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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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one shot, free tuition. nice job. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story" starts right now. that's pretty clutch. >> martha: that is pretty good. thank you, brett. good evening everybody. tonight on the story, could this presidential race turn into head-to-head between two wealthy businessmen in new york? billionaire michael bloomberg reportedly about to enter the democratic primary. judge judy is backing him as we told you here first on "the story," but can't get democrats across america on board? plus, today the dow took off like a rocket in early trading, hopes of a trend in a trade deal out there, all of that as john bolton took a pass today on testifying. he got away with it for now. some republican senators are pushing secretary of state mike pompeo in the investigation of their own and the state department looking into the bidens and are dealing in
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ukraine. all of that is the president derailed at the whistle-blower's attorney who has been tweeting against him, it turns day one. in moments, joined by secretary grisham, representative devin nunes and senator chris kuhn. we begin tonight with chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel is the transcript that was unveiled today described in a bombshell, tell us about it. it is because that evening. george can testimony is now out. he is one of the state department officials. we expect to hear him from him in a public hearing next week. more than 300 stages of george ken's testimony behind closed doors was released late in the day. in it, he raises concerns about president trump's private attorney, rudy giuliani. we justified about him saying he attached investor marie yovanovitch and he is putting at the new president needs to investigate biden in ended 2015 campaign. kurt's reaction, response to that was if there is nothing
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there, what does a meta? if there's something there, it should be investigate if it might response to him was asking another investigation of prosecution for political reasons, undermines the advocacy of political law but he also endowed under questioning that he did not have direct information justifying the initial readouts i got were just so just secondhand from the three people. it was my understanding. and on the meeting, my understanding is again, sienna didn't give it directly to me. my understanding is that she may have gotten it from deputy and then deputy national security advisor complement. she sent you the read out? she had a readout with brush reason who was the acting circuitry in my time get to the best of my knowledge, i received the readout from brad once again back for my vacation. there is also testimony from bill taylor, the acting top diplomat to ukraine about the desire to have ukraine's president do an interview with cnn. signaling a willingness to open up investigations the white house wanted.
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the hope is that that would lead to an invitation to a white house from ukraine's president and also free up that military assistance. >> martha: mike, thank you very much. joining me now, white house press secretary, stephanie grisham. thank you very good have you on the story. thanks for coming here tonight. let's go through a couple of the things that were brought up in mike's report. one is that john bolton did not testify today. that might happen in the future. is the white house glad that he is so far resisting sitting down to speak to the folks on capitol hill? >> i think anybody who works at or has worked at the white house, you know, they have a lot of confidential information and so executive privilege is very, very important. we have concerns about national security information getting out there so we will see what happens. no matter what, no matter who ends up testifying, whether it behind closed doors or in public, the facts won't change that the president did nothing wrong so we aren't concerned about that portion of it but we do want national security mentors to stay confidential.
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>> martha: if the judge ends up saying that john bolton needs to testify and that he is no longer an employee of the white house and that there is nothing holding him back, if he has subpoenaed, the white house would be supportive of him doing that? >> that would be up to john bolton on what he would want to do. i think with the white house knows is that the president did nothing wrong so we wouldn't have any concerns about what he may or may not say. it's still one of the things it was reported was that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade i was going to take everybody down and that he wanted no part of the drug deals that mulvaney and giuliani were cooking up he had a lot of focus obviously and all of these testimonies is on rudy giuliani. one question on that front, is rudy giuliani still the private attorney of president trump? >> to my knowledge he has but i don't get into conversations or information about anything that the president does with his personal attorney. >> martha: but he is no longer involved in any investigation that would be ongoing with regard to the ukraine? >> again, i would have nothing or any information with rudy giuliani credit is something you would have to ask him.
