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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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book the guy. some will respond to that, many won't. >> harris: founder of mediaites. thank you. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump is pushing back as democrats push ahead with impeachment. president trump said he deserves to meet with the whistleblower as the house gears up for impeachment hearings. happy monday. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the house impeachment effort the speeding up, as democrats seek evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, hoping for a potential vote by the end of this year. intelligence committee chair adam schiff said he expects the whistleblower to testify very soon. there isn't a ton new over the weekend. we're kind of where we were. how are things settling in at the white house?
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>> reporter: well, dana, attorneys for the whistleblower say they are defining statistics. no date or time has been set. these attorneys say they're top concern is protecting their client's identity. they wrote a letter to the acting director of national intelligence saying they're concerned that, quote, our client's identity will be disclosed publicly and that result, our client will be put in harms way. certain individuals issued a $50,000 bounty for any issue relating to our client's identity. president trump is, of course, one of the people pushing to find out who this whistleblower is. he said on twitter that, quote, like every american, i deserve to meet my accuser, especially when this so called whistleblower represented a perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate and fraudulent way. speaker pelosi said that the president's call with the president of ukraine was far from perfect.
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>> he said perfect, there was nothing wrong. it is wrong. it is wrong for a president to say he wants another head of state to kcreate something negative about his possible opponent to his own advantage. >> reporter: democrats call this whistleblower courageous. white house senior policy adviser steven miller said on fox news sunday that the whistle blower is nothing but a deep state operative. watch this. >> i think it's unfortunate the media continues to describe this person as a whistleblower and honorific that this person does not deserve a partisan hit job does not make you a whistleblower just because you go through the whistleblower protection act. >> reporter: miller went on to say that if anyone is a whistleblower here, it's the president, a statement that clearly, dana, a lot of democrats have a big problem
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with. >> dana: indeed. from what you can tell, what is the white house plan as they prepare? looks like the democrats are going to go down this road? >> reporter: one thing we know that is not being planned for, at least not now, is for the white house to set up a war room like was established at the white house during the last impeachment drive during the clinton administration. and when the house republicans leading the effort against impeachment was asked last night on "60 minutes" how does he expect this defense of the president to lay out, congressman mccarthy said defense of what? there's nothing to defend here. so, obviously, dana, right now there is a counter messaging campaign that is under way. in terms of who is leading it, how formalized it is, very much unclear. the only person we know leading it right now is the president himself. >> dana: indeed. he is on fire. that's true. kristen fisher at the white house, thank you very much. for more on this mess, co-founder of third way and former deputy assistant to
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president clinton and former deputy press secretary to george w. bush. good to have you both here. you're both, i believe, trent, for sure, creatures of the house. i wanted to play two sound bytes. one first from a house member doug collins, who is the vice chair on the judiciary committee. watch. >> this is not about what whistleblower use. this is a disagreement over policy, a disagreement over what they thought the tone was in a phone call. when you look at the transcript, it was not there. >> dana: now listen to chris murphy on the other side. >> there is no way democracy can stand if a president can go around the world using the massive power of his office to try to bully foreign nations into destroying its political opponents. >> dana: trent, let me start with you. as kristen fisher just reported, the white house is not going to do any formal war room. i think that probably makes sense at the moment. but how quickly might that change?
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>> i think it should change pretty quickly. remember, dana, this is part of a pattern. the president does deserve to know who this whistleblower is. you gotta think back. we first started with anonymous reports about justice officials recruiting cabinet officials to unseat the president through the 25th amendment. who was that? andrew mccabe, a highly rabied partisan. then here comes james comey riding to the rescue. he's later found to be a self-serving partisan rabied attack dog. then the atphoupb moss letter from an unnamed public official. that was almost a year ago that confirmed -- >> dana: in the new york times? >> right. that confirmed there were people within the administration defining themselves. later we had mueller, who was supposed to oversee this report. it was staffed by highly partisan rabid fbi agents. this is part of a pattern. the real scandal here, people are using their taxpayer founded position to try to take down this president. it's absurd.
