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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 4, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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he appealed to those voters. what is biden's message? not far left enough of the primaries but not far right enough for the general. he has no message. very different situation. >> harris: that won't fit on a bumper sticker. jason and brian, thank you. >> dana: house democrats releasing details from a closed-door testimony in their impeachment inquiry. hello, everyone. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." democrats releasing testimony from the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine as well as from a former top aide to secretary of state mike pompeo. four witness is scheduled to testify today were no-shows. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff says it only helps democrats build their case. listen. >> we may infer by the white house instruction here that their testimony would be
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further incriminating to the president. >> dana: we have team fox news coverage. john roberts is live at the white house. let's start with kristin fisher from capitol hill. this is the first day they've started to take some action. >> it is. we are still working through the hundreds of pages that have come out from the transcripts. a lot to go through. here's what's standing out so far. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch, told the committee that there was an alleged backdoor campaign, allegedly led by rudy giuliani to remove her from her post and she said she learned about it effort from the ukrainian government. she told the committee "basically it was people the ukrainian government he said the former prosecutor general was in communication with mayor giuliani and that they had planned so that they were going to, you know, do things, including to me."
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yovanovitch said other ukrainian officials warned her giuliani was "trying to hurt her" professionally speaking. when she brought her concerns to the state department, yovanovitch testified she was told secretary pompeo was no longer able to protect her from president trump. that brings us to the second transcript today. former senior advisor to the secretary of state, michael mckinley, testify he tried to get the state department to release a statement of the court defending yovanovitch but that secretary pompeo was nonresponsive, never did it. mckinley later resigned because of it and because of what he detailed in this section of the transcript. "to see the emerging information on the engagement of our mission to procure negative political information for domestic purposes combined with the failure i saw in the building to provide support for a professional cadre in a particular trying time, the combination was a pretty good reason to decide enough that i had no longer a useful roll to
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play. this is important because democrats are going to point to it as evidence of this irregular back channel with ukraine allegedly led by rudy giuliani. that's when chairman adam schiff essentially said a few moments ago just outside the secure scif and we are waiting to hear from republicans as to how they are going to respond to the release of the transcripts. keep in mind it's happening what was supposed to be a very big day on capitol hill. four officials were supposed to be giving their closed-door depositions today. none of them expected to show up. they are the national security council lawyers john eisenberg and michael ellis. white house aide robert blair, and ryan mccormick from the office of management and budget. looking ahead to the rest of it, several more closed-door depositions set to take place. democrats say these hearings should be open to the public within two or three weeks and more transcripts set to drop tomorrow. >> dana: we appreciate you reading them for us and we'll catch up to you as soon as the
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show is over. she white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. what's the view from the white house? >> the view from the north lawn is pretty much up as it always is. in the south lawn, huge celebration as the president welcomes the world champion washington nationals. if you hear cheering, that's what it's about. the president joking as he let off the ceremony that the two things that everybody in washington is talking about are the nationals and impeachment. he prefers to talk about the nationals right now. the president continuing to go after the whistle-blower. in a tweet this morning, saying "the whistle-blower gave false information that dealt with corrupt politician schiff. he must be brought forward to testify, written answers not acceptable. where is the second whistle-blower? he disappeared after i released the transcript. does he even exist? where is the informant?" here's what he said coming back from new york as he arrived at
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the white house yesterday. >> the whistle-blower should be revealed. because the whistle-blower gave false stories. some people will call it fraud. i won't go that far but when i read it closely, i probably wouldn't. but that whistle-blower should be revealed. then we want to another question of you. where is the second whistle-blower? why did schiff make a lie when he said about what i set on the phone call. >> the whistle-blower attorneys made an offer to republicans for him to give us a deposition for submitting written answers. republicans are on the fence about whether to take up the offer. congressman mark meadows saying maybe all the witnesses should be given written answers. listen. >> it's the only way we can get answers to our questions. in some other format. i'm willing to consider it. i can't imagine chairman schiff
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would allow written questions and answers for all of his witnesses. >> the president also claiming news organizations are aware of who the whistle-blower is better refusing to publish his or her name. i can tell you some organizations have been naming a cia officer is the whistle-blower. fox news has not confirmed the identity of the whistle-blower swe are not naming that person. >> dana: if you were doing your reporting and i heard cheering, i would've assumed it was for you. >> [laughs] maybe when i went back to world series some day it will be. >> dana: let's bring in matt schlapp. lola lethe, fox news contributor. now we are underway. the impeachment vote was last week. now we have the first steps. how do you feel democrats are positioned. today they are releasing these transcripts today.
