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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 27, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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maria: welcome back, fox news alert, breaking news we are covering all morning, the leader of isis is dead this morning, we have learned that islamic state leader abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead, president trump spoke about this earlier that baghdadi died in a tunnel whimpering and screaming as special forces cornered him. many islamic state fighters were also killed along with baghdadi the president did not immediately notify congress as a fear of leaks, he killed himself
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and every one of his children in suicide blast as u.s. military special operations forces cornered him and moved in toward the tunnel where he was. president trump spoke about this at the white house, let's get right to jennifer griffin with the latest right now. >> it was a mission more dangerous than bin laden raid, the president said the flight in and out of syria was the most dangerous part. the flight took over an hour, up to 70 u.s. special operations forces launched in kurdish held northern iraq, they took fire approaching the target, the president described abu bakr al-baghdadi last moments. >> he died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way, he reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down. he ignited his vest killing himself and the 3 children.
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>> the president says u.s. forces were on the ground in the compound for over 2 hours and collected, quote, highly sensitive information on future isis operations, a large number of isis fighters were killed, some were captured alive, two of baghdadi wore suicide vests. they did positive id within 15 minutes. >> his body was -- it was him. >> facial recognition was used, they brought back dna, more than they liked according to the president when they left syria, baghdadi was killed in northwest province, he went there to try
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to reestablish isis according to president trump, no u.s. operators were killed or raid, two americans lightly wounded but are back on the job, u.s. bomb sniffing dog was injured after hunting baghdadi. maria: team coverage continues this afternoon now with rich edison, he's in washington, rich. >> good morning, maria, president trump offered international praise for this raid pointing to russia and turkey allowing american forces to fly over territory that those countries controlled. >> no, they did not know why. >> was -- >> we did tell them -- we think you will be very happy because, you know, again, they hate us as much as they do, you know what isis has done to russia. no we did -- they did not know the mission, they knew we were going an area that they had a light of fire power.
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>> the president says kurdish forces gave the united states information that turned out to be help nfl the operation, same force that is the recent withdrawal from northern syria of u.s. troops also with turkish troops attacking in that same area attacking those kurdish allies in the area of northern syria. while the raid was a pentagon effort, the state department has built and grown a coalition of more than 80 countries to defeat isis, coordination to recapture isis-held territory and resettle refugees and work rebuild areas once held by the terror organization. as isis lost control of cities in the middle east, officials are concerned of attacks beyond the region where isis will try to project power inspiring other attacks, state department officials warned that isis brand lives around the world, a couple of months ago, president trump acknowledged secretary of state mike pompeo's work in lead-up to the raid.
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secretary is expected back in washington today, maria. >> all right, rich, rich edison joining us, for more on this republican congressman michael, sits on arm's services committee, he's a green beret. >> you can run but you can't hide forever, we will find you. and we will hunt you down and we will hold you accountable. i was very pleased to hear him specifically mention the hostage families who were executed under baghda distribution's rein and the fact that he's calling those families and jordanian pilot, i think that's important, new national security adviser robert o'brian was formally the envoy
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for hostage affairs, he has an eye to understand that this was justice for them and the thousands of others executed brutally. maria: very good point, you're right, he was almost saying in honor of those families who lost loved ones under al-baghdadi's rule. >> do we know if they had been planning another attack, what kind of treasure trolls had been left behind where our special forces would get hands on. >> isis and the caliphate is growing and so, you know, i think senator graham, aye said this many times myself, absolutely right, we have to stay forward, we have to keep a presence, we have to have assets in the region to keep our foot
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on the next, these groups to allow them, to prevent them from reconstituting and growing again, operationally i don't know that this will have a huge impact but public relations and symbolic standpoint and their ability to recruit and ability to inspire attacks in the united states this is huge. and i really give the president a lot of credit for making a bold call, this was not easy to pull off, russians and syrians have defense capabilities in the region and they also have control of the air space with their fighters, their aircraft overhead, i'm pleased that the russians stood aside as we sent helicopters to take the man in. >> all right, thankman, appreciate your time, thank you, sir, for more on this senator steve dane, republican from