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>> dana: matt, how do you see it? the whistleblower, there are legal protections. according to the acting director of national intelligence, he believes the whistleblower followed every step of the law an did not go out of the bounds of that. >> right, hardly the rabid partisan that we just leared about. fact of the matter is this, even if the whistleblower doesn't testify, what the white house put out, the transcript of the call itself, is impeachable. we saw the evidence is right there for everyone to see. that is the white house putting that out. so steven miller's talk about the deep state is completely beside the point. all we need is the transcript. that is an impeachable offense. he is using the power of his office to pressure a foreign leader to helping defeat his political rival here. that is an absolute abuse of power. >> dana: for the white house to release that transcript last
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week, it was quite extraordinary. it was actually a transcript rather than the whistleblower report which he says second hand information. but do you think that now, as they go down this path, that the democrats investigating are going to ask for a bunch of the other transcripts with world leaders? >> i think they'll ask for it, absolutely, dana. i do have to tip my hat to the white house for getting that out. let the people sift through it. they can or cannot agree with the other guests. the fact of the matter is this is part of the deep state thing. you can call it bloviating all you want. a senior congressman from the democratic party saying we need more anonymous. we need more whistleblower. please come out of the wall work. give us everything you have, whether it's real, not, fabricated or not. it's on the op ed page of "the washington post." >> dana: let me ask the last question to matt.
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you worked for president clinton. there is a frustration when you trying to defend your president against anonymous sources. >> sure. >> dana: is there anything you learned during that time that you wish you would have done differently? >> i haven involved in the impeachment defense but i was there then. i think the white house probably make a pretty serious mistake if they're not taking this impeachment action very seriously. remember though at the time the republicans controlled the senate. so unlike now when you have this kind of partisan response from the senate saying there's no way we're going to convict this president, we didn't know what was going to happen when it got there. >> dana: that didn't happen in an election year. this is happening in an election year. i'll give you the last word. >> bottom line here is, whether the whistleblower ever comes forward and testify, whether any other evidence emerges, the bottom line is they have all the evidence they need to impeach him. what we haven't heard today, at
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least, so far, is any defense to the idea that the president used his office to push a foreign leader for some political gain. that is a violation. democrat let me quick last word. you can impeach on anything. >> that's right. >> dana: you can say the sky is blue, impeach. last word. quick one to you. >> the senate's not buying it and neither is the stock market, so that should tell you what's going on. people have looked at the evidence. nobody's buying it, except the democrats. >> dana: i could talk to you all day, but i gotta go. representative chris collins resigning from long ahead of changing his plea to guilty on insider trading charges. that's according to a spokesman for house speaker nancy pelosi. congressman collins is accused of leaking confidential information to his son related to shares of an australian biotech company which had him as a board member. the congressman, his son and the son's future father-in-law scheduled to appear in court this week for a change of plea hearing. they are facing a range of
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charges in the case. resignation is effective tomorrow. as house democrats push toward impeachment, the top republican in the senate is speaking out about that. what he might do should it land on his desk? those details next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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>> dana: mitch mcconnell saying the senate would have no choice but to take up impeachment if the house tries to charge president trump. david spud is live in washington with more on that. david? >> reporter: hi, dana. secretary of state mike pompeo has a memo with his name on it. he has until friday to respond to the subpoena. the chairman of three different committees are seeking information between president trump and ukraine. they want several different documents. they're hoping to get those from
