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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 5, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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you can find it, triggered we will never be the rage, psychotic, hate-trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. >> laura: what is it called, triggered? that's triggering people, just hearing triggered. >> sean: it's" you write a note to so-and-so -- >> laura: we were stupid to go around the country. >> sean: 60 cities, something like that. >> laura: that time has come and gone. i think it's much more efficient, we will have donnie on in a few moments. i can't wait to talk to him about all of the latest development. thanks so much, sean. >> sean: have a good night. >> laura: . >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. where jam-packed tonight. we have a lot of election news coming up. donald trump jr. is going to react to that, and also, the new
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project veritas video reviewing yet another media cover up. who can his father trust in his own administration? don jr. will tell us a head. also tonight come in the media thinks testimony released from ambassador sondland today provides a smoking gun. as if it's another day, another smoking gun. ranking member devin nunes is here to slain what everyone is ignoring in the actual transcript. and as i said, we are awaiting final election results in multiple states across the country. what did they tell us, if anything, about 2020? our expert panel will address it all. but first, ignoring obvious threats. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." we've been warning you for weeks that the impeachment craze democrats are guilty of a dereliction of duty. by dragging the country through another bogus investigation of
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president trump, they will feel ignored and the most pressing problem facing our country. tonight, we're going to focus on two stories that should keep every american up at night. the first is just heart-wrenching. yesterday's mass slaughter of americans by mexican drug traffickers. they were shot while driving in the border state of sonora. many were burned beyond recognition. >> nine people died total. six of them were children. >> guns down, execution-style by a mexican drug cartel. >> the mom threw herself on top of the 7-month-old as bullets tore through the vehicle. >> laura: although mexico has stepped up substantially in our border enforcement fight, it's basically now functioning as a narco state. it's one of the most violent places on earth, and it's right on our doorstep. but congress just plods along, obsessed with the borders of other countries. like syria, tricked by the
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fantasy of removing trump from office, all because of a call with the president of ukraine? a country more than 5600 miles away. >> he pulled a essential assistance to ukraine and just when the president needed u.s. support the most. >> russia is actively engaged in military conflict with ukraine. where ukrainians are dying on a daily basis, as a result of that attack. >> with the president did, to the president of ukraine, just removed all doubt that we had to act. >> laura: now, while they wasted weeks conducting secret depositions and leaking relentlessly to our media, our southern neighbor and border area continues to rage out of control. deadly drugs from fentanyl to highly potent thc are flooding our country and bringing death and destruction with them. and democrats answer to this is
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to impeach the one president who has worked tirelessly, using all of his executive authority that courts will allow, to address these border issues. >> they used fear, intimidation, and violence to get their way. and they terrorized incidents it communities on both sides of the border. there is only one moral course of action: to put these ruthless criminal cartels out of business and out of business fast. >> laura: he is so far ahead of the curve, from day one when he announced he was running for president. and here is how the president reacted to yesterday's demonic attacks today. he said in a tweet, "this is the time for mexico, with the help of the united states, to wage war on the drug cartels." if mexico needs or request help in cleaning up these monsters come in the united states stands ready, willing, and able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively." the mexican president was cool
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on that offer, but i was thinking, maybe trump should arrange a follow-up call with the president of mexico, threatening to reduce aid, just to get the democrats' attention. we know everyone is listening. now, while the u.s. is breaking records in the stock market and unemployment numbers, mexico is breaking records of its own. for murders. it's on track to break the record 36,000 homicides committed in 2018. the democrats have also completely ignored the greatest threat facing america today: the rise of china. as "the wall street journal" warned in this foreboding op-ed today, america's 21st century competition with china is likely to be more dangerous and more complex than its old cold war with the soviet union. this is partly because of china's economic power. it makes it a much more formidable and resourceful
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opponent. than the ussr. and partly because the technological environment has changed so dramatically in the past generation. china's technological arsenal can be just as damaging, as a soviet missile. your blackouts, computer viruses, hacking, hacking up transportation systems, the grig potentially mass chaos and confusion. all of which trump is taking very seriously. and the democrats response? oh, don't worry about it, man. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. china is not our problem is we invest and a member who we are. >> a fool's errand to think you're going to be able to get china to change the fundamentals of their economic model by poking them in the eye with some tariffs. >> laura: [laughs] oh, my, you can't run south bend, but you're going to run the u.s. economy?
