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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 30, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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nomination before he won the presidency two back-to-back lands slide terms. believing throughout that anything was possible and everything was. hope springs eternal. "the five" starts now. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino along with katie, juan, jesse and greg. this is "the five." a fox news alert. looking live at the east room of the white house where president trump will present the medal of honor to matthew williams from the united states army while serving in afghanistan. sergeant williams rescued teammates while under heavy fire in an afghanistan mountain. democrats are moving forward with new rules for their impeachment inquiry. a full house vote is expected tomorrow. that is happening as top republican lawmakers attack how democrats want to move forward
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and chairman adam schiff is running the investigation. >> they admit it's a sham and changing the process for the worse. they're making adam schiff the prosecutor, the judge and the jury. they're denying more republicans in the room and those in the room only allowing one to ask a question. >> to interrupt us continually, to coach the witness, to decide whether or not what we're going to ask the witness -- we don't get any witnesses at this point. >> dana: president trump launching a new phase to fight back against impeachment. unified republicans are attacking the allegations against him. and we have all this happening today -- katie, go to you first. the republicans have pounded on the process. and now the democrats are changing. you think the republicans will be able to continue to fight on process? >> i think so based on the idea
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that this doesn't fall into the real impeachment category once again. it's a step forward. they're trying to open up some of these hearings for the american people to watch and see. so all of us will be happy to watch this ourselves rather than hearing from adam schiff or even republicans regurgitating what they think happened inside these hearings. but if they have the votes to do a real inquiry and thought it was good, they would do it. they don't have the votes. polls when asked with nuance language shows the majority of americans including independents in districts that nancy pelosi wants to keep in 2020 in the house aren't in favor of this. so i think they're moving the process, they have set up this list of rules. the impeachment document that they released yesterday lays out how it's going to run. it doesn't mean much in terms of changing the game here for the white house. the white house is preparing. they're hires lawyers and communication staff to get ahead
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of it. in terms of how this -- >> dana: it's not going away. i want to play this roundup of media talking about the damning testimony. play that. >> bomb shell impeachment testimony. >> one of the most damning witnesses yet. >> tuesday's explosive testimony. >> bomb shell testimony tonight. >> damning testimony on capitol hill. >> some explosive news. >> how damning the testimony may be. >> after that explosive testimony. >> it's very damning to the president. >> bomb shell testimony before congress. >> creating this damning portrait for the president. >> dana: jesse, i said republicans have pounded on process for a month. the democrats, like every day, they have somebody else out there with damning testimony. >> jessie: well, if it's this big bomb shell we should see the explosion. we can't see a glimmer of explosion because it's all done in the dark. the republicans are round to pound this deal on process because it's corrupt, crooked and shady. it's being run by adam schiff,
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the chief architect of the russian hoax who has already been caught witness tampering and now witness coaching and trying to find naked pictures of trump. so he's been slapped with an ethics complaints. that's why they're ripping it away from schiff and giving it to jerry nadler to handle. but he has a good argument. i'll raise the treaty a lot of times. ask ukraine about corruption and joe biden is not above the love. katie cited great polls. juan loves to talk about polls. this is a cnn report. impeachment is not popular in wisconsin and these five other key swing states. i don't need to read it. it's all here. i have another poll here that says -- >> dana: you're -- >> jessie: 59% don't want the president impeach. only 36% do. that's suffolk university, "usa today" and 38% say the phone call was impeachable. 51% say it's not an impeachable