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he is not an employee of the white house and i wouldn't have any information about what he and the president talk about. that would be the president's personal attorney. >> martha: okay for "the washington post" reported something that i know you guys have shot down, that the president wanted bill barr to go out and sort of publicly vouch for him with regard to this ukraine situation. they also reported that there is a bit of distance on all of this between the white house and the justice department. is there any change in the relationship where the president supports attorney general bill barr? >> no there's not an exactly what you said pay the president may clear this morning that "the washington post" piece was a fake news and in full of anonymous sources and as such, there are the adjustment department did look over the transcript and their criminal division and they said publicly that the president did nothing wrong and so i think what the washington riposte reported it was more callous intrigue. it's unfortunate the media continues to try to find a palace intrigue when there is a lot of other things that they could be covering.
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the one guy during the russia program of the president was openly frustrated that attorney general jeff sessions was not more supportive and that he backed off that investigation. now it looks like jeff sessions may be running a poor senate in alabama. will the president support him? will he endorse his former attorney general in that race? >> we will see what happens. i don't honestly know the answer to that. we will see what happens there. >> martha: would there be any reason why he wouldn't support him in that race? >> i haven't talked to the present on that one so i will wait to see and talk to him and maybe do your show another time. >> martha: with regard to the china trade deal that looks like it may be covered together, i know the president, i assume, was very happy with the attentional agreement in terms of the arrests that took place of chinese numbers, people in china who were pushing sentinel into the united states, but are we getting anywhere on an intellectual property or technology as part of the initial phase of this agreement question mexico i cannot get a
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head of the talks with china but we are very optimistic that we will reach a deal soon and hopefully have good news to report. >> martha: what about reaction with from the white house with regard to michael bloomberg? >> i don't even think i can talk about that without getting a violation but no matter who runs against the president come it's not going to matter. he has the results to show he is doing great things for the american people so it doesn't matter who ends up running against him scum of president will win. >> martha: in terms of the first lady's trip to boston, there were reports that there were lots of protesters outside of this event. your reaction to that? >> the first lady went to boston medical center to speak with him about some of their wonderful programs that are helping davies who were born addicted to drugs and programs to help mothers and families deal with that. it was very, very sad and disappointing to me that the media chose to say that it was a group of 200, 250 employees who protested out 6,000. not a lot of protesters.
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personally, of course people on the right to protest, but what she was doing was very important and she's going to continue to do that. she's shining a light on a lot of programs across the country to help children. i don't know how anyone can protest that, to be honest with you. >> martha: stephanie grisham, thank you very much. good have you on "the story." we hope to see you back here soon. coming up next, breaking news on 2020 billionaire michael bloomberg said to go up for them democratic party or so he helps with what could be potentially for elizabeth warren, joe biden, for president trump, we will do again, coming up next. >> the bottom line is trump is a risky, reckless, radical choice and we can't afford to make that choice. [cheers and applause] when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle,
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>> martha: big news tonight, billionaire michael bloomberg sending shock waves through the democratic party this evening for "the new york times" reporting that the former new york city mayor is expected to file for the alabama presidential primary. have a deadline on friday so candidates have to get in now if they are thinking about running. remember, he had some tough words for candidate trump back in 2016. >> threw his career, donald trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies. thousands of lawsuits and angry stockholders and contractors who feel cheated and disillusioned customers who feel they have been ripped off. it trump says he wants to run the nation like he is his business? god help us. >> martha: journeyman, fox news analyst juan williams. what's your reaction to this news? >> trouble for joe biden. there is no other reason for michael bloomberg to take this
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step, other than that his perception is that joe biden is stumbling uncertain on the stage and having trouble raising monee is space in the middle of the democratic primary right now that he, michael bloomberg, can claim. this is really -- i read this afternoon someone said it was a seismic event for the democratic race and i think it could be potentially. let me just be clear. i know that he has limited support and our most recent fox poll -- >> martha: that number up 6% said they would deftly vote for him. 32% said they would never vote for him. >> right, so 6%. but here's the big thing that you have to go back and remember that he was a democrat. he just became a democrat in october of 2018. so that's just a year ago. >> martha: it's like president trump being a democrat before he became a republican. >> and the difference that he was an independent from '072 '