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montana, thank you very much for being here. >> good to be with you. maria: first give us your reaction, this plan apparently began in arbial in iraq, connect the dots for us and give us your reaction with al-badhdadi dead? >> maria, this is a great morning for america, a great day for the world, i'm pleased for president trump's leadership, he deserves so much credit with relentless pursuit, he's the commander in chief, to ensure that we are safe in the homeland, he did that so well by green-lighting that mission 2 weeks ago, i'm proud of u.s. military, that was a high-risk mission they took last night, 70 special ops, small little village 3 miles south of turkey, very high-risk mission, only
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fitting that the last sounds al-badhdadi would have thursday u.s. special forces helicopters, boot prints, boot sounds of chasing al-badhdadi and probably the last thing he heard was the u.s. force, k9, one of the great dog that is cornered the terrible, terrible evil leader before he detonated suicide vest. maria: too bad the dog was injured as well, special operations forces even down to k9's, let me ask you about the plan to take troops out of syria, the president has begun to reverse himself and keep about 200 keeps in syria to -- to protect the syrian oil fields so that iran and isis does not get their hands on that revenue from the oil field, characterize that and assess the situation now that we know just 2 weeks ago the president was being criticized for his plan and now
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we learn that the plan to take down the leader of isis was in place and in fact, successful? >> well, listen, the president understands clearly his role here is to protect the homeland, to ensure that we we have a counterterrorism mission in place around the world to keep the homeland safe. remember, it was in 2013 that al-baghdadi founded isis, he declared himself in caliphate in mosul, iraq, i was on the ground north of mosul and at the time forces were focused on finding a way to take out al-baghdadi, he's high target and the president understands it, he knows he has to take oil assets to make sure revenues don't go in hands of isis, that's the source of revenue to keep funding missions around the world.
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and so what we saw this morning, the results to have special operation mission exactly how president trump leads, he's mission focused, he set a goal and delivered it for us last night working with u.s. military, i could not be more proud of this president and our military this morning. maria: one of my sources earlier said to me what's equally as important here is the name of this campaign and who it was -- who it was in honor of and the president was very clear moments ago when he spoke at the white house and he named the americans killed by isis and talked about their families finally getting justice, we want to honor those families, of course, and also just send love and support, james foley's family, as you could see the names on the screen, kayla mueller's family as well peter kasich's family.
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we have the fixtures there because the president made a point of naming the families after they lost the loved ones at the hands of isis. >> well, i was with the king of jordan, king abdullah. the horrible image that is the world saw, so i was grateful the president listed the names for the sake of the families, for the sake of the world the hear the names that were brutally murdered by isis, but it was not just americans, it was people from around the world including jordanian f15 pilot and only fitting justice that the president really recognized those who were killed by isis during the reign of al-baghdadi. maria: we have been talking about the situation throughout the program this morning, this is obviously huge news for the country and for the world, i have not yet heard or seen any comment from nancy pelosi, from
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anybody of the democrats at all on the heels of this campaign to take down the leader of isis al-baghdadi is dead and many agree the world is safer because of that. >> you know, it's a sad day in america when the democrats can't stand up and -- and thank the president, thank the u.s. military for taking out the leader of isis last night. that's a tragedy, here is the problem, maria, the democrats have impeachment obsession. they are obsessed on one thing and that's to remove president trump from office. i tell you what, it's not going to happen, they are obsessed on impeaching president trump, they're obsessed on trying to impeach president trump while we are trying to pass bills that will lower the cost prescription drugs, they are obsessed on
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impeaching president trump or trying to get this méxico-canada trade deal passed that creates 170,000 jobs, $70 billion of growth in u.s. economy and they are obsessed on impeachment. it's a sham, unfortunate and silence this morning and it's very, very telling. maria: very unfortunate. let me ask you about usmca, this week in fox business network a lot of people joined me to tell me that they believe usmca will pass this year, she will bring it to the floor, are you expecting that? >> well, i sure hope so, the president signed the usmca over a year ago, remember that méxico and canada are second and third largest trading partners, the amount of trade we have with méxico and canada is twice that we have even with china, this is a really, really big deal. the president got it done a year
