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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you. studio audience and i love you, america. ♪ jon: house intel committee adam schiff nation growing calls from republicans to be deposeed in the impeachment inquiry as he makes it clear some of the witnesses house republicans want to testify are out of the question. good evening, i'm jon scott, this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: with public hearings it to begin wednesday, schiff is rejecting house republicans' requests to have the whistleblower testify. the intel committee will not facilitate what schiff calls sham investigations, that's his quote. a committee member shedding some light on the process. >> well, i can't speak for the chairman, but i can tell you we will end up calling some of the witnesses on that list, and
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here's my test. my test is do these witnesses have important information, knowledge or evidence about the president's conduct. and if it passes that test, then we should call them, sure. jon: we have fox news team coverage. ellison barber is standing by with the latest from the white house. first, though, garrett tenney in our d.c. bureau. >> reporter: jon, republicans have identified at least 14 individuals they want to testify during the impeachment inquiry's public hearingsing, but only a handful are expected to be approved by democrat chairman adam schiff. last night schiff informed the intelligence committee's top republican, devin nuñes, that the impeachment inquiry, quote, will not serve to carry out the same sham investigations into the bidens or conspiracies about 2016 election interference that president trump pressed ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit. those who likely won't be called to testify include hunter biden and his business partner, nellly orr who worked on the
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now-infamous trump dossier, and a former democratic national committee staffer who allegedly met with ukrainian officials for dirt on the trump campaign. democrats argue that since the impeachment inquiry's about what president trump did or did not do in relation to withholding military aid from ukraine, any witnesses without knowledge of that are a distraction. >> republicans have requested, i would think that the chairman is going to make available to testify. tim morrison is one, kurt volker is another. we want to stay focused on the ukraine call and having hunter biden come in is unrelated to the ukraine call x. so that becomes irrelevant. the whistleblower, again, has protection. >> reporter: schiff has already indicated that the whistleblower will not testify, and that is a key point of contention for the president and his allies, including senator lindsey graham who said without the whistleblower's testimony, impeachment dead on arrival in
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the senate. >> the only way you can fairly deal with this issue is for us to find out who the whistleblower is. no american can be accused of a crime based on anonymous allegation. the whistle blower is foundational to what they're doing in the house, and if -- the fact that they don't want to call him tells you everything you need to know about how valid this effort is to impeach the president. >> reporter: it's important to note that not everyone republican lawmaker feels that way. in fact, today repeated their belief that the whistleblower's identity should be protected and that their testimony wasn't really that important because they did not have firsthand knowledge or information about the president's phone call with ukraine's leader,, you know,. jon: all right. garrett tenney in washington, thank you. the president is echoing his party's impeachment witness list inquiry witness list tweeting support for public testimony from the ukraine call whistleblower. meanwhile, some republicans now say the president did engage in
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a quid quid pro quo with ukrainn president zelensky but that it doesn't warrant his being impeached. >> i believe it was inappropriate, i do not believe it was impeachable. and process -- i, you know, y'all always want to say substance not process. the integrity of the process is under our legal system, it's more important than the outcome of one particular case. so i don't think you can sweep process under the rug. jon: ellison barber joins us from the white house now live with more. >> reporter: hey, jon. president trump is not thrilled with that line of thinking. he once again said the call to ukrainian president was perfect and warned republicans not to be led into the fool's trap of saying the call was not perfect but is not impeachable. no, nothing was done wrong. president trump says he will release the transcript from an april phone call with the ukrainian president possibly on tuesday.
