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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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what college campus there on and no matter where they are, they should be open to hearing all viewpoints and making sure all perspectives are heard. >> martha: i would imagine harvard was founded on that. i have to leave it there. thank you very much. that is "the story." tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's all but official, elizabeth warren is now the democratic front runner in a survey released by university in connecticut. she maintained a seven-point lead over joe biden. other people on television assured us he will be the nominee. a warrant is a full 13 points at a bernie sanders. keep in mind that both warren and sanders northeastern socialists. we have pulling from essentially the same strain of voters. splitting that vote should dramatically weaken her position in the field. she is leaving anyway. that's how dominant she is.
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unless something unforeseen and dramatic happens between now and next spring, and it could. if it doesn't come elizabeth warren will be the democratic nominee. that as they say it has implications for all of us. her many terrible policy ideas come obviously we'll get to those in a minute. more immediately there is warrant herself. you will be seeing a lot of elizabeth warren over the next year. she will be on your television screen nonstop and you'll hear her voice rising from your car radio. if you live in iowa and new hampshire or south carolina, you may find her in the flesh loitering outside your sparty bugs waiting on your doorstep. prepare yourself. wherever there is elizabeth warren, there is falseness. fate is who she is. she is authentically there. pretending to be an indian is not the least real thing she has ever done. she has also that synthetic, even when she sitting in her own kitchen. >> hold on. i'm going to get me a beer.
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my husband bruce is now in here. do you want a beer? >> all have a beer. >> tucker: [laughs] it's hard to believe that is real but you can play that again please. >> hold on a sec, i'm going to get me a beer. hey, my husband bruce is now inherent. do you want a beer? >> all pass on the beer for now. >> tucker: [laughs] i will pass on the beer for now says the off-camera figure who she says as her husband. that had to be an actor, right? no actual married couple could have a conversation that stupid debate would have to be reading off cue cards for the
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middle-class authenticity. i will get me a beer says the harvard professor. fetch me my winston's, i'm hankering for a smoke. you have to be kidding me. except elizabeth ward isn't kidding. she expects you to believe every word of what she says. which means you are watching someone who will say literally anything, whatever it takes. in the primaries on the democratic side, what it takes is maximum leftward panderer so that is what she has delivered to. there is no issue in which it is not the most radical possible position. for now it's working. they confirmed that. how will her position on the issues play with the rest of the country and next fall's general election? let's see. on immigration warren wants to decriminalize all border crossings into this country. that sounds crazy to you, you are hardly alone. two-thirds of the country opposes that idea too. she also says she wants to abolish i.c.e., the federal enforcement agency. how many americans agree with
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her on that? fewer than 25% agree with elizabeth warren on that. under her play we would likely see a huge increase in the illegal immigration of course and she is told us every one of those foreign nationals is entitled to completely free health care, courtesy of you. how many americans approve of that idea? not that money, not surprisingly. more favor say, race-based reparations and that something else she has called for. sending people tax dollars based on their skin color is a genuinely unpopular idea and this country. warren doesn't seem to care. as she has pointed out before, america is so racist we deserve it. >> the president is advancing environmental racism, economical racism, criminal justice racism, health care racism. >> tucker: health care racism? you've got to wonder which board teaching assistant and what mediocre state university thought up that for a spirit health care racism and what it
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might mean. warren didn't bother to define it. in her world of self explanatory. if you add the word racism after any category public policy and all the woke kids not in unison. health care racism, it's a stomach. the country was built on health care racism! of course it was. that ladies and gentlemen is why we need medicare for all. it's a costly plan to be sure. it's a plan that elizabeth warren, because she is magic being infused with the power of her ancestral cherokee spirit animals can pay for without raising taxes on you or anyone you know, anyone you will ever meet. she can do that. she swears she can. >> will you raise taxes on the middle class to pay for it, yes or no? >> the cost will go up for wealthy and the big corporations and for hardworking middle-class families cost will go down. hardworking middle-class families are going to see their costs go down. >> will their taxes go up?