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the secretary of state. these are state department officials they are hoping to depose. the former ambassador to ukraine will be subpoenaed on wednesday. our sources indicate he will cooperate. as for secretary of state, democrats say he has failed in the past to respond to several letters out lining different requests. some are cautiously optimistic he'll play ball. adam schiff said he wants to get his hands on more conversations on the president and other world leaders. schiff interested in calls from putin and the saudi crown prince. if the white house does not cooperate with schiff that could be grounds for article of impeachment unto itself. don mcgann failed to comply months ago. if pompeo and other officials do not comply, that could be more
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ammunition for democrats to go forward with an article of impeachment. >> dana: up there on the hill, the action right now, the ball is squarely in the house's court. but looking ahead, if the house were to go through with this, how does the senate play into this? >> mitch mcconnell said he would, quote, take it up. i want you to listen to the sound byte and i'll explain it on the other side. >> the senate impeachment rules are very clear. the senate would have to take an impeachment resolution if it came over from the house. >> dana, take it up does not mean there's going to be a trial on the senate floor. we knew the senate would take some action. it could go to committee and we could just not hear from it again. >> dana: clever. thank you, david. >> yes. >> dana: for more on this, let's bring in james trusty. good to have you here. can i have you listen to chairman adam schiff talking
11:17 am
about rudy giuliani and the issue of evidence. >> sure. >> we're going to need evidence from rudy giuliani and it's our intention, as soon as the first thing next week to subpoena him for documents and there may very welcome a time where we want to hear from him directly. >> dana: sort of confusing for people. as i just explained as a reminder to people, that impeachment is a political calculation. there's not a definition of impeachment for a specific crime, etc. when adam schiff said he needs to gather evidence, does that work like it would in a court of law? >> not very cleanly. you made the point about the grounds for impeachment. it does say high crimes or misdemeaners. it's been defined beyond any recognizable statute at this point. even jerry ford said it's whatever the hell congress says it is. so schiff is operating within that political frame work as opposed to a courtroom. my problem with how he's conducting himself is really just constantly overreaching.
11:18 am
if he was that confident, that excited about the transcript of phone call, there should be no need to keep expanding outward toward revisiting russia and some of the other things that seem to be on the agenda. he's going to touch litigation depending on separation of powers. >> dana: that can take awhile, right? we're in the middle of an election year. if it goes to court, fighting, back and forth. the democrats are saying they want to get this done by the end of the year. that seems unlikely. i do want to ask you this, the whistleblower and the protections that i guess it's a he, has. there are calls for him to testify in front of schiff's committee as early as this week. the president is saying he to face the whistleblower. where does the law come down on that? >> i mean, look, in a criminal case you have a confrontation right under the 6th amendment where you can face your accuser and your attorneys can cross-examine that person. i hope and think that the
11:19 am
president's not talking about a one on one meeting but somebody serving him that has a chance to challenge the whistleblower. if the whistleblower has bias, that sounds like very exciting cross-examination grounds. if the phone call is not a crime, it's a big who cares? you don't need to challenge that person if the call itself isn't criminal. lot of us don't think the call establishes any sort of crime. >> dana: is it conceivable that a whistleblower's identity, just hypothetically, could never be revealed? >> it could because, again, under the context of impeachment, there's very little ground rules. there's not like federal rules of evidence to guide you. they could remain anonymous. none of the document itself would be admissible in a normal trial but we are in a different atmosphere. >> dana: love that you're here with your wake forest tie. >> nice. >> dana: thanks. breaking details on the man hunt
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that could allow hackers devices into your home.ys and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> dana: a fourth inmate who escaped an ohio prison is in custody. three others were captured by police in north carolina overnight. a man hunt for the remaining fugitive had been on going today.