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the one at the center of the impeachment inquiry took place in july. three public hearings are set the take place on two different days this week. on wednesday the house intelligence committee and the american public will hear from the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, william taylor, and george kent who oversaw u.s. policy on ukraine. on friday we'll hear from the former ambassador to ukraine. ma yee ya von slip. ambassador taylor, a career diplomat, testified it was his clear understanding security assistance money would not come knoll the president of ukraine committed to pursue the investigation president trump wanted. the president continues to call the inquestion rye a witch hunt and said there should not be impeachment hearings at all. he's getting some support from nikki haley, he told cbs impeachment is like the death penalty for a politician, and in her view, nothing in the july phone call warrants the death
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penalty. she also claims two of the president's former top aides tried to undermine him because they wanted to, quote,: save the country. then-white house chief of staff john kelly and rex tillerson tried to get nikki haley to join them. >> it absolutely happened x. instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president. not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs, john kelly seemed to deny he did anything to try to undermine the president. jon? jon: ellison barber at the white house, thank you. ♪ jon: 2020 democrats spend the weekend rallying voters in early primary states. pete buttigieg in new hampshire and senators kamala harris and bernie sanders visit iowa. their weekend of campaigning comes amid a possible shake-up.
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former new york city mayor michael bloomberg filed paperwork in alabama last week to enter into the race. it's getting pushback from both progressive and moderate rivals. >> when people look at the white house and they see this multimillionaire, including by the way independents, moderates republicans and how it's messing up so many things, i don't think they say, oh, we need someone richer. i don't think you just waltz in and instead of saying i'm good enough to be president, the argument is the other people aren't good enough, that is not how we're conducting these debates. we're having legitimate debates about who is the strongest person. jon: jacqui heinrich joins us with more. >> reporter: surprisingly, the democrat who stands to lose the most is the one who welcomed him to the race. former vice president joe biden called him a solid guy. bloomberg could i draw moderate
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voters away from biden, and it's somewhat seen as an indictment of biden's campaign. the former new york mayor previously said he'd only consider a white house run if he didn't think the existing candidates could beat president trump. analysts say fears that joe biden may be faltering and the second favorite, elizabeth warren, may be too liberal to beat trump. and while biden didn't seem fazed, other white house hopefuls didn't take the news sitting down. >> michael bloomberg and other billionaires, sorry, ya ain't gonna buy this election! >> i'm here doing town halls in south carolina because i want to be here. i think that our election should not be something bought by billionaires. >> reporter: bloomberg has reportedly decided to skip campaigning in the four early primary states, instead focusing on states like california and texas where his fortune can
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carry him further. and while tulsi gabbard's been quick to announce convention when it comes to some mainstays like debate requirements, she went with the herd on this one. >> the first four states have an incredible responsibility, and the message that is sent from these states is to all the states that will vote after. i'm not going to sit here -- there's a reason why we're here in new hampshire. >> reporter: other candidates are zeroing in on iowa. senators sanders and harris were there today, and south bend mayor pete buttigieg kicked off a three-day bus tour of south carolina. the front-runner still former vice president joe biden by some eight points nationally, but the states with the first two primary contests have warren ahead. in iowa biden is actually polling in fourth place. jon? jon: jacqui heinrich, thanks. the iranian president announces
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the discovery of a a new oil field there. a major find that could significantly boost the country's proven reserves. this as the regime continues to take further steps away from the 2015 nuclear deal. joint chiefs of staff mark milley warns iran remains a threat. >> iran's been a challenge for the united states, you know, since the revolution in 1979. we hope diplomatic efforts will resolve the nuclear issue, the developing nuclear weapons with iran, and we place our faith in the diplomatic efforts. but at the same time, we'll make sure that we maintain appropriate levels of military capabilities in the region to defend american interests if required. jon: trey yingst is in gaza with the latest. >> reporter: a big development for iran today as the country announced that it's found a new oil field capable of producing 53 billion barrels of crude oil. though under crippling american sanctions, this still will not completely help tehran since they're unable to sell that oil
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to many countries. the reimp decision of many -- imposition of sanctions has caused iran to lose $50 billion in revenue compared to a full production in 2017. the discovery comes as iran continues to break key terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. only after the united states pulled out of it haas year. last week iranian president rouhani announced iran began injecting iranian gases into centrifuges, violating a third term of the agreement. and today iran began the construction of a second nuke hard reactor. as a group of reporters watched, the head of iran's atomic energy organization told workers to begin pouring concrete. responding to the new violations of the 2015 deal, iranian officials say they did nothing wrong. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: there's no fault in what we did. americans and israelis try to use this and make system noise, but ironically, it turned out to harm them. it made us make more explanations publicly.