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offense. >> dana: juan, what do you think about that poll case? >> it's bogus. >> jessie: oh, juan. don't run down the pollsters. >> juan: the national polls are consistent for impeachment. the national story is clear. i'm going to say this. trump and his folks have been arguing process, process for weeks. even to the point of attacking lieutenant colonel vindman and defaming him that is so unpatriotic. the reason they argued process, the facts are not on their side. now the process is in the constitution. pelosi, the speaker has followed the constitution to the letter and now they're moving to an open phase, which is what the president and his supporters have asked for and say it's not good enough. but the republicans are trying to work you, the american people, and say oh, don't buy
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it. don't buy it. again, these polls are very clear. people say they want -- even the transcript that trump said oh, it's perfect, perfect phone call. now we know from lieutenant colonel vindman it wasn't -- >> dana: we knew that. i have to play this for you. >> juan: please do. >> dana: it's about facts. >> they still don't have what you would call the goods on this president in terms of breaking the law and being an impeachable target for them. they're going to start the process but they don't have the clarity that the people that are opposed to richard nixon had. >> dana: what do you think of that? >> greg: i think a lot of that. look, what the dems are doing is creating a train of opinions that are all about the one thing, the transcript. so they find another guy to say
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yeah, i was concerned, too. so it's a train of concern. but concern is not the same as something that happens. this is the story of the democrats. they're concerned about many things that never happened. trump's instability, trump's insane. the stock market is going to crash. every time they worry about it, be confident it won't happen. i wonder if there's a link between the impeachment hysteria -- could it be it's draining the part of the intellectual energy? i don't think they can walk and chew gum at the same time. they're going to lose the next election because they can't concentrate. they're like a co-worker, right? that does everything possible to get out of the job that they're doing, that they end up actually doing more work to get out of the work -- >> dana: causing more work. >> greg: causing more work for themselves so right now
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america -- we predicted this. americans are kind of figuring this out. they know this is a snow job. they know it's out of proportion to what happened. and i know -- people make a big deal about defaming vindman. the same thing were saying about tulsi a full week ago. you called her a russian asset. >> juan: i think hillary clinton called her a russian asset and i wrote that she is a russian asset. >> dana: you're anti-patriotic. >> greg: you're so not patriotic, juan. >> juan: it's so wildly wrong, it's trump trying to rally republicans and say hey, the cult has to stand behind me. do everything. >> greg: calling supporters a cult reflects badly on you, juan. that doesn't persuade anybody. i laugh at it. >> juan: it's all about trump and -- don't even back the republicans, back trump.
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>> greg: call people a cult. >> juan: this is not just backing trump. i think the republican party is in a different place. >> jessie: you can't crack the base, juan. you can't. >> greg: they're on crack. >> dana: katie, two things. we have heard the white house event will happen in just a minute or so. we're going to keep talking here. one thing this does, incumbency, there's a lot of benefits to it. you can set up a contrast. the president is in the east room. he's doing a medal of honor ceremony. he's going to be able to talk about the fact that the pentagon is set to release -- just got this breaking news -- video of the raid. you can show and you can tell people all the things you're doing when the contrast is on the hill that you have impeachment every day, this is a video, katie. you can see the pentagon just released this. this happened late saturday night. this is the compound where
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baghdadi was being holed up. you can see the special forces. very unusual for the pentagon to release this type of video. they must have believed that they had all the intelligence that they needed cleared out of the way to release it and show people what happened. >> yeah, al-baghdadi ran into a hole and decided to be a coward and not fight back. i'm glad he's gone. the president deserves credit for it. you're 100% right that this sets up a contrast. the white house is focused on defending the country from isis, the national security and push forward things on capitol hill. i was on capitol hill yesterday. there's a number of house democrats that like iowa that are getting pushed on issues -- >> dana: we're going to take a break and be back with the president in the east room. we'll be back. ♪ no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car?
