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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> laura: "newsweek" reports the dog's naming conan. if so good dog conan. so cute. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream. a huge dog person with her new puppy. >> you're a dog person too but now: it's out in thefear. >> laura: have a great show, shannon. >> thank you. we began with a fox news alert. to my inside the special forces raid that killed america's most wanted terrorist isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi dead and terrorist organization number 2, abu bakr al-baghdadi successor is dead because of a desperate military raid. former cia director james and commander lieutenant general jerry on deck to weigh in. also tonight house speaker nancy pelosi say that house will vote this week on a resolution formalizing the
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parameters of impeachment inquiries, and it's not an impeachment resolution, what is it? will the pokey of republicans the right to subpoena witnesses and documents will they maintain the status quo and give the minority no additional access. welcome to fox news at night. we have fox team coverage. brit hume with reaction to the abu bakr al-baghdadi rate and the latest impeachment news. we start with mark meredith for more on the democrats plans to vote on a resolution that will only affirm what they are already doing. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says lawmakers will vote on a resolution to formalize the next steps of impeachment inquiry. this is not a vote on the actual articles of impeachment. democrats say it is meant to send a message to the trump administration.
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house speaker nancy pelosi defending her decision to hold a vote formalizing the impeachment inquiry process. in a letter to lawmakers she explains why she favors a vote after refusing to hold one two weeks ago writing, quote, we are taking the step to eliminating any doubt whether trump administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas or continue obstructing the house of representatives. the white house is long accused democrats of running a secret and improper investigation. steve scalise is this week's vote will do little to legitimate is the inquiry. >> what adam schiff has been doing in secret the last few weeks is a very tainted process
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that is soviet style justice. >> the text of the resolution has yet to be released but sources say it is expected to reach the house floor by thursday. late tonight fox news caught up with lawmakers from both parties who solicits too soon to say how they will vote. >> when you look at the resolution, i will look at the legislation and tell you what i think. >> on monday some democrats were fuming after national security adviser charles government skipped a meeting with lawmakers, filing a lawsuit asking a judge to decide if he had to comply with the congressional subpoena to appear. >> we are not willing to allow the white house to engage us in a lengthy game of rope a dope in the courts. >> democrats are focused on impeachment, william barr said criminal investigation into the origins of the russia probe led by john durham remains ongoing. >> he thorough and fair and i'm confident he will get to the bottom of this. >> tomorrow lawmakers will hear from a ukrainian expert on the national security council who is expected to tell lawmakers he has serious concerns about
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donald trump's call with ukrainians leader and was worried the conversation could undermine us national security. that will happen tomorrow. >> donald trump celebrating the work of us special forces saying the mission is long overdue and that abu bakr al-baghdadi should have been killed years ago and the president should have gotten him. jillian turner sifting through what we are learning about the raid tonight. >> intelligence analysts are pouring over what is a treasure trove of new information, special operations forces scored during the raid that killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. all eyes on the we found electronic data, documents and even video recordings during the raid itself, the chairman of the joint chiefs says all of this will be crucial to future missions. >> there was material taken away.
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i don't want to characterize what or how much until it gets exploited properly. >> sources say exploiting that material could yield priceless information about isis's plans for future attacks but leadership any under number of baghdadi's excesses. whoever takes the reins after baghdadi will be trained by terrorist mastermind. >> he took 20 people and beheaded them. he poured gasoline on a captured jordanian pilot a cage in northern iraq. also the guy that killed thousands of people by beheading them. >> reporter: donald trump taking a jab is at his predecessor says reality is the search for baghdadi took way too long. >> he should have been killed years ago. another president should have gotten him.
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>> fox news has learned the raid was months in the making it involved significant intelligence from kurdish allies in syria including one rare informant at the heart of isis but now fresh on the heels of a counterterrorism success for the history books the president's already facing criticism from democrats who say he should have notified the gang of 8 before green lighting the raid. >> talking about why didn't i give the information to adam schiff and his committee and the answer is i think adam schiff is the biggest leader in washington. >> joe biden says the more details emerge about the raid the clearer it is credit for the victory doesn't go to the president saying that happened despite his ineptitude as commander-in-chief. breaking tonight fox news confirms out baghdadi's number 2, isis's spokesperson, was also killed over the weekend in a nearby but separate us operation. >> hours after the world's most notorious terrorist was killed in us special forces raid a washington post headline emphasizes not abu bakr al-baghdadi african is a terrace but his strict adherence to islam.
