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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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remember i'm watters and this is i'm world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the impeachment battle is on. democrats saying hearings could start as early as this week. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. the streak continues. thank you for making justice number one all day, all night, all last weekend. i appreciate it. we have a big show on deck with president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, jim jordan, trump 2020, lara trump and more. but first my open. the president of the united states has been under siege for three years. our commander-in-chief has been
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subjected to unprecedented maligning by the mainstream media, high-level obama administration officials and disappointed, disgruntled, deranged democrats. it's as if the white house is an ancient walled city with barbarians storming the gates. the american people put him in that house in 2016. radicals have been salivating at the chance to get revenge for their 2016 loss. first he was inlegitimate president. then stormy stormy, then russia, russia, now an attempt to impeach the president of the united states. for what? he broke the law. the president was guilty of a coverup before anyone even saw a transcript. >> the president of the united states and his actions in the
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telephone call with a head of state betrayed his oath of office, our national security, and the integrity of our elections. i think we did was broke the law. the president has been engaged in a cover-up all along. judge jeanine: why wait for a transcript of the hearing. let's just take him down. partisan hearsay was good enough for her. the crime they say is our president spoke to the president of ukraine and asked a favor. quote to find out what happened with the whole situation in ukraine. crowdstrike. meddling in the 2016 election. how dare he. but america has been struggling for almost three years with that very issue. that's what the mueller investigation that came up with nothing was all about. so let me see if i get this straight. the democrats can investigate
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meddling but the president, the chief executive of this nation cannot? democrats can spend $32 million of our dollars to tear the country apart and come up with no collusion and no meddling by the russians and the president can't ask a favor of the ukraine to look into the genesis of the 2016 election? he can't find out what ukraine's role was in interference in the election? could it be like the boomerang in the russia investigation, everything comes back at the democrats. they accuse trump of what they are guilt i. there was no quid pro quo. a simple ask by our president to another. so i would like to you do a favor has nothing to do with the later discussion of joe biden. so why even discuss joe biden, they say. let's be clear.
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the joe biden reference is seconds in a 30-minute long phone call. joe himself just months earlier was on tape beating his chest on how he leveraged our taxpayer dollars to get a prosecutor fired, the same prosecutor investigating and about to intear gate his son working -- interrogate his son working in an energy company wha bar come . and the democrats use mob boss analogy? >> if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. well, son of a pitch, h -- son h he got fired. judge jeanine: that's a quid pro
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quo. you don't do, you don't get. donald trump said nothing like quid pro quo joe did. let the democrats have the unmitigated gal to say biden didn't mean what he said and trump meant what he didn't say. by the way, since when aren't allegations of corruption worth looking into? in fact, there is a treaty between the united states and ukraine. it calls for mutual assistance in criminal matters signed in fact by bill clinton, which allows the two countries to request and provide evidence to each other. it creates the legal underpinning to share information about corruption. joe biden does not get a pass because he's running for president. there is no such prophylactic because you announce for
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president. it doesn't give the right to avoid questions. whether you are allowed to ask about corruption shouldn't depend upon whether you are republican or democrat. according to adam schiff, the same guy who tricked himself and anyone else rush together front of the camera to claim he had evidence of russia collusion. we don't need a quid pro quo. why do we need evidence when we can make this stuff up. the revenge of the democrats. and their attempt to undo a lost election will divide us and continue to tear this country apart. something they have been doing since the outsider was elected. he kept his promise delivering a soaring economy, safety, security, respect for law and order, and america first. but the democrats, they are not happy with that. they know they cannot beat him at the ballot box, so they have
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to impeach him. >> i'm concerned if we don't impeach this president he will get re-elected. judge jeanine: they want legislative paralysis. a negative impact on the stock market. no movement on infrastructure, healthcare, the budget. but americans don't want impeachment. we want our president to be able to focus on continuing to make america great. democrats were all giggly at the thought of removing him. we don't want gamesmanship. but since they arrived at that conclusion the day the outside were was elected, then they will get their wish. game on. and that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook, twitter
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#judgejeanine. here with the latest developments, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. thank you for being here. i know how busy you are. i have the same question that goes over and over in my head. don't leaders of foreign countries have the right to call each other up and ask each other for a favor? >> in the case of evidence of serious criminal conduct they have the obligation to do it. if the president hadn't done it he would have violated article 2, section 3 of the constitution. i know the democrats can yell, scream, posture and do false things and silly things like adam schiff. but they can't make the facts go away. what is alleged about vice president biden is an exceedingly serious sellout of public office. over a long period of time in two different countries, incredible amounts of money. you can't wish it away.