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>> jessie: we're awaiting the president's medal of honor ceremony for matthew williams at the white house. the pentagon just releasing video of the raid that took out al-baghdadi. we showed a little bit in the previous segment. there it is. the pentagon releasing this new video. you can see the special operators right there coming. we do have the president at the medal of honor ceremony. let's listen in. >> master sergeant matthew o. williams, united states army. ♪
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please joint me to mark this occasion in a word of prayer. almighty god, the author of liberty, the champion of the oppressed, hear our prayer. you protect the righteous and bring justice to the fold. we gather today to honor the spirit of a warrior through adversity remain focused on the lives of his team and what needed to be done. he ran toward danger and ran face to face. we thank you for matthew williams, an example of hear rowism. his heart and soul were tested in battle. his character, courage and calm were revealed in a moment and his example inspires us all. god bless matthew, his wife kate
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and their son, nolan and his family and comrad in arms here today. lord, let matthew's life, legacy and this very medal that is placed around his neck be a reminder for us all to face our fears and find our own moments to shine. may the lamp of liberty continue to burn bright on the united states of america, the army and may we be a beacon of hope and peace in our world in your holy and righteous name i pray, amen. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. please, sit down. this afternoon, it's my privilege to present our nation's highest and most revered military distinction. it's called the congressional medal of honor. nothing like it. please join me in welcoming today's extraordinary recipient,
2:18 pm
master sergeant matthew williams. [applause] [applause] thank you very much. we're delighted to have with us the secretary of defense, mark esper. thank you, mark. great job to you and everybody. general millie for the incredible act you performed seven days ago with al-baghdadi. he was hurt hard the way he should have been. i just want to say for all of our military, we're very proud
2:19 pm
of you. that was something very special. the whole world is proud of you frankly. thank you very much. thank you, mark. great job. [applause] also with us, deputy of secretary affairs, jim burn. thank you. secretary of the army, ryan mccarthy. thank you. and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley. thank you, general. army chief of staff, james mccarnville and sergeant major of the army, michael grunson. thanks for being here. also, thank you to some very special warriors, a little different kind of war maybe but they're warriors. senators john cornyn, ted cruz and tom tillis. thank you very much, fellows. thank you. [applause]
2:20 pm
along with representative richard hudson for being here. a few other great politicians. we won't bother. we want to get on with this one. a very special things. a great honor. joining matt for this special ceremony, his father, his wife, his brother, sister. please stand up. please. thank you. great family. [applause] each of you has strengthened our nation through your steadfast love and support. we want to thank you. very special family. we're also honored to be in the presence of eight previous congressional medal of honor
2:21 pm
winners, recipients are here and i thought maybe we should -- what do you think? we should introduce them. what do you think? let's do that. william swinson. thank you. [applause] ronald shera. thank you. [applause] thank you, ronald. walter marm. hi, walter. [applause] robert foley. thank you. [applause] brian thacker. [applause] thank you very much. florent broberg. thank you. [applause] david belavia. [applause]
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i heard you maybe were running for office. some day i know, huh? i'll tell you. i'll tell you what, he has my vote. a brave politician for a change, right? that's great. nice to see you, david. thanks very much. and salvador ginta. thank you, salvador. [applause] matt williams grew up in the small town of bearney texas. he met kate for the first time in elementary school. in college, he planned to pursue a career in law enforcement. after 9-11, matt decided his place was on the front lines of the war on terror. he wanted to be the best of the best. he worked so hard at it. so after graduation, he enlisted in the army to become a green
2:23 pm
beret. he finished special forces training in august of 2007 and deployed to afghanistan. in april 2008, he dozens of forces on a mission to take down a terrorist leader in a remote mountain village. sounded simple. not simple. on that cold spring morning, the soldiers arrived in helicopters and jumped ten feet from their chinooks to shock valley. at the base of a 100 foot mountain, a handful of special forces scouted ahead. the lead group was 60 feet up the slope when roughly 200 insurgents savagely attacked and a big surprise. very unwelcome surprise, i might
2:24 pm
add. the terrorists filled the valley with a hail of bullets and explosions. matt soon received word that the soldiers on the mountains were pinned down and suffering from mounting casualties. he organized the afghan infantry under his command and led a bold counter assault to stop the enemy advance. as machine gun fire rained down from above, matt and his fellow american soldiers, scott ford, ronald scherr, charged up the mountain. once they reached their tram comrades, matt realized several were too gravely wounded be evacuated. he ran down the mountain to get support and climbed back up with bullets spraying all around. not a good place to be. again and again, matt exchanged fire with the enemy and rescued his fellow soldiers.
2:25 pm
he guided his injured team sergeant, scott ford, down the mountain to safety. when matt noticed two combatants moving toward a group of badly wounded. he immediately engaged the enemy fighters and killed them both. matt was not done yet. in order to rejoin the battle on the mountain, he and sergeant seth howard scaled a sheer cliff completely exposed to attack. matt quickly reengaged the adversary and shielded the injured from falling rubble as american war planes bombed insurgent positions above and rocked the mountain from top to bottom. he then helped evacuate the wounded down a very, very steep cliff. as the terrorists continued to try to overrun their position, matt raced back into battle.