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>> i think probably so. i think they're going to be releasing maureen for more -- more and more information. they are going to be putting more and more of it out and then moving to open hearings. and then leave it up to people to decide. i think they're going to try to move relatively quickly. i think it is not huge appetite for this to go to late into the new year. i would expect more information in the coming weeks. >> dana: maps, how do you see things today? we see the transcripts and the president pushing back and asking, pushing the democrats in the media to be clear about who the original whistle-blower was. >> the problem with all of this is it's not transparent. adam schiff releases what he wants to release. you have a deposition but you don't have the appropriate process by which this person, these different witnesses can be cross-examined, including by president trump's counsel.
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so i think it was -- i take it without big grain of salt. because the whole investigation got off in an unconstitutional way, i think we are just dealing with fragments of information that i don't think that serves anybody's purpose. >> dana: what do you think about the fact that this was happening for the first time in our nation's history during a reelection effort. you have the democrats, less than three months from now, they are going to start their voting. you have this impeachment inquiry going on in d.c. but you have candidates wanting to talk about anything but that. here you have the president of the united states willing to go to combat on the issue every day. how do you think it's accepted democrats in 2020 for their primary effort? >> i think democrats are probably in an okay position. congress is going to do what congress is going to do. the candidates out there, yeah they're being asked questions about impeachment from reporters. but they are kind of trying to
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focus more on what their alternative is to president trump. that's where the candidates should be focused. i think the president is the one who's kind of in an situation. we have seen poll after poll after poll after poll that shows that the president's approval rating is underwater. except in one key area, the economy. recent polling that we did shows the same thing. if the president were to focus, as president clinton did in the middle of his impeachment hearing on just doing the job, doing his job and talking about the economy, there is a path for him. the fact that he's not focusing on the outcome he spending most of his communications capital attacking the democrats on impeachment, he's got plenty of people out there that can do that for him. >> dana: matt, though. the poll numbers are pretty static. they haven't really changed even since the election.
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so is the president's political instincts serving him well as he tries to figure out a way to get through the reelection effort, have a successful result from his perspective. also trying to fight back against impeachment. >> there's a clear distinction here with mo on talking about the economy. if we were having a normal presidential election about what the president has done as our commander-in-chief and as our president, i would be all for his strategy. the problem is, 19 minutes after the sky was elected our president, there was a whole phony russia collusion hoax. he had a special prosecutor for two and a half years. he hasn't had a data just operate as president. he has been investigated every moment of his presidency and now the democrats are saying why doesn't he talk about the economy. because they are trying to impeach him, mo, in the house of representatives off another ridiculous charge with a whistle-blower who is not really a whistle-blower. democratic activist, if we are to believe the media outlets who will reveal who the person is.