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he has never been investigated. the democrats are basing it on a prosecutor that biden bought and paid for. judge jeanine: if bob mueller can investigate russian meddling in the 2016 election, why cannot the president's attorney, you, investigate the origins of that meddling in ukraine. what is wrong with that. >> if i didn't investigate i would be committing malpractice. this was given to me by a legitimate american investigator lawyer who had serious allegations that ukrainian officials were trying to get to the fbi. there was something wrong the fbi and doj because they weren't listening to them for years. judge jeanine: they were trying to give them evidence and they weren't taking it. >> i am not like the whistleblower hearsay.
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i have direct evidence and the democrats don't want it. because we have a double standard in this country. is there anybody, democrat or republicans that think if the name was changed. judge jeanine: look, the president took this step of releasing and issuing declassifying the statement. it seems as the conversation that there is no pressure, he had nothing to hide. and no ki quid pro quo, and they think that's not to impeach him. >> i didn't know what the statement said. but i was asked the formula. i said that's up to him. it's not going to matter. the statement could say good morning mr. zelensky, good morning mr. trump. they would say it's the what i said good morning. they are avoiding joe biden
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doing exactly what they are claiming donald trump did. judge jeanine: comey and strzok and page -- >> they are incredible lying hypocrites. judge jeanine: the american people are listening to this. >> equal justice. judge jeanine: i know. >> you and i prosecuted both democrats and republicans. judge jeanine: i didn't even know and i didn't care. >> the clintons can with the bidens, they are a protected class. judge jeanine: when the president says i would like to you do us a favor because we have been through a lot and ukraine knows about it. can you find out what happened with this situation with ukraine? he's not talking about joe biebd and a situation with someone he's going to run ultimately for president against. > he's not allowed to do that.
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that will involve democratic corruption. a meeting in the obama white house to get dirt on trump and manafort and others. there is so much evidence, plus a founding by a court in the ukraine that in fact the only illegal activity in terms of interfering in our election was done by a ukrainian giving information to hillary clinton. it was a finding of a court. judge jeanine: the whistleblower says you were work on your own. >> the whistlele blower said five things about me that are blatantly false. whistleblowers don't write letters with foot notes that are longer than texts. judge jeanine: i have been a judge, that's a brief, not a letter. >> crazy lawyers, we call them foot notes.
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judge jeanine: you say curt volcker asked you to meet with an aid to president zelensky and you did. did anyone in the state department participate in that meeting? >> no, but he wasn't alone. the am bass doarps son spoke to me about it. they should all calm down and relax. no matter what obama holdovers in the state department are doing tonight, who are implicated in the wrongdoing. don't get nervous. you didn't do anything wrong. maybe i have been at it long enough. don't get nervous. judge jeanine: they asked you to get involved. there is no question. >> they thanked me at the end for doing a good job. judge jeanine: you are acting at the behest of the state department.
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now secretary pompeo is being called to testify. >> his staff didn't do a thing wrong. kurt volcker who is at ambassador levels. judge jeanine: and kurt volcker set up the meeting. he sets up the meeting and suddenly resigns. could he be the one leaking the information? >> i would seriously doubt it. i feel sorry for what's happening kurt. judge jeanine: why did he resign? >> i don't know, maybe they got angry he brought me in. judge jeanine: the leaks in the white house. >> a lot of them want to undermine the president of the united states. and they are from the obama days. judge jeanine: why can't the white house control the leaks.