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>> reporter: amid increased regional tension with iran, analysts worry a larger conflict could erupt any day. we did speak with both of the iranian-backed groups in gazaed today, hamas and islamicyed that. they say they appreciate the support from iran but they are not willing to blindly accept orders from iran. jon: trey yingst, thank you. the u.s. is actively trying to persuade north korea to come back to the bargaining table as the north's end of year deadline approaches for what it calls flexibility from the trump administration. denuclearization talks stalled months ago with north korea appearing to have resumed weapons testing. south korea says it has contingency plans in place if the deadline passes without any positive progress. members of a mormon offshoot sect have arrived in arizona after fleeing north across our southern border. a caravan of vehicles reportedly carrying about 100 people left mexico following last monday's
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drug cartel ambush that killed nine, all americans. three women and six children died in the attack which authorities say might have been a case of mistaken identity. christina coleman joins us from our west coast bureau with the latest. christina? >> reporter: jon, as of today dozens of mormons are reportedly in the u.s. after fleeing mexico. they crossed into arizona after the nine people, including eight month old twins, were slaughtered last monday. most of the families are traveling to phoenix and some heading to tucson, but they're not sure where they're going to ultimately stay. family and friends said good-bye to christina langford johnson saturday at her funeral. her family says this mom was shot twice in the heart during this ambush. some members of her community lived in mexico for years the mormon communities coexisted with the cartels. it's apparently a small community with about 300 people where some mormon off-sect
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families have lived for over a century. residents could farm and raise cattle there, and although some have left after monday's massacre, others say they're not going anywhere. >> we face a tragic event like this, we don't run. we seek answers. we try to follow. we are people who believe in just punishment for crimes. if we have that in the country, with we wouldn't have this problem. >> reporter: some residents worry the mexican government has been compromised by the cartels. the manhunt for the murderers of the three women and their six childrennen continues. mexican authorities believe they drove into an ambush set up by members of a drug cartel as part of a turf war with another cartel. mexico believes the looker suvs driven -- large suvs driven by the group were possibly mistaken for those of drug makers. it's a tragedy involving the
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ongoing brutal drug cartel violence just south of our southern border, something u.s. officials say should be addressed as a national security crisis. >> it's time for us to look at this from a united states government approach just like we give the same level of commitment with our efforts against counterterrorism and cyber in this country. we need to come together, we need to come together as the united states government and put maximum pressure on these cartels to take them out of business. >> reporter: mexico's president rejected president trump's call for war on the cartels but said the u.s. could help with the investigation. meantime, more residents of that mormon community are reportedly expected to leave in the coming days. jon? jon: christina coleman, thanks. the president of bolivia has resigned after last week's mass protests over disputed election. the announcement leading to celebratory marches across the south american nation this
3:16 pm
evening. morales claims to have won a fourth term last month, but international monitors found the results could not be valuelate -- validated. a number of governing party officials also have step down. record-setting cold on tap all the way from new jersey to new mexico. plus, as we honor our veterans this weekend, we'll take a look at the military's new hot bed for enlisting recruits. ♪
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♪ jon: well, get ready, a newark tick what's is coming in -- a new arctic blast is coming in. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking it all from the fox news weather center. >> reporter: hey there, jon. unfortunately, yeah, january-type temperatures, that's how cold it's going to get in the next couple of days. arctic air mass from canada and farther to the north where you're looking at temperatures