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>> here's the thing. >> i listen to these answers before. >> will middle class taxes go up? will private insurance be eliminated? >> what families have to deal with his cost, total cost. >> how much are your costs? >> different question. how much of your cost -- it's how much families end up. >> i know that argument, but will you pay more in taxes? why don't you want to answer that question. as a republican talking point. >> it's a question about their people are going to come out economically. >> that's my question. >> tucker: [laughs] ouch. when you are slinging b.s. in such copious volumes that even sold attacks like chris matthews and stephen colbert wins when you deliver it, it's a sign. it's not a good sign. can someone like that really get elected president? maybe it's not accidental that
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at the very moment that joe biden's numbers collapsed, elizabeth warren's numbers rose, democrats in washington started talking about ukraine. it turns out impeachment is the reserve chute, the only one they've got. howie carr is a radio host of the author of the book, "what really happened?" you have covered this person elizabeth warren, professor, senator, may be longer than any journalist i'm aware of other than her stenographers at "the boston globe." what do you make of this now that she is officially the front runner? >> we shouldn't underestimate her, that is the main thing to remember, i thought she wouldn't survive the first herald story seven years ago when it turned out that she was a fake indian. she did. she has prevailed. i know it's massachusetts, but there is a audience, at least on the democrat side for this. she talks about all these marvelous plants that she's got, that i can boil all the plans
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down to two words, free stuff. your follow-up question is, who's going to pay for it? i can boil that down, somebody else. right? don't text you, don't text me, text a fellow behind the tree. with elizabeth warren, everybody's going to be behind the tree. you talk about the democrats in washington getting nervous, she has proposed this wealth tax. if you have over $50 million in wealth, not income, wealth you have to pay 2% a year. it keeps rising. even people like larry summers who was a treasury secretary under clinton, the president of harvard university for a while. he is saying, this is ridiculous. larry summers is saying this. he is the intellectual who can't park a bicycle straight as george wallace used to say.
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to know well says that's ridiculous? jonathan gruber. remember that name? that is the original man of obamacare. he is saying this is ridiculous. she is running around in these and she is saying, i know how to do this. i set up the consumer financial protection bureau. has she said in the docket for the supreme court? they will decide if that's unconstitutional and it probably is! just like this wealth tax. she wants everybody to pay higher taxes. we have something in massachusetts tucker, you have an option to pay at the old caucus era tax, 5.8% as opposed to 5%. guess what? she wants to raise everybody's taxes to 70-90%. the top marginal rate. she never paid, she never checked that box to pay the higher voluntary tax rate until she started running for
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president. >> tucker: she had a chance to do her fair share and she didn't. it tells you a lot. howie carr, great to see you. a journalist based in new york, one of the honest ones, not many. it's good to see you tonight. how do you assess elizabeth warren's ascendance, to dominance on the democratic side enter policies? >> you summed it up perfectly. she has sort of taking a lot of cotton from collin a and column b from our competitors to form this kind of democrat party frankenstein of policy, putting things together and it's spooky like the monster frankenstein. >> tucker: can i stop you right there. you are exactly right and the combination of it was her announcement the other day that transgender illegal aliens need special treatment. [laughs] how many are there in that category? i'm not singling them out, but she is.
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that is like a parody. >> it's playing a word game. you take transgender, health care, throw them together and you have a new policy. that is what she is doing great this is what we are saying. to look at like classic lives, i was trying to think of the craziest thing she is proposing and i was thinking about education, free education, free college for everyone. student loan forgiveness that she wants to cover her. she is definitely vying to be the hectoring schoolmarm and chief which is how we see her. i think she does actually one for education and free college for everyone. the question is how will she pay for this? if you messed up any of $200,000 in loans and for worthless degree and nine binary archery, she has a solution with people who actually did the right thing and studied the right thing and worked hard. they will have to cover you and pay your debts. this goes across the board. it's trillions of dollars. >> tucker: your average college presidents pay has risen
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way faster than inflation and so is your average tuition. endless layers of pointless demonstrators and higher education. college never has to bear any of the burden. it's all on taxpayers pay debts ought to tell mike point? >> plenty people agree, universities are stormy places. they've mistreated lots and lots of people and they should be punished. what her plan does as it rewards the behavior. she thinks think you'll be be helping students out if you reward colleges with free money because they will suddenly change raising tuition and salaries they've been on working on for decades if we start giving them trillions of dollars in taxpayer money. also the system could correct itself if the next generation -- it seems like they are beginning to learn from this generation bread from the millennials who must up so badly. the younger generation looking more at trade schools. beginning to look more at -- or just not going to college. >> tucker: it's a joke.