2:26 pm
he fought for several more hours, valiantly protecting the wounded and putting his own life in great peril to save his comrades. matt's incredible heroism helped ensure that not a single american soldier died in the battle of shock valley. his grand commander later wrote, i've never seen a troop so poised, focused and capable during a fight and matt is without question and without reservation one of the bravest soldiers and people i've ever met. matt wants all americans to know that he was not alone in his heroism that day. joining us this afternoon, our other heros of shock valley. please rise when i read your name. lieutenant colonel kyle walton. [applause] thank you.
2:27 pm
thank you. master sergeant scott ford. [applause] thank you, scott. and louis morales. thank you, louis. [applause] carl warsbach. thank you, carl. [applause] sergeants first class seth howard, dave sanders, john walden, dillon behr and ryan wallen. thank you, fellows. [applause] thank you, fellows. very importantly, as you know, better than anyone, afghan translators beruse mold and zia grofori. how was that? okay? not bad. he said it was okay. [applause]
2:28 pm
thank you both very much. fantastic job. fantastic job. thank you. >> dana: i assume you all agree with this choice, right? okay. your last chance, huh? they all agree. thank you very much. i agree, too. we all do. staff sergeant ronald scherr was with us and privileged to be with us. we had a not so long ago a great ceremony with the medal of honor. that was amazing that you're both here together. to each and every one of you, i want to thank you and thank the fearless defense and what you've done for our country. it's incredible. your valor, your bravery, your strength, your heart, your soul. it's incredible. incredible what you've done. the battle of shock valley is a testament to the overwhelming strength, lethal skill and unstoppable might of the united states army, special forces and
2:29 pm
all of our military. the enemy that really held a high ground, superior numbers and element of surprise, had it all going, everything they're not supposed to have, they had. but they had one major disadvantage. they were facing the toughest, strongest and best trained soldiers anywhere in the world. we showed that a few days ago. these guys didn't know what the hell hit them. no adversary on earth stands a chance against the american green berets. a few years after that first perilous deployment, matt married kate. did you make a good decision, kate, in allowing this to happen? you definitely have a brave guy. i can't speak for the rest. he's a brave guy and a great guy. good luck. that's nice. today they have a young son, nolan, who will turn 3 next
2:30 pm
week. beautiful. in the years to come, nolan will learn that his father stands among the ranks of our nation's greatest heros. more than a decade, matt has stared down our enemies, fought back the forces of terror and showed the virtue and gallantry of the american warrior. he completed five tourses in afghanistan, a deployment in africa and continues to serve on active duty today. something to have the congressional medical of honor and be serving in active duty. it's very rare. matt, we salute your unyielding service, your unbreakable resolve and untiring devotion to our great nation and the nation that we all love. your spirit keeps our flag waving high, our families safe at home and your hearts beating with american pride. on behalf of the entire nation,
2:31 pm
our great u.s.a., our incredible united states of america, we are forever grateful for your life of service and your outstanding courage. it's now my privilege to present master sergeant matthew williams with the congressional medal of honor and i'd like to ask the military aide to come forward and please read the citation. thank you. >> the president of the united states of america has awarded the congressional medal of honor to sergeant matthew o. williams, united states army. sergeant williams acted with gallantry above and beyond the call of duty on april 6, 2008,
2:32 pm
while serving as a weapons sergeant, special operations task force 33. in support of operation enduring freedom. sergeant williams' actions are keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, special operations command central and the united states army. [applause]
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>> jessie: that was president trump awarding the medal of honor to master sergeant matthew williams. we have more breaking news. we just got new video of the pentagon of the raid that kill isis leader al-baghdadi. so there you have some drone video up top showing munitions around the compound. there they are, the special operators i guess breaching the compound walls. greg, thoughts. >> greg: you know when i listened to president trump describe the hero's actions, i always -- i keep hearing how would that sound if you did the media? brian steltzer, facing great peril. posting a brave treat criticizing the doctored photo of a doctor, among the many heros that checked their e-mails while eating kale salad.