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ago, it is well past due to get this done in congress, i hope they're right but i'm afraid that nancy pelosi is putting impeachment of the president ahead of doing the right thing to the american people. maria: senator, stay with us, we will talk more on the next break and take you to middle east for reaction, stay with us. back in a minute. devices are like doorways
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and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. successful raids marks new low, we are talking about the successful raid right now with senator, senator, a moment ago you mentioned that you were surprised that we haven't heard from any democrat in terms of congratulating our military for the successful
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move, they have been focused on impeachment, where does that go next impeachment inquiry, what happens when impeachment comes to the senate because we are expecting the house to move to vote to impeach president trump? >> we will wait and see if it gets out of the house. remember there's 31 house democrats that represent district that is president trump won in 2016, so it becomes a very political decision for many of them to move for on this when they are in trump districts in 2016, i think there's a telling resolution in the senate in the last 72 hours led by lindsey graham, a resolution condemning the process, house democrats that nancy pelosi and adam schiff are using right now does not allow the president to cross-examine accusers, this is being managed through press releases and leaks, full-blown transparent process and lastly, the house hasn't even voted to
8:20 am
move forward on this, that's a precedent that's been set for a century under nixon, clinton, there was a house vote, nancy pelosi is bypassing that and that really makes the process illegitimate, if it comes to the senate, bottom line is this, 50 u.s. senators signed the resolution condemning the process that nancy pelosi is using, that's pretty telling because it would take 20 republican u.s. senators to join to impeach the president, long ways from that. the united states senate will stand behind president trump. maria: especially since many of the testimonies, all of the testimonies, by the way, are being done behind closed doors, the american people really don't know what is being said on the testimonies aside from a couple of sound bites and things that were released like the opening statement from friday.
8:21 am
>> what we are seeing in this great moment in american history and president trump and u.s. military executed a brilliant mission to take out the leader of isis and it's crickets from the democrats. that tells you a lot, they care more about destroying the president than taking care of the military and love of the country and making sure the homeland is safe and secure, i think the silence is speaking volumes in morning. maria: in your own work in appropriation's committee, how can you tell us that the allocation is going and budget as well? >> well, we have a ways to go, the bottom line we are a month in current fiscal year of the federal government, remember, the federal fiscal year begins on october 1st, we are operating under continuing resolution, we need to get the appropriations on the floor of the u.s. senate, on the floor of the u.s. house, pass them and get them in the hands of president trump and he will sign them. it's very important that we continue to monitor what's going
8:22 am
with allocation and so forth and the defense department, right now we don't even have the defense department funded, that's the tragedy right now with what's going on, the impasse in washington, d.c. and, again, impeachment obsession of the democrats which is holding up so much good work that needs to be done right now on behalf of the american people, i hear all over montana, they are telling me we are tired of impeachment obsession, it's time to move forward with the work of the people. maria: and even with the defense department not being funded, we have our special operation's team taking down the leader of the worst terrorist organization that any of us know of that has caused all of these fatalities across iraq and syria. >> well, look at this, the u.s. military last night executed a mission brilliantly, flawlessly. the u.s. congress, the u.s. house and leadership with nancy pelosi is fumbling the ball, nancy pelosi and the democrats
8:23 am
are making this place less safe by not standing behind the u.s. military, getting appropriation bills passed and making sure the folks, men and women who wear the uniform protecting us around the world, that they're adequately funded. that's a tragedy and needs to stop. maria: all right, senator, thank you very much for joining us this morning, we will continue to watch, more coming up on the death of the world's most wanted terrorist, plus the other big story we are following, democrats impeachment push, ig report is coming out, democratic congressman debbie dingel will join me along with lindsey graham ahead on sunday morning futures or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. oh! you got a fast one there just can't get him to slow down
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>> he died like a dog and he died like a coward, he was wimperring screaming and crying, they should see how he died.