11:24 am
mike tobin is live with this breaking news. mike. >> reporter: we just got an update from the sheriff that that fourth inmate, he was rounded up in durham, north carolina. last time they had run into law enforcement was in kerry, north carolina. that's where the other three had been picked up. lee had been on the run for about an official 12 hours from his fellow inmates. didn't look like he had a lot of resources once the police picked up the other three. with the initial escape from the jail in ohio, police believe they did get some help. >> our detectives established that the inmates had the assistance from at least one individual on the outside. >> reporter: crew of four overpowered a couple female correction officers and forced their way out of a secured door. they stole keys and drove to a nearby park where a car was waiting for them. that's what we talk about when
11:25 am
we talk about additional help. 370 miles away, three were picked up by police without incident. as we mentioned, lee got away, picked up a short time ago in durham, north carolina. >> dana: all right, mike tobin, thank you. fox news obtaining an internal chicago police department phoepl many that instructs all officers to not assist homeland security in certain situations. instead, those officers will have to wait for their supervisor to respond to any dhs request. matt finn is in chicago with this exclusive information. matt? >> reporter: dana, chicago police sources tell us they fear this new policy will put chicago police officers and dhs agents in dangerous situations. historically, chicago police have responded to requests from the department of homeland security for backup or to help make simple arrests. now chicago police officers can no longer immediately assist dhs agents. instead they have to stop, call
11:26 am
a supervisor. if the request is to help make an immigration arrest, dpd can no longer help. fox news obtained an internal memo from the chicago police department that reads, quote, effective immediately a supervisor is is required to respond to all requests for assistance from the department of homeland security personnel. if the request is to assist with immigration arrest, personnel will leave the scene as directed by the cpd supervisor. he will not find a single real police officer that would refuse to aseuf another agency and see what happens if a dhs agent is injured as a lack of response by cpd. today the chicago police department tells fox news officers will aid a dhs agent if they're in danger but if the dhs asks to help assist in arrest, cpd will leave the scene. here's the mayor late last week at an immigration demonstration. >> we will never, never succumb
11:27 am
to ice. we will continue to ban ice from having access to any cpd databases. will not allow any cpd officer to cooperate with anything related to ice and its immigration raids. >> reporter: and the mayor said she's trying to make a distinction between cpd and ice agents. >> dana: remarkable. thank you for the exclusive report, matt finn. streets of hong kong exploding over the weekend as protesters and police clash in the streets, getting tense. officers firing tear gas and water cannons at demonstrators. the pro democracy demonstrations escalating as china prepares for its national day. they will celebrate 70 years of communist rule tomorrow. next, will the push to remove president trump overshadow the primary campaign
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>> we all swore an oath. i did, nancy did -- excuse me, speaker pelosi and i did to uphold the constitution. >> dana: as democrats advance on the road to impeachment, some 2020 contenders worry it could overshadow their campaign.
11:33 am
peter doocy is live in washington for us. peter? >> reporter: impeaching president trump doesn't have anything to do with the candidates' health care plan or plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or plans to address gun violence. democratic candidates are being careful not to focus too much on the inquiry. >> but this is not enough. i worry this election is being overshadowed by all that's going on. overshadowed by impeachment proceedings, the news of the day, being overshadowed by some toxic twitter toiling teenage like staff. >> reporter: democratic kennedy not all that convinced that a campaign focused mainly on impeaching the president would help them beat him. >> i believe in a constitutional crisis, in a moment like this, you just have to do the right thing and deal with the politics afterwards. we have to be capable of
11:34 am
handling two things in once. yes, what's going on in washington is grave. in my view, it is not something that ought to be about partisan politics. >> reporter: the candidate who has risen more than anyone, elizabeth warren, said she definitely does not think impeachment will hurt democrats. >> this latest business with ukraine where it appears that he is willing to take taxpayer dollars and dangle them in front of a foreign country in order to help himself and his own political chances of being relected is wrong, it's a violation of the law, and congress has a duty to perform. that's impeachment. >> reporter: some of these candidates are all addressing the impeachment inquiry a lot more than joe biden is, despite the fact that his name is the only one that came up in president trump's intimate phone call with the ukrainian president. at some of biden's events he never mentioned ukraine at all.