2:34 pm
>> it does put things in perspective. >> greg: quite a contrast when you see the media and the impeachment proceeding. it reminds you what is important, what matters. >> jessie: what do you think of the department of defense putting out a video like this several days after the raid? >> dana: america needs to be an is invested in the war on terror. this is a global war on terror. i think it's very good to remind people why we're fighting, the kinds of people that we're fighting and how we do it and how we do it so very well. might take awhile to bring somebody like baghdadi to justice but we'll get there. releasing the video -- you're talking to several people at once. it's not just a video for the american people. this is a video for our allies. be with us. be with the good guys. you're with us or against us. it's also a video for our enemies as a reminder you think you want to be number 2 in isis?
2:35 pm
you might think about that. i think the other reason they wanted to show the video is because president trump is telling us this story. it happened on a saturday night. you hear the big news sunday morning. and then you have the release of the video. that means they have the intel that they need. they cleared that aside. they captured two guys that we know of in our custody. and then showing overwhelming force. that the american people invest in our military in a way that can help keep us safe in the future. that's why they released it. that's a good thing that they're showing people that i would like to point out that i won the pool. i said we would be back by 5:34. >> greg: you were dead on. >> jessie: perfect timing, dana. juan, pretty granular video there. what are your thoughts? >> juan: first, i want to salute sergeant for wearing the medal of honor. when you show individual bravery to your teammates, i don't think
2:36 pm
there's anything higher. true american patriot. that's to be saluted. with regard to the video, to me, i just worry about what this says in terms of social media. so much of the terrorists recruiting goes on on social media. i think that while this is a reminder that we have the most powerful military in the world, most of us know that. our enemies know that. i don't think people to use this as further recruiting oh, american gloating or anything like that. >> dana: always find -- >> jessie: do you see this as gloating by releasing the video? >> katie: no. it's showing evil people that want to burn pile alive in cages or drown in cages, raping them, beheading them on video that we will hunt you down no matter where you are, no matter how long it takes and send our best americans, the guys on the ground, in the video, they will
2:37 pm
come after you and find you. justice will be served. then we will use what is left behind to continue to fight and take down your friends. i love that as soon as baghdadi was announced dead, isis announced his successor and we took him out, too. that should be the message. the united states should be proud of the military. we showed more of this type of video taking out the high value targets. i appreciated the president there today also giving acknowledge meant to the afghanistan translators. they played a huge role not just in afghanistan but also in iraq and making sure is that we had good intelligence, that we understood what was going on and has been back and forth about bringing those guys to america and giving them citizenship. i hope they're working on that behind the scenes. >> dana: there's been pent up frustration from people in the military that served in afghanistan and iraq that worked with translators. we told them that we would keep them safe and bring them here so
2:38 pm
their families could thrive in america. that's been held up. president trump saying that in the east room means there's movement on that soon, which will be welcome. >> jessie: juan, to your point about the united states and the public knows how great of a military we have, it's important to remind the public where the money is going from their tax dollars. we're spending so much money on funding the department of defense to insert our men and women behind enemy lines like that in the dark of night and then just hit these targets with a pin prick and be able to find these bad guys like that is such a high bar to achieve. i think it needs to be shown to not only the american people but -- >> greg: can i -- >> juan: i think that the respect for the american military worldwide is very high, jesse. i don't think there's any doubt ant it. the success yesterday when i was talking about the democrats
2:39 pm
having some problems with the way the president presented the news of al-baghdadi's death, it was about him as opposed to that specific team that did such a great job, and to the kurdish forces that gave us the intelligence that accompanied us. i appreciate katie's point about the interpreters, people that helped us. dana's point about the fact that we should be grateful to those people helping us conduct such operations. again, it's fine if you want to put it out but i'm saying be careful. social media is where terrorists are created. >> katie: there's more terrorists because we water board them. >> greg: the earlier block, we talked about how a concern for something isn't something. this recruitment concern falls into that category. it's a concern. but it isn't something. the best propaganda against isis