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week, weak, weak. i still remember when the left claims to claim care about things like human rights. remember the divest from south africa movement in the 1980s? it was really effective. on my college campus, it was a point of constant progress to. china on human rights violations, a lot of people think it's like south africa on steroids, the sheer power and force of china. think about the mass incarceration of muslims and brutal crackdown on base human rights and free speech. democrats are shamefully mum. they cannot argue they have a more effective policy on china. look at buttigieg. if you have the answers, white eight years in office did obama not do any of that stuff? to be fair, though, the
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democrats have a legislative wish list of their own, we have to be fair, but the problem is, the policies like government run health care, mass amnesty, banning fossil fuels, would destroy the booming trump economy that is actually keeping us one step ahead of china now. so there you have it. whether the mass killings, drug trafficking, raging right across our border, with the biggest threat to america's freedom and prosperity that we have ever faced? the democrats have but one answer. circle parts. a big impeachment, followed by more big government. cartels in china are watching. and that's the "angle." now, as i pointed out in my "angle," trump wants to help mexico fight the cartels, but his mexican counterpart doesn't really want to. president obrador today said "it's not in agreement with our convictions. the worst thing is war."
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the same mexican president by the way, who adopted and "hogs not bullets" policy, and just last month, he defended handing over drug kingpin's son. here to react, ron botelho, former acting ice director to people in border states like texas, arizona, new mexico, california, need to wake up to who is dealing with this in a common sense fashion, and who is doing pie-in-the-sky thinking? >> absolutely. the cartels are running mexico. nothing illegal happens on the border without the blessing and paying off of the cartels. president trump is trying to take action. you see me testify the last three times in the last six months. congress will not address the board issue. the president stands on his own on this, and if the mexican president doesn't stand up, he will be in trouble. mexico has failed to do with the cartels. until the address and dismember the cartels, tear them apart,
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border issues are going to continue. >> laura: ron, yet today, we had montgomery county, maryland, starting to back away a little bit from their sanctuary policies, and yet, tucson had a ballot initiative to have sanctuary policies, in the city of tucson, arizona, come a big election coming up next year, mcsally versus -- we see what is happening on the southern border, and we have a choice next year. how do we see this playing out? >> i urge the folks in tucson to consider the ballot initiative. having sanctuaries to protect people in the country illegally and then go on and commit other crimes is a mistake. >> laura: we just got news, breaking news, it failed in tucson. there is some hope. but we are seeing how it is playing out, right at the doorstep of the nation's capit capital. >> people who live on the border, tucson is close enough, people who live along the
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border, they want a safe community and to have the kids go to good schools. they want the government to protect them. in this tragedy that happened in sonora today, with that family,o them. that's less than four hours by car from douglas, arizona, that's a dangerous place. >> laura: tom, the effects of this is killings. we don't know. a lot of people are speculating, was there some connection? we don't know yet. but it's the brutality of the killing children, but we saw people hanging over bridges nine days ago. >> here is what he is talking about. i think there is more to the story than we know. but here's what's going to happen, and i'm calling it. the violence in mexico will continue to increase. the aclu and everyone else we usually violence in x go to say mexico is no longer a safe third country. that's going to -- the mexico program, or 65,000 are already waiting, mexicans are already starting to increase claims for fear an asylum, and this is a stage.