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>> the system is a joke. it needs to fix itself in that manner. not rewarding these institutions with trillions of dollars of our money. >> tucker: she is decades behind the curve. great to see you. thank you for that. elizabeth warren as we have told you repeatedly is the front runner according to the polls. one problem for her however only way to the democratic nomination is a relatively weak performance with african-american voters. she tried mightily to change that though, not simply by promising reparations last spring. she talked to al sharpton. watch this. >> we have a criminal justice system right now that is pervaded with the problems of race and no one wants to talk about this other than you, reverend and a lot of the good folks in this room. >> tucker: nobody talks about it except al sharpton.
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kind of a monopoly on that i guess. it all comes to office sad and patronizing and off of touch, like watching her drink a beer. a son all that different from hillary clinton's pandering from four years ago. >> what is something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> are you getting them into formation right now? hobbs has in my bag. >> really you know people are going to say, she's pandering black people. [laughter] >> okay! is it working? >> tucker: is it working? no is the answer. the attorney and a long time u.s. civil rights commissioner and were always happy to have them on the show. thank you for coming on. elizabeth warren as this problem and it will probably fix itself organically. the most popular democratic candidate, including black democrats. she seems intent on forcing it
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in this way that is so grudgingly awkward. how do you assess her strategy here? >> she is transparently and insufferably inauthentic as you indicated. she has pony and comes across that way and as you indicated also, she will get the lion share of the black vote, but she is pulling extraordinarily weekly for the front runner. she is at 4% in south carolina where 60% of black voters -- 60% of the primary voters are black. she is doing extremely poorly. nationwide should only at 19% and it's imperative for democratic candidates to get anywhere from 85 and closer to 95% of the black vote and a robust turn out. hillary clinton got 89% of the black vote, but only -- if you are black skin want to vote for her and she lost the election she will continue to pander because elizabeth warren's policy prescriptions don't resonate and the black community or not a community frankly because as you indicated, they're insane.
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look at some of the immigration proposals that harm black folks and she is in favor of abolishing private health care. that is crazy. she is continuing to pander by using -- trying to use the language that she thinks will sell herself to black voters. it makes her look more phony. in addition to that, there is a perception that she cut in line. she gave the affirmative action system to advance her career and maybe she took the place of some black folks as a result of that. either way its amounts in the minds of so many people what a fraud she is. she is not a very genuine pers person. hillary clinton had the same problem. she had the benefit of being married to the first black president. >> tucker: i think that's right and biden has the benefit of working for barack obama. i've never heard anybody say this. you think the faking cherokee
5:17 pm
heritage to get tenure at harvard a noise and defense black voters more than other voters? >> i think it offends all voters, but black voters look at it as she is getting the system. whatever you think of affirmative action, the idea is that minorities will be advanced if they're qualified. the preferential treatment in many regards we talked about this a few weeks ago on your show. when the whitest white women in america decides she is native american and there is fairly good evidence that she advance her career as a result of that, some people may not be too appreciative of that. >> tucker: that such a good point. peter christian now. thank you for that. a big store in "the wall street journal," hunter biden's business dealings were not restricted to activities in ukraine or china, in addition to those his name was used as a selling point in a fraudulent bond scheme that one of his business partners was
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involved in. south accord american indian tribe as well several pension funds were called in a bogus business deal. according to court documents, hunter biden's name is used to use that for the veneer of legitimacy. it's not news to viewers of this program. we reported on that scheme weeks ago and we were head in the story and we plan to it that wa. congressman matt gaetz took a small stand against impeachment yesterday and instead of arguing with him, the left decided to attack him on the basis of his skin color. that actually happened live on television. one of the most famous people in america did that out loud. he responded to that. the exchange tells you about the modern left. he will join us abou after the . ♪ here, it all starts with a simple...