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it's an absurd question. for at least half the country, they think it's politics going crazy. that if you don't like donald trump, don't vote for him but this is the wrong way to try to defeat him in november. >> dana: there'll be plenty of time to talk about all of it. matt schlapp and mo elleithee, thank you for being here and have a great week. more breaking news on the impeachment investigation. we will have it for you next >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. >> dana: house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff insisting today is released transgressive deposition testimony or helping to build democrats' case for imputing president trump. senior capital producer chad pergram joins me with some takeaways and what they are thinking about the republicans are thinking. >> this is the issue, as democrats try to start to contour the narrative, as they
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move potentially toward in about a month's time to write articles of impeachment and the judiciary committee. i want to play tape from adam schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee, what his thinking is as they go forward. listen. >> this will only further add to the body of evidence on a potential instruction of congress charge the president. >> obstruction of congress, that's one potential article of impeachment. another one could deal with abuse of power. when you go through this transcript specifically some of the conversation between house investigators and marie yovanovitch who was the investor to the ukraine, that's what democrats are honing in on and look at it. the question to yovanovitch, president trump says she's going to go through some things. what did that mean? yovanovitch: i didn't know what it meant. i was concerned and i still own. question: you felt threatened. yovanovitch: yes. dana, this is where democrats are saying they are starting to build their case and we have seen in other impeachment is that obstruction of congress but
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also abuse of power, that's been central to other impeachment of presidents of the united states. >> dana: process question. i'm curious, democrats release these transcripts today. they say there's two more tomorrow. is there a process they are going through? a formula or is it just at their discretion and a way for them to try to dominate the news cycle? >> it is twofold. they are trying to build a case against the president. they said they were going to start to release the transcripts but also guided as they go to the judiciary committee to say wait a minute, there's evidence of these potential transgressions by the president of the united states as we read those articles of impeachment. the other issue is the court of public opinion. democrats are trying to seize the narrative so when members of congress, democrats, go to the house floor in december sometime and maybe vote on articles of impeachment, they can point back to those transcripts, may be information that comes out in public hearings in five or six weeks and say we have the goods on president trump. this is where nancy pelosi, the house speaker, is that she wants to make a very compelling case
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to the united states senate if were to go to trial. >> dana: chad pergram, we appreciate you. thank you. let's bring in a senior legal fellow and former doj official. what are the best legal arguments republicans and the trump administration has. >> the most striking thing about the revolution, how it differed from the clinton and nixon resolutions. in those, the chairman of the judiciary committee and the ranking minority member acted jointly to issue subpoenas, decide what witnesses to talk to. the one that was approved last week gives the chairman of the intelligence committee, adam schiff, unilateral authority to determine what documents to get and who to bring in to testify.
11:19 am
the ranking minority member can only add with the okay of the chairman. in other words, has to say chairman, may i. that's very different. >> dana: is there only a political remedy or is there a legal prescription that can be applied here by the republicans? >> it's only a political committee because the rules that are set up for impeachment, the courts are not going interfere with it. the house can do what it wants to do. but it's very clear that the democrats are violating the historical precedents that have been set and how prior impeachment have been handled >> dana: we will see if they pay a price for that. thank you, hans von spakovsky. elizabeth warren says she has a plan to pay for medicare for all but analysts on the left and right are not sure if the numbers add up. is that net carbs or total? eh, not enough fiber. chocolate would be good.