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maria: that was president trump announcing the death of the world's most wanted terrorist, abu bakr al-baghdadi, trey yngst more from jerusalem with the latest, trey. >> many world leaders were waiting until president trump addressed the nation from washington to react to the death of isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi, we have just gotten statement from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who congratulated president trump calling it impressive achievement, more than 10 countries that worked with the united states over the past 5 years to destroy islamic state, this is a big development that not only affects the united states but also allies in the middle east, abu bakr al-baghdadi was tau -- a symbol,
8:28 am
isis planned to take portions to have middle east and then releasing audio and video throughout the past 4 years but largely he was operating in the shadows, not public figure as a leader but still significant for many of the isis sympathizers, pockets operating around the world, we do know in places like egypt, libya, still isis fighters operating, while the isis caliphate in iraq and syria no longer holds territory, they are still very much a threat to the west, maria. maria: we will continue to follow, joining me to react to news of the morning, democrat debbie dingell, communication's committee, house energy committee, always pleasure to see you, thank you for being here. >> thank you, maria, good to be
8:29 am
with you. maria: you are a team player, only democrat who was willing to come out and discuss this this morning, we have not heard a word from colleagues in terms of the takedown of the worst terrorist anyone has ever seen leading the worst terrorism group, your reaction? >> well, first of all, i want to thank the brave men and women of our military, of our intelligence community and everyone who participated in what happened last night, it is far too easy for us to forget or not give appreciation to those who served and protect our freedom every single day, that would be my absolute first reaction. it was a -- this was a very evil man, we all know that it was a very evil man, we are waiting to hear other facts, other circumstances, i still continue to worry about the middle east, i'm word about syria, turkey, the kurds and we will hear throughout the next day, this was -- isis does not go away,
8:30 am
that's another concern that i have to remind people of. this death was taken evil man who we wanted to harm not only the united states and americans but many other countries around the world, stopped his leadership but there are other people that we need to worry about. maria: yeah, interesting you said moments ago, it's easy to forget what's happening in the world, i mean, the leadership and strength of our military, of our special operations forces isn't easy to forget because the house seems dominated by impeachment, bring people down to give testimony about president trump and what adam schiff thinks is wrong with the president and yet no briefings whatsoever on what's happening in the middle east. we had john ratcliffe earlier, your colleague in congress, on intel committee, the intel
8:31 am
committee hasn't had a briefing in syria in more than a month, what do you want to say about your colleagues who are, you know, driving toward impeachment even if the president continues to keep his eye on the important issues that the country faces. >> well, first of all, i think you can do both, i think we need -- you know, you heard me say this, a whistleblower brought forth a case and the inspector found it urgent danger to national security and i think that they have to do that. i was very disturbed when there had been briefing scheduled for classified briefing for us on syria and got canceled by the white house about 10 days ago or 2 weeks ago, i'm someone that's of very old school, that any politics needs to start at our -- at the borderlines of our country and that we need to be americans when we are conducting foreign policy, when we are
8:32 am
doing defense and i think that we need, this administration, to help brief us about what is going on, i have not talked to my leadership, this has obviously gone down in the last few hours. i hope that this administration will do a bipartisan briefing for all of us on the fact that is they can share and when it comes to these issues, that we have to work together. now the president, i think, was quite stunned when he had bipartisan pushback to some of the things he was doing in the mid east and i think we need to understand what's going on there. i worry deeply about all of it in terms of not only our own democracy but what is happening in the world and -- i mean, there's so many different issues that we could talk about. but the mid east continues to be an area, the mid east, ukraine, russia, all areas that we need to worry about not only our national security but the world's security. maria: absolutely, you mentioned
8:33 am
a lot of important things that we could be talking about, so let me ask you, have you had any briefings on syria, on the middle east, on usmca, on prescription drugs, infrastructure, health care, have you had any briefings on any of the issues that are important to the american people other than the house being dominated by impeachment? >> no, yes, i can tell you, so, for instance, last week i met with the secretary of hhs, the head of affairs and domestic council at the white house about drug prescription drug prices and had blunt conversation with him because they told me that this continues to be a priority for the president and i hope it is and said you've got to tell the american people that. maria: do you think usmca is a priority for nancy pelosi? >> yes, i do and last time you and i talked about this, i made you a bet we would get it done, i walked up to the hill and told her that and she said that it continues to be a priority. i have talked to both the administration and to -- i must
8:34 am
say that they're holding tight and i don't want to know anything that could be leaked but i know people are working really hard on trying to get this done. maria: maybe that will show up in headlines because so far all headlines have been focused on impeaching president trump, congressman, great to get your reaction, reaction from all of this from lindsey graham, he was with president trump, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. maria: we will take to you right after the short break, i have to get your reaction to the leader of isis dead this morning, back in a minute.