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'18. so he was a chameleon, if you will come a changing political strife and now, remember, the key issue for so many of the democrats on the last, and thinking about bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, income inequality, increasing taxes on the ridge. it comes michael bloomberg who is will you know, i think it's 45 plus billion dollars. >> martha: what's put up elizabeth warren, welcome to the race of michael bloomberg, and she provided her billionaire calculator so that he can figure out how much he would old because bill gates came out and said -- let's feed that sound bite. >> i paid over 10 million in taxes, i paid more than anyone in taxes, but i'm glad to has -- you know, if i had to pay 20 million, it's fine. but, you know, when i when you say i should pay 100 billion,
4:16 pm
okay, that i'm starting to do a little math about what i have left over. >> martha: so crazy. but you know, it's interesting to me because you have jamie dimon come out, you had bill gates come out, leon cooper, big hedge fund manager, he said he thinks what it was warren is proposing is fundamentally wrong in terms of the american way and of capitalism. see you have this conversion of all these guys speaking out and then michael bloomberg, i think i'm going to get into this race. >> i think you've connected the dots. that's exactly right. i think that the wall street crowd is absolutely apoplectic at this moment about the rise of elizabeth warren. also, bernie sanders, by the way, not that far away from elizabeth warren. there you have two of the three top contenders in the democratic race and wall street c is that they come to some extent, are under attack. they are not necessarily comfortable with donald trump but this puts them in a position
4:17 pm
where they are -- >> martha: no one cares what wall street guys think about who they should vote for about the way that they are speaking out is so focused on the overall economy and the impact they think it will have, but look at this from michael bloomberg back in 2016 talking about what he saw as a potential impact on the trump presidency on the economy. >> trumps business plan is a disaster in the making. he would make it harder for small businesses to compete, do great damage to our economy, threaten the savings of many americans, lead to great data and more unemployment, erode our influencer in the mic around the world, and make communities less safe. it's me would say about 90% of that statement, with regard to the economy, is completely wrong. we have seen exactly the opposite. >> a lot of people say the trade war prospects is something that's unsettling but you are right in the sense that what you see is wall street at a high
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>> did you say to you wouldn't be fair to members of the lgbtq community? >> no i did not say that. it is a fundamental belief that all people are created in the image of god and they should all be treated with dignity and respect.
4:23 pm
>> martha: a stunning scene in the senate last week. president trump's judicial nominee, lawrence vandyke, in tears over claims by the american bar association that he could not be fair to the lgbtq community. this way, he got a photo of supreme court justices, samuel alito and brett kavanaugh with brian brown, was the president of a pro-traditional marriage group, and it's igniting calls for these two justices to recuse themselves from any lgbtq cases that come before the court and there are a couple pending. take back the court is a liberal judicial activist group that is demanding in the letter, quote, "the credibility and impartiality of the current supreme court is in tatters. posing for photographs with the president of an advocacy organization that is filed briefs and matters pending before the court makes a mockery of justice roberts' assertion a judge and his role is to impartially call balls and strikes." mark is with us now and robin
4:24 pm
bureaus, democratic shredders and former obama campaign director paid robin, let me start with you. you have any problem with this photo? >> you know, i didn't at first because it is my understanding that this was just a catholic charity event but once i got to the media situation and understood that this was someone, he was posting for a photo with someone who literally come of their purpose is to roll back rights for lgbtq americans, i have a problem with that as an openly gay man myself and it raises questions and i have to think on it. can they rule impartially? i would like to think so but this calls into question. >> let's ridiculous. the other person in that photograph, other than the catholic colonel, was a german royal princess. are they now monarchists who can no longer rule and separation of power in cases? it's ridiculous. the fact is, this is a form of anti-catholic bigotry that they have gotten democrats in trouble all over. i got democrats in a deep trouble when she challenged amy
4:25 pm