11:35 am
dana? >> dana: if they're never gonna attack biden, that seems unsustainable, whether it's this or something else. i know you watch it all for us, peter. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> dana: for more on this, charlie hurd, fox news contributor and the author of "still winning." charlie, just a few minutes ago, the white house pool was called in where the president was participating in the swearing in of eugene scalia. basically saying similar things about how he's trying to find out about a whistleblower who reports things that are incorrect. the statement to the president of ukraine was perfect, but the whistleblower reported a totally different statement when he reported it, it sounds bad. this is transcript is not great. basically talked about adam schiff a lot. he says adam schiff decides i can't let this happen, it's a disgrace, tremendous corruption and we're seeking the corruption
11:36 am
on the other side. a new low. then he said based on the corruption of 2016, those are rough, and you can tell, notes from that pool. the president, i theurbg pretty interesting because, charlie, in some of these instances in d.c., when you have a story unfolding like this, you have to define your position and the position of your opponents early or your opposition will do it for you. i thought i'd get your take on that. >> yeah. well, certainly just ask mitt romney and he can tell you being defined early before you define the other guy, even though the other guy is far better known is a disaster, as you point out in politics. certainly, when i look at this, step back and look at this whole thing and i try to figure out what democrats are thinking, it's just mind boggling to me that they would want to turn the entire political discussion today suddenly to talking about
11:37 am
ukraine, hunter biden, joe biden in the ukraine. all of this is stuff that donald trump is delighted to talk about. he's obviously going to talk about the way he's being treated and the way people like adam schiff, in the case of him during the hearing the other day completely fabricating the phone call that didn't happen between trump and the ukrainian president. all of this stuff is just stuff for a mill that president trump loves. this is the kind of politics he loves. so i really do, it baffles me why democrats want to drag trump into this battlefield to fight this fight. >> dana: we're about one minute from having that tape. i do think of many of the democrats that are now leading the charge for impeachment were on the other side of this when they were defending bill
11:38 am
clinton. this whole issue of ukraine, who called, when, 2016, the crowd strike, it gets complicated for people to understand. people can definitely understand hypocrisy. when you put up the videos, both republicans and democrats saying the opposite of what they're saying now. >> right. >> dana: that is something people can really understand, right? >> yeah, absolutely. if you stop and think about it, republicans need to turn 20 seats in the house in order to regain control of the house. 30 of those districts are represented by democrats who won in districts that donald trump carried in 2016. >> dana: charlie, here's that tape. let's listen in. >> thank you very much, everybod everybody. >> mr. president, do you not know who the whistleblower is? >> we're trying to find out who the whistleblower is who reports things incorrect. the statement i made to the president of ukraine, good man,
11:39 am
nice man, knew, was perfect. it was perfect. but the whistleblower blower reported a totally different statement, like the statement was not even made. i guess statement you could say with call. i made a call. the call was perfect. when the whistleblower reported this, he made it sound terrible. then you have adam schiff, even worse, made up my words. that's horrible. adam schiff representative, congressman, made up what i said. he actually took words and made it up. the reason is, when he saw my call to the president of ukraine, it was so good, that he couldn't do anything but a there was nothing done wrong. adam schiff decided, i can't let this happen. so adam schiff made up a phoney call. he read it to congress. he read it to the people of the
11:40 am
united states. and it's a disgrace. this whole thing is a disgrace. there's been tremendous corruption. we're seeking it. it's called drain the swamp. there's been corruption on the other side. there's been corruption like you've never seen. the new president ran on the basis of no corruption. that's how he got elected. i believe that he really means it. but there was a lot of corruption having to do with the 2016 election against us. we want to get to the bottom of it. it's very important that we do. thank you. >> dana: you are looking at the president there. he was in the oval office for a swearing in of eugene scalia. he will be the new secretary of labor. he was confirmed on a party line vote 53-44. he replaces alex acosta. eugene scalia, secretary of
11:41 am
