and missing mother facing a judge today, accused of failing to properly charge the batteries on his gps monitor, they have both pleaded not guilty to tampering charges in relationship to jennifer's disappearance in may, the bond could be revoked as connecticut judge finds that he has not complied with the terms of his release. search for answers after 3 people are killed and 4 more are rushed to the hospital from apparent drug overdoses, this is a bizarre case, pittsburgh believe that the group of men took a tainted batch of narcotics together, all of the victims were wearing orange wristbands but this is believed to be an isolated incident. well, embattled wide receiver antonio brown says he's done with the nfl and he could be starting a legal battle. athlete will file a grievance
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against the patriots to get $20 million on contract days after team released him amid sexual misconduct investigation. brown tweeted, will not be playing in nfl anymore, we will see if the nfl pa can hold them accountable. they can avoid guaranties any time going on 40 million in 2 months, we will see if they pay up. well, big night in hollywood as stars come out to 71st emmy award. >> you can't look at the history of television without chronicalling the medians who define the media, george burns, lucy. >> i'm still alive.
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[laughter] >> well, the show didn't have a host but actor thomas lender nonserved as commentator taking a jab at felicity hoffman. >> producers asked me to give special shout-outs to any lead actress win whores are watching from prison, hopefully the 2 weeks will fly right by. >> patricia advocating for transgender rights as she accepted award for supporting actress. >> they are human beings, give them jobs. >> billy porter making history as gay brack actor for winning in drama series in his role in pose and then the hit show taking for best comedy. best drama went to game of thrones. let's switch gear and talk about football now, how about that? the rams scored big road victory with the last second goal line
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stand. >> fourth down. your ball game and the pass is kicked off in the end zone. >> the rams and browns 20-13. getting love from vince qd, eli manning after first-career touchdown. 32-31. the saints grabbing a huge win without star qb drew brees and then the panthers rolling past the cardinals, 38-20 behind 4 touchdowns from backup kyle island -- allen i should say, of course. that was a great win, man, the time now 11 minutes after the top of the hour, you heard a lot about the push to take care of 911 first responders, well, this morning we will take you what you have not heard about the healthcare bill that congress just passed.
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>> usually abuse of power in every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. >> this is a very dishonest thing that joe biden did. heather: war of words heating up over president trump's phone call with ukraine, democrats pouncing but doesn't the president have a point? we will break down the latest developments including what they have to do including with joe biden.
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since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter...
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doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> abuse of power in every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. >> this is a very dishonest thing that joe biden did. he never spoke to his son, does anybody believe that one? >> joe biden and president trump trading blows as the president questions possible corruption linked to hunter biden's business dealings in the ukraine, democrats in the media coming to former vp's defense, why isn't his family under the
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same scrutiny, the trump family has been in the past 2 years, video from the daily caller joins us with more, thank you per joining, appreciate it. >> thanks, heather. heather: why discrepancy on how the particular incidents are being covered and handled? >> i mean, it's really the double standards are astonishing, it's very unfair what's happening to president trump, if you look at the facts and this phone call that he had with the ukrainian president, listening to facts from a whistleblower who didn't even hear this conversation directly so it's actually heresay, then we heard the washington street journal say that there was no quid pro quo and then we look at over at the biden situation and how his family dealings, there may have been some conflict, joe biden as vice president threatened to withhold
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$1 billion if they didn't fire top prosecutor who had been looked into natural gas company that his son hunter biden happened to be the director of. keep in mind, hunter biden had no experience in natural gas, oil in ukraine and his appointment and job title that he had with them was curious to begin with and also joe biden is seen on video talking about how he threatened to ukrainian government to fire this prosecutor. heather: right, here is what rudy giuliani had to say about that, he was on fox news sunday and he mentioned the video of proof. >> large cig nick antibiotic and prudent. there were 3 video tapes the prosecutors on record available on here that nobody has covered for 5 months because this town protects joe biden. >> but do you think that that protection will continue as we get, you know, more into this
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2020 campaign? do you think democrats will turn against him? >> the mainstream media has been carrying a lot of water on their backs for the democratic party, some people will question whether the mainstream media is an arm of the democratic party, i think that there's a lot of question and now that we are talking about ukraine this is something that will need to be looked into, some of the news organizations are starting to report it and cover it but looks like they are kind of, you know, trying to explain why this happened, of course, biden said there was no wrongdoing on their part and this needs to be investigated and looked at because it wasn't just ukraine but also deal with china, right after joe biden showed up 2 weeks later hunter biden had 1 billion-dollar deal with chinese government, a business that they owned an there's obviously a conflict when you're the son of the vice president of the united states and you're working with the chinese government.