2:40 pm
when you show them losing. for the longest team, i don't know when it started, 2013, 2014, we watch unabated horrific videos and people joining isis because there was no response. we couldn't show them anything. so i think it's -- when we started watching isis getting humiliated and giving up, that's when the recruitsment died. the more you see them die, the better it is for the world. >> jessie: and they said that gitmo is a recruiting tool and it's still open and less isis. barack obama telling people to knock it off. that story coming at you next. ♪ he community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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♪ >> greg: today we woke up to breaking news. obama isn't woke at all. >> this idea of purity and never compromised and you're always politically woke and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly. the world is messy. they're ambiguities. people that do really good stuff
2:45 pm
have flaws. like if i tweet or hashtag about how you didn't do something right or use the wrong verb or then, i can sit back and feel good about myself. you see how woke i was? i called you out. you know? that's not -- that's not activism. that's not bringing about change. >> greg: wait. you're telling me that ruining people because they're not as politically pure as you are is wrong? you mean you, barack obama agrees everything that adam carolla and all those others have been saying all along? hooray. how is don lemon taking this? what is "the new york times" editorial board going to do? i hope buzz feed and media matters have taken their meds. yeah. it's good to hear this guy bash
2:46 pm
leftist cancel culture. wish he did it while he was president. maybe it's not his fault. he's tardy. he didn't realize how bad it was until his kids came home from college and said holy crap, dad, avocados are tools of the patriarchy. when you're the greatest democrat alive and your kids might ends up joining the young republicans, you have to do something. you might want to criticize it the way that obama did. they say you never grow up until your kids come home from college, which is why i'll never grow up. the problem with woke culture, the moment you criticize it, you're the enemy. will this red pilled obama be cancelled? who knows. i give him a year before his listening to rush in his maga hat. so juan, i have a theory. trump won as the antidote to p.c. culture. if obama had come out strongly
2:47 pm
on this stuff in 2012, 2013, trump wouldn't have been able to run against p.c. culture and trump might not have won at all. so if obama had done this sooner, he could have saved the democratic party. is that a good theory? >> juan: if people of your bent were saying, hey, isn't that obama the same guy that evolved on gay rights? he said it back then. you know what? i changed in terms of my position on gay rights and the position i had before is not the position i have now but doesn't mean i'm a bigot. so i think he has said things lake this before. the point that i take from this, greg, is that one tweet when you were 17 should not mean that you can't have a job when you're 26. >> greg: i agree. >> juan: i don't think he's giving any open-door to gay bashing, racism -- >> greg: i never said that. >> juan: my point -- i didn't say you said that. my point to you is i think that we have in the social media
2:48 pm
culture right now a mob mentality that rushes to condemn people. it doesn't open the door to conversation. >> greg: absolutely. >> juan: in a way that you'd say i'd like to talk about what you said and try to understand what you're saying and understand why i might think that that is not the way to do it. i think you have to allow for really analysis, conversation. by the way, if there was one thing i would pay attention to, it was not that obama. it was michelle obama talking about white folks, white flight from chicago when she was growing up and still seeing weight flight as if oh, you can't hang around the blacks and hispanics. >> greg: that's what you'd rather say. >> katie: instead of the conversation about coming together and providing common ground. i remember listening to obama give a speak about a year ago. he cited the founding fathers of having vision. i said you're not woken up. this is the debate about monuments and talking down the
2:49 pm
washington monuments because the founding fathers owned slaves. now obama is seeing the light on cancel culture. but he was the king of cancel culture. you could not criticize barack obama without being accused of racism. or make fun of him. remember the rodeo clown that lost his job because he dared to wear a obama makes, which is standard procedure. barack obama went after people that disagreed with him politically. he tried to cancel and entire political movement with the tea party with going after them with government force. it's nice to see he's interested in how the left is going after his legacy. he doesn't want his legacy to be cancelled. >> greg: interesting. >> katie: now he's coming to the party and saying he's should have a conversation when he fueled this back in the day. >> greg: which one? >> jessie: i would agree that some of it is legacy protection. you have what he cracks jokes
