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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 8, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> i think we have to hold off but we all are addicted so they get you coming and going. thanks for joining us. i'm dana parino. >> it's 3:00 on capitol hill where democrats are fighting back after the trump administration blocked a key impeachment witness from testifying. president trump says the witness could actually help his case. we will look at where this standoff goes now. plus, cops say a convicted rapist wanted to know what it was like to kill somebody and he nearly did. now they say he's cut off his ankle tracker and is missing. also newborn babies dying in a hospital from a common infection. doctors say they cannot figure out how or why it's happening. medical mystery at the hospitals as reporting begins now.
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>> our reporting begins with the trump administration blocking a key witness from testifying in the impeachment inquiry. how democrats calling the move obstruction. accusing president trump of abusing his power. and the state department of holding back crucial evidence. just hours before, he was set to testify, the state department ordered the u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon to stand down. ambassador sondlin was an essential player in talks with ukraine in which president trump urged the ukranian president to dig up dirt on inquiry. leading the inquiry adam schiff vowing to issue subpoenas. they want ambassador sondlin to testify. >> the failure to produce this witness, the failure to produce
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these documents we consider yet additional strong evidence of obstruction of the constitutional functions of congress. >> president trump claims he would love to have ambassador s. testify but accused the impeachment inquire identify being a kangaroo court. the ambassador could be critical in determineing whether president trump withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to ukraine in order to pressure that country to investigate his political rival. the president then said there was no pressure and he was just concerned about corruption. team fox coverage john roberts at the white house with new reporting on a phone call between the ambassador and the president. rich from the state department. >> shepard ambassador sondlin flew to washington, d.c. to appear before congress. the state department informed
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him last night he was not to appear before congress. he's the current u.s. ambassador to the european union state department employee so his attorneys say he will comply with that and not appear. this is pieced together from what democratic lawmakers are saying attorneys are saying. his attorneys say, quote. he also adds that he will even shelved testify on short notices once he's given permission of congressional democrats also say that sondlin recovered personal communications from his devices turned that over to the state department and the state department refuses to share that with congress and that violates the subpoena sent here so last
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week ambassador kurt volker did meet the girl inquiries to speak with them for several hours on capitol hill. but remember, he is a former state department employee. the state department has requested 5 total former or current state department employees testify. volker is the only one left in the state department left. maria works for the state department so it's unclear what the state department is going to tell her whether she can appear and if she will comply with that. shepard. >> rich live at state. now to john roberts reporting live at the white house. >> shep we are learning more about that text message exchange between sondlin. this was an encrypted end to end
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text message stream given to the house intelligence committee. in that exchange on september 9th bill >> a source familiar with the conversation tells fox news in that 4 and a half hour gap sondlin called president trump to speak with him about aid to the ukraine. when told the aid was being withheld for political reasons sondlin became concerned but was not aware of connections with
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rudy giuliani and ukranian officials. the source says president trump responded said he didn't want anything in return that there was no quit quid pro quo n. that text message sent after the conversation that sondlin had with president trump sondlin goes on to say: in that same text message sondlin says to taylor: now the source i talked to said contrary to what some people are inferring from that very last text about taking the conversation offline, sondlin was not trying to kill the conversation. in fact he goes to say to taylor if he continues to have concerns that he give lisa kenna the state department executive
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secretary or secretary of state state mike pompeo a call to discuss it directly. basically sondlin was saying these are serious issues. we should stop texting about them and pick up the phone and have a conversation about it. >> john roberts. house democrats say they're working on their next move. it is a subpoena. to force ambassador sondlin to testify. in addition there is enormous fallout over president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of northeastern syria leaving u.s. allies to themselves. now the president has a message from turkey why that country's vice president says turks don't bow down to threats. it's all ahead as reporting continues on this tuesday afternoon. saturdays happen. pain happens.