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>> the fact that a national newspaper would describe this person as an austere scholar in their headline, in the immediate aftermath of the achievement of donald trump and the administration is truly appalling biden. >> for the latest impeachment news we bring in the senior political analyst brit hume, good to have you. let's follow up on that. the president has taken heat from the left because he didn't inform democrats in advance of the mission. here's what he said and democratic reaction as well. >> the only thing is they were talking about why didn't i give the information to adam schiff and his committee and the answer is i think adam schiff is the biggest weaker in washington. >> it is absurd to think they would have leak something a strategic, as crucial as this was as relates to the brave men and women of the united states military.
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>> what you make of equity? >> in retrospect he could safely have given that information to the gang of 8, the leadership in the intelligence community of both houses, but the fact that they didn't doesn't make any real difference when you think about it. they learned about it today later. suspicions that adam schiff is a bigger are well-founded so i think this is one of those things that -- >> focus on that by the left rather than the accomplishment of the mission of getting this guy that everybody, this was a bad dude -- joe pointed out in a tweet joe biden said this, we saw a statement, more details of the raid emerge it is clear the victory was not due to donald trump's leadership, it happened
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despite his ineptitude as commander-in-chief, he goes on to note isis expanded rapidly during obama -- >> this sounds like what trump said when obama was claiming credit for the killing of bin laden. he said belongs to the us military. i don't think it's fair to say, no way of knowing whether this was done despite donald trump's leadership of the military. donald trump had to give the order that it was okay to try. certainly get some credit for this. joe biden says he will reduce that very much. >> this idea that they're working on a resolution to put this thing on the floor to a vote. this is what nancy pelosi said in a letter to fellow democratic colleagues in the house. we will bring a resolution to the floor that affirms the ongoing existing investigation currently being conducted.
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we are taking the step to eliminating any doubt as to whether the trump administration may continue obstructing the house of representatives with the whole that is as we don't have to do this. they are doing it because it won't have an excuse to head over witnesses. >> maybe it will strengthen their hand in court proceedings in some way but the baseline question is whether as a matter of law the house is required in order to use subpoenas and before for 7 impeachment inquiry without having taken a full house vote on starting the whole thing, this is a vote to authorize the next steps, the house never started in the first place, not sure what difference it will make but it is a matter of law. they can conduct this impeachment inquiry anyway they want. the relevant question, two important political questions because in the end it is a political matter. one is whether this sort of non-vote to authorize the inquiry will be sufficient to allow house democrats who don't want to have to vote at this
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stage to authorize impeachment to escape responsibility for this. the second question and ultimate question is what about the senate. how is this playing over the senate where a trial will be held and where two thirds of the place would have to vote to convict him which means the president could lose up to 19 republican senators in the senate and still survive in office. from what we know from republicans now have not been impressed with the way this thing is being conducted in the house i don't think this will help very much on that score. republicans in the senate will object to this will continue to do so. shannon: a key witness did not show up today.
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>> i think we can infer from white house opposition to doctor opperman's testimony that they believe his testimony would be incriminating to the president. >> if you don't show up it is intimidating for the president and bolsters the case of obstruction. >> he also said no one can sue the congress, no private citizen consumer congress to avoid a subpoena. that is nonsense. anybody can sue anybody, doesn't mean they will get far with it. adam schiff's credibility is pretty threadbare. he made these grandiose statements during the russia inquiry about all this evidence he had. we never saw it into in the end it is exhaustive and did not find it either. the man has a tendency to talk through his hat. to simply say we can infer knowledge out of this is something that should be taken with a large grain if not a block of salt. shannon: thank you for being with us. the family of a worker and isis
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prisoner kayla mueller is praising donald trump and the soldiers who pulled off the raid the killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi, some harsh words for former president barack obama, telling the republic, quote, i say kayla should be here and if obama had been as decisive as donald trump maybe she would be. toyota, kia and general motors back in the trump administration is his ongoing battle with california over who gets to mandate fuel economy standards. other lawmakers, honda, volkswagen, ford, and bmw previously agreed with california to manufacture cars with higher fuel efficiency. to missouri the state of the only abortion clinic in missouri is under consideration was a member of the state's administered hearing commission over proceedings today over whether the clinic keep its abortion license after being cited for numerous healthcare violations, not expected until february of next year. the state has refused to renew
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his license to perform abortions citing concerns include failed abortions and serious medical complications. trace gallagher reconstructs the raid minute by minute. the isis leader is that the terror group vowing to continue. james woolsey and retired attorney general knows what it's like inside these dangerous raids, they are up next. phew, it's back with lobster mac & cheese. it's gone again. oh, it's back with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $15.99. hurry in before these three are gone again. outback steakhouse.