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>> white houses haven't been able to control leaks. i had leaks when i was mayor. mayors -- weak people do it. we have an anonymous witch hunter -- we have an anonymous whistleblower who has no direct evidence, noing. it should be thrown out. it's all hearsay. i have that much direct evidence and they don't want to hear from me. they want to investigate how i found it rather than the truth of it. judge jeanine: the president mentions reciprocal when he talks about the ukraine. you know they will jump all over that. should they be able to? probably not in the conversation between two countries. but he says our country has been through a lot, and he says, the united states has been very good. i would like you to do us a
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favor. let me find it. >> what's rock with that. judge jeanine: that's what they are saying on the left. that's enough to impeach a president. >> high crimes and misdemeanors. unless we want to impeach because we don't like the way a guy talks or looks or feels. if you read the constitutional convention and the federalist papers, there is no doubt there has to be a discernible crime and a serious crime. there is no crime here in is nothing wrong here. the person who would tell us if he was pressured is president zelensky. judge jeanine: the president makes a conversation to withhold the military aid. then september 11, he -- >> how does biebd escape this. if they are making all this fuss
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about what president trump did when he didn't do. judge jeanine: where is bill barr on this? >> i put the evidence out in public. it's all out there. if i pressured somebody they would shoot me in front of a firing squad. i say to everyone, the somewhat fbi that has questions to answer about this including an fbi agent working for george soros who is involved in some of the questionable activity. the fbi was getting this information and the justice department for years. it's bigger than even donald trump. if we don't have equal justice under the law, then people are going to remain divide and that's a tragedy for democrats and republicans. judge jeanine: there is so much and it's damaging and it will hurt the country.
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i agree. >> very sad. judge jeanine: still ahead. i hit down with lara trump to get her reaction. and live reaction from the white house. hogan gidley is standing by.
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judge jeanine: two key players in the house, congressman jim jordan and mark meadows join me with their take. thanks so many for being here tonight. your reaction to my open? >> judge, it was great. you are exactly right. the democrats have been lying about this president and
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attacking this president even before he got elected. july 31, 2016 when it was candidate trump they opened an investigation into this guy and it's been nonstop attacks ever since. this so-called whistleblower complaint is just the latest. judge jeanine: when congressman jordan talked about july 31 of 2016, i am thinking about the inspector general's report that's being declassified right now. we'll find out whether he's recommending criminal charges against jim comey and the fraud upon the fisa court. isn't it interesting every time something comes out that they want to cover up, then they are going to start with this impeachment right before the inspector general's report declassified comes out. do you find that a coincidence? >> this diversionary tactic of theirs is like the coordinated
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effort to keep this story going. but you know the i.g.'s report will be scathing. jim talked about july 31 when the investigation opened up. it was obama's fbi that was coordinating with foreign governments at that time to investigate donald trump. and so when we see this -- there is two stories falling apart. one is the media story, the mainstream media story says the president was asking for favors to investigate joe biden. that wasn't true. when he was asking for promises, that didn't happen. when he said he mentioned joe biden 8 times that didn't happen. that story is falling apart as well as the whistleblower story. we are finding out some of the claims he made aren't true. we found the ukrainians didn't even know the aid was being held for almost a month after the phone call. it's ridiculous and it's time we
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push back hard and your opening monologue is exactly right. judge jeanine: the concern about the whistleblower, the best evidence is the evidence of the phone call and the transcript. throw the whistleblower is relevant if i'm prosecuting the case and i get the information based on a bad search, then the whole thing falls. my concern is a more general one. why is this president still surrounded by people who are looking to deep six him? do you think this would happen to barack obama? do you think he was squeaky clean for 8 years? i don't think so. talk to me about that. >> here is the difference. this president wants to drain the swamp and the swamp is fighting back. that's why you are seeing this. each time oh goes after the swamp, they fight back. when chuck schumer said six ways
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from sunday the intel community can get back at you, he's right. this all about payback and politics. >> mark and i sit on the oversight committee. our committee probably deals with more whistleblower complaints than any committee in congress. when a whistleblower comes forward. the first thing you look at to determine credibility is did they have first-hand knowledge and what was their motivation. he had no first-hand knowledge web wasn't on the call. second, the inspector general told us his motivation. he's biased against the president. it says indifficult shah of arguable political bias. that's washington speak for this guy had it the president. they are out to get this president. they have six ways from sunday to do it and this is one of those examples. >> this is almost a replay of