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house of representatives say they'll issue a subpoena for the u.s. ambassador to the gordon summerland. >> for the chairman of the house committee the no show led to frustration. >> we are also aware that the ambassador has has information on a personal device which has been provided to the state department. the state department is withholding those messages as well. those messages are also deeply relevant to this investigation and the impeachment inquiry. >> republican lawmakers say they expect to hear from ambassador sondland after negotiation with democrats. >> i do believe that we will hear from the ambassador but we
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will only get to hear from him when there's a fair process. this is not a fair process. i can tell you we spent more time in the skip last time with ambassador volker than adam schiff did. >> republicans complain this is a cigarette closed door effort by adam schiff. >> president trump says the turkish president will visit the white house next week as turkey threatens to invade north eastern syria. i said next week. he's coming next month to the white house. as invasion of syria has been threatened, and putting lives on our kurdish allies at risk. the president defending his decision to pull troops out of northern syria, tweeting that:even many republican supporters say that's exactly what the united states is doing.
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today the turkish vice-president said his country will not bow to threats after president trump said there would be an economic retaliation if turkey's military action gets out of line. the bloody civil war in syria has become the breeding ground for proxy wars between russia and iran, the united states an turkey, russia and iran prop up the dictator bashar assad who allegedly uses chemical weapons begins his own people. however turkey calls u.s. backed kurdish fighters trss. the becauses has demanded a buffer zone along the board there the turkish military would control to keep back kurdish forces. jennifer griffin reporting with an update. >> it's not just a buffer zone that turkey is talking about.
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but also forcing one million syrian refugees across the border against their will. syrian kurds report that turkish artillery shelled their positions on the border but said they would not respond and general joe who was in charge of the war against isis last year had a harsh assessment of the president's decision, quote. he said the hardest day of his career was telling the kurds last december the u.s. was planning to pull out when the president suggested as much triggering jim mattis' resignation. >> we received a statement for develops secretary mark. he said, despite misreport to go
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the contrary secretary and mark milly were consulted regarding the president and situation in syria. he blamed turkey for actually beginning moving toward the border and said caused the president to pull those forces back. but from conversations we've had today, the president ignored the advice of his top military kmanlder by ordering the american retreat from the board cher he had been warned could be seen as a green light to slaughter the kurds who had been a key partner the december mate isis. the white house announcement shocked congressional leaders and send the pentagon scrambling. turkey president considers the syrians a terrorist group linked to insurgency in his country.
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a spokesman for the ally of isis said. turkish forces of met near the border in recent days. u.s. defense officials say no decision whether all u.s. troops are being pulled out of syria altogether. in fact all of them remain in the country. jennifer griffin thank you. >> the urgent hunt for a rapist who has murder on his mind. cops say this man told them that he's curious about what it would be like to kill. and now that he's in the wind and nobody knows his next move and a hospital telling moms to be to find somewhere else to give birth. that's after a mystery medical situation left several newborns dead.
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plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nhl center ice into your voice remote to check out a free preview. don't miss out. state say they're searching for these two an extremely convicted rapist who cut off his gps tracker. that's two pictures of one person. ronald clayton released from prison over the weekend, the city of connell in the southeastern part of the state said he was planning to stay at tacoma rescue mission a couple hundred miles away but never showed up. he originally went to prison for raping a woman when he was 16 years old. records show he taped the woman's hands behind her strangled and nearly killed her. police say this man told them at
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the time quoting now, i went to the victim's residence who are the purpose of doing what i did and there was part of him that wanted to experience what it would be like to take another person's life. police are warning now in the strongest way use caution if you see him. anybody with any tips at all call 911. police in texas say a key witness in the murder trial of a former dallas cop was killed during a drug deal. cops naming 3 suspects from louisiana in the death of joshua brown. they say somebody shot brown on friday night at his apartment complex. it's a different complex from where amber guyger, the woman on the left here shot and killed her neighbor botham jean in his apartment. she says she mistakenly thought she was in her apartment and
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somebody broke in. last week jurors found her guilty of murder and sentenced her to 10 years in prison. as for brown, he lived across the hall from jean. and gave emotional testimony from the night of the murder. he said he heard two people who seemed surprised to meet each other and that guyger was crying and talking on the phone after the shooting but he said he did not hear her tell jean to put his hands up as she had testified. dallas police say brown's death was not related to this case. health officials say a very common bacteria has apparently killed at least 3 newborn babies at a hospital in pennsylvania. they cannot figure out where it's coming from. doctors at geisinger medical center northwest of philadelphia say at least 5 babies have come sick. officials say they were born