come to bury over the catholic beliefs. she said the dogma lives deeply with you, and concerned about that. you know, that was basically a bigoted comment because it's 150-year-old stereotype that says roman catholics can't be trusted because they put the pope above the constitution and that is not what these justices do. there are tons of conservative justices come i think there is a catholic majority in the court, and your people like a catholic justice like anthony kennedy, who was the deciding vote to create the right to same-sex marriage prettier catholic justices, the pope has basically said that catholics cannot support the death penalty yet catholic justices vote all the time to uphold capital cases so the idea that these justices can't rule because they are catholic is absurd. >> martha: one of the things that joseph antonin scalia said was that often you go home and you regret what you had to do as a judge because it conflicts with your personal beliefs but as a judge, you understand that you have to evaluate the law and
4:26 pm
rule accordingly so i mean, robin, i think this idea that you can't stand with someone in a picture to assume that it represents a lack of thd perform your duties as a judge, seems like a pretty big leap. >> it did to me at first until i read more about that story. this is absolutely nothing to do with catholicism or religion. this has to do with the fact that their stated mission is to roll back, literally, roll back rights for lgbtq americans. that is not okay. the constitution says we the people, not just be the straight people, and -- [laughs] that's pretty contrived. >> martha: what i'm saying is even if -- -- i am anointed with their personal beliefs are about that but even if they had personal prejudices in that regard, what we do when we put people in the supreme court as we assume that they have the ability to leave
4:27 pm
those behind and to look at each case and to judge it on its merit so robin, you are essentially saying that you don't believe that they have the capacity to do that, which seems unfair. >> if you pose for a photograph with people who have -- >> martha: all, come on pretty mark, you want to copy it on myp and? >> a roman catholic and believe -- but we are allowed to leave in the country, if you are catholic, that marriage is between a man and woman, but if a judge doesn't necessarily have to rule that way, and in the court case, the law requires otherwise but i'm not weighing in on whether it does or doesn't but what's happening here is the left is projecting their judicial philosophy on conservatives. the conservatives are believing in judicial restraint and sometimes if you are a good judge, you're going to have cases where you don't agree with the decision you made. the left believe an outcome based judicial philosophy. they believe in a living constitution which can be twisted to anything i want so it
4:28 pm
matters more what the justice feels and conservatives don't care with the justice feels, the care with the law says, and i'm sure these justices will hold up the law. stu and i have to leave it there. robin bureaus, marks, great to see a parade of coming next, taking over city hall after las vegas boat votes to ban homeless people from sleeping on their city streets. las vegas mayor carolyn goodman is on responsibility for that bill, she is here next.
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it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. >> martha: homelessness crisis is sweeping across parts of the country but one city is taking action. today, las vegas city council voted to ban homeless people from sleeping on their city
4:33 pm
streets and it goes into effect this sunday. violators could face $1,000 fine or six months in jail. while criminal penalties wouldn't start u february 1st, 2020, it's being met with fierce opposition and chance in the high council room war on the floor. [chanting] >> martha: joe newman, las vegas mayor, carolyn goodman, who is behind this move. carolyn, good to see you tonight. good to see you with us. what is your reaction? when you hear those chance that there is no compassion, that they don't want handcuffs, they want homes for the homeless, why to that? >> what i say is i'm so glad you are involved and did we have a
4:34 pm
good discussion and a first conversation really out and opened yesterday that i am so energized by the people that live here and everything that is happening and we are an action. we are taking the first step. we have been working on this actually for three years. >> martha: what does that mean? how does that get put into place and how do you answer? is a compassionate as well as taking care of some of the problems that you have on the street there? >> absolutely and here are some of the places where the same ban already exist. we are not the lone ranger here but we are a very caring, diverse community and this is all in an effort to get the homeless community in for service and health and back into a life of the wonderful operations that we have of involvement, good jobs, and also ready for housing again because we have founding that some are
4:35 pm
not ready to work in an apartment, living in an apartment, getting ready for their job. that's the whole purpose of this ordinance, choice making time for those who can make choices, to get help. that is what we are doing, that is what we are about, and we see great value in so many of the homeless that has been caught in a very hard to circumstance. >> martha: as i understand, correct me if i'm wrong, if there is a bed available in one of these distinct city shelters and you don't go there and you don't take advantage of it, that is when this fine, which i would imagine a lot of homeless people would not be able to pay, but the alternative would be, going to jail, and a lot of people feel that criminal penalty is not the right solution here and among them are a lot of the democratic presidential wannabe presidential nominees. all of this war that it caters to the interest of business
4:36 pm