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>> dana: one year from today we should know the results of the 2020 election even at this point we don't know which of the democratic candidates donald trump will be facing. peter doocy has been in iowa. peter, you look so good out there. >> thank you. winter coat season finally. the election must be a year away. as we travel, a majority of democratic primary voters are considering someone else in the field, not joe biden. a new fox news poll finds a majority of democratic primary voters think biden has the best chance to beat president trump. 68% say biden could beat trump compared to 57 for warren, 54 for bernie sanders and 30% for mayor pete. but buttigieg is doing fine. in the hypothetical head-to-head match up with trump, they are
11:25 am
tied at 41. hypothetical hillary clinton campaign is in there, beating president trump in this poll as well. candidates out there campaigning, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and joe biden. arguing for early state voters that it's a fantasy to think that warren's $52 trillion medicare for all plan wouldn't raise taxes in the middle class. >> where did she get the money? getting the plan through antidemocratic congress. >> warren is making her case in iowa. insisting she think that's possible to give 331 million americans medicare and make billionaires pick up the tab. >> i think we start with the fact that we can have medicare for all without raising taxes by 1 penny on middle-class families. that in fact what we can do is we can take $11 trillion going
11:26 am
forward in health care costs that families would have to pay out-of-pocket and bring it down to 0. that's the equivalent of the biggest tax break in american history. >> warren says she's spoken to her friend bernie sanders about their medicare for all plans which are similar except for one huge difference. bernie sanders says for medicare for all, you have to raise taxes on the middle middle class and elizabeth warren says you don't. >> dana: peter doocy, take care. looking great in iowa. we'll be in touch. thank you. >> we're talking trillions. when the numbers are this big, they are just pretend. [laughs] you ready? money doesn't exist. >> dana: "saturday night live" taking aim at senator elizabeth warren's $52 trillion medicare for all plan and they are not the only ones. recent op-ed in
11:27 am
"the wall street journal" says "ms. warren is trying to sell an illusion and make it sound like political courage. donald trump boasting mexico would pay for the law was more believable." let's bring back matt schlapp and ee mo elleithee. >> i'm not a big fan of medicare for all. i welcome the debate. i think we should have health care for all. it's expensive. who pays is very important. what are the benefits? to increase the vote in my own district. that's all we need to do in order to win the electoral college. >> dana: i think the speaker is trying to be polite about elizabeth warren's proposal but she clearly thinks it's not a good one for democrats overall.
11:28 am
>> the speaker needs porta potties. it's gross to see the stories out of san francisco. democrats told us if we spent a couple trillion dollars on obamacare, screw up the entire health care system and give most people in rural america wanted health insurance choice, they told us it would cover the americans who weren't covered. now we are told that after the trillions of dollars, there's more americans not covered and we have to take medicare away from seniors who have paid into it their whole life to cover these other people. it's absurd. $50 trillion. if you start looking at with the equivalent is, it does sound like funny money. you couldn't tax enough people enough times enough minutes in a day to pay for her plan. this shows how financially bankrupt the socialists are. >> dana: i think even dr. evil will be surprised by these numbers, if you remember that.
11:29 am
mo come i want to read to you from "the new york times" conservative leaning columnist. single-payer health care has enough political vulnerability t and disruption that no sane democrat should want. as a centerpiece of the national campaign. if warren wins the nomination, she's gonna drag a multitrillion dollar renovation of the american health care system into the fall campaign even though everyone understands that renovation won't happen even though warren herself would rather talk about other policies that poll better." you think she made a mistake by releasing details of this plan? >> she didn't really have a choice. think she had to. her entire campaign up until now has been touting the fact that she's got a plan for everything. she came under fire for the first time in the last debate from her fellow democrats saying put it on the table. she kind of was facing a lot of pressure to do so. now it's out there and democrats can have a healthy debate on it. what i find interesting is
11:30 am
despite the presence best efforts to paint all democrats as crazy lefty socialists, you see a majority of democratic party pushing back against the medicare for all approach that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have been touting. much more practical approach from like a pete buttigieg and joe biden and amy klobuchar, medicare for all who want it. more of a public option as opposed to single-payer. >> dana: it's a fascinating primary to watch and it's fun to have you on the show. matt schlapp and mo elleithee, thank you. beto o'rourke was the media darling of the 2020 race but now he's dropped out completely. howie kurtz joins me next to break down what went wrong. every american wants their dollars to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased over 400%