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prematurely and were in in the nicu unit. they say the bacteria grows in water. the chief pediatrician says it's harmless but it can cause diseases in fragile patients. dr. shaffner specializes in infectious disease. >> good to be with you. >> three babies dead 5 sick all in one place, what should parents know? >> well in that location they shouldn't go there to deliver their babies and not send their prematures there. as a matter of fact that nursery has closed itself to the youngest prematures the smallest ones because it was in that group the infections occurred. they're working now with the cdc to come to the bottom of what this mystery is. where did this bug come from and
12:26 pm
how did these events occur? >> the director of infectious disease at geisinger laid it out. >> what do you do? you do anything can you that you're suspicious of, so we have again everything that we could. we made sure we increased the chlorination of the water. we put special filters on the taps. we have done extra cleaning even though we didn't find the organism on the surface. >> dr. shaffner sounds like this is hard to get to the bottom of. >> it is. they need disease detection an got tell from the cdc and state health department everybody working to get to the bottom of what shouldn't have happened but did. >> you think about these parents of these young babies an your heart just bleets for them. is this the kind of thing that can happen anywhere or is there something specific? >> well let's bear in mind here in the united states over the
12:27 pm
past 30 years we have reduced the occurrence of health care associated infection just extraordinarily. neo-natal intensive care units across the country are wonderfully safe. this is a very odd event and everybody there is working to get to the bottom of the problem. >> is there a question that moms to be or parents to be are asking? you tell me. >> i think they can be reassured that across the country their babies are going to be taken very good care of and in philadelphia they'll be taken care of also because now they've diverted the very tiny babies to other local incentive care units, so at the moment we haven't seen any new cases in the last several days. i hope they've come to a conclusion. >> we all do. dr. william shaffner thanks as
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always. >> my pleasure. >> a university professor spends hundreds of thousands in taxpayer cash on strip clubs. so why is the school stuck with the tab for his raunchy research? plus the fbi names the deadliest serial killer in the history of these united states. he at mitts to murdering more people than ted bundy and jeffrey dahmer combined and now we are hearing the confession. >> tell me what that girl looked like. >> uh, man i loved her. i think her name was roof. there's a power in listening;
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it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. >> bottom of the hour time for the top of the news headlines the fbi confirming this is the deadliest steerl kilter nation has ever seen. so many of them the feds need help to learn their names.
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schools are suing jewel accusing the e-cig. the first shots fired over syria half president trump cleared the way for turkey to take aim that, country announcing battle lines drawn suggesting an invasion is imminent. it's the top story bottom of the hour. trey from our middle east news room. >> at any moment turkey could launch an attack on syria. video shows turkish convoys at the border, scattered airstrikes targeting kurdish positions near the iraqi border. after the white house announced the kurds are looking to the regime of bashar assad for help. the kurds could deal with the
12:34 pm
syrian government in exchange for assad regaining control over crush territory. this would be a major win for the syrian dictator. there are reports at this hour of new turkish airstrikes on kurdish positions. this is how turkish papers wrote about it when they said the operation would start with airstrikes followed by ground invasion by turkish forces. >> what are the potential consequences if this moves forward? >> well short term you're looking at the assad regime regaining more power in the region while terror organizations in syria have an opportunity to use this assault to regroup. there's also ali hood of high
12:35 pm
selman cats if a full scale operation is lauchld. remember 11,000 crush fighters lot of her lives fighting isis for the west. this is 11,000 who left behind family and a future. they were promised protection and they're at risk if this operation moves forward. >> more stores areenning sales of e-cigarettes. the kroger chain reports it will stop selling the devices at all locations once they run out of the ones they have. walgreen's ending sales an related items. the two chains joined walmart and rite aid which ended e-cig sales this year, all as the cdc investigates cases of vaping related illness that has killed
12:36 pm
people. school district are suing jewel lab. the lawsuits coming from kansas, my, washington state, and long island in new york. the school district's claim jewel targets kids and teenagers portraying its product as trend setting and relatively harmless. folks with jewel deny they market to kids. they say their products are help adult smokers stop using traditional cigarettes. jonathan live from atlanta. >> the school districts are seeking unspecified monday tri damages from jewel claiming that educators are bearing the cost of trying to intervene enforce these no vaping policies and dealing with students who become hooked on these nicotine containing products. in a federal court ruling filed in captains the public schools
12:37 pm
ledge that taking a page from big tabbio ply book jewel with advertising agencies developed a marketing trat. >> bryan: to portray their products as trend setting. we reached out to jewel but have yet to get comments on these lawsuits but the company has been speaking about the issue of understands age vaping n. august the company as knowledged youth vaping in america has become a serious urgent problem. jewel says it's working to implement strategies to verify the age of people purchasing vaping products and the company insists its main goal is to help adult smokers quit burnable
12:38 pm
cigarettes. >> his name is samuel little. he's considered the most murderous serial killer in our nation with 50 confirmed victims. but investigators are trying to trying to identify more than 40 other women he says he killed. this man confessed to 93 murders in total. the fbi call the confessions credible. detectives releasing sketches the man drew in prison of unidentified women he says he murdered with video confessions describing each killing in detail, including this one in new orleans in '82. >> that's the only one i ever killed by drowning.