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>> yeah. >> doesn't look right. so -- we are not accusing of them of anything but everyone loves investigations, there's something to be investigated. heather: just look into it, we have talked about it many times on this show in particular, the biden family ties to china and to the ukraine. here is what president trump had to say in reference to the fake news media, now that democrats and fake news media have gone bust on every other of their witch hunt schemes, they are trying to start one just as ridiculous as the other, call it the ukraine witch hunt while at the same time trying to protect sleepy joe biden will sail again. one of the questions that was asked this weekend, this is why some of president obama has come out and supported specifically joe biden. >> well, joe biden has held public office since before i was born, so clearly there's going to be baggage that he's carrying around that will be discovered if he's the nominee for the democrats, so, yeah, i think that's why obama doesn't want to
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get involved, i've talked to other people who even worked on obama's campaign who know joe biden personally and who like him who don't want to support him, they think that he's not ready or he can carry them through the finish line so they're looking for candidates that could possibly do this, but president trump touched on something, it's very unfair what the media is doing to them, and they spent $30 million with the russian hoax and tearing our country apart with fake investigations and dragging the president and his family through the mud. we are getting sick and tired of it, they are crying wolf every other day, people will stop turning off the tv and ignoring the news. heather: yeah, all right, thank you so much for joining us, we certainly appreciate having you with us, stephanie. >> thanks, heather. heather: time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour, the story that made headlines, cop
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shooting a man in an apartment that she thought was hers, american airline flight forced to make emergency landing after passenger lights a joint in midair, how does he get passed tsa, stay tuned
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heather: welcome back, the trial begins today for former police officer who shot and killed an unarmed neighbor in his own apartment. amber has pleaded not guilty to murder, she claims she shot john last year after entering his dallas apartment thinking that it was her own which is one floor below, fired from her job and could face life in prison if convicted.
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well, family is outraged after first grader arrested for throwing temper tan truim at school, police putting 6-year-old kaya to take her to juvenile detention center, her grandmother says sleep disorder makes her act out. police officer who arrested her has been suspended pending an investigation. how about this, unruly passenger forces american airline fight making emergency landing after lighting joint on board.
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[inaudible] >> so how did this passenger even get marijuana on the plane amid today's tight security in airports, former u.s. deputy assistant of transportation oliver mcgee joins me now with more, first of all, thank you very much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, heather. heather: let's talk about what did not happen, the passenger somehow was able to get through tsa and get this marijuana on board the flight, how did that happen? >> well, tsa sometimes can't catch all contraband coming on board, heather, i think that this was really sort of a slip in the security system and we just can't have that anymore. essentially this rule-making which is 252 says that you can't smoke on aircraft, you can't
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smoke cigarettes, cigars, you can't vape and definitely can't roll up a joint and smoke it because it's all about the smoke and the smoke detectors, heather, this came from air canada crash 797 on june second 1983 and that's when we really started to really put smoke detectors in aircraft, we also put lighting on floor of aircraft and also fire fighting equipment for crews to put out the fire because that was a horrific fire that had 46 passengers and we lost 23 because when we opened the door, heather, the plane became flashover and we don't have airplanes blowing up in big flames. the evacuation came into play and that came in when we saw 214
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on july and people got out. heather: yeah, i remember that clearly. i was covering that when it happened. let's talk about what actually happened on board the plane, though, before all of this, this passenger, some of the other passengers alleging that he had been yelling that he was on cocaine, he went back to the bathroom in the plane and was staying in there for approximately 10 minutes, the flight attendants could not get him out of the bathroom and the pilots landed plane early which is exactly what they were supposed to do, in terms of safety on board, there are people on board the plane, we herd about the marshals before, do you think everything was handled appropriately once they were in the air and all start today transpire? >> i think by the many cameras that you saw by the passengers, if you see something say something, if you see something show it on your phone, they were really basically following protocols very well.