2:50 pm
about the special olympics. imagine if he did that now. forget about it. or the reverend wright thing. could he have survived woke culture with the reverend wright thing? i don't think so. tomorrow people on the left have been cancelled by the very culture that they created. in sports, politics, in everywhere. all he's saying is nobody is 100 percent pure. he's a community organizers and he was great at it. the different between community organizing and twitter activism. anybody can be called to have somebody fired on twitter. winning elections is raising money, getting people elected to local boards. that creates change, not getting someone boycotted because they said the wrong thing. >> greg: dana? >> dana: he did give a speech in 2016. at that time nobody was paying attention. he said something similar to this. he's probably always thought
2:51 pm
this. in a way it's almost like because now we're looking at college campuses and they don't want the first amendment and communists? by the time he gave that speech it was too late. reminded me when nikki haley first left, she did a big event for youth, conservatives. she said it's not enough -- you can't persuade people by owning the lids. you have to engage more. there's a bipartisan movement apparently. >> juan: take that lesson. >> jessie: news to me. >> dana: she promptly got cancelled. >> greg: one more thing up next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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2:56 pm
i want to show you this little girl. this is lilly allison from colorado. she shared her dream meeting her heros, singer mandy harvey. thanks to voya, lilly got the surprise of a watch. >> hi! >> is it really? >> yeah! >> dana: lilly and mandy took part in a hike to the arapahoe basin. a lot of ability levels. she has eds, a disease that weakens the tendons and ligaments. mandy has it as well. a nice story. juan? >> juan: earlier today, i gave the keynote address at the hispanic television summit. here's one of the reporters asking me how i became a journalist. >> my mom was coming back to
2:57 pm
she gave me the newspapers. i want have them and read them. it introduced me to america. >> juan: next year, hispanics will be the largest block of nonwhite voters for the first time. last year, the hispanic turnout reached record numbers. hispanic vote could tip the senate one way or the other. it's the changing face of the american electorate as we tip to 2020. >> jessie: i had an apron here. i was with there with hannah. we raised a lot of money for the hannah storm foundation, which provides funding for people, children. it has vascular birthmarks and very expensive, sometimes $30,000 out of pocket surgery. it was a really great night we had. also a great night tonight because it's wednesdays with
2:58 pm
waters. >> dana: i think you should wait on martha, bring her something. >> jessie: i should. a cocktail. >> dana: you're on at the end of the show. greg, entertain us. keep going with that banter. let's do this. >> dana: so jerky. >> greg: greg's five focus group. we do these focus groups to see what works on our show and what doesn't. what we did, i showed our focus group, jesse and juan arguing. this is how they respond. very interesting. they get very intense. yeah. like constantly moving their heads. jesse -- you can see it. back and forth. no, he didn't do that me pretending what an owl said. i failed. >> dana: please continue. >> greg: oh! >> dana: the owls are cute.
2:59 pm
over the weekend i ran in the 44th annual marine corps marathon. signed up for my first marathon. this is it. it rained for four hours on the course. i felt bad for everybody. there were 30,000 people. there i am at the finish line. >> dana: good for you. >> katie: it was very exciting. the marine corps showcases the skills of the organizational skill of the united states marine corps. nearly 30,000 people running in the rain, trying to get water, gatorade. not slipping. this poor woman fell. they rushed to get her emergency medical treatment. a mile of the race where they show men and women who have been killed in combat. it's a special time of every day people running. i made it. >> dana: congratulations. >> katie: a couple days later. it was fun. >> jessie: you almost made me miss my flight. they had to reroute traffic
3:00 pm
because of this marathon. >> juan: i want to congratulate you eye so fun. >> dana: yes. set your dvrs. "special report" is next. hi, bret. >> bret: hi, dana. thank you. i'm bret baier. the nixon presidential library in california. breaking tonight, we're getting the first images of the operation to kill abu al-baghdadi. pentagon officials briefing reporters. this drone footage shows various parts of the raid and the destruction of the base after the action was over. six isis members were killed. four women, two men. the head of u.s. central command says he expects isis to try to retaliate for this mission. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the images and the briefing


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