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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 6, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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both of them. that means hunter and joe. oh, you get the billion dollars if you fire the guy in six hours. you don't get the billion dollars if you don't fire him. we will have a lot more tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. we will never be the media mob, laura ingraham. >> laura: snappy. you had it all. i mean, that is the whole show, man. >> hannity: this is huge. and we have other news oath well so that is about to bust wide open that i can't tell you abo about. >> laura: okay, but we will do it in our hour. >> hannity: we will do it tomorrow night. okay, hannity you got a lot in a short period of time. we will pick up the baton. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" and of course you so president trump just wrapped up in a thunderous in monroe, louisiana. now, something for republican eddie rispone who he hopes will
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unseat john bel edwards. and louisiana governor 's race. just a month ago, he trailed by as much as 16 points, but now is down just three. so trump is hoping to use his popularity in the state to pull him over the finish line. we will have full reaction to the rally in moments. also tonight the dates for public hearings in the impeachment drama has been set. oh, goody. we have details about the whistle-blower, bob barr and tom fenton with reaction to it. and also what sean was talking about, the lawyers for the whistle-blower and all of these tweets just on earth. isn't it funny how we have media organizations not finding the tweets and then only certain people are allowed to apparently be reporters and actually find out what this lawyer was all about. plus, why abc's "dancing with the stars" is trying to kill up sean spicer. and we have seen the play of the dramatic reading. now, the mueller report is back
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in a new form. raymond arroyo has all the details and that in "seen and unseen" but first, a republican met a reality check. that is the focus of tonight's angle. now, democrats getting a reaction last night to election results in kentucky and virginia. it was to be expected. they use the results in a bluegrass state's to wish a 2020 narrative. >> donald, my friend, you lost. two republicans. >> he was not on the ballot, but trump is o on the ballot. >> an excellent window into the state of play in the 2020 election. >> it shouldn't be an open question whether republican governor can get reelected in a deep red state. >> not just a referendum on the president but the shift voting to suburban areas. >> laura: but you have to be complete political ignoramus or a blind partisan to believe that
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trump is to blame for his loss. not only are they ignoring the fact that 5 out of 6 kentucky republicans running for statewide office won by huge margins. they are also immediately forgetting that he was the second most popular governor in the united states. one recent poll heading into last night's general election had bevin down 19 points against democrat andy beshear. but had he not rallied for bevin the night before he would have lost by double digits. >> kentucky is thriving but like never, ever before. kentucky's rate has reached the lowest point in the history of our country. the job that matt bevan has done as governor, he set you up to be a rocket ship into the future. >> laura: now come again trump was responsible for a massive swing back in bevin's paper which turned the election into a dead heat. the gubernatorial loss is on
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bevin. he picked a fight with a teachers union very popular in the state. very popular with the people of kentucky and especially when his opponent was the son of a former governor who was himself very popular, andy beshear. don't forget this fact and a lot of this is not being covered today. bevin himself only won the first time around by 83 votes. and a screw a four way primary is as wild, a sui generis case. the real lesson, know your state. don't come in like the china shop to turn it into something that people don't want him by the way the people of kentucky don't want to be tennessee. and by the way, as a candidate, be likable. trump can help but he's not a miracle worker. when attractive can have dudes embrace the peace and prosperity agenda, they will usually have a better shot at victory, but you have to know the state. and also, just mississippi tate
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reeves, he scored a huge win last night. but since that race did not fit the media preferred plot line commit received scant attention. and that brings us to the great commonwealth of virginia. democrats took control of both state houses, giving them full control of the entire government for the first time since 1994. now, the road to democrat dominance in the commonwealth was paved long before trump took the presidency. the undeniable fact is that demographic changes throughout the state, but especially in northern virginia have altered what was once moderate to write to center state. and it made it really a petri dish for radical left wing ideas. virginia's foreign-born population nearly doubled from 2000-2017 and these democrat -- immigrants concentrated in northern virginia
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fairfax county, prince william county come outside of d.c., and they are altering the demographic makeup of the state in "the washington post" and others have pointed out, the electric. and the newspaper of record here that, again "the washington post" noted that fairfax county come a third of the residence there are foreign-born. half of elementary school students there speak a foreign language at home. 182 language and total spoken and one of those spoken in that huge percentage. and since immigrants more likely to vote, democrats, well, this, of course drag the electric to the left. that is a fact of life. but the schiff left aided by women, especially in the suburbs who tend to also vote democrat. this is something trump absolutely needs to pay attention to and not just wave it away. it is impossible to do that. you combine all of this with expansive growth of government in washington, d.c., and the democrat will have an advantage.