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the collusion thing. they will make this document hillary is paying for go to the courts so they can spy on the campaign. nobody pays for it on the other side. i go around the country with my book. everybody says the same thing. jeanine, judge, when are we going to see people made accountable? i'm get together point where i'm starting to lose faith in the system and i gave 32 years to this system. >> the ag is doing a great job. sometimes justice takes a little bit longer. but i can tell you what is coming down the pike without having seen the document, but knowing some of the documents they reviewed. not only will people be held accountable. but ultimately we'll start to see the rest of the story behind this which was a coordinated effort by democrats to take this president down and we'll finally
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have justice. judge jeanine: when the president asks about crowdstrike, isn't that -- i don't want to get too into the weeds. but didn't democrats -- weren't they involved in creating crowdstrike to seek and to look at other servers? explain this to me. >> they hired the firm. >> they hired the firm. what you will start to see is not just with crowdstrike, that's what i know. what i picked up from this transcript is the president look at broader corruption as it related to the 2016 election. you will see a whole lot of things that come out in the coming days where there is a ukrainian nexus. the democrats and others associated with democrat candidates were going back and forth with the ukrainians to get dirt on donald trump and his campaign workers. judge jeanine: who was at the
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head of that, i wonder. >> the democrats. >> you have said when you read the complaint it does read a lot like the dossier. the comparisons are amazing to me. judge jeanine: let's talk about going forward from here. what can we expect in congress? will there be paralysis? is this going to happen? >> with the 218 vote threshold this boils down to one thing. if they can make a case that the president broke the law with ukraine which he didn't, then they are going to try to project that and move public opinion. i can tell you when the american people read this transcript they look at it and they continue to think there has got to be another five pages somewhere. what adam schiff was talking about the other day he had to make up his opening statement because the transcript wasn't good enough. judge jeanine: the transcript was too clean.
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isn't he the same guy who promised us russia collusion? you know, i think -- >> proof beyond circumstantial evidence that there was collusion. judge jeanine: i think it is a sad day. the hatred and the virks le is beyond. i want to thank you for being here. thank you for representing us and working hard. take care. lara trump still ahead. after failing on russia dems working overtime peddling their new attack on the president. white house reaction with hogan gidley is next.
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now back to "justice with judge jeanine." . judge jeanine: democrats have dedicated themselves this week to impeachment of our president. logan gidley joins me.
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a lot going on in the west wing? >> as always. this is just another in a long line of ridiculous behavior by the democrats. the president has done nothing wrong. they pushed a lie on the american people about the president and they are doing it again. they have no evidence and the media continues to allow them to go on television and push this lie. it's got to stop and someone has to be held accountable. judge jeanine: they get away with it because the mainstream media is on their side. the president's lawyer doesn't understand how when you have got outright apparent criminality, nobody wants to look at it. but i want to ask you a couple quick questions. it has always bent rule, apparently, if someone is going to be a whistleblower. they have to speak with first-hand knowledge. the president just tweeted out,
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the intelligence community secretly gutted the requirements of first-hand knowledge by the whistleblower. you know what the date of it is? it was between 2018 and august of 201. they changed the requirement that a whistleblower had to have first-hand knowledge so hearsay is admissible. the complaint is written a few days before this regulation was changed. i have to tell you. when chuck schumer said intelligence community will get you six ways to sunday. right there, they are giving some guy who wasn't even on the phone call. they changed the rules. that's been the rule forever, to prevent hearsay. but what about the idea that the conversation and the transcript, this conversation between both
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presidents was put in a secure facility. >> i'm not going to comment on the way we handle classified information. i am just glad the democrats and the media are finally focused on a server. you are about three years too late to the party for that. i wish you had done it when hillary clinton was breaking the law. this whistleblower has not been given the appropriate amount of scrutiny there this person wasn't on the call. this person was using second hand information and third-hand accounts from hit pieces on the "new york times," "washington post" and cnn. so the media is saying don't believe the president of the united states who says he doesn't pressure president zelensky. don't believe the president of crew crane who says he wasn't pressured. please believe someone who was not on the call at all and is