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if you go into a laboratory and you start trying to smoke, you set off fire alarm or smoke detector in there, the pilots are going to put the plane down fast, but more importantly you're going to meet law enforcement when you land, that's according to faa 252 and that's what you saw in cameras, law enforcement were meeting this machine and pulling him off the aircraft but looked like it was also a medical-related mental problem as well, so they put him in handcuffs and they took him straight to the hospital but more importantly the passengers were being visionary and vigilant in protecting the aircraft because we have to remember, heather, aircraft and airports are safety and security installation post 9/11, 2020 that is, they are actually going to go to smoke-free airport, so airports are going in that direction that you cannot smoke -- heather:
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anywhere. >> and onto tarmac and into care craft. >> all right, thank you for the heads up. >> thank you very much for having me. >> have a good day. time now is almost half past hour, nancy pelosi once said this? >> impeachment is a very divisive measure that if we have to go there, you have to go there but we can't go there unless we have the facts. >> well, seems she's changing tune thanks to aoc so who is running the party, we will debate it up next.
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heather: welcome back, half past the top of the hour, look at headlines for you this morning, new jersey man charged with serving as secret hezbollah spy in the u.s. due in court today, prosecutors say that saab took
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photos of terror targets across the country and sent them to terror group, he faces more than 100 years in prison if convicted. 2020 democrats fighting if r votes in iowa as new front-runner emerges, new showing senator warren in the lead with 22% support, 4 months left in iowa caucus, candidates trying to squeeze as much if hawkeye state as possible, senator bernie sanders and pete buttigieg are holding several rallies today. in just a few hours president trump will discuss religious freedoms at the united nations, while there the president will meet with world leaders amid rising tensions with iran over saudi oil attacks. house speaker nancy pelosi facing off against alexandria ocasio-cortez once again, aoc lashing out over democrats'
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failure to impeach president trump as pelosi continues to drag her feet. >> legislate, investigate, litigate, that's the path we have been on and that's the path we continue to be on. impeach is a divisive measure that if we have to go there you have to go there, but we can't go there unless we have the facts. heather: so when will democrats stop the infighting, here to debate gop strategist ford o'connell and democratic political analyst robert, thank you very much for joining us, appreciate it. >> good to be here. >> as we begin conversation let's pull up the tweet from aoc where she talked about this, she said at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law breaking behavior, the democrats' refusal to impeach him for it and nancy pelosi going back saying he's stepping into dangerous mind field, that being the president
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with serious repercussions for his administration and our democracy, we will continue to follow the facts and explore every possible option to ensure the american people get the truth. ford, starting with you, is aoc running the party? >> we are 14 months from a presidential election and we are no closer to impeachment than we were before this whistleblower-ukraine nonsense, the reason is simple, no public appetite for impeachment, only 37% of voters want democrats to begin impeachment proceedings and here is what nancy pelosi knows, if she impeaches president trump on a whim or pacify a democratic base and aoc not only will trump be reelected but in jeopardy of losing the democratic house majority. heather: robert, does seem like that was the direction that nancy pelosi was going, agreeing
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with what ford had to say there, do you think she's going back on that because the pressure from people like aoc and would that be wise for her to do? >> she's not going back based on what aoc is saying, she as a twitter following, she does not have a legislative following in the house of representatives that can actually pass laws into place, what nancy pelosi is saying, however, maybe the president of the united states should not be working with ukrainian government to find dirt on political opponent which is what we just got done spending 3 years and $30 million investigating and and the president wants to quail calls from discussions, stop doing so many things to make it seem that he wants to get impeach. the president keeps doing crazy things every two weeks. heather: robert, do you think this is a wise move from the democratic party when one of the own candidates perhaps negotiated ukraine to benefit
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his own family? >> well, this is conspiracy theory that's been throating around for several months, it's been debunked several times, seems like joe biden gets controversy and beats it to the ground and fake me too controversy that went away, now the joe biden is old talking point, julian castro, did you forget what you just said that went away and now ukraine, joe biden stay in power, he will be the nominee and i think president trump is trying to start the general election fight right now instead of waiting for primary to be over. he's picking his opponent. >> ford, what do you think? >> i think that robert is totally underselling aoc's power in democratic party, bottom line 70% of democrats actually want to see donald trump impeached, but here lies the problem, the mueller report was a complete dud for democrats, it didn't give them what they wanted so right now they're busy pulling a fast one trying to pacify their base and run out the clock, here is what president trump does