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this is a game. this is what is happening. and the president's right, and thus we address the violence, we are the whole border get back to crisis numbers because mexico will be declared not -- >> laura: not a safe country a passage. so now it's considered a safe country of passage, which a lot of people think is debatable, but part of its are not as bad as sonora. and that will offend the progress that has been made. that's an excellent point, that's why we like excellent panels like both of you. adrian mitchell was on msnbc tonight, today, talking about how the president is going to use this tragedy. watch. >> the president may well be planning to use this as he campaigns for the border wall, which is going to be the signature issue in play, as we approach a debate over a government shutdown. >> laura: over the year, she's done some amazing reporting, and i like her personally, but this -- i mean, this has nothing
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to do with the border wall, really, this has everything to do with what is happening south of the border, and a narco state running much of mexico -- not all, but much of it. >> look, i think the border wall will have an effect on the cartels, slow down the cross-border human activity, but again, you've got to attack the cartels. you got to dismantle those organizations. this is leading to incredible chaos on our border, once again. we are going to see record numbers if we don't address this violence quick and fast, and the united states can do it, but mexico has to let us get in there and show them how to do a. >> laura: what are the options come around? you have to do a joint mission with the mexican government. but you can hear over door, he is a leftist, but also pragmatic on some things. if he does that, you could see the opposition coming in, oh, you're letting america run our country again, so there is a push and pull in mexican politics, but trump is grappling
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with this. the democrats have thrown up their hands and say we are not doing reform or anything else, and will file lawsuits and get federal injunctions to stop the good stuff that trump is doing. speak of the relationship between historical presidents as maximum important, because of trade and culture and our relationship, and security is number one. this president, despite what you saw in that report, has always been forceful trying to secure the border and give the resources to the men and women, and to tom's point, if the gains this president has made get reversed, we will be right back in crisis mode. >> laura: and the overthrow of the border results in what across america, tom? a crush of people across the border, and you start seeing spillover effects in communities from buffalo, new york, to colorado springs to up in st. paul, minnesota, -- it's not just the border areas, it's something people don't understand. go to any of the walmarts around here, people lined up, and a lot of rich people in fairfax county, virginia, that voted in a bunch of democrats, they don't want to do their own
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lawns, don't want to do their own nannying, so they hire a lot of these people to do -- >> this is no longer a border issue. ms-13 is operating at 42 states of our nation. schools overcrowded, trauma centers being shut down, it's going to be devastating to this country. that's why we need to take action quickly. that's why our president, i think the greatest president in my generation -- >> laura: oh, without a doubt. >> mexico better step up and take action. >> laura: it's an ongoing threat to the united states of america. not just in sonora. this is spilling over to every community with fentanyl, opioids, and high potency thc. drug legalization ain't helping come i can tell you that. both of you, thank you so much for being on. moments ago, i told you about it and we just discussed, this unspeakable evil that happened to an american family in mexico. the drug cartels slaughtered three women and six children, including 8-month-old twins. the uncle of one of the victims is here with me tonight, and he has a message for
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president trump. joining me now is david close. he's the uncle to donna lankford. david, i don't have words, except obviously, sympathy, and my families prayers to everything that you and your family are going through. the sheer horror of this. the president said he wanted to wage war on the cartels. in mexico. what is your message to him? >> you know, i reached out to him yesterday, i didn't know how effective it would be. because in my mind, president trump is somebody that's not afraid to tackle difficult problems, and this is a difficult one. the people that often talents the cartels, the end of the dead, the politicians that try to do that, if i understand the fear, that is associated with challenging these folks, but it seems that president trump is willing to do something. because just doing nothing is not an option, i don't believe. my niece needs justice. and also, her children, and the
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other victims, as well, they need justice. it doesn't need to be, you know, they live in mexico, they accept that risk. i don't buy that. i believe they deserve justice. they are american citizens that live there, and they visit the united states constantly. i'm appreciative that president trump was willing to reach out to the president of mexico to try and do something, to at least offer some type of assistance -- if they need it, they can't handle this themselves, they need to reach out. they don't need to cower to thugs with weapons. >> laura: david, record killings in mexico this year, it's on pace to break every record. i think it is already broken the record, 36,000 dead. 's with a war going on south of our border, and your family got caught up in that. and i should tell everyone, a 13-year-old, your family was a real hero in the midst of this horror, again, 13 years old, and