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♪ >> tucker: overturning a democratic election and impeaching the president is a serious matter. yesterday congressman matt gaetz and several other members of congress occupied a closed door impeachment hearing. they insisted its proceedings are to be public a list of the members of the house representatives. of debating that question, democratic party had another angle. he and his allies were wrong because of how they were born, because of their skin color. watch this. >> looking at these members coming and you saw a handful of woman come other than that a and full of white men and this is not what america looks like right now. >> watch those republicans, those white guys, middle-aged boring, nerdy looking white guys walked on those steps. it was pathetic. >> this looks like a clan group
5:24 pm
that assembled outside of the jail try to get the sheriff to let them and so they can deliver their own justice. >> what happened yesterday was a high school prank by a bunch of 50-year-old white men. >> tucker: the last person we saw there was california congressman jackie speier, earlier today congressman gates responded to her an her on msnb. congressman gaetz joins us tonight. you responded to her remarks about you and what did you say? >> i was really taken aback at the way that nbc news would choose to have a discussion about impeachment or transparency or syria would be initially to try to put me on defense. i'm a white male, i guess i'm a little old fashion. identify as a white male because i am a white male and to use language the left is familiar
5:25 pm
with, i guess it's because i was born this way. i predicted this last night sitting next to you on your show. i said that democrats and the house were trying to impeach president trump because they did not want to substantively engage them on the issues and that this was part of a broader strategy 2d platform, delegitimize, destroy anyone who champions the america first agenda. we saw that played before your show even came back on. discuss any serious issues, they talk about my race. >> tucker: it's it clearly irrelevant as far as i can tell, but it's the most divisive thing you could say. is the standard that we are allowed to dismiss people because of their skin color? i don't want to live in a country where people do that. i think it's awful. that's commonplace now. i would nbc allow that and what did they say when you called them on it? >> i was flabbergasted. i said it was defensive and it's not reflective of a substantive interview and i try to get you what is the important substance because the risk is that if we
5:26 pm
take debate to be discussing identity rather than the work of the president is doing or the work we are doing to try to have more openness in this impeachment process, than the left wins. we see this as a new strategy. whether it's alana presley saying we don't need any more black faces were black voices were faces or voices. i don't even know what that means. it's part of the new game plan for them to avoid discussions by making everything about identity and we should stand against that. >> tucker: at such poison and so many republicans ignore it od it's terrible for the country. it doesn't matter whether you are liberal or conservative and nobody should want this. you're one of the few that said something about this. i'm glad you did. thank you. dismissing people based on art and i.d., the or their skin color is one facet of a much larger problem and a more dangerous one, the systemic
5:27 pm
campaign against free speech on the open exchange of ideas. the problem is worse on college campuses. at the university of pennsylvania a panel discussing u.s. immigration policy was canceled completely after a student protest against inclusion of the former i.c.e. director. >> go home! go home! go home! >> tucker: annual poll finance 51% of americans and 57% of the millennials in the first amendment goes far in protecting the free speech and should be updated to rollback that right to bear the majority of those who believe it think that people who commit so-called hate speech ought to go to prison. a philosopher, author of the book, "how to have impossible conversations." a legend among people who follow life on college campuses that were honored to have them on. thank you for coming on.
5:28 pm
you thought a lot about this. this question of why it's so difficult to have real conversations in the public sphere. when you see this pulling on young people and free speech, what does it make you think? >> i think it's a mistake to frame the issue in terms of free speech or freedom of assembly. i think it's true, but i think there's something much nastier going on. >> tucker: what is that? >> what that is is that they're attempting to rob you of your cognitive liberties. they are academic departments and they have mechanisms in place in the institution to prevent people from pursuing truth in their own and from hearing different voices and if you just think about it and terms of free speech i think it misses the larger issue that what these folks are really after and what i mean by these folks, many in the academic left.