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like about this infighting, one, highlights the democratic party particular aoc, only has 22% approval rating in this swing states, further here lie it is deal, the media now actually has to cover what appears to be questionable biden-family dealings with ukraine in china, as of right now this is a win-win for donald trump. heather: all right, robert and ford, thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it, great debate. >> thank you, heather. heather: fox news alert for you, horrible just happening every 7 children adead after school collapsed overnight, huge rescue effort underway right now, this is in kenya, dozens of other students have been taken to the hospital, not clear what caused the collapse and we will bring you more details as we get them, our prayers with all those folks, well, back at home in the investigation to jewelry theft as the president's new york city apartment building is targeted. $350,000 in valuables were taken
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from two different units in trump tower, police suspected it could be inside job since there was no signs of break-in is, the president has 3-story penthouse in the building, he's in new york to speak at the un, but before heading to the big apple, president trump stopped by the lone star state, the president's praising india's prime minister at a rally in houston. >> prime minister modi is a doing truly exceptional job for india. i can tell you that you have never had a better friend as president than president donald trump, that i can tell you. heather: celebrating modi's reelection, president trump in ohio visiting paper factory with australian prime minister and scott morrison who is investigating in manufacturing jobs, a lot of traveling, very busy. climate activists hope to bringnation's capitol to stand,
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shut down dc, plan to go start blocking 6:30 this morning, be aware if you're in the area, the goal the pressure lawmakers into taking action on climate change with list of demands that including ending deforestation and passing the far-left green new deal. new danger emerging of e-cigarettes, link to go serious lung damage as ban of flavored liquids looms in the u.s. and faum reunion on the football field, which brother went home with bragging rights?
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", former students surrounded ground zero could qualify for free health care, new york city
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department of education work to go contact 19,000 people that could qualify for the government's victim's compensation fund if they have any of the 68 9/11 related cancers or dozens of respiratory diseases. family detention center will reopen in texas, according to washington post, the agency stopped housing migrant families at the county center earlier this year amid a surge in family crossings, the family southeast of san antonio, ice's second largest family center, capable of housing 830 people, most recently used to house adult women who will be sent to other detention centers apparently. fox news alert for you, the fumes that are inhaled from the e-cigarettes are toxic and they can kill the cells lining your airways, tracee carrasco from our sister network fox business
1:46 am
here with more on the new bomb shell study, good morning, tracee. >> good morning, heather, yes, the report coming from scientists from australian university and hospital as you said, they dinned find that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes is very harmful, toxics what the fumes that are being produced and that they can kill the cells lining air waists, this, of course, comes as we are hearing from the american lung association saying that e-cigarettes are not safe, that we are seeing the number of vaping-related illnesses an deaths increasing and also the trump administration is considering the idea of banning those flavored e-cigarettes but very scary information from this report. >> sure is. seems like maybe discover that beforehand. amtrak, revamping traditional dining cards? >> yes, starting on october 1st, amtrak is getting rid of dining cards as we know them this is because they find that millennials aren't comfortable with the common classic table sharing dining car that is we
1:47 am
know in amtrak trains now. according to the amtrak head of customer service telling the washington post, quote, some people especially new millennial customers don't like it so much, they want more privatery, they don't want to feel uncomfortable sitting next to people so they are getting rid of those hot meals and replacing them with prepackaged meals in 3 route, those are the 3 route tons screen right now. heather: how do they feel in restaurants these days, you have people sitting next to you? tracee: i guess they don't want to share a table with someone they don't know. heather: the time now about 10 minutes until the top of the hour and planned parenthood taking the trump administration to court today over rule that blocks federal funding for abortions, why our next guest says that this is a legal battle planned parenthood will not win.