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what happened, according to reports, is after watching his mother died, he took the remaining six children to hide in the woods, and then he himself, at age 13, walked five hours to get help. >> that's correct. >> laura: devon, and that boy was your niece, donna's son. what did you think? >> it's just amazing. these children are resilient, they are smart, they are intelligent, they are raised by parents that teach them really good values. so it doesn't surprise me, in the face of such horrific occurrence, that he was able to keep his wits about them and do what needed to be done to save his family. >> laura: thank you, david. >> thank you, laura. >> laura: i mean, words escape me at times like this. people think thoughts and
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prayers are really trite, but they are not trite for us, in this extended family come all across the country. i know there are prayer warriors out there for you, your family. >> it's been amazing to see everybody that has been reaching outcome of the care and concern has really been awesome. >> laura: and for the children who continue to suffer tonight, grief and physical trauma, emotional trauma, they are victims, and they are going to need a lot of help and a lot of prayers. david, please stay in touch with us, thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us tonight. >> you bad. >> laura: breaking news out of kentucky, the ap reversing an earlier call that declared democrat andrew bashir the winner over republican matt bevin, with him making an announcement of his own. a live report is next. plus, "abc news" anchor caught on a hot mike sang the network spiked a story to expose jeffrey epstein years ago. donald trump jr. is here exclusively to respond to that bombshell revelation, and his
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father's next move. stay with us. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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♪ >> would it be a bevin race if it wasn't a squeaker? really and truly, this is a close, close race. we are not conceding this race, by any stretch. we know for a fact that there have been more than a few irregularities. >> laura: that announcement from matt beveridge just an hour after the ap called the race for his opponent, and minutes ago after he wrapped up his speech, the ap reversed its call, not calling the race too close to call. fox's mike tobin's live in louisville, kentucky, and bevin's headquarters, it has the latest. mike, this is wild, but it doesn't surprise me one bit.
7:25 pm
>> no, and there also was a third-party candidate, a guy named jim hicks who ran as a libertarian, he took up about 2% of the vote. in the end, the split was 0.3%, about 1.5 million votes cast in less than 5,000 both made the difference. to say he is demanding a recount is a little oversimplifying, there is a process out here that involves re-canvassing, recounting the votes, and ultimately contesting the election, if it is determined there was a problem. one of the things we heard in bevin speech, if he determines the people of kentucky did, indeed, choose his opponent, he is going to wish him the best moving forward. it should be noted his opponent, democrat andy beshear, has already given his victory speech. laura? >> laura: mike, thanks so much. we will stay on this tonight, any developments. and a stunning admission caught on a hot mic today, project veritas released video of abc's anchor amy robach saying her network killed the story
7:26 pm
exposing jeffrey epstein's alleged sex crimes years ago. >> i had the interview with virginia roberts, we would not be on the air. first of all, i was told, who is jeffrey epstein? no one knows who that is, this is a stupid story. then they found out we had her whole allegation, threatened us a million different ways. it was unbelievable, what we had -- we had clinton, had everything. i tried for three years to get it on, to no avail, and now it's all coming out, and it's like, these new revelations that i freaking had all of it. i'm so -- right now. do i think he was killed? 100%, yes, i do. he made his living blackmailing people. >> laura: her mention of clinton is interesting, just last month reported running federal, alleged clinton associate, helped squash the reporting of harvey weinstein at nbc. joining me now,
7:27 pm
donald trump jr., executive vice president of the trump organization and author of the brand-new book "triggered: how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us." it just came out. all right, donnie, network like abc, they saw fit to print every wild accusation against kavanaugh. >> abc, nbc with the matt lauer stuff, no one knew -- do you think they would have quashed that story if it was donald trump instead of bill clinton, laura? i'm wondering if their same journalistic standards that allowed them to pedal vbs dossier and the mueller hoax as though it was gospel -- in fact, for three years, i wonder if those same journalistic standards were in place then for this one. give me a break. >> laura: well, the thing about this, he just keeps getting worse for the american media. you think they can't go lower. >> it's like, hold my beer. >> laura: every day, there seems to be another low.