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thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. you can watch the out of market games you want- all season long. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, you get everything nba all in one place- even notifications about your favorite teams. watch the dropped dimes, monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nba league pass into your voice remote to check out a free preview. don't miss out. ♪ >> shannon: from the shannon: from the highest-ranking officer in the us military we are getting a deeper understanding tonight of that aerobic raid the took america's most wanted terrorist out. trace gallagher takes us through the secret mission minute by minute.
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>> reporter: after years of intelligence gathering, building sources and developing a precise strategy of attack us forces finally got the break they were looking for. >> intelligence from numerous organizations throughout the department of defense and across the interagency identified the location four miles from the turkish border. >> reporter: once the white house learned there was a high profile that abu bakr al-baghdadi would be in that compound, it set off 48 hours of planning that would culminate in a daring and dangerous raid but on friday with the clock ticking the president held his parts close even heading to camp david to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner. saturday appeared normal as well, donald trump played golf with major league baseball commissioner rob manforward along with lindsey graham and david perdue and 4:18 saturday afternoon the president got back to the white house with 45 minutes, he was in a suit,
12:20 am
seated in the situation room monitoring the raid with new york times imagery and after the white house team was in place a group of ch 48 helicopters took off from western iraq. >> us forces were infiltrated by helicopter and the objective, secure the target compound. >> a local butcher told the associated press this i helicopters will blow on the horizon saying we went out on the balcony to see and they started shooting with automatic rifles so we went inside and hid. next the villagers heard a large explosion, donald trump explained it as soldiers blasting a whole in the side of the building because they fear the engines might be booby-trapped. authorities believe at that point baghdadi fled into a network of underground tunnels. >> the assault force was engage with small arms fire and the threats were eliminated. our forces isolated the compound and protected the noncombatants.
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clearing the objective, us forces discovered abu bakr al-baghdadi hiding it as well, the assault force closed in and he detonated a suicide vest. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs says abu bakr al-baghdadi drag 3 children with them. the terror chief went whimpering, crying and screaming all the way to his death. >> he reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down. he ignited his vest, killing himself and the three children. >> reporter: we are told abu bakr al-baghdadi's remains were taken to a secure facility to confirm his identity before the dna testing. the instant forensic analysis is a dramatic demonstration of new capabilities special forces possess but the white house says the combination of visual evidence and dna tests confirmed abu bakr al-baghdadi's identity. >> is remains in accordance with
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the law of armed conflict. >> reporter: islamic rituals were followed before abu bakr al-baghdadi's body was buried at the scene much like usama bin laden. shannon: thank you. isis supporters say the group is wasting no time closing ranks. former cia director james woolsey and former deputy under secretary lieutenant general jerry boycan both join us to discuss. approach isis telegram channel says with the impure crusaders do not understand with regard to the muslim create especially that of the jihadist fighters is jihad in its entirety is not founded on men but creed. the islamic state shall remain, it shall disturb the lives of the infidels and punish the apostate. where does this put us in the fight against isis? >> this was a great operation
12:23 am
that was precise. it had very little collateral damage and took out the most wanted man in the world. this sends a strong message to the next leader of isis or al qaeda that you may be next. this is not a position you should be looking forward to because we are going to come after you. we will find you. the intelligence community's efforts here probably took years, not just months. probably years they've been after this guy trying to find him and found him, pinpointed into the point that you could take the risk of launching an operation. i think this sends a strong message to the terror network. they are not going to die, they are going to come back but this is a good message based on the fact we took out their leader. >> the president spoke to the american people to talk about what had been accomplished and they were immediately critics
12:24 am
over what he had to share. some in the media say the president got this all wrong when talking about it. >> it is unprecedented when you think about how much detail he actually went into. it is irresponsible. >> he sounded not like a president of the united states. he sounded like saddam hussein after torturing people, sounds like mom are qaddafi after he would torture people. >> ahead of releasing details, explicit details some of which sort of echoed the crudeness you would expect to hear from isis. >> what do you make of those critiques? >> i think they are ridiculous. they started from the proposition that they want to get rid of the president and they didn't want to wait for an election. and they use every opportunity to come forward with things like
12:25 am