groups, rather than families and communities. former vice president joe biden said it effectively criminalizes homelessness. >> to be perfectly honest, first of all, nobody called to ask whether the purpose of this ordinance and so they were ill-informed to make a statement like that. it is not the purpose of penalty or criminalization, it's a question of choice and providing service beds, trying to get back in the life of great integrity and success and back with their loved ones that you share. shame on these candidates for making those kinds of blatant statements to get some of these people to listen and hopefully a vote that unfortunately most of the homeless population doesn't vote. we have had great response to this and more offers of contribution then help because and watching the entire thing, so many of them said, we were with you the entire time and we would like to contribute toward a porta-potty or some containers
4:37 pm
or help with the veterinarian care that is going to be given to the pets that come in with the homeless, and that is unusual in a community to get that kind of reaction and support and we saw and heard so many -- >> martha: obviously a lot of cities have had a huge problem, businesses and had a huge problem with people not wanting to come into their doors because too many people are sleeping in front of those doors, so i would love for you to check back in with us and let us know how this is going and if it is actually benefiting the population. carolyn goodman, thank you very much. they are las vegas, good to see you tonight. coming up next, a trial of bias that leads directly from the city attorney for the whistle-blower who sparked this whole impeachment inquiry. this is a fascinating development. congress men devin nunes coming up next.
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president trump calling for an end to what he called the impeachment hoax after it was revealed that attorney mark conveyed tweeted in january of 27, who has started? first of many steps. hashtag rebellion, hashtag impeachment. will follow ultimately, #lawyers. --healsowrote --healsowroteiprh ingouthisfirst fulltermaspresident.thisisfromte ntsthewhistle-blower. herearenotrepublicancongressman, andhashdevin nunes. thank youforbeinghere.youknow,in gthosetweetsclosed --irememberth atinthebeginningofthiswhistle-bl owersituation,theigfortheend michael axon said that he was aware there were some partisan affiliation that the whistle-blower has and that there was no indication that they had in any way affected him
4:43 pm
coming forward and so they consider that to be a nonevent. in light of this, that makes that a little more difficult to swallow, doesn't it? >> i would go further than that and that is that we still don't know who this whistle-blower is or if the whistle-blower even exists because the whistle-blower has not been made available to the republicans and that is just not evident, it's not evidence for a court of law. we have to know who this person is. it's me when are you suggesting when you say that he doesn't exist but it could be someone like mark conveyed, is that what you are suggesting? >> no but i think in a court of law, this is not evidence and you know, this is like the highest level, we are talking about impeaching a president. we have to have this whistle-blower come in and talk to us in person so that we can measure this person upgraded i would say though, when i read those quotes or read those tweets, i have flashbacks to the
4:44 pm
peter strzok, page text messages. in 2016 they were exonerating cannon and clinton and then you have those pesky things like hillary clinton should weigh in 100000000-0 good i'd flashbacks to that. i don't know why, >> martha: this is totally separate from what people think or don't think about what president trump did on that phone call but there's one thing that appears to be ended indisputable. there was a very large movement of people from day one and come after inauguration, made it their business to try to figure out a way to take the president down. i don't know how you can take this and connect us to the whistle-blower and take anything other than that at this point? >> the other thing that i don't understand that's not happening in the white house is that all of these career bureaucrats that are either in the nfc or other
4:45 pm
departments of the white house, by gosh, you want to see where the leaks are coming from, it's coming from the white house is owned bureaucrats that are sitting in there. >> martha: at people who work in the white house have said that since day one that there were people who were there that were against the president and as i said, this is separate from what may or may not be decided about the actual content of that phone call. you know, with regard to the whistle-blower and who is going to force this testimony, democrats are perfectly happy to kind of like that whole thing go by the wayside and you say and lindsey graham was here last night, saying that we must hear from the whistle-blower and i think the american people probably feel that way too. who is going to make sure that happens? >> we don't have subpoena power so we are going to put our foot forward and of course is very sad for many weeks not, we have to interview who the whistle-blower is so that's going to be on our list but this is another troubling thing that the media is not paying any attention to you and that is
4:46 pm