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down in the -20s in some cases. we are seeing some current wind chills in some of the northern plains getting down into single digits. otherwise across the country on this sunday not a horribly bad day. still 52 degrees in new york city, that is not going to last because that cold air is beginning to make a difference. this is the change in the last 24 hours. it is currently 42 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday in rapid city. that cold air's going to spread out over the next couple of days. before too long about everybody is going to see it. these are forecasted highs on sunday, and you do see to the north some of that colder air filtering in. monday that has really dropped down across portions of the center of the country. 27 degrees in kansas city, 27 degrees in chicago. right along this is a frontal boundary, we are going to see rain in front of it, snow back behind it because it's so cold. i'm going to show you a future forecast in a moment, but by tuesday this continues to spread out, and you see temperatures down around freezing or getting close to it over huge portions of the country. this, obviously, shifts off
3:22 pm
towards the east as we get into wednesday. snowfall will be happening right along that frontal boundary, maybe even more severe as you start to talk about early morning lows. again, these are your lows when you're waking up in the morning in places like chicago, 9 degrees on tuesday, 8 degrees on wednesday and by this point nearly everybody across the country down freezing. now along the frontal edge of this system, that is where we're going to be watching the potential for first rain, and then on the back side of this system there's going to be some snow and at times particularly across portions of the midwest running into new england, this could be a decent amount of snow. so, jon, we're talking anywhere from 3-6 inches and maybe in some cases upstate new york, closer to a foot with this system. it is really going to be feeling like winter here in the middle to end of this upcoming week. jon: adam klotz in the fox weather center, thank you. a porsche convertible crashes
3:23 pm
into a building and kills two people around 6:30 this morning in the town of toms river. the car hit an embankment, sending it careening into the building's second story. the driver and passenger were both killed. no one was inside the building when it took place. ♪ ♪ jon: as we prepare to celebrate america's heroes on veterans day, we're taking a look at the new a approach our military is taking to recruit the next generation of veterans. a number of rural towns in the south are now considered hot beds for finding potential new service members. steve harrigan has more on that from atlanta. >> reporter: jon, the small towns that are called hot spots by military recruiters often have a lot in common. besides being small, they're often rural, often in the south and often close by a major military base. we went to one near macon, georgia, in the city of
3:24 pm
kathleen, population about 15,000, to talk to young people about why they intend to pursue a career in the military including a senior in high school who just signed up for six years in the air force. >> that sense of family, everyone's connected and knows everyone. it's like a small town feeling but all across the world. >> reporter: the rotc program has won a number of awards. many of the students either enlist right away after graduation, or they intend to go on to the military academies after high school. the instruct theres say one of the -- instructors say one of the key things so to set high expectations. >> we put a bar out for kids, and kids this generation will rise to meet any bar you can. so we set ours pretty high. kids that don't have a bar to reach just are kind of wandering around aimlessly, and that's what makes our program nice. >> reporter: this veterans day 1.3 million americans are on active duty, that is less than
3:25 pm
1% of the u.s. adult population. jon, that back to you. jon: thanks, steve. and coming up later on, a timeless tribute to our service members. but first, another white house official is in the impeachment investors' crosshairs. one influential newspaper reports republicans are preparing to set up mick mulvaney as a fall guy for the trump administration. ♪ i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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3:30 pm
acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is asking to join a pending lawsuit aimed at clarifying whether congress can compel president trump's senior advisers to testify in the probe. this as the "the washington post" report claims there are three fall guys. measure joining us now, axios white house reporter alayna treene. mick mulvaney is joining this lawsuit asking the court to rule on whether he can be compelled to testify. democrats are saying that he is obstructing by not testifying, but every administration in the past has, you know, avoided sending it members to testify to congress on sensitive matters, have they not? >> they have in the past. i wouldn't say every official. we've seen several officials from this administration already comply with this congressional subpoena and testify. but this is, i think, the white
3:31 pm