that, not just substantive critiques. there were a lot of us who weres move on syria a couple weeks ago because it left the kurds unprotected in part of their deployments and they are our best friends and best colleagues and fighters so it is not as if one has to sign on to everything the president says or does but this was a brilliant move he pulled off and the critiques of it were just ridiculous, almost a satire of themselves. shannon: saturday night live pattern isis get going on this weekend apparently as this was playing out had played out in the president was going to announce sunday morning, started to get some trickle saturday night of the breaking news, this is a skip they were running. >> where you from? >> isis. >> i was a prisoner until you
12:26 am
freed me. i just want to say thank you for bringing jobs back. to isis. i promise that i will make isis great again. >> terrific, what a great guy. isis is back in a big way and we love that, don't we? >> i could never have imagined the timing of what was going on. >> these guys are clowns. that's all they are, they are clowns. this president gave the order and provided our military with everything they needed to pull off probably the most precise operation i have ever known of and i spent 13 years in that unit and i will tell you this is the most precise operation, the seals did a great job in 2011, a great job in a different situation but this was the most precise operation i have ever seen and it was because our
12:27 am
president got down into the details in terms of which course of action he was going to accept and instruct them to launch and i think he should be credited with this but you can't expect that to happen because they are never going to give him credit for anything he has done his commander-in-chief. >> i would like to hear the president in light of his disagreements in the past with the intelligence community, i would like to hear him say something positive about particularly the cia because this was human intelligence under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, trying to penetrate a terrorist group that is deployed along the turkish border, how in the world do you do that with that kind of precision, to make sure you are not dealing with someone who wants to be a double agent etc.. i just really take my hat off to
12:28 am
the cia, human intelligence people in, i'm sure there are people from other agencies involved too but the cia pulled the strings on human intelligence collection and it was brilliant. >> we can never move ahead without every single piece of that puzzle to get intel. operators willing to go in and thousands of other people, those who helped track the person, people who were brave enough to get inside. >> the hard work is done by the intelligence community particularly the cia. shannon: thank you for being here tonight. breaking news from the front lines of wildfires ravaging california, we will take you there live. there's a power in listening;
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♪ >> shannon: or wild wildfire history as the hills above los angeles is now threatening some of the city's most expensive homes. forcing the likes of arnold schwarzenegger and
12:33 am
lebron james to flee to safety. meanwhile, the fire to sco >> more wildfire misery in california as the fire sparked overnight in hills above los angeles is now threatening this the's most expensive homes forcing the likes of arnold schwarzenegger and lebron james to flee to safety. the kincaid fire continue to scorch areas north of san francisco in sonoma county. that's worry find james springer live tonight. >> crews were able to make good progress because winds were lighter and containment stands at 15% but we are just between wind events, the next one projected to be tomorrow afternoon and a lot of damage has already been done. 123 buildings have been destroyed including this historic winery which was built in 1869. there was one man living inside the building at the time in a studio apartment. he told me he evacuated just hours before the fire, all he took were the clothes on his back. the good news is there has not been a single fatality. 185,000 people were told to evacuate. the vast majority did. two straight years of fires
12:34 am
combined to go 108 people have california residents taking no chances. >>re. it has most of our important documents and the sentimental things. we have been doing this over 2 years now in santa rosa. there's been quite a bit of destruction with the last fire. >> in southern california another fire broke out this morning at 1:30, at the getty museum on the 405 freeway and quickly spread. evacuation orders were issued for the wealthy city of brentwood, driving a number of celebrities from their homes including lebron james who tweeted he was driving around with his family trying to get a room. former governor and actor arnold schwarzenegger also fled the flames. 600 acres have burned. eight homes of been destroyed, several houses damaged. the fire is 5% contained and that freeway has reopened.
12:35 am
so many people being impacted by these fires, millions of people have their power cut. some have gotten the power put back on but we expect more power outages tomorrow. the misery continues but the good news is after tomorrow's wind event we expect to be calm or the rest of the week. shannon: thank you very much. did joe biden commit a deplorable 2.0 blunder? first foreign policy analyst walking back a washington post column he wrote on the suicide of isis terrorist abu bakr al-baghdadi. originally he wrote the assertion that abu bakr al-baghdadi died as a coward was contradicted by the fact that rather than be captured he. himself up. taking a lot of heat, walking that back by writing the line was removed because it unintentionally convey the impression that i considered him courageous. a federal judge reversing himself partly, now allowing students from covington catholic
12:36 am
to proceed with a $250 million defamation lawsuit, suing the washington post for its depiction of their interaction with a protester in washington dc earlier this year. according to the morning news a south carolina priest refused communion to joe biden on sunday because of his support for abortion. biden vowed to rollback trump administration policies on religious freedom where they applied to abortion and employer funded birth control. when i got my dna results, it opened up so many doors.