7:28 pm
where there is no pretense of objectivity -- for most, there are a few reporters left, but not many. very little pretense of even an attempt at objectivity. forgot actual objectivity. >> correct. i spend a lot of time in the book, focusing on the mainstream media and the fact they have just written off the notion of objectivity totally. we've known for decades that they are left-leaning, but now they have just made a point to be the marketing wing, the total defenders of the loony left, and any of the insanity that they will push. it was a big factor in writing the book, because i got to see that, both on the campaign trail, and frankly, is the number two target of the mueller hoax, which again, had a lot less credibility than any of these allegations, had a lot less actual proof, with a lot more shade involved, and yet they were able to run with that as though it was gospel. it didn't happen, they just wanted it to have happened, because that is their narrative, and that is what the dnc told them to run with, so they did it
7:29 pm
blindly. >> laura: you said earlier today there are very few people your dad can trust. as the whole impeachment drama is swirling around, more of these deep state folks slither forward, has he seen that circle of trust shrink, and if so, does that say anything about his ability to hire people who are trustworthy? >> no, i don't think it has anything to do with that. people with in the swamp -- the swamp is going to swamp, right? he came in as an outsider. he didn't have the luxury of a rolodex. used in people who volunteered to work for you coming business, that they will try to do their best. that's not the case in d.c. has good people, jared and ivanka, pompeo, but the reality is so many of the people were not into trump winning the presidency. >> laura: it was worse, they were actually seeking to blunt his policies and to undermine his presidency.
7:30 pm
ambassador sondland said that fiona hill -- of course, ambassador to ukraine hold over, she couldn't stand your father. >> that was known. i've tweeted about that for years. >> laura: the nsc official. >> now it's out in the open, and i tweeted about it. hey, i called out a lot of these officials that are there at the pleasure of the president that do nothing to actually represent what he wants. and the reality is there to cover themselves for a time five years after trump, so they can go back into their d.c. swamp world, pretend that never happened, and so they are really covering their butts and not dealing with the president properly and not fighting for the people they're supposed to be represented, the great citizens of this country. i know my father is putting up the numbers for them. i know he is waiting economically. i know he is doing things unprecedented, and he is doing it despite unprecedented from the media and the left, all of
7:31 pm
this nonsense. this impeachment inquiry is b.s. it started on november 9th, 2016, the second he beat out the anointed one from hillary clinton, who was a joke candidate. but he won. "the washington post" ran their article, "the case for impeachment," 19 minutes after he was in office. 19 minutes. these people didn't want to give him a chance, and i see this around the country, laura. i see people, even democrats, you know, i'm a democrat, but it would be nice if they let him do his job. he renegotiated nafta, the usmca is sitting on the desk of nancy pelosi -- for nine months, and she won't vote on it because she knows it will pass and it would be a win for trump, even though it is also a win with the mecca worker, and that is disgusting. >> laura: they don't want to give him anyways, that's clear. tonight, the kentucky governor's race, the ap is now saying the race is too close to call, maybe 4,000 votes separating the turtle candidates. but here is how your favorites over at cnn are reading the results. >> oh, boy.