labor. president taking a question there about whether he knows who the whistleblower is. i want to bring back charlie hurd, who listened to that with me. one thing interesting about a president's communication's ability is that you can command so much attention. because he is not shy to deal with confrontation and to mix things up, it does feel like this is on hyper speed. what do you think of what the president just said? >> well, i think one of the reasons president trump is such an effective communicator is that he's like a dog with a bone. when he gets a little point that he wants to drive home, he will not let it go. he is going to chew on that bone about adam schiff making up the verbiage of the phone call that occurred between him and the president of ukraine. he's never gonna let it go. obviously, you and i know about that. it's sort of baked into what
11:42 am
we're thinking. for a lot of people who love regular jobs and have to do other things, they're not paying attention to every little detail here. when that winds up being the only take away, when they do drill down, what was this whole thing about? calls that we're now impeaching the president? when they find that one little detail that president trump will never stop talking about, he's gonna win that fight. he will win that fight going away, even as so many people in washington, it's not necessarily a dead winner for a lot of people in washington. >> dana: yeah. i was thinking about this weekend, running into some folks who said, dana, what's going to happen? help me understand this. you start to realize, you know carrie from homeland, she has the board with the dots. if it's not explainable, it will be difficult. the democrats know that. do you think it's interesting the democrats seem to have decided adam schiff will be
11:43 am
their general, rather than having six lieutenants out talking about it? they decided adam schiff, the chairman of the intel committee, will be that guy. >> i don't think that's a very wise decision. but, honestly dana, i view this whole thing as proof that the democrats believe they do not have a chance at winning the 2020 election. if they thought they did, why wouldn't they just pursue the president on the political battlefield and beat him? that would be far more advantageous to them. that would be a far bigger victory to them than trying to do something like this, that will be completely partisan and completely, you know, a power grab of undoing an election that they're still angry about. >> dana: we are in the first steps of what will be a marathon. charlie, thanks for sticking with me. a virginia doctor faces life in prison for prescribing half a million doses of opioids in two years. we'll take a look at the ramifications next. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone.
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>> dana: the newest healthcare break could be years away. in the development of a universal flu vaccine that would potentially eliminate the need to get a shot every single year. jonathan serre is live in our washington bureau with more. this would be good news. >> would be fantastic news for those who don't want to get a flu shot every year. national institutes of health is investigating up to $130 million in research and development to be led by the university of georgia because the flu viruss are constantly changing, public health officials have to update the current vaccine each year based on the three or four strains they predict will be the
11:49 am
most prominent in the upcoming flu season. what researchers hope to do is identify multiple weaknesses across multiple flu viruss and create a flu shot that can target those weaknesses over a long period of time. >> we'd love for it to be life time. it will probably be more like a five to ten year period of time. then you might get a booster again. hopefully, we'll continue to expand that period of time which you can be protected. >> the nih is investigating in this research over a seven year period. by the end of the period, scientists hope to bring a universal flu vaccine to market. cdc recommends everyone six months and older get an annual flu vaccine. not only to protect themselves, but also prevent them from infecting someone else who may be particularly at risk to flu complication. dana? >> dana: all right. thank you. justice department charging more doctors in the opioid crisis, accusing them of illegally
11:50 am
prescribing 50 million substance controlled pills. 87 medical professionals have been charged with opioid related crimes, nearly double the number of the last two years. a virginia based doctor will soon find out whether he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars for helping fuel our nation's opioid epidemic. his name dr. joel smithers. prosecutors say he doled out half million doses of opioids in just two year. patients drove hundreds of miles just to get prescription. back in may he was convicted of hundreds accounts of illegally describing drugs including one in a situation where a woman died. during his trial, he tried to sell himself as a caring doctor who was deceived by some patients. he admitted he sometimes wrote and mailed prescriptions for patients he had never seen. he claimed he did speak to them over the phone. the doctor has said he plans to appeal. joining me now emily compagno.