12:39 pm
>> investigators say he traveled across the country, preying on vulnerable women and strangling them mostly. his victims included prostitutes and drug addicts. jonathan hunt with the rest of the story live. >> shep the videos are compelling and disturbing, the most prolific killer in american history calmly almost with a hinlt of nostalgia how he killed his victims what they were wearing and how they behaved. >> when i come in, the girl i was with offered to dance with me. and while we was dancing she says you quantity to go riding after this party?
12:40 pm
on saturday she was like let's go. >> over the years of his killing spree 1970-2005 little was arrested numerous times for armed robbery for rape for kidnapping and was in and outoff prison but it wasn't until 2014 he was convicted in los angeles. he now is serving 3 life sentences for those murders. >> jonathan have authorities said why it's taking them so long to identify the victims? >> yes. they've been talking about why it's taking -- why it took so long for him to be convicted of murder in the first place. the fbi says little chose vulnerable victims frequently
12:41 pm
prostitutes or drug addicts whose deaths were ruled overdoses or never record because the body wasn't found and nobody reported them missing so the fbi hopes sketches little made of some of his victims might help them solve some of the dozens of murders he is claimed but the fbi hasn't as yet fully verified. analyst christy said in a statement, quote. the fbi believes it is important to seek justice for each victim to close every case possible. now this flood of confession from little came as a result of the work of one texas ranger who specializes in cold cases. he was interested in the little case and began interviewing him
12:42 pm
in the california prison where he is right now around 18 months ago. that's when all of these video confessions began to be made. >> marie: jonathan hunt in los angeles. more college admission scamers are sweating it out as a judge decides their fate. they're set to learn their sentences after hiring somebody to fudge their kids' a.c.t. scores but when they tried the scam with the s.a.t. the feds were listening. plus can a company fire an employee for going gay or transgender? the nation's highest court taking up that question today. a few hints where the divided court stands next. stomizes your insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> live at court in boston where parents pleaded guilty in that college admission scandal waiting what's going to happen to them. a sentencing hearing under weighed ahead after food ability beveraging packaging company an his wife. here they are gregory and marsha abbott agreed they paid $10s of thousands of dollars to boost their daughter's test scores to
12:47 pm
a nearly perfect score. as far as the s.a.t. subject exam she got a perfect 800 on the math and a 710 on list. court documents show the scandal mastermind this guy rick singer told the abbotts their daughter scored in the mid-800's total on her own. by the time the parents were talking about rigging the s.a.t. scores singer had been cooperating with the feds and the fbi had wiretapped his calls so that didn't go perfectly molly live outside the courthouse in boston. monthly. >> i shep the hearing sunday way. prosecutors say the couple the abbotts are the only couple in the college admissions scandal that chose to purchase stew cheating on exam lout twice n. court today their attorneys
12:48 pm
argued that both of the abbotts are taking full responsibility for their crimes and it never would have happened if they were not at this point in time the crimes occurred, a family in turmoil. together they shelled out $50,000 to have a test taker correct their a.c.t. exam and cheegt on the s.a.t. subject gregory abbott paid the bribes from a charitable foundation both pleading guilty to conspiracy and fraud. dozens of letters were sent to the judge on behalf of the abbotts including one by fox's judge napolitano, who wrote. each of the abbotts sent letters to the judge detailing family pressures, a failing marriage, a
12:49 pm
son with drug addiction and a daughter suffering from chronic lyme disease. abbott wrote. marsha wrote: and we still await the judge's decision what kind of prison they could potentially get. >> so tell us what you know about this. the u.s. attorney has shared some information about the possible future for lori how much lynn? >> yes, u.s. attorney in an interview i talked about lori loughlin and what could potentially happen down the road saying the government would
12:50 pm