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♪ >> shannon: counting down to 2020 now, vice president joe heather: joe biden adamant that he is the front runner vowing to unseat senator warren to be the democratic nominee but nothing is that certain. peter doocy has more on this and how the former vp is handling questions about his age and
12:41 am
fundraising. >> a biden insists he's not too old to be president but he admitted i'm such an old guy, that is why i am running. not a joke. with age comes experience. >> when you consider one template? >> know. i'm not going to make that judgment. >> joe biden. >> reporter: biden's campaign announced they hide senior staffers to focus on supertuesday emphasizing the contest for month after iowa caucuses but just 3 days after south carolina the so-called biden firewall where he campaigned this weekend. >> we are constantly hearing about black people being pulled over for routine traffic stops and end up dead. if i were your daughter, what advice would you give me next time i am stopped by the police? >> if you're my daughter you would be a occasion girl and you wouldn't be pulled over. when i tell you is that is what is wrong.
12:42 am
>> reporter: he is downplaying that barack obama still hasn't endorsed him. >> he thinks it is better for me. i have no doubt when i'm the nominee on the campaign trail. >> bernie sanders is playing up the latest endorsement from a member of the squad, congresswoman rashida tlaib. >> we deserve someone who writes the damn bill. >> for the front of the primaries aren't just about democrats like that who they don't like. >> he says russian interference is a hoax. >> he is an idiot. >> reporter: people who watch a lot of tv are seeing a different democrat. 538 implies 78% along with 2020 presidential campaign commercials have been for tom stier. >> reporter: we will have him tomorrow night. joe biden talking about trump supporters at a fundraiser saying this, quote, they like him because of the tax cut. they like him because he is a
12:43 am
racist. whatever the reason is, they like him. let's discuss with doug show in and robert jeffers, good to have you with us. what do you make of that statement? a lot of people likening it to hillary clinton's deplorable statement. >> it is similar. i've known donald trump or four years. there is not one scintilla of evidence either racist. anybody who knows the president knows if you support him he embraces you regardless of your race and if you oppose him he attacks you regardless of your race. that is the essence of what it means to become blind. i'm not sure democrats want to be the ones talking about racism when in their history they are the ones who supported the ku klux klan, oppose the abolition of slavery and continue to worship at the shrine of planned parenthood, an organization founded by a racist who wanted to use abortion to control the black population. democrats have no room to be talking about racism.
12:44 am
shannon: a lot of folks who support the party don't acknowledge those roots, don't see it that way. they see the gop as the party with that problem now. >> i have a different way of approaching life with all do respect to the pastor. i believe we tried to unify people, not use examples in our past as tragic as they are to demonize one party or another. the civil rights act in the 1960s was supported by both democrats and republicans. we are better as a nation as we saw this weekend when we succeed with raids like the one that got abu bakr al-baghdadi. i put patriotism ahead of party. i don't believe the president is a racist, i don't think joe biden, democrats are racist. we do better when we emphasize what unifies us and what makes us distinctive and indeed special.
12:45 am
that is what i believe and i think most right-thinking people agree with that. shannon: not what usually happens in primary races. >> know, we are talking about more than primaries but the essence of what makes this country great and unique. >> attacking the president has a racist, say joe biden is wrong in doing that which is wrong to do. >> look at the moment of agreement. you do so much polling. let's talk about this. politico talking about evangelicals, do white evangelical standby trump because it is notable republican or democratic alternative or do they embrace them because that is what they -- the most prominent among them do? if anything they are short of their support for him over the last 2 or 3 years. it is not moving in the other direction. >> know it isn't. we are totally polarized country. virtually every republican,
12:46 am
evangelical or not supports the president in virtually every democrat opposes him. we are seeing that in the impeachment fight and the reason joe biden upped his rhetoric was he realized to win democratic support he very sadly had to play 2 people's worst instincts and try to literally divide and conquer. shannon: cbs news reporting 99% of republican white evangelical protestants oppose impeaching and removing donald trump. that is as good as you can get with a group. white even debacle protestants never held his moral shortcomings against him, supporting him despite his string of marriages, foul language and questionable familiarity with biblical teaching. why is this group is refusing to back away from him? >> they oppose impeachment because they see that is an illegitimate them to overturn the 2016 election and the votes of millions of people like them but it goes deeper than that.