5:29 pm
really there is no polite way to say it. they have been apostatized by the invasive ideology. these people are after your cognitive liberties. >> tucker: relive the academy is functioning in a way that the opposite of the way it was designed to function. it is making them -- >> you said your last segment this is not about a right issue or left issue. this has about the rules of engagement. you and i have very substantive disagreements politically and socially and even morally, but the way we deal with those agreements -- disagreements as not through punching or i would never want you shouted down. i would want to debate you and hear your ideas out. there is a very dangerous group of individuals right now who are attempting to tell you and other people what they can and cannot listen to. who speech cannot be allowed and they're attempting to institutionalize this, they have it on college campuses through other teams and political correctness and mechanisms to
5:30 pm
not only restrict speech, but to restrict your ability to pursue truth. >> tucker: tell me about it. if we didn't work for tough people would be off the air long time ago. you work in this world, tell us, do people with the attitudes are described and have complete control over most universities? >> they 2017 piece and there is a piece of "the wall street journal" and 2018 says that biased response teams as one mechanism of enforcement, 232 universities. if you look at the university web page, it's as biased as a state of mind. really you need to let that idea percolate. it's a state of mind. people can file responses with the biased response team complained without putting their name on it. they could do it anonymously and anyone can be accused of anything. i think a key thing that is really important to understand
5:31 pm
here is terms people use. have you heard of the idea of inclusive speech or inclusive space? >> tucker: yes. >> inclusive space means one that is welcoming, but what it really means is that it's a space that restricts speech and if i didn't restrict speech than by definition would be welcome them. there mechanisms within the university to restrict speech and to prevent freedom of expression. to prevent freedom of assembly. do shout people down if they don't agree with you. i think the real emphasis here is there after cognitive liberty. they're absolutely convinced they have the right answers to questions. >> tucker: there try not to control, but what you think. thank you for coming on. congratulations on your book. i wish we had more time. happy to have you. the ceo of disney has threatened to boycott georgia were passing a pro-life law. no problem doing that.
5:32 pm
what is the reaction to what is happening in china? i don't know, three muslims in concentration camps. would you be upset about that? the answer tells you everything you need to know. we'll tell you what it is after the break. music and physical our purpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service person. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people, and they and their families. we're the ones there to help them. people are doing hard, arduous, difficult, dangerous things. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. they're willing to do that for you, for me, and for our family. so for us, at newday, to have the opportunity to turn around and help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love,
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it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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>> tucker: it's at a recent event sponsored by "the wall street journal," the sea of disney said he would not comment on the protests underway in hong kong because, "who take a position that could come our
5:37 pm
company would be a big mistake good" in words, if it's going to cost us money, it's not worth it. this is the man who said he would not allow, didn't even go to the pro-life legislation. gordon chang is the author and he joins us. thank you for coming on. i'm a little bit surprised that after the nba talks, bob iger is going to say in public, i would never insult them because i carry their water. to say that out loud, i guess there is no sanction in the united states for saying that. >> there is an and his comment of course is spineless and reprehensible on so many different levels. the issue here is -- it's china. china now is requiring obedience from our companies and worse, they're now requiring companies to implement communism party policies outside of china. >> tucker: in the united states? before i ask you to follow up,
5:38 pm
let me point out that that doesn't mean we need to go along with it. shareholder value is important. it's not always the most important thing read bob iger could take a stand for decency. what do you mean by policies in the united states? >> what we are seeing is in forcing companies to do things outside of china's borders and this was most graphically illustrated about a month ago with the airline. it forced out the chief executive officer, the chief operating officer and the chairman of the board and about 200 employees because of the issue of hong kong. what he was talking about. we have now seen this with espn which is a disney unit which is now showing maps of communist party maps and set of maps -- they coincidence with reality. what we are seeing is china trying to use its power to intimidate companies, to do its bidding and this often times --
5:39 pm
it goes against our free marketplace of ideas. >> tucker: yeah, it means our corporate chief is running companies incubated in america are willing to lecture us because we disagree with unisex bathrooms, but china can murder people but that's totally cool. this is not sustainable, is it? >> i don't think it is because we will have our sputnik moment with regard to all of this. the nba could be part of it. we now have to realize that we can take chinese money or we can have a free marketplace of ideas in the united states. unfortunately we can't have both and we will have to make a choice tucker. it's unfortunate, but we are not driving this. the chinese are by being ambitious and trying to pull us in directions we don't want to go. >> tucker: gordon chang, great to see you. thank you. hillary clinton has a new explanation for losing three years ago. mysterious flashing videos appeared and disappeared without a trace. for real.