probably ask for higher sentence for her than that recommended for felicity huffman who got just two weeks from the judge in prison admitting she paid for an exam, loughlin admitting paying for both their daughters. >> molly outside the courthouse. thank you. the supreme court appearing divided on whether bosses can fire people for being in the transgender community. one case a justice heard involved a man from georgia who says his employer fired him after he joined a gay softball league. the employer says the firing had nothing to do with the man's
12:51 pm
sexual orientation. fewer than half of u.s. states have laws that ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. kristen fisher reporting live from outside the supreme court. hello kristen. >> hey shep. the justices appeared to be divided on ideological lines. the four behind ral justices seemed sympathetic to arguments that lgbtq should be covered against discrimination at work based on sex religion and race while some conservative justices express reservations about those protections being extended and justice gorsuch asked questions of both sides and one point said sex did seem to be a contributing cause when analyzeing whether a person was fired based on sexual
12:52 pm
orientation but warned of social upheaval if the court ruled in favor of gay and transgender workers instead of letting congress decide and rule. >> they would eliminate all sex specific policies in the workplace whether showers dress codes everyone of those things would have to go. >> my response is that there will not be society upheaval. transgender people live among us. there are 1 307b9 5 million of them in the world. >> just as gorsuch could play a pivotal role in these decisions which allegedly come down sometime next june. >> kristen fisher live at the court thank you. a college professor accused now of including some
12:53 pm
extracurricular activity. dropping 10s of thousands of dollars at strip clubs. now the school is picking up the tab for that and off the court drama heing up between nba and china broadcasters refusing to air games fans refusing to attend what the nba commissioner is saying now about the spat next. with no income verification, ya no appraisal, and no points and save over 1,000 dollars a year. lower rates means lower payments. get the most of your va mortgage benefits. ...
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>> the chinese want to control everything. chinese state t.v. announcing it will not air two preseason n.b.a. games after houston rockets general manager did the unthinkable and showed support for the pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong. at news conference today, adam silver said the long-held values of the n.b.a. are to support freedom of expression and certainly freedom of expression
12:58 pm
by members of the n.b.a. community. trace galligher with the rest of this mess. >> members are shifting their opinion because the league came out saying the statement made by rockets gm daryl morey was regrettable, but that didn't placate the chinese basketball association and infuriated u.s. politicians on both sides of the aisle who said china does not get to call the shots. commissioner silver is trying a do-over saying he's not trying to tell others how to run their government, he is american and supports freedom of expression for his employees. >> i'm sympathetic to our interest here and to our partners who are upset and i don't think it is inconsistent, on one hand, to be sympathetic to them and at the same time, stand by our principles. >> silver said when he's in
12:59 pm
shanghai this week, lakers and brooklyn nets play on thursday, he hopes to meet with appropriate officials and discuss where we stand, though he acknowledges the issue might not die down quickly and it appears he is right. chinese foreign minister says foreign teams should know the opinion of chinese citizens or it will not work. it is a standoff. shep. >> shepard: thanks, college professor, supposed to spend federal research dollars on things like energy and science, but instead used it at places like cherleader gentlemen's club. and now the university where he worked, got the money is stuck with $200,000 tab. prosecutors say the former head of the electrical engineering department at philadelphia's drexel university spent the money on exotic dancers over a 10-year period. the professor admitted
1:00 pm
everything and resigned. the university settled to avoid a lawsuit, but $200,000 at a strip club, at least he went out with some fun. the news continues now, here is cavuto. >> neil: nice segue to me. the dow finishes 316 points. this was late-breaking development on part of administration to put added restriction on chinese officials over abuses of muslims in that country. the reason this was taken as surprise, because it is. administration just added this to host of issues it wants to discuss when chinese officials are in town beginning on thursday to discuss the trade front. you know back and forth that the chinese have put restrictions of their own, including stopping all n.b.a. pregames in china. that is a separate soap opera