7:32 pm
>> bevin has closely aligned himself with donald trump, donald trump went down they made it very clear he was behind him. >> i think you cannot lose sight of donald trump going in there at the end, if he was not able to do that here, even for an unpopular republican, that is going to be a question mark that hangs around his head. >> laura: don, bevin was the most unpopular governor in the country, once down 20 points, now it's still too close to call, 49% versus 49%. he ran against a family that is legendary, the bashir family, of course, in kentucky. so what is your response -- look, it's predictable. >> any opportunity to try to take a swipe. they don't talk about the rest of the republican ticket sweeping. they don't talk about the first african-american attorney general who happens to be a republican elected. they don't mention trump helped propel those guys to this place is. yes, i like matt bevin, he's been a friend of mine, a good guy, he has picked a lot of battles. in kentucky, that's not always
7:33 pm
popular, we understand how that works, but they won't give trump credit for that. this is the same mainstream media that will run anything. the same mainstream media, laura, that tells me that al-baghdadi is an austere religious scholar, not a rapist and murderer and guy who most people in gasoline and with them on fire, because trump killed him and it was on trump's wish list, the number one thing my father wanted to get done in terms of terrorism, the leader of isis is now an austere religious scholar comes that tells you the level of sickness that is the left-wing media filter, and the american people are fed up with it. i'm not worried about that, i would love to see another governor, and i think those are important, like i said, i think he has done a good job. this has nothing to do with trump. they swept the rest of the ticket, did great in mississippi, et cetera, et cetera, the other election today. the tech i don't have much to do with each other, but again, because you can utilize -- a platform to try -- keep knocking trump, see how it worked last time.
7:34 pm
>> laura: all right, don, thanks so much. congressional new book, just out today, everybody, go out and get it. and based on revised testimony, gordon sondland, as i said, democrats think they have the impeachment silver bullet, but did they read the whole thing? congressman devin nunes, former whitewater counsel robert ray on what you may not have heard. si? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, now business is rolling in. get started at billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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♪ >> laura: house democrats released two more transcripts today from the secret impeachment hearings. the big news was a u.n. ambassador gordon sondland's testimony, which he recently revised to claim aid was linked, in his view, to ukrainian investigations. the media are sure this will be the end, finally, president trump. >> more damaging testimony servicing in the impeachment inquiry. >> a crucial witness in the impeachment inquiry has just blown president trump's cover. >> if you're thinking this sounds like a turning point, it
7:39 pm
is. >> laura: oh, is it? here is what sondland actually said about quid pro quo. he said that i, i said the resumption of usa would likely not occur until ukraine provided public anticorruption occurred. i still do not know why or by whom the aide was present in, but i assumed the aide had become linked to the proposed anticorruption statement. in other words, he was offering something called an opinion to the ukrainians about why military aid was held up. gentlemen, congressman devin nunes, ranking member of the house intel committee, and robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel. congressmen, let's start with you. are the democrats comfortable impeaching a president on presumed secondhand facts? >> well, they continue to ride roughshod over reality to fit their cult they are having down
7:40 pm
in the bottom basement of the capital. what you saw with sondland, like we told you when we came out, there is just nothing there. they also had a timeline probl problem. sondland doesn't talk to the suppose it quid pro quo they're talking about, this happened six weeks after the phone call. there is no reality here, people are lost, and i just don't see where this goes from here, but i guess they're going to continue with this show trial. >> laura: i want to set the record straight tonight on what sondland actually testified about his conversation with trump on ukraine. he said the following, he said "i asked him one open-ended question: what do you want from ukraine?" and he said, i want nothing come i want no quid pro quo, i want zelensky to do the right thing. and then what sondland said, what does that mean? and he said, i want him to do what he ran on. now, robert, do you see any problem in that -- certainly not surprising the democrats would
7:41 pm
seize on it, is it? >> it's not surprising they would seize on it, no, i don't see a problem, and i listened to the democrats all day long, including democrats that should be respected, like leon panetta, say that this meets a clear definition of bribery. i respectfully disagree. i don't think that is the case at all. and language like what is likely to occur or what is presumed to be involved here is not sufficient to prove what you would have to prove, under these circumstances, would you be an explicit quid pro quo. you know, when i hear everybody, you know, jumping up and down to say that this is a clear case of bribery, this is clearly impeachable, and the evidence is overwhelming, i think everybody, again, should take a step back and actually look at what he said, and also, congressman nunez is correct, go back to the call itself, if you look at the call, and you look at the context of the call, there is
7:42 pm
not enough -- >> laura: read the transcript. >> write, read the transcript, there's not enough that there is clear and unmistakable evidence that criminal activity was a foot. >> laura: the idea you are going to impeach a president -- forget the roaring economy and all of the other challenges we face with china -- a year out from a presidential election, on some opaque interpretation of what they think he meant, and a freewheeling conversation about the president, the parliament, europe not paying enough money and aid, trump is like, look at to some of the stuff -- is ridiculous. is a bastardization of what we know impeachment was. >> what we learned so far, laura? this is what we know for sure. donald trump hate aide, he thinks ukraine is corrupt, he doesn't believe they are going to change, that's from ambassador sondland and others. we also know there is another important thing that we know.