house strategy to really kick the can down the road. they do not want mick mulvaney to come in and testify, and we've already seen that charles cupperman, a former nsc official who was also the one who really began this lawsuit, they -- the congress dropped the lawsuit against him because they recognized the way it's going to fight out in the court will take too much time, and democrats are on this strict timeline to hopefully wrap at least the house side of the investigation up by the end of the year -- jon: why though? why the strict timeline? >> because next year is an election year, 2020. democrats and republicans both don't want this interfering in the presidential election. they're hoping that the quicker they get this done and the subject matter, the easier it is for americans to understand what's going on here. and that was a problem, i think, that they recognized with the
3:32 pm
russia investigation drawn out over two years and counting -- along the way there was some fatigue there. that's something nancy pelosi had criticism of, so this time trying to keep it focused and wrap it up as soon as possible. jon: i want to go to that piece in in "the washington post." as republicans argue that most of the testimony against president trump is based on faulty secondhand information, they are sowing doubts about whether sondland, the ambassador, giuliani and mulvaney were actually representing the president or freelancing. the gop is effectively offering up the three to be fall guys. is there anything in your reporting that suggests there is some organized effort among republicans to try to set up those three? >> so my reporting does not speak to that article. i are is are, i've not
3:33 pm
personally in my conversations with people on the hill and at the white house heard of some organized effort against these three. but i do know that that leading into this week with the public hearings beginning on wednesday, republicans are planning to point to, try to discount and show how nothing within some of these testimonies is implicating, in their words, the president himself. of course, democrats will argue otherwise, and they will show what they see are evidence of tying the president to what has happened. but there will be a lot of talk of rudy giuliani, gordon sundayland's role, mulvaney's role in this, and i think a lot of republicans are going to try and harp on that instead of focusing on the ties to the president. jon: a democratic new jersey congressman was on with leland vittert and says that, you know, the president withholding aid from ukraine, military aid from ukraine is suspicious. here's what he told leland. >> you don't have anybody yet,
3:34 pm
just to be clear, who has a said the president told me no aid without investigating the bidens. >> it -- there's no other explanation for why the president would have made that decision. there's no, no other credible explanation has been given. and, you know, the president could do that. he could send us mick mulvaney, he could send us a witness who could actually tell us something exculpatory here, and they've refused to do that. jon: democrats are obviously trying to pressure the white house to give them people like mick mulvaney. >> definitely. they want people who have direct contact with the president, that's why they're also pushing for the former national security adviser, john bolton, to testify. they want people who were directly involved in some of these conversations with the president. they have heard from a number of witnesses, mainly former and current state department officials, who have explained what they believed was the trillionth president's understanding of -- the
3:35 pm
president's understanding of wanting this public commitment from ukraine to investigate burisma which, of course, hunter biden was on the board as well as the 2016 investigation. but a lot of these, and this will be a big republican defense this week, a lot of these witnesses that have already testified behind closed doors are describing conversations they had with others, not with the president themselves. jon: alayna treene, thank you. >> thanks, jon. jon: chris wallace will have plenty more on the impeachment inquiry coming up at the top of the hour with a pair of exclusive interviews with house intelligence committee members. he speaks first with texas republican will hurt and then get -- will hurd and then gets the perspective from democrat sean patrick maloney at 7 p.m. eastern time. one of president trump's signature policy decision makes its way to the supreme court this week. a preview of the case that could lead to a major change in our country's immigration policy. ♪ ♪ it offers head-up display. wow, that's dialed in.
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♪ jon: a big week ahead for the supreme court. on tuesday after two years of wrangling in the federal courts, judges will hear arguments challenging the trump administration's decision to cancel the daca program. mark meredith has more from washington. >> reporter: this week the trump administration will argue before the supreme court that it has the right to end the obama era daca program. daca refers to the deferred action for childhood arrivals program created back in 2012. now on friday supporters of the policy rallied outside the supreme court. daca allows some illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children to receive a renewable two-year reprieve from possible deportation. it also allows the so-called dreamers to be eligible for work permits. >> i immigrated when i was six months old. i was raised in mesa, arizona, almost my whole life.