12:47 am
i said the president recently and the vice president today the questions i now believe what is going on is not just a political skirmish between political parties, this is a war for the soul of our nation. democrats have been very honest in telling what they would do if they got in control of our nation. you heard on the debate stage they want to take away our right to religious liberty our right to bear arms, the right to life through the barbaric practice of late-term abortion and the many evangelical see this as a war between good and evil and they are not going to wait, the white flag of surrender and abandon donald trump in this accidental war for the soul of our nation. >> thank you both for joining us, good to have you. planet or not? debate over pluto, plus the nasa administrator joins us live next. e every second. when a criminal has your personal information, e every second.
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♪ >> happy halloween a little bit early from that bright burning start the center of the universe releasing this image capture earlier this month of the sun acts active region.
12:52 am
like professor jack-o '-lantern. here to talk about all things space, nasa administrator jim bryden start, he served in congress, the navy and everything else, great to have you with us tonight. i want to talk about something i know nothing about which is planets and his ongoing fight about whether pluto should be a planet or not. the international astronomical union as the criteria, must orbit the sun, the big enough for gravity to squash it into a round ball and most clear everything the way and its orbital maintenance i'm told by people who know more than i do that pluto doesn't qualify on the last criteria. do you think it does, what does it matter if pluto was a planet or not? >> that last criteria that has to clear its orbit is a sloppy definition. by that definition jupiter itself wouldn't be a planet. i have been a strong advocate of making sure we define what is a planet based on the intrinsic scientific values of a planetary
12:53 am
body. in 2015 we learned that pluto has an ocean under its surface we we learned that pluto has complex organic compounds on its surface. in other words the building blocks for life exists on pluto. i'm not saying there is life there but the building blocks the light exist on pluto. they don't exist on our own moon at all but they are all over pluto. pluto has a multilayer atmosphere, pluto has 5 moons, pluto has an active geology. in my view pluto a lot to be a planet. i've been a strong advocate for having pluto return to its status as a planet. >> i'm sure pluto appreciate it. in my nonscientific poll on twitter whether it should be a planet or not 92% say it's not a
12:54 am
planet. they probably know as much as i do about this. i want to ask about another story about the ozone hole is much smaller than it has been for decades. i member them taking away my favorite hairspray 1980s. are we making progress, why is the ozone hole better, what is happening? >> absolutely. the fluorocarbons band under the montréal protocol decades ago, the hole in the ozone has been going down ever since. this year we actually hit a record. the hole in the ozone is at a record minimum right now and records go back to 1982. that is because the stratosphere over the southern hemisphere or the south pole has been warmer. is 29°f warmer than it has been historically at this time of year and what that means is really simple. is as it is warmer you have a smaller ozone hole and when he gets call you have a bigger ozone hole.
12:55 am
it has been warmer and the ozone hole is right now at its smallest in recorded history. shannon: so in some cases warmer temperatures are good for the atmosphere, the climate, the atmosphere, they are all linked but in this case it sounds like a positive although i don't think my hairspray is coming back from the 80s. >> i just want to be careful not to tie this to climate change or global warming. this is one data point but at the same time here's what we know. it is warmer, the whole is smaller and that is where we are. >> please come back soon. let us know what happens with pluto. >> many heroes involved in the radon islamic state leader abu bakr al-baghdadi, don't forget this beautiful belgian wanted in the raid, she's back in service
12:56 am
already. we also want to give a special shout out to our chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge is spent the weekend covering this along with jennifer griffin and others. katherine was recognized by the congressional medal of honor society for her outstanding journalism. we love what she contributes our show almost every night and glad others are recognizing her great work. thank you, katherine, congratulations, most-watched, trusted, grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. folks, can it get any better than this? is that what i think it is? that is an armada of tiny sushi boats. awesome! i forgot to pack lunch. you had one job... chopsticks wasabi and soy! comin' in a little hot. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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>> reaction was tearful for both of us. just mentioning her name and saying what he did to kayla, we knew that he knows the story. heather: it is tuesday, october 29th. at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, the parents of slain isis hostage kayla mueller described the moment donald trump announced isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi was dead. his death gives them new hope.


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