that we don't have a right to subpoena people did we have to basically create a list, that meet certain criteria, and then go back to our democrats to let us have some of our witnesses. look, i'm not complaining about -- i don't like to complain about process, that i can tell you this, everyone of the witnesses that we put forward are going to be substantive and it is going to leave back to the corruption widget of the democrats and what they were doing in ukraine. not to mention, whatever this whistle-blower, whatever he is connected to, we will be trying to ask those questions and i think if they don't give us ever witnesses, i don't see how this is going to have any credibility. >> martha: one more question for you before you go good with regard to rudy giuliani, because his name comes up and everyone of these customers come i asked stephanie grisham if the president is still represented by rudy giuliani and she said she did not want to respond to that, that's a personal matter, but it became more than a personal matter when he sort of injected himself in the sort
4:47 pm
of state department duties and that's what a lot of this is about what these people. if he was onto something, and i know you believe he is onto something, why shouldn't he still be a part of the process? >> well, the president makes that decision and one of the things, that you are exactly right on, is that many of the people you're going to see next week, what they are most mad about is that they were being circumvented by ambassador volker, by ambassador sondland, by rudy giuliani, and look, the reason that it's very clear that you were hinting at, rudy giuliani was representing the president while he was under investigation by robert mueller and the special counsel. if the origins of much of what was in the steele dossier that has been given to the fbi, originated in ukraine. it was paid for by the democrats. it's so giuliani has every right and responsibility to be over there trying to figure out who these ukrainians are. >> martha: okay. it sounds like that's not
4:48 pm
happening anymore, he hired three of lawyers himself it just makes me curious if that was so determined to be so important, now it appears the white house is moving beyond that. we will see. thank you very much, congressman nunez. good to see you tonight read also running and i come a dramatic senator, chris coons, good to have you with us tonight. thank you very much for being here. speak always good to be on with you. >> martha: absolutely. with regards to this whistle-blower and his lawyer, what are your thoughts when you look at all these text messages? >> my principal thought hereby that is that the whistle-blower needs to remain protected, should not be hauled in front of congress, because frankly, that's what whistle-blower protection statutes are there for. when there is someone who works for the federal government who see something wrong, they need to be able to come forward and offer that evidence. what matters here in the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the house is that not the whistle-blower, but other folks, lieutenant
4:49 pm
colonel alex bregman, ambassador gordon sondland, has confirmed, the core of what he was saying was going on. the president was using his office were his own benefit. it still let me interrupt for a second. nancy pelosi said without the whistle-blower would have never been gotten and thus beginning him to discuss, we heard from adam schiff saying we have to hear from the whistle-blower and he said that we will find a way to do it, we will find a way to do it behind closed doors, but there's no production in the small for desk of the production is against retaliation, it's against losing your job, at this point, why is it no longer important to hear from him when it needs to be very important? >> i think if it were possible to hear from you whistle-blower with confidence that his identity would not immediately be released, and not the whistle-blower would as a result, states retaliation or even physical threats, i think it would be constructive, but martha, let's not miss the core point paired with the whistle-blower alleged, which was that the president didn't
4:50 pm
have just one call with resident zelinski of ukraine, there was an entire organized campaign to establish a quid pro quo to hold up $400 million in badly needed military aid for a country that was under russian assault, that has been confirmed by folks who wear on the call, like lieutenant colonel denman, or folks who are not career bureaucrats, not never trumpers, but in the case of e.u. investor gordon sondland, strong supporter of president trump. he testified there was a quid pro quo here. so i think the core allegations brought forward by the whistle-blower are being confirmed and that's important. if you would if those individuals feel strongly that something was happening that was proceeding as normal, we heard from the vice president's as well today, but their testimony is absolutea part of this and it's perfectly understood. i want to ask you one more thing and we are going to have public hearings next week at the american people will decide if it's impeachable or not, which
4:51 pm
is really the bottom-line question here that we will to an public test manila next week, before i let you go, what you think about the emergence of a potential candidate, michael bloomberg, for new york? >> i just heard as i was coming on that he was considering filing in alabama. i assume is a democrat. the striking thing, here is someone who was a three term mayor of new york who is worth more than $50 billion, and it will certainly make for a more vigorous debate about medicare for all and a number of other proposals. i think i'll just say of the top of my head that i welcome a successful businessman to the race. i still think joe biden will win the democratic primary. he represents the heartland of america, america's middle class, his values, his background will make him a great candidate, and i think a great president. >> martha: come back soon and we will talk. thank you very much, senator. good to see a pig coming up next, after donald trump jr. appears on the view, wow. did you see this?