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♪ >> tucker: it's time now for "final exam" where the news professionals here at fox news fox news:fabulous prizes from a tucker carlson story. this is like a real game show. i love it. this is a store for the ages. our reigning champion is the fox business susan li taking on harris faulkner, who in addition to hosting "outnumbered," outnumbered over time has a special event. she will be hosting town hall america, police emergency.
5:45 pm
sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. it will be fantastic bread in the meantime, harris faulkner. thank you for coming on. >> thanks for having us. >> i've been saying you win. >> underdog tonight, definitely. >> tucker: i'm not going to make any predictions. i know you know the rules. the hands on the bus there asked a question and the first one gets to answer. you have to wait until i finish asking great you can acknowledge that by saying your name. every correct answer is worth a point at every incorrect answer the tracks a point. best-of-five wins. are you ready? >> dangerous. question one. >> tucker: this is a multiple-choice wait till you hear all the options. on the campaign trail this week, which 2020 democrat was approached by a supporter so hard-core that she got a tattoo of this candidates hand writing on her arm. was it a, kamala harris.
5:46 pm
b, beto o'rourke, or c, elizabeth warren parent >> okay. >> can you guess? >> tucker: of course you can. >> i would say elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren. >> tucker: does someone have elizabeth warren's handwriting tattooed on their arm? to the tape we go. >> i love it. you did. britt that's my handwriting wow. >> that must've taken a while. >> kamala harris to her credit looked a little horrified. >> i'm sure security behind her was like, is that spelled correctly? >> tucker: that is exactly right. security is on alert.
5:47 pm
question two another multiple-choice and this is a weird one. there is a new attraction at the paris zoo. it's called the blob. the blob has no mouth. it can detect food. it has no legs, but it can move across surfaces. it has no stomach but it can digest food. how many genders does it have? a, two genders. b, seven. c, 700. >> i believe it is c. >> tucker: 700. how would you know that? is harris faulkner right? >> it's more than a billion years old. it's apparently slime mold and a pair zoo park. the whole world can see where it is zoo goers can move and expand across services at a rate of about 2 inches an hour. quick little thing. >> tucker: that's the most obscure question. you knew that.
5:48 pm
>> i write about that. it freaked me out. i have not seen that animated video. wow. you pay to go to the zoo. i love the zoo. i don't know if i would watch the blob. that sounds like a nightmare. >> prehistoric. >> and back to zero. >> tucker: question three. this is not a multiple-choice. the number of democratic presidential candidates dropped to 18 today is which member of congress announced he's ending his campaign? harris faulkner? >> tim ryan. >> tucker: tim ryan. is it tim ryan? >> one of the candidates was been struggling at the bottom apparently ready to say goodbye. >> tim ryan is dropping out of the presidential campaign and will not run for reelection in his ohio house seat. >> tucker: correct! all right! harris faulkner, ladies and gentlemen.
5:49 pm
question four, this is another weird one. stockpiles of one of this country's favorite foods are growing. there are now the largest daybed in half a century. there are 40 million pounds of this food just hanging in warehouses across the country. what type of food is it? >> susan li. >> bacon. >> tucker: bacon. i'm getting hungry. is it bacon? >> it turns out that a lot of americans aren't bringing home the bacon. more than 40 million pounds. >> i can't believe that. >> this is true. apparently a big summer surge and bacon production. they have a lot of hogs that were made available and went unclaimed. >> they had unclaimed hogs? >> tucker: there really is no question too obscure for our fox news team. >> i have a place for the bacon. he went i love that, right?