11:51 am
what's unfortunate about this are doctors who do the right thing and there are doctors like this individual, who's waiting to find out. he could spend his life behind bars? >> minimum the mandatory sentence is 20 years. we know he's facing at least 20 years. the sad thing about this, do you know who testified for the defense on his behalf? was the family member of that woman who died. that person said, i know she would rather be dead than continue living with the pain. you an i have talked about this. it's broken, as broken as the system is, is the pain that these now victims are living with. >> dana: this is in martinsville near virginia's southern borders. 14,000 people. it was a once thriving furniture and text tile manufacturing center called the sweat shirt capital of the world. factories began closing in 1990, thousands of jobs were lost. between 2006 and 2012, the city had the nation's third highest
11:52 am
number of opioid pills received per capita. a dea special agent on this particular doctor's review said he's done great democrat and contributed to the overall problem in the heartland of the opioid crisis. people only went there for one reason, and that was to get pain medication they could abu themselves or sell it for profit. he used to stay open until midnight. then he would send people to different pharmacies across the board. this doesn't sound like a good actor. >> this story read like a typical horrific book. all those statistics are correct. it would stay open until midnight. he made over $700,000 in two years. i want to point out to viewers -- >> dana: he didn't take insurance. >> refused. he wrote prescriptions for people he had never met over the phone. his defense was, when i started, there was a surge of patients that came to me pleadingly and said other pain medication centers had shut down. what was i to do? kind of playing that card.
11:53 am
state laws hold distributors accountable as to keep a watch on the supply drain was proliferation exceeds that. they want to hold them accountable. they say if you are prescribing 700,000 doses of a town of 300, someone should raise eyebrows. we do it for credit cared. you know instanley if your credit card said your card was just used. that might be fraud. why here can't we apply the same thing? there's a lot of laws that are in place that here, unfortunately, just were overlooked or weren't enforced. >> dana: hopefully, it doesn't hurt the people that need it. the people that are really in pain and using their drugs responsibly, hopefully with responsible doctors. i'm going to see you on "the five." bernie sanders proposing a new tax plan aimed at corporations that have a large pay gap between ceo's and employees. we'll have details next. saturdays happen.
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>> dana: bernie sanders plans to narrow the pay group with the income equality tax plan to target local companies where the ceo makes a lot more than his employees. susan li joins us now in studio. this will probably be popular people, susan. >> it echoes his thoughts. >> we need millions of people united telling congress we will make them an offer we can't refuse which is what we would stand up to a corporate greed and disruption that is standing out in our country. that's what we are trying to do. i'm here to ask you not only for your vote but for your help in taking on the corruption and greed which exists all over corporate america. >> dana: so what sanders wants to do is start with the ceos and make 50 times the average worker at half a percent on top of the corporate tax rate which is at 21%, all the way up to 5%
11:59 am
for ceos that make it egregious in his view, 500 times. >> but that money would go to employees, it would go to the government? >> government coffers. on average, it's 278. but look at this. 940%, since 1978. compare that to the average worker's pay has only gone up 12% at that time? the i don't know if people want to go back to the government. so fox news business has a beautiful new rollout, new graphic. what else can we expect? >> it's basically talking to main street. the average person investing in the stock market and enjoying the best economy, the longest
12:00 pm
economic on record, but for the average folks at home you are also invested in this great economy as well. >> dana: we appreciated, thank you for helping us understand it. i'm congratulations to you and everybody at fox business. thanks for joining us everyone, i'm dana. here is shep. intelligence officials who blew the whistle on the president of the united states and the ukraine could testify on capitol hill very soon. the house intelligence committee's adam schiff. congressman schiff vowing to protect the whistle-blowers identity as president trump ramps of his attacks claiming a whistle-blower is fake and demanding to meet his accuser. further, today the president accused chairman schiff of making a false statement and suggested that he should be arrested for treason, the maximum punishment for which is execution. attorneys say the president has put their clients personal safety at risk


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