7:43 pm
the bureaucracy there, they don't like donald trump. they are really mad that the e.u. ambassador is going to ukraine. they are mad at the president come it obvious that people in the white house do not trust our ambassador in ukraine. that is what it is about, bureaucrats that were upset, and now they're trying to make up something to move towards impeachment, and the timelines don't even match up. >> laura: robert ray -- >> i think that's right. >> laura: i want to ask you about mulvaney. real quick on this. >> look, i think that's right, i think the president is entirely permitted to withhold aid, temporarily come and see if it changes behavior. and the notion you are going to turn that into impeachable offense, for crying out loud, go back to the nixon impeachment. was there any doubt about the fact, based upon recordings, that there was a slush fund used to pay off witnesses and all their testimony in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation? i mean, do democrats really
7:44 pm
think this rises to that level? >> laura: they don't care. >> it's absolutely ridiculous. >> laura: robert, really quickly, this idea they are going to haul mick mulvaney or any member of the house white house counsel, any officil that doesn't want -- it's ludicrous, and now they're going to add that to an impeachment article? an article of impeachment, obstruction? really quick, robert. >> that is a process, and the american people are not going to be deceived or affected by the notion that in a separation of powers question, you are going to turn that into an impeachable offense. that's also equally ridiculous. >> laura: congressman nunes, does bolden show up to testify, yes or no? >> i wouldn't think so. i don't think, as of a few hours ago, they hadn't even subpoenaed him yet. 's i'm sure he's not going to show unless there is a subpoena. >> laura: why would he dignify this farce of a proceeding? he shouldn't, he's a lot better
7:45 pm
than that. gentlemen, thank you so much tonight. we are still waiting on election results in some big races across the country. tonight's outcomes really mean ? harmeet dhillon, doug schoen with some surprising intel coming up next. val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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♪ >> laura: the associated press is saying governor race is still too close to call at this hour, this after nbc, not the ap, want to be clear on that, already called it for the democrat, andy beshear. maybe that is just wishful thinking. at this hour, incumbent republican matt bevin is refusing to concede with only about 4,700 votes separating the two. jenna malcolm harmeet dhillon, trump 2020 advisory board
7:50 pm
member, doug schoen, former bill clinton advisor, fox news contributor. doug, let's start with you. you can't even blame the democrats to try to extrapolate from kentucky to next year. what else are they going to do? what is your take away, given how deeply unpopular bevin was, until trump came in, and this thing is a dead heat at 49-49? >> that's really the point, laura. look, he's the least popular incumbent in america, matt bevin. the race is a statistical tie, and when you add in the 2% or so that went to the libertarian, ultimately, there were about 52% that were voting republican, about 48-49% democrat. this is a personal vote against bevin, not a repudiation of trump and the republicans, and as you say, the rally last night, undeniably motivated folks to come out for bevin. >> laura: and harmeet, you have to remember that andy beshear's dad, steve, was a very
7:51 pm
popular governor, and i think he won back in 2011 by about 20 points, and get the next year, of course, mitt romney wins in kentucky. the idea that donald trump is going to win huge in kentucky, next year, no doubt about it. nevertheless, the celebration of the regina state houses, both house and the senate and the commonwealth of virginia flipping to democrats tonight, that is a big blow to any thought of turning virginia back to the red state. >> i think that's right, laura, it's going to be a long climb back for virginia. virginia had all three branches controlled by democrats in 1993, so it's not 100 years ago or something, but a combination of factors there. i think the democrats, particularly in the modern era under trump come heavily polarized electorate to the point where they demagogued the president, it's very hard in the suburban areas for the president to win on the capital. further afield, republicans and