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it was bound to develop this way. lobbyists, consultants, lawyers and federal government workers are simply not inclined to support draining the swamp because they are the swamp. also, two weeks ago, we warned you about another factor that is important to note in this virginia race. and it should jolt republicans into action itself. in this cycle, huge amounts of outside money flowed into virginia's local election. joe dale mike george soros pumped with millions until commonwealth attorneys to radically change how you prosecute crime at the commonwealth prioritizing so-called social justice concerns over public safety. in september alone, virginia democrats running for state house and senate office has got 3.3. million out-of-state donors. well that bigger source out-of-state money was from d.c. don't you just love the government? it is self funding. to make matters worse, in many
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races, there was no republican candidate running at all. i told you in prayer kit gnomic fairfax county know when running. arlington county same deal. think about it in nearly 40% of state senate seats, there was no republican choice. a friend of mine nla message me last night and said even in liberal la-la land in california, republicans run in every race. there is some alternative. the state party also in virginia was led by never trumper until earlier this year, and then the party was just totally adrift. so i've got to say though, i cannot understand that a party can just give up on a state whose governor is best known for fantasy -- infanticide and wearing black face. but was it a kkk hood, he still won't say. >> there is controversy surrounding you since last february. did you ever think you would rush in an era of party. >> certainly rates and equity is something i fought for since
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i've been in public office can even practice has a pediatrician, you know, i've always been inclusive. we have a curriculum, a process going on where we want to make sure we are teaching our children the truth about history in virginia. >> laura: i mean, this is pathetic. we do a whole hour on that statement. he has a pediatrician. he is inclusive except towards babies that are nine months developed in the womb. not exclusive towards them at all. lucky for him, voters he cannot run again. conservatives need to regroup and rebuild the party apparatus in virginia. it is important and away from the bush republican who used to run it and closer to pragmatic america first set of policy that actually works. suburbanites has to be convinced and policy is policy but ultimately they will take your money. it will take time though. and frankly it requires billionaires have our own to pony up real money and deal with the left. cultivate and fund our own slate
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of conservative, common sense, attractive candidates who are media savvy and unafraid. burrow into colleges and universities, fund student organizations that offer sound alternatives to the culture on the left. and that is the "angle." joining me now, the conservative union of mike huckabee 2016 presidential candidate and fox news contributor richard goodstein, former clinton advisor and its remedy. governor huckabee come up let's start with you what did last night's results tell you about 2020? beco it tells me that donald trump is the hardest working president i have ever seen campaigning for candidates and his party. and he is effective. look, if i were a democrat from i would be touting that virginia totally blue. i would be talking about the kentucky governor's race but the fact is and you pointed out, very effectively in the ankle tonight, that this really wasn't some grand moment for democrats.