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major game of thrones spoiler alert has viewers crying foul, the comments pouring in on social media.
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heather: welcome back, major federal court battle is brewing, planned parenthood facing off with the trump administration over title 10 changes that ban federally funded family planning providers from referring women for abortion. now the president for america, the american people are on the side of life and she joins me now with more, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate
1:52 am
it. >> thanks for having me this morning. heather: as we bring up discussion, let's bring up the states to block title x rule, why do you believe planned parenthood will not win in this? >> going to court is consistent strategy that planned parenthood that uses to override the will of the voters, override executive and legislative branches, they have been doing this since 1973 since roe versus wade, we've already seenth circuit where the court has let the trump administration protect life will go into effect despite it being sued, i think the government in a very strong position here because they've given every opportunity to plan parenthood and fair to and allow them to receive title 10 funds, all they have to simply agree to do is stop selling abortions when they are counseling women, servicing them in title 10, using title 10 funds and their abortion facilities can't be relocated within a government
1:53 am
funded clinic. heather: we can bring this up, $563.1 million, so what type of feedback do you get from the students that you rally for the students for life for america? >> sure, while on campuses every day talking to millennials about abortion and what we know is 7 and 10 millennials reject the premise that their taxpayer dollars should be used for abortions no matter where they stand on abortion, in fact, by 3 to 1 margin, we find that millennials would rather have tax dollars go to federally qualified health centers which outline facilities 20 to 1 instead planned parenthood abortion venders. heather: and the argument that planned parenthood will be making today as you understand it? >> they're going to be saying that women are hurting because planned parenthood and it's
1:54 am
being redirect today health centers that actually help women have a family and not prevent a family. heather: all right, kristin hawkins, thank you for breaking it down. >> thank you. heather: 6 minutes until the top of the hour, the funeral held for a glacier.
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heather: and welcome back, motorcade for the vice president ruffling feathers in michigan, critics calling out the vp for traveling on island where cars are banned, he was there for the michigan republican leadership conference on saturday, michigan's democrat congresswoman tlaib tweeted, banned for a century, people, the trump administration trampling all over it like they do the constitution, cars driving in our island, makes my some turn. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. texas star jason watt playing against younger brother derrick for chargers, they dreamed about the moment as a kid and then he went home with the bragging
1:59 am
rights, jj picking up two sacks in the texans 27-20 win. now, the bad, social media furious that the emmys spoiling the game of throne finale, close your eyes if you haven't seen this yet. ♪ ♪ >> the clip shows a major scene, people online still upset, emma tweeting, quote, wow emmys that's way too much of a game of thrones spoilers, i don't care s months. gathering for a funeral for disappearing glaciers, hiked up mountain piece of ice that
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scientists say it's dwindling because of global warming. "fox & friends first" continues now, bye, bye. ♪ >> it is monday september 23rd, president trump taking his message to the united nations today as tensions with iran loom over the general assembly. rob: democrats focusing on impeachment after the president's call with ukraine, live in washington as some controversy keeps go joe biden's campaign. julie: 71st annual emmy awards had winners and losers. >> special shout-out to any previous lead actress win whores are watching tonight from prison, hopefully those two weeks will fly right by. rob: jabs and cheers by one of tv's biggest nights and here is a new one. >> group posed as team to sneak across the border, we will tell you


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