4:52 pm
explosive today. daniel breaks down where civilian politics stands in america. we will be right back. >> or he is afraid of being attacked like so many of us have for so long by a vicious leftist undecided champion -- jerry mack [cheers and applause] liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. ♪ >> martha: an explosive day to say the least add "w" donald trump jr. went into the lion's den and it got insanely wild. watch their spread >> i guess this is the fight and one pair to speak yes, it is. >> when we are talking about -- are you questioning my character? speaker your questioning my father's character. >> i did not question anybody. >> stop yelling. to stop yelling.
4:57 pm
>> he says something on the record. or he is afraid of being attacked like so many of us have for so long by a vicious left that is running a one sided campaign. a one-sided take. >> children. children. >> martha: like a wrestling match. here dana krauthammer, so wife f charles krauthammer, daniel great to see you, the big question for you tonight, when you look at that and you look at the politics in america today, what is the point of all of that? can you tell me? >> yes, it was not the most pleasant thing to watch or experience, and it is the kind of question that i have gotten a lot this past year, with my father's book coming out and gone around the country to speak about it and talk too many people who look to his voice as one of reason that they trust in the craziness out there. and there is a yearning for more
4:58 pm
stability and more reasonableness. and what we talk about. and that's what i have tried to address in this new paperback edition, and trying to instill, not what my father, what he would say today to all of this, but i can talk about how i know that he would say it and the principles that he always embodied when he did approach a public debate. >> he saw some of early stages of this, but you wonder what he would counsel at this point watching how incredibly irate and intense this has become. this is john kennedy, who is a frequent guest on this show. but here's what he said last night at a rally. watch this. >> we have nancy pelosi signing to impeaching. i don't mean any disrespect. but it must suck to be tha dumb.
4:59 pm
>> martha: tonight you said i did not mean to offend anyone, but it is hard to see it other than anything but that. >> both the clips you showed are pretty illustrative of how the debate has gone off the rails in many ways. and there was a line in another part of the segment of "the view" that said, whose side are you on, and it struck me as so much they anticipate antithesis of what civil debate should be and what democracy and my father stood for. he did not pick a side and draw a permanent alliance over anything justified and anything was fair game. he really saw his job as being truthful to what he believed in. of not shaping things just to match a party or please anyone. to be logical and start with those principles all the way to the conclusion. to argue in good faith and not
5:00 pm
assault the other side's character, but meet their ideas and their words. and with the ultimate intention to persuade. >> martha: daniel krauthammer, that is "the story" on november 7th, 2019. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." ever notice how as if on cue all the dumb people on cable news and the democratic allies in congress, for whom they are actually working, they start hyperventilating about the same thing at pretty much exactly the same time. pick your topic. pick the day. it is always the same. only the issue itself changes. today's issue is the identity of the so-called whistle-blower. that is the person who originally filed the complaint about the president's call with the president of


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