7:52 pm
supporters of the president have been told they are bad people, they are racist, bigots, et cetera, i think that is driving people to the president, because this type of polarization ultimately does not really work. i agree with doug, you can't take anything away from the bevin situation other than bevin was unpopular -- >> laura: every candidate won. ever republican in kentucky. and doug, tom perez, dnc chair, without talking about this race. let's watch. speak of the fact we are even talking about kentucky and mississippi on election day 2019 is a signal of how much trouble these republicans are in. the fact that donald trump had to go to texas a couple weeks ago shows you, he is really underwater in so many places. >> laura: doug? >> look, there's really a hidden strength of donald trump when you look at the electoral map, as i have done, when you look at "the new york times" poll, on
7:53 pm
the six swing states. it's very, very hard to take tom perez seriously. the democrats are divided. trump clearly motivates and mobilizes voters, and from my point of view, the democrats are off on the wrong tangent on impeachment. they have issues that work against the republicans and trump, but by beating a jump on impeachment, particularly with swing voters in swing states, they are barking up the wrong tree, laura, a big mistake. >> laura: harmeet and doug, thank you both tonight. we will stay on this, we've got a lot more to get to, by the wa. we have another report coming out of kentucky. 4,300 votes. think about that. we have matt bevin, who had about a 32% approval rating back in july. trump comes into town, and trump gets this thing tied up at
7:54 pm
49-49. that's who brought the race this close. if trump hadn't come into town, i can tell you it would have happened. this race would probably have been a ten-point race for the democrats. again, i want to repeat this for everybody who might be freaking out with the virginia news -- a terrible, not going to say anything good about what happened in virginia for conservatives. not good at all. but in the state of kentucky, we had a very unpopular in governor, god bless him, but very unpopular, that on big fights at the teachers union, and trump comes in, and he made this race as competitive as you can possibly make it. that is the power of donald trump. anyone thinking anything differently tonight isn't being honest with the weight electoral map map works, or what happened down ballot. that means every republican, they won secretary of state, they won auditor, they won controller, we had an historic win with an african-american republican candidate. this is all very good news for republicans. but, you know, democrats are going to celebrate. of course, you have to expect that, they're going to celebrate
7:55 pm
on a night like this, anytime republican governor goes down. virginia is a completely different story. we will have more on that tomorrow, because we are going to unpack what happened in virginia. it's very similar, in many ways, as to what happened in the state of california. there is some similar factors at play. when we come back, the last bite. stay there.
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a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. >> laura: i mentioned this moments ago. a future star did win in kentucky tonight and he was front and center ads for's rally last night. >> i hope you can tell that kentucky is trump country! we are proud to stand with you in pro-life issues here in the commonwealth but we are going to stand up for those who cannot speak up for themselves! >> the first republican attorney general to win in 70 years. the first african-american voted
8:00 pm
to statewide office in kentucky history. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" take the big news in the big returns here. busy night. >> shannon: coming in minute-by-minute. this is a fox news alert. results trickling in, races where the president went out to put his weight behind key republicans, the governor of kentucky refusing to concede tonight to his democratic challenger. despite trailing by 4500 votes, is the race still close to call? mississippi, the close of the governor's race in history, and the virginia state legislature has gone all blue. what this means one year out from the 2020 general election? and the after nine americansbrutally ama drug cartel. our president says the u.s. is ready, willing,


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