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11:35 am
it was not long ago and some of the media were fawning all over him. >> he has the raw talent. he's very obama-esque. >> i always say the candidate who wins has the son and his face. sunny, optimistic, not the indoor bureaucrat. >> listening to you, it's clear you have that thing not all polish students have. >> he is wholesome and earnest. >> he's got that magic dust. of course his son is named ulysses. >> has a gleam in his eye. somebody at the texas tribune said seeing him is like a jesus christ superstar. he has a celebrity aura. >> dana: what went wrong? with me now, host of "media buzz" on fox news media analyst howie kurtz. the campaign didn't go the way he wanted it even though we got a lot of support, across the country. he pulled in $6.1 million in the first month he was a candidate. the media liked him but he
11:36 am
couldn't go the distance. >> the magic dust was not so magic. the pundits essentially drafted the failed senate candidate into the race. his campaign was always kind of a media creation then beto o'rourke never came close to living up to all the hype surrounding the vanity fair cover and the journalistic fawning. his campaign was disorganized. he didn't do tv interviews for a long time in favor of shaking hands. he never really stood for anything except for his own charisma except at the he embraced gun control. running for president is hard and he was not ready for prime time. >> dana: do you think the vanity fair cover was a mistake? >> born to be. even he said it was a mistake. that kind of launch set expectations so sky-high. he raised a lot of money but the fact is you don't win the nomination with very positive magazine profiles and you don't win it on paper. you have to go out and show you stand for something. >> dana: if he had won again
11:37 am
senator ted cruz in that campaign, it would've made sense. but it didn't so he is of the race. someone very much in the race is bernie sanders. he got support from the squad and he was in minnesota with ilhan omar, congressman from minnesota. take a look at what she had to say on stage with him that nig night. >> i am beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against western imperialism and fight for a just world. >> dana: howie, what do you think about that sentiment and the cheering that it got? >> it's a favorable crowd. i don't know exactly what ilhan omar meant by western imperialism. did she mean there shouldn't be u.s. troops staged in western europe to protect our nato allies? does it mean the united states should not be protecting israel? i don't want her definition is. i say as a political matter, anyone who is enthusiastic in
11:38 am
supporting congresswoman omar, i probably already is for bernie sanders. it fired up the crowd. >> dana: i was wondering about the other candidates. when the squad decided to endorse bernie sanders, it was a coup for him. got a lot of media attention. big crowd, 26,000 people. i'm not sure of those democratic candidates would've wanted that endorsement because of all the baggage that comes with it. >> a lot of baggage indeed. bernie sanders, a lot of true believers. he's kind of been eclipsed by elizabeth warren and unfortunately he's a 78 euros candidate who recently had a heart attack. i don't think endorsements are going to change that. there's no discounting him because he does have the ability to raise a lot of money and there's a lot of people who liked him in 2016. more of those people may be splitting off to other candidates. >> dana: since he keeps the big base of support of his and they are so enthusiastic, do you think he should maybe branch out and try to do some other media type interviews so he can show himself, if he really thinks he
11:39 am
can take on donald trump in the general election. >> anyway, he is similar to donald trump who spends a lot of time playing to his base and bernie plays to his base. i like to see them do more interviews on fox and elsewhere. it seems like he sticks to his core themes. i don't see much of a message by bernie to expand his level of support. he probably feels like trump did. what worked in 2016 will work again but it's much more crowded field. >> dana: history tells us that's never the case. howie kurtz, thank you. president trump heading to kentucky to throw his support behind incumbent republican governor matt bevin. he faces a strong challenge in tomorrow's election. this will be the first key test for the president since house democrats launch an impeachment inquiry. mike tobin joins us life in lexington, kentucky. imagine the ground is pretty excited. >> the crowd is pretty excited. here in kentucky, incumbent
11:40 am
republican governor matt bevin is neck and neck with the attorney general, andy beshear. republicans have something democrats don't. they have a guy who will fill a parking lot hoping to get in here and see president trump. andy beshear has attempted to keep it local. he has support of the teachers union. in a statement, beshear has been wooing the trump voters. matt bevin was legging in the polls until he started campaigning in sync with president trump. >> i believe our families know this race is not about who's in the white house but about what's going on in their house. it's a proxy for what's going to happen with the republican incumbent running for president in 2020. there are people from the outside working and trying to stick my hide to the wall in this election. >> the beshear has a bus tour.