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into the golden years. with better heart treatments, advanced brain disease research, and better ways to age gracefully. at bayer, this is why we science. maria: welcome back, breaking news this morning, major blow to is thinks morning, president trump announcing that the isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi killed during special operations raid in syria. lindsey graham, chairman of the
8:38 am
committee, al-baghdadi is dead. >> he's dead, this was a hard call by the president, he deserves a lot of credit but the glory men and women who planned this operation and executed. last night the best of america met the worst of mankind and the good guys won. pray for the dog, i cannot tell you how much of a reminder this should be to the people aligned with us and we will never forget you and we will always come after you and to the families who have suffered under isis, i hope you get some comfort knowing that this bastard is dead. maria: you're right, the president mentioned those families earlier in his press conference as a way to make it
8:39 am
look like this campaign was in honor of them, you just mentioned the dog, let's explain that for a second. we had a k9 who ran after al-baghdadi in that tunnel and the dog was injured by the suicide vest. >> yeah, this guy died a coward's death, took 3 kids with him and the dog got injured, i hope the dog makes it, this is a team effort, this is the best of america including the dog going after the worst of mankind and, you know, the guys goes into a tunnel and blows himself up with 3 kids, what a coward, died a coward's death, this president has been determined to get this guy al-baghdadi since first day in office, i want to congratulate president trump, he deserves a lot of credit for making a hard call for those who planned and executed the operation, god bless you and your families and this is a reminder that america is never going to forget what happens to our people and we will be patient and we are always coming
8:40 am
after the bad guys and this is a game-changer because isis is different today than it was yesterday. the spiritual leader, heart and soul of isis is now dead diego a coward's death. maria: we show the james foley, peter kassig, dies at the hands of isis, do we know if there was documents that our special operations forces were able to take with them? >> one of the benefits to have raid is what we found on the ground and how much more information we have. the caliphate has been destroyed because president trump changed the rules a lowed our military to get the job done, obama had one hand tied behind his back, president trump unleashed the military to destroy the caliphate but there's still 15,000 fighters roaming around but today is a big blow for them. the information that explored and will make us safer here, and
8:41 am
when the president says others should do more, that's absolutely important, others should do more, our footprint should be smaller but no substitute for the american military, what did we learn last night the intelligence community never forgets, they're the best in the business and if you cross america, one day you will meet these men and women. maria: you broke the news when you were turning more positive on the president's plan to take troops out of syria because president was not going to allow revenue from oil fields. >> the president is trying to make sure that the oil never falls into the hands of the bad guys, $45 million a month being pumped currently, i think with american help we can double or triple revenues and share it with syrian democratic forces that fought so bravely, the kurds to destroy isis, it would be good for them and their
8:42 am
families and their communities, help pay for our footprint and the main thing is it will never be used by isis again to regenerate and iranians won't get this oil, so this is really a brilliant move by the president to lock the oil down to make sure enduring defeat of isis continues, without the oil revenue, they'll have a hard time ever coming back. maria: senator, before you go, let me ask you about john durham's investigation which has now turned criminal, criminal investigation, before the news broke this morning we were going to follow this story more closely than we have and we want to follow the money because what i'm told by my sources stepha, in one of the informants and paid a lot of money and did report on china and russia and he ran into all of the these campaign staffers but here is what we found in september of 2016 he was paid $411,000 for a report
8:43 am
he was writing on china and russia and before that, just couple of months before that, almost a year before that rather, he was paid $245,000 for also report on china, usually when you write reports, you're talking about a couple of thousand dollars that you get and he was getting paid a lot of money and speculating here but he was running into campaign staffers and trying to entrap them and that's what he was going paid for. we know the money was coming out of net assessments, what can you tell us? >> well, horowitz will hopefully shed light on this, what did we get for $600,000, was that a sham reason or real reason he was being paid to infiltrate the trump campaign? i don't know, horowitz will tell us. the last 48 hours have been big for president trump, horowitz is coming out with the report which i think almost damming and durham is looking at criminality when it comes to doj and the fbi
8:44 am
and 50 republicans have told the nancy pelosi house democrats that what you're doing to the president is unfair, lack of due process and what this really impeachment has turned into is a sham driven by sore losers, they just don't like the fact that trump beat them and from day one they want to get rid of him so impeachment is about being a sore loser. maria: we called debbie dingell to come on the show, we haven't heard from the leadership of the democrat party yet on the incredible victory of taking down the leader of isis by our special operations forces, senator, good to see you this morning, thank you. >> thank you. maria: senator lindsey graham, we will be right back on president trump's remarks short