3:41 pm
i know nothing but this country, so i consider this my home. >> reporter: the trump administration announced plans to phase out the program back in 2017, but federal courts blocked their effort. the trump administration has long said it believes president obama never had the right to impose the policy in the first place and that if daca should be kept, it's up to congress to pass the legislation. president trump tweeted about the case last month writing in part, quote: if the supreme court upholds daca, it gives the president extraordinary powers, far greater than ever thought. but critics of the president's decision say ending daca is cruel and unnecessary. daca believed to impact some 800,000 people nationwide. the attorney general of california recently addressed the upcoming case. here's what he had to say. >> the president's decision to end daca and put all of those things at risk was not only illegal, it ran contrary to american values. >> reporter: the oral arguments are scheduled for this tuesday, however, a decision
3:42 pm
from the court is expected to take months. and keep in mind any ruling could have an impact on the 2020 presidential election. jon? jon: mark meredith, thank you. a new survey finds internet freedom declining for the ninth year in a row. a report released by freedomhouse that shows more than half the country experienced an overall decline. in the u.s., interneat freedom dropped for the third year in a row. the country still ranks as the six isth freest. an increasing government surveillance and election disinformation campaigns are cited as the cause of the decline. in military strategy timing is everything. up next, the story of a retired the cop who's helping veterans put those precision skills to use after they return home from service. ♪ it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy.
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♪ ♪ jon: we're all taking part this weekend in the time-honored tradition of paying tribute to our nation's veterans. we wanted to share with you the story of a volunteer teaching veterans a highly specialized skill and a businessman supporting them and getting their support with his rare and unusual product. take a look at this fascinating
3:47 pm
partnership. the wind-up watch fair in new york city. thousands of fans ogle hundreds of time pieces including this rare piece of history. but they didn't build it. you might say the u.s. government did. >> they commission about 100,000 of these watches. >> r.t. custer saw people gutting old pocket watches and scrapping their mechanisms just to reclaim the gold or silver in the case. >> we like to say we're preserving american history one watch at a time. jon: give him a pocket watch and some time x he'll turn that dust-gathering heirloom into something you can wear on your wrist. >> one customer just brought up this special one, and it was a black dial. the base of it was black instead of white, and we work with museums and historians and learned that this pocket watch was the watch that won the war. jon: in the days before bombs
3:48 pm
were divided by lasers and gps -- guided, measuring time was critical. >> i've read that if your watch was off by more than about four seconds, then you could be off as much as about one nautical mile in terms of launch. jon: so during world war ii, the u.s. government commissioned the building of these accurate pocket watches and issued them to military perts knell. >> it was flown -- personnel. >> it was flown on all the b-17s, b-24s in europe during world world war ii, and s built for the navigators on this aircraft. jon: just one problem. if you're going to take apart and refurbish all of these highly technical time pieces, who do you get to do the work? r.t. found the answer here in a converted garage. >> it starts with a challenge. you have a watchmaker tell me i can't do it, and that was enough for me to decide to do it.
3:49 pm
>> reporter: tim cannon is the founder. he spent eight years as a baltimore cop until he was hurt on the job are. eventually he found his way into watch making. after nearly two decades, cannon wanted to give back. >> so i went back to switzerland and trained under one of the best in the world. i came back and wanted to start this school. nine years later, it was sitting here. jon: the school is open to any honorably discharged member of the military with preference given to disabled vets. >> i provide them micromechaniccal training free of charge. jon: you heard right. sam cannon offers a training program open only to veterans, and it costs them nothing. >> most of the tools and equipment is donated by various companies in the industry, and they've supported this project all along. what we couldn't, couldn't buy we built. what we couldn't built, we made and went from there.