11:41 am
the beshear boasts they've knocked on their 1 millionth door. they claim they've got a better ground game then bevin. the issues in kentucky, health care, and despite being in the center of the nation, people care about immigration. they are anticipating somewhere around 30% of the state is going to vote tomorrow. >> dana: mike tobin, have fun. we'll be in touch. hundreds of inmates getting out of jail today in one state. what's behind the single largest commutation in american history? at bayer, we make aspirin to help save lives during a heart attack... so it never stops the heart of a family. at bayer, this is why we science.
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>> dana: texas taking action on the homeless crisis. state agencies are cleaning out homeless encampments in austin. they decided they had to do something. >> this comes as the order of the texas governor greg abbott. he said he gave the city of austin a deadline to address the homeless crisis and he says the city did not meet the deadline and now state agencies are stepping in to help. the governor taking to twitter and likening the situation to san francisco, saying "san francisco chose to tolerate homelessness and drug use. it did so in the name of compassion for the homeless. it made problems worse." the result: street squalor and misery. "the texas department of transportation is handling cleaning out homeless encampments that have grown under bridges and overpasses in the metro austin area.
11:47 am
state officials say they are working to link the displaced with children's or charitable groups and that a cleanup like this is not new but critics argue there's nowhere for people to go because the resources are so lacking. >> doing these cleanups for a few years and we transitioned them back in march to the city of austin. so it's not unusual that we would come in and do this. >> i don't want to be out here. i guarantee you 7 out of 10 don't want to be out here. >> according to the data and the people who track this information, more than 2200 people spend the night on austin streets on any given night and dana, in the cities, sheltered homeless population, both with only the clothes on their back, that number has increased. it's the highest it's been in
11:48 am
ten years. in austin. >> dana: all right, and many other cities. thank you, casey stegall. hundreds of inmates walking free today in oklahoma part of the largest single day commutation in american history. the low risk offenders often face is much as 20 years behind bars for things like drug possession but since the state's voters moved to make small drug offenses and misdemeanors, the commutation applies, though sentences are wrecked or actively. joining me is -- sentences retroactively. >> three years ago they voted to reclassify these crimes and the state legislators have been enacting and resolution that applies it retroactively. in a lot of states where we saw criminal justice reform passed, it didn't happen. 462 released, 70 are women, the highest growing population of incarceration. we expect 2,000 released by christmas. i want to point out facts.
11:49 am
this is what criminal justice reform looks like. it's comprehensive and it accounts for reentry. oklahoma and i applaud them for this. they have largest incarceration rate in the country and now they don't. it is saving almost $12 million in costs and they are also providing a job fair for the inmates. it's excellent. >> dana: let me read to you from the governor of oklahoma. he says "they're going to be back with their families on thanksgiving, get in the workforce. it's a huge deal. this group of the nonviolent offenders are part of the story. by the end of the year we are anticipating will have 2,000 empty beds in our system." me ask you, what about concerns about, that they had to pay a debt to society. they don't have to do that anymore. are people concerned about safety? >> i don't think they should be in this regard. not going to make a generalized statement that everyone is totally safe. these are low-level drug or
11:50 am
property offenses. none of these were violent. >> dana: this could happen in new york. you have 900 inmates that could be set free before the states fail reform law that takes effect next year. in addition to that, the mayor of new york is possibly going to give them free baseball tickets, movie passes, gift cards to encourage them to return to court. >> the amount of respect i have for oklahoma for this and the applaud i had is the opposite in this regard. these defendants have not been convicted, only charged. it includes crimes that are pretty frightening, like aggravated assault on children. negligent homicide. those incentives, baseball tickets, that is to get them to participate in surveys. it's being botched by the city and state of new york. >> dana: emily compagno, thank you. up next, i look at concussions and kids sports. noxious football. wait till you hear what sport is
11:51 am
just as risky. first let's take a look at what's coming up in the next hour with the man, the legend brit hume. >> hi, dana. more coming up on house democrats were leading the first transcript from the impeachment investigation into president trump. also today marks 40 years since the start of the iran hostage crisis. more than 50 americans were held captive for more than a year. i will talk to one of them who said iranian militants blindfolds them, tied his hands and feet and held automatic weapons to his head. that and the rest of the day's news coming up and dana perino will have more on the daily briefing next. so every veteran can save $2000 a year. p@wri @ our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure.