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using media accounts to bolster their claims. this is ludicrous. someone has to be held accountable for this. judge jeanine: in the 30 seconds i have left. the president is a fighter and counter puncher. i was whroan away by -- i was blown away by this. how are this spirits? >> he's doing very well. what the democrats aren't talking about are guns, infrastructure, healthcare, borders. they are not doing anything that they were elected to do, which is work for the american people. every day the president comes to work and does his job so the american people are safer and has more money in their pockets. it's political grandstanding and they are putting their politics above the lives of the american people. judge jeanine: lara trump back
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on the impeachment
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judge jeanine: outrage across the country as the dems' impeachment effort continues. i spoke with the president's senior advisor and doirt in law, lara trump. how are you doing? how is the family doing in the midst of this attempt to impeach the president. >> we are doing fine. we see this for what it is. and i think most of americans see this for what it is. the democrat party realizes they have no shot at winning back the presidency in 2020 because all of their candidates are
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terrible. so what are they trying to do? they have been trying to impeach the president for three years. they started the inquiry without even hearing what was in this phone call. this is their last ditch attempt to usurp the presidency and take away the presidency from a duly elected president. judge jeanine: from the day he was elected they said we have to get this outsider out of here because he's beholden to no one. there has to be a certain amount of disappointment with a president who is work so hard every day. i call him the tip of the spear. he's faced with nothing but incoming. >> i don't think any of us have seen anything like this. you have a man in donald trump who is different. he's exposing the swamp in washington. for a long time these people
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have been getting away with everything. their livelihood is making themselves rich while their constituents get nothing back at home. donald trump has exposed that. he is beholden to no one but the american people. he doesn't make money from special interest groups and special interests. he funded his cam plain until he payment nominee for the republican party in 2016. judge jeanine: we have the inspector general's report in the process of being declassified. everybody is waiting to see if there will be a recommendation jimg comey be prosecuted. and in already comes out with we'll try to impeach the president. there is no vote. she don't know what the transcript is. let's hit it. let's impeach the man. the mayor can't people don't
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want him impeached. what do you think it numbers will be after this story comes out. after the substance for their basis of attempting to impeach him. >> i think it makes him look horrible. it's clear the speaker of the house isn't nancy pelosi. it's aoc. she is the one pressuring impeachment. after she tweets one weekend about impeaching the president. nancy pelosi calls for a possible impeachment. i think that this is going to energize donald trump's fans and base across the country. and i think people who maybe don't like the president will still come out and vote for him because this kind of thing is un-american. what they are trying to do is very infuriating to people. we have seen at the campaign our fundraising numbers in the 72 hours since nancy pelosi called for an impeachment inquiry to go through the roof. we raised $14 million. thanks to the democrats for
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that. we appreciate that. but people don't like to see a duly elected legitimate president trying to be impeached over such nonsensical things. when we approach 2020 and see what's going to happen out there, i think the democrats will be in for a lot of hurt. this president is going to win handily at the ballot box at 2020. they are just giving us more votes because nobody likes to see this kind of thing happen. judge jeanine: imagine your husband eric or donald trump, jr. were involved in some kind of business overseas where they were making millions in an area about which they had no background and obviously the analogy to joe biden's son hunter. was the president right in asking about that situation? >> of course he was. i think so many people would like to hear more about that.
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it's interesting they want clarity and transparency on the democrat side. but not when it comes to joe biden and his son. they are happy to sweep that under the rug. can you imagine if this were eric or don. they would be hysterical. my husband and his brother made sure they would not do any new overseas deals while their father was president because they never wanted even the appearance of anything like this. but this actually happened, and joe biden is on film telling people, saying i told that prosecutor they are not getting any money unless the prosecutor is gone. the prosecutor investigating this business that his son hunter is in. it's so crazy no one is paying attention to this. judge jeanine: you know what that's called in legal terms what joe biden was doing? it's called a quid pro quo. which is why i call him ki -- i
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call him quid pro quo joe. and congratulations on the baby. how is she? >> she is great. judge jeanine: my panel is standing by to weigh in on
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>> the essence of what the president communicates, we have been very good to your country. no other country has done as much as we have. but you know what? i don't see much press possiblity here. i hear what you want. i have a favor want from you, though. i will say this only seven times so you better listen good.