3:50 pm
jon: the course is free but it's far from easy. cannon's slogan: strive for perfection, settle for excellence. one iraq veteran is one of the school's first graduates. how was it making the transition back to civilian life? >> oh, it was tough at first. it was, it was hard. when the watch opportunity came about, it changed everything for me. jon: derek kelly, an army veteran, deployed to afghanistan. >> this is like a therapy for me almost. just the sense of peace that i have here, it's phenomenal. it's really changing my life. >> this is about as far away from, you know, rocket attacks and bombing raids in a place like iraq or afghanistan as i can imagine. >> that's true. and that's exactly why it works. jon: why? >> because of the peace associated with this project. the focus required overcomes pain, it overcomes all kinds of problems that occur with
3:51 pm
veterans. they can sit here and focus on this little quarter-size unit, and the world goes away. jon: after about 16 months of study, graduates can expect employment offers starting at $60-80,000 a year. so if somebody had told you two and a half years ago that you'd have a watch making degree and all of these skills and a job opportunity with nasa -- >> i'd have told them they're crazy. they say the truth is stranger than fiction, and here we are. here we go, so i'm happy with the way things turned out. ec at thetic. jon: now these veterans will rebuild the old pocket watches issued to veterans before them. cannon has a waiting list of 400 vets who want to enroll but can only teach a handful at a time. does the v.a. help you? the government help you? >> no, we take nothing from the v.a. jon: he wants to build a bigger school on land already donated, but that's a multimillion dollar
3:52 pm
project. how much money have you raised? >> 150,000. jon: you have a ways to go. >> we do. but we have a good start. what i've learned this these nine years, they had no idea the industry is desperate for watchmakers. well, there's multiple jobs out this for these guys. and they don't care what their discipline is. jon: it's an amazing program, and sam cannon has a big heart. if you'd like to contribute to the cause, you can visit the program's web site, veterans watchmaker and a quick programming note, "modern warriors" airs tonight at 10 p.m. eastern. host pete hegseth speaks with former special forces operators about their experiences carrying out high stakes missions. here's a preview. >> how do you plan for people that are rigged to blow themselves? >> you plan to get injured probably. [laughter] yeah, i mean, that's part of the courageous part of what these guys do is because you're going out there every single night
3:53 pm
knowing you're facing an imminent threat. i look at potential operations, we're like a sports team because you have a plan, you've got to call audibles when you're on target. jon: the potential airs tonight at 10 p.m. eastern right -- the special airs tonight right here on fox news channel. how one of the biggest pharmacies is getting ready to send you your prescriptions without the help of the postman. ♪ ♪ coughing oh no,... ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age? there are standard-dose flu shots. and then there's the superior flu protection... ...of fluzone high-dose. it's the only 65 plus flu shot... ...with 4 times the standard dose.
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jon: walgreens flying high as it goes high-tech, trying out drone delivery for any prescriptions and other products at a test site in virginia. hillary vaughn of the fox business network has the story. >> reporter: this is the only place in america where you can have something delivered by drone to your doorstep from walgreens. we're in christianburg, virginia are. they have the very first partnership with wing,st a pilot program here, it's fully operational and just finishing its third week in action. customers can order over 100 different types of products from walgreens' inventory, and it shows up in minutes. it's a highway in the sky thanks to this fleet of the 3-pound if drones that can go as far as 12
3:58 pm
miles. they can carry their body weight in items. walgreens tells us this program is way for them to be inmow sative and competitive -- innovative and competitive with direct retail competitors. they're also in talks to bring the pharmacy right to your door through this program. >> we expect with this partnership with 733% of the u.s -- 78% of the u.s. population 5 miles from our stores, we expect consumers to have products at their doorsteps within minutes. >> reporter: fedex is also a partner, and they say employing drones is more reliable and a game-changer in rural communities because drones are not restricted by construction or inclement weather like iced-other roads. >> from a weather perspective, from a traffic perspective, as i said, the drone is going to fly
3:59 pm
as the crow flies. >> reporter: wing says its program also brings a huge economic impact to local communities. local businesses can boost their sales by 27%. in christiansburg, virginia, hillary vaughn, fox business. jon: okay. so the next time you make excuses as to why you can't get in shape, this octogenarian might inspire you to get off the couch. known as the grandfather of crossfit, the 80-year-old new yorker discovered the workout program ten years ago and was hooked. he's competed three times for the title of fittest on earth in the annual crossfit games, the oldest ever to do so. and he hopes to do so again. he says age doesn't matter when it comes to getting in shape. the secret to staying fit is rest, eating right and working out consistently. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, the 10th of november. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. an early happy veterans today to any military members who are
4:00 pm
watching. we'll see you again next week. ♪ ♪ your sunday. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace democrats prepare to go public with impeachment probe but will televised hearings change anything? ♪ >> those open hearings would be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves, also to learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. >> they have gone out of their way to find the people that hate president trump the most. chris: after weeks of closed-door testimony, lawmakers will question witnesses in public about whether the president abused his office to get research from ukraine, we will ask two members of the committee leading the inquiry, republican will


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