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to help every veteran refinance their mortgage their holiday favourites. at these near record low rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. >> dana: $1 billion of marijuana growing up in smoke after investigators destroying millions of plants found in california. susan li is here. i saw you doing the story this morning and i said i have to hear more. what's happening? >> this took place in
11:56 am
california, 100 miles north of los angeles. we know recreational marijuana use is evil in california but this was supposedly growing industrial hemp for cbd and not marijuana for thc. thc is the part that gets you high. take a look at the crops. 459 acres, thc levels above .3% which is the legal limit. it means it doesn't comply. the crops have to be destroyed because it's illegal actually for industrial growing of marijuana with thc levels above .3%. if this was sold in the black market, 10 million, it would have a cash value of a billion dollars. medical use of marijuana has been legal in california since 1996. they have a history of producing more than it uses in the state when it comes to marijuana, cannabis and the like. according to one stat,
11:57 am
california grossed seven times the amount of marijuana that's smoked in the stage. the implication is some of it is shipped outside the state which is illegal. >> dana: are there consequences aside from the burning up of the crop? >> that's a big hit. the review of their licensing. possibly canceled. >> dana: susan li, thank you so much. lots of concerns about concussions in sports, usually it's football or hockey or something considered high impact. a new study shows soccer can be just as dangerous specifically girls soccer. joining me now is dr. jeanette, medical director of city md. it's a bit of a surprise. i know it can hurt when you had a ball in soccer. is it a surprise to you? >> not so much. they say there's 2 million e.r. visits each year because of traumatic brain injuries.
11:58 am
it's causing lead of death. physiologically men have bigger heads, bigger next, more muscle mass than women. women anatomically, their heads are smaller in their next are smaller and they don't have the structure that's as strong as we see in men. it shows soccer concussions and females is equivalent to that of football players for men. more so than soccer players that are men. it can be very dangerous because repetitive injuries to the brain can result in what's called cte. chronic traumatic encephalopathy we cited football player aaron hernandez who committed suicide at a young age. he had severe cte. it can also cause dementia and depression and problems with thinking and memory. it's very important. >> dana: is a possible your daughter could have a concussion and you not know it? what are the symptoms? >> it's possible.
11:59 am
headache, dizziness, blurred vision, irritability, change in mood and behavior. >> dana: sounds like a teenager. >> yeah. sometimes seizures can happen. you can have internal bleeding. i've had patients come in with skull fractures and lacerations and bleeding in the brain that is important for coaches and teachers and parents to understand the signs and symptoms we can take action and make sure they don't return to sports early. >> dana: so if you see some signs in your concern, what's the treatment? >> see your doctor right away. it can be as simple as just rest. anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. you don't want to develop what's called postconcussive syndrome. prolonged headaches and migraines and blurry vision. >> dana: do you think there will be a call for changes? >> absolutely. education is to key to prevent the sorts of injuries. know your body. parents and teachers, look closely and if you see changes in your children. for example, female coaches coaching these young teenagers
12:00 pm
are trying to give alternatives. instead of using your head, use your shoulder, your upper chest. >> dana: but not your hands because that's not allowed. thank you for joining us. i am dana perino. see you on "the five." here now, brit hume. >> brit: from the fox news deck in new york city, and brit hume. today transcripts released. democratic chair of the house intelligence committee revealing testimony from a couple witnesses in the impeachment investigation. federal appeals court rules it's time for president trump to turn over his taxes. his lawyer say they are not finished fighting. will the highest court in the land take up that case? maybe walter white is still kicking. a new drug is killing americans and you will hear what we know about meth 2.0. "fox news reporting starts now. house democrats leading the impeachment inquiry into president trump haveel


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