12:51 am
i want to you make up dirt on my political oh point, understand? lots of it. on this and on that. judge jeanine: democrats' hatred runs so deep that adam schiff literally made up his own version of trump's conversation. turning point u.s.a. charlie kirk and chris hahn are here to battle it out. chris, was that appropriate? >> some people exaggerate for effect. i don't think needed to do that. he could have just read from the transcript. the president sitting in the oval office asking the leader of another country to guess gait a political opponent. congress will get to the end of it. judge jeanine: the statement speaks for itself. if the statement was so bad why did schiff have to make a jerk of himself and fill in the
12:52 am
lines. the only mob boss analogy is if you don't give me that money in six hours i'm out of here. >> i don't think he needed to do that. he could have just read the transcript. judge jeanine: why didn't he read the transcript, chris? >> people exaggerate for effect all the time. >> chris, there was knock wrong with the phone call the president had with the ukrainian president. nothing whatsoever. the favor that is being talked about was to try to stop foreign meddling into our elections. you want to talk about back quhaj ukraine. three dem krawvment s. senators in may asked ukraine to investigate a political opponent of theirs. the president did not ask ukraine to investigate joe biden. if you read the transcript. it is disgusting that people like you are using this to
12:53 am
entrance falsehoods. the president did nothing wrong except advance diplomacy with a strategic ally. >> why would the president send his personal attorney to the state department and work with the president's personal attorney, not a washington attorney who works for the government of the united states, whose job it is to be a political attack job on television. why would the state department be working with that person? what is going on here? this is a government with a shadow foreign policy. this is not right. this has to stop. you need to get on the right side of history, charlie. >> the state department sent him as you just said. chris: why? >> the president of the united states, the favor that is being talked about, he was asking ukraine to stop meddling into
12:54 am
our election. didn't we just have a three-year taxpayer investigation to stop foreign meddling. sow when our president asks ukraine to stop meddling into our elections you say that's a problem. i have got a favor, stop meddling into our election. judge jeanine: chris, let me sell you how this works. you talk and he talks. he made a point. if they are meddling in the election the president as the president and chief executive of this country has an obligation to do with barack obama didn't bother to do as opposed to saying knock it off. what do you have to say to that? >> charlie is one of the better spin doctors in america and he still can't answer why the state department was working with the outside attorney of the president, rudy giuliani. judge jeanine: he just answered it. >> no, he did not.
12:55 am
judge jeanine: what's the answer, charlie? >> in a 1998 treaty signed by president bill clinton. part of the treaty is ukraine and the united states share common knowledge about criminal investigations that are ongoing. it's part of a bilateral treaty. maybe the state department has information beyond what you and i have. ask the state department. maybe there is diplomacy happening that you and i may not seen. as soon as you see something that you don't understand, you think it white house committed a crime. judge jeanine: that's it. that's it. you have got to let the guy talk. you don't agree. the bottom line is maybe rudy giuliani knew more about the basis of this having represented the president. and the bottom line is they don't want any more meddling and we have to stop it. you know who had their fingers on the scale last time?
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not russians. the fbi and the deep state. that's all i want to say. that enough. good night. good night. we'll be back an exciting
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i want some more what's he doin? please sir. i want some more more? he has asked for... thank you well he did say please yes he did and, thank you
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(all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. tonight, get excited. i'm hitting the road to celebrate the relief of my brand-new new york times bestseller, "wall street journal" number one washington post resistance and revenge, remake america. it's your chance to meet me on my book tour. first stop tomorrow, alabama at 3:00 and monday i'll be in pensacola, florida 1:00 p.m. for all time. facebook for more information, say hello and get a copy of my book. i might even sign it.
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thank you for watching. i'm advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'll see you if not tomorrow, monday. i'll see you next saturday night. he decides he wants to carry it out himself, with the justice department have a problem with that? what he did it openly in front of the council and attorney general? >> not to get too weird but that's weird. [laughter] [cheering]


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