5:50 pm
>> yes! >> welcome in my freezer. >> tucker: this is sudden death. this is a multiple-choice question. here we go. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg reportedly is still considering running for president. which tv news personality says she is unhappy with the current crop of candidates and wants him in the race. is it a, joy behar. is it b, ellen degeneres. is it c, judge judy? >> you got me. >> judge judy. highest paid on tv. >> that's her. >> tucker: is a judge judy? there she is. this is not a joke. >> she has endorsed bloomberg for president. she says has no nonsense approach can help us heal. >> are you an idiot or are you not paying attention? answer my question.
5:51 pm
let me explain something, i don't like it. >> you have judge judy on your side. >> tucker: it's kind of hard to lose. amazing. that was one of our best. that had all the drama of a great sporting events. thank you both. harris faulkner, wonderful to have you. i hope you will come back. you maintain your position. >> can i say how much i adore you? you are one of our first on "outnumbered." you were our good luck charm. >> i would pay money for that. the mouth breathing kody eaves. >> tucker: we will set do that it's on the way. thank you both. that was great. >> could buy. that's it for this week's "final exam." play dumb like pay close attention to the weird things happening in this country. tune in thursday to see if you can beat our experts. we'll be right back. ♪
5:52 pm
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>> tucker: last week during a podcast appearance, hillary clinton made the ludicrous claim that all of our enemies, the left in the right, are actually russian spies. that was so out there it took everyone watching an entire week it wasn't the only insane thing that she had said. on the very same podcast, hillary clinton also identified a new culprit for her defeat three years ago, mysterious
5:57 pm
traders appeared from nowhere and disappeared without a trace. >> i think it's going to be two parts and it's going to be 2016. don't vote for the other guy. the other guy is going to vote for x, y, z, the other guy did terrible things. i'm going to show you in the slashing of videos, you are going to see them and see them doing these horrible things. >> tucker: author and columnist mark steyn lives of the dark web practically. hey, mark! >> everything has vanished except for hillary's victory, we are living in -- what is it now, the third year of hillary's great victory -- hillary has actually created an alternative dark web reality of her own. >> tucker: it's like a sylvia potato harvest. >> it's incredible to me that
5:58 pm
she's still doing this because, you know, you sent a check to the macedonian embassy. i thought she is on the dark web! nobody who is it on the dark web those with the dark web is. they are like you. the idea that the dark web is what deliver the electoral college to president trump is amazing, even by hillary. she's got to ride in. reelect hillary 2020! she's got to run. >> tucker: is ebay on the dark web? i don't know. how does she know about the dark web? that's my point. >> i don't think she does, though. it's like content farmers. she's never been to a content farm. once she blamed it on content farms in macedonia, that's a phrase that one of many advisors gave to her, like dark web.
5:59 pm
these are maybe one day maybe somebody will have make a trip to a content farm. she's thinking, have i done a photo op with a content farm? have i been to the iowa content farm? the dark web -- the dark web is in northern new hampshire, i think that's where they have the first can take pancake flip, shortest day of the year of december. we all get up in the morning and you get a dark web of pancake dough in the new hampshire primary. she has no idea! these are phrases. but the fact is that there are 7 billion people on the planet and basically about six and a half billion people were on the dark web conspiring to steal the presidency from her. you know, there are headhunters in papua new guinea that are leading brainless lives in the middle of the jungle who switch on tv in the middle of the night and discover that hillary is blaming them for her defeat.
6:00 pm
there is no end to it! >> tucker: no end to it... if you love mark steyn, i'm off tomorrow for an event for one of my kids. mark steyn's poster. >> tucker will be on the dark web! >> tucker: i will return. we'll be back tomorrow night. hannity is next. >> sean: tucker, thank you. we are back with "hannity." breaking news, multiple fronts, "the new york times" has in fact reported and confirmed that barr's department of justice have now shifted the probe into the origins of the russia collusion witch hunt? it is now officially a criminal investigation. this is a major huge development. finally we might get to the truth as we been demanding for quite a while. let me tell you what this means by that means the u.s. attorney john durham who has subpoena power, he has the ability to impanel a ground grand jury and file criminal charges in the case.
6:01 pm
this is a major development literally bre


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