8:45 am
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may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it... with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. the type 2 diabetes pill that's on it. learn more at maria: welcome back, breaking news today, president trump announcing that the leader of isis abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead, killed by u.s. special operations during raid in syria last night, here is the president morning. >> last night the united states brought leader to justice, abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead. he was the founder and leader of isis, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world. the united states has been searching for
8:49 am
baghdadi for many years, capturing or killing baghdadi has been the top national security priority of my administration. u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in north western syria and accomplished their mission in grand style, the u.s. personnel were incredible. i got to watch much of it. maria: this was the president, president trump on the killing and death of al-baghdadi, intelligence helped take down most-wanted man in the world. al-baghdadi, joining me christian, good to have you this morning, thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be here. maria: where does this go next? do we know the second in
8:50 am
command is and what the special operations forces may have found when they went in and -- and followed al-baghdadi into that tunnel, there must have been items that they were able to take with them, yes? >> hopefully, that certainly was the case with the raid on bin laden and also with the attack less so al-qaeda and iraq leader killed in 2006 after similar very lengthy, very complex intelligence intensive search, but you always hope to get information that will lead you to the next guy because they'll be another next guy. this is a capstone on the lengthy process by which senator graham said we have untied the u.s. forces and enabling them to kill isis caliphate, nice capstone that allows us to withdraw from syria actually. maria: obviously an incredible important move that the ideological leader of isis is gone, what else does he represent, what does this mean for the
8:51 am
rest of isis, for the complexion of the terrorist group today? >> makes big difference when an organization is winning, people remember , there are people, you know, all across europe in the uk and germany, et cetera, going, making their way to fight because it was perceived that isis was winning and, indeed, they were winning, rapidly shoot up big parts of syria in iraq, the flip side of that that we have orchestrated now losing, that has an effect not just on the battlefield but ideological appeal of jihadist groups, not just isis but al-qaeda and a bunch of others around the world, we are not just winning warfare and we have made a lot of progress. maria: christian, stay with us, christian witten, somebody must be watching, we will be right back.
8:52 am
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maria: welcome back, we just got a statement from nancy pelosi's office and she says this, the death of al-baghdadi is significant but the death of isis leader does not mean the death of isis, nancy pelosi writes as she says the house must be briefed on this raid which the russians but not top congressional leadership were notified of it in advance and on the admission's -- the administration's overall strategy in the region, military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from washington writes nancy pelosi. i'm talking with christian, your reaction to nancy pelosi's statements? >> well, i think that's a petty and disgusting statement, just say thank you, well done, we love our troops, you did a great job, we notified the russians before the
8:56 am
house, well, guess what, she leads a different branch of government, legislative branch, they make the laws and don't execute the laws, did franklin roosevelt talk to congressional leaders before raid on tokyo, no, the reason we talked to the russians was because their military forces in the area, it would make sense operationally, this goes to this intense politicization of everything that we see in washington today and the president is under no obligation to brief congressional leaders in advance of tactical, fairly small-scale military operations and the fact that she would raise objections i think is just so petty. maria: we should point out that earlier on the program we had john ratcliffe from intel committee and he said that there have been no hearings on syria in weeks and, you know, i mean, it's nancy pelosi and adam schiff who are making the rules in terms of what -- what testimonies they can hear from and what -- what briefings the house comes, they are in charge and they are
8:57 am
focused on impeachment and not allot more, chris, good to see you this morning, thank you. >> thank you. maria: that will do it for they-hour presentation of sunday morning futures this morning, i'm maria bartiromo, i will see you tomorrow on fox business. have a good morning, everybody. let's get down to business.
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gillian: president trump announcing the death of abu bakr al-baghdadi in u.s.-led raid in syria overnight. welcome to america's news headquarters, live from washington on this momentous afternoon. leland, great to be with you. leland: about 18 hours or so in the story from when the president tweeted last night, the president saying in his address to the nation this morning that al-baghdadi detonateed suicide vest that killed 5overs including two of his wives. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin following the story since late last night.


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