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bevin was in real control cake -- trouble in kentucky. i was hoping you would win and he got close to it but there's never been a president in my lifetime whose work like donald trump to help other candidates and he gives so much of his political capital. and i'm going to tell you something, it's paying off and it will pay off in 2020. and i still believe that donald trump is going to win in a landslide. so put me down, laugh at me this week, but next year, this same time, see if i'm not right. >> laura: matt, chris coons spoke out and he claims that essentially, bevin lost because he followed trump. watch. >> flay foolishly following president trump's policy, having president trump come down and campaign for you just the day before the election is not a path towards winning. >> laura: okay, what are the real facts there, matt come about the dynamic and the state
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of kentucky, people who don't know the state at all commenting about what the dynamics was and will be. >> well, when they tell you everything negative to trump syndrome but the fact is it is hard to win and the governor knows this when the approvals are 35% which is where matt bevin was. getting even close in a race like this running against the democrats was running away, by the way from the d.c. democrats and the squad. this governor-elect, running against the democratic party, and matt bevin was simply unpopular but republicans won every other statewide congress. and the governor's race in mississippi was supposed to be a lot higher than it ended up being. we actually won a statewide contest in pennsylvania. i look at last night, yes i would love to win the governorship in kentucky but i look at last night, laura, and i think the harbinger is that we will have another close election
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inch to 2020. republicans and conservatives, better stick together because we have a barn burner on our hands. >> laura: richard, tom perez spoke tonight on cnn. and he had an interesting take, watch. >> we are a 50 state party. we have been winning. we have had three elections, chris, 2017, 2018, 2019 and every single election we have been able to win whether virginia had two years ago and again last night, doug jones two years ago in december, and now we see the continued victories. >> laura: 50 state party, really? i mean, mississippi, kentucky is a conservative state, but they often elect democrats. beshear is an incredibly popular family. i feel like democrats are gloating, but this is a little bit ridiculous in the kentucky gloat. >> so i think democrats should stop gloating.
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and i think republicans should stop whistling past the graveyard. >> laura: my "angle" was the pow story. >> i want to take a case from karl rove, and he wrote novemben up 5% against beshear. so this notion he was down 17. >> laura: that is one. >> i didn't hear reference to the philadelphia suburbs. delaware county where i grew up until a couple of years ago had no county commissioners and had been elected democratic since the civil war. 5 for 5. >> laura: absolutely. >> what is happening is -- >> laura: how much money -- do you care that people live outside of pennsylvania and are running local politics? does that bother you? >> in the cincinnati suburbs and philadelphia suburbs. >> laura: in philadelphia, there absolutely was. >> in philadelphia republican won by 6% and four years by 26%, sorry, something is happening.
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that democrats are performing at state and local and national elections and across the board ever since the day that women's merged in 2017. it's happening. >> laura: so you believe that the economy as it is today fitting themselves. and i think that matt and mike huckabee has forgot about politics then i will ever know. but i'm saying if you look at the numbers, everything that donald trump, you just pointed out could have and said in 2018 and the biggest historic win the democrats won by 10 million more votes at the congressional level ever in the history of the country. >> laura: mike, i think one thing that we do know coming out of this. and i'm not looking at it in rose-colored glasses. i don't have any idea what the turnout is going to be next year except that it should be big for
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both parties. suburban women, donald trump has got to go to get some of those voters back. a lot of people say, oh, it doesn't matter. it does matter. it mattered in virginia. it matters in pennsylvania. it doesn't mean you change your views. suburban women and suburban voters cannot be written off. you cannot talk to your pals in southern states who agree with you. you have to go into the suburbs. that will be held a bit uncomfortable but i think you can win some of them back. common sense is averted -- versus left -- radical hate on the left. >> closer to the election the reason why he will win matt -- win many of them back because they will vote they've ever had. and do they really want to see their taxes go up? do they want to lose the health care to be given medicare and even reminding us to get medicare for all and he pays for the supplements that fills in the gaps that medicare doesn't even pay. there are so many things that
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this president has done that ought to be celebrated and applauded by suburban women but i agree with you, laura, you can't take it for granted. you have to go out there and a lot of women surrogates will be needed on the field. because you know, some of them might not like his style. i get all of that. but when it gets down to it, they will be facing elizabeth warren, or perhaps, bernie sanders versus president trump. look at the policies. i cannot imagine it would be suburban women to say that person would be better for me than president trump. >> laura: but matt, i have to say when virginia has a governor who is in blackface or kkk, or whatever it was, and after we heard the democrats care so much about this issue, they care about the blackface issue, him and the justin fairfax, and yet, that party, richard is right. they came out big yesterday. i mean, voting in fairfax county, friends voting
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in arlington county, they were reporting pretty high turnout. there are different places than they were in 1986 when i first arrived in washington. a completely different in northern virginia. it is a totally ohmic totally different. >> even republicans in northern virginia, laura part of the government system. so it's not exactly the graded -- the greatest territory for donald trump. and switching to pennsylvania when i originally talked about delaware county, this was a county that trump lost by double digits. so what happens in many of these county races and a many of these states is that the democrats picking up again and that trump even didn't do well in those counties. now, what you look at when he wins a state, a statewide contest in pennsylvania. some of these other victories, which is the following. donald trump can win these difficult states but you know what, laura it is hard. trump is so unique. it is very hard for him to transfer that to republicans on
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ballots. that is a tough riddle for all republicans to solve. >> laura: i can tell you who's doing the best in pennsylvania, donald trump you're the last presidential election donald trump done better in pennsylvania than all the bush and rate -- clinton's combined. but clearly come impeachment. there is corruption, they want to remove the president from office and they are doing their duty. that is what they are saying. interesting what the voters are saying and even our friends and the other cable universe, watch. >> do people talk about it here? it's not what you are hearing at the coffee shop. >> there was absolutely nothing. >> i think it is a sham. the president is doing a great job. >> how many people think the impeachment process will hurt president trump? is there think that he could do or anything that could happen that would make you not vote for him? >> no. >> laura: that was allison ball. this is a risk for democrats.
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but i'm laying out frankly what the risks are for republicans. is there a risk that pelosi hinted at overdoing it on impeachment? >> of course. if the evidence doesn't support impeachment that go ahead anyway, absolutely. but the reason the clinton impeachment was so unpopular, back in '98 the public did not buy it and with each passing week it seems like more and more the public -- >> laura: over the last what -- >> you subscribe to the new york pole. >> we do this every show, richard appear at the battleground states show -- >> i'm talking fox news poll, matt. 49%. >> a agree with you, has to be. >> laura: your answer to peace and prosperity is impeachment and socialism. if you put that to women voters
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across the country, they are coming for your schools, they were coming for parental choices and they are coming for your wallet. if i make the case to women voters, that's what i'm making morning, noon and night. gentlemen, thank you so much and coming up the democrats are, welp babar and tom pinto with breaking news. that is just happening. lawyers for the whistle-blower, his old tweet, sean hinted at that, revealing real motives. we will find out coming up. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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♪ >> it's is all a hoax. it is a scam. you know who helps them? these people back here, the media. that is the whistle-blower. you know the whistle-blower that said trump said this hand trump said that. and then when they were at my real phone call, the
7:26 pm
whistle-blower disappeared to. >> laura: what was president trump talking about in louisiana? one of the attorneys, mark has been very public about his hatred for the president. i want to read a few tweets from 2017. for some reason, get rid of donald trump. it is very scary. we will get rid of him. who has started rebellion impeachment? 20 me now is babar, former impeachment management former congressman and tom pittman, it is he just continuing the coup, it cheering two years ago online? well, it certainly looks that way and his client -- >> laura: it took long enough for people to find his tweets, come on. it's well known the whistle-blowers are anti-trumpers but the nature of their activities and certainly reflects on their client, whether fairly or unfairly and this highlights the need for the public to know the name of this
7:27 pm
whistle-blower or the so-called whistle-blower, who he is communicating within the white house about the nature of the communications with adam schiff because these are public corruption potentially, and the information not properly shared and information was not appropriate and covered by whistle-blower law. in this idea because he should be kept secret or his name kept secret because he might be called out or attacked. >> laura: not in the statute that the name has to be kept confidential. it's not in the statute. i don't know why this obsession of so many out there but i would say congressman, the left, the whistle-blower come -- comment, okay, the republicans cannot ded the substance. they are focusing on the process to which you say -- >> if that is what we do, then shame on us.
7:28 pm
once you get down into the weeds and we, lawyers love to do that but once you get down to the weeds and start arguing and words and phrases, you essentially lost the argument. i suspect that the vast majority of americans could not find ukraine on a map. they have no idea what a whistle-blower looks like or what the lawyers, but they do know a snitch. they do know what basic fairness is. they know what a liar is. those are the ways that the republicans want to be communicating and not worrying about community caning process and procedure and so forth. >> laura: and the idea that republicans is not allowed to put in his own ambassador. and that in and of itself spells corruption. he wanted his own person in in ukraine and not jovanovich. and they are citing that as a reason, this just shows entire corrupt situation.
7:29 pm
that is the most ridiculous first to right in your own people. and an approach to foreign policy. and we know, tom fenton -- tom fitton. and trump people knew it. >> we haven't been able, but big concern she was ordering the staff to monitor your social media feeds. end. >> laura: lets put up a list of the people that maria bonaventure monitored. they have some bogus reason for having done so, but jack, trump jr., mike kennedy. you know, john sullivan. carter. >> this is silly. a lot of bureaucrats whining about losing jobs. were worrying about the foreign
7:30 pm
policy. this coup is not only corrupt but it is foreign. foreign. >> laura: babar, the testimony, clinging to that, like a life raft in a storm. that is really a key to the so-called corruption of the office of donald trump. and yet when you look at the transcript of the testimony and we will put it up on the screen. it is shocking what he doesn't know. check this out. you've never spoken to rudy giuliani, taylor was asked, no, no he replied. did anyone ever ask her to speak to rudy giuliani? taylor said. no. have you spoken to the president of the united states? i have not. you had no communications with the president of the united states? correct. and the charge of the affair with the u.s. embassy. again this is their star witness, bob. >> that is one example and another one, of course, the
7:31 pm
transcript that we see from ambassador don lind, where person doing the questioning pes him over and over and over again to admit or to speculate or to ponder whether or not the leak between age and hunter by doing was illegal. and he keeps saying i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a lawyer come i'm not a low year. pressing him. the quid pro quo argument has gone nowhere so now what they are doing is they are grasping at straws. they are talking about extortion and bribery, which are not even in the same universe as national security issues and the powers of the president to appoint his own ambassador and to make sure that usaid is not squandered. >> laura: from the new york host says and this is first-hand, secondhand, thirdhand but if i understand correctly, you are telling us to morrison told you that ambassador told him that the president told the ambassador
7:32 pm
that he would have to open an investigation to biden? taylor says, that is correct. >> you could not do better on a "saturday night live" skit than that. >> you are going to impeach a president a year out from a presidential election on that? meanwhile they will take candidates off the trail and extends into the new year, tom fitton, some candidates are off of the trail and pete buttigieg gets to rome about iowa to clean up votes. >> he should do his candidates a paper on the democratic side and rule out an impeachment trial. and they will have their show trials next week with these pretend public hearings that again will only present one side of the issue practically speaking. the president will continue to be denied due process. nothing has happened that warrants the senate holding a full-fledged impeachment trial in this. they should build a firewall to protect the constitution from this. >> laura: bob, do you agree
7:33 pm
with tom? when this gets going next week in public, is this going to be like popcorn and all the drama built up on the left? they will build this whole thing up, right? but do you agree with tom that republicans have to hit hard and often on the substance question marks because they do. it is good to see lindsey graham get out there and rand paul get out there, but then the republican leadership comes behind them and sort of cleans up and says, oh, no. we really need to protect the whistle-blower. so forth. the leadership ought to get out of the way and let lindsey graham and rand paul and the other few that have some backbone know how to articulate this like president trump does. they ought to be the voice of the senate. >> laura: all right, gentlemen think it's much tonight. coming up sean spicer's dancing is triggering liberals. the mermaid gets played and the mueller report as you have never seen it before. raymond arroyo is here with
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♪ >> laura: it is time for the "seen and unseen" segment where we expose the cultural stories of the day. state "dancing with the stars," singles and the mueller report like you've never seen it before. joining us with all the details raymond arroyo, sean spicer has survived week after week on "dancing with the stars," but the snobby judges don't seem to care about the people who actually vote for him. >> they are a little cranky because he survived, laura. as you know that the stars survive by getting majority of viewers to vote for them. and through the scores provided by the judges. this week, spicer who is confused with jane kelly did a jazzy sailor number and the judges were downright surly. >> we keep trying to ask him, and they keep throwing a life preserver. you have so much in your body,
7:39 pm
don't you? and like the bermuda triangle. >> laura: legalist to say the lowest scores of the night, bute survived due to support of the audience and i'll spicer and the president really changed the game up on "dancing with the stars" because the president has turned us into somewhat of a campaign. he urged widow followers to vote each week for spicer. at this week the man could literally do's squats in the middle of fifth avenue and the audience would support him. this has pushed judge carrie and to the break. she told "us weekly," my reaction to sean being saved is frustrating. there are a great dancer being sent home. i can't be mad at it but it is frustrating. >> laura: they don't like democracy. they didn't like democracy in 2016. if i don't get the results next year, ukraine and the election, for goodness' sakes. now, maybe ukraine or russia meddled in this. >> maybe they should be thanking this audience and sean spicer because he has kept the ratings pretty high.
7:40 pm
6 million people tuned in just about every night. >> laura: i have a prediction. if spicer wins this in the end, okay, the rule for "dancing with the stars" commits like they will change. it's like they want to pack the court or change the electoral college. >> hannity: they will have an electoral college. now, abc should be thrilled about spicer, at least he is an amateur, laura. abc feature professional build as a life a little mermaid. faith road -- throat -- they prudent -- >> they led the castn the crab. ♪ >> audiences wanted to go under
7:41 pm
the sea. and even though 9 million people tuned in. just let the movie run. >> laura: you have kids in the theater in high school, but it kind of looks like a junior high school production. >> it was over-the-top. if you are going to be a crab, have claws. >> laura: tell me about harry potter actress emma watson. she is single, and she is calling it what? >> she is approaching 30, her 30th birthday. she told british vogue, she is not single. >> i never believed the whole i am single spiel. it took me a long time. so i'm very happy. i am self partner to. >> she is self partnered, laura. don't you love this bending language to vague reality? we had a conscious decoupling, uncoupling with gwyneth paltrow and we had the menage a trois
7:42 pm
with representative katie hill. what is next? >> laura: there is an image -- >> i don't like this twisting of language. just say you are single and be who you are. >> laura: welcome i'm not worried about it. >> finally, laura there are people that just can't quit the mueller report. >> laura: can't quit? >> failed to gain contract -- attraction it and star-studded staged reading. and no courtesy of "the washington post," the mueller report is now a graphic novel. >> laura: what! >> illustrated a fly on the wall and felt likes of the white house. >> laura: let me just say, they have tried to sell this every which way. they tried to sell it as live, dramatic reading. you know what they should do, they should combine that mermaid cast with similar team. >> mueller of the musical. >> laura: oh, no, someone will steal our idea. >> you know they will.
7:43 pm
i'm looking forward to an illustrated starr report, laura. remember the kids starr report. a lot of thrills and that story, bill lamonica during the presidential phone calls in the white house. 2017 for my read the other night and how about illustrated email reports. imagine the smashing of those servers, what action what about the illustrated patriot report. those illustrations will be a doozy. >> laura: first of all i love how raymond refuses to call it peter strzok. and mueller and its peter strzok. >> can you ride a guide for me? never have so many work so hard to peddle so little as this mueller thing. the iterations. >> laura: you know what it is, raymond, it is actually at the same thing as hollywood repackaging all the old '70 sitcom, all in the family, the jeffersons. there is no new ideas.
7:44 pm
they have nothing new. >> they won't touch anything because of the political bias behind it. that is the problem. they only want to populates the stuff because it serves a political end. i don't like that. if you do musicals and stage version, do it for everybody. >> laura: the kids books left now, watch what your kids are getting at getting at barnes & noble. but a lot of these books are not selling for kids. >> you mean the abcs and the aoc? >> laura: the colin kaepernick, that he had a big book out. what is the hollywood, the new hollywood reprise of the 70s, you just mentioned to me. >> "all in the family," and "good times." i hope these people who are doing this musical mueller report, they could do a christmas special. comey and richard, what is his name, rosenstein like you've never seen before. >> laura: a claymation with
7:45 pm
comey and he could hide behind the blue curtains and the oval office and do that odd hug. he has kind of like a claymation. >> you have to go. >> laura: foy is the media ignoring that bombshell video that shows abc anchor venting about the refusal to publish jeffrey epstein report? does that tell us about his alleged suicide? answer is, when we return.
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♪ >> i've had this interview with virginia roberts on the air. first of all i was told jeffrey epstein no one knows who this is and it's a stupid story. it is unbelievable, we have clinton, we have everything. i am so [bleep] right now. >> laura: the media trying to cover up this bombshell coverage that exposed "abc news" for spiking the jeffrey epstein story. fox news did not find a mention of the on cnn, msnbc, or nvc. in fact the media actually defending the coverage of black out cnm brian seltzer writing caused widespread outrage particularly on the right with many commenters using it to use spell hatred of the writ large. unbelievable. 20 meet victor david hanson, the
7:51 pm
fellow institution. victor, the media circling the wagons on this. why might that be? >> i think the left and general believes because they have such exalted innocence that is radical quality and concern that any means necessary, whether covering up the truth or lying about things are deemed necessary. laura, they have always loved humanity and abstract more than humans and concrete so if you are right on abortion or on feminist issues, you get more latitude about may be sexually assaulting women. sometimes the left, and the result of that, it erodes deterrence. if you are a conservative one wrong word, one wrong act can ruin a career about when she would establish the principle that maybe it will be a second chance, third chance because you are so low or progressive on the
7:52 pm
right issues, that almost encourages a lack of accountability for your behavi behavior. septal liberation and, so harvey went straight out, that of behavior old crescent during >> they never really reconcile that. but the cover up but about the exit polls. >> laura: victor, get this, abc is focused more on who leaked the video than the allegations that amy roebuck is witnessing. and in a statement today, we take violations and company policy very seriously. we are pursuing all avenues the stomach to determine the source of the lake. so victor, finding out why they showed the story is important
7:53 pm
but finding out who pulled it off the satellite is? >> no, it isn't. we live in an age where 90% according to the center of all media coverage is negative towards trump. we have seen a fusion and nexus between media and the and the progressive political movement. so in some sense, they do this as treason and that if anybody were to report that, it would only weaken the movement and in the long term, that would hurt the right people. so again, anyone who is necessary to advance the political cause are deemed necessary. i think that has been what it spent the last few years, it's not journalism as we once knew it. spent with this is something the media does not touch and it doesn't surprise us about the en scandal, watch. >> did was field b.s. from i do. because make a living blackmailing people >> actually part of your post as right side
7:54 pm
rather than there multiple fractures in the thyroid cartilage that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation. >> it shows what appears to have been attempt to make it look like a suicide. a staged attempt. >> laura: victor, the story just goes away, doesn't it? >> you know i don't think we will ever know about jeffrey epstein. we don't know who he was, how he made his money and the ex-high school teacher became a financial wizard. it almost seems like he would engage in side sort of a blackmail scheme with important people. obviously when he died mysteriously, and we have renowned pathologists suggest that it might not necessarily be suicidal, we will never really know. there is a lot of vested
7:55 pm
interest and we don't know where those vested interest are or what their angst are. and it should not be a mystery. how can you be in a detention center and all of a sudden people are to be monitoring you and the and adamant suddenly speaks to work. and you die in that moment. >> laura: yeah, well, again you have to consider the people whose lives would be offended by more information and ongoing trial. and that is why people have questions, victor, thank you so much and great to see you as always. a double dose of trumps has the last bite. first, an update on that hero dog from the baghdadi raid and then a line only trump can say. stay there. ♪
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♪ >> the dog was the great hero. conan, he is coming to the white house very soon. i said bring him now and they said he is on a mission paired i said, you've got to be kidding.
8:00 pm
give them some days rest. >> laura: that was president trump about that hero dog. earlier today and then has hysterical line from tonight's rally as well. >> how old is your son? how old is that young man? how old are you? he's eight. let me tell you, he's eight. he knows energy better than joe biden's son. >> laura: that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and "fox news at night" takes it all from here. another raucous rally for trout. >> shannon: thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert, president trump off a rally in louisiana stirring up support. it was a rowdy night, complete with a mic drop moment from one of the stars of "duck